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BOSTON MARATHON A new lie of State, in order to strengthen the State policeman.,it’s crazy, huh, all 3 videos have been removed, are still the pictures.


I’m pretty, fuss, because many, but many, many people, have questions, towards the gouvernementAMERICAIN, French (french, since that soi saying, veteran djihahdistes shout allah, ouhakbar, in their car, and since the case MERAH, and the self saying bombing of the Jewish Museum in Brussels, and especially attack in Boston, as lcol Roy Potter denounces staged see links)

VERITAS: Bombing of Boston Lieutenant Colonel Roy Potter…



attacks of the Boston marathon. unaxe.WordPress.com

actors, fake blood, if you look well at the end of the page, there is a photo of an offcer of the US Army, called NICK VOGT, who has lost his leg in KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN in a division of infantry, 25, November 2011

Okay, I tried to translate, I recognize that I have a small program, that helped me well

Here is the translation of this link onlyhttp://www.jimstonefreelance.com/vogt.html without the PHOTOS, you can rebuild the legendary, this is that we take bladders for lanterns.

Jeff Bauman is no case Nick Vogt is not the man who walked on the Moon

Update – it is not VOGT or BAUMAN

The man who had lost his legs torn seems denied now, and he was never on a wheelchair to begin. Why the media reported that he was in a wheelchair is beyond me, I do not know how, which said.It is evident from additional, posted pictures on the forum that the man who had lost his ripped legs was just standing around and was close to the bomb. In addition, the history of wheelchair is not supported by photos high resolution available on the web, none of them show of wheelchairs in the crowd. Why the history of wheelchair did get shot then?

There is a discussion on this topic in the Boston thread on the forum, where the photos are presented in order to rebut the identity of Vogt, and I must say I agree, but that photos prove also that this is not either Bauman. I also find cela a detail in a larger story, which is at least a diversion to other drilling. The essence is that the truth is not outgoing Boston through the mainstream press. Then what follows is gone as history, it is never applied because the victim story line any wheelchair was B.S., and photos on the forum show.

What really happened? A man who has never been appointed precisely obtained his legs torn off and was carted off in a wheelchair. Bauman is a media fiction.

Fraud and actors proved to the explosion of Boston


They have chosen a very bad copy for Nick Vogt, and I mean, they have really messed up. They were careful to show only Bauman poses showing the right side of his face and especially single Vogt showed up with poses on the left side of his face, but they screw up, and when you compare the two faces the same angle that they are simply not the same guy.

The key poses follow.

Nick Vogt, who is in a wheelchair, does not correspond to Bauman. Look at the hair and where it parts. Bauman is less than

No match at all, and you can not change this attribute of your hair as if by magic.

The following photo is another of Nick Vogt. Note how the hair is a football match. Although Vogt hair is not postponed, it is therefore apparent the natural part is the photo of Boston. In addition, Bauman face is shorter and more complete, and Vogt face is longer and more bone.

Bottom line? At least an actor has been used for the Boston psy op.

They had a problem. The guy who was supposed to be the victim had no legs, and people figured it out. So they found an another wheelchair bound to the man who had lost his legs and he used as a fill color in for Vogt, once people knew that Vogt had no legs. It was a rush job, and fate not favour fraudsters at all. Nick Vogt has dishonored his country and he faked in the Marathon. Thats all there is to it. Only God knows if he knew in advance that it is going to be a meeting of psy and not a drill. Perhaps, it should be cut some slack on these grounds. That being said, something happened there, but certainly, that Vogt was not part of one of the real action. Why was an actor on the stage, with a quality of hollywood accessory?

It was just too easy.

April 16, 2013

Boston bombardment of updates-

There is a great thread on this subject in the

Note that mister Vogt lost his legs fully in Afghanistan in 2011. It seems to be one of the victims and if so, where he got this leg that clings, stripped to the bone? This does not wash with me, that the leg should be an accessory.

That being said, the photos really look real to me. Why Vogt was there with his small prop is beyond me. I think it was at least partly true, and they are proving IT this time.

HOWEVER. . I must admit, Vogt ca makes me want to call B.S. on the whole of the show…


We here at the theatre of the human bat, splashes of blood goes to the door, and not far from him. If someone has been really short of this theatre of bleeding, blood spatter would go elsewhere. It’s an obvious configuration, where the idiot who threw the blood going the wrong direction.

Above we have Jessica Redfield (Ghawi) damning tweet, – Jessica was one of the « dead » in Aurora, which has witnessed another mass shooting a month earlier and settled in a place with « five swimming pools and a Lake » a few days before shooting. Great reward.

Below, we have all the pictures taken of children, holes of bullets in classrooms, children on stretchers and the rest of the photographic evidence of Sandy Hook:

So we can at least understand why I am tempted to say no was killed in Boston, with mister non legs suddenly grow a show and all the tricks of cute photography that were drawn in the past.


Photos of Navy Seals or mercenaries type Blackwater sneak peek before and after the explosions of Boston:

A young Chechen was killed, it would have been more convenient if we had can killed the other, brother, huh! , but if he lives is that he didnt see anything, or so little compromising, I am sure that questioning by other than CFIA, MOSSAD, FBI, would more accurately, of course, if possible.GAGs!

The FBI is considering multiple tracks in the aftermath of the attack which caused at least three deaths and more than 140 injured

trial of the attack in Boston, it happens, onva judging an innocent,.

because much of the world, of the planet know that mossad, is behind many of attentatsd’ or the 11 September

Revelations of Veterans Today Gordon Duff: « Bush and the Mossad had planned the attacks of 9/11/2001 »

Si you want to have a year-end gift, you’ll have a grace in the American press that reveals, on December 25, 2014, on the basis of the revelations made by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, that the attacks of 9/11 in the United States were planned by the Mossad and BUSH! bush and the Jews, they are everywhere, it’s crazyeach time, they are some part, this is the shit!

September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job?

by Laurent Guyénot

The role of Israel in the events of September 11, 2001 – that determine the 21st century – is the object after controversies, or rather a real taboo within the movement for truth on September 11″(9/11 Truth Movement) causing the sidelining of the man by whom the scandal arrived, Thierry Meyssan. Most militant associations, mobilised behind the slogan « 9/11 was an Inside Job » (September 11 was an indoor operation), to remain discreet on parts conviction involving the Hebrew State secret services. Laurent made Guyénot point on that unknown also indisputable facts, and analyses the mechanisms of denial.


APPLICATIONS on SMARTPHONES, such as there by the road safety, for radars, and coincidentally it is also who you punished when, cramer you radar, such as the GAUCHEet the right, on the one hand, I give, on the other I take double, good for track, in fact, good, medium, of ANNIHILER the thought of people with crap games, or games, such as « CALL OF DUTY, games from SONY, MEF the designed ‘ is mostly what, they are small, or young people, on the other hand, when things go charcler, I would not like to be instead of the guys who have fucked up the mess


PARIS (Reuters) – at the end of the 1970s, a young diplomat, Member of the cabinet of the president of the European Commission, the French François-Xavier Ortoli, receives a call in his Brussels Office.At the other end of the wire, the then french president, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The latter learned that the European Executive is preparing to submit an opinion on the application for membership of the Greece to the European Community which, as every year, diplomatically refer Athens to a distant future. » »VGE », who cares, the diplomat is the classical arguments: Greece, whose competitiveness is very low, is not ready to integrate the EEC and a premature membership would have devastating effects for the economy. »Sir, it does not play Plato in the second division », responds Valéry Giscard d’Estaing by hanging up.The mass was said and the Greece will adhere in 1981 for essentially political reasons, seven years after the return of democracy following the fall of the regime of the colonels.The Europe of the nine was much less able to oppose the french steamroller that valid arguments came support of Greek accession, namely the anchor to the European block of a democracy fragile member of NATO.The marriage between the Greece and the European Union had begun, thirty years later, turn into a situation of dramatic torque between rescue plan and risk of bankruptcy, in which both parties have as much responsibility as the other one.And with France still maneuvering to try to save a country that might lead the eurozone in its fall.


The analysis of the Commission according to which the Greek membership was premature would soon prove to be just.In the first four years of accession, the European Executive opened 108 infringement proceedings against Greece for violation of EU rules.Since 1982, the Greece believes that she does not find her account in the EEC and that its partners not enough help it to develop its economy, including swathes disappear under the blows of battering of the European competition.In 1985, she was awarded the « integrated Mediterranean Programmes » (PMI), precursor of the « structural funds », of regional aid that were pouring billions on poor countries of the EU from 1989.C’ was the price demanded by the Greece – and countries like the Spain and Portugal – later to accept the creation of the European single market which was to be completed at the end of 1992 under the leadership of the president of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, and the Franco-German couple.Since 1989, the Greece received 35 billion euros of European regional aid which were, admittedly, used to build roads, airports and metro, but failed in the Greece to draw the best party, notably because of poor management recognized by the Greek Government itself.The former Greek Minister of finance George Papaconstantinou, still Member of the Government, said understanding in Liberation that the young Greeks graduate « no longer want to live in a country where nothing works, where institutions do not work, where the tax system is unfair (…), where the political system is corrupt ».


Deputy Greek Minister Theodoros Pangalos, who has been part of many socialist governments for two decades, acknowledges the Greek mistakes in the management of the funds public, generating deficits. »Greek patronage was mainly based on State spending that helped to recruit officials who were not essential », he said this week in Paris. « Those who have raised the alarm were crushed. »Tax evasion is a national sport, with 600,000 farmers who do not pay taxes and the liberal professions who pay ridiculous sums to the State thanks to the multitude of corporatism that prevent any movement. »And cite a personal story: »Honorary Member « of the bar since he took his retirement of counsel, he had denounced the ‘shame’ television is in his fiction that allows Greek lawyers show an average income of barely 1,500 euros per month and taxes in proportion. »The bar has punished me pulling me the title of honorary lawyer », he said.


Diplomatic balance of membership of Athens is not considered brilliant by European leaders.The Greece has never ceased to promote the enlargement of the European Union to Cyprus, unsuccessfully at first. »It was irresponsible to »import »in the EU for France, an island amputated of its northeast part occupied by 30,000 Turkish troops since 1974 and where United Nations peacekeepers are reign a fragile peace army for over twenty years. »Cyprus aims to be in the European Union but the European Union has no vocation to take a piece of Cyprus and to take issues that are not his, »said so in 1998 the president Jacques Chirac.Mais the Greece has threatened to block the accession of nine other countries who were to make their entry into the EU in 2004 if his Cypriot foal was rejected. »Blackmail » worked. EU policymakers is easy by stating that the accession of Cyprus to the EU would facilitate the conclusion of a peace agreement. Six years later, negotiations are still deadlocked.The Greece joining the euro is part of the same process: a political decision, and non-economic. But if entry into the European Union could be justified by geopolitical arguments, the adoption of the euro should respond to a pure economic logic, which is not observed.In 2001, Athens qualified in satisfying surprise to the Maastricht criteria, including a public deficit below 3% of GDP gross. »Three years later, on November 15, 2004, the truth broke out: the Greek Minister of finance George Alogoskoufis confirmed before his peers of the Eurogroup the magnitude of the makeup of the numbers by the Athenian authorities. »It has been proven that the deficit had not fallen below 3% one year since 1999 « , acknowledges, a month after having tenaciously supported the opposite.


In fact, the Greece had been, and by far, constantly above the 3% from 1997 to 2003, as came to discover in September 2004 a mission of Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the EU, which had therefore not to do his job before 2001.Mais the Greece partners did not wish to push the country, especially as it were the Socialists, and not the Conservative Government of 2004who were in business for all the years that are the problem.And the fireworks of the 2004 Olympic Games, which have even helped dig the deficit, have a time overshadowed the magnitude of the structural problems of the country.In 2009, when the Greek debt crisis broke out, history repeats itself: the Prime Minister George Papandreou, who has won the elections, discovers that the deficit is not 6% of GDP, but more than double.It is the end of the « Greek dream » and the beginning of a descent to the underworld for a country that now has a debt of 160% of GDP without being able to reimburse it, for its population to a cure of austerity without precedent and for the euro area, threatened in its existence by contagion.Successive Greek Governments have a responsibility in this situation and recognize gladly that billions of euros dumped by Europe have been – at least – bad used due to a failing governance and administrative corruption.But the European authorities, Commission head, have not played the role of lookout which was vested to them.For example, they should monitor the Greek public accounts to avoid makeup that threaten now throughout the euro area by contagion effect.The lesson seems to have been learned and this country to shady nationalism finds himself obliged to beg the assistance of the European Union and the international monetary fund.It is de facto under international supervision and sovereignty is reduced to very little.Horst Reichenbach, who was Vice President of the EBRD (European Bank for reconstruction and development), for six years was named at the head of a « task force » of around 50 people who, in Athens and Brussels, will manage – without saying – the economy of the country under the guise of aid.He tells be nicknamed « Reich » in Greece, the first letters of its name, in reference to the Nazi occupation particularly hard in the Hellenic peninsula.A senior official of the German Government, which also sent teams in Greece to establish a cadastre and benefits of tourism, acknowledges that the Greece looks like a « protectorate » these days. »They lose more in addition to their autonomy. It will take a generation and a change in attitudes for the Greece recovers its sovereignty. »

Edited by Gilles Trequesser
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Je suis assez ,embêtez ,car ,BEAUCOUP ,MAIS BEAUCOUP ,BEAUCOUP DE GENS ,se posent des questions ,VIS-A-VIS des gouvernementAMERICAIN,FRANCAIS (français,depuis ,que des soi disant, combattant djihahdistes crient allah ,ouhakbar,dans leur voiture ,et depuis l’affaire MERAH ,et ,le soi disant attentat du musée juif de BRUXELLE ,et surtout Attentat de Boston ,car le lieutenant-colonel Roy Potter dénonce une mise en scène voir les liens


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