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Elections in Greece: it is not yet earned for the left Syriza anti-austerite

The left anti-austerite Syriza party has good chance of coming to power after the legislative elections of January 25, causing concerns in the euro zone, but the game of alliances might be unfavourable to him. The score expected of Syriza, credited with 28% according to a poll published Monday, could provide a sufficient parliamentary majority to form a Government on its own and it would be forced to seek alliances with smaller parties. »The current political landscape remains opaque because it does not know which of the smaller parties will have representation in the Parliament and could participate in a coalition, »notes Manolis Alexakis, political sociologist at the University of Crete.au aftermath of the failure of the Parliament to elect a new president of the Republic, the Conservative Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, head of a right-socialist coalition two years, had to resolve to apply to the current president, Carolos Papoulias, according to the Constitution, early elections and the dissolution of the Parlement.Cette dissolution must be officially served to MEPs Wednesday but politicians have not waited to launch the campaign.Antonis Samaras again brandished the spectre of the exit of Greece « in the euro area ».It must get « into the battle of the elections with responsibility » because « this fight depends on the maintenance of the country in Europe », he said before his meeting with Karolos Papoulias. In another speech before his party, he expressed some « win the elections », warning that if Syriza is implementing next year « half of its program », it will dig a hole « from 35 to 38 billion » in the budget of the country.One of the leaders of the economic policy of the left party, Yiannis Milios, who had met the financial community in London a few weeks ago, said in an interview with the news agency Greek ANA, « that a large part of the world economic community (…) understood that the development potential of the Greek economy can be expressed only with the end of the austerity policies ».The radical left also wants to negotiate with the European Union and the international monetary fund a new restructuring of the public debt, which continues to be the burden of the economy. Greek – in quest of a ‘Kingmaker’ – in the polls, Syriza is the « first party and it will be difficult to reverse this trend », told AFP the political scientist Ilias Nikolakopoulos.Si Syriza cannot find a partner to form a coalitionnew elections should be organized, as was the case in may 2012, at the peak of the crisis Greek. This event exacerbated fears of Greece, EU and IMF, creditors who have not completed the audit of the country to unlock the last tranche of the European loans. Monday, the IMF suspended aid waiting to see more clearly. « The pressure of Europe is important and Syriza will be forced to move to the Center to find a partner, » says Manos Papazoglou, Professor of political science at the University of Peloponnese.selon this analyst, To Potami (River), a new party which wants to occupy the center-left of the Socialists of Pasok in full collapse, « could become »kingmaker » » (Kingmaker, editor).Created by a journalist who brought together several personalities from the centre, this party is credited with 6.1% of voting intentions and ranks third after the Syriza and (right) new democracy. Says them Greeks independent, a populo-nationalist party and anti-austerite, led by a dissident from the right « could enjoy if it arrives at the minimum threshold required by 3% to enter Parliament, » Manos Papazoglou, while insisting on the fact that « this alliance is fragile ». Anxiety dominated in the Greek press on Tuesday, the liberal daily Kathimerini holding these elections « critical for the future of the country ».Ta Nea (centre-left), plus big draw, believes that the elections « will take place in a climate of uncertainty ».The Athens Stock Exchange, which ended with losses of 4% Monday, a few hours after the announcement of early elections, limited case Tuesday, fell 0.45% on the session.


To do not change, the « divide and rule, » to makes his way, but does not remove the problem, third and other guards!Some people are actually realized their inability to lead a Ministry, and to govern, they are seems it Pro; pro of the gland, yeah! , (the FN won’t be able to lead, he did not usually ) sincerely, it is not difficult to do better that you it is not, because it is suggested, or boost by incapable, one is capable of directing a Department, elsewhere in this issue, you should do something, because we are all in the wall, but we shots you know, I mean, that we could recover, you, I doubt, it would be may be time to have to head of is Department, a person who knows what, doctors speak, it is notcentury (association The century is founded by Georges Bérard-Quélin.) Its objective is to meet the « elite » MDR to know beyond the left-right divide ,all the world tambourine) called me, apart from papacies, and remake the world, do you! This is not the century. that will show him how manage, because there are, the number of blunders, that he has committed (the drug unit, the famous package neutre(boite similaire,pour toutes les marques).AH, what makes me laugh, and shows how these people, the TV media are bad faith morbid it is « nice journal » BFM, which, when it made a report on the strike of doctors, is not better than to show an elderly person, and who said many fort: BEN, I phoned, but the doctor was not can be sports winter, history of many, hold the nail.It is there, that we realize, that all laws rotten, that they us, out to enslave us, for 50 years, media were in the shots, I’d be curious to know, how much state aid, and European aid, it is perfused grants receive per month, the csa, in other? The break seems consumed with the liberal medical body.

The Minister « is trying to divide » specialists who work in clinics and administration « by offering the administration pledges discussion, but on the back of that? », Eric Henry, president of the Union of liberal doctors slice. Doctors maintain the strike, not clinics

Strike at easyJet: 30% of flights cancelled Wednesday in France

The low cost easyJet Airline set aside 30 percent of its flights Wednesday in France and 26 percent Thursday due to a new two-day strike by its hostesses and stewards french, a week after the previous.The British group said Tuesday in a statement have cancelled 70 flights Wednesday and 68 Thursday.He said that 166 and 192 flights will be operated two days there respectively, and from France, on the thousand operated daily throughout the global network.The two unions SNPNC-FO and Unac protesting the instability of schedules and the decrease of 25% annual bonus distributed in the form of shares to employees. They filed a notice of strike for December 31 and January 1, after a first release that had led to the cancellation of 38 flights on 25 and 26 December.Wednesday, the social movement will mainly affect the Paris airports of Orly and Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle (24 cancellations) (14), as well as that of Lyon (20). Other cancellations are Nice (6), Toulouse (4) and Lille (2).Thursday, the traffic will be more disrupted in Lyon (22 cancellations), Roissy (18) and Nice (16).Management and unions have resumed dialogue Tuesday afternoon during a conference call, but without success. »The discussion did not remove the notice for the 31st and the 1st », indicated to the AFP Laurent Nicolas du SNPNC-FO, majority Union in french stewards of easyJet and air hostesses.A press conference is organized by the two unions calling for the strike Wednesday at 11:30 at Roissy.The Unac claimed before even the resumption of the dialogue that the strike would « continue whatever happens », according to its delegate Laeticia Oulaitoh, waiting at any concession on the part of the company.Management would, she explained to all employees, french via the intranet site that it would not abandon the decrease in the annual bonus, decided due to a bad rate of customers ‘satisfaction’. Trade unions are unfair taking account of this criterion in the calculation of the bonus, arguing that the biggest passenger satisfaction is generated by the treatment he receives (recording, security control) ground provided by service providers.They reproach in addition to easyJet for having resorted to British employees during the previous strike, to reduce its impact, « form of concealed work bringing impairment to social agencies and the right to strike », denounced in a statement the SNPNC-FO.Challenged by the unions, this practice is however legal when an international group makes call internally to its own employees to replace striking staff.

The Council of State confirms the cancellation of Dr. Bonnemaison, yet paid

Blog de L-euthanasia – euthanasia in the video – Skyrock.com thank you to this blog, information very interesting.

The patient any puissanten Germany

Jurisprudence and law agreed to recognize the incurable patient the right to refuse care. The judgment of care is considered to be justified if the patient clearly requested that we do not maintain it alive. Similarly, if a physician practice a therapeutic hard on a patient who has clearly asked the contrary, German legislation will consider this act as a crime.

When the suicide watch is permitted in Belgium, when you take an appointment with the doctor of the canton in Switzerland, and he just faireles 2 bites you.When, in the Netherlands, euthanasia is legal, when, in Germany, the patient is all powerful, we in France, it punished yet doctors, who, as Dr. BONNEMAISON, which free these people.

So much more than a girls of a person, which relieved him to testify for him, its discharge


When the others will be the engine to hydrogen, it was ra still rowing!

Of all ways, within two years, the Council of State will change

And, if it touches someone you like, suppose that this, or your parents, your uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, cousins… etc!

The Council of State confirmed Tuesday the cancellation of the order of physicians of Dr. Nicolas Bonnemaison, but acquitted in June of the charge of « poisoning » on seven patients at the end of life, a decision which definitely prohibits it any practice of medicine. Acquitted June 25 by the popular jury of the Court of Assizes of Pau, the emergency doctor of Bayonne hospital had been formally removed from the College of physicians on July 1. This decision had been taken on 15 April by the Disciplinary Chamber of the order, which ruled that his actions justified « by their seriousness » radiation driven by the public health Code which « prohibits the doctor to deliberately cause death ».Nicolas Bonnemaison was provided against this radiation, finally confirmed by the Council of State, which held that the Act « prohibited to deliberately cause death », specifies the highest administrative court in a statement. Accordingly, « the decision of the national disciplinary board of the College of physicians becomes » final, regardless of the outcome of the trial before the Court of Assizes of appeal, adds the Conseil.Un counsel for the emergency doctor immediately announced its intention to seize the European Court of the human rights. « We were expecting. We will go to the European Court », stated to AFP Me Benoit Ducos-Ader. « The way he was treated at the Conseil d’Etat was nothing augur well for good », he added.Asked by AFP, Nicolas Bonnemaison simply indicated not having « taken a decision » and that he would « point with the lawyers in the coming days ». – ‘broken mentally and physically’ – Nicolas Bonnemaison, 53 years old, had been acquitted of « all the facts » by the Assize Court of Pau, after eleven days of hearing, with testimony from many doctors often intense and eminent specialists. The practitioner incur the imprisonment for developments in 2010 and 2011.Mais the public prosecutor had appealed on July 2 the acquittal and Nicolas Bonnemaison will be retried before an Assize Court, in Angers, at a date that remains to be fixed. « Alone, the determination may explain such decisions », reacted Tuesday the Chairman of the Committee of support to the emergency doctor, Anne Montagut. « The cancellation by the Council of the order took place while he was not aware of the contents of the folder. The Council has not removed physicians who claimed acts of euthanasia which has never been the case of Dr. Bonnemaison and everything after it is passed before a jury that acquitted him in an exemplary trial », it outraged. « We are not surprised, » said Dr. Frédéric Chaussoy, pursued for having, in 2003, helped Vincent Humbert to die, before receiving a non-suit. «  » There is a magistrate of the Council of State, who sits on the Council’s agenda, it would have been surprising that the Council of State magistrate « , he noted, describing a Nicolas Bonnemaison »broken mentally and physically ». »I went through, but I’ve never been cancelled, I continued to work. But, him, it is nothing, »said the practitioner, Member of the support Committee. « We will continue to fight us for him to mobilize the medical profession to again obtain an acquittal », he added.Six months after this trial that had revived the debate over euthanasia, the Government decided to reopen this sensitive issue and controversy. Two MEPs, Jean Leonetti (UMP), author of a law on the end of life, and Alain Claeys (PS) made proposals for a new law « to a deep and continuous sedation » for patients in Terminal, but without going up to active euthanasia or assisted suicide.President François Hollande announced January 21 parliamentary debate without a vote, to be followed by the presentation of a proposal of law and the vote of a text to a date that remains to be fixed.

Thanks to them.Dr. BONNEMAISON

« Once synonymous with quiet death and without suffering « , this term is now reserved for the practice which is to hasten the death of incurable ill, in order to shorten her suffering. »Definition taken from the dictionary of medicine Flammarion.

There are two types of euthanasia :
– active euthanasia : it is the Act of a third party who gives death.

– passive euthanasia : this is the judgment of treatment which shortens the life when the case is hopeless. Some say that it is a refusal of therapeutic harassment.

Each individual faced with euthanasia is a special case (the age, the psychological state of the patient,…), so it is impossible to establish one law for all.
With the case of Vincent, the Act of euthanasia was announced and directed by agreement between Vincent and his mother knowing that no exceptions would be made in his case. Her mother acted unlawfully in all conscience.
Firstly, the Act is valid for all: what would it be if there were exceptions? However each individual is unique. We believe that euthanasia should be legal in all countries, only physicians are better to talk, to express their opinion on the lives of their patients. Each individual still the right to make what he wants in his life! especially if he is suffering from an incurable disease, the better is that his suffering must be abbreviated and as soon as possible for not that he suffers

I pissed me off, because it has, again, release the poor Ms. PERRICHON, as every year, almost, on the same date, as, out a rabbit from his hat, interministerial road safety delegate, Mr PÉCHENARD, I think, childhood friend of MrSARKOZY, is more apt that me, to talk about road safety, that said Ms. PERRICHON has no twists When she fights for the safety of all, only, I find, that it in fact a little too, especially, when, she knows, that this is not really healthy.
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Le paysage politique actuel reste opaque car on ne sait pas lequel des petits partis aura une représentation au Parlement et pourrait participer à une coalition », relève Manolis Alexakis, sociologue politique à l’Université de Crète.Au lendemain de l’échec du Parlement à élire un nouveau président de la République, le Premier ministre conservateur, Antonis Samaras, en tête d’une coalition droite-socialistes depuis deux ans


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