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I’ve heard say that the North Koreans were supposedly hacked sites of production, SONY PICTURES, it is true that

North Korea is known to be a dictatorship,I say supposedly because even if a country that I love, who plays to the dictatorship with his people, but that does not speak of her with possible wars for about 15 years even though she has always said that she would attack the South, but it has never made it because it would derive is a bullet in the foot done,so I have a big doubt thatSony Pictures studios is been victims of any hacking of the EWC in the North because of The Interview, film that parodies a plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un,

Frankly, I thought president OBAMA more intelligent than that, or at least, less credulous. In addition, it

Is loan to this show conciliatory, and good liver, asking him, do a survey together; it cannot do better, when I say, that I thought more smart AC, I was not lying, but frankly that vas we seek lice, in people’s heads, knowing that pertinnemment, they there pas.chais not, but looking for shit

For + 15 piges, guys make you pas le, and from one day to the next, they will do, a cyber attacks, it is a cyber scam, Yes!say rather, than she did as GADDAFI was, she sends missiles, satellites in orbits.

Pyongyang responded Saturday 20 December by offering a joint investigation with the United States. It provides be able to prove his innocence and warns of ‘serious consequences’ the pursuit of accusations against him. It is true that I thought, OBAMA more intelligent, or less gullible, because open an Embassy in CUBA and having trouble with North Korea, with one hand, he gives hope and on the other, it gives the doubt? Sony Pictures Colombia facebook, knowing that it is is by Jews?

AHh, if SONY was left SONY (Japanese), but more now! sony columbia, facebook?

And, you believe that we are going to believe you!

TRES, TRES FORT, AH, for the name of the city,you chose him? For info: In the global info is peanuts! You must be 3rd page, is to tell you how, it excites people AHh but with CAZENEUVE, it is Mr péchenard, friend of SARKOZY, again dealing with the anti terrorism, it seems to me, in this story? What is funny is that there are the same, and we start again ! I realize that some make no difference between a guy with a knife, and another with a gun, people, who cannot defend themselves, and another who has an army and weapons, and it is there, indeed, recognition of the cowards of human

A man of 20 years has attacked three policemen with a knife at Joué-les-Tours, Indre-et-Loire. The prognosis of officials is not committed even if they are seriously injured. The anti-terrorism Prosecutor is seized of the enquête(.vous,vous rendez compte tout seul!)2 balls, he was to spend, although you, never know, 1, or 2 meter, it is not to have it, it is there that one realizes of police now and that of my father, the day and night, I don’t speak of the flicaillon, or pot flower, but the ranks of senior, who is reveling, when they had the Medal of merit, or the legion, the ass on a Chair.

AHhau although you were saying, or, inventiez, now, is usual, you know, I’m sure, that he has not cried:Allahu akbar (الله أَكْبَر)?Simply, because, if he had said, the spokesman, would not hesitate one moment to say openly to the journalistes(il auraitété trop fier!) when this happened around 14:00, I believe, and CASENEUZE in one of these televised presentations, the first, I believe, one knew what the guy had actually said on the meaning not on him! , but, I watched a guy, that made me laugh by his inconpetence to describe a scene that he has not lived, guys, like him, is a lot on TV, and especially to the Government, its name, to the retiree, who plays the kadors, is HANON, when, I think, that all the media happened in the word, knowing that she lied openlyto say or show that it was a radical Islamist, it is here that one realizes the impartiality of the press, no, but, frankly?, you’re aware of the enormity, (EH!If it goes on TV, I zapped), a ‘ man enters the Commissioner with a knife, injured three officers, and is cut down, retention, no noise, ok, for the sniper, I don’t see there move not, normal, ok, brrrrrrrrrrr, you copy me the ami(AH Pardons j’m’ai trompé), brrrrrrrrrrrr, tu copies me, either saying Islamist radical, not file, known to police services, the p for ‘ tits theft

A born French in Burundi

However, If the aggressor was not plugged for terrorist activities he was unfavorably known to the police services. « It was an offender who had committed acts of delinquency classic and his situation was not judiciarisée, » explained Bernard Cazeneuve.

The Attorney of the Republic of towers Jean-Luc Beck was specified that the attacker, whose identity has not been disclosed, lived play-les – Tours and « sailing » between the homes of various members of his family. This is an old French 20 years born in Burundi, a blak.. can!

The anti-terrorist section of the Paris Prosecutor’s office before the investigation into the attack, which was opened for heads of assassination attempt and malfaiteurs(ouai,sarkozy,guéant,hortefeux,woerth) Association, all in connection with a terrorist undertaking. It was entrusted to the anti-terrorism branch of the judicial police, the Directorate General of internal security (CSB) and interregional branch of the PJ of Orleans.

It’s not SID, which was also wet in case MERAH? I could be wrong,
Langue source

,parce qu’elle se tirerait une balle dans le pied fait ,alors ,j’ai un gros doute sur le fait que les studiosSony Pictures est été victimes d’un éventuel piratage de la coée du nord à cause du film The Interview, qui parodie un complot contre le dirigeant nord-coréen Kim Jong-un,


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