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Hi all

That everyone believes, if he wants to believe, and also that everyone believes in is that he wants, the guy who wants to believe in ISLAM, That is turned too often ridiculous, or Buddha, or jesus christ, it is,what he wantsis his freedom, and not this parody of LBERTE, described by the masons franc.GAG!

Gentlemen ladies, the masons francs, which makes me laugh, is that you you show, now, speaking of Liberty equality, FRATERNITY, for you, Yes, the other not, (just kidding) because it Hy pocrisie, it’s like the VOLTAIRE, who according to his biographies and non sa, that I had the honour to browse, read, it was too pompous, at least that I’ve read the preface preamble to be sayingshort sometimes it makes me think of Holland to in its way to solve the problems, very not chialant what is funny, it is this man who was known in other,is saying, for human rights, I must admit that with 1789 the storming of the bastille, the revolution, the latter well deceived his world, but fortunately for the DIDEROT JJROUSSEAU, and other etc…need to explain to me, how fundamental human rights if respectful guy, had as much contempt and disdain for the little people (the people… what!), we not appreciated, it would be, there would, me either, I respect towards those who are against me and others..I, you, recalls, I am HIRA, which has not prevented to have brackets, a Christian education, but on the other hand and I’m proud, it told prevent enslave my playmates, like some of you, Eh! yeah, you, that one believes or not, this, viewing each, if such does not want to believe that he believes , what I do not accept or, if you prefer to walk in the face of the other, boyfriend or not, as is customary because the UMP and the PS, and you, gentlemen ladies for decades, some of you, especially, if it is highly placed in the Government and in his dressing room 27, 28, 30th degrees and more,(c’est la raison d’ailleur,qui poussent deles de haut degré 33éme ) (it seems to me, like the famous BILL SCHNOEBELEN has yet from reaching the 33rd, it is not obvious, I presume), saw fit to intervene when a door Jew his yarmulke in a public place, but it does not happen often, but when it happens, and it is snubbed, when doing a reflection, I speak knowingly and for a lady which was before me in a queue, she has not made more cases, because it’s stupid to take the head for so little, but still, and it is the lesser of the courtesies of this experience, when we get somewhere, in a place that said the person who brought the kipa, well made him realize , and, when disliked that be morality, however, it has not prevented to keep, somewhere, I do not care completely, it keeps or his kipa, not the least of the courtesies, it is to discover, when we get in a place at least in France, all the without genes and the uneducated, pointing with the helmet half on the tonche, or, when a Muslim comes out covered, as a nun, even without sail or worse with the burqa.And that, I hear about equality, but, frankly, it is a GAG, brief talk about freedom,.

Freedom cult is especially for you, because the Catholic religion, as the Muslim religion, can be done in either, you can by being Catholic, or Muslim pray you, however your outfits, your group, your masses or other, all alone, it’s gonna be hard you get to be several, it seems to me, you talk about freedom, but frankly It is a joke for you, Yes, for other, NON, FRATERNITY, it is the same, not, what you say, giving you hand

Then, I who am an atheist, from cities, Attention, I am the spokesperson for my 2 (corones) is already well, not amalgamation, as much VAL DE MARNE, born in PARIS 14, courier training, it’ll not far, fart I like the say, it does everything well suite! I repeat, the case or, I am atheist, I, who does not work on the face (figure) of my classmate, who does not a kid in the back, which makes it not a big smile, to better put him after (gender; case jouyet, meeting with juppe Sarko) cool… what! I am neither Jew, Mason franc nor son of a such, nor school Janson de sailly, and henri IV, science po, or ENA, or HEC etc…!I am French, pas racist, HOMOPHOBIC, not XENOPHOBIC, but must step tell me salad, thats all, and it is resentment of full of people, whether European or not, in addition to Atlantic (Northern AMERICAINS.du, or from the South)

Liberty, equality, fraternity, Yes for the masons franc, but not for us. We

That is, enslavement, we are beasts, bbbrrrrrrroouuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!

Arthur Schopenhauer said the « greatest modern moralists .

Seen, the disorderly life, I have lived, up, now I’m very far, but very, very far to lay claim to a life of ecclesiastical, of inporte what religion, be it

Under the second empire, NAPOLEON III, you were quiet people do, through to anything, you,free, and this is not some complaints against you that have deterred NAPOLEON III you away Government or you have always been, and or, you were still, even though they say more, this is not me who says but a site that you certainly know franc-maconnerie.over-blog.fr/article-i-45810582.html and nowthat you are in power, it was not the first time, moreover, you will find the way to enslave those who could do it, but, that have never made the cathos, pathos, who always hollering, but that you never have really pisses, because otherwise, you’d be more since very, very long time, if I understand correctly, want ENSLAVE people, like me, because what they do not resemble you level tunes, and mentality, I prefer mine, want me no, or because they are not the son of…!)or see no vulgar connotations) franc Masons or Jewish, or not having science po, ENA, HEC, journalism schools… etc better .the, it is the total, Jewish, franc Mason, science po, there is the jackpot, you can being the last of the last of the cons, on te f’ra () will not do shit

It does not help some, when it comes to common sense, water, ca wetting, fire, ca brule

This me recall a guy very known, as the first world war, which was Mason franc also him Marshal JOFFRE, sorry, but I have a very low opinion of you and this Government will not in a good way

the use of « offensive to excessive » military strategy extremely costly in human lives for relatively poor on the ground results , notably during the battle of the borders and the battle of the Marne. Normal, it was Frank Mason in 1916, he was replaced by general Nivelle. In 1918, read on wikipedia, I admit, indeed, they did pretty darn efforts on the truth; I acknowledge that for all, what happened to date, I took, the larousse and QUILLET for anecdotes, it has changed for good, for once, must be said!

It was considered by Arthur Schopenhauer as the « greatest modern moralists». Schopenhauer said: «my theory has the authority of the greatest of modern moralists: because such is certainly the rank which amounts to j..» Rousseau, who had so thoroughly the human heart, to him who then has his wisdom, not in books, but in the life

His doctrine to the Chair, but to humanity; Enemy of prejudice,

Here are words collected by wikipedia, free encyclopedia, multi language

Which allows to refine your own culture, and, if you’re not grown like me

This will allow you to be.

According to Rousseau, is only once the men grouped in society, and more specifically once was established property, yet the occupied territories, was not occupied, arise the inequalities and the State of guerre(, pourtant Israël n’était pas encore connu, comme,elle est .) And it was from here that was the need to establish laws and to submit to a common authority.

VIVA dd, RATI, and VIVA EL LIBERTADOR I know, it’s SIMON and I

If I want this to be CHAVEZ! it’s my right!

HYPOCRISY of the Jewish leaders for over 30 years

What makes me smile, that for 30 and more, the elders of the Shoa, who experienced the atrocities have been forgotten, framed as old paintings, one dust for their giving a shots of young, are for the most part, now in Israel, worship, adulated, and isolated dan’s apartments of (go, say 30 m², if this) (,’ is not 25) in TEL AVIV, or, hebron… etc! when some live castles in France, for 30 years and more, you were not of them were you, and you want one cry in the cottage, because you were unable to occupied of yours, but, frankly, they have no choice, but you deserve

A what are you slams the folder in full cum!In addition, the other day, I was the opportunity to see

A show, which dealt with the atrocities that it did undergo to Jews during the war, and there was a visit to the camps of Auchswitz, in this visit, are we shown the clumps of hair, there

Many, and this represented a good number of people, I don’t know, but a lot (much too), it seems to me that he ago had 6 million Jews killed during the war, exactly see website

5.185 000 total

The number of Jewish victims – memory Jewish and Education

The second world war was the deadliest conflict in history with more than 60 million deaths or 2.5% of the world’s population. At the time, I was trying to represent me, that the number of deaths during the second world war totals représenterais if we made amound of hair from 60 million deaths, but it if (will be) a mound of 4 m on 4ou5 (black mountains of tailings) heaps and not one, but several, so that these people , for which I have a lot of respect for (whatever they say), I am very far from fuck me their cum as you do, and with all more commercialism The user > weekend > museums > Paris > Memorial of the Shoah in Jerusalem, the esplanade of the mosques to return to the heart…

h (looked further down) between other France and israel… that you have dare to do, we see that you

Sentinel of the people

Sentinel, « sounds of the trumpet and warned my people. Ezekiel 33.3 « -sentry of the people is an eschatological Christian site that exposes the contained in the domain of international politics and the Middle East, in connection to the signs of the times and biblical prophecies and the return of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Russia sends troops to Crimea

The Russian Navy confirmed the deployment of marines in Sebastopol, in the Crimea. The deployment of troops in Ukraine began on 23 February.
The Russia also confirmed that a large landing ship, Nikolay Filchenkov, of the of the Black Sea fleet of the Russia Federation based in Temryuk (Russia), has sent hundreds of men. The Filchenkov has also delivered 10 BTR-80 , 80 armored vehicles, according to the website of the Navy.
Four « Ilyushin Il-76 », provided air transportation this weekend from an airbase near Moscow, including including the transport of airborne special forces for the city ofAnapaon the Black Sea. Six Mil MI-8 helicopters were also sent.
According to the Russian newspaper Izvestia, four ships of the Russian town of Kubinka, with on board a special detroupes regiment, are currently heading for the city of Sevastopol.
The video below shows the movements of Russian troops in the Novorossisk region in the direction of the Ukraine Sunday, February 23, 2014.

Chad sent troops in Cameroon against Boko Haram

January 16, 2015 at 01:37

Yaoundé – Cameroon president Paul Biya announced Thursday evening that Chad was going to send troops to his country to help fight the Islamists nigerians from Boko Haram, said a statement of the spokesman of the Government of Cameroon, Issa Tchiroma Bakary.Le president of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya, announced that (…) M. Idriss Déby Itno, president of the Republic of Chad, has decided to send a large contingent of the Chadian armed forces to support the Cameroonian armed forces who face with courage, determination and a Valour acknowledged the repeated attacks of the terrorist sect Boko Haram on Cameroonian soil, with the statement transmitted to AFP.The communiqué says the Chadian contingent workforce, nor the date of its deployment in the Cameroun.L’engagement of the Chadian soldiers is part of the excellent relations of friendship and good neighbourliness between Cameroon and Chad, two border in northeastern Nigeria, Boko Haram stronghold, stressed in the communiqué Mr. Biya who salutes warmly this gesture of fraternity and solidarity (of Mr Déby) which is part of the ongoing commitment of two heads of State for stability, peace and security of their countries and their respective peoples.Wednesday, Chad had proposed an active support in Yaounde against Boko Haram, urging the international community to act, after from new raids lethal in the far north of Cameroon, Monday, intense fighting erupted around a military in the Cameroon camp, opposition soldiers Cameroonian hundreds of Islamists from neighbouring Nigeria. According to the Cameroonian Government, 143 terrorists and a soldier were killed while an important arsenal of war has received.Faced with this situation which dangerously threatens security and stability in Chad and undermined its vital interests, the Government of Chad cannot remain arms crossed, had indicated the Government of Chad in a statement.In Cameroon, the passivity of Nigeria and the international community over the progress of Boko Haram is much criticized, arousing a sense of growing isolation.For months, the Islamist group multiplies the shares in far North Cameroon, between laying of explosives, attacks of military bases, fires in villages and transport vehicles, or theft of livestock.Chad has so far been spared by the attacks of Boko Haram, but only the narrow strip of land formed by the far North Cameroon – 50 km – separates N’Djamena of the nigerian State of Borno, stronghold of the Islamists.Massacres perpetrated recently by Boko Haram in Nigeria are a crime against humanity, held his side Thursday the US Secretary of State John Kerry in Sofia, while armed Islamists have carried out early January their attack the most destructive since 2009.Selon the organization Amnesty international, hundreds of people, or more, could have been killed by the insurgents during the destruction of Bagacommercial hub of Northeastern Nigeria on the edge of Lake Chad, and its surroundings, in an offensive launched on January 3 by the insurgents.Boko Haram seized vast territories in recent months in the North of the Nigeria and continues its bloody attacks almost daily.



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