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MAIRIE DE CHANPLAN, masquerade, and LICRA, who walks in, sincerely they know that their days are numbered in this puppet government and grotesque, in there, one wonders what, they reflect

And that the association family guy, GH, or something similar, I think, stop ranting and nonsense, this is because his life, is a life of M…! That others, it also has. The worst is in all this, is he knows at the bottom, it is a nonsense to harm, VALLS stops your circus, you’re bad, you’re bad.!

Act macron

Act Macron: ‘a sham which professions are the main victims.

For transport , it is the creation of lines, so companies started by friends of Valls, de, sarkozy, of Holland, and others, how to get to prosperity on the back of the poor people.

« Slingers » of the Socialist Party, but also the former first Secretary Martine Aubry, violently criticized several of its provisions, particularly those on the Sunday work. Members of the opposition,

for dentists , which is way affubler, a title in addition to dentist, « Seller of PROSTHESIS »

for the ecolgistes, so for me,.

I agree with tou in fact that CÉCILE DUFLOT said, on some points, I’m not always agree with, them, it is true, but then they mark a point

While Bill Macron is presented so far in the Council of Ministers, EELV deplores the backward-looking vision of a research of growth without imagination or research for the common good.Among the dozens of articles of this law Tote one finds for example one who restores the cutting sales, real estate speculation scourge that the Socialist party denounced yet there is very little Assembly.Where is the common good when it facilitates the expulsion of entire families for the sole benefit of property developers? That is the growth of their sales over the well-being of the people who will be evicted from the place where they lived?

For lawyers, sorry for the others, but too long listed Archi A call to Unapl, which defends the liberal professions, the architects will show January 22. In line of sight of the profession: the opening of the capital of public companies to foreign structures.

Our privilege sold to allow the estimated 200,000 in-house lawyers (so-called ‘New lawyers employees of enterprise’, or NASE, P-T-N what abbreviation! I do the f’ spokes, is them already), lawyers are not trained to cela – and, for the vast majority, did in asking not so much – to become

It is a mobilization for the least original! For the first time in their history, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and other professions of law covered by the pane of Act Macron regulated professions have manifested in the streets of Paris.

SOME talk of DICTATORSHIP, it is the case, if it passes with the 49.3, some do will not, PRETEND

How the Macron law threatens justice (and why lawyers take to the streets) Publication: 2014-12-09 14:20 this updated: 2014-12-09 2: 21 pm this

Claire Simonin , become a fan, or persons concerned

Lawyer at the bar of Paris

I expressed twice in my life.

Once on May 1, 2002, when the event anti Pen after the first round of the presidential elections, because I was worried for the future of my country. Fooled, I’d much rather and 100,000 times, see MARINE LE PEN to power, that a band of Jews, or free-masons, who did nothing brought to power, if only emmerdes, shenanigans and wars (GAZA, Syria) DAECH, BOKO HARAM, it does, reminds you nothing!

The second in 2012, against closure of GAD Lampaul who developed the carpet 900 employees in a village of 2100 inhabitants while the slaughterhouse with a production tool brand new was one of the highest performing in Britain. I’m so not a fierce of the banner, and not rather than French in defense of my personal interests. Yet I myself tomorrow, after 13 years of bar, and for the first time under my dress of counsel, alongside colleagues who wished to join the collective created the week last with three colleagues. Justice is already well ill, it is a sad fact. It comes with the law Macron the definitively to the carpet, completing to kill justice of proximity and small artisans-lawyers, to allow, in an area that still resisted the creation of groups and omnipotent, to capital which will be enteredinsurance companies and big banks. Our professional secret sold to allow the estimated 200,000 in-house lawyers (so-called ‘New lawyers employees of enterprise’, or NASE), who are not trained for that – and for the vast majority, demanded so much – to become lawyers; our independence questioned, since these staff lawyers of company will be subject to the relationship of subordination to their employer ;the territorial, mesh which ensures the presence of lawyers in any point of the territory, deleted, this is the spectacle of devastation that would provide our justice if the Macron Act were adopted in terms of the current Bill. But this is a bushy law, « tote » say some, which deals with all of the guides-speakers, the opening of stores on Sunday, highways, and some professions of law, including those of lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and clerks of the commercial courts. In this context, the voice of lawyers is lost in the mass, stigmatized as those privileged few who seek to defend their withdrawal. There is nothing. If there are privileged in our profession, it is precisely the big firms, members of the bar said business, one that supports the Macron Act because it will allow him to forge still closer ties with major groups that are its clients, while independence is one of the pillars of our profession.

Well written, Ms, if it did, that I share not all your opinion on the LOGUE, that said, well written, well spoke, and all court!

To further complicate things, the legal profession is divided. (, it’s better to reign)
•While all the bars of France rallied to claim that texts on the profession of lawyer are extracts of the Macron Act and subject to the arbitration of the Ministry of Justice, our Ministry, the order of lawyers in Paris, traditionally close to the bar of business, took a stand against the mobilization of December 10, and supports the creation of the NASE. Absence of General Assembly of the Parisian lawyers, he does them was not permitted to individually inform their position, and that of their order, which represents half of the lawyers of France, blurs the speech of the National Bar Council, representative institution of all lawyers in France, hostile to the project.This is the reason why, with Parisian colleagues, we wanted to create a collective non-politicized, non-unionized, to show that the Parisian lawyers are not in ranks tight behind their President and their order, and they worry, as their colleagues from province of justice at a discount which would give birth Act Macron if it was adopted. Small lawyers cannot survive in large groups strike force would disappear the first, only survive the biggest dedicated to their business clientele. Ordinary citizens would be more that recourse to the NASE,so a defence of nase,(excuse me, but it was too easy) from their insurance company, which of course privilégieraient the interests of their employer rather than those of their customers. This movement, initiated by four young brothers

Julien Aubert Member for Vaucluse

Guillaume CHATURVEDI Deputy of Mayenne

Alain Christian , Deputy of the Haute-Saône, if it is of the same family, the father, would of remained in the stars

Gérald Darmanin MP Northern

Virginia Duby-Müller MP for the Haute-Savoie

Daniel Gibbs MP for Saint-Barthélemy and Saint – Martin

Laurent Mahmoudian MP for the South Corsica

(Source: lefigaro.fr ))

You know, what you have to do people of VAUCLUSE, MAYENNE, HAUTE-SAÔNE, North, HAUTE SAVOIE, SAINT BATHELEMYet SAINT MARTIN and South Corsica, who made themselves have, me, by all their beautiful speech, when you see liars PATENTES, UMP UNION.THE France is one country free, if you want it the rest

DON’T ever vote for them and their ALCOLYTES

(Small, are fed up to have, it hurts, each turn, you have the chance, we is is ra not dry, but however is is biggest ra.)

It is therefore not one of privileged people who want to defend themselves, but that of lawyers of any kind, who are worried about the justice of tomorrow, in the interests of their fellow citizens, because a society in which the lawyers are not independent is not a company.

The other day, I was talking with friends, who told me, that nuclear power is essential for the time being, but all agreed that there is an energy transition, as in France, we are unable at the moment to make power packaging, batteries of Fenwick, and other packaging, Varta, Agv, this firm is it not European packaging equipment and active waste or…. and I told them, that if we had no debt, so huge of 2000 billion to€, one could well face, has anything that could hinder the creation and production, but some small spirits, who have had the chance to do the studies, which are also sharp as a gum, asked what, that their to servedimagine, or know, what is more serious, than by doing work people 12 Sundays on 5, water, wet it, they are going to increase growth, but in it school, you go, I say, that person goes there, it is common sense to say that the growth will increase over a short period 1 year, 2 can be and after (after me the deluge)

Without think, to look for oil fracturing, and disfigure the land of my ancestors, claiming to be part of the first oil producers, knowing that this is an energy called has disappear, and at the moment, some eat their white bread, and when there will be more bread or oil, they will eat the sand,

In fact, thanks to youtube, for the Navy LEPEN to AL JEZEERA interview, including sub – titles were upside down, so if you not understand English, as one of my friends, that he pestered, me it does absolutely not bothered me, having said that I can understand, to see an interview, well directed to QATAR, normal, you say ,

In fact, I really liked what said MARINES LOGUE on AL JEZEERA, she a fundamentalist of freedom, which is crazy, is that too

In fact, the German refer to the Germans.

In fact, the English refer to the English

In fact, the Chinese refer to the Chinese

In fact, the French refer to french, the time, if any, particular streams turned into river, this happened in such or such Department, we have nothing to fuck, it is a rain of hail in DOHA, or time of QATAR, a if I say this, it is apparently al jazeera wants intoxicated the french Audio-Visual,

Al jezeera is a chain of QATAR, that they will shortly be polluted french audiovisual space, I would have preferred, it is KADAFI because as by chance kadafi he thought Africa, at any with its satellite, making the p ‘ tits ‘ Afriqiya « ,but not regional of the North Africa and the Middle East, as coverage. EUTELSAT 21 B, the State of QATAR, which has really helped the palestine when israel the bombed, P-T-N ZARMA, ca brother, (o the refre u) but I’m not going to the verlant page, because otherwise, there are full, which are not gep proves again the bad livers of some, when it needs you, was, or you find. , but when you need them, a more person.GENTLEMEN ladies, Muslims I want to tell you, is that under the pretext of pognons, that QATAR has, this has not prevented it, let go, or he could use all its weight to stop the bombing on GAZA, is the United Nations, who asked the cease-fire, due to the 3 schools supposedly protected by it, fortunately what were protected WOAWH! it protection , cela prevented does not prevent the massive influx of Syrians (of brothers) I believe in vessels garbage there, or, the traffiquants will disturb not for enclosed your brothers and sisters, nephew and niece, and to stop the bombing of your brethren might do something for Sudan or Eritrea;AHc’ is true, too poor, pas, enough resources, not enough pognons, it’s brother when it suits them

Because you are our brothers in religion, we are here to help you, you, the natives of the Republic, the unreached, martyrs of Islamophobia. This is the message underlying victimization to qatari patronage. The bedouin capitalist is not the good Samaritan of Sociology political webernienne!

I thank the new obs

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, met François Holland. 12-08-22 Paris (k. Stephanie/AFP)

Under the guise of globalization, the Government Sarkozy has granted to the Qatar benefits like no other Government before. It is not only of the purchase of the MTP, orinvestments in more strategic areas. It is especially the Act exempting the Qataris of taxes on real estate gains.

The left, heir to a foul-smelling project

In this, the coy of the UMP Virgin, who criticize qatari altruism in the suburbs, are well amazing amnesia. Recovered from their olfactory disorder, they discover suddenly that money may have an odor. The left is not at the origin of this project which affects the sovereignty of the France, but she is the heiress.

It is indeed in the revolutionary euphoria that Qatar, major actor of the Arab spring, by its subversive television and its diplomacy of the mega-cheque, felt strong enough to go to a greater degree in his love for the France. But the purchase of a football club is not of the same nature as inherently communitarian project. Where a club boss expects his star to score goals against the opponent, a feudal and theocratic Emirate can expect from his brother in religion to score points against secularism.

It is through the purchase of hearts begins servitude of the spirits. Behind this interest in the suburbs, there’s a gradual tactic to sit neo-wahhabite influence on french islam. And behind this tactic, a strategy to act long term on French politics. The bedouins need not equate the unions to practise entryism.

The concept of Taqiyya (dissimulation) is widely enough. To decrypt this strategy, he must listen to homilies of Qaradawi, spiritual guide of the bedouin Emirate, which is for Sheikh Hamad that Voltaire was to Catherine II. Each civilization its lights! This strategy becomes intelligible if it submits it to Islamic casuistry dahir (visible) and the batin (hidden). The visible, it’s economic pragmatism, is the franco-qatarie friendship, is the embodiment of a tolerant islam and call for the dialogue of religions. Occult, is Islamist proselytism, is bring the voice of Allah in the unholy land, it is distill hatred against Christians and Jews, is « sacrificing his life, his progeny and his money for the triumph of islam », according to a hadith which only fundamentalists acknowledge the authenticity.

A message underlying victimization

In every euro invested in France, there is the neo-wahhabite poison. Especially in the suburbs, where religious fervor and the bigotisme compensate unemployment, where the isolationism feeds social exclusion and where faith is above the law. It is known that in Islamic doctrine, the confessional link transcends nationality, and that the law of God is greater than the law of the Republic.

Because you are our brothers in religion, we are here to help you, you, the natives of the Republic, the unreached, martyrs of Islamophobia. This is the message underlying victimization to qatari patronage. The bedouin capitalist is not the good Samaritan of Sociology political webernienne!

It would be useful to return to the deeds and misdeeds of neo-Wahhabism in France, I distinguished from Saudi Wahhabism, which has had its hour of glory and who came to understand that Europe is not a Citadel to take. Qatari neo-Wahhabi is a syncretism of Puritanism and maximalism of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is in this that it is more pernicious than Saudi Wahhabism, which Sarkozy had also praised Riyad in 2008.

Who has galvanized the passions when the veil ban arose in France? It is Al-Jazeera. Who tried to give a religious dimension to the urban violence of 2005? That has transformed the first business cartoons in universal crisis? Which did not prevent the Qatar to invite the Danish cartoonist at a symposium on the dialogue of religions! Who has altered the words of the Pope in Regensburg? Which aired in real time the speeches of Ben Laden? Who never calls criminals by their names but by so-called terrorists, including Al-Qaida? On what television Qaradawi professed that Hitler has inflicted on the Jews a memorable lesson? On Al-Jazeera, whose power over the Arab opinion is not media but hypnotic.

Who finances today Islamist obscurantism in the Maghreb, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia and Mali? Finally, which transformed the Arab Islamist winter spring?

In Tahrir square, Qaradawi, spiritual guide of the Qatar and imam overshadowed of the UOIF, launched: the lights of islam must shine on the West. In other words, the Arab spring will not stop at Mediterranean borders. It is from this messianic delusions, which sees a sign of Allah, to interpret the Qatari goodness in French in the triumph of Islamism. Between messianism and the martyrology, there is an intrinsic causality, which the last dismantling of Islamist networks in France is only the visible part of the Iceberg.

Sources: http://leplus.nouvelobs.com/contribution/649450-le-qatar-…

Primidi Vendémiaire 221 21

The other big lie inserted in the head of African ─ and the rest of the planet of ailleurs─ on Qaddafi, is the sponsor of international terrorism. Even today, it is claimed that Gaddafi was responsible for first of the Lockerbie bombing. Yet the Scottish courts ended by deciding that this was not the case, that investigators are supplied for manipulations with the assistance of the CIA. The key in the Lockerbie, Swiss engineer Ulrich Lumpert witnesses a washed complement the Libya of suspicion in this case. « I think we tried to modify the exhibit intentionally. The decisive exhibit, the fragment of detonator which has made the news at the time, would have ridden from scratch by the CIA agents who were investigating the attack. Yet for more than 20 years, this country has suffered an embargo without precedent of the USA and their allies.

Remove it before losing control total of Africa as from 2014 here any reason that guided the France, the United States, Britain and their allies in their campaign against Gaddafi.

Muammar al-Gaddafi: Killed to prevent him to realize the dream of millions of Africans from 2014

Currency, African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, telecommunications, transportation, United States of Africa… Muammar Gaddafi had ingeniously all planned, settling as the year 2014 for the creation of the Central Bank, the monetary and much bottom others yet to free the black continent after half a century of independence reminiscent of a word followed by any act or « govern without reign.

After having the idea in 2000 at the Summit of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in Lome to realize the dream of Kwame Nkrumah, and Cheikh Anta Diop, and obtained the creation of the African Union (AU) a few years later, the Libyan guide pushes the CAP more far.

African satellite and Afriqiya: two concrete ideas for the unit

Muammar al-Gaddafi pushes his peers to buy a satellite Africa so that Africa has its independence in communication. It provides this purchase with several hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars.

‘He knows spend without counting (…) ‘. so to buy the African satellite, it has put three hundred million dollars on the table »testified Moustapha Cissé, former Ambassador of Senegal in Libya and former special adviser to the former Senegalese President Abdiou Diouf in charge of the Arab and Islamic world.

The Guide of the Libyan Jamahiriya thus offered RASCOM-QAF1, the first telecommunications satellite entirely dedicated to the African continent and its islands. It was put in orbit on December 20, 2007! This was the first launch of the history for all African countries.

Gaddafi is also launching the airline, Afriqiyah Airawyas, which provides the link between the African capitals and regions of the continent.

The company offered 4 scheduled flights between Tripoli and Dakar, Abidjan and Cairo… etc. « many people used the Afriqiyah line to go to Paris. « Because we could make Dakar, Tripoli, Paris, and return to 400 thousand FCFA (615 Euros) » adds the Senegalese diplomat.

« Then Tripoli became a platform of communication between Africa, the Arab world and Europe.

The currency and the African Central Bank in 2014

Gaddafi had proposed the establishment of an African monetary union (AMU). It had reached 30 billion (dollars) for the creation of the AMU which should be Yaoundé (Cameroon) to seat. It had also provided for the creation of an African Central Bank (BCA), which should be installed its headquarters in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria. It was this African Bank begins to issue an African currency from 2014.

‘What do not like to Westerners because it would allow us to pass us the CFA and other currencies that make that break our economies’ indignant M.cisse

An African investor in Africa

Gaddafi had a very dynamic African policy. From Senegal to Chad, passing by the Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, etc. The Libyan guide has invested billions of dollars in agricultural sectors, hydrocarbons, hospitality and tourism, and in equipment.

In Mali, the smallest Libyan investment compared with 50 billion (CFA FRANCS) in the hospitality industry. « These Libyan investments in the hospitality industry are estimated at more than 50 billion CFA francs, » said Oumar Balla Touré, Director-general of the Malian Tourism Office.

Several other hundreds of billions invested in the agricultural sector. For Malians Gaddafi is « a man who is committed to the African cause » the national transition Council (CNT) is considered in Mali as a rebel body supported by the international community. From the beginning of the revolt, in Benghazi, and the entry of foreign aviation Muslim associations and political parties had organized in Bamako from expressions of support to Gaddafi, denouncing a « Western invasion «.»

By scoffers, clear the Libyan guide has several billion dollars for the creation of banks sahelo-Saharan antelopes in Senegal, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Chad, etc, and the acquisition of several Western companies in Africa to reduce their grip on the economies of the continent.

This is for example the case of Mobile Oil, US group Exxon Mobile, which has become a Oil Libya in the major part of the West African subregion. Guinea-Conakry has its first chain of television to Muammar Gaddafi; He the offered to him on behalf of the Libyan people as a present to the « brother people » Guinea in 1979. It has also equipped the Guinean army, of armaments heavy to the uniforms of the soldiers for several decades. Not to mention a gigantic financial support.

« And now some financiers say that Libyan investments in the sub-region exceed investments » noted Ambassador Moustapha Cissé.

The life of the era Libyan Gaddafi:
•1 – Libya is the last country on the list of indebted countries! The debt to 3.3% of GDP! In France, it is 84.5%! In the USA at 88.9%! At the Japan to 225.8%!
•2 – Electricity for household use was free!
•3 – Water for household use was free!
•4 – The price of a litre of petrol was 0.08 Euros!
•5 – Libyan banks extend interest-free loans!
•6 – The citizens have no taxes to pay, and there is no VAT!
•7 – Every Libyan family, on presentation of the family booklet, receives support from 300 Euros per month!
•8. for every student wishing to study abroad, the ‘Government’ assigns a scholarship to 1 627,11 Euros per month!

Sarkozy-Gaddafi: the proof of the 28/04/2012 funding

According to a Libyan official document dated December 10, 2006, the Gaddafi regime has decided to release a sum of EUR 50 million for the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. In this note we publish, Moussa Koussa, then head of Libyan intelligence services, allows the Director of cabinet of Gaddafi, Bashir Saleh, to undertake secret payments. Mr. Koussa evokes in this document of the preparatory meetings with Brice Hortefeux and the intermediary Ziad Takieddine. « This document proves that we are in the presence of an affair of State, » confirms to Mediapart.

Gaddafi was murdered by a french secret agent

It would therefore be a « foreign agent » and not the Libyan revolutionary Brigades, which reportedly killed Muammar Gaddafi with a bullet in the head on 20 October 2011, near Sirte. This is not the first time that the official version of the death of Colonel is questioned in Libya or abroad. But this time, it is Mahmoud Jibril himself, former Prime Minister of the Transitional Government and today tipped to lead the country after the parliamentary elections of July 7 [his party obtained the majority], which raises the hypothesis of a conspiracy by foreign secret services. « It is a foreign agent infiltrated in the revolutionary Brigades that killed Gaddafi, » said he in an interview with the Egyptian television channel Dream TV, in Cairo, where he was attending a debate on the « Arab spring ».

A barbouze was present at the time of the lynching of Gaddafi by the rebels. In Western diplomatic circles present in the Libyan capital, the most widespread informal theory is that, if foreign services are actually involved, « then it is almost certainly the French ». And add: « the fact that Paris wished to eliminate colonel Kadhafi is an open secret. » The reasoning is well known: as soon as the first signs of NATO support to the revolution, largely at the instigation of the Government of Nicolas Sarkozy, Gaddafi has threatened to reveal the details of his links with the former president of the Republic, starting with millions of dollars paid to finance his election campaign in 2007. « Sarkozy had every reason to silence the rais more quickly », we have repeated Saturday, September 29, the European diplomatic sources in Tripoli. A thesis reinforced by revelations obtained by the Corriere della Sera four days ago in Benghazi.

Betrayal of Bashar Al-Assad
There, Rami El-Obeidi, former head of relations with foreign intelligence agencies on behalf of the national Council of transition until mid-2011, revealed us how NATO had been able to locate the hiding place of Gaddafi after the liberation of Tripoli by the revolutionaries between 20 and August 23, 2011. « At the time, it was thought had fled into the wilderness, in the direction of the southern border of the Libya », says Obeidi. But in reality, he took refuge in his stronghold of Sirte with his son, Mutassim, who headed the last troops still in condition to fight. Obeidi added: « then the rais tried to communicate, through his satellite phone Iridium, with some of his followers who had found refuge with Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. Among them, there were including his disciple for the television propaganda, Youssef Shakir. And it is precisely the head of Syrian State which passed french satellite of Gaddafi to the secret services phone number. » The reason? « In Exchange, Assad would have earned Paris the promise to limit international pressure on the Syria to stop the repression against the people in revolt. » Locate the satellite phone and its owner would have then been a breeze for the NATO experts. If this thesis should be confirmed, we could infer that this was the first step towards the tragic end of the dictator, a few weeks later.
•Corriere della Sera
•| Lorenzo Cremonesi


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