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I was trying to think that this shows there, their mediocrity, and their incompetence , not content with being unable to manage a country, some think that because they have almost all arms , (I say almost) and also the media,TV, Radio RMC, EUROPE1, etc..Rires and songs, newspapers and publishers (not all) short, almost everything, from their side, as, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict , cela Gentlemen ladies , do you recall nothing (conflict – Palestinian Israeli, GAZA ), however, if I remember correctly it is PALESTINE, which comes out wash everything, or almost, simply because it (LA PALESTINE) had no army like Israel , (which incidentally, was in a good school and walk in the footsteps of his elders and for a long time already,) knowing that a country, as the Palestine , without an army, faced with Israel which is equipped with one of the most powerful armies of the world has been unable to overcome a country without weapons, recognize that there is a problem, I do not know if this is a problem of method or understanding, but it is a problem.Don’t forget step the first nuclear bomb, Israelis have been French, this, hurts some, but it’s true, it will not remake the story, but it can be written, and at levels of errors, you are balaise

I realize also ,how, some define freedom ,how a lambda citizens, it may be you, me here , or, one other , if you did not like them, you are their enemies, that should tell my friends / es, knowing that I don’t feel at all, but not at all like eux(certains/es_,pas_tous).sur some topics. How can we feel free, and free to think,speak, write, print when systematically as soon as they say certain truths, it is emmerdés, see epie the lesser of your moves, I will especially not that my descendants living in a prison world. A DICTATORSHIP

Does not the eco-tax, does not change status for our railway, strike, sought Sunday work, strike, starting MONTEBOURG, HANNON, FILIPPETTIon does not act Macron, Slingers, does not reform Touraine.

Our forefathers, fought for freedom, is not, me, who will give their fight, in question, should be the reason to be plausible, and valid. , and all ways, some to the Government, we already tried to collapse the first medical system and social, then, while there is

This provocative of Charlie hebdo was wrong thinking, I suspect although Charlie HEBDO team there is not much, she and unhappy ca on en is would at least, and that some are a perverse pleasure to stir the shit, but this will not bring them luck because ‘ by the dint of the stir, there is a risk of splash! I would say to kids french strain or Muslims, Jewish french be smarter than your elders, this shouldn’t be too hard, for once not followed not in stupidity. the cynicism and the provocative, because it is too easy. I was thinking before, there are 25-30 years can be in Israel, there was a strong passion, when you were going to make oranges, or otherwise, in the kibbutz (s), the young french, English, Belgian, and others found themselves and were above happy ending after a year, and this every year, I believe, they are certainly happy currently, but frankly it is not same, why, because having 53% rise in crime does not want to go there (whether Sudanese, erytreen or other) I say, or other, because was a not-so-distant time, I knew people who thought Israel was well for folds, kind of people of val de reuil short, envy and wish to review someone or somebody are still there, I presume, for me I admit that I did not know this experience, however I knew another, I went to the « bouchounou », I say this, because I knew very well a Jew by the name of X which made part of the buddy band we had, we knew that she was leaving, because on the days before entendais15 If not 3 week before.I want to say against the Jewish people, what I accuse you, nothing, finally, if give the baton to you get beat, has your soi so-called elite , it’s this or so-called protection , they provide you with fear and in history is not nouveau(vous allez me dire,oui mais,il y a deles de attentats) they need us protection, Yes, okay, but protection is useful from the moments, or, offenders or terrorist, sees that there is a protection is needed in paste everywhere, even in corners, which are not actually dangerous., what, this is t – it apart can be, frighten and impress! There are profit(,mettez vous dans un coin et pensez y) your policy of before, less radical, and supremasiste, and was more attractive, before, much of young « believe me, » would have liked to see Israel, much less now, to see what that said, the fact that some of between you want to leave, it is their choice, but be aware that the place of the Jewish french and that french Muslims, and the french strain, I think, and I’m not the only one to think, it is easier to master one people by fear; the Pharaohs did so well, it makes me think some of these radars, serving that one thing, bring wheat, and which are absolutely not in accident-prone areas.

The French Constitution

It usually has a value greater than the law

Fortunately our forefathers and JJROUSEAU had laid down, this The Constitution protects the rights and freedoms of citizens against abuse of power potentials of the holders of powers (Executive, legislative and judicial).

Declaration of the rights of man and of the Citzen of 1789

The representatives of people French, consisting in National Assembly, considering that ignorance, forgetfulness or contempt of the rights of man are the only causes of public misfortunes and the corruption of Governments , have resolved to expose, in a solemn Declaration the natural, inalienable and sacred human rights so that this Declaration constantly to all members of the social body, reminds them constantly their rights and duties; so that the acts of the legislature, and those of the Executive power, which can be every moment compared with the goal of any political institutionto be more respected; so claims of citizens, now based on principles simple and indisputable, still turn to the maintenance of the Constitution and to the happiness of all

Art. 1. Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions can be based only on the common utility

. S. 2 the aim of all political association is the conservation of the natural and imprescriptible human rights. These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression

Consequently, without express warrant, legislators must not touch this great spring of the State called the constitution.

« Are forbidden, and with good reason, that power ordinary meetings, to avoid possible theft, and unrest some.  » And when it is necessary to touch the supreme law, the people, sufficiently warned, gives a mandate to a constituent Assembly at a Convention, charged specifically, and excluding any other body, to revise the Constitution… »


Friday, June 20, 2008 by Philippe Simonnot

At the time the French press made headlines on revelations about the secret track North Korean in Syria, it is worth remembering that there is half a century, the France gave atomic bomb in Israel, taking the risk of nucléariser the Middle East powder keg.
Thus was installed for the benefit of the Jewish State a huge strategic imbalance allowing Jewish policymakers to pursue nuclear blackmail not only on its Arab neighbours, but also on the major powers to obtain them subsidies, privileges and conventional arms.
Main target: the United States, which would necessarily involved if by misfortune the atomic bomb was used during a conflict in this region. And this blackmail is still today exercised. Hence the importance of the current consequences of the decision taken by the France in the 1950s.
Why has the taken? And who has taken it? It was argued that France, having been convinced of strategic insecurity of Israel against the Arab world, would have chosen « generously » to finally put the Jewish State safe from any threat of destruction. This thesis that assumes a certain naiveté and certain altruism in french statesmen of this time there is not likely.
In reality, even if the opinion and the press at the time were largely poisoned by Israeli propaganda, at the top of the State could not be informed of the overwhelming superiority of the army of Israel on its possible aggressors, the France involved itself in the construction of this superiority by selling conventional weapons to the Jewish State (tanks, aircraft etc.) the most sophisticated of the time.
The reason for the gesture-french carefully hidden far – could well be simply the France has paid so far here, cash, the price of the participation of Israel in the Suez expedition to overthrow Nasser. This is what we will expose and explain.


While Patel is in London, French and Israelis undertake another negotiation, even more secret than the first. In the back of the french Minister of Foreign Affairs, held in London to persuade Eden, Ben Gourion, Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir and Shimon Peres discuss with Guy Mollet and Bourges-Maunoury of nuclear cooperation. This is the secret in secret. So secret that the head of French diplomacy however deemed to be a friend of Israel, is discarded. So secret that in the book that he wrote in 1976 on the Suez crisis, it does tell you not a Word. Nor as Abel Thomas in his yet very detailed account of the clandestine negotiations of the villa of Sèvres, published in 1978.
Pineau, we recall, is at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, renowned pro-Arab, if not anti-Semitic, where there is a fear that this secret is stale. He is not even aware of the massive french arms shipments to Israel which took place in May and June. If told to come alone to Sèvres Pineau, it is also because it distrusts otherwise him, at least from his cabinet.
Obviously, the nuclear cooperation between the two countries was not born from one day to the next day this October 22. It is, in fact, already a long history.
It is even arguable that Ben Gourion, as early as 1948, thought nuclear weapons to defend the State which he had founded. ‘Man formed at the beginning of the 20th century, it has a naive faith in the strength of science, notes french historian of the Palestine Henry Laurens. All its concerns pushed him early to think about a nuclear option, especially as the big names of the U.S. nuclear program were Jewish. «  » He believed that science, observes for its part Shimon Peres, that science could offset DAC that the nature we [Israelis] we had refused in terms of resources and raw materials.
Moreover, many Jewish scholars had emigrated to Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s, including David Bergmann, a Jewish German chemist hunted by the Nazis, who would become Director of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, established in 1952 under the auspices and control of the Ministry of defence. On the other hand, only the Jewish State declared, uraniferous phosphate deposits were discovered in the Negev desert. At the same time a method for extraction of uranium contained in these phosphates has been developed is patented, as a way to produce water heavy by distillation. Two patents which were then transferred to the french Atomic Energy Commission. Therefore two of the elements necessary for the manufacture of an atomic bomb were quickly reunited. Truth be told two Israeli processes proving too costly, the Jewish State will prefer sourcing uranium from the France and heavy water to the near the Norway.
In 1949, the learned french Francis Perrin, Member of Atomic Energy of the France Commissioner visits in Israel to his friend David Bergman. He invited young Israeli scientists to come and work at the french centre of nuclear research in Saclay. Perrin told much later than during World War II, when he worked in the United States in the Manhattan project, which was to lead to the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, was told he could use his knowledge of back in France provided that they keep secret. It is on that basis that he transmitted his knowledge to his Israeli colleagues…

Syria complained to the United Nations of « illegal » visits to Kouchner and McCain, why VIEINDRAIENT – ILS?

Knowing, that one suspects, well, that is not to provide assistance, to the Syrian population, it’s been long that kouchner to ask his bag of riz.et MCAIN except make account advances DAECH, or retreat, OBAMA







The concept of « odious debt » dates back to the interwar period. Alexander Sack, Russian jurist, formulated in theory in 1927. It means a debt contracted by a despotic regime, (we would say today-dictatorship – or – authoritarian regime), for purposes unrelated to the interests of the Nation, in the interests of the citizens. McGill University in Montreal, more recently, gives a similar definition: odious debts are those which have been contracted against the interests of the people of a State, without their consent and knowingly on the side of the creditors.

Banks are being diverted from their essential function of credit to individuals and businesses to engage in activities of financial speculation harmful and devoid of social utility.

The new ‘European competitiveness through the convergence pact’, despite its designation, is intended to perpetuate the tutelage of financial interests on the economic policies of the European States. It will exacerbate highly undemocratic features of Europe and in the euro area will create a kind of Board of Directors of the leaders of the most powerful countries, if it is not corrected.

Greek debt was first contracted by the so-called « colonels’ military dictatorship, quadrupling between 1967 and 1974. She has continued to increase under civilian Governments that succeeded him, borrowed money helping to organize corruption on a massive scale. We know, since the autumn of 2009, the Government of new democracy party and former Minister Caramanlis, with the help of Goldman Sachs, have rigged figures both to hide the extent of corruption to save the image of Greece to the European Union, the European Central Bank and the investors.

No prosecution was instituted against Karamanlis by the Papandreou Government.

The most important expenses who came to encumber public finances Greek, without that it knows the amount of kickbacks that have accompanied, are those driven by the Olympics in 2004 and especially by the arms procurement.

La Greece was one of the 5 biggest importers of weapons in Europe between 2005 and 2009. The purchase of fighter jets alone accounts for 38% of the volume of its imports, with the acquisition of 26 – F16 in the United States and 25 ‘Mirage 2000’ in France, this latest contract dealing with a value of 1.6 billion euros. But the list of french equipment sold to the Greece does not stop there: there are also armoured vehicles (Lav 70), the NH90 helicopters, missile MICA, Exocet, Scalp and the Sperwer. The Greece isthe 3rd customer of the French defence industry : deliveries amounted to 261 million euros in 2009. The Greece was in discussion with the France and Dassault to buy gusts to 50 million Euros each… The United States, the Russia, Great Britain and the Germany also sell weapons to the Greece. The Germany has sold between 2005 and 2009, for several billion euros of equipment (tanks Leopard, type 214 submarine, ammunition). These purchases fall within the issue of odious debt. The combination between the external debt contracted to banks and investment funds originating from the same countries that sell arms statement of a form of economic subordination and political feature of imperialism.

Of European States, the France and Germany by their sales to insolvent State, could increase the debt of Greece, for their benefit, and to move then? The Greece in 2011, had 10 787 690 inhabitants! What acrimonious war preparing?

The Church Greek, not separated from the State, second landowner in the country, was imposed for the first time in 2010, 20% of its gross revenues. It was exempt from the estate tax in 2011 and still keeps many tax privileges. The Orthodox priests, despite the enormous fortune of the Church, are paid by the public education. Billions of euros would be invested by the Church on the stock markets. http://Archives-lepost.huffingtonpost.fr

Powerful, descendants of Aristote Onassis, the family owners Niarchos, the Livaros have placed their fortunes in Switzerland and Swiss banks would have 280 billion euros from Greek Fund according to the Greek Government. The Switzerland denies.

The economic nature of the loaned money questions the legitimacy of the public debt. It is therefore one of the issues that motivates the demand audit of Greek debt defended by a front of associations and political organizations, in a perspective of comprehensive restructuring or cancellation complete. The working classes and youth are the immediate victims of the growing interests imposed on world debt by the financial oligarchy and reflected in excessive austerity measures, without end, wrong-doers.

The French public debt is another example of illegitimate debt.

Excerpt from: illegitimate debt. When banks make low hand on public policy. François Chesnais. Reasons for action. 156 pages. €8.

Image: la.colonnedefer.files.wordpress.com/2012/


Annie Keszey.



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