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STOCKHOLM (Reuters)- The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced Saturday an agreement with the opposition and the abandonment of the early legislative elections that had been scheduled after the rejection of the draft budget presented by his Government to Parliament.Centre-left Prime Minister said that his Government had reached an agreement with the opposition that would allow the minority coalition of Social Democrats and Greens to keep power, putting the button the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats Party, which was in the position of Kingmaker since the September elections « This agreement shows that Sweden can be ruled even in a difficult parliamentary situation »He said.Stefan Lofven had announced the holding of legislative elections in March when draft budget submitted by the minority Government he leads was rejected in Parliament in early December.The agreement between the social democratic party of the head of the Government, the Greens, members of the coalition, and the opposition parties of centre-right of the Alliance – the moderates, the party of the centre, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats – that Stefan Lofven shall implement the budget of the opposition voted in the Parliament, with the ability however to change this spring.The Alliance will abstain and would not vote against the Government budgets, according to the agreement, which is worth until 2022. The two sides also concluded to coordinate pension policies, defense and energy.The early elections that had been announced for March 22 were canceled.The leader of the centre-right party moderates, the agreement reflects public opinion. »This means that the Sweden can be governed by parties that have the largest support among the voters, »said Anna Kinberg Batra. Despite the frequent occurrence of minority governments in Sweden, the country did not hold elections since 1958, but the rise of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats Party has led to a parliamentary stalemate.Swedish Democrats, third-party after the general elections in September and which argue for a decrease of 90 per cent of asylum-seekers, had announced to seek early elections that they had contributed to trigger a referendum on Swedish immigration policy.According to surveys carried out mid-December, the coalition Government seduces 43.3% of respondents, while Sweden Democrats enjoyed popularity sharply to 16 percent of voting intentions, nearly 4 points in one month.(Daniel Dickson and Johan Sennero; Agathe Mâchecourt for the french service)


Sign of the persistent tension between Mayor Bill de Blasio and his police, hundreds of police officers following the ceremony on giant screens outside chose to turn their backs on these screens, when the Mayor took the floor.

Rafael Ramos was killed with a colleague in their car parked on a street in Brooklyn on December 20, by an imbalance stating you want to avenge the death of two blacks killed this summer by the police to Ferguson (Missouri) and New York.

These deaths, and the fact that the white police officers involved have not been prosecuted, gave rise to numerous sometimes violent events in the United States.


The flight 370 Malaysia Airlines (IATA code: MH370) is an airline company Malaysia Airlines flight by a Boeing 777-200ER between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. It is missing, with 239 people on Board at 1: 38 pm (MYT) 8 March 20142 .

Research of the unit mobilizes international effort3 and should be the most expensive in the history of aviation with an expenditure of the order of hundreds of millions of dollars a month and a half after the4disappearance. Taking into account the research conducted since March 8 and well that the wreckage of the plane not found home, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced on 24 March 2014 that the aircraft crashed into theIndian ocean, leaving no survivor5 .

25 April 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said on CNN that, for the moment, the Malaysian Government is not ready to declare the passengers of flight1 as deceased MH370.

2014, a black year for the safety of air transport

Computer graphics – Repeat accidents have already caused over 730 deaths against 210 in 2013. The disappearance of the A320 of AirAsia is the third tragedy for an airline of Malaysia this year.

The disappearance on the night of Saturday to Sunday in an AirAsia flight between the Indonesia and Singapore is a new occurrence to add to the series of dramas experienced by aircraft in 2014.

At least four significant events are: in March, the disappearance pure and simple of Boeing 777 of the Malaysia Airlines linking Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and then in July, the destruction in the Boeing of Malaysian Airlines flight above the Ukraine as well as the crash of an MD-83, Swiftair, operated on behalf of Air Algeria over Mali and an ATR 72-500 of TransAsia Airways in Taiwan.

We must also add to this series many other crashes that occurred in recent months in the Nepal, Kenya, Niger, Zambia and Sudan. These accidents to repeat will be 2014 one of the years among the deadliest of the airlift.

In total, more than 730 people already died taking the aircraft this year. Is much more than during the last peak of 2012 and its 414 deaths related to a plane crash, more than four times more than those registered (210 dead) in 2013, by the International Association of air transport (IATA). And finally, more than the average of 517 deaths per year recorded in the world, in the last five years.

The 2nd

An AirAsia plane disappears between the Indonesia and Singapore

Aircraft disappeared in Asia: the mystery remains whole

Two aircraft lost in space, 9 months, done much, anyway, hoping, there is no mind sick, behind all that, you never know.


In fact, thanks to all of these presidents, Pompidou in Holland to be enriched on our backs, instead of us relieve, remind me, you had what, as studies

AH!It is this con learns at the ENA, and at Science-po, you are selfish and bad.

I you, I’d take a profession of the future, PLUMBER, there is the taf, you are going to have.France 2000 billion debt d€

SOS doctors joined Monday the strike of white coats

SOS Médecins joined Monday the grumbling of the medical world but all its structures are required to deal with the risks of shortage and the influx of patients to the emergency room, said Sunday its president told AFP.

What me mercy, it is those people, who call themselves Jewish Tunisian or Moroccan Jews, short differenciate Jews, or Jewish and Arab (incompatible, in this case, they are Jews!)and that feels on their childhood in TUNISA, Morocco, etc…!, but, when the other asshole scale bombs on GAZA, among other things, (short bombards a little bit by everything in Palestine until the flocks of sheep and their shepherds, like that, they will have nothing to eat!), knowing full well, that it was civilians ¾ of the time, which were bombedThere they are more Arab, they are Jews, and are quite agree with destructive Netanyahu’s policy, and also quite agree, when a ship of their army tire until go to 3 times on 3 Palestinian boys playing sue Beach, P-T-N Gee! here these guys, while they are Jewish Tunisian or , Moroccan Jews, and other etc…! they are Jews, so liars, and especially not Arabs, because this to me, it makes a difference P-T-N, and for me, those are the worst, it caresses you in the direction of the hair, for better, put you it then.

existing.Conspiritech CONCUSSION 100% JEW


A comfortable and anonymous building in the heart of Washington, a few blocks from the White House. In a suite of offices at the bottom of the 5e floor, twenty young people, especially boys, work quietly, in a relaxed and studious atmosphere. This small team of computer scientists, lawyers and sociologists, is carrying out utopia supreme from hackers and libertarian worldwide activists: a software allowing the creation of wireless broadband 100% autonomous, that will operate on frequencies Wi – Fi, without relying on any existing infrastructure – or relay, cable, or satellite. They will be moving, horizontal, fully decentralized and escape any monitoring, because traffic will be encrypted and anonymous.

This ambitious project – code-named shock – headed by Sascha Meinrath, 37 years, long-time free Internet activist and precursor of citizen networks – within the collective of online Indymedia journalists, then at the University of Urbana-Champaign (Illinois), one of the cradles of free software, and in various start-up and social action NGO: ‘I tinkered my first network independent a decade ago. The antennas were made with boxes of canned.  » Since these heroic times, Sascha Meinrath has made inroads. In its current version, concussion is a very formal project. It is hosted and funded by the Open Technology Initiative (OTI), high-tech Department of the New America Foundation, prestigious organization devoted to the study of the major problems of society American and chaired by Eric Schmidt, one of the bosses of Google.
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Le Premier ministre de centre gauche a affirmé que son gouvernement avait trouvé un accord avec l’opposition qui permettrait à la coalition minoritaire formée des Sociaux démocrates et des Verts de se maintenir au pouvoir, mettant sur la touche le parti anti-immigration des Démocrates suédois qui se trouvait en position de faiseur de roi depuis les élections de septembre »Cet accord montre que la Suède peut être gouvernée même dans une situation parlementaire difficile »



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