Hello to all,

Welcome to all the world, is more particularly (UMPistes, to the PSistes) neologism obligé(ou la création de nouveaux mots,comme les 2 précédents), short, who is planted with doors, it happens to all the world, to me as it happened to me, in particular, have been left for 30 years and have led the champagne, on May 9, 1981 , on the champs Elysée, are believing, yeah! how con I’ve been!, towards the wrong door, I deceived door and I’m tired of getting me have by Masonic franc lies, (pleonasm), by people who advocate so-called peace, but who are behind forces of religious fundamentalism supported also by the Qatar as al Qaeda (as before the famous bin LADEN , and other sovereignties, I presume,

This part of their Machiavellian arsenal, some may say, Oh, now, it’s advertising for Navy LEPEN , first Navy LEPEN doesn’t really need advertising, because the French now know, or is their interest and or is freedom, and the pub, it is you, which he made, therefore the pub, sincerely, it is far secondly , I am not advertising and j did not need nor others more qualified than me, very well

I thought a trick, this is more than a month, demanded an intervention on DAECH (EI) instead, we were airdrops errors!, and supposedly, the USA in other forces (NATO) combats DAECH, it is to wonder, if DAECH is an enemy!

Of course, having no evidence, I cannot, that doubt, and to have my idea.And, asked, if it is not had delivery of weapons and also BOKO HARAM (200 girls, this, you said certainly something , would like normally, it is a video on youtube Kemi Seba: « The hidden face of the case Boko Haram (Africom Brezynski, Plan Yinon) »,here, it’s funny, it has been removed, AH, but, I would like to know, why?Oh, la, la, la!EH!Jamie know you why this video has been removed, AH the, the, the I do not know what answer you. Made peace, but not, war GAGs, equality (go, we can make them, a p’tit gifts to equal feuges for Jews for the yarmulke Valls – Yes for the YARMULKE, not windsurfing – PARIS 2012, P-T-N, equality, Gee, it awesome, the thing that most unfortunate is that the Jewish people is for nothing, it follows, he follows of C-s)Ignorant, if I am well recall, this video, spoke of a US (AFRICOM) military command dedicated to Africa, which unfolds in places, as if by chance in places, or there would be some natural resources, mining, or; there would be oil,(le pétrole dele de gaz de schiste, ne suffit pas?) It is a coincidence!Mmouais Hhhh!AFRICOM group, was founded by I’ SSPA stands for Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies)

IASPS – Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies

As I said earlier, it is an organization of Israeli – Americanit’s crazy ca!, she for real deployment policy on the continent AFIRCAIN, in all areas, or natural resources, (NIGERIA, currently,), they are present, I say ‘they are,’ because I presume that she is not alone in doing so, they are in a logic of exacerbating tensions, between different ethnic groups, or, between various heads of guerre(genre,: ceux,qui prennent deles de gosses pour en faire deles de enfants soldats) I presume.And, there we file 20 dollars, to a guy, so he shouted ALLAH OUAHKBAR with its kalach, the image. Then after, we ask, why the Group BOKO HARAM to kidnapped 200 girls around, and unfortunately, we play with the credulity of some.

Boko Haram: « I removed the girls and I will sell them »

After having claimed responsibility for the abduction of the 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria on April 14, the Islamist group Boko Haram said on Monday that it intended to treat the girls in ‘slaves’ and ‘sell’ for a few dollars.

It is now official. The armed Islamist group Boko Haram claimed in a video message Monday 5 may, rapt in over 276 schoolgirls April 14, in their school (northeastern) Chibok, in Borno State in Nigeria. 223 are still in captivity, 53 who managed to escape, according to police.

I removed your daughters, said the head of the radical insurgents, Abubakar Shekau, in a 57-minute message. I will sell them on the market, the name of Allah », he said while information circulating on the possible transfer of adolescent girls in Chad and neighbouring Cameroon, where they would have sold for $ 12 each.

« I’m going to marry a marry a 12 year old girl »

« I said that Western education had to cease. « ‘ Girls, you need to leave (the school) and marry you » added Shekau, who said keep « people like slaves ». « I’m going to marry a girl of 12 years old, I’m going to marry a girl of nine years, »he said then.

In this new video, Shekau is dressed in army fatigues and stood standing in front of an armoured transport vehicle and two pickup machine guns installed. Six armed men stand at his side, the face hidden.

Anyone who is concerned about the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram should follow @BringGirlsBack and RT them.Please. Pressure needed!

-Bao Bao (@fiatpanda) may 5, 2014

Despite a somewhat blurred image can be seen quite clearly the face of the Islamist leader, who speaks Hausa, Arabic and English, when the camera zooms in on her face. During the 14 minutes, Shekau critical democracy, Western education, and those who do not believe in islam.

A group called « Bring back our girls » [bring our daughters] held a series of events across the country to ask the nigerian Government and the army to make more efforts to free the teenage girls. Naomi Mutah, one of the cheerleaders of this group, was arrested on the night of Sunday to Monday, after an interview with the Nigerian first lady, Patience Jonathan, for having falsely claimed to be the mother of one of the victims. She was released Monday evening.

Do everything ‘ to free

The nigerian State Department said Monday, that high school girls were « probably out of the country ». For his part, president Goodluck Jonathan, who has commented this attack for the first time Sunday, gave the order to « do everything » to secure the release of the schoolgirls and hoped the assistance of the United States to resolve the serious security problems facing the country. The US Secretary of State John Kerry promised Saturday that the United States would do « everything possible » to help Nigeria in this matter.

The FRANCE under ZIONIST OCCUPATION! Really! Past the in fos

I myself recall when we went, to the Church on Sunday morning at the sacred heart, with my mother, when I was Mino, I lived, rue victor mass 75009 PARIS, so having worn my panties in this district funds, I know him a little, as PANAME, elsewhere., so, when I was God

And they go to mass, when I went there again until 14 piges, my mother went, not a veil, but a scarf in hair, hair, by correction and decency, however, she was not dressed in none, I can understand the fact, to respect religion, any of elsewhere, but respect and freedom of one stops, or the other starts , in many religion for a woman, to cover the hair, is a mark of respect, but the Catholic religion, (I would remind, that she is at home, requires no women)

Like, my mother and others, that they are Jewish, Muslim or Catholic.Lefaits wear a dawn, or another United and similar clothes and hiding a face, and far ‘ being an obligation

Similarly, your loved ones (close to power), lock because too many « they say », dhistoires, of lies, you are bad noletter of resignation of MICHÈLE ALLIOT – MARIE

http://www.commentfaiton.com/ plug/see/4206

a guy, who has astonished me, to follow

How the Prophet answered his enemies? -Hassan Iquioussen

How the devil trap us? -Hassan Iquioussen

by Hassan Iquioussen

Daesh: what plays the France in the region?

Published the October 2, 2014 in near and Middle East keywords: Daesh, jihadists, Islamic State, Iraq, Kurdish, petroleum, Syria

While Daesh troops approaching inexorably Kobane Kurdish Syrian city on the border with the Turkey, the situation is critical and EELV ponders the French strategy.

There are already hundreds of thousands of displaced and Kobane fall would be a major symbolic defeat in the attempt to circumscribe the advance of these groups to the barbaric practices. EELV worries about the fate of the more than 1.5 million Syrian Kurds who live in the region and which could sustain the jihadist threat.

The president of the Republic has decided – without debate in Parliament – to lead France into the coalition against Daesh. But the strikes are reported as not used practically for nothing and did not appear to curb Daesh in its advanced.

EELV calls the president and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finally receive the Kurdish organisations of France to discuss with them the best way to support the Kurds, main bulwark against the advance of Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

Within the coalition, the France must make its voice heard so that sanctions be taken against States Daesh supporters who buy its oil or financing and arming it directly.

In the immediate future, while the Turkey decides its participation in the coalition, the France and the European Union must take emergency humanitarian measures to protect the population of Kobane and help Turkey to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Julien Bayou and Sandrine Rousseau, national spokesperson


Algeria Ali Bongo Association France Palestine solidarity Bashar Al-Assad Benjamin Netanyahu bombing West Bank Dakar development Ecuador Palestinian State Françafrique Gabon Gaza Global Greens genocide India Israel Jerusalem Mali events Maidan international election observation UN NATO Palestine European Parliament Pascal Canfin Petro Poroshenko Green planet oil Russia Rwanda Salah Hamouri Syria Senate Senegal Chad Tunisia Turkey Ukraine European Union Vladimir Putin elections legislative elections

HOW the FED and the ECB are bankrupt, by Pierre Sarton du Jonchay

The single European currency is intended to share the same design of the measure, the Exchange and the anticipation of the economic value to its members. This multinational community of value is in fact credible by his size and his health compared to its major competitors in the rest of the world. However, as recalled recently «Initiative du Palais Royal», the entire financial world dysfunction. The relative strength of the euro assumes not the coherence of the current system of currencies. Unfortunately, the future is full of serious uncertainties. The first being that the ‘international markets’ are not convinced of the sustainability of the euro and take freely speculative positions which force the defiance and destroy the growth.

In fact, all the monetary authorities of the major currencies are attacked by operators financial off shore. The shadow banking allows unlimited play zonal regulations and legal systems against the other. The volatility of the foreign exchange, prices and credit resulting raises risk at the discretion of the speculative positions premiums; auto-realisatrices positions thanks to the opacity of the free international movement of capital. Speculation offshore free from any obligation of transparency and verifiable reality plays winner with certainty by noting the impossibility in which is located the central banks to gauge the economic reality. Central banks are confined in their legal area and depend on the banking system that they regulate to measure economic realities within their scope of competence.

The asymmetry of power between actors globalized, versatile and hidden in tax havens is radical compared to central banks. In the absence of transparent confrontation of an offer and a global demand on raw materials, international credit and risk premia, the multinational players always know more and faster than the central banks. As well, it should ensure the liquidity of the reserve currencies and avoid monetary thrombosis in the real economy, central bankers are inundated with assets overstated in return for their allocations of liquidity.

Everyone can observe the explosion of the nominal money supply. But the shadow banking can direct measure of the risk out of any objective reality by derivatives. He buys and sells risk on unverifiable price premiums. Rated liquidity of the central banks fuels speculation that destroys the appropriation allocated to the real economy. irresponsible investors capture the artificial capital gains. The financial bankruptcy of the States and of the central banks is inevitable. Speculation against the public debt and the capital of the central banks is a systemic necessity. All major international financial networks know they have more equity. The only way to escape bankruptcy is to plunder rated liquidity of States and central banks.

The system methodically destroys the legal authority to determine and pronounce the actual liquidity of the system. Systemic speculation is very simply to trap States and central banks in their nominal obligations of law. As the official financial statements in the regulated areas clearly diverged from reality since the subprime crisis, international operators forced Governments and central banks to lie with cash on prices to unverifiable term. That the lie gets bigger and it takes to re – credibility system put the States more clearly indebted to economically inept budgetary austerity. Avoiding the mis en cause personal public and banking leaders, political authority is methodically destroyed until the civil war.

The only possibility to avoid the dissolution of world civilization is the implementation of a global financial price clearing house. Global compensation that had been proposed by Keynes at Bretton Woods should take place not only on nominal prices as currently in dollar. It will also cover contracts and contracts risk premiums. Legal compensation for international financial transactions is to systematically sell the premium of any public or private, real or financial borrower credit. The credit premium calculated in international currency will cover not only the actual price in the term of the borrowed object but legal disputes. An international currency transaction is must be domiciled in a country of law where an independent judiciary can check the substantive equality of information between the negotiating parties.

The underlying international monetary standard to the world financial tri-compensation is the currency whose value is guaranteed by any democracy. The real value of democracies is measured by Exchange premiums offset on the global financial market. All the elements of diagnosis of the systemic collapse of the global economy and restoration of a human currency system are presented on this Blog. The legal and financial world international prices compensation economy can be achieved by the financial consolidation of the European Union. The Union is the leader of the multinational community of democracies to economic regulation by the common good of men. The situation in the world is serious; all elements of a plan of exit from crisis by the top exist yet. It lacks a chouia of political dignity to return on the collective path of human progress.

Immigration in the EU: a folder very political on the eve of the European

The routes of immigration in Europe (the European Frontex site screenshot).

Shipwrecks off the coast of Samos in Greece, massive arrivals in Lampedusa in Italy, assaults on the barbed wire of Ceuta in Spain… Not a day without information on the arrival of migrants on the southern coasts of the European Union. This immigration poses heavy problems in these countries, but also across Europe, becoming one of the important themes of the European campaign.

Behind the human dramas, the figures are talking. Since early 2014, nearly 2,200 migrants and refugees have arrived by boat on the Italian coast, ten times more than over the same period from 2013.

In early April, the Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano had appealed to the European Union so that it helps more the Italy facing theinflux of migrants. It had estimated between 300,000 and 600,000 the number of applicants for emigration ready to embark from the Libyan coast to destinations in Europe.

25,000 and 40,000 young people in sub-Saharan Africa would be ready to launch the assault of the borders of Ceuta and Melilla in the coming months, according to unofficial figures circulate by Moroccan and Spanish authorities, according to Le Monde .

The head of Frontex, the European Agency for external borders of Europe, considers even as illegal immigration in Europe has increased by 48% in 2013 from 2012. The largest increase is feeling in the Mediterranean Central. An increase mainly due to the war in Syria.

Migrants on one of the fences around the Spanish enclave of Melilla in territory Moroccan (March 2014).

Ports of entry in southern Europe
Three hot spots in the immigration file.

Spain: to the West, the Spanish areas of Melilla and Ceutain Africa, are under pressure from assaults by migrants from the Morocco, or further still. In 2013, « 4.235 illegal immigrants reached into the two enclaves, crossing the border screened, by deceiving the border controls or still in hiding in the vehicles passing the Customs against 2.841 in 2012, says Madrid. One of these attempts, carried out February 6 to try to enter Ceuta, turned to tragedy when 15 people of sub-Saharan origin were killed attempting to bypass the border to swim.

Italy: the second hot spot concerns the Italy with dispatches concerning daily arrivals of boats. Between 18 October and on 10 April, the Italy exactly saved 18.546 migrants. And these figures are increasing rapidly, said the head of the Italian aid. Especially on the island of Lampedusa .

Filippo Bubbico, Deputy Minister of the Interior in the Government of Enrico Letta, said that « by 2013, the Italy was subject to a massive influx of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East».

Photo taken by the Greek Coast Guard of a boat of migrants near the shores of Crete (March 2014). © HELLENIC COAST GUARD/AFP

Greece: at the other end of the Mediterranean, to the East, the pressure is also strong. The Greece is one of the gateways to Europe. The ‘wall’ built on the land border turco-Greek (the River Evros) prompted migrants to turn to the maritime passages. The distance between the Turkish coast and some Greek Islands is sometimes very small.

At least 22 migrants were killed and seven were reported missing early May following the sinking of two vessels in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of the Greece. The victims seem to come from Somalia. A thousand illegal immigrants sailed every month to try to reach the Greek coast of the countries of the European Union, said early April the Greek Minister of Merchant Marine, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis. «188 adults and children are drowned or there were reported missing between August 2012 and March 2014″, according to Amnesty.

Europe has multiplied the texts and measures to try to control the issue of immigration. Nevertheless, the countries that provide the external borders of theSchengen area are appealing in Brussels. Indeed, with the Schengen rules, it is those countries which must manage the influx of refugees. Where calls to find more lasting solutions.

The difficult situation of migrants in Lampedusa (December 2013).

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Group Mediterranean, meeting April 16 in Alicante, Spain, fired the alarm on the migration crisis affecting the southern shores of Europe for several months and the lack of resources at their disposal to face. «The consensus text reiterates the need for increased cooperation of the community block with the countries of origin and transit of migrants and the need for technical and financial resources additional European.  » « But it also increases a notch political pressure on the countries of the North of the continent so that they hand the Pocket», noted Le Monde .

Europe « must take the situation in hand », reiterated the Italy while the debate is still very few weeks of European policy.
Some parties, those who criticize a certain Europe in particular, have made it a campaign issue. The National Front does indeed not deprived himself to denounce « the massive waves of immigration from countries of other civilizations, including the mores, customs and traditions are to much incompatible with our way of life ».

«The European approach to immigration is insufficient and the economic crisis we are going through has helped radicalize the positions of many States, reinforcing the downturn on themselves, » recognizes the Socialist MEP Sylvie Guillaume .

« The European approach is fragmented and is thus no overall vision.  » Some texts entered into force recently, such as the status of seasonal workers, but they remain very marginal. Evidence of this fragmentation, some call fortress Europe and others to colander. « On the other hand, the solidarity between States is clearly insufficient», adds Sylvie Guillaume.
A member of Frontex, the European unit responsible for monitoring the external borders of the EU. Frontex has called his ‘rabit’ rapid response unit which means rabbit in French (rapid border intervention team)…

«Finally, must be a European policy of immigration, with annual by country and by trade quotas, harmonise asylum law and empower themselves to protect the borders of Europe, « said Marielle de Sarnez (European for the Modem candidate) in Le Figaro that speaks of « absolute failure » that « feeds the extreme vote ». An opinion that seems to share the French that gratify a 4.6 out of 20 immigration Europe, according to a survey .

The issue will be on the menu of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of 26 and 27 June… A month after the European. In the menu, the need for better cooperation with the States of the South in order to limit migratory flows and demand for greater solidarity from the Northern States of Europe with those who accept the migrants on their sides. Topics already discussed at the previous Summit in October 2013.

CEMEX risk a large fine from the European Union

The third Global cement producer revealed that he would be the subject of a procedure for the EU about an alleged price-fixing with competitors cartel.

CEMEX announced Thursday that it would be a process of the European Union about an alleged price-fixing with competitors cartel. CEMEX and seven other cement will be the object of this procedure in Austria, in Belgium, in Czech Republic, in France, in Germany, in Italy, to the Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Britain, said the Mexican group in a statement.

« The opening of this procedure does not imply that the (European) Commission has conclusive proof of an offence », adds Cemex, who denied any misconduct.

The European Union has opened its investigation in November 2008, suspecting an illegal agreement between Cemex and competitors such as Lafarge and Holcim.

In December 2009, the direction of Polish competition had imposed a fine of $ 146 million on seven cement producers, including Cemex, for alleged price-fixing cartel.

Its equivalent Spanish had said in December 2009 that it would deepen its investigations, a first survey which gave evidence of agreement.

CEMEX is also investigated in the Mexico.

The risk of a big fine from the EU is not negligible for the Mexican cement producer, whose business performance are weak in Europe and the United States, its main markets, and which tries to repay a debt of 10 billion dollars to its banks.

Its Director general Lorenzo Zambrano said in 2009 that the market share of the Mexico Cemex had fallen 16 points since the mid-1990s.

The Commission European Monday gave the green light to the merger of the two giants of the cement, the french Lafarge and Swiss Holcim, who agreed to cede a large number of assets to be able to give birth to the world number one in the sector.

on the same subject
•Nigeria: a cement plant Lafarge comes out unscathed from a Boko Haram attack
•Lafarge communicates their proposed merger in Brussels
•Fusion Lafarge-Holcim: details of the transfers to the Brazil

The was announced on Twitter by the new European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager:

« Competition is also important in the cement sector. The acquisition of Lafarge by Holcim is subject to certain conditions. The merger can continue, »wrote Commissioner, who took office six weeks ago, succeeding the Spanish Joaquin Almunia.

A crucial green light for the two groups, very present in Europe, for which it remains now to obtain the permission of the authorities of other countries such as the United States or the Brazil.

Under conditions

To unhook, the two giants have been tireless in their efforts and have agreed to cede a significant number of assets (cement, grinding etc) in Europe. Activities that overlapped for most.

It was above all to reassure the Commission, which feared than fusion, such presented initially, not harmful to competition on a large number of markets, with the key a risk of rising prices.

« The decision is subject to the transfer of the activities of Lafarge in Germany, Romania and the United Kingdom, and the activities of Holcim in France, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and Czech Republic », thus recalled Brussels in a press release.

« Considerable » concessions

The total of these transfers represents 20% of the turnover of the future group in Europe and 10 to 15% at the global level. Specifically, Holcim will withdraw from Czech Republic and Lafarge have to cede all its activities in Germany, Romania and Slovakia.

In the United Kingdom, the French will assign all of the activities carried out through a joint venture with Anglo American, with the exception of a cement plant.

In France, Swiss Holcim will transfer most of its activities related to the cement, ready-mix concrete employment and aggregates, including cement plants of Heming, Lumbres, and Rochefort-sur-Nenon, centres of grinding of Dannes, of Dunkirk, Grand-Couronne, La Rochelle and Ebange, as well as a terminal for importing with Dunkerque.

For his part, Lafarge will cede a centre of grinding in France and almost all of its activities to the meeting.

« Holcim and Lafarge will not be allowed to conclude the operation until the Commission has approved to the purchasers of the assets put up for sale », recalls the European Executive.

The list approved by Brussels is practically the same as that submitted by the two groups in October, with one exception regarding the France. Station St-Nazaire, owned by Lafarge, grinding has thus added to the list of assignments.

Road blockages in view before the wage negotiations

PARIS (Reuters) – truck drivers could disrupt activity week in France by blockages of warehouses and roads planned Sunday evening in several regions to influence wage negotiations in public.

The trade unions CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC calls to actions throughout the country, with « priority targets » petroleum deposits and fuels, central purchasing, major axes, for essentially touch « decision makers ».

The market of Rungis, near Paris, where from Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, on the A10 motorway Tollbooth, where spend every hour a thousand trucks, should be concerned, as well as sites around Roissy and cities of province.

In all, « a dozen regions covered », told Reuters Thierry Douine, Chairman of the CFTC transport.

Three meetings are planned Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, in logistics, freight transport and finally to travellers, the second branch being the most critical, as no agreement there has been signed since 2012.

The positions of trade unions and employers are very remote after the appointment of December 1, since the first claim 5% salary increase on average and a 13th month, among other things, when the second proposed 1% increase.

As the CFDT, first Trade Union in the sector, which had led its shares only mid-December, the federations want to establish a balance of power, single solution they to bend employers.

« The decline, I do not believe as long as they do not have the knife under the throat. In this sector, Santa Claus, it’s been long that I believe more », said Thierry Douine.

Employers say they are ready for an extra effort but felt unable to meet the demands of the trade unions who denounce a preponderance of wages hours below the minimum wage.


« We, will arrive Tuesday with proposals improved over December. It will be between 1% and 2%, said Reuters Nicolas Paulissen, delegate general of the National Federation of road transport (FNTR).

« Five percent, it is out of reach of companies and it’s completely at odds with the situation. In France, there is no sector capable of giving 5% « , added the leader of the FNTR, which should cope with the TLF and the Unostra, two other organizations.

The UR, another federation which brings together mainly SMEs, is on a similar line and had proposed an increase between 1.2% and 1.8% according to the wage level.

« Today in SMEs, employees are more concerned about keeping their jobs in 2015 than knowing if they will be increased by 5%, » argued Gilles Mathelie-Guinlet, Secretary general of the UR.

The level of mobilization will be a major issue for trade unions, but neither the head of the CFTC nor Jérôme Vérité, Secretary general of the CGT transport federation, were not is likely Saturday to a prognosis.

« I think that employers expect to see the reality of mobilization and I hope that it does not view disappoint there, » telling Jérôme Vérité Reuters. « There should be between 40 and 50 points of blocking by Tuesday. »

Employers, who had considered the action of the CFDT in December as a relative failure, expects a limited mobilization. Above all, tip the UR, it is risky for the unions.

« It is not why there are these deadlocks, since in two days there is negotiation. This is double-edged because if they are unable to mobilize behind they will have nothing », argues Gilles Mathelie-Guinlet.

If it does not extend beyond Tuesday and it does not harden, the movement should not weigh on the already sluggish activity with balances which have affected the economic situation and the shock caused by the attacks that have caused 17 deaths in France last week.

Its scope may also be limited by the absence of the CFDT, which advances in a disorganised. « The CFDT Trade Union that is party only, it did not good movement », reluctantly acknowledges Thierry Douine, the CFTC.

Not yet agree on the reform of social dialogue

PARIS (Reuters) – employers and unions are failed Saturday to agree on an overhaul of the social dialogue in companies, despite two days and one night of discussions, and agreed to extend the talks, possibly next week.

A compromise seemed yet to draw Friday between the Medef, the Union professionnelle artisanale (UPA), the CFDT, CFTC and CFE – CGC, CGT, Force Ouvrière and the CGPME, on simplification and modernisation of the social dialogue.

But Medef decided Saturday before 6:00 it was not able to present a final text, after 12 hours of downtime for meeting devoted to bilateral meetings and contacts between leaders of the involved organizations.

« It made a lot of efforts (…) It is very close to an agreement. But it failed that night, »told the press the negotiator of the Medef, Alexandre Saubot.

« So with the commitment that remains for the employer delegation, will meet very quickly the week next to try to complete this negotiation in many. »

Trade union organizations explained that Alexandre Saubot had not obtained the necessary mandate for employers.

« He explained that he had everything to move the lines of its mandate but had failed », explained the negotiator of the CFDT, Marylise Leon.

MEDEF and UPA propose to merge the current representative bodies of staff (IRP) in companies with at least 11 employees within a Business Council.


The draft agreement released Friday on trade unions stipulates that this single instance resume completeness of missions and prerogatives of delegates of the staff, the Works Council and of the Committee of hygiene, safety and working conditions (CHSCT), while guaranteeing the role of stewards.

But the unions, the CFDT, CFTC and the GSC, which are ready to accept the merger, deem insufficient guarantees made concerning the rights of employees and missions and means of future Business Council.

The Medef has made a concession by considering some form of representation of the staff of the very small enterprises (TPE) under 11 employees, despite strong resistance in his breast and the categorical opposition of the CGPME.

But there also the negotiations failed to resolve the differences – the CFDT wants including inter-branch regional joint committees proposed include employees of the TPE concerned and are in mediation and conflict prevention missions.

Under its technical aspect, the proposed reform of the Medef, which is difficult at this stage to measure all the implications for undertakings with at least 11 employees as for very small businesses, would be a sort of big bang.

The staff delegates were created in 1936, the Comité d’Entreprise HSC 32 years and 70 years.


The merger of these IRP in undertakings with at least 11 employees would result in a drastic reduction of meetings of consultation and information and by a decrease in the number of staff representatives and hours of delegation granted to these employees.

The Medef also proposes to make systematic the possibility to derogate from the Act by a company agreement.

The Government wants to transpose into legislation a possible agreement of the social partners on the reform of social dialogue, to make it a « more effective tool in the service of the competitiveness of enterprises ».

He sees in the simplification of social dialogue a way to ease the constraints of companies and « lift locks » hampering hiring.

The Vice-Chairman of the CFTC, Joseph Thouvenel, refused Saturday to talk about failure: « this is not a failure. A failure would be a bad agreement », he said.

« I’m not disappointed, the negotiation is not complete, » said Alexandre Saubot.

The CGT and Force Ouvrière delegations camped on their opposition to the proposals of the Medef, which they consider dangerous for human employees.

The negotiator of FO, Marie-Alice Marley-Andrieu, refused Saturday morning to say if it would participate in the next trading session. « For the moment I do not know, I see with my organization », she told Reuters.


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