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Hello everyone, me, I do shout ALLAHU AKBAR, I think.



THE ROTHSCHILDS, the France 2000 billion debt of€ ‘

In fact, it, normal, a part (French in this case) is no ready to prepare his presidential campaign (in this case) by his country, no.

110 beaches of Greece for sale – equality and Reconciliation

I see that some Greek Members realize GROTESQUE deceit that is the European Community, at the outset, it was part on good feelings, but at the beginning, because after having sold a part of its islands, a part of its historical heritage, after Greek workers go on strike against measures d…

Taken austerity measures, who have blocked all the country up to three million workers participated in the general strike Wednesday to oppose the new austerity measures many services and shops remained closed throughout the day, including airports, ports, schools, Government and tourist sites. Journalists and most agents of hospital services also participated in the strike, which was organized by the trade union organization of the private Greek workers (GSEE) and the civil service ADEDY Union. Mass events described by some as the most important of these last 20 years faced a police presence to the provocative.

Received this message from Chantal Courtois, archaeologist : ‘I would like diffuse reportage this week on TSR (French-speaking Swiss tv) in the living history program. The looting of objects focuses in particular on the Greece and the Italy to be sold elsewhere in Europe, Switzerland and the United States. It is question of the filere, extensive network between traffickers, art dealers, collectors and… shocking… by museum curators. The RAID has focused in the last forty years (which are world renowned antiques?) on ceramic italiot and Etruscan Antiquities. We leave convinced that the only possible control is to roll back the world of collectors and in museums, objects without documented provenance, must be acquired. « « . The Acropolis is for sale to repay debts « imaginary » After privatization of utility, sale of ports and Islands, the la grece Greece plans to sell its historic heritage. Always under pressure from financial markets and the EU troika, Athens seeks new ways to repay its creditors. Thus, the neighbourhood of Plaka (northeast of the capital), with an area of 35 hectares, is covered by this initiative criminal 19 buildings that surround the Acropolis had been purchased by the Greek State in the past in order to form a protection belt around the rocky plateau. These elements of cultural heritage have been integrated within the portfolio of Taiped, a background set up to privatize and sell public property. Symbol of the glorious past of the ancient Greece, its sale will be the next step in the long list of humiliation suffered by this small country, martyr of austerity? A concern which seems to not touch the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, who was delighted that his country, deprived of access to the markets of loan to medium and long term since 2010, may soon go back…

It has already started the last effects of Napoleon found and sold to the…

Marie-Antoinette shoes sold at auction to…

Rescue of french cultural heritage. Gaullisme.fr


Police 50 ald150, sparadrat, dressing Chair, valls, cazeneuve, alliance, toulouse

Valls to the French: still of the years of sacrifice Prime Minister Manuel Valls warns Monday the French that sacrifices to straighten the country will continue for years, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which makes « man of the year », this newspaper has really the POO in the eyes, it is not a Spanish duck, it seems to me, chais, I not, understand it duck, it should not speak the same language In short, what, unhappy, for V alls, is than sacrifice, it will be necessary that it become accustomed, because the sacrifices that they ask us to do, we are usually, but not itself!, him will remain his life to take the habit, I say this, because it is obvious as a guy who was pro Palestinian and Israeli pro, is nowShort, a person who says white one day and black the next day, is not a trustworthy person, chais not, I would not trust, I spokes his homies, mef?you know all, who betrayed, betray,.

It is a trick, that I do not dig in Holland, it is stash from journalists, finally, it only warns, as it usually does to be saying be pres, or feel closer to people, ( « you know, I love this contact, as tonight, with the French », told La Dépêche du Midi on the president of the Republic who has posed for photos alongside runners and volunteers. ) (‘Yes, it is possible to extend this kind of meetings, with the direct link without filter, with people’, insisted the tenant of the Elysee whose popularity rating remains at half-mast.)and more resources, on the other side the keufs and the inhabitants of Toulouse asked him to reduce crime by TOULOUSE, 150 keufs, they send them 50, is already a sacred dressing, but I feel he wants to cover a large wound with a small dressing, this is a GAG, with one hand, it gives hope, understanding, and on the other , they do not listen to them, and not granted protection, they are sensible have, with their taxes, definitely, and after ons’ request.

But, frankly, by the dint of push people into the streets, taxis, to the chemminots, passing by bailiffs, notaries, and now doctors

Crazy information at the Kärcher, and freedom of expression in its quintessence: « Better die standing than live on their knees » by Emiliano Zapata

The mother of Michel Gbagbo: « La France has made the mistake of support Alassane Ouattara », I quite agree with you but, Madam, it is not the France, is Freemasonry, they have elected domicile at the elyse, but in North Africa Algeria Tunisia, and Central Africa, short all countries, or there is an interest. (now, why could not judge a rapist of 15 Congolese, because someone in his family was Congolese diplomat, Freemason. When you see in a Holland video (video, on daily motion Holland: title: it must go through Freemasonry) lie is King , and so on etc…. You understand, all suite

But P-T-N, it is 50 years surroundings, they have reindeer, and done 50, only on galley, they are bad, once A right, another left, but they are part of the same House, more with Jews left with DSK and others and right with sarko inside,Jews, anyway! if again, they thought about us;BEN, no, they we well put it deep, and, should AMEN (I know, some do not, like tanpis)

It is something that some have not understood, but really nothing understood, it is a man or a woman, are still more likely to succeed their lives, even if those so are atheist, Muslim confessions, or; Catholic, or even Buddhist, that franc – Mason, just because you targuez you to take so-called the best, so that they, all take the world, this is the difference, my axles!, I said the best, not Holland, VALLS, Touraine, sarko, delanoe, raffarin,.

The careerist no, laziness.

What me gene in all this mess, it is that all the world knows, that there is evidence, which are not, stuff, which disappeared, montages like BOSTONbref?

Catherine Chamois

In an interview conducted by Mohamed El-Ghazi for Algeria patriotic ex French wife of president Laurent Gbagbo, denounced the position of the France in Ivory Coast post-election conflict.

Michel Gbagbo

Algeriepatriotique : You have decided to write a letter to François Holland. Have you had a response?

Jacqueline Chamois: I did not yet have response from the Elysee. On the other hand, I received many messages of support. The reactions have been very positive.

Your son Michel is citizen french. Why themselves are the French authorities they not seized of his case, as the Court of justice of ECOWAS said that his detention was illegal and arbitrary?

This is the question. The defence of my son does not seem so far have been a priority for the french government. I do not understand this passivity which can be interpreted as support for the regime Ouattara, while it constantly violates human rights.

Lawyers have denounced the confirmation of charges against the 84 defendants and speak of a « political trial » and justice of victors This trial is unlikely to jeopardise the reconciliation advocated by Ouattara himself?

What is the meaning of the word ‘reconciliation’ for Ouattara? It cannot continue to pursue close activists of Laurent Gbagbo and promote reconciliation. Meetings are banned at the last minute, newspapers suspended for ridiculous reasons, prisoners held incommunicado. There is a gap between the speech held for the international community and the reality on the spot. This return of 84 people in the Court of Assizes in fact marks the will to exclude the opposition of political life.

Can we both condemn interference by France which has co-opted Ouattara by force and seek its interference in a trial that is held outside its borders?

My son was captured while he took refuge at the presidential residence in Abidjan. His detention is the result of a very serious interference, to the bombing of the residence by the French armed forces chaired by Sarkozy. There is no worse as interference. If now, on behalf of non-interference the president Holland and the current Government sanctioned this state of affairs, it would be to accept that my son remains hostage.

The France prides itself in helping Côte d’Ivoire to ensure a democratic transition while you denounce, as a French citizen, a judgment ‘collective and policy. Why the France continues to support Ouattara despite this authoritarian drift?

Violence is inherent in the regime Ouattara. He was born as a result of several coup attempts, which as of September 19, 2002, which resulted in the partition of the country. France, with a large part of the international community, has made the mistake of support Alassane Ouattara. Today, it is time that the Government clarifies its position.

You find that the France was the « bounden duty to act » in a direct way in this trial. Why would that be his duty?

My son Michel was abducted April 11, 2011, sequestered for several days with his wife and children in a hotel, then deported to a prison in the North of the country. He was then prosecuted for any crime and there were neither mandate nor judicial order any. The French authorities were aware of his situation from the beginning. Therefore, they could intervene much earlier, because the arbitrary detention is a violation of human rights.

You go, yourself, in Côte d’Ivoire? What is the real situation of human rights in this country?

Since the post-election conflict, I did not went in Côte d’Ivoire. But I get many information from different sources which are corroborated by the reports of NGOs. We have data on persons, the exile them internally displaced persons, political prisoners, illegal occupations of land and housing, the blocking of bank accounts in large scale, not to mention the armed gangs that are rife with impunity and terrorize populations.

What do you intend to do if the France does not react as you ask and Ouattara continues to condemn the 84 defendants, including your son?

There are lots of parameters, among others at the international level, which are taken into account and can bring about positive change. We must keep hope.

Interview by Mohamed El-Ghazi/Algeria patriotic



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