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Is saying that the amount of the Greece, would amount has €1000 / pers French, obviously, if on distributed this cash values average on all French, what is already wrong, because how many of DHAGRI, Junker… etc. have soared and/month between 100et500 million to€, and these guys would be refunded their incompetence, their degradation, their dishonor, their abjection, but it not not. Knowing that in most this illegitimate debt.

CHAW Gérard, who lost his son, who supposedly became KAMIKAZE?JIHAD

Carlos screw down hats, Sir, or Madam, it must, and even less in France, we are in free countries, and; who want to exercerce their,(si il en on un sur l’autre,je ne crois passi,ils veulent faire,c’est chez eux) rights

We know that who fuck the shit, this is the Ukrainian Government and that if either saying, there was a break of cease-fire, I am convinced, that the United States, are behind, they are doing, as the Israel against the Palestinians, on the pretext that the Soviet block opened, then, there is the right to attack Russia tus small countries next to see the interview, there are 2 or 3 days

Desertion of mass of Ukrainian soldiers to the Russia…

War crimes are being perpetuated in Ukraine!
The Ukrainian people have enough!

SO those who do not know, know, those who fuck the shit, and not RESPCTE cease them fire, it is the Ukrainian Government ,

Dealing with liars MEDIAPART, then, that he told the truth, however, cannot be treated

Ten post, that I copy on millions of post (3 pages of post on this site)

Sheep rabid, there is much doubt that the American people are suffering decisions, the U.S. Congress (Republicans and Democrats), but be aware gentlemen ladies Americans

OBAMA and your Congress (Republicans and Democrats) in assisting the Government of POROSHENKO (Ukrainian Government) help to

FASCITES.ET THE GOVERNMENT OF POROSHENKO (UKRAINE) SEND POOR GUYS, MÔMES, SE DO KILL, TO MAKE IT SERVE AS A FLESH A CANON, AND IF THEY DO NOT WANT, IS THEM RIFLES, A LAW, A SUMMER VOTE RECENTLY, 2 OR 3 DAYS AGO MORE THIS COULD BE, YOUR BROTHER, YOUR COUSIN, YOUR FATHER, YOUR UNCLE, SHORT, WHATEVER ‘ ONE OF YOUR FAMILYIf EUX(les ukrainiens) are against their Government, too, and we also here is proof of that, I advance, this is one of the reasons why, ILS NE want more that I AI and that we have INTERNET, as this, ILS think power, you handle, but with of guys like STEVEN SEAGAL and JESSE VENTURA, you will the choice


Count Sarccexc A +WERE ARE ONE

Defender of the Earth/Defender of the Earth

Take a look, a guy who is called, ROBESPIERREas a very good definition

After, the Jews (I say this, because that is what you have morfler, even before hitler) and the world they were wrong for about 300 years maint kid, those are their people the Americans and europe (HAARP: war climate)

What is the CONSCRIPTIONregardez, it is very very interessant.tres good deinition ROBESPIERRE
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War in Ukraine: failure has mobilization…
10 February, 2015

Posted by outfielderunder General news, geopolitics, Manipulation, reflection


Refuse to go and serve meat cannon…

The Ukrainian junta against the refusal of the population to fight their compatriots in the East.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Desertions mass Ukrainian soldiers refusing to become flesh has canon

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Source Les-strands-of grass thanks to Capucine


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lediazec 10 February, 2015 at 10 h 23 min

Hello sheep. CA is the good news. The rich and the merchants of guns, want war? Do the between them

Caillasse of the day: The movement of Liberation of Dkpande by the HSBC Group

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ROY10 February, 2015 at 10 h 44 min

War crimes are being perpetuated in Ukraine!
The Ukrainian people have enough!


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Kastaylor10 February, 2015 at 12 h 53 min

This becomes the national sport down.

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LILO10 February, 2015 at 10 h 50 min

Seen on the blog « that the media don’t tell us.

Memorable speech of the Ukrainian who gobbles more the lies of his Government and which rises against war propaganda. An apparently widely shared by public opinion.

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ROY11 February, 2015 at 0 h 12 min

As long as there are women like it, then we can hope that people will find the strength of rebelling all against the mafia, the traitors who manipulate us, we lie, exploit us and even to send our brothers in the war!

There is enough!

The current Ukrainian regime is supported by the french government and this is intolerable!


Mr Holland you should give your resignation, you are betraying the values of the France by supporting an usurper is dangerous by these actions of repression of violence intolerable, dangerous for the Ukraine, for the Russia, for Europe and for all the men and women who want to live free and as they see fit!

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4.Grand marabout

Grand marabout10 February, 2015 at 12 h 01 min

a video that should motivate our obstinacy!


but do not forget, that some men
«’ would be sufficient to solve the problem of « ‘ desertion»

« if it were to be the case, » they « , would eliminate this fact,
many more intruders!

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Kastaylor10 February, 2015 at 12 h 13 min

An open question is Mrs proceedings.
Will be able to make it respond?

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Engel10 February, 2015 at 13 h 27 min

Ko fault fighter (and motivation to die for bastards of oligarchs) clan of the USAE and therefore victory next russophile clan.

So this is the real reason that Maddens ‘the West ‘…And that is likely to precipitate the intervention of NATO.

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Kastaylor10 February, 2015 at 16 h 11 min

Fortunately there are the glorious 1st obama.
He live the Ukrainian zombie.

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Kastaylor10 February, 2015 at 16 h 38 min

It must also read the first part, and think.


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robertespierre10 February, 2015 at 19 h 21 min

Warning to French youth
and let’s not forget…
French youth
even the « veiled ».
The ‘tests’.. .the « probes » of Government SOCIALISTO-UMP
suggest they intend to restore
– and what is conscription?
On cares te a rifle in the hands
and in 24 hours, we send you in UKRAINE
Kill the ‘Russian ‘.
and if you refuse…A BULLET IN THE SKIN
and it’s not the fun
In 1939 as says Nevenoe also, and all those who are informed, Tthe France to declared war on the Germany
and not the opposite
because the Germany had invaded the Poland
Only here:
FRANCE has mobilized its youth, but did nothing because
result when the Germany decided, it has invaded
and French officers and policies are fucked up camp as rabbits
leaving the troops without command
only exception: De Gaulle
Also, beware
palaver between Holland and Merkel on the Treaty of Minsk
they want to trade with the Russia, but are under the orders of the USA
(Merkel was born to a Christian father and a Jewish mother)
As to…Normal..http://lesmoutonsenrages.fr/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wink.gif
everyone knows what is worth his word… especially its ‘friends of the PS’.. .it just read their archives
You have 2 solutions
Being ‘incorporated ‘.
No, no, take the maquis, and 40
-CUT the rotten branch
– And it is that branch rotten?
-When you gèleras you plums in Ukraine,
you will have the tempsd’ think
You will do an unemployed less
And a Muslim woman veiled with a helmet on his head
You can pray 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca without making you perforate the skin
After 5 years Rockefeller you send a medal
him or Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Oboutmou, Duramou or Rothschild.
It is necessary to sustain the war
to sell weapons
The USA prepare a major offensive after the winter
Polls disrupt Merkel
Live information from Germany
they are the ones who spread « Merkel and its origins.
The young Germans will do battle
And the German industry is by their side
For the France
as in 40…90% of collabos
Dogs are not cats
10% of resistance fighters in 40
How much today?
10%… 9……?

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robertespierre10 February, 2015 at 20 h 38 min

This article deserves to be relayed
on behalf of the historical truth

Putin puts the clocks at a time

Oscar fortin (his site)
Monday, February 9, 2015

The last four days, from Thursday 5 February to Sunday, February 8, will have updated the strategy in Europe and Washington in the approach to resolve the Ukrainian conflict. Everything is presented in terms of a conflict between the Russia and the Ukraine, the France and the Germany posing as mediators between Putin and Poroshenko.

Vladimir Poutine does not hear it so and it considers that the time has come for all those interested in peace in Ukraine that they acknowledge that the conflict is not between the Russia and the Ukraine, but between the Kiev Government and people who voted their independence in the Donbass. This is an internal conflict that must find its solution between Ukrainian parties. The Russia is not at the origin of this conflict, it is not part and not participated in the destabilizing actions that led to the coup. The Russia is not one that invaded the Ukraine, but rather one that recalls the Ukrainians to resolve their problems in a civilized and respectful manner.

A quick analysis of what gave birth to this conflict highlights two major events. The first is the establishment of a Government that was imposed on the Ukrainian people by a subtle coup planned and orchestrated by Washington. The second is this aggressive policy of Kiev against dissident populations in by terrorists to shoot down. This violence have been added administrative sanctions, depriving these people of their most basic rights.

This resulted in referenda and the declarations of independence on the part of the dissenting Ukrainians, Russian culture, who occupy South-East of Ukraine, victims all persecution. The independence of these regions (Donetsk and Lugansk) gave rise to even more violent attacks on the part of the Government of Kiev and mercenaries to its balance. Already, according to official figures, the victims were reportedly more 5000 deaths and 10 000 injuries. Certain circles in Germany speak of 50 000 dead. These clashes led to a real humanitarian crisis. Our media meanstream spoke little. It was especially the Russia which has deployed the most efforts to help these people in disarray. Many caravans of hundreds of trucks, filled with everything that could meet the needs most essential and urgent, shuttled between the Russia and these regions of the Ukraine. Each time, passing, legally, the Ukrainian border.

It is in this context that Vladimir Poutine decided to set the record straight at a time and take over control of the agenda, so really the various stakeholders want lasting peace in Ukraine. It is important to return to the sources of this conflict and to include the real actors who are directly concerned. There is the Government of Kiev, and the two self-proclaimed republics independent of Lugansk and Donetsk. The first thing to do is that the Kiev Government immediately cease its attacks against these two regions. Alone, the fire stop on the part of Kiev, will help renew contact with these populations and their leaders to resolve the different and thus arrive at a national and regional conflict solution.

« It is clear that the crisis will continue as long as the Ukrainians will not be agreement between them. To this end, it urges the authorities of Kiev to find « a common language and to reach an agreement with all the political forces. »

Here are the main points that is Poutine to ensure that the negotiations lead to peace.

« Put an end to the debauchery of radicalism and nationalism that affects the country.

« The condition first to stabilize the situation is an immediate ceasefire, the cessation of the ‘anti-terrorist’ operation, but de facto punitive in the southeast of the Ukraine.

« Remove the economic pressure on the Donbass, which are likely to create a large catastrophe.

Society must unite around positive values and the real interests of the Ukraine. « This need that the Kiev authorities intend to their people. They find a common ground and agree with all the political forces and regions of the country.

These recent statements by Putin mark the framework in which its presence in Minsk, February 11, would be justified.

Those negotiating the text to be discussed in Minsk on February 11, must come to refocus discussion on relations between the central Government in Kiev with the Governments of the two regions of the Donbass. If this change does not happen, it is quite possible that president Poutine does not present at this meeting.

It is not interested in playing a role in a scenario, in advance flawed and misleading.

The conflict raging in Ukraine is an internal conflict that the central Government should seek to solve not by weapons and repressive measures, but through negotiation and respect for its people and regions that mark the configuration of cultures. If the France, the Germany and Washington want to work in this sense, they will be able to fully rely on the presence of the Russia. Otherwise, it will be vain.

Representatives of both Federations self-proclaimed Lugansk and Donetsk will be present at the meeting in Minsk. They currently attend preparatory meetings.

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◦Grand marabout

Grand marabout10 February, 2015 at 20 h 51 min

Vladi did not watch?
This is amazing..!
I come out ok
http://lesmoutonsenrages.fr/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gifThank you pierre robertes

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elsharon10 February, 2015 at 21 h 45 min

Well hats off this woman, they are often more ovaries that we guys who reagissont often directly by violence blind!

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Kastaylor10 February, 2015 to 22 h 18 min


Map military time real what is a pity is that we do not know the positions of the AZOV battalion.
Worthy of the ss Galicia division battalion

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Interview with a Ukrainian soldier activist left – Mediapart (translate the contents of the link)

Ukraine: Parliament authorizes to shoot deserters. Qasmi +

7 Feb. 2015… The Ukrainian Parliament passed legislation yesterday authorizing officers to use force against the deserters, the last mobilized soldiers

Home World Policy Photos faked Russian military in Ukraine: a furious US Senator

Photos truquées de militaires russes en Ukraine: un sénateur US furieux

Photos faked Russian military in Ukraine: a furious US Senator

on: February 14, 2015

US media publish fake supposed to prove the involvement of Russian troops in the fighting in the southeast of the Ukraine.

The Republican Senator from Oklahoma James Inhofe left burst his anger upon learning that photos « certifying » the involvement of Russian troops in the Ukrainian conflict, that he had received and published in the media, were fake.

« The representatives of the Ukrainian Parliament gave us these as quite recent photos. They played us a wrong turn! We estimated to be able to publish them, the images corresponding to the reports from the region. I was furious upon learning that one of the photos had been rigged using a photo of the Associated Press taking 2008″, said M.Inhofe.Le Senator said being awarded the photos in question by Ukrainian Deputies in December. After a rather summary verification, these « incriminating evidence » were published by the conservative online Washington Free Beaconnewspaper. Soon after, readers have proven that these pictures were made in other « hot spots » several years previously.

While acknowledging his error, taken up by the media, Senator Inhofe, firm supporter of the supply of lethal weapons to the Ukraine, claims however that there is a « multitude of other evidence. certifying that the Russia was of outbreaks on Ukrainian territory aboard tanks T – 72″


KDO chce mir, musi to připravovat na revoluci. KDO chce revoluci, musi to připravovat na třidni Prashant.

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| Čeština | Français | French | Italiano | Español | Español | Galego |

When we wrote there are an a few months in our text « Preparations for war between the Ukraine and Russia – Show or reality? » i that the conditions for a new war matured in Ukraine, many comrades have expressed doubts and disagreements with such a categorical statement. Now we can say that the conflict in Ukraine has clearly switched from the « cold » phase to the « hot » phase and that what we are currently witnessing in the East of the country, is the war in all its definitions. Lugansk at the border with the Russia up to Mariupol on the coast of the Black Sea, these are two military forces that compete in daily clashes in trying to expand the area under their control, they are fighting on the ground and in the air, the campaign as well as in the industrial centres, artillery raining shells on villagesaviation bombed cities (on the pretext that their enemies are using residents as human shields), men, women, children are dying under bombs and missiles… In four months of armed conflict, more than 2,000 civilian and military are dead and 6,000 others were injured; 117,000 proletarians have been moved to the country and 730,000 others took refuge in Russia. At the time of completing this article, the corpses littering the streets of Donetsk, caught in the grip of the Government offensive.

In the same text, we also wrote that the only response of the proletariat on the war, it is to organize and develop the revolutionary defeatism, i.e. refuse in practice to join one or the other camp, but on the contrary to establish links between workers of both sides of the conflict through the fight against the two bourgeoisies. And even on this ground, things have developed, our text is therefore (three months after its publication) a PostScript.

This text is based on information from different sources (which we quote in footnotes), militant blogs as the official media. This short description of events in Ukraine asked us hours of careful work, collecting information, reading texts, vision videos, comparison of different data, etc. We would like to stress two things: firstly, the fact that the events that we describe here were not covered by France Television and Euronews does not mean that they have not taken place, that we have invented (various leftist sources but also Ukrainian and Russian media described them). Secondly, it is clear that the information we got from Ukraine are chaotic, incomplete and sometimes contradictory. However, this does not mean that we should abandon our attempt to capture what is happening out there. We are convinced that we must oppose the selective information of the State the position critical and radical anti-capitalist movement; We must develop and share the information and analyses that understand the world through the prism of the prospect to revolutionize it.


The Warrior ideology (that it’s based on the defence of a United national State on the right to self-determination of the pro-Russian supporters) has its roots in Ukraine, civil society organizations organize fundraising campaigns to support the army, the popes bless weapons camp or the other, and television broadcast scenes of babushkas who provide the armed men their last jar of applesauce. All proletarians however refuse to submit to brainwashing of war propaganda from one or the other side, not all want to sacrifice themselves for their homeland. Expressions of the practical refusal of the Warriors massacres still appear more frequently and on both sides of the conflict have great difficulties to recruit new staff for their mutual massacre.

Thousands of soldiers in the Ukrainian army, that the Government has sent in the so-called anti-terrorist operations in the East of the country, have deserted or switched sides with all their equipment, including tanks and armoured vehicles. For example, the 25th Ukrainian airborne brigade (elite quintessential troop), whose men are accused « of having proof of cowardice » during fighting in Kramatorsk, will be dissolved on presidential instruction on 17 April after doing part of his refusal to « fight other Ukrainians. ii just recently, these are 400 soldiers of the same unit who have deserted and fled on the Russian side of the border after will be found under heavy fire and without ammunition. The soldiers who will be, as the Russia already announced, extradited to the territory of Ukraine, said that they would prefer to be charged with desertion rather than continue to kill and be killed on the eastern front. All these deserters say they do not want to fight against « their own people » and they also denounced their desperate living conditions which they must face in the army – shabby balance, food disgusting, or even lack of food, etc. Other units have even not been deployed in the East for their lack of reliability. In the same way that the previous president Ianoukovitch could not use them to suppress the protesters, nor the current Government dare not send combat troops known for their minimum loyalty.

About 1,000 soldiers from units in the region of Volhynia mutinied in Mykolayiv on 29 May. 3RD battalion of the 51th brigade soldiers have refused to be sent to the front, they refused the orders of their superiors and they began to unload their heavy equipment and other materials ready for transport. After that their unit has suffered heavy losses during a confrontation with separatists near the village of Medzhibozh, had promised them to return to their permanent barracks in Rivne. Instead, they were moved from East to South, then back to square one, so that they could finally tell them that they will continue their training prior to be sent back to the front. « Having lost confidence in their General in the light of the latest events to Medzhibozh and during the funeral in Rivne, as well as due to the treason of their generals, soldiers began open rebellion. » iii

The 2nd battalion, the 51th brigade, which was in the barracks of Rivne at the same time and who witnessed the funeral ofth battalion 3 soldiers killed in the shooting of Medzhibozh as well as chaotic and misleading of the operations Directorate this battalion mutinied also. « The generals were saying ‘go north’ then ‘Go South’ to the point that soldiers are ready to shoot them. The generals have begun to wear bulletproof vests for fear the fragging! »iv about 1,200 soldiers participated in the mutiny, they refused to be transferred to Mykolayiv. « They promised us, when they were mobilized, that we would keep the border between the Ukraine and the Belarus. We are ready to do so, but not to darken on these clowns of the Donbass. »v

A similar rebellion also broke out in Poltava.

Four days earlier, after six soldiers from the region of Volhynia are killed, mothers, women and the parents of the 51th brigade soldiers have blocked roads in the Volhinya region to protest against the continued deployment of the unit in the Donbass. vi

Demonstrations and protests organised by women and other relatives of conscripts demanding the return home of soldiers or trying to block their departure to the front spread during this time to other regions of the Ukraine (Lviv, Kherson, Melitopol, Bukovina, Volhynia, etc.). The families of the soldiers blocked the roads with trees felled in the Lviv region at the beginning of June. vii a manifestation of parents has blocked the entrance to the military recruiting in Lviv Office a few days later. viii has Iavorivo (Lviv region), members of a family have occupied a field for the exercise of the 24th mechanised brigade and they demanded the removal of the departure to the front line. ix of the manifestations of parents in Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv have demanded the return of the soldiers in the barracks in their native regions. x of Kharkov women have occupied the local military airport. Kherson local military recruitment office has been occupied by mothers and women of soldiers. They were called at the end of the war with slogans like: « Women against war », « Where the sons of oligarchs do their service? » or « our children are not cannon fodder ». xi A Chernivtsi, women have blocked the highway to Zhitomir for several days and they demanded the return home of soldiers. xii on 24 June, parents have established a dam at kilometer 125 of motorway Kiev-chop, they carried banners saying: « Bring our children, send East children of generals. » xiii on 8 June, a group of 100 relatives of soldiers blocked the troops of the 3033th military unit based in Melitopol, Zaporozhye region. The protest was able to prevent the soldiers from being sent to the front. The parents involved in the protest movement also protested the State propaganda that describes them as ‘pro-Russian separatists’: « yesterday the news said that ‘pro-Russian separatists organized a blockade of the military unit’. But there was no mention of Russia at the entrance of the military unit! We are just not losing our earners. (…). Donetsk is a massacre, and our children are 20-21 years old. (…) You see us, we are mothers! How can you call us separatists? », said one of the participants. xiv mothers and women of soldiers protested against being sent to the front in front of the military base in Ternopil on 15 July. xv

And this is not the first time that the families of soldiers face military action. During the period in which the result was ultimately the fall of previous president Ianoukovitch, parents and others have organized meetings to the barracks, they discussed with the soldiers to bring them information about what was really happening in the streets and to persuade them to refuse to participate in a potential protesters against repression.

Meanwhile, new men continue to be recruited into the army. Even if they must be recruited on the basis of a compulsory military map, the Government makes them pass for volunteers. « We are not volunteers (…) ». « we do not want to kill people (…) we won’t go anywhere, we will remove our uniforms and we go with us », proclaimed conscripts at a rally of protest in Lviv. xvi

After the entry into force of the Presidential Decree of Poroshenko about the third wave of mobilization in military forces July 24, whose consequence is the sending of more thousands of proletarians to the front, disturbances broke out in various locations in the West with increased strength Ukraine: in the town of Merefa, the entire population has resisted the conscription of 50 men. « They started, they solve themselves (their problems).  » We will die but we will not give our children. They must understand and do not here come with their mobilization orders, »said an old manifesting. xvii of the parents of soldiers blocked a road near the village of Korovia on 25 July demanding an end to the mobilization and that the sons of public authorities are sent to the front in their place. xviii on the same day, a road in the district of Oboukhivs’kyi, near Kiev, was also blocked by families of soldiers. Blockages continued finest July 28 in at least seven villages in the region of Bukovina and the Kiev-chop motorway was also blocked once again. A demonstration of anti-war in the front of a recruiting in Novoselytsa Office, protesters have molested a member of the municipal Council who was trying to talk to them. xix of residents of several villages in the region of Ivano-Frankivsk are entered into the local military administration offices on 22 July and lit a bonfire with mobilization orders and other documents concerning the mobilisation. The same thing took place the same day in Bogorodchany. xx in different villages, people have massively burned their conscription records distributed by mail. xxi A Mukachevo, Transcarpathia, the situation had worsened to the point that the local military command who was worried about the continuation of the protests has, for the moment, suspended the mobilization and promised none of the locals will be sent to the front in the near future. xxii of other militant mobilizations against the war have yet taken place in the Zaporozhye region August 4 as well as the Parliament in Kiev the next day. xxiii

Kiev which can currently count that barely on his regular army depends therefore deprived of a few oligarchs and the National Guard, armed a militia of volunteers mainly composed of nationalists Pravyi Sektor (right sector) and the Svoboda (freedom) party during the protest movement against Yanukovich. The new units of the National Guard are not specially trained for military actions, but mainly to suppress mass protests and riots, as revealed during their parade in Kiev at the end of June. Moreover, hundreds of fascists of the National Assembly of Socialist and the Ukrainian Patriots had already attacked in June a demonstration against the anti-terrorist operation which took place in Kiev.

Nevertheless, members of the National Guard are not outside the contradictions that shake the two camps. Radio free Europe recently published a videoxxiv which shows a soldier of the National Guard, which blames the Government of be not able to provide enough food, water and weapons to volunteers: « We are used as cannon fodder » he says. Material conditions are catching up here even those who think they are ideologically above them.

Mercenaries from around the world are also fighting in the camp of Kiev, they were hired for the Government by private agencies (it would be mercenary troops from Poland, the Czech Republic, of the former Yugoslavia, but also of the Equatorial African region).

The recruitment of new fighters will not advance according to the wish of the Lords of local war, and in the camp of the separatists either. The majority of miners in the Donbass region still refuses to join their side. Instead, they form self-defence units which position themselves against separatists and Government troops. One of these units is faced to the separatists and prevented them from blowing up a mine in the village of Makiivka. Krasnodon, in Lugansk region, miners organized a general strike in May and they took control of the city. They have openly refused to join both the separatist camp « anti-Maidan » in Lugansk as the camp of the oligarchs of the Maidan in Kiev, and they rather demanded their wage growth and the discontinuation of the hiring of labour to the mine by private agencies. xxv

The miners of six mines in the Donbass basin triggered a strike at the end of the month of May to request the end of the anti-terrorist operation in the East of the country and the withdrawal of troops. xxvi their action was the result of their own initiative and was not imposed in any way by armed men of the people’s Republic in Donetsk, according to some media. According to the strikers, the war represents a danger to the existence of mines and causes unemployment. « On Monday, May 26, when the Ukrainian army began the bombardment of cities, minors are simply not returned to work, because the ‘external factors’ hostilities, held almost at their door step, seriously increased the risk of accidents at work in their business. For example, if ever a bomb had struck the electrical substation, minors have been taken trapped underground, which would have inevitably meant for them the death. »xxvii the strike was triggered by some 150 miners of the Oktyabrsky mine and it spread like a chain reaction at other pits of Donetsk (Skochinskiy, Abakumov, ‘Trudovskaya’, etc.), but also to other cities mines, in particular province (« Yuzhnodonbasskaya No. 3 »). In mines which is owned by Rinat Achmetov, man the richest of Ukraine and has an industrial empire controlling economically almost all the eastern part of the country, workers were forced to continue to work, they continued to descend into the pit, despite the bombing of the nearby vicinity. At the initiative of the Oktyabrsky mine miners also (and), a several thousands of participants anti-war demonstration was organized may 28. xxviii on 18 June, several thousand miners again marched through the centre of Donetsk for the immediate end to military operations. The participants argued that they are not separatists, but ordinary people of Donbass. They also said that if the Government of Kiev did not meet their demands, they would take up arms.

The separatists as well as the local oligarchs pro-Kiev attempt to manipulate and interpret these chaotic and contradictory assemblies according to their own interests. Rinat Achmetov, the Donetsk oligarch, has organized its own « strike » for United Ukraine, separatists for their part try to pass the manifestations of minors as an expression of a pro-Russian position of workers of Donbass.

Despite the nationalist or separatist instructions that appear in the manifestations of minors, workers are not very willing to join the people’s militia of Donbass. One of separatist commanders, Igor Girkin, recently complained publicly of what local people take weapons in his arsenal, but rather than put themselves at the service of the separatist militias, they back them home to protect their families and their villages against both sides of the conflict. xxix separatists continue therefore to rely on local criminal gangs which (after having been paid) have allowed to take control of public buildings, police stations, in arms depots, of large arteries and means of communication in the region of Donetsk and Lugansk. The majority of separatist forces is nevertheless made of mercenaries from across the border (Russian), especially veterans of the wars in Chechnya.

If the real anti-war, the movement of revolutionary defeatism, wants to succeed, it must become not only massive and widespread, but it must also organize, structure itself. We have little information on the organizational structures of the movement in Ukraine. We can conclude the existence of certain structures from the events themselves (demonstrations or strikes repeated many thousands of people may not be the result of an explosion of spontaneous anger, in the same way that protests from parents of soldiers, as we have described above, require a certain level of coordination, a collaboration organised in terms of content and practice)the existence of other formal or informal structures is confirmed by incomplete information we got on the ground. Some already existing associations are transformed into frames of centralization of the anti-war activities – for example the community of parents of the Donetsk region « Kroha »xxx, which issued a call to the population on 10 June, while limited, contradictory, and pacifist that he might be: « we, the parents of the Donetsk region, call to you, politicians, public figures and interested persons. Help us save people from Slavyansk Krasnyi Liman, Kramatorsk, stop military operations. We need your help to understand the truth about what is happening in these cities. For several weeks, people live under constant artillery fire. Civilians die constantly. Some children were injured, the death of three children is confirmed. Houses, hospitals, nurseries and schools are crumbling. People, including children, live in a permanent state of stress, hiding in the basement for several hours of the attacks, which almost never stop. (…) We ask your help to save the lives of these people and to stop military actions. »xxxi another association, the mothers of the Donbass, said in his statement: « we want to just live! We ordinary people: husbands and women, parents and children, brothers and sisters. We, peaceful civilians, are hostage to the conflict in our region, victims of military clashes. We are tired of fear and aspire to peace. We want to live in our houses, walking the streets of our cities, work in companies and organizations of our region, and cultivate our land. (…) We, the mothers of the Donbass, we insist that put an immediate end to the anti-terrorist operation and military actions in our region! (…) We are confident that the conflict in our country can be solved peacefully! Stop the war! Avoid the deaths of the children! Save the people of Donbass! »xxxii the voice of Odessa held a demonstration against the war on 13 July in Odessa. The participants shouted slogans like « We are against the war! », « Stop the counter-terrorist operation in the East! » or « we want peace!  » During this flash-mob, scary audio recordings of artillery and impact on civilians were broadcast. xxxiii A Kharkov, local anti-war associations (among others the «Kharkivianka» Kharkov women’s movement) held on 20 June a demonstration in front of the VA Malyshev tank factory. This plant has received an order for 400 armoured vehicles to be sent to the front. The demonstrators demanded the cancellation of the order and chanted slogans like « No to war » or « stop the senseless massacre! xxxiv

Meanwhile, the economic and social situation in the Ukraine is worsening. The devaluation of the local currency, the increase in the price of products base, transportation and services as well as the reduction of production in many companies lead to a sharp decline of real wages estimated at between 30 and 50% loss. The Kiev Government, under pressure from international financial institutions, should adopt a series of austerity measures that will further worsen the living conditions of the proletariat, and at the same time, it prepares the largest wave of privatization for 20 years. The central Government has stopped since May the payment of the salaries of employees of the State, social benefits and pensions in territories that are not under its control, thousands of workers are without income. The situation in areas where military operations take place is still worse – the electricity and water supplies are interrupted, medicines and food are rare.

Social unrest precipitated by this situation appear for some time. In addition to strikes by miners in the eastern part of the country, the proletarians in the western regions are also beginning to be tired. Minors of Krivoy Rog began an unlimited strike in may demanding the doubling of their wages. They started to organize armed self-defence militias. In their statement to workers from all over Europe, they describe the Ukrainian, and Russian oligarchs in some camp be they (separatist or the Kiev), as the main reason for the crisis: « we reach out to you asking you to support our fight against oligarchs, which have caused the current crisis in Ukraine and continue to further destabilize.threatening to provoke a fratricidal war in Ukraine which without any doubt will have catastrophic consequences for all of Europe. »xxxv

Several events for « decent living conditions », against the increase of prices and for the increase of salaries and pensions were held in different cities throughout the country. (A series of actions against the increase in the price of housing and utilities rates took place in Kiev at the end of June and July. 1St July, a demonstration against the increase in prices was held in Kharkov. The largest protest at the moment took place in Kiev on 24 July with slogans as « Reduce revenues for the oligarchs, not those of the people » and ‘Do not steal the ordinary citizens’.) xxxvi

Beginning of August, the last four of resistance fighters who continued to occupy the Maidan square in Kiev (« because nothing has changed! ») is attacked by two battalions of the National Guard to evacuate them. They are acting on the orders of the new mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, which demonstrates once more than the word of a bourgeois politician (at the beginning of the year, he had asked the occupants not to evacuate the place « as long as no real change takes place in Ukraine ») commits only those who believe… Violent clashes however erupted during the evacuation, which the bourgeois press International was once more well failed to mention, as it is true that the Government in Kiev is the Western ally and « ultimate horror » can be embodied by the separatists in the East and the Russia.

The Republic popular of Donetsk attempts to restrict the movement of minors who care most their material interests than ideology, juggling between the demands of the strikers who were promised the nationalization of the industrial complex and the interests of the oligarchs who had promised the inviolability of private property.

The anti-war movement, even if it is for limited time in space in content, both strikes and worker protests not for ideology but for the material interests of the proletariat in the two camps, this confirms what we wrote in our previous text: «(…)» the outbreak of the imperialist war (…) does not necessarily mean the final crushing of the proletariat. Indeed, historically, if war means in the first instance a matter of crash, it can then dialectically determine a resumption of the even stronger as it struggles to laid bare the contradictions and the immanent brutality to the capitalist system. »

Despite here, we have repeatedly fallen on so-called « revolutionary » who defend the anti-terrorist operation, because they believe that this will allow a return to the « normal » class struggle Despite here, we read (even though in a fragmentary and contradictory way) news about « anarchists » active in the separatists administrative structures, because they see them as a lesser evil compared to the Kiev Government.

We do not support in any way the war and its atrocities and we are aware that any military conflict means worsening of the living conditions of the proletariat. However, as Communists, we cannot adopt the thesis that we can avoid a military conflict by supporting one or the other warrior side. The proletariat has no interest in preserving the conditions current or past his misery. The proletariat has no homeland to defend. The camp of the proletariat in any war, it is the action United and uncompromising of the proletarians of the two camps that compete against the two warriors camps of the bourgeoisie.

The fight against the war means revolutionary defeatism! Revolutionary proletarian front against the bourgeoisie of the two warriors camps!

Face the war by direct action, sabotage, General, radical and combative strike!

Solidarity of class with the revolutionary naysayers of all camps!

* August 2014 *.

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The reality of the Greek debt that had onblier tell us!

(valid for all Europeans)

Debt Greek some general figures, first

Late 2014

11 million inhabitants

GDP: EUR 180 billion

Public debt: 320 billion euros (176% of GDP).

GDP: fall of 25 per cent between early 2008 and late 2014 (6 years of recession). The equivalent in France of 500 billion euros less.

GDP which had decreased-3.9% in 2013 would have thought (according to the Government of Antonis Samara) of 1.6%. It is true that when one touches the bottom, it is sometimes possible to trace a little but nothing says that we can reach the surface.

The public deficit would be spent-13.5% of GDP end of 2013 to-1.6% of GDP. The last figure concerns only the primary deficit (excluding interests of debt while it is one of the main problems). This figure is, anyway, disputed by the EU.

The so-called ‘rescue plans’ of the Greece

Figures – Attac – Austria (reproduced by Attac France) – June 2013

Cannot have other figures, the Troika (ECB, Commission, IMF) servicing the greater opacity on the destination of the so-called funds paid to the Greece.

Total ‘aid’: EUR 207 billion since March 2010.

23 slices of funding, after checking that plans social destruction (« conditionalities » say) have been met.

Went to the Finance

58 billion : recapitalization of the banks.

101 billion : paid to creditors of the Greek State (mainly the European banks and us)101 billion stolen, you steal, and in addition, one needs, you repay

C’est du foutage of mouth

1 billion : contribution of Greece to the financing of the European stability mechanism. The sad image of a lifeguard adding a kilo of pellets at the feet of a person drowning.

35 billion euros went to the payment of interest on the Treasury Bills waiting (for the 4th quarter of 2010 in the 4th quarter of 2012). ATTAC does not recognise these amounts in amounts that have gone to Finance but it is the only source of funding for Greece (apart from funds of the Troika and the taxes in Greece) who has more access to financial markets are speculators who buy these Treasury bills. 3 month Treasury bill rates (and therefore without real risk) 5%, a jackpot for banks.

Altogether 195 billion went to Finance.

The Greek State has, moreover, affected an envelope of EUR 10 billion to the defence budget (2010-2011) reducing military expenditure, which would have harmed the German and french arms manufacturers. The Greek defence budget amounts to 4% of GDP in Greece compared with 2.4% in France.

Therefore, in total, EUR 195 billion which went to Finance and 10 billion to the market from canon. A total of EUR 205 billion on 207 billion. The Greece did in would have earned only 2 billion.

Alleged the Greece rescue plans were bailouts of Finance which the Greeks did not see color.

These were, moreover, paid into a special account at the request of Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel.

When Merkel and others speak of « solidarity » with the Greece they forget that this solidarity was exercised towards banks and non of the Greek people.

In return for these 2 billion, the Greece saw impose plans austerity and structural reforms which have resulted in:

-25 consecutive quarters of recession and a decrease of 25% of its GDP in 6 years.

-An unemployment rate exceeding 26% of the active population, 60% for under-25s (which are no longer in school or University, but looking for a job).

-The dismissal of tens of thousands of civil servants.

-A fall of 33% of the average wage in private enterprises. A fall of 30% of domestic demand. The minimum wage has decreased by 22% and 32% for less than 25 years. Pensioners decreased, on average, by 25%. Social allowances have melted, they too, like butter in the Sun.

-A poverty rate equal to 36% of the population.

-Cuts in public services. Cuts of 40% in health which resulted in the breakdown of drug supply and the multiplication of street hospitals, free, thanks to the dedication of doctors and paramedics.

-The merger and privatization of some 50 public agencies for the benefit of multinationals German and French.

And for what result, ultimately:

Public debt which stood at 113% of GDP early 2009 today amounts to 176% of GDP.

The policy imposed by the Troika has not only brought an economic and social disaster but it resulted in financial disaster while his displayed goal was to reduce the public debt of the Greece!

Where does debt Greek?

She began his sad career under the regime of the Colonels from 1967 to 1974 period during which it has been multiplied by 4.

She continued with the 1975 Constitution and a series of laws that allow Greek shipowners to benefit from 58 different tax breaks.

The Orthodox Church , main landowner in the country, was almost totally spared by the Fisc.

The tax system has helped the main Greek fortunes to place more than 600 billion euros in Switzerland (more than three times annual GDP) without these sums are stricken from the lower tax.

Public debt increased with expenditure on armaments which are of the Greece the European country which has the military budget the higher proportion of wealth (submarines of Thyssen-Krupp scandal).

The multiplication by 20 of the original price of the 2004 Olympic Games, has resulted in a hole of 40 billion euros.

The extent of the Greek public deficit was revealed in 2009, by Georges Papandréou (Pasok), which update the makeup of accounts by right of Kostas Karamanlis ‘ new democracy ‘ Party. It is the yet the successor of Kostas Karamanlis at the head of this party, Antonis Samara, who had masked accounts of the Greece François Holland, barely elected, had gone support in June 2012, in Athens.

The growth of the crisis since 2010 is the product of the combination of the cures of austerity that plunged the country into recession and financial speculation which blew up interest rates (6% end 2009 and 12% early 2010).

Why speculators Bank risk premiums?

Banks which speculated on the Greek government debt could borrow from the ECB (at the rate of 1%) the funds that enabled them to speculate by acquiring the Greek public debt at rates ranging between 6% and 12%. Today, after the last decisions of Mario Draghi, they can borrow from the ECB at the rate of 0.05% and lend at more than 10% to the Greece.

Speculators want both the belt and the shoulder straps. They want to collect the 6% or 12% interest that they are paid because they are taking a risk, but they do not want to assume this risk when it turns out that their speculation is losing. And the EU supports. It must be said that these speculators are banks and that the EU will never nothing denied them.

Greek employees do not pay tax?

They pay the most unfair tax, VAT, « memoranda » Troika did switch from 19% to 23%.

They cannot, nor escape the income tax because this tax is levied at source, that is levied on their pay record companies that pay them to the State, even before they have seen their wages.

A land taxespecially unfair, which spared the wealthy homeowners and hit owners of modest homes in a country where many people are owners of their main home was established by the Government of Antonis Samara.

A study of Expansion (06/09/2012) found that the Greeks who did not pay their taxes were liberal and independent professionals : doctors, engineers, Chartered Accountants… It should of course add the shipowners and the Orthodox Church.

The debt restructuring Greek in 2012

Greek debt has been restructured in 2012 but as this restructuring is made at the initiative of the creditors, it is they who have benefited.

Private creditors and banks that were the main creditors deprived of the Greece would, according to Angela Merkel, « sacrificed », by « erasing » 53.5% of their claims, i.e. EUR 107 billion.

In reality, it’s to save their own skin, that banks and European insurance agreed to ‘lose’ 107 billion euros. A defect in the Greece would have then risked causing a collapse of European banks, both Greek public debt weighed on their balance sheet and both European banks (including French) were engaged in the Greek banking system. Rather than lose everything, European banks, major Greek debt creditors agreed to lose 107 billion to save their lives.

These 107 billion, besides banks do not lost everything, very far away.

They have first been recapitalised (on the back of Greek Finance) of 58 billion euros.

Then, the value of Greek bonds had nothing to do with their emission value. A duty of EUR 100 on his show (its face value) worth more on the secondary market (the bourse) than 10 euros in the best of cases. The new bonds received by the banks and insurance companies in return for their old bonds had a value of 46.5% of the face value of the old bonds. Either a value of EUR 46.5 for an obligation of 100 euros which was more than worth 10 euros on the stock market. A gift to 36.5 euros by obligation of EUR 100 for the banks!

Then, banks will be able to play insurance, the famous CDS (Credit Default Swap) they had taken on debt Greek. Although other banks will have to spit the pelvis concerned EUR 3.2 billion, these include mainly Anglo-Saxon banks, Morgan Stanley.

This operation resulted in a new, gigantic transfer of private debt (banks) to public debt, those of the European institutions (ECB, my…) with the full blessing of the latter.

European Governments have:

First, lent € 52.9 billion to Greece, bilateral operations with funds they had borrowed on the financial markets.

Then brought 140.9 billion euros via the European financial stability Fund (today, become the European stability mechanism) and guaranteed these 140.9 billion.

Finally, the ECB and the national central banks of the EU bought on the secondary market for 25 billion euros of Greek government debt securities.

Today, 223 billion (figures of Henri Sterdyniack and Anne Seydoux – La Tribune de 27/01/2014) of Greek debt is held by the ECB, the EFSF and other European Member States. Need to add 32 billion by the IMF. 80% of the Greek public debt is therefore owned by public institutions.

DD Chavigne
HAARP: The climate war

We must be wary of the war climate experiments carried out by the Pentagon

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Mondialisation.ca, June 04, 2008

The Ecologist (December 2007) June 4, 2008

Region: United States

Theme: environment, USA NATO war, militarism

HAARP: La guerre climatique

« HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, able to destabilize agricultural and ecological systems at the global level. »

«  » The climate war »is likely to threaten the future of humanity, but it has been excluded from the reports of the IPCC, who received the Nobel Prize for peace in 2007. »

HAARP: Il faut se méfier des expérimentations de guerre climatique réalisées par l’armée des États-Unis

Rarely recognized in the debate on global climate change, weather conditions in the world can now be changed as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons,(tiens ça me rappel quelque chose). The United States and the Russia have developed the ability to manipulate the climate for military purposes. ,

Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the US Army during more than half a century. American mathematician John von Neumann, in conjunction with the Department of Defense of the United States, began his research on the change of the weather at the end of the 1940s, at the height of the cold war, and he foresaw « still unimaginable forms of war climate. » During the Viet Nam war, cloud-seeding techniques have been used from 1967 project Popeye, whose aim was to extend the season of monsoons and block supply routes enemy along the road of Ho Chi Minh City [NDT: at the time of the Viet Nam war, Ho Chi Minh City was known as Saigon].

The US Army has developed sophisticated features that allow to modify the climate conditions in a selective way. The technology, which is currently perfected the program HAARP, High – frequency Active Auroral Research Program [in french: research in the field of high frequencies applied to the Aurora Borealis], is an appendix to the Strategic Defense Initiative, « Star Wars. » From a military point of view, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, which operates from the external atmosphere and that is able to destabilize agricultural and ecological systems everywhere in the world.

Changing weather conditions, according to the document of the US Air Force entitled AF 2025 Final Report, « offers veterans of war a wide range of possible options to defeat or to coerce an adversary, » capabilities, said, triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes: «changing weather conditions will become an element of domestic security and international security and it could be done in a unilateral way…» It could have offensive and defensive applications and could even be used as a means of deterrence. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or modify space weather… as well as the creation of artificial weather are part of an integrated set of technologies [military]. »

In 1977, an International Convention ratified by the General Assembly of the United Nations which prohibited, « a military use and any other form of hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, lasting or severe effects. » She defined « environmental modification techniques » as « any technique for changing, through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes, the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space. »

Although the bottom of the 1977 Convention was reaffirmed in the Convention of the United Nations framework on climate change (UNFCCC) signed at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, the debate on weather modification for military purposes became a scientific taboo.

Military analysts are silent on the subject. Meteorologists do not investigate this issue and environmentalists are focusing on gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol greenhouse. It is not the possibility that climate or environmental manipulations are parts of a military agenda or the intelligence service, while it is tacitly recognized that they are part of the wider debate on climate change under the aegis of the United Nations.

The HAARP program

HAARP: Il faut se méfier des expérimentations de guerre climatique réalisées par l’armée des États-Unis

Established in 1992, HAARP, based in Gokona in Alaska, is a network of high-power antennas that transmit by radio waves high frequency, huge amounts of energy in the ionosphere (the top layer of the atmosphere). Their construction was funded by the US Air Force, US Navy and the Agency for the defence advanced research projects [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)]. Jointly operated by the research laboratory of the Air Force and the Office of Naval Research, HAARP is a powerful antennas able to create « controlled local modifications of the ionosphere ». According to its official website, http://www.haarp.alaska.edu , HAARP will be used « to induce a small change in the ionosphere temperature so that physical reactions can be studied by other instruments located on the site or in the vicinity of the site of HAARP. »

But Rosalie Bertell, President of the international Institute of public health affairs [International Institute of Concern for Public Health], declares that HAARP works as « a gigantic device that can cause significant disruptions in the ionosphere, which creates not only holes, but of long incisions in the protective layer that prevents the deadly radiation [from the sidereal space] to bombard the planet.  »

The physicist Dr. Bernard Eastlund has called him « the greatest device heating of the ionosphere ever built. » HAARP is presented by the US Air Force as a research program, but military documents confirm that its main objective is « to induce ionospheric changes » to amend the weather and disrupt communications and radar.

According to a report by the Russian State Duma: « US plans to carry out experiments on a large scale under the HAARP program [and] to create weapons capable of breaking the radio communication lines and equipment installed on the spacecraft and rockets, causing serious accidents in in pipelines and gas pipelines and electricity networks and they have a negative impact on the mental health of entire regions. »

An analysis of the statements emanating from the U.S. Air Force makes us think the unthinkable: clandestine handling of weather phenomena, communications and electricity as a weapon of war, allows the United States to disrupt and dominate whole regions. Weather manipulation is the preventive weapon by excellence. « It may be directed against enemy countries or »friendly countries »without their knowledge and be used to destabilize economies, ecosystems and agriculture. It could also trigger havoc on financial markets and product markets. The disturbance in agriculture creates greater dependence of food aid and basic cereals of beans imported from the United States and other Western countries.

HAARP was developed as part of an Anglo-American partnership between Raytheon Corporation who owns HAARP patents, the U.S. Air Force and the company British Aerospace Systems (BAES).

The HAARP Project is one of many collaborative projects in the field of weapons systems between the two defence giants. The HAARP Project was launched in 1992 by Advanced Power Technologies Inc. (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield (ARCO). APTI and HAARP patents were sold in 1994 by ARCO to E-Systems Inc. E-Systems Inc., contracted for the CIA and the Department of defense of the United States, is equipped with the « Doomsday Plan [NDT: the plan of the Apocalypse], » which « authorizes the President to manage a nuclear war. » All was subsequently acquired by Raytheon Corporation, a company which counts among the most important providers of information in the world. The company British Aerospace Systems (BAES) was involved in the more sophisticated development of the HAARP array, under a contract signed in 2004 with the Office of the Naval Research [Office of Naval Research].

Installation of 132 high frequency transmitters has been entrusted by Babu to its U.S. subsidiary, BAE Systems Inc.. According to a report published in July by Defense News, the project was undertaken by the division of war electronics of Babu. In September, she received from the Agency for research projects advanced Defense (DARPA) the main reward for the technical realization of the design, the construction and activation of the HAARP antenna array. The HAARP system is fully operational and in many respects, it overshadows the existing conventional strategic weapons systems. Although there is no formal evidence of its use for military purposes, the US Air Force documents suggest that HAARP is an integral part of the militarization of outer space. Moreover, it is likely that the antennas have already been subjected to tests test.

Under the UNFCCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on climate (change IPCC) is mandated « to evaluate the information scientific, technical and socio-economic useful for the understanding of climate change. » This mandate includes an ecological war. « Geo-engineering » is recognized, but implied military applications are the subject of political analysis nor the object of scientific research in the thousands of pages of the reports of the IPCC and related documents, which still relied on the expertise and contributions of some 2500 scientists, policy makers and environmentalists. « The climate war » is likely to threaten the future of humanity, but it has been excluded from the reports of the IPCC, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

The English original article is published in the journal The Ecologist of December 2007.
It is also published on the website in English: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va & aid = 7561

Dany Quirion translation for Alter Info.

See also: climate manipulation and weapons of mass destruction, weapons of the new world order of Washington, original Article published on 1 February 2002

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international bestseller The Globalization of Poverty (french title: « the globalisation of poverty », ed. Écosociété « ) which was published in 11 languages. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and Director of the Centre for research on globalization. He also contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His latest book is titled America’s War on terrorism, 2005. He is the author of war and globalization, the truth behind September 11, Éditions Écosociété and the globalization of poverty and the new world order.

War and globalization,

The American project HAARP and project SURA, Russian… or the absolute weapon

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From a military point of view, HAARP and SURA are a weapon of mass destruction, which operates from the external atmosphere and that is able to destabilize agricultural and ecological systems everywhere in the world.

Changing weather conditions, according to the document entitled USAF AF 2025 Final Report,  » offers a wide range of options to defeat or to force an opponent to war veterans, » capabilities, said, triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes: « the change in weather conditions will become an element of domestic security and international security and it could be done in a unilateral way…» It could have offensive and defensive applications and could even be used as a means of deterrence.

The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or modify space weather… as well as the creation of artificial weather conditions are a part of an integrated package of military technologies. »

And there are 52 facilities scattered in the world of the type « located in Gakona Alaska » but smaller and equally, if it is longer, the SURA type

Air Force 2025

future study conducted 1995-1996

for the Air Force chief of Staff

•Welcome Letter, Quick Look, Background, and Players
•Executive Summary
•Alternate Futures for 2025: Security Planning to Avoid Surprise
•Operational Analysis for Air Force 2025: An Application of Value – Focused Thinking to Future Air and Space Capabilities

Final Report
•Volume 1
◦Chapter 1 – Information Operations: Wisdom Warfare For 2025
◦Chapter 2 – Worldwide Information Control System (WICS)
◦Chapter 3-2025 In-Time Information Integration System (I3S)
◦Chapter 4 – The Command or Control Dilemma: When Technology and Organizational Orientation Collide
◦Chapter 5 – Joint Readiness Assessment and Planning Integrated Decision System (JRAPIDS): Combat Readiness and Joint Force Management for 2025
◦Chapter 6 – Virtual Integrated Planning And Execution Resource System (VIPERS): The High Ground Of 2025
◦Chapter 7 – The Man In The flesh: Cornerstone Of Global Battlespace Dominance
◦Chapter 8 – Brilliant Warrior
◦Chapter 9 – Brilliant Force and the Expert Architecture that Supports It
◦Chapter 10 – Brilliant Warrior: Information Technology Integration in Education and Training
•Volume 2
◦Chapter 1 – Logistics in 2025: Consider It Done!
◦Chapter 2 – Dynamic Response Logistics: Changing Environments, Technologies, And Processes
◦Chapter 3-2025 Aerospace Replenishment: The Insidious Force multiply
◦Chapter 4 – Airlift 2025: The First with the Most
◦Chapter 5 – Spacelift 2025: The Supporting Pillar for Space Superiority
◦Chapter 6 – SPACENET: On – Orbit Support in 2025
◦Chapter 7 – Procurement in 2025: Smarter Ways to Modernize
◦Chapter 8 – Aerospace Sanctuary in 2025: Shrinking the Bull’s – Eye
•Volume 3
◦Chapter 1 – Frontier Missions: Peacespace Dominance
◦Chapter 2 – Information Operations: A New War-Fighting Capability
◦Chapter 3 – Information Attack: Information Warfare In 2025
◦Chapter 4 – A Contrarian View of Strategic Aerospace Warfare
◦Chapter 5 – prohibition: Shaping Things to Come
◦Chapter 6 – Hit’em Where It Hurts: Strategic Attack in 2025
◦Chapter 7 – Close Air Support (CAS) in 2025 – « Computer, Lead’s in Hot »
◦Chapter 8 – Counterair: The Cutting Edge
◦Chapter 9 – Star Tek-Exploiting the Final Frontier: Counterspace Operations in 2025
◦Chapter 10 – Surfing the First and Second Waves in 2025: A SOF Strategy for Regional Engagement
◦Chapter 11 – The DIM MAK Response of Special Operations Forces to the World of 2025: « Zero Tolerance / Zero Error »
◦Chapter 12 – A Hypersonic Attack Platform: The S3 Concept
◦Chapter 13 – Strikestar 2025
◦Chapter 14 – Space Operations: Through The Looking Glass (Global Strike System Area)
◦Chapter 15 – Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
◦Chapter 16 – Planetary Defense: Catastrophic Health Insurance for Planet Earth
•Volume 4
◦Chapter 1 – Paths to Extinction: The US Air Force in 2025
◦Chapter 2 – « …Or Go Down In Flame »? -An Airpower Manifesto for the 21st Century
◦Chapter 3 – year Operational Analysis for Air Force 2025: An Application of Value – Focused Thinking to Future Air and Space Capabilities

project HAARP, sura project , usa , Russia , lethal weapon , science


War and armed conflict are major obstacles to sustainable development in many countries. In addition to the effects humanitarian drama well known, it leads to less well known serious and important impacts on the environmental. Degradation of natural resources, such as water, agricultural land, forests and biodiversity environmental collateral damage such as oil spills, and finally the collapse of environmental governance, environmental impacts of conflict can seriously affect post-conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction and may suffer conditions of personal civil unrest later. Many examples of such damages are now well documented in the region affected by the conflict. This article discusses the applicability and effectiveness of the environmental assessment process established in the various phases of the conflict, with the emphasis on prevention, prediction and mitigation of impacts possible.
Analysis shows that the environmental assessment can play a big role in situations of conflict, the stadium before and after conflicts and in some as well measures during the phases of syn-conflict. In the post-conflict phases, (EIA) environmental assessment methods can be used to assess environmental damage and to some degrees, assist with their mitigation. A number of assessment and techniques, such as analyses of diachronic satellite images recorded on the ground and other measurement methods allows then to measure impacts in a standard environmental and Social Impact study. Strategic environmental assessment (sea), in certain circumstances, can be used for the post-conflict phase in the evaluation of the overall priorities and avoiding evil planned reconstruction in terms of environmental management.Upstream of a conflict, then some elements of the potential of the collapse of environmental governance is anticipated, a form any advanced strategic environmental assessment could help to anticipate impacts and design Plan of involuntary resettlement with least environmental damage, or monitoring of protected areas and world heritage sites. Not much can be done during the phase of real conflict, but a number of instruments international legal exist which deal with the Protection of the environment in time of war; belligerents should be duly informed and reminded those prevention and environmental protection measures. A number of articles of the Hague Conventions (1907), the Constitution of the Nuremberg Tribunal agreement (1945) and the whole of the Geneva Conventions (1949) has indirectly prohibit and prevent abusive and destructive behaviours towards the environment in the conduct of the war. More specifically, the ENMOD Convention (1976), the Geneva Protocol I (1977) and the Directives of the Red Cross (1996) however directly deals with the protection of the environment.

A seismic risk in a country too poor and unstable

a document

Download the book (12, 7 MB)-French Committee of geology of l…

The research of Andra on geological storage of waste…

Armed conflict and environmental – law Institute high…

1 Professor Alain Piquemal armed conflict intervention and…

Wolfsberg Anti-money laundering principles for the… – Wolfsberg Group Download pdf

HSBC files: how a Swiss law devoted to secret 1934

The legislation is a criminal offence to disclose the identity of clients and a violation is punishable by three years in prison

In Switzerland HSBC Bank in Geneva, such as Captain Kirk and Captain Haddock, the code names have been used to conceal the identity of some customers. Photograph: Felix clay/Guardian

Sunday, February 8, 2015 16.01 is last modified Sunday, February 8, 2015 19.34 is

Numbered bank account is now illegal in most Western countries, but it remains a key component of the of the banking secret mythical Switzerland.

True identity of the applicant will be known to only a small group of employees, and in order to withdraw money or make a bank transfer, the holder of the account is requested a code word. At HSBC’s Swiss bank, code names – painter, M. Shaw, Captain Kirk, and in a blink of eye to the Tintin books, Captain Haddock – also served to conceal the identity of some customers.

Secret in 1934 dedicated Swiss law. Legend has it that lockdown has been motivated by the Nazis, who have begun to investigate the assets of « enemies of the State ». But the Article 47 of the Federal law on banks and savings banks, which made it a criminal offence to disclose the identity of clients, was more likely after a scandal French, who presented the accounts undeclared politicians, judges and leaders of the Church.

HSBC files: Secret how account Switzerland data detailing the misconduct came to light

In the following decades, Alpine vaults housed the fortunes of families escaping the Holocaust, but also provided a hiding place for looted goods. In 2018, Switzerland is committed to the automatic exchange of information on the individual accounts, taxes, assets and income as well as 50 other countries. Known as the convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters, and organized by the powerful economic thinktank of the OECD, this exchange of information was being touted as the end of banking secrecy.

But the Swiss Act 1934, though amended, remains firmly in place. A violation of professional secrecy, even for retired bankers or those who have had their licence revoked, is punishable by three years in prison.

HSBC surrounded by scandals since 5 years

Since 2010, HSBC is facing a multitude of scandals. The image of the first European Bank, and through it the City and international finance, is shaken.

« What has happened is shameful. » July 2012, facing allegations of the U.S. Senate’s money laundering cartels the Mexican drugs and financing of terrorism, the Chairman ofHSBC, Douglas Flint, cheek map of humility and acknowledged the errors of his institution. To avoid a trial, the bank pays a few months more later fined, then record, 1.9 billion dollars to the US admnistration.

Public opinion is deeply shocked. How this venerable institution, presided over for years by a pastor anglicain, author of the book « value: reflections on money and morality in an uncertain world », could it come to this? After the first shock, HSBC promises exemplary. Las, since three years, a succession of scandals, until the revelations of the SwissLeaks, will regularly shake the Bank and call into question its corporate culture. The list of these Affairs draws the image of an institution which, at best, does not control the actions of its many subsidiaries, at worst knowingly condoned or encouraged their criminal behaviour.

PIN for its role in the subprime crisis

The summer 2012, the HSBC name, like that of many major international institutions, appears in the business of handling rates interbank Libor and Euribor (of rate fixing the price of hundreds of thousands of financial assets). On this folder to multiple branches, investigations are still ongoing.

In 2013, broke out a new case of market manipulation, this time of exchange rates, a daily market of $ 5300 billion. In the end, after a lengthy investigation, five banks –UBS, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citigroup and JP Morgan – agreed to pay 3.4 billion euros to the Swiss, British authorities and American.

HSBC is still pinned last year, alongside this time by its three major competitors British Barclays, Lloyds and RBS, in a huge scandal for the sale of insurance products for SMEs. The banks are accused of sales forced and sentenced to reimburse their customers.

Finally, an American subsidiary of the institution, specializing in real estate credit risk, was charged in the summer 2013 have deceived its customers on the quality of its assets at the time of the subprime crisis in the United States. According to the judgment of a court in Illinois, this subsidiary has been ordered to pay $ 1.5 billion fine and almost a billion of interest to the 11,000 complainants.

The list should not conclude on the SwissLeaks. New cases of manipulation of gold and money during course, which broke out in January-February 2014, looming…





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