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Hi all

TRIBUTE to BARCK OBAMA, is that some say about him is true, in this case, they hide really, but really his game, because reach close quantanamo, not fully, but it comes and reopen an Embassy in CUBA, hats down me sieur OBAMA

AHh, in fact, in 2 years, you release, and there will be more map of France, departments

There are insurance SLIGHTER /Du Patil.Already, retrieve all life insurance who have never served, or at least not for those who have died, or that insurance spin qqchose, for complementary, cellars, but P-T-N, made, some things?All our lives, have cottise for insurance, which are not used. All these tunes, it is thanks to us that they have!SO… CAN!

• NOC insurance…26 466 M€
• Predica (Crédit agricole group)…18 800 M€
• Allianz…17 600 M€
• Generali insurance…13 400 M€
• BNP Paribas insurance…13 000 M€
• Assurances du Crédit mutuel…7 446 M€
• Aviva…6 300 M€
• The world…4 809 M€
• Group Swiss Life France…4 777 M€
• Natixis…3 095 M€
• Occur…2 186 M€
• SMABTP…2 054 M€ 1

I quite agree with Mr Cazeneuve and for once with Mr Goasguen sulphur remarks E. ZEMMOUR, like any good feuges what it is, even output a, no, nonsense, either saying that Muslims, Arabs, living between them, it is a petty lie, and a dangerous dishonouring, after have bombed them, humiliated, with your bullshit of « NOT IN MY NAME » some have so much well desired make, they have walk in combined, it is so obvious that it is not in their name and now you push to make a civil war, you are really stamped as first morfler this will be neither the patos or beurs, « gripper mi clip me » are in a boat, clamp mi fell in the water « that is what remains? Moreover, it amazes me not the character, well obviously it is wrong, and I have several examples to him, or you give, examples, if this was the case, would more than 20 years that my mother would be more there, for info, that is, a family Algerian who has saved, and helped my mother, when she is and assaulted violently by a Tunisian who had more than 1 years of rent, car, grace or cause, the death of my father, it could be owner, that says the other morons, with his sick brain, risk precisely to push us towards civil war, divide and conquer, that is their motto? This makes the years they do this, they try mount us one against the other, e, n other TV, the CSA Radio CINEMA, is a narrowness of mind, even if it worked a few times at the beginning, because it had nothing (gullible… what!), because we had confidence, and, it is unfortunately on the feuges and the franc Masons playIt’s feelings, for me, it is not more vile and cowardly than to play with sentiments, some will recognize.

EcolesPrimaires reference 822 kindergartens and elementary schools in the Seine-Saint-Denis, who is the president of the general Council of Seine-Saint-Denis. Claude Bartolone, born the July 29, 1951 in Tunis (Tunisia) + delanoe, definitely, they came by bus, former Sales Executive in the pharmaceutical industry, How to fuck the shit out of people by offering € 600 000 wholesale, we file you 600 €000, 1.2 million identify you, we gonna report 100 times to us + or 1000 times + Plans of the new homes for sale in Saint-Ouen in the Manhattan – Cogedim housing residence : A new ART of living between SEINE and Park has 5 minutes from PARIS, the DOCKS of ST OUEN I give a damn, I would spend my retirement in TUNIS, or next

COGEDIM is a trademark of the Group ALTAREA COGEDIM (No evil, the video on the docks) EcolesPrimaires reference 822 kindergartens and elementary schools in Seine-Saint-Denis,,(on en a rien à battre!,je plaisante,pas eux)

(FUTURE MANHATTAN)WELL yeah, they want to play the sorcerer’s apprentice of LUTECE in PARIS, it has never moving an inch, even with Haussmann and the other I forget each time.

Citizen participation in the neighbourhoods: 93 projects to engage the dynamics

With 1.2 million euros, the scholarship of experimentation on citizen engagement in priority neighbourhoods will be attributed to 93 projects. The objective: promote and encourage promising initiatives, but also capitalize on existing to clarify the framework of future Councils citizens and other now-mandatory « co-construction » of the city’s policy levers.

Myriam El Khomri, Secretary of State in charge of the city’s policy, committed – in his name, that of the State and public power in general – to ‘ensure citizen participation without ever direct it’. Strong signal, to the Secretary of State of this commitment: the amount of the scholarship experimentation, originally of 600,000 euros, eventually doubled. In return, « you [actors] agree to make live this democracy » in neighborhoods.

The 93 schools
•Le Blanc-Mesnil
•All localities of 93

· Public kindergartens in Saint Denis (93)

Canadian Directory/saint-denis -93/schools… Cache

Schools public kindergartens in Saint Denis (93):… Professionals whose name contains maternal public schools ; Employment. Distribute your CV to Saint Denis;

Who is the Rector

Operation of schools – schools maternal and…

Distribution of competences between the State and the commune

The respective powers of the State and the municipality of school management are precisely defined.

The State sets national programmes and supports the recruitment, training and remuneration of teaching staff. School, named among the latter, shall ensure compliance with the regulations and the conduct of lessons within the school.

The municipality is the owner of the school premises and ensures the construction, reconstruction, extension, major repairs, equipment and operation. It also manages some non-teaching staff who work at the school, including those dealing with maintenance and catering service.

At the same time, the school cooperative, with an own budget can finance educational projects or actions of solidarity in school, provided they do not substitute for the obligations of the municipality who shall bear the expenses of maintenance and operation.


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