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Act macron, increasingly unhappy world now, those are the schools self protesting

The famous law MACRON since pus one month they told, that we want not, they started to work on it, in lousde (slang: secretly) info, i.e. that they passed information auaux media, which we had absolutely nothing to fuck, or new series (TV), and behind, they magouillaient their s small stuff on the famous law MACRON; briefafter their sweet and sour sauce, they exit the MACRON Act, which is more intense, and more radical than the 1st, kind: auto schools are so (GAGs) happy of this Act (irognie) that they are descended in the streets, and make operations, snails to slow traffic, otherwise, I don’t see the point.

Duflot against the Macron law | M6info – Videos – Yahoo Screen

Act Macron: ‘a sham which professions are the main victims.
Monday, January 26, 2015, 7:00 pm
The iconic Bill Macron, supposed to remove « blockages » in the economy, arrived Monday in the House of Assembly for two weeks of debate likely to again highlight the internal divisions to the left but also to the right.

The Minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron opened at 16:00 discussions on his River Bill whose adoption will show « that the French are able to move » and « we will allow to be more demanding with our partners and Europe ».

Sign of the magnitude of this text « for growth, activity, and equality of economic opportunity » but also of parliamentary engagement, more than 3,000 amendments have been tabled.

Illustration fears that it crystallizes, several thousand people demonstrated near the Department stores on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, covered by a « trivialization of the work of the Sunday », chanting « Macron, patterns, same fight ». Philippe Martinez, approached to take the head of the CGT, was present, as Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The extension of the work of Sunday in the shops and the liberalization of regulated professions of law (notaries, bailiffs, etc.) constitute the two measures most controversial and tours. This Bill of some 200 articles however understand other provisions, of the opening of national bus lines, which will be discussed as early as Tuesday, to the simplification of the licence, passing through a reform of labour justice or the rules of collective redundancies.

A Special Committee, chaired by the Socialist François Brottes, who served 82 hours, including Sunday, in the presence of the Minister of the economy has already reviewed and corrected, leading inter alia support increased reform of regulated professions and on a compromise on the work of the Sunday in stores, which removes the five Sundays of right and leaves to the elect a choice ranging from zero to twelve. Additions have also spoken, for example on the creation of a business secret, which worries the anti-corruption association Transparency International.

« The text can still be improved… Each proposal which will seek the general interest can be found with the Government an ear », said Emmanuel Macron, surrounded Monday by the Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira and the Minister of employment, François Rebsamen, including absences in the Committee had been criticized by the opposition.

Amendments of the eight thematic rapporteurs – who assist the rapporteur general Richard Ferrand (PS) – should thus introduce a compensation of at least 30% for employees working on Sunday mornings in supermarkets or even harden retired business executives hats.

The Executive considers that « the choice of dialogue seems to bear fruit », but also that climate post-attentats could alleviate at least the tone of the criticism within the PS.

-Shared right – notice

The debate in the Chamber will be not easy so far.

« Cocky » Socialists displayed so openly that before Christmas of intentions to vote against it, but expect that this « not votable as » text is improved, especially on Sunday work to stay five Sundays and have a floor of at least twice the usual wage pay.

Considering that the « damage limitation » obtained in Committee do not change the logic of « deregulation and austerity », environmentalists also require substantial changes, in favour of environment.

The left Front MPs hope « a burst from the left of the Chamber to reject » this text, which enshrines the principle « of the free Fox in the free henhouse’, according to their leader André Chassaigne.

Right, opinions are divided.

In the face of this Bill that Nicolas Sarkozy has called for combat, UMP deputies, defenders of the regulated professions which continue to oppose the text by large inserts in the press, are « obviously » on the other hand, according to their president Christian Jacob. But some elected as Hervé Mariton count vote for while others wonder.

Speaking in the House on behalf of the UMP group, François Fillon ruled Bill Macron « not up to par » the seriousness of the economic situation of the France despite the « goodwill », calling on the Government to accept « vigorous » measures such as the lifting of the « 35-hour lock ».

The Group IDUS, which « is absolutely not closed to a text whose aim is to release growth’, »retain its vote to the progress achieved »in the Chamber, according to his spokesman on this text Michel Zumkeller.

Motorway companies: Ségolène Royal calls for resumption of the ‘debate’ and the ‘dialogue’

Valls takes the fruits of its attacks, and unabashed speeches management



The Act for « growth and the economy » in Emmanuel Macron is just a trompe l’oeil sent to Brussels which professions are the main victims.

Indeed, failing to honor the real structural reforms facing our European partners, the french government tries to painfully play good students with catch-all legislation, presented in haste at the expense of the main concerned i.e. regulated legal professions.

The liberal professions sector, one of the few to still demonstrate dynamism, today suffered from this lack of courage to reform François Holland: « This are not scoops Sclerosing liberal sector expects, Mr President, but political well of courage by daring to administrative simplification both promised, ensuring the tax stability needed to restore confidence in our country and by alleviating the burdens that penalise our economy. »

This Government, horehound and discredited in his own majority, navigates to view with this Bill that likely to penalize very strongly the liberal professions. Moreover, this text is already made evil by the Council of State, including pointing « the incomplete nature and the serious deficiencies of the impact on many of the provisions of the Bill ».



Big bullshit by a newspaper News2 days; apparently, Putin would be autistic GAGs, and would be suffering from disease, of aspeger (which could mean that it is a Hyper-masculine brain, it’s not me, quil said, it is the referring wiki, it, we will change, with vampires (nothing against) EU, however knows possible, but frankly, it would be very long, very long that he would be made to accounthim and his close his young age at least, would have had to be genetic (also, what doctors say, it would be of detect, well before, if he was really suffering from this disease and not more, knowing what to invent to smother the fact that MERKEL and Holland OBAMA, Congress, the States United, are in a cul-de-sac), and that the only way they is found, it is undermined Poutine the hold, as they have always done.

Agree, they want to break the impasse, agree, that they begin by respecting their word, and that the French Government give 2 ships promised to Russia, that the France respects his Republican lyrics

It is true, the karbatich brothers, have merdés, I believe that the history of the paris arrived in 2012, a trick like this, however, cannot be hidden the fact that frankly Niko and Lucas have really, but really do not need this money to live, I would take this, moreover, for a bad joke for a stupid bet, as that has all been When was a (collective) co sport who made them, but unlike us, have bet on the fact (that one who earned and/or lost the match; and that you go not played against who would lose or win the game!) In this case, one that won was back, every night at home after the training for one or two months, but NIKO(26 ans) and LUKA (age 22), them, played in national, or even international , the issues are no longer the same

The maximum gains, was$ 200 000 , or, MUGLER, with latest HUMMELou ADI/STABIL perforated, but then you tell me, why, they wagered, that’s true, why!, it is true thatsome of you who judge people , even they have before made a bullshit, BEN, there, it falls well, they did the bullshit, a beautiful bullshit, I grant you a bullshit with a capital C in English with a big B for Ballshit, but a bullshit, anyway, or I you recall, is not dead man, it is not DUFOUR, not GUY GEORGE, so put things in leu place, having regard to the pub, there is, on is crorirait in NUREMBERG

AH, for info on wikipedia

Nikola Karabatic – Wikipedia Not lie

Niko, born in 1984, lucas in1988, the paris in 2012

During the European Championship, Karabatic ends with the title of best player and best scorer

It is very close to his brother Luka, her junior by four years.

At the London Games, the premium granted by the CNOSF for a gold medal is again of EUR 50 000

The French federation allocates a premium of EUR 50 000 in 2010 for the victory in the final of the European Championship.

The premium for the global title of 2011 is EUR 40 000. For the victory in the Championship of Europe 2014, the premium obtained by each of the french players is also 40,000 euros

Individually, it has several sponsors like l ‘ Oréal, Menen or Adidas its main partner with around EUR 25 000 per then this same year 2008, he also participated in the issuance of games  » Attention to the market! » moderated by Jean-Luc Reichmann, always for the benefit of the European Leukodystrophy association. As part of its charitable activities, it is also for 2009 and 2011 the Dieux du stade calendareditions.Before the 2012 Summer Olympics, Nikola Karabatic joins the Dream Team RMC Sport for a weekly column every Tuesday on the eponymous radio in117 Moscato Show.

Accomplishments in clubs

International competitions
•Drapeau : Europe Champions League (2): 2003 (with Montpellier Handball) 2007 (with THW Kiel)
◦Finalist in 2008, 2009
◦3e in 2014
•The Club World Cup (2): 2013-14, 2014-15

National competitions
•Drapeau : FranceChampionship of France (7): 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012
•Drapeau : FranceFrance Cup (6): 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2010, 2012
•Drapeau : FranceFrench League Cup (5): 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012
•Drapeau : FranceChampions Trophy (2): 2010, 2011
•Drapeau : AllemagneGermany Championship (4): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
•Drapeau : AllemagneGermany Cup (3): 2007, 2008, 2009
•Drapeau : Allemagne Germany-Supercup (3): 2005, 2007, 2008(the competition is at the start of season)
•Drapeau : EspagneChampionship of Spain (1): 2014
•Drapeau : EspagneKing’s Cup (2): 2013-2014, 2014-2015
•Drapeau : EspagneCup ASOBAL (2): 2013-2014, 2014-2015
•Drapeau : EspagneSpain Supercup (2): 2013-2014, 2014-2015

Accomplishments in team of France

Olympic Games
•5e place in the 2004 Olympic Games inAthens in Drapeau de la Grèce Greece
•médaille d’or, Jeux olympiquesGold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing in Drapeau de la République populaire de Chine China
•médaille d’or, Jeux olympiquesGold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London at the Drapeau : Royaume-Uni United Kingdom

World Championships
•médaille de bronze, mondeBronze medal at the 2003 World Championship in the Drapeau du Portugal Portugal
•médaille de bronze, mondeBronze medal at the 2005 World Championship in Drapeau de la Tunisie Tunisia
•4e place in the 2007 World Championship in Drapeau de l’Allemagne Germany
•médaille d’or, mondeGold medal at the 2009 World Championship in Drapeau de la Croatie Croatia
•médaille d’or, mondeGold medal at 2011 World Championship in Drapeau de la Suède Sweden
•6e place in the 2013 World Championship in Drapeau de l’Espagne Spain
•médaille d’or, mondeGold medal at the World Championship of men’s handball 2015 at the Drapeau du Qatar Qatar

European Championships
•6e place in the 2004 European Championship in Drapeau de la Slovénie Slovenia
•médaille d’or, Europe2006 European Championship gold medal in Drapeau de la Suisse Switzerland
•médaille de bronze, Europe2008 European Championship bronze medal in Drapeau de la Norvège Norway
•médaille d’or, EuropeGold medal at the 2010 European Championship in Drapeau de l’Autriche Austria
•11e place in the Championship of Europe 2012 to Serbie Serbia
•médaille d’or, EuropeGold medal at the Championship of Europe 2014 at the Drapeau du Danemark Denmark

Distinctions and decorations

Nikola Karabatic has always had the ambition to become the best player of the world90. It achieves this goal on 6 August 2008 when he was officially appointed best handball player of the year 2007 IHF international Handball Federation (IHF: International Handball Federation) for the first time of his91career. He became the fourth French to receive this honour after Jackson Richardson, Stéphane Stoecklin, Bertrand Gille. Thefollowing year, it is his compatriot and teammate Thierry Omeyer who succeeded him at the top. Nikola Karabatic is new name me to apply for the title of best player of the world of 2009.

QATAR, the DEMANDE.SE would be not good, NIKO and LUKA, So stop by the piss

You believe frankly that they were expecting after, and they need us to live, no. how!, looks even, that it is express, cellars, it is a feeling?, chais, had an old pub in the 70s, I think, who said « we have oil, but we have ideas » not fake!

Française des jeux – Wikipedia

The française des jeux

alt=Description de cette image, également commentée ci-après

Official logo of the française des Jeux


Key data

Legal form



Drapeau de France Boulogne-Billancourt (France ))


Stéphane Pallez


State French (72%) ; historical transmitters from the National Lottery (20%): Union of the wounded of the face and head (9.2%), Federation Maginot (4.2%), IDSUD (2.6%), Confederation of tobacconists (2%), mutual Treasury (1%), Comalo (0.6%), Berger (0.4%); Grouping CPF of the employees of the company (5%); of brokers Soficoma (3%)




Lottery (including Lotto and Euro Millions) games, scratch cards and sports betting


1,065 employees

Web site


Fraud and breach of trust. And after, you just pleures for 800 million, PITIFUL in 2013 : 12.35 billion € Ah, but I understand better, why, it is hard, to get 30,000 / month, no. how!
Financial data


76 M€ (2011)


12.1 billion€ (2012), 11.4 billion€ (2011), 10.551 Mds€ (2010), 9,997 Mds€ (2009), 9.2 billion€ (2008), 9,306 Mds€ (2007), 9,473 Mds€ (2006), 8,926 Mds€ (2005), 8,559 billion€ (2004)

Net result

114 M€ (2007)
116 M€ (2006)

Edit Consultez la documentation du modèle

La Francaise des jeux is a French public enterprise of 1976 , owned to 72 percent by thefrench State1 entrusted to him by the monopoly of the games of Lottery and sports betting throughout its territory (including the French overseas departments, Saint Pierre and Miquelon and French Polynesia) and Monaco.

Heiress to the French National Lottery, it will be called successively « Company of the National Lottery and the national lottery » (SLNLN) in 1976, and then «France Loto »in 1989. This change of name, this year also marks a profound restructuring of the company. The participation of the state changes from 51 to 72%, that of issuers of banknotes from 49 to 20% and employees and brokers are allowed to enter the capital up to 5% and 3%. The capital is increased from 20 to 500 million francs (3 million to 76 million €) which allows significant investments. Two years later in 1991, it changes name again and becomes «the française des jeux»2 .

The success of the Lottery in 1976, thanks to the advances in computer and television prints was instrumental in the revival of the company.

The principle of territoriality governs the activity of most lotteries in the world. But European integration and new technologies such as the Internet change in countries of theEuropean Union this situation of monopoly EU also wanted in chewable, ya no reason. The française des Jeux is thus challenged by lotteries or betting on Internet companies. The française des jeux has started cooperation with any other European state lotteries, thereby launching a common draw game, Euro Millions with British and Spanish lotteries, joined by lotteries in six other countries in 2004: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

The tasks entrusted to the French games create duties in terms of management: the française des jeux contributed in 2005 for €2 330 000 000 to finance public3 and cover the risks through levies on updates to the benefit of the State, sport or social finance.

28 October 2009, French games announces that it has decided to use a shorter trade mark « FDJ » to simplify and strengthen its image, a few months before the opening to competition in the french market of gambling online4. It also unveils a new logo for this brand with a four-leaf clover modernized.

The FDJ logo, trademark of the Group since November 20096,5

•1St January 1979-1983: Maurice Caradet, founding President of the society of the National Lottery and the national lottery (SLNLN)
•1983-1987: Michel Caste
•1987-1989: Jean-Pierre Teyssier
•1989-1993: Gerard Cole
•1993-2000: Bertrand de Galle
•2000-2014: Christophe Blanchard-Dignac7 .
•from 2014: Stéphane Pallez8

•In 2000: 6.5 billion €
•In 2004: 8.55 billion €
•In 2005: 8.9 billion €
•In 2006: 9,473 billion €9
•In 2007: 9,306 billion €9
•In 2008: 9,203 billion €9
•In 2009: 9,997 billion €9
•In 2010: 10,551 billion €9
•In 2011: 11.4 billion €9
•In 2012: 12.1 billion €9
• »In 2013: 12.35 billion €10 fraud and breach of trust ‘.

The network

Française des jeux to La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine boutique)

This section does cite enough sources (February 2014). To improve it, add Note of verifiable references or templates {{Reference necessary}} or {{desired Reference}} on the passages requiring a source.

In 2012, the 12.1 billion euros of bets in 2012, 11.7 billion have been collected within the network of retailers. 95% of these updates have been redistributed, or 11.5 EUR11 billion.

This redistribution includes players (63.1%, 2009 figures), (65.4% figures 2013), the network of retailers and the community. The retailers network has 33 400 points of sale including offices of tobacco, for bars and disseminators of press in metropolis, village grocery stores and service stations in overseas. In 2012, EUR 719 million were donated to France11 retailers.

Responsible gaming

This section does cite enough sources (February 2014). To improve it, add Note of verifiable references or templates {{Reference necessary}} or {{desired Reference}} on the passages requiring a source.

First actor of gambling in France, a responsibility for the risks of dependency to games imposed. To meet this mission, the française des Jeux relies on its « Responsible gaming » program, which consists of five major commitments to responsible gaming: promote games before any recreational, accompany the players, raise awareness of all the players in the sector, contribute to the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge and guide and support people in distress and their families.

He was criticised for this program to be too evasive, include commitments to minima, such as the recommendation to a simple installation of poster in points of sale to remind ban to minors to play12 .

A few figures
•Valid ballots: 4,242 557 948
•Turnover: 12.1 billion € (2012)
•Are redistributed: 11.5 billion € (or 95% of collected updates)
•Number of prints: 5 762 (a)
•6 issues (rank 1) winners: 16 450 (a)
•Millionaires in euro: 2 169 (a)
•Record gain in the lottery: EUR 24 million on June 6, 2011
•Record gain at the Super-Loto: 150 077 770 francs (€ 22 879 209) on 20 March 1997, at asnières
•Jackpot record Super-Loto: € 30 009 676 May 26, 2006 (EUR 15 million for the two winners)
•France Euro millions record gain: € 169 837 010 November 13, 2012

(a) Lotto + Super-Loto at February 28, 2014

Different games


A draft had been prepared by Maurice Caradet, the head of the French National Lottery, since September 16, 1974, the lottery, national game, was born in France in 1975 of a Decree signed by Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister, and Jean-Pierre Fourcade, Minister of economy and finance, Christian Poncelet as Secretary of State for the Budget. The first draw will take place in public at the Empire theatre in Paris on Wednesday, May 19, 1976, 73 680 newsletters only had registered a total of 50,600 francs. Therefore, the number of ballots and the amount of updates will grow from week to week until you reach a 1 to 1St anniversary in May 1977er great record, hailed in France as a social phenomenon and resounding abroad. It is organized by the française des jeux (formerly National Lottery, the National Lottery and the national lottery company then national lottery), a State monopoly, which conducted to LOTO, a turnover of 1.5 billion euros in 2012. A portion is redistributed to the players and the rest mainly finances the national centre for the development of the sport. JDF is the first sponsor[style review] of sport for all with more than EUR 200 million in 2012.

Initially, only the Paris region had points of sale (1,000 in 1976). In summer 1977, the whole of the territory is gradually covered. Then the beginning of 1978, it is possible to buy newsletters in the overseas departments. There are now more than 34 000 points of sale present 12,000 Commons.

In September 1976 a first winner made the press. The following week, the number of ballots rises abruptly to 250,000. A month later, a bulletin million are sold then the sales progress a million a month until May 1977 where recorded record seven million a week, a year after the launch.

In France, Maurice Caradet, then president of the society of the National Lottery and the national lottery (SLNLN), entrusted from 1980 production of all prints television society he leads to Gilbert Richard, many television programmes for youth ex-producteur. Under his responsibility, between 1980 and 1992, several facilitators of Lotto were responsible for presenting the winning numbers to viewers: include, Annie Poirel, Jean-Marc Laurent, Evelyne Biazzi, Daniel Richard. Subsequently, Valérie Payet and David Martin accompanied by Solange of hand and Didier Geven took the survey.

LOTO turnover is redistributed to the winners for 50.5% (tax exempt), the company La Francaise des jeux for 12% and the State to 37.5% in the form of taxes and dividends. The gules broken, an association born after the First world war, historical shareholder of the National Lottery also collects dividends.

In recent years, the Lotto game has undergone many changes:
•10 March 1984 : a second weekly draw is introduced on Saturday.
•2 September 1990 : Loto « 4 draws » is launched.
•13 September 1992 : Lotto ‘System Flash’ (simple form) made its appearance. With this system, the player is awarded randomly a combination by a computer terminal.
•19 June 1994 : multi-launch Lotto ‘System Flash’;
•16 June 1996 : the française des Jeux launches the formula «Loto renovated.  »
•12 October 1997 : it is ‘new Lotto.  »
•5 October 2008 : the « additional number disappears to leave its place to the number chance.» The minimum bet is 2 euros (single rack, one print-run) instead of 1.20 euro (for 2 racks and 2 draws);
•6 October 2008 : a third weekly draw is introduced Monday.
•7 October 2012 : new version with 3 additional game options (double account, Duo and Double luck)

In 2012, Loto spent 41 new millionaires.

Since 1St January 2014, TF1 broadcast 3 weekly draws. They are presented by Vincent Cerutti, Sandrine Quan, Estelle Denis, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Emma Cubaynes (alternating)

Draw-based games
•Super Loto
•Euro million
•Joker +.
•Rapido / Amigo
•Bingo Live (online game)

Games from scratch (or Flash games)

The distribution of tickets losers and winners is artificially controlled and meets a specification extremely accurate, validated in the OJ (official journal), and called « lot plan. In early versions of the millionaire, for example, the lot plan was 750,000 tickets, which was to find 1 winner TV, 3 winners at FF 50 000, 8 winners to 20 000 F, etc. until thousands of winners to 10 FF. All these winners represented a close redistribution of 64%… The creation of the CSG and the RDS changed lots plans without changing the sale price or the maximum amount that the winner can pocket. Social security levies are the source, by decreasing the number of winners in the lot plan. The production lots correspond to the plans of lots and are generated by computer programs whose purpose is twofold:
•ensure the lot plan and redistributions of the gains players.
•artificially create a random distribution (controlled chance). Indeed, without control over distribution of the winners in the losers, the probability would exist for all winning tickets within a same libretto. Even if the chance is not real in the generation of tickets, it is guaranteed in the distribution of booklets funds because nobody, including printers or employees of the FDJ, cannot know if a box contains big winners or not.

In 1989, Oberthur became historic FDJ printer by printing the first scratch game 100 000F cash. In 1991, Oberthur built a factory in Puy-Guillaume dedicated to the printing of lottery tickets. The partnership with Oberthur lasted until 2000, date on which the French State will decide to print his tickets from scratch in America of the North and the Canada.

Scratch games come together under the brand name Illiko.

Permanent scratch games
•Black Jack
•Jules these ‘ gold
•Mill€ Born€ s
•Number fetish
•Super Bingo
•Pile a scratch
•500000 carats
•Defoulo (2014)

In addition games exclusively available via the fdj.fr website online (the hive of gold, Eldorado, etc) and ephemeral games (France XV, 2013 a year of lucky holiday on life…).

In 2012, the game of scraping the best-selling was Cash14 with 362 million of tickets. Yet, even though it redistributed above 75% of the players, the rate of redistribution has been lowered in 2012 to 74%. Since November 18, 2013, this rate was again lowered to 72%15 by modification of the lot plan.


Since November 3, 2009, FDJ launched the bet Web platform to cope with competition from online games on the internet (BetClic, Unibet, Bwin…) and bet Sport in its network of proximity (bar/tobacco/press).

It is possible to bet on football, tennis, handball, basketball and volleyballgames, the grand prix of formula 1, rugby, moto GP, rallye, golf, skiing and ice hockey.

Loto foot

This game was formerly called « Sports Lottery ». Two formulas:
•Loto foot 7.
•Loto foot 15.

Sports sponsor

Thecycling team La Francaise des jeux is a subsidiary of the FDJ16 since 1997 and contributes approximately 200 000 €000 to the life of the sport in France via the national Centre for the development of sport (CNDS).

The française des jeux is the first partner of french sport. Various partnerships have been signed with the French Rugby Federations, basketball, Handball, and the Professional Football League.

Foundation FDJ


Its actions are part of the extension of the initial solidarity vocation of the National Lottery, whose aim was to assist war invalids, old transmitters of the National Lottery and always shareholders of part of the share capital of the company. Through the actions of its Foundation, la française des Jeux participated to the accompaniment of top athletes but also to solidarity actions, including for persons in situations of disability.

Main actions
•1991 to the present day: sport sponsorship with the program Challenge, to support young high-level athletes before their consecration. More than 350 athletes supported since 1991 – 121 medals Olympic and Paralympic Games. From 2013, implemented the solidarity Challenge: allocation of a grant of € 5 000 to any Challenger medalist during Olympic Games or Paralympic Games, offered to the solidarity association of his choice.
•2001 to the present day: support to the action ‘Put your sneakers and beat the disease’ of theEuropean Leukodystrophy association, European against Leukodystrophy association.
•2002 -present: support to the Odyssea association for the fight against breast cancer.
•2007 -present: support of thePrison Administration for hikes cyclo sport as the penitentiary Tour de France, for the reintegration of prisoners.
•2007 -present: support to the operation « all day » with the French Red Cross, to provide to persons in difficulty, disadvantaged or isolated moments of conviviality during the end of the year.
•2008 -present: support of the operation «Les oubliés du Sport» the Secours Populaire, for discovering the Tour de France and the BMX to families in difficulty.
•2008 -present: support to the Vagdespoir association, to the accompaniment of people with reduced mobility in winter sports activities.
•2009 -present: partnership with the French cycling Federation for the development of BMX.

Judicial Affairs

30 November 2007, following the complaint of a player who challenges the integrity of scratch games, the CEO of the company was summoned to the tribunal17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 .

La française des jeux (FDJ) was not successful, Wednesday, November 26, 2008, of the defamation complaint it had filed against Robert Riblet. For about 3 years, this engineer has retired denounces serious irregularities in the scratch card sold by FDJ games. During a speech on radio Europe 1, in February 2006, Robert Riblet accused FDJ « organized cheating’23. The Criminal Court in Paris awarded him the benefit of good faith in believing that the words « for high heat that it either, does not exceed the acceptable limits of freedom of expression in such a controversy ».

A statement is still underway at the Court of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) for  » fraud and breach of trust ‘. The problem put forward by the complainant is that the chance of the scratch card games is actually controlled by a specification. It is a reality which allows to avoid the distribution of all the winners in a same libretto, or same case, so in the same office of tobacco or same city but also allows to encourage players to play more.

The française des jeux constraints are the following:
•Are there no more than three losers on in a book;
•A minimum of gain is guaranteed by book;
•There is no more than one winning greater than X € per booklet.
•all tickets millionaire at least have a symbol ‘TV’ on the three to move to the second stage of the game, broadcast on television;
•all tickets have at least a pair when it takes three identical symbols to win;
•all losers tickets indicate a substantial amount (except the Banco).

The distribution plan of the winners being validated in the official journal, the complete rules of the games is available from the FdJ on request. The back of the tickets mentioned since 2007 that the game is not totally random23, 24 .

Other French companies of gambling
•PMU : monopoly of paris on horse racing, dog racing and basque pelota games (subject to the control of the Ministry of the Interior, and the contribution to the financing of companies and farms racing and sports, vocational training and sports training centres).
•Casinos : monopoly of table games and slot machines (subject to the authorization and control of the Ministry of the Interior, and the obligation of participation to the organization or to the financing of local cultural events).
•Betting online: since the month of June 2010, theregulatory authority for online games (ARJEL) has issued
•38 licenses to 27 operators of25 approved online games.

Tax Google – Wikipedia,

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« The unemployment rate in the United States fell to 9.4% in December, its lowest level in 19 months, with 103,000 jobs created, according to figures published Friday by the U.S. Department of labor. In 2010, the country has altogether created 1.1 million jobs, or 94,000 per month on average. […] The number of job seekers fell by more than 500,000 last month, to fall below 14.5 million, its lowest level since April 2009. […] US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been optimistic Friday, at a hearing before the Senate Budget Committee. It was thus felt that economic growth should be « moderately stronger » in 2011 compared with 2010. However, he noted still need to wait four to five years to see the unemployment rate go down around 6%. » [Associated Press, 7 January 2011]

0764 detailed analysis of American unemployment (1)

Things are decidedly hardly changing in the distorted interpretation of American unemployment, because the decrease of the unemployment rate actually mask a significant increase of discouraged Americans who abandon the idea of finding work. The latest figures were thus subject a violent polemic during the campaign American.

Of course, curve in saw, with an upright rising of a Director coef = ax + b, you’ll see with 2 other courebes, if you go to this link detailed analysis of the U.S., unemployment

This study is particularly complete; the richness of the American statistics (staggering under scarcity of numbers in France) so to have a good view of the tragedy of unemployment.Here is where we are: we find that the rate of unemployment resumed its recession, began in July 2010. The number of unemployed is moving toward the 12 million.If there is interest in the variation in the rate of employment (which is the complement of the unemployment rate, i.e. the number of persons in employment, reduced to the active population = people capable and willing to work), we note that the recovery continues, and seems in line with the times from 1975 and 1983.En fact, the improvement seen for more than two years is not as flourishing as it seems. As we have explained, if the calculation of the number of persons employed is easy, the number of unemployed is less, because this notion can be extensive.Remember that US official statistics depart from the Population total (315 million end October 2012), and define the civil Population outside Institutions (Civilian Noninstitutional Population) as one of 16 years and over, who are not inmates of institutions (prisons, psychiatric hospitals and retirement homes). It is equal to 244 million of people who could potentially work. A number do not want (mainly pensioners – since there is no limit of age in the definition, many elderly people working in the United States).This population is divided into 155 million Americans wishing to work, which constitute civil Active Population (Civilian Labor Force) and 88 million who do not want the Population not Active (Not In Labor Force). The 155 million, 12.3 are unemployed, or 7.9 per cent. In May 2010, there were 15.5 million unemployed to 154.5 million or 10.1% unemployment: the unemployment rate has indeed declined significantly.

The financial support of the Qatar to terrorists of the Al-Dhanub Front, in Syria

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 17:43

IRIB – Sources of information have expressed support of the Qatar terrorists of the Al-Dhanub Front, in Syria. The Qatar gave $ 20 million to terrorist groups takfiris Front Al-Dhanub, who are fighting against the Government of Bashar al-Assad. The Qatar financial aid to terrorists of the Al-Dhanub Front took place simultaneously in the formation of the international coalition against terrorists, under the leadership of the United States.

Qatar: « valet of American » or « club Med for terrorists…

15 Jan. 2015

Siemens plans to abolish 7,400 jobs

The German industrial conglomerate Siemens, in the refocusing of its activities, plans to about 7400 jobs in the world which nearly 3,300 in Germany, according to the Bloomberg Agency who quotes Thursday a source close to the dossier. This cuts into the workforce, which represents approximately 2% of global payroll of the group, could be announced this week

The ultimatum from Frankfurt

The ECB puts pressure on Athens

The European Central Bank has chosen his camp, and it is – who surprisingly – that of the Germany. By measuring it comes to take against the Greece, it sends a very clear signal to the new Government: keep the plan of aid decided by the ‘Troika ‘. But she just trigger a process which may result in the opposite of what it looks

Deception on the subprime : Standard & Poor’s Agency will pay $ 1.37 billion

The Standard and Poor’s Agency has agreed to pay a fine of $ 1.37 billion to the US authorities for having deceived investors about the quality of the mortgages subprime at the origin of the financial crisis, it said Tuesday in a statement. The agreement, signed with the Department of Justice (DoJ) and 19 States, is accompanied by an another settlement agreement

Record number of homeless in New York
•Posted the: Wednesday 4 February
•Keywords: economic crisis; United States; Social

New York is known for its multi-millionaires and exorbitant rents luxury towers, but the largest American city also comes a new record of 60,000 people homeless.

« That night, 60 352 people will sleep in the shelters of the city « , including more than 25,000 children, said Tuesday the coalition for the homeless (Coalition For The Homeless) on its website.

It is 11% more than in January 2014, compared with 53 615 homeless people hosted by the city in January 2014, according to the website. The families represent four-fifths of this homeless population. According to Patrick Markee, Deputy Director of the coalition,  » the history of the homeless crisis  » in New York has deepened since the arrival of Mayor Bill de Blasio in January 2014.

Its reasons are according to him the lack of low-cost housing, policies of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the housing, and the fact that these housing subsidies have not been restored for homeless families.

Tuesday, the Mayor of New York Blasio Bill briefly mentioned this problem in his State of the city address, stating that it had fixed the problem of Veterans homeless by the end of the year.

And it is also committed to provide 10,000 social housing for pensioners cannot pay ‘normal’ rents in New York, which can exceed $ 10,000 for a three parts in some neighborhoods of Manhattan.

The real state of the economy of the United States
•Posted the: Friday, January 23
•Keywords: economy; United States
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•Source: media – presse.info

In a previous article, we suggested that the US GDP statistics were unreliable and that the U.S. economy was bad, much worse than what the soothing words of the media of the system suggest.

At the beginning of year 2015, should take stock of the actual state of the U.S. economy.

Mass unemployment

The number of beneficiaries of bills of supply and clear the unemployed unable to practical to live by themselves to their work, has continued to increase. It is 2.5 times higher than in the preceding thirty years and approach the 50 million inhabitants.

The real state of the economy of the United States

in United States, International / by Bống Revenge / on January 23, 2015 at 10 h 45 min.

In a previous article , we suggested that the US GDP statistics were unreliable and that the U.S. economy is doing badly, much more harm than the soothing words of the media from the system. At the beginning of year 2015, should take stock of the actual state of the U.S. economy.

Mass unemployment

The number of beneficiaries of bills of supply and clear the unemployed unable to practical to live by themselves to their work, has continued to increase. It is 2.5 times higher than in the preceding 30 years and approach the 50 million inhabitants.

MPI – 34 – 01- bons d’alimentation -MPI – 34 – 01- bons d’alimentation –

[Beneficiaries of good food in red and in millions]

You can also note on the above chart that the duration of unemployment (in blue) has also doubled. The following graph shows that the number of inactive people, remaining outside the labour market, continues to grow and that it now exceeds the 90 million people.

MPI – 34 – 02- emploi -MPI – 34 – 02- emploi –

[employment rate (in red) and number of inactive (in black)]

The USA boast to be the country of free enterprise. Until recent times, the balance between creation and business closures was positive. On average, there were 100,000 additional firms each year, the news being more numerous than the dead. Since 2008, the balance is negative and is now between-50 000 and – 100 000 closures.

MPI – 34 – 03 – création fermeture -MPI – 34 – 03 – création fermeture –

[Variation of creations and closures of companies in the USA]

MPI – 34 – 04 – solde -MPI – 34 – 04 – solde –

[Balance of creations and closures of companies in the USA]

In summary, can say that the employment situation is bad in the USA because there are less less than jobs, and also less and less business.

I am not the only noted that US GDP is officially announced an increase while the median salary is in continuous decline since 1999. I continue to amaze me of this mystery.

MPI – 34 – 05 – PIB sans salaires -MPI – 34 – 05 – PIB sans salaires –

[the mystery of the GDP increasing with wages declining]

To add a positive note, it should be noted that the oil sector is one of those who create jobs, most importantly, well paid, then that other sectors (all-non-farm) are on average more in Bern.

MPI – 34 – 06 – oil and gas -MPI – 34 – 06 – oil and gas –

[Specific growth in the oil sector (in blue)]

Decrease in the average standard of living

Overall, the standard of living in the USA is declining and the median separating the poorest 50% of the richest 50% is declining. It is located at the level of the 1960s.

MPI – 34 – 07 – évaporation de la classe moyenne -MPI – 34 – 07 – évaporation de la classe moyenne –

[Median standard of living]

Note, for example, that sales of MacDonald are down since mid-2012.

MPI – 34 – 08 – Mac Donald -MPI – 34 – 08 – Mac Donald –

[MacDonald turnover down from mid-2012]

Understanding the 2007 subprime crisis

A statistical study of large-scale concerns the whole of the 3144 « counties » (counties) and provides information on the year where the median income is spent by its maximum in the County in question.

MPI – 34 – 09 – cartographie -MPI – 34 – 09 – cartographie –

[Mapping according to the year of maximum median income]

Mapping shows that the maximum median income reached less than 15 years ago in half is from the USA and there are between 25 and 45 years in the Western third. In 1era approximation, and putting aside local exceptions, these are the two major regions of the USA that suffer the most from the decline in the median standard of living.

In detail, the maximum median income has reached:

-1 year ago in 380 counties, about 12 per cent of them.

-2 to 5 years ago in 213 counties, or 7%.

-6 to 15 years ago in 1623 counties, or 52%.

-16 to 25 years ago in 141 counties, or 4%.

-26-35 years ago in 572 counties, or 18%.

-36-45 years ago in 210 counties, or 7%.

This study highlights the fact that the famous crisis of 2007 does not date from 2007 but actually began earlier, about 15 years ago, in the early 2000s.

If it is now interested in the evolution of wealth by quartiles, i.e. by dividing the population into four quarters equal, we see on the chart that following the 2007 crisis (labeled 2) was preceded by another slip (marked 1). From 2005, there is a dramatic decrease of the wealth of the poorest quartile. Clearly, American 1 on 4, belonging to the poorest quartile, saw his wealth divided by 4, a decrease of 75%.

MPI – 34 – 10 – quartiles -MPI – 34 – 10 – quartiles –

[Evolution of wealth by quartile]

This dramatic decline of 75% of the wealth of the poorest from 2005 to understand the mechanics of the subprime crisis, which is a crisis in two stages.

For reasons that remain to be determined, the use is structurally wrong in the USA since 2000. The poorest workers apparently were the first victims of this degradation. In a 1St time, banks lent to these poor, who were unable to repay these loans rotten, so-called subprime mortgages.

In a 2nd time, the shock wave caused by the collapse of the purchasing power of the quartile lowest spread between 2005 and 2007 with the rest of the U.S. economy, generating an explosion in 2007 and 2008, in particular in the banking sector.

The political crisis of ultra-liberalism

The result of the crisis in two time revealed in 2007 is that more than half of the inhabitants of the USA is now less rich than in 1984, thirty years later.

Everything happens as if the measures implemented by Reagan in the early 1980s had initially brought a number of benefits: fall of Soviet Communism, increase of the economy, employment improved, etc.

But in a new period initiated in the 1990s, the U.S. economy has become a machine to drain the wealth to a tiny minority. In fact, only 0.01% of the U.S. population has seen its wealth increase, and exponentially.

MPI – 34 – 11 – super-riches -MPI – 34 – 11 – super-riches –

[Increase in the wealth of the richest 0.01%]

Here is the finger on an issue that is not economic but political. A ultra-minorite of 0.01% of the inhabitants is predatory way the wealth of the country, while the majority of the population is impoverished. Is this normal?

The answer is a little in the American police. See for yourself:

Greece, a game complex

After a week of surprise before a Government that applies its program (which keeps its promise, what change…), after taking note of the first political gestures team Alexis Tsypras (and his new Finance Minister), after having stored the ‘ Troika ‘, or the alliance of the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, to the radius of the outdated accessories [1]should be wondering about the strategy of Syriza.

The strategy of Syriza

This last is a point. Tsypras wants to regain margins of budgetary maneuvers. He needs for this ‘ recover ‘ from 6 to 8 billion euros, which are currently allocated to the payment of interest on Greek debt. He needs this money to implement measures that will avoid the Greek people to perish. This is a tragic, and yet quite obvious reality. This decrease in the load of interests is required and will allow the Government to set up a kind of austerity program. That is why Syriza made partial cancellation of debt, or has any less than a moratorium of 20 to 30 years on payments a priority. We know that, on this point, it is supported both by economists – and not less – than by the U.S. Government. It is also known that the Greece reserves are insufficient to enable the country to make payments at the beginning of July. In total, these are 23 billion euros that the Greece should pay. To the extent Tsypras rejected the last tranche of the aid provided for by the ‘ troika ‘ plan, this means that an agreement must be found before this summer.

But he will face a very hard front of countries led by the Germany. We know that this last country, by the votes of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is firmly opposed to any cancellation of debts. However, it leaves the door to the solution of the moratorium to be open. But it is clear that the discussion will then focus on the nature and the duration of the latter. In fact, Alexis Tsypras would like to bind the issue of his country to that of a general revision of the austerity policies. In doing so, it struck head-on German policy that supports that, out of austerity, no salvation. This means that the confrontation with the Germany and its allies, is inevitable. Whatever the language Fireworks, it is clear that in this confrontation, there will be a winner and a loser. The stakes are important paur Alexis Tsypras, but for Angela Merkel also. If she were to suffer a defeat, bend to the will of other countries, it is not only his own political position that would be dramatically weakened in Germany, but the credibility of its position which would be significantly affected. Having given on this crucial point, what arguments the Germany could she assert to prevent the eurozone turns gradually into a transfer union? But, if this is Alexis Tsypras giving a decisive, torpedo his political future, and that of Syriza; It leaves the field open to the extreme right.


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