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Hey it’s funny, the note by the France has lowered, it operates the a what? MOSCOVICI should do his job, we

Prevent, he badly did his job, is not, him, who was Minister of economy and finance under Al-SHEHRI

It seems to me, but it is really bad, and more being appointed European Commissioner for Economic Affairs. Note; until all is normal, more, it is bad left, as at right, but mostly left + mounting, then macron, he learns, valls, it is already inside, Holland, no comments, as say Azam aprescest Sun! (ex: HARLEM DÉSIR, Secretary of State responsible for European Affairs)MOSCOVICI was already bad for the France, but there Woawca awesome if we lost an A and if the note has declined, it is his fault, it’s not mine, it is him, who headed the finance, NON. When it is seen morano, dati, chatel, clique.. can even the p!’tit new péchenard already lellouche, hortefeux, who came out of the wood, but, chais not, y thing Qazi who told me with FILLONet JUPPÉ

There will be water in the gas, AHh…!but, if I understand well, as, is like Italians, if Brussels pette awry, and that is not, this same Brussels wants to, you know, at the beginning, I told myself, that if it were

At the National Assembly, it would be too small, the European Chamber, would be better bigger, then, one might ask a sovereign France

Seems, that macron is not born with a cuilllere cash in the mouth, I don’t mind, if he says, but I think

That with 2 parents doctors, it should go, I wonder, sincerely, what is for him a spoon silver in the mouth, he had to eat every day, he did studies, he married and his marriage was not free, I presume, so much the better for him, but that he thinks others, and stops to enslave them.

AHh the AXA made advertising for the future, and there are disasters in his pub, it would be nice, if it magnait to make refunds in the Gard département, in Brittany, and it repays different insurance lives, which are never required because the person is dead, it amounts in billion, or make a gesture for the retirement , it is the least of things, when it has assessed all his life. Me said no, that it is not technically possible!

I’ve heard in the media, that the State go renegotiate or redeem, Yes, Yes, redeem the contracts, some 152 Socialist deputies wrote to Manuel Valls to demand the redemption of the concession of highways, according to a letter unveiled by the echoes Wednesday 10 December. « The application of the eco-tax then the toll of transit trucks having been abandoned, it is time to act through the repurchase of motorway concessions contracts concluded in 2006 with six historical societies.

Woerth not put in issue for the sale of the Compiègne Racecourse, sold values 1hippodrome, 1golf, 1restaurant

Restaurant; it is the restaurant du golf, it does not ask price, as by chance, Woerth acquitted to sold all this nice package, has a civil socieye that I would like to know, in the hope that this is not QATAR, like these people here, redeems us all, all has sold about 2.5 million € worth estimated by real estate experts dles for 8 million to€Unfortunately, some, as the Mayor of the fault (MrMaratier) still believe a impartial justice

The former campaign Director Deputy of Sarkozy assumes financial « excesses » during the campaign of 2012Affaire Bygmalion: the investigation is close to Nicolas Sarkozy

Italy: demonstrations across the country against Government Renzi’s reforms

The social discontent has invaded the Italy. Padua, many police officers were wounded during brawls with the protesters. Padua, at 40 km from Venice, is one of the 25 Italian cities where it manifests in this Friday against the reforms of the Government of Matteo Rennzi, and in particular against the Jobs Act , the reform of the labour market. In Milan, they rallied to the call of the most powerful Trade Union force in the country, the General Confederation of labour (CGIL) but also of the Steelworkers Union, to denounce the destructive policies of austerity, precariousness or privatizations. « It is time to unite to defend the labour rights and to tell the Government to change course, because he leads us right into the wall », said Maurizio Landini, Secretary general of the Italian Union of metallurgy. « In our country, unemployment rises. There is no industrial policies, we need investments to create a semplois, we cannot just rely on the business for our future », regretted Meanwhile Susanna Camussom Secretary General of the CGIL. Eggs and smoke in Rome have been launched on the Ministry of the economy. These social tensions coincide with the release of new indicators on growth, which does not really invite to the optimism. In September, for the 13th consecutive quarter, the third-largest economy in the euro zone continued to sink in the Red

Certainly, analysts do not expect miracles. But worse than expected results complicate the equation of Matteo Renzi, who hoped a way out of crisis in order to restore as soon as possible the situation of public finances. The Italian debt rises to over 2,000 billion euros, exceeding 135% of GDP, and the deficit threatens the fateful threshold of 3%. Faced with an unemployment rate of 12.3%, the president of the Council is found at the foot of the wall, as it is particularly scrutinized by neighbouring countries

Outbreak of anti-capitalist violence in Zurich, Switzerland

A good part of the centre of the largest city of the Helvetic confederation was sacked last night. Of many shop windows were broken or damaged. Four people were arrested from Switzerland, Britain and Liechtenstein but the investigation continues. There were clashes between 200 armed thugs of bar iron and mostly hidden with the police who used with rubber bullets, tear gas and Spears to water to disperse them. Zurich police spokesman says that « he not had been such a level of violence in the city for more than ten years. There’s a real desire of extreme violence. « They have for example to throw a lit torch in a police car and they destroyed a restaurant in which citizens were having dinner ». The police reported receiving a letter of claim for the autonomous Swiss. And according to Swiss media, protesters carried a banner with the inscription in English « Reclaim the Streets », take possession of the street, reference to an anti-capitalist movement.

Great Britain: the Anonymous protest against austerity near Buckingham Palace

A demonstration against the austerity of the Anonymous collective members took place near the Palace of Buckingham in Britain, in the context of the global campaign « one million masks » of the collective.

Hundreds of members of the collective of hackers Anonymous, wearing the mask of Guy Fawkes, have protested the austerity Tuesday 5 November around Buckingham Palace, the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II of England, according to demonstrators.

Global campaign « one million masks »

Protesters have launched bottles against police officers in riot and a fire was lit outside the Palace. « They have started shouting us ‘step back, step back’ and we push back, but we had no place to go », said a protester, Ceylon Hassan.

« A fire was lit on the right side of the monument (in Victoria) and people began to throw objects », she added. The event was organized in the context of the global campaign « one million masks » of the collective, with gatherings similar to the Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The event was organized on the occasion of the annual night of fire commemoration (Bonfire Night) in the United Kingdom, on 5 November 1605, date of failure of the conspiracy of powder (Gunpowder Plot), where Guy Fawkes attempted in vain to overthrow the Parliament to establish a Catholic monarchy. The representative his face mask symbolizes the international protest movement.

Valls = Macron = Renzie = servo = France = Italy = mess


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