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The truckers strike: the Ministry of Labour launched a new negotiation


A new session of negotiations is scheduled Thursday 22 January between employers and trade unions. Management has not yet confirmed his coming, and the road dams are maintained.
•The road make a demonstration of force before negotiating their salaries
•Truckers strike is likely to disrupt traffic

A new session of negotiations is scheduled Thursday, January 22 in the morning between the employers and trade unions of the transport road, the intersyndicale calling to continue the test force engaged in the field.

The Labour Ministry « decided to reconvene a round of negotiations tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 8:30 with all the social partners », labour branch, said Wednesday at the AFP Patrice Clos, Secretary general of FO transport.

Contacted the employer side has confirmed this information, but without indicating whether it would be Thursday morning.

Certainly, « the delay is reasonable » to return to the table of negotiations, « but the decision is not yet made » on a possible participation of the National Federation of road transport (FNTR), told AFP his delegate general, Nicolas Paulissen.

The road dams are maintained

Meanwhile, trade unions (CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC) originally of a movement started Sunday has since Tuesday evening part of the Directorate-General of labour, for the resumption of the negotiations.

« It earlier would have been the best », stressed Patrice Clos, still satisfied with the new meeting scheduled. « But it will not lift roadblocks to as much, » he added.

« It doesn’t shout not either + hip hip hip Hooray +! », abounds Thierry Douine (CFTC), calling to amplify the strike.

Tuesday evening, the intersyndicale had briefly suspended the social movement, as a result of the failure of the talks, employers and the CFDT have left the negotiating table.

Trade unions were back on their decision in the night, management negotiators did not respond to the « convocation » of the president of the commission mixed joint – a representative of the Ministry of labour – which was called to resume Tuesday at 23:00 the wage bargaining.

Disagreement between employers and trade unions on wages

« We have not refused the negotiation, we refused the moment of negotiation, » said Aline Mesples, President of the UR (TPE and SMEs in roadtransport), denouncing « the dramatization of the last days ».

« Negotiation is tense is » she acknowledges. But employers ‘remain on acceptable proposals in the context’, which ‘sees compete savings from different European countries, with different social models’.

Negotiations begin on the magnitude of the wage increase: trade unions are demanding 5%, employers won’t go above 2%.

In the absence of agreement between unions and employers, the conventional minima remained in force last year.

In 2014, one of the four coefficients in the transport road – one of the most qualified employees – exceeded the minimum wage, set at 9.53 euros gross per hour. The minimum wage was raised to 9.61 euros on January 1.

The CFDT transport, first Trade Union in the profession, was ready Wednesday noon to swell the ranks of the strikers in the case of status quo.

The CFDT called to harden the strike

« After consultation with its authorities, the CFDT urged employers to return to the negotiating table in the next few hours », is written in a press release.

« Fault to be heard », she called all of its activists and employees « to enter into a major conflict », warned.

In the morning, strikers renewed the actions carried out since Sunday evening.R).

In the North, a snail on the A1 motorway operation resulted very large caps in the direction Lille-Paris, learned from same source.

Upon the release of Lille, motorists faced a dozen kilometres of slowdowns. The movement would continue until the platform of Dourges (Pas-de-Calais), about 30 km from the capital of Flanders.

Bordeaux, 100 strikers have installed of new dams filter in the areas of cargo of Bègles (Southeast suburb) and Bruges (Northwest), after having freed of Cestas (South-West).

The demonstrators had received « reinforcements » night locals CGT Ford and CGT railwaymen, but also carriers of funds and paramedics, according to Marc Rosa, responsible for the CGT transport in the Gironde.

(with AFP)

The road make a demonstration of force before negotiating their salaries

After a hectic morning, traffic became « fluid on the regional routes » and « on the Ile-de-France network », noted Bison Futé
•Truckers strike is likely to disrupt traffic

Heavy weight stopped, saturated devices and blocked industrial areas: the road on strike have multiplied Monday 19 January punches actions to « slow down » the economy, on the eve of wage negotiations « very strained » with employers.

Late in the afternoon, traffic was however back « fluid on the regional routes » and « on the Ile-de-France network », noted Bison Futé, after a hectic morning, particularly in the West.

« The employers wanted to see, as in poker. There, I think it’s going to cost him dear, »welcomed the patron of the CGT transport, Jérôme Vérité, judging »impressive »mobilization initiated as early as Sunday evening.

According to him, the movement is constantly « to grow », particularly in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, where the strikers « are trying to multiply the sticking points ».

However, several dams have been lifted during the day, as at the port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine), the CGT referring security problems.

Sling in the West

The strikers had targeted this strategic platform, first port of Ile-de-France where pass 20 million tons of goods each year and « where almost all the oil in the Ile-de-France region is distributed », according to Pascal Goument (CFTC-GND).

Near Nantes, demonstrators were to rise at 16:00 the dam, which was holding nearly 400 trucks in the industrial area of Carquefou, was learned from the CGT.

Monday morning, it is the West of the country that led the fronde, with major disruption Bordeaux, Rennes and Caen, the ‘record’ with almost « 600 trucks » blocked, according to Mr. Vérité.

Prefecture spoke for his part near 410 heavy immobilized at midday.

Blocked for several hours, the road seemed to share the motivations of their striking colleagues.

« We are not on strike, it is blocked. But it is for the movement, »said Philippe, a 52-year driver. « In transport, it is the destitute. Must be acknowledged. »

« Storekeeper, driver, Secretary, accountant. Everything must be done »and for a salary of »misery », said Jean-Charles, 42 years.

Bordeaux, more than 100 trucks were blocked along the A63 near the industrial zone of Cestas.

Marseille, three operations snails have slowed down the motorway traffic in the morning in the direction of the city. At the height of the action, Bison Futé noted 14 km from caps on the A51 between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.

Two years without an increase in collective

The movement has also been very laborious on the Rennes ring road, « saturated » in the morning, according to the regional road information Centre.

The strikers wanted to express their « dissatisfaction », after two years without an increase in collective, said Christophe Provost (CGT), one of the organizers of the filter dam. « To get a drinking salary, to do 220 hours per month, we cannot go on like this, » he said.

The movement of discontent was launched by a CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC trade unions in December, after a last session of compulsory annual negotiation (NAO) found to be unsuccessful. The CFDT, first Union branch, was mobilized in December alone.

Trade unions and employer organisations meet Tuesday in Paris to relaunch discussions. Without great hope to reach a compromise.

The unions are demanding 5%

Negotiations « are very tense », said Patrice Clos, the head of FO transport, which calls for a wage adjustment of 5% for all employees.

Employers will introduce Tuesday a « improved proposal » « 1% to 2% increase », said Nicolas Paulissen, delegate general of the National Federation of road (FNTR) transport.

The UR for the TPE and SMEs, puts it forward the proposals made in December: « upgrading of 1.9% on the wages of bottom of grille, 1.3% on all other coefficients, 2% on travel expenses ».

In a statement, the Secretary of State for the transport Alain Vidalies called the social partners « to responsibility », adding that « dialogue is the only way out of this crisis ».

But trade unions have planned to continue their movement « at least » until Tuesday morning. « Everywhere where we can develop, will develop » action items, said Jérôme Vérité, « but these are the teams on the ground who decides ».

(With AFP)

In fact, marine FR3, well GO ON, GIRL!

-While the movement of general practitioners enters its second week, SOS Médecins joins the discontent against the Government’s Health Bill.

Started on 23 December, the strike of the Liberal physicians (General practitioners and specialists) against the Government’s health bill hardens at the dawn of its second week. Starting this Monday, the association SOS doctors joined in the movement of discontent, expected to last until 31 December and which may extend beyond. However, 64 structures of the association are requisitioned by the authorities to face the risks of shortage and the influx of patients to emergencies. Already, the requisitions of some 1000 physicians association covering that night periods have been extended. «»It is requisitioned to arm circumference. Emergencies are, despite what says Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, hyperdebordees», explains Dominique Ringard, president of the association. Many liberal doctors are also requisitioned according to the Confederation of trade unions of french physicians (CRIDDLE000).

Like liberal physicians, SOS doctors objected to the generalization of the third paying, a device intended by the health bill which is « materially hypercomplique. Private practitioners also claim a Revalorization of tariff consultations.

80% of medical offices closed

The white coats strike movement should therefore remain very followed, with still about 80% of medical offices closed, according to the CRIDDLE000. It said over the weekend that doctors will not accept ‘proposals minimum which would not be in the height stakes’. « The Minister shall recognize, sooner or later, that our health care system cannot dispense with liberal, general practitioners and specialists doctors », considers the Union. «»It will need to find ways to at least proportionally equivalent to those learned in a few hours for the hospital emergency physicians public. » After a day of strike, the emergency physicians received a limitation of the weekly working time at 48 hours, with a remuneration of overtime after the 39th general election.

French Federation of general practitioners (MG France)

Practitioners in strike to denounce their…

Practitioners: call to strike 5/2

The main doctors Union, MG France, announced a new strike day on 5 February, practitioners are expected to close their firm to keep the pressure on Health Minister Marisol Touraine.
« Practitioners lament the lack of concrete answers to their demands and are determined to intensify pressure on the Government, » said the Union in a communiqué dated yesterday.

« The Board of MG France (…) announces a new day of strike February 5 », is it said.

No rush to emergencies despite the strike of liberal doctors

Under PRETEXT, what it do Y A PAS of influx in emergencies, so ON must skip the GENERALIZATION of third party paid, but, frankly, you the have found, or you the made fast, or, it is natural, but, a bit of common sense , I would remind you that we have the best social system of reimbursement to the world, ask OBAMA, in, these promise of elections, and you want to, fuck us up, but it’s going to, you’re sick.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014, 6:13 pm
No rush to emergencies: Minister Marisol Touraine noted Wednesday « no influx » of patients in hospitals despite the strike of liberal doctors invited to lower the curtain during the holiday season to protest against the health bill.

« We are witnessing no influx of patients in emergencies (…) branch that work in the normal way », said the Minister of health, on the sidelines of a visit to a Parisian hospital.

« There is no deferral to emergency patients who have difficulties to find a doctor », she insisted, adding that « the situation on the ground was perfectly calm and controlled ».

In the morning, the Confederation of french medical unions (CRIDDLE000), which called general practitioners and specialists to keep door closed from 24 to 31 December, announced that 70% of doctors on average were on strike.

« I invite to watch carefully the advanced figures of the number of strikers, » replied the Minister, for two reasons: « doctors are not required to declare themselves and there are firms which are closed anyway because it is the holiday season ».

Tariff claims of the Liberals – generalists seeking a consultation at 25 euros, specialists the Revalorization of the acts – adds challenge to the health bill, which they call the rewrite, or even the withdrawal. Consideration of the draft by Parliament is expected in April.

In question, the generalization of the third paying by 2017, a « useless », « expensive » and « unrealistic » measure, according to Jean-Paul Ortiz, the president of the CRIDDLE000. The technical constraints of the device are too heavy, while the poorest, covered by the CMU (universal health coverage), already benefit from an exemption from advance fee, he says.

For the president of the Mutualité française Étienne Caniard, it would instead stop the renunciation of certain insured care. A view shared by the Ciss, large collective of associations of patients. « Many people to take head-on the health costs », regrets Christian Saout, Deputy Secretary general of the Ciss.

Also in the line of sight of the doctors, the increased power of the regional health agencies (ARS), responsible for implementing the health policy of « ownership » of the health.

This health law « organised proximity by the ARS medicine » ensures M.Ortiz, in reference to the territorial Department of health defined in the Bill, designed to meet the needs of the territories in the supply of care. Doctors see including the end of their freedom of installation.

-« Requisitioned » 31-

The Manager fears ‘bureaucracy and administration of the Liberal medicine with the hospital in the middle’ and the exclusion of private new hospital public service institutions.

A concern shared by the Federation of private hospitals (FHP), which calls for the closure of clinics from January 5.

Tuesday, the CRIDDLE000 denounced « the Government displayed preferences » to the hospital, after the emergency had obtained advances on their working time and lifted an unlimited strike notice after 24 hours.

The same day, general practitioners had begun to mobilize, their main Union MG France announcing a 80% strike rate.

Many trade unions of specialists (cardiologists, radiologists or pediatricians) joined the movement. « There are specialties that will be more visible than others, » explains Patrick Gasser, president of the Umespe, specialist branch of the CRIDDLE000. For example, « unable to operate without pediatrician maternity hospitals », he warns.

The strike of Liberals thus has repercussions in private care facilities, ensures Jean-Paul Ortiz, announcing the closure of « 100% of clinics and radiology in the Languedoc-Roussillon centres, for example.

But the ARS can commandeer the strikers for the continuity of care promised by the Minister.

Thus, the association SOS doctors, on strike from 29 to 31 December, is requisitioned from 24 to January 6, according to the CRIDDLE000.

Practitioners break not their duty, promises M.Ortiz himself « commandeered » December 31.

Marisol Touraine plans to reopen discussions with doctors in September.

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P.MOSCOVICI:there is no conditions expotionnelle in the Euro area, which justifies the non compliance with the budgetary rules, thank you Pierre, it is suspected, I understand why, you have been there down

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LIBE, talks about 60 billion of debts to be redeemed; figaro speaks of debt 500miliards the ECB would consider to redeem 500 billion euros in debts, who to believe?

The European Central Bank (ECB) will buy back up to 60 billion euros in debt and private per month between March 2015 and September 2016, announced Thursday its president Mario Draghi.



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