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What is still this masquerade, like what an 8-year-old child reportedly uttered within the walls of his elementary school of the radical words of solidarity with terrorists, learned from police source (lies of leaders.Police, I presume!)I do not at all A story, but then not at all!, stinks lying full nose child refused to it you age, it does not refuse, is what mistress, or, the master said, as by chance, there is than 1, it is magrébin that has supposedly unwilling observe a minute of silence, and then, if he wanted to pee or other, but more the kid, knows even what terrorism means exactly say, you and its principal, you take the first magrébin come (, as by chance, Nennhouche, I believe was the son of Harkis as by chance)

As well as the Rectorate, you it humble him, go from class to class to excuse, but to excuse what!, shit! but stop your delirium, it is more AUCHWITZ, P-T-N instead of spy me with new toy, you already have me icnic a portable brand-new, you f’ laugh better look behind you, and avoid this kind of bullshit because the civil war aura can be held, but not in the sense that you hoped , that’s not enough of have bombarded them, of the humiliated, still need the french State with these Fabius, well stashed, these valls(qui vend la France,par petits bouts àles chinois,ou,àle qatar;le qatar n’investit plus,alors,on va là, ou il ya dele de fric,en CHINE) of CAZENEUVE, DES PÉCHENARD, of PUGA, HOLLAND AH P-T-N, it is beautiful, the France.AH the fact, it is because she was Frank pas Dauber, you have it turn gently of the meeting, chais, may be I’m wrong.P-T-N, I swear to you, although I have not experienced it, and so much the better, although, frankly, it feels under VICHY

VOILA, gentlemen ladies, what the french people is reduced a be govern by incompetent, that the question is not why, one day ca pete! There are fed up

Holland? Resignation! the dream of the French

Holland releases

CARRIERS – The strike avoided narrowly – DAKARACTU.COM

http://www.dakaractu.com/ TRANSPORTEURS-La-greve-evitee-de-justesse_a74243.html Senegal hauliers strike which was expected today and tomorrow, will not take place eventually. There is a consensus with the State …

Transporteurs.NET, the site of information on transport

http://www.transporteurs.net authorized Reproduction with mention carriers. net send… The FNCR chose to go to the office of the Secretary of State in charge of

Truckers strike: no negotiations between the employers and trade unions on Thursday

The movement of strikes of truck drivers is not ready to finish.

Yesterday, all road transport employers federations refused to attend Thursday’s wage negotiations with unions.

According to the employers federations of hauliers, requests of trade unions « are incompatible with the road haulage companies economic realities ». Representatives deplore ‘the absence of observation shared on the economic situation of the sector’.

This decision of the federations of motor carriers is very challenged by the Government. For the Secretary of State for transport, Alain Vidalies, in the Transport Branch, « conventional wages have not increased for two years and some hourly rates are lower than the minimum wage » so that companies « have also received important employment support measures »

Lawyers strike. Sixty Brestois in Paris
© The telegram – more information on http://www.letelegramme.fr/finistere/brest/avocats-en-greve-soixante-brestois-a-paris-11-12-2014-10457652.php

The Brest bar is mobilized in numbers, yesterday, to join the national procession of the black robes parading in the streets of Paris to demand the withdrawal of the reform initiated by the Government. The Bâtonnier René Gloaguen, they were 60 to take the train at dawn to join the event, representing approximately one third of the lawyers on the agenda. It is useful to recall that this event follows a first strike movement initiated between 17 and 21 November, as well as the three days of ‘dead justice’ which should end tonight. This challenge is part of a fight against Bill Macron, which concerned this profession. The lawyers claim, including guarantees to preserve their independence and their professional secrecy, but also that justice’s proximity and territorial networking of lawyers remain. In addition, they believe that this Bill weakens the access to rights, justice and defence and violates the economic balance of the bars and law firms. Generally, prisoners stick want a discount flat of the Act and « genuine consultation » to stop their movement. Theoretically, the hearings should resume today in Brest, but an extension of strike is not totally excluded.


The strike of doctors is growing

SOS doctors joined Monday the strike of doctors entering the second week of a « much followed » mobilization. The association invites its some 1,000 doctors to stop any activity in protest against Bill health of Marisol Touraine.

This is the second week of a « much followed » mobilization. SOS doctors joined Monday the doctors strike which weighs on the 15 Centres « saturated », according to them. The Ministry of health, for its part, refers to a situation stable and under control. The association invites its some 1,000 doctors to stop any activity from Monday, to denounce the powers conferred in the health bill to the directors of the regional health agencies. They may decide, according to the association, like what is done in the Calais and Lorraine, that there more need liberal doctor’s night, indeed with patients facing emergencies.

SOS doctors will join the ranks of the disaffected. The emergency had opened the market Monday, 22, for better working conditions, but had lifted their notice 24 hours later, through an agreement with the Ministry of health. General practitioners had taken up the torch of protest from Tuesday with tariff claims and against the health bill, followed by specialists on Wednesday. According to MG-France (Union of general practitioners), between 40% and 80% of general practitioners will close their offices in the three coming days. Among experts, the participation exceeds 80% according to the CRIDDLE000, another main Union.

« Fortunately that is not influenza, otherwise it would have exploded. » The purpose of the year are a hyper-charged period usually with pathology and doctors on leave. « But with more doctors on strike, we have a cocktail a little sophomoric », commented to AFP Dominique Ramchander, president of SOS doctors.


New closure of offices January 6?

At Rennes, a rally was planned Monday to say « NON-third paying generalized and compulsory » provided in Bill health, ‘no to the monopoly of the public hospital »and »no to the delegation of medical tasks », such as vaccination to pharmacists.

Since the beginning of the movement of doctors in the city, on 23 December, the Ministry of health says that there is « no abnormal traffic in emergency services ». In Vendée, in Oise, the SAMU faced « an explosion of requests for regulation. So it seems that many doctors have closed their offices without proposing alternatives, »yet said Claude Leicher, president of MG-France, which, as other unions, already sharpens its weapons for the after December 31.

« We will point the 31 on the evening of the State of mobilization and the response of the Government, deaf, for now, to everything you said. A movement does not stop one day J, if the answers were not made. It can continue in multiple forms « , including »spectacular one-off actions », explains Jean-Paul Ortiz president of the CRIDDLE000. The Minister of health must receive January 12 representatives of generalists, but already MG-France calls for the closure of firms on January 6, and « attached to a unit of the movement », the trade unions are « discussing » suite.

I knew that Freemasonry) was in the Government, but I knew not so close to the, that said, I could be wrong.But I doubt

François Hollande chairs a meeting of crisis response to CHARLIE HEDO, January 8, 2015 at the Elysee in Paris, you know this meeting, or, mr valls told Navy LEPEN, as the penalty, it comes making him understand, that she was not welcome at this meeting or the demonstration that, or, the France wanted to make a last farewell as a foot of nose for bullshit like this certain (journos) journalists understand the why and how for once, it is sure that, if it prevents someone from coming, he is not, water, it wets.

Holland? Resignation! the dream of the French

Holland releases

A very particular Chief

Born into a military family, the former ‘para’ Benoît Puga occupies the key position of Advisor member of the Elysée since 2010. The maintenance of this traditionalist by Holland plot.

Benoît Puga

In official ceremonies, such as the July 14 parade, it is still close to the President, in gloves white and wearing his kepi of general five stars (the top of the military hierarchy). A position which he particularly likes: closer to the head of the armed forces, but in a darkness. As Chief of staff of the President (‘CEMP»), general Benoît Puga is absolute discretion. But, far from being a constraint for a man who held off the media, it is a freedom that strengthens the aura of mystery that surrounds this complex personality.

Weary war military

By Thomas Hofnung

Appointed as strategic advisor member of the head of State Nicolas Sarkozy in March 2010, it was confirmed by François Hollande upon his arrival at the Elysee, and recently extended until next year. To the chagrin of the Ministry of defence, which called for his head. What intrigue and nourish all fantasies about his relationship with the head of State. Because the two men evolve in galaxies light years away. At least a. priori

Which is Benoît Puga? There first his CV, probably one of the stronger of the military institution. Born in 1953 in Saint-Mandé, near Paris, into a family of traditionalist military, Puga chooses the infantry at Saint-Cyr. And quickly achieved its goal: join the ranks of paratroopers within the 2e REP (Régiment étranger de parachutistes), based in Calvi, with which it will follow the missions in Africa in the 1970s: Central African Republic, Gabon, Djibouti, Chad. In 1978, Puga and his comrades ‘jump’ on Kolwezi, Zaire’s Mobutu – one of its achievements of arms.P-T-N, it has changed .well, boy, I hope sincerely that the guys of the 2nd REP, RIMA, RIMAP, FUMACO, hunters ALPIN, etc…!have not changed.

Caste.A little less than twenty years later, Puga is this time at the head of the 2e REP, involved in Congo-Brazzaville, and again, in Central Africa. As many missions which earned him a solid reputation of man’s field, and plethora of decorations. Charismatic and relentless, Puga claims membership in a caste considers above the other in the army: « paratroopers, colonial », said a senior officer, who is not, and tells how the general superbly ignores it if it comes to cross at a ceremony. Frankly, there’s no you ignore, seen, how he defends currently the France I think that this man has forgotten his feats of arms, and what was the French State, to take the 1st or the 2nd definition, although he told the State,is us, the people of , and it is certainly not Holland and his clique (dictoriale), who is asked to reach for more than 1 years about it is not him who comes from a military family, it seems to me, and more catho, Gee! this man here has changed, because apparently the values, that they defend, are

Not mine, me, is liberty, equality, FRATERNITY, for all, and the memory of my ancestors, and, no, the DICTATORSHIP, or the, is so-called liberty, equality, fraternity for the HAVES

Definition of what is called the colonial troops

them had class

The colonial troops « colonial » that depend on a single general staff, include two types of units:
•the infantry French colonial and artillery colonial from 1900 to 1958 called « White colonial » and composed in majority of Metropolitan.
•native tirailleurs, off North Africa, Senegalese tirailleurs, Madagascan tirailleurs (, tirailleurs indochinois) formed of ‘topics’ french colonies commanded by french officers. The term « Senegalese Tirailleurs » is a generic term given to all infantry recruited in black Africa.

If it is sometimes used in a broad sense, to designate the troops recruited in all the colonies Françaises, and by extension, include also the troops Africa (Zouaves, African hunters, Spahis, Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian Tirailleurs, North African artillery, French foreign legion and indigenous affairs), which find their origin in the expeditionary force of 1830 in Algeria, and which were combined in the 19th corps in 1873These form a distinctive set of colonial troops and should not be confused with them

Definitions: State – french Larousse dictionary

State – Wikipedia

The State has a dual significance : the political and legal organization of a delimited territory, called the first edition of the dictionary of the Académie française from 1696 the State as ‘Government of a people living under the domination of a prince or Republic’, or else the country itself, i.e., the heard state « for the country which is under such domination ». In international law, a sovereign State is seen as delimited by established territorial boundaries, inside which its laws apply to a permanent population, as consisting of institutions through which it exercises authority and effective power. The legitimacy of this authority in principle to rest – at least for States claiming to be democratic – on the sovereignty of the people or the nation.

The nation as it does merges with the State except in the model of the nation State. If the State is distinguished from the Government because includes any administrative dimension and legal, it happens that on the European continent, the influence of the thought of Hegel is talking to State where the Government Word would be more accurate.

But Puga is not only one operational. Over the years, this father of eleven children, devout Catholic, has multiplied the experiences. In the mid-1990s, during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, this is military adviser of general de La Presle, boss of the forces of the United Nations, then of the Swedish diplomat Carl Bildt in Sarajevo. ‘A position where one prepares records and interviews with political and military leaders’, decrypts a senior officer who worked alongside him.

After this course of Politico accelerated training in the Balkans, Puga will add a new chapter in its inexorable rise, which makes today a key within the french military world man: intelligence and special operations. It will successively lead the special forces operations within the staff, and then the Directorate of military intelligence. A pedigree that, on the advice of Claude Gueant and Bernard Squarcini (former head of domestic intelligence), leads Nicolas Sarkozy to appoint him CEMP, nose and beard of the general Pierre Villiers, yet chose first. With Sarkozy, Puga earns his stripes during operation « Harmattan » in Libya in 2011.

After the election of François Holland, its days seem numbered at the Elysee. With its profile of « fundamentalist Catholic » (dixit detractors), co-opted by Sarkozy… And yet, if required. ‘ Is a square, man who is familiar with his subjects and especially which reassures», said a general. « It does not merely to do a work of synthesis, but seeks to forestall requests for the President, » tip a specialist in military matters. All qualities which seem to have brought the accession of Holland during the operation in Mali.

Covenant . Clip to hold at all costs its position with the head of State, this man of power occurs quickly in the line of sight of the office of the defence. Jean-Yves Le Drian team wants to exercise the fullness of his authority over the Department and the military world. She succeeds, wasn’t this Puga which shows pervasive: at the Elysee, it gives its opinion on everything, including on defence industrial records. The battle rages off-stage. Apparently weaned information during the Serval operation in Mali, Puga directly calls military officials in Paris or in the field… At the Ministry, some even accuse him of manipulating Holland. « Unable to, argues a senior.  »  » . The Chairman finds it very quickly, and Puga jump immediately. »

In fact, the two men are bound by a tacit Pact. «Puga is dedicated to the head of State, he drew up a bulkhead between private beliefs and his job, said the same official. As he knows, aged 61, reaching point culminating: in February, the former para is blows the position of Chief of staff of the armies by… Pierre Villiers. On the side of Holland, the maintenance of this very particular Chief fits into management any mitterrandist power. « This allows him not to be locked up and not to depend on only the defence on military matters, » said one of the actors of the state machine. «CEMP» transmits the instructions of the president to the armed forces, is brief by the Chief of staff and participates in the Council of defence around the President. And when Ministers, intelligence bosses and galonnes are left, he remains a man who whispers in the ear of the head of State: general Puga.


David Rockefeller, Adviser to the Bilderberg Group

Honorary President
Étienne Davignon Etienne Davignon, Secretary general of the Bilderberg Group

Honorary Secretary general
Martin J. Taylor

Rapporteurs 2009
Vendeline von Bredow (topic chf, The Economist)
Edward McBride (editor-in-Chief, The Economist)

Board of Directors

First name and surname


Josef Ackermann

Director of Deutsche Bank


Lt – Gen Keith B. Alexander

Director of the National Security Agency (NSA)


Georgios Alogoskoufis

former Minister of the economy


Roger Altman

Director of Evercore Partners Bank


Takis Yogeesh

Director of the National Bank of Greece


Ali Babacan

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Dora Bakoyannis

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Jon Fredrik Baksaas

Director Telenor Group


Francisco Pinto Balsemão

former Prime Minister and current CEO of the main holding company of print media and adio-Visual Portuguese, Impresa


Nicolas Baverez

columnist of the weekly Le Point (Pinault group), formed by Raymond Aron


Beatrix Iere



Franco Bernabe

CEO of Telecom Italia


Xavier Bertrand (unconfirmed)

general Secretary of the UMP (Party of president Sarkozy)


Carl Bildt

former Prime Minister and special envoy of the United Nations in the Balkans, current Minister of Foreign Affairs


Jan Björklund

Minister of Education


Christoph Blocher

EMS Chemie owner and Vice President of the Democratic Union of the Centre


Alexandre Bompard

CEO of radio Europe 1 (Lagardère Group)


Max Boot

Council on Foreign Relations


Ana Botin (unconfirmed)

Director of the Banco Español de crédito, formed at JP Morgan


Oscar Bronner

Director Der Standard


Henri Castries

CEO of insurance AXA


Juan Luis Cebrián

co-founder ofEl País and CEO of the holding company of print and audiovisual media, Prisa


W. Edmund Clark (not confirmed)

CEO of the Toronto-Dominion Bank

United Kingdom

Kenneth Clark (not confirmed)

Conservative MP and « Chancellor of the Exchequer » in the ghost of David Cameron Government


Luc Coene

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Belgium


Timothy C. Collins

Director of investment fund Ripplewood Holdings


George A. David

CEO of Coca-Cola-Greece

United Kingdom

Richard Dearlove

former Director of MI6 (external secret service)


Anna Diamantopoulou

former European Commissioner


Mario Draghi

Governor of the Central Bank of Italy (formed at Goldman Sachs)


Nicholas N. Eberstadt

American Enterprise Institute


Anders Eldrup

CEO of DONG Energy, very active dnas the preparation of the Copenhagen Summit on global warming


John Elkann

Vice President of Fiat


Thomas Enders



José Manuel Entrecanales – Domecq

Vice-President of the construction group Acciona


Isidre Faine Casas (unconfirmed)

CEO of the Caixa Bank


Werner Faymann


USA/United Kingdom

Niall Ferguson

Professor of history at Harvard Business School, official historian of the Rothschild and Henry Kissinger


Timothy Geithner (unconfirmed)

Secretary of the Treasury


Dermot Gleeson

lawyer, administrator of the Allied Irish Banks


Donald E. Graham

President and CEO of the Washington Ρost


Victor Halberstadt

Professor of economic integration at the University of Leiden


Ernst Hirsch Ballin

Minister of Justice


Richard Holbrooke

special envoy of the United States for the Afghanistan and Pakistan


Jan Hommen



Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Secretary general of NATO


James A. Johnson

Vice President of investment fund Perseus (he had organized in 2008 the secret hearing of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by the Bilderberg)


Gen. James L. Jones (not confirmed)

National Security Advisor


Vernon Jordan

former member of the Baker-Hamilton Commission on Iraq, Associate Director of the business bank Lazard Freres


Robert Kagan (unconfirmed)

neo-conservative historian


Jyrki Katainen

Minister of finance


Gen. John M. Keane

Ehud Barack within SCP Partners associate


Muhtar Kent

Coca-Cola CEO

United Kingdom

Baron Kerr of Kinlochard

Vice-resident of Royal Dutch Shell, president of the Centre for European Reform


Eckart von Klaeden

spokesman of the CDU/CSU for international issues


Klaus Kleinfeld

CEO of Alcoa aluminum


Mustafa Vehbi Koç

CEO of the industrial holding Koc


Roland Koch

Minister-president of the land of Hessen, vice-president of the CDU


Sami Kohen

Director of the daily Milliyet


Henry Kravis

CEO of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Investment Fund


Marie-Josée Kravis

Economist, wife of the previous

European Union

Neelie Kroes

European Commissioner for competition


Odysseas Kyriakopoulos

CEO of mining S & B Group and president of the Federation of Greek industrialists


Christine Lagarde

Minister of economy, industry and employment


Pascal Lamy

Director-general of the World Trade Organization


Manuela Ferreira Leite

President of the Partido Social Democrata


Bernardino Leon-Gross

Secretary general of La Moncloa (Palace of president Zapatero)


Peter Löscher

CEO Siemens

United Kingdom

Peter Mandelson

Secretary of State for business, Enterprise and regulation reform


Jessica Mathews (unconfirmed)

President of la Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Philippe Maystadt

President of the European Investment Bank


Frank McKenna

former Ambassador to the USA, chairman of the Toronto-Dominion Bank

United Kingdom

John Micklethwait

Director of the weekly The Economist


Thierry de Montbrial

President of the french Institute of international relations (IFRI)


Mario Monti

former European Commissioner for competition, president of Milan’s Bocconi University, Chairman of Bruegel think tank


Miguel Ángel Moratinos

former president of the OSCE, current Minister of Foreign Affairs


Craig Mundie



Heather Munroe-Blum

President of the Conference of rectors and principals of Quebec universities


Egil Myklebust

former president of the employers, current CEO of the SAS airline


Matthias Nass

Deputy Chief Editor of the newspaper Die Zeit


Juan Maria Nin – Genova

CEO Bank La Caixa


Denis Olivennes

«lobbyist for the reinforcement of copyright, Director of the weekly Νouvel Οbservateur»


Jorma Ollila

Chairman Royal Deutch Schell and Nokia

United Kingdom

George Osborne

MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer in the shadow government


Frédéric Oudéa

CEO of Société Générale


CEM Özdemir

Co-Chair of the Green Party


Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Chairman of the Steering Committee of the international monetary fund, our Europe


Alexis Papahelas

Editor of the daily newspaper Kathimerini


Dimitris Papalexopoulos

CEO Titan Cement


Yannis Papathanasiou

Minister of economy and finance


Richard Perle

Αmerican Εnterprise Ιnstitute


Gen. David Petraeus

Commander in Chief of the U.S. Central Command


SAR Philippe

Duke of Brabant, heir to the throne


Manuel Pinho

Minister of economy


Jean Pisani-Ferry

Director of the Bruegel think tank


Robert Prichard

CEO of the holding company of written press and audiovisual Τorstar


Romano Prodi

operations manager joined of peacekeeping in Africa UN – AU


Hanna Rajalahti

Chief Editor of the business magazine, Talouselämä


Heather Reisman

CEO of supermarket chain edition and distribution Ιndigo Βooks & Μusic


Eivind Reiten

CEO of the papermaker Norske Skog

Czech Republic/Switzerland

Michael Ringier

CEO of the Ringier press holding


David Rockefeller



Dennis Ross (unconfirmed)

special adviser of Hillary Clinton to the Middle East and South Asia


Barnett Rubin

specialist scientist of the Afghanistan


Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón

Mayor of Madrid


Suzan Sabancı Dinçer

CEO of Akbank


Indira Samarasekera

President of the University of Alberta


Rudolf Scholten

the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank administrator


Josette Sheeran

Director of the World Food Programme


Domenico Siniscalco

Vice President Morgan Stanley International


SAR Sofia



Pedro Solbes

Minister of economy who has resigned in April


Lawrence Summers (not confirmed)

national economic Council Director


James Steinberg

Assistant Secretary of State


Björn Stigson

President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development


Yannis Stournaras

Director of the Foundation for economic and industrial research (IOBE)

Ireland/United Kingdom /Vatican

Peter Sutherland

former Director of the world Organization of Commerce, current CEO of British Petroleum and financial advisor to the Vatican


Nobuo Tanaka

Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency


Peter Thiel

PayPal co-founder, CEO of investment fund Clarium Capital Management


Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Secretary general of the social democratic party


Thomas Thune Andersen

CEO Maersk Œil


Andreas Treichl

CEO Erste Group Bank


Jean-Claude Trichet

President of the European Central Bank


Loukas Tsoukalis

President of the Hellenic for European and foreign policy (ELIAMEP) Foundation


Agah Ugur

Borusan Holding CEO


Matti Vanhanen

Prime Minister


Daniel Vasella

CEO of the pharmaceutical company Novartis


Jeroen van der Veer

CEO of Royal Dutch Shell


Guy Verhofstadt (unconfirmed)

former Prime Minister


Paul Volcker

Director of the Council for economic recovery


Jacob Wallenberg

Chairman of Investor AB investment fund


Marcus Wallenberg

Director of Investor AB investment fund


Nout Wellink

Governor of the Central Bank of the Netherlands


Hans Wijers

CEO AkzoNobel

United Kingdom

Martin Wolf

Editor at the Financial Τimes


James Wolfensohn

President of the international Council of Citigroup


Paul Wolfowitz

American Enterprise Institute


Fareed Zakaria (unconfirmed)

Editor in Chief of the weekly Newsweek and CNN journalist


Robert Zoellick

President of the World Bank

Henry Kissinger, primary responsibility for invitations to the Bilderberg Group
Carl Bildt

Former liberal Prime Minister of Sweden (1991-94), former special envoy of the European Union and the United Nations in the Balkans (1995-97, 1999-2001), current Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs. (T)

Oscar Bronner

CEO of the Austrian newspaper Der Standard.

Timothy C. Collins

American financier, Director of the investment fund Ripplewood. (T)

John Elkann

CEO of the Italian automobile group Fiat (grandfather Gianni Agnelli was for 40 years one of the animators of the Bilderberg Group.) He inherited the family fortune after the death of his grandfather Giovanni natural death and the premature death of his uncle Edoardo. However, police sources are convinced that Edoardo was murdered after it is converted to Shiite islam, so that fortune returns to the Jewish branch of the family).

Martin S. Feldstein

Former economic advisor to Ronald Reagan (1982-84), and current economic adviser to Barack Obama. He was also Adviser to George W. Bush for foreign intelligence. He teaches at Harvard. (T)

Henry A. Kissinger

Former United States National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, central figure of the complex military-industrial US, current Chairman of Kissinger Associates consulting firm.

Henry R. Kravis

American financial manager from the bottom of placement KKR. It is one of the major fundraisers for the Republican party.

Neelie Kroes

Former Liberal Dutch Minister of transport, European Commissioner for competition, and current Commissioner of the digital society.

Bernardino Leon Gross

Spanish diplomat, Secretary general of the Presidency of the Socialist Government of José – Luis Zapatero.

Frank McKenna

Former member of the Canadian intelligence services monitoring Committee, Ambassador of Canada to Washington (2005-06), vice-president of the Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Beatrix of the Netherlands

Queen of Holland. She is the daughter of prince Bernhard.

George Osborne

British Chancellor of the Exchequer. This neo-conservative is considered to be a Eurosceptic. It must be understood by this that it is opposed to the participation of the United Kingdom to the European Union, but it is a supporter of the organisation of the continent within the Union.

Robert S. Prichard

Canadian economist, Director of the written press and audiovisual Torstar.

David Rockefeller

The Patriarch of a long line of financial. He is the oldest Member of the hard core of the Bilderbergers. He is also president of the Trilateral Commission, a similar organization integrating the Asian participants.

James D. Wolfensohn

Australian financier who took citizenship American to become president of the Bank World (1995-2005), now Director of the Wolfensohn & Co. consulting firm

Robert B. Zoellick

American diplomat, former delegate to the United States trade (2001-05), current World Bank president

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The Bernard – Henri Lévy lobbyist booed in Tunis

October 31 in the evening, protesters attempted to oppose the coming in Tunisia of high-profile French, Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL), promoter of wars in Europe and the Middle East. The man is regarded by the French press as a « great humanist and intellectual », it presents itself as a ‘philosopher ‘.

« BHL releases! » and « no to Zionist interests in Tunisia! » were more chanting slogans at the Tunis-Carthage international airport, after the news of the journey of Bernard-Henri Lévy had spread on social networks.

Mr. Abdelaziz Essid announced on ShemsFM its intention to seize the Prosecutor of the Republic to determine who had invited the lobbyist. For this French-Tunisian lawyer, the coming of the lobbyist is a « danger to national security » because of its « positions against the interests of the Arab peoples. »

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mokhtar Chaouachi, did not want to comment on the news despite the request of AFP.

Heir to the Becob, a society of exploitation of precious woods in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Gabon, Bernard – Heni Levy argued since 1975 all American causes, first against the pro-Soviet regimes, and then for the colored revolutions.

He became famous by publishing several books establishing equivalence between Nazism and communism (The barbarism with a human face), equating all ideal to a religion (The Testament of God), asking that the French thought is essentially fascist (The French ideology), or promoting the United States, including Guantanamo (American vertigo).

Plan policy, he became in 1992 Adviser media by the president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegović, while Richard Perle is his political adviser and Osama bin Laden his military adviser. In 1994, he launched the list « Europe begins in Sarajevo » in the European elections in France, which, despite a strong media support, will get less than 1% of the votes cast. In 2002, Prime Minister Lionel Jospin entrusted him with a mission on the cultural reconstruction of a free Afghanistan. In 2011, it appears alongside Muslim Brotherhood and members of Al-Qaida, such as playing a decisive although unofficial role in the commitment of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya against France. In 2013, he participated in the demonstrations in Kiev alongside neo-nazis Svoboda and the right sector, which will lead to the overthrow of president Ianoukovitch.

He is Director of collection at Grasset, Member of the Board of Directors of Liberation and the Supervisory Board (d)the TV channel Artee.

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, et alors ,si il avait envie de pipi ou autre ,mais ,en plus le gamin, ne sait même pas ce que Terrorisme veut dire exactement dire ,vous et son directeur d’école, vous prenez le premier magrébin venu( ,comme par hasard ,Nennhouche,je crois était fils de Harkis comme par hasard)


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