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If really the French Government, is not HYPOCRITICAL, that I doubt and that it really, think what he said about the SHOAH, QUIL is Everything for these elders of the SHOA can SE do refund the under, the CRIF and UGIF, ON presumed – T-ON, taken during the war, the « ON ‘

. Networks of rescue of Jewish families, dies of escape from soldiers and allied pilots, military intelligence networks and movements of resistance of any political hue, grow in the capital ‘, these people, thank you! and the 60 million deaths, as well as my 2 uncles.

CONCUSSION A strange trick puts arrive at noon today, 27/01/2015, midi, this is normal, this is or, all people are supposed to eat, and or, internet access is free, it is can be, one of the condition of its operation, short it was, noon, five exactly, I was fiddling around on my PC, before eating, when, it is messing aroundmore connection, so I wanted to call the number of DFS, there, impossible more than tone, I wanted to take my laptop, but as by chance, did not respond, I said to myself, how is it possible that my fixed, I understand, but that my fixed and my laptop are HS at the same time, especially since my laptop is brand new 2 monthsso I am go to a neighbor, tones, who had the fixed phone, which worked, and noise of dialed numbers, his drinking phone worked and so I tried mine, mine wasn’t always, AH, I was going to forget his little girl (the neighbor), he kept just all just opening his PC, and she showed me she had internet, I saw clearly the page of Google displayedI was thinking, some to the lira and the Government would not allow is, to use CONCUSSION you know,this undetectable software, supreme utopia of hackers and libertarian activists from around the world: a software allowing the creation of wireless networks high-speed 100% autonomous, operating on frequencies Wi – Fi, without relying on any existing infrastructure – or relay, cable, or satellite. They will be moving, horizontal, fully decentralized and escape any monitoring, because traffic will be encrypted and anonymous. You have understood the other, not of the people although…!, but intelligence from all sides, but there will be still less confidence in Israeli and American agents, knowing that they have a such thing, we knew that one summer spy everywhere on PCs and phones, but then, AH, this is where famous Masonic in France franc freedom , it is the CSA (chaines1(, 2.3, 5.6), to the United States, it is the Congress, this is the famous LBERTE of EXPRESSION in all ways, whatever you do, what is to happen, will happen., and each thing in its time.Which is a shame, this is what I hope, you have not promised to some, because they should not finally be happy, I say, ca.

I well, told me that I had no news, from 23/10/2014, the day, or you cut me google, pendants 5 days, and lately, there is 1 month, approximately, or, I’ve seen the 2 blacks a young, and another less young who had a bucket truck registered in 77, and now it’s CONCUSSION, is shortly to be random, but, it makes a lot of thing, or certainly of the paranoid, who knows?But what can be done as film! it’s crazy!

Apart from fuck the PHONES PORTABLE(,une fois qu’il ya eut une impulsion électromagnétique IEM, que votre téléphone, comme le mien a eut,c’est mort!!!) phones

Just for info : For CONCUSSION, do a bit of pub, for once I actually

Only this, that, or not what happened to me, now!

Twenty young people complete software that allows the creation of networks wireless broadband 100% autonomous, that will work on the Wi – Fi frequencies, without relying on any existing infrastructure.Conspiritech / Wikimedia commons

A comfortable and anonymous building in the heart of Washington, a few blocks from the White House. In a suite of offices at the bottom of the 5e floor, twenty young people, especially boys, work quietly, in a relaxed and studious atmosphere. This small team of computer scientists, lawyers and sociologists, is carrying out utopia supreme from hackers and libertarian worldwide activists: a software allowing the creation of wireless broadband 100% autonomous, that will operate on frequencies Wi – Fi, without relying on any existing infrastructure – or relay, cable, or satellite. They will be moving, horizontal, fully decentralized and escape any monitoring, because traffic will be encrypted and anonymous.

This ambitious project – code-named shock – headed by Sascha Meinrath, 37 years, long-time free Internet activist and precursor of citizen networks – within the collective of online Indymedia journalists, then at the University of Urbana-Champaign (Illinois), one of the cradles of free software, and in various start-up and social action NGO: ‘I tinkered my first network independent a decade ago. The antennas were made with boxes of canned.  » Since these heroic times, Sascha Meinrath has made inroads. In its current version, concussion is a very formal project. It is hosted and funded by the Open Technology Initiative (OTI), high-tech of the New America Foundation Department, prestigious organization devoted to the study of the major problems of American society, and chaired by Eric Schmidt, one of the bosses of Google

Faraday CAGE, not expensive (box of cake DELACRE preferably scotsche with duct tape, copper at least with copper.)

Aluminium survival blanket, you know, that is yellow, Pack your phone, or others in

Fridge, put your valuables or other phones, inside

The effectiveness of protections anti-onde put to the test

He who is afraid is a good potential consumer branded dan trade. And this, manufacturers ofAccessories anti-ondes have clearly understood. Difficult as when doing sorting between effective protection – if any – and come-ons.

The case for phone, telephone wave protection for yourself and others

First product tested: the preventive cover Silvershield for phone, manufactured from anti-oxydable metal wire. His goal: block the waves emitted by the cell during a communication. After electromagnetic field comparison with and without the case, there is actually able to block waves.

The protective fabric

Sold per metre on the epeconseil.fr site, this fabric is composed of fibers of cotton, cotton eco polyester and metal. The doctor compares the before and behind this fabric electromagnetic fields . Inconclusive : there a shielding effect.

A reliable accessory, therefore, but watch out for the counterfeit!

Extra: it is possible to call keeping the Holster !

cage of faraday single-family – home – Net search…

cage of faraday House

Anti-islam demonstration: more than 17,500

What some the powers want, you to do, ‘ it is you divide and conquer

, Whichare pro Pegidaare often, foran independent strong Germany, those, which are against, we print,I say printingthat those in front arenazis, fascistsheartless,what is ARCHIE fakeThis is what we want,make you believe, as the guy who in delirious,his hairdresser, who was caught in photos, but to make fun,’ Besides making this account of his bullshit, he wanted to apologize, but it was too late, the damage was done!,Photo, on which, it is not known to interfere to divert the sense which made pass to HILTER himself, knowing full well, thatthis picture with a bit of blah blahwould assemble auctions of hate,as they have always doneThis is the reason why,our ancestors, fought against HILTER and hatred and whether you are Turkish or another, it turns out, in general, you wanted go down (, in Germany), why? because the standard of living was different, better than yours of before, in Turkey, or elsewhere, during the fall of the Berlin wall, the scapegoat was the Eastern German , I me reminder that some Germans West hollering for the job, because the East Germans was as good as the West German, but more expensive, do it for and against, the unio is strength, ca you know!

20,000 people in the streets to oppose this populist movement in several cities of the country

Some 17,500 people participated in the tenth event of Monday against islam in Dresden (East of the Germany), singing Christmas carols to say their refusal of the Islamization of the West.
Conversely, in several other cities in Germany, about 20,000 people took to street to oppose this populist movement.
Last Monday, the movement originally manifestations anti-islam in Dresden, the Patriots Europeans against the Islamization of the West (Pegida), had already brought together 15,000 people in the streets of the capital of Saxony, a Land (regional State) of former East Germany.
Monday evening for the tenth rally in a row, the pro-Pegida, which have mobilized 2,500 demonstrators over a week, were given appointment before the Dresden opera where they were singing Christmas carols.
Facing them, 4,500 counter-demonstrators (6,000 last Monday) responded to the call of the alliance Dresden without nazis, according to police. Four hundred people also gathered in a church for a prayer for world peace, according to the News Agency dpa.
In response to the rally of Pegida, the direction of the Dresden State opera, Semperoper, turns off the lights of the building and the employees were erected four flags proclaiming open eyes, open hearts, open doors and invoking the German constitution: the dignity of persons is intangible.
Critical Pegida, the Bishop of Saxony, Jochen Bohl, told dpa that the movement sought to exploit the Christian symbols and a Christian tradition for a purpose political.
Born in October, Pegida has received the support of the young against the euro and populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), and organizes weekly Monday demonstrations, on the model of those who, 25 years ago, have contributed to wobble the Berlin wall.
Over the weeks, the movement has become more and more extensive, involving neo-Nazis and the extreme right activists, but also and above all simple citizens, worried face what they perceive as an Islamization of the West or facing an influx of refugees, while the Germany has become since little the main destination of immigration in Europe.
But while events on the model of Pegida swarm in other cities in Germany, the voices and initiatives are more and more numerous to condemn or counter these movements.
Monday night, 12,000 people, according to police, demonstrated against Pegida in Munich, capital of Bavaria (South), with motto refugees are welcome. Here, thousands of people stand together against racism and exclusion, launched the social democratic mayor of the city, Dieter Reiter.
Elsewhere, counter-demonstrations brought together 2,500 people in Bonn (West), 2,000 in Kassel (centre) and 700 in Würzburg (South). In these cities, the local variations of Pegida have each time not exceeding 250 persons. Eight people were briefly arrested in Kassel as a result of altercations.
Monday, in an interview with the German magazine Couragiert, former social democratic Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has claimed a revolt of honest people, the words he had launched in 2000, after an arson attack in a synagogue of Düsseldorf (West).
Last Monday, the conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned these events, holding that there was no room in Germany for incitement to hatred and slander

Events anti-islam in Germany and media manipulation

in Europe, International / by Léo Kersauzie / on December 22, 2014 at 12 h 50 min.

The protesters are each more likely Monday to take to the streets scroll against the Islamization of Germany against sharia law, against uncontrolled immigration, against the consequences of insecurity and drug trafficking.The movement took a popular dimension which surprised journalists and German political leaders.But a media scandal comes to y ajouter.Comme everywhere in Europe, the mainstream media seek to caricature opponents of the multicultural model. It seems that the German journalists consider that to achieve this goal, it is never so well served than by yourself.German TV ARD therefore broadcast images of these manifestations accompanied by an interview with a « showing ». Except that it appeared that the ‘protester’ in question was himself a RTL journalist sent on site.The fake manifesting but true RTL journalist offered his colleagues of ARD interview they wanted, full of stereotypical remarks intended to pass the protesters for primary racists.After the discovery of the hoax, journalists have attempted to justify by explaining that the protesters generally refuse to answering the questions of journalists.In fact, can we believe that this kind of media manipulation happens in Germany? Libournais lawyers are on strike to protest against the reform on Friday, July 4,

The extreme left to the rescue of the Illuminati via Paris-Match!

in ideas, More near of you / by Pierre-Alain Depauw / on 27 January 2015 at 18 h 49 min.

At the moment where everyone must be ‘Charlie’ and scroll to the step in the « Republican markets », the politico caste is a new qualifier opponent: the plots!Anticipation novels The best of worlds and 1984 come true before our very eyes. Manuel Valls barks daily a little more, such as a Pug’s Big Brother. But the animal is dangerous and his wicked gaze betrays the adept of the dictatorship that lies dormant in him.However, to prevent the real country to think, it is not enough to wield the stick. It must at all costs and more quickly to discredit the theories of those who doubt the word of power. There are the media complicit for this but they have them – also lost their ability to nuisance, increasingly ignored by a growing proportion of public opinion.Therefore, the system uses these days to some auxiliaries of the extreme left in an attempt to disturb the message of dissent sites.An almost cartoonish mounting deserves our attention.The weekly Paris Match, subsidiary Group Hachette Filipacchi Media, itself owned by the Lagardère Group to which belongs also… Charlie Hebdo, gave the floor to a dark Action Group for the Recomposition of the proletarian autonomy (GARAP), small virtually unknown faction of the leftmost Galaxy. That come to these Communist fundamentalists in Paris-Match rather trendy showbiz columns? The weekly glossy presents to its readers a dossier published by the Revolutionary Communist against the conspiracy theories entitled « How to reverse the Illuminati? » sarcastically.


legal aid committed by the Government

By this action, they pursue the movement launched last week . Thirty lawyers had expressed their opposition to the reform of the legal aid project bringing the Palace markets.

« We demand an implementation of the reform of the legal aid desired by the profession and essential to a genuine access to justice », explained Alexis Gaucher-Piola, Bâtonnier to the bar of Libourne. Lawyers regret « that proposals of the profession to the doubling of the budget of the access right by complementary funding and the creation of a legal aid Fund have never been studied by powers publi

Health care Act: interns called for an indefinite strike from January 29

The main Union of medical interns denounces « contempt » of the Government towards the young doctors, « forgotten greats » of Marisol Touraine Health Bill.

The main Union of internal medicine, the Isni Announces Wednesday, January 21, 2015 the filing of notice of indefinite strike from January 29. (MAXPPP)

By Francetv info with AFP

The main Union of internal medicine, the national medical of internees (Isni), announced Wednesday, January 21 the filing of a notice of indefinite strike from January 29 to denounce the « contempt » of the Government towards the young doctors, « forgotten greats » of Marisol Touraine Health Bill. « The Isni  »  » prevents the Ministry of hardening of the movement by filing a notice of strike and calling for the Organization of events starting January 29 in all boarding schools of France ‘, announces the Union.

Opposed to Bill Health Minister Marisol Touraine, internal, like other health professionals, have been invited to participate in working groups on the contentious issues of the text. But the Isni offended not to see « young doctors » mentioned in the communiqué of the Ministry which has formalized these groups Tuesday. A « forgotten » sign of « contempt », according to its President, Mélanie Marquet.

Insi President received Monday by Marisol Touraine

« We are the forgotten grand » , says. « We told the Department that it is a ‘dumpling’, I want to well believe, simply it is a dumpling that is significant from the way in which the consultation has been carried out so far », said Melanie Marquet. »It takes the place of the young doctors be reaffirmed », said the President of Isni.

Furthermore, the Union must « be received Tuesday next to the Elysee », about ‘political recovery (…) l ‘case from the frescoes of boarding school’ (…) ‘. ‘ A fresco pornographic displayed in a room of the boarding of a hospital of Clermont-Ferrand has created a scandal earlier this week, the Ministry of health including seeing « an incitement to unacceptable rape ». According to the Isni affair « diverts the internees in the current debate on the health law ». « We do not accept to be dragged in the mud to break the mobilization of internal », insists Mélanie Marquet. The Isni must be received by Marisol Touraine next Monday, she says.

The internal strike could join that of doctors, called an administrative strike since the beginning of the month, notably to protest Bill health, despite the hand extended by the Minister.

Doctors strike: Union threatens to sue the movement after December 31

Health – strike against the health bill could « last » beyond December 31 because the Government is « deaf » to the demands of doctors, said Friday, December 26, the president of the Federation of doctors of France (FMF), Jean-Paul Hamon.

« This strike normally stops on 31 December. But we know it’s going to last, we know that it will be forced to endure. It is in front of a Department that is particularly deaf », said Paul Hamon on RTL. The Government « claims to want to renegotiate » but during the negotiations that took place « last week on has emerged us the same text as in July, without modification by a comma », he denounced.

In a statement, the Trade Union Confederation of french doctors (CRIDDLE000, general practitioners and specialists) emphasizes that the strike is « particularly followed » with more than « 80% closed surgeries ». For the Organization, this demonstrates « exasperation and the determination of the occupation » against the health bill « that will destroy the Organization of liberal community care to which the French are attached to a plant with gas in the hands of the administration where everything will be more complicated and longer ».

Touraine « wants drown us in paperwork »

Paul Hamon, which the Union brings together specialists and generalists, acknowledged that the strike did not influx to emergencies, as Health Minister Marisol Touraine « Marisol Touraine has some luck and patients also » pointed out Wednesday, « there are actually fewer patients at this time, there is no epidemic, there are very few diseases ».

But, he said, « should not think Marisol Touraine that she has escaped to a health catastrophe », it « will happen with the implementation of this Act », the health bill, he added. « We demand always be withdrawn », because Marisol Touraine « wants drown us in paperwork with a third party paying generalized » and « put us under the thumb of the regional health agencies » (ARS) who « will be able to conventionner doctors at their leisure ».

Several liberal doctors unions have called for the closure of the firms during the Christmas holidays. Specialists had joined Wednesday the movement begun the day before by general practitioners. Doctors are mobilized against the health bill, which they call the rewrite, or even the withdrawal. Consideration of the draft by Parliament is expected in April. They also rate claims: general practitioners require a consultation at 25 euros, the specialists the Revalorization of the acts

Strike of lawyers: « in defence of the public service of Justice

Approximately 150 lawyers in the streets of Dijon this Wednesday, December 3, 2014. The score is pretty good for the Dijon bar which has 330. The procession in black dress and scarf of ermine did block against the reform of regulated professions covered by economy Minister Emmanuel Macron. The demonstration follows a general strike (followed by 90%) who begins now its third week.Determined to protect the public service of justice, lawyers fear that this new draft law severely begin it. It should be presented on 10 December 2014, by the Council of Ministers. In the meantime, the movement wants to hold good. Blocking of the hearings, all the commissions office and all hotlines (guard, criminal, hospitalization of office, victims, foreigners). But that is what worries even lawyers?Response with Joffrey Burnierelements, President of the Union of young lawyers to the bar of Dijon.Depuis when lawyers mobilized?We begin our third week of hearings to strike. We want to maintain a total strike until December 10, 2014, date of Bill Macron in Council of Ministers. That day, hundreds of lawyers of the bar of Dijon will be in Paris alongside their colleagues.What are the places of mobilization?Primarily places of hearing during the strike. We have to block the system, because the dialogue is cut at the top. We have a representative instance of 60,000 french lawyers. But the last time that the president of the national Council of the bars was to meet the Prime Minister, he eventually meet a underling.What are your means of pressure?The strike of the hearings, the demonstrations in the street, the strike in custody. Investigators can no longer hear the people, the courts are disorganized, it truncates their statistics.What important dates punctuated your mobilization?Friday, November 28, 2014, we conducted an operation before Quentin, the Halles de Dijon, we explained our movement by offering mulled wine and hot chocolate. This is important, because people are convinced that we are the wealthy who don’t think to us. And then we have demonstrated this December 3, 2014 in the morning.What could this law undermine public service?It is rather an attack on the profession that indirectly undermines the public service. Emmanuel Macron project for the lawyers we have problem on four points in particular. He wants to create a status of salaried status for business lawyers. Bad idea because that one, a massive influx of new lawyers will lead to impoverishing the profession by pressing downward on the remuneration. We also have a concern for ethics since business,counsel will not be held to professional secrecy and serious cuts will be made at its independence: clearly, he cannot refuse to plead a case (in conscience) at the risk of being sanctioned.Side accountants, then. It is expected that their mission could be expanded to « legal advice » in corporate or tax law (in addition to their main function). It is a powerful lobby that aspire to capture new sources of revenue. What ask us question here again, this is a new competition for lawyers who does not have the same rules of conduct particularly with regard to independence.The financialisation of the profession we also concerned. Emmanuel Macron wants to open offices to external capital. Like when the Qataris are investing in the MTP. Shareholders therefore take stakes in firms and hope to benefit from. But if we open this door to corporations whose watchword is profit and profitability, and made to work with a profession based on the principles and values, we will have a big ethical problem. The profession will have to bring to its knees before companies purely commercial.The public service, it is also the territorial proximity. However, the Act proposes the deletion of the territorial application, either the monopoly of a bar to represent clients before the TGI. The consequence of that? A simple concentration risk of structures around the large cities and the risk of judicial deserts. You will need to do 100 miles to find a lawyer. We have the will to preserve this proximity between litigants, counsel and the tribunal.It is the economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, which means reform a part of the legal profession. Is there not as a misunderstanding?Our normal appropriate Minister is Christiane Taubira. We believe that Emmanuel Macron should not reform the justice on the pretext of economic reform (Justice is a public service of justice). We do pressure to resume Christiane Taubira folder, politically. For this we have some hope that the message currently launched by the Government is blurred. At le Bourget, François Holland said enemy finance, today, these are the financiers who dictate their wishes. Which raises the question of the presidential mandate. Its law is contrary to what we elected it democratically.How far can lawyers go?As far as possible. We do not fight for ourselves, but for litigants. At the time, we sacrifice our remuneration for the defence of the public service of Justice. Meanwhile, we continue to pay charges. Young lawyers are the first to go on strike, because the model of justice according to Macron will make them lose a lot of things. They will be the first victims by increased competition. It is estimated that they will lose between 20 and 30% of turnover.The upgrading of the LASC is also a fight today. Without it, the service of assistance to the needy will lose in quality (what challenged Republican equal treatment of citizens) since it sometimes does not allow lawyers to pay to the tune of the Smic (some lawyers work to loss on these records).

Strike: the Liberal doctors take over of the emergency

The emergency physicians have hailed Tuesday a « historic » agreement The strike of liberal doctors started
The the emergency strike lasted only one day . « Even if it got everything, he we seems that recognition of the floor of 39 hours, and the start of overtime from the floor, is a landmark agreement », said president of the Association of emergency physicians of France (Amuf), Patrick Pelloux, stressing that, in the sector, there is « had no social progress for fourteen years ».

According to emergency room doctors, Health Minister Marisol Touraine upheld their claim limited to 48 hours (in accordance with the European law), instead of 60 currently, weekly working time and pay them overtime from the 39e time. A result that the president of the Hospital Federation of France, Frédéric Valletoux, representing the institutions as employers, criticized yesterday on Radio Classique. ‘ What I heard .[Monday] the Minister is surprising: after a few hours, she dropped[…] measures categorical on working time that were requested for a long time by the emergency but that ultimately would result in an additional cost for the Hospital of more than EUR 90 million. »

Marisol Touraine in any case avoided the paralysis of the system of care during the truce confectioners. But not the risk of clogging. Emergency services will indeed be put to the test, in a period where outbreaks of flu and gastroenteritis are expected, because yesterday, began the strike of general practitioners liberal as specialists.

Difficult to evaluate mobilization

Their unions call them to close their consultations until December 31 to protest against several provisions of the health bill that will be debated in April next to Parliament. In their line of sight, there are the delegation of vaccination to pharmacists or still power increased regional health agencies, but the measure that crystallizes all the discontent is the generalization of the party paying («Les Echos» of 23 December).

The Confederation of private practitioners, primary sector Union, whose president should hold a press conference, today already announced yesterday a massive of cessation of activity . The Ministry warned that the regional health agencies réquisitionneront doctors according to the needs.

The evaluation of the mobilization however looks complicated because of the period: many doctors take their leave during the holiday season, boosting the impact of a strike. Claude Leicher, the president of the Union of general practitioners MG France, spoke yesterday of « a movement of unparalleled magnitude ». «More mobilized across 80% of surgeries are closed», according to lu

Palestine in the ICC: what consequences for Israel?

Threats of war by Abbas crimes charges might one day lead to convictions, but the road is filled with complex legal barriers

The president of the authority Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas had long threatened to make this decision that many saw as a device of pressure against Israel. Still, those who know the work of the Court based in the Hague know that the road to condemn the Israelis for « war crimes » or « crimes against humanity » is long and complicated.According to some experts, it is unlikely that the ICC launches criminal actions against important Israelis for actions or policies against the Palestinians. Even if he did, and if indictments were made, it would take years before convictions were made.In the best case scenario for Israel, complaints brought by Palestinians against Israeli officials are only nuisances resulting criticism in the press.The ICC will advance in the creation of an independent and sovereign Palestine State, which is the first goal of Abbas? Not at all. Abbas may not pursue Israel Contrary to what some headlines have been able to suggest, Abbas cannot continue Israel has the ICC. It is a criminal court which means that it is only the Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, who may decide to indictment.The Palestinians may submit complaints to the Court, what they do in reality for years. For now, the Court had no legal legitimacy in the territory where the alleged crimes occurred.By signing the Treaty of Rome, which governs the Court, Palestinians have made the first step Wednesday towards the membership of the Court, even if it takes months before the Treaty enters into force. Is they are accepted as members, and it is not certain that they are, the « Palestine » will begin to formally file complaints against Israel that will be seriously considered by the Court.Before that the Prosecutor looks at complaints and decides whether to launch a preliminary inquiry, it must establish that the Palestinians are well qualified to become a member of the Court. Only States can join the Court, and experts are not in agreement on the issue of whether the « Palestine » is a fairly concrete to be eligible State. To determine if the « Palestine » actually has the right of access to the Court, Bensouda will probably launch a consultation procedure during which she might well have to deliberate the issue with other countries or international institutions.Some experts are convinced that the ICC will immediately accept the candidacy of the Palestinians since it has already hinted that it would consider Palestine a State if the General Assembly of the United Nations recognized. November 29, 2012, the General Assembly voted by a large majority to grant non-member status to « State of Palestine ». This suggests that the ICC will also address the Palestinian Authority in this way.Once established that Palestine actually is a member of the Court, and once it will file complaints against the Israelis, the Prosecutor may decide whether to launch a preliminary inquiry into the charges. It is in no way obliged to do so, and could well decide not to touch all the question.It is very likely that Bell would open a preliminary inquiry, say experts. But even if she did, a full inquiry would be far from being imminent. «» I assume that they will launch a preliminary investigation, said Robbie Sabel, Professor of international law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. But the Prosecutor will soon include that it is a matter entirely policy, and that unless Israel becomes crazy and he decides to begin to commit atrocities of mass, it will not do, the Attorney will be reluctant to continue with a real criminal study. »To determine is it y a ‘reasonable to continue base’ from the preliminary to a large-scale survey, the Prosecutor takes into account several considerations, including: the jurisdiction (temporal, material, either territory and personal jurisdiction);
Eligibility (complementarity and severity);
And the interest of justice.Even the question of jurisdiction will present many difficulties for the Palestinian poker shot. First of all, the ICC generally has jurisdiction on crimes committed on the territory of a Member State at the time when he joined the Court. In other words, the Palestinians should not be able to complain in the Hague of the protective border operation because Palestine was not a member of the Court. The ICC would only court that on events if the Palestinians include them explicitly when they sign the Rome Statute. For the time being, it is not clear what Abbas has signed on Wednesday in Ramallah. Complaints about Gaza are even more complicated because the ICC may well find that Hamas, opposed to « the State of Palestine », controls the area and that the Court has therefore no legal legitimacy in the band.It will also be difficult to determine the territorial jurisdiction of the ICC. Because Israel is not a member of the Court, any event occurring on Israeli soil is outside of scope of the Court. That should be the Court with accusations of crimes committed in East Jerusalem or in area C of the West Bank where Israel exercises its control?Determine jurisdiction in such situations means going into the highly political question of where the border lies between Israel and Palestine. The Prosecutor could well do not want to get too close to this issue, since it touches instead of decades old issues at the centre of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the prosecution for war crimes.The necessary condition for the Court that Affairs are « more serious » could also thwart the Palestinian goal to see Israeli officials on dock for war crimes. « The jurisdiction of the Court shall be limited to the most serious crimes affecting the international community as a whole », says article 5 of the Rome Statute. According to the preamble to the Statute, the ICC was founded to prosecute persons for « unimaginable atrocities which were strongly shocked the conscience of mankind ». It is doubtful that the Court will consider the actions of Israel in the West Bank, and even in Gaza, relevant to this description. «» The settlements are problematic, but are they really a ‘ unimaginable atrocity? Clearly not, said Sabel, the expert from the Hebrew University. Even if people are killed, the ICC deals with the mass murders and genocides. They probably decide to not deal with this subject.It is expected that the Palestinians complain the « war crime » of Israel to build settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. According to their interpretation of the Geneva Conventions, transfer Israeli citizens in occupied territories is a war crime.The inhabitants of the settlements are not responsible for the transfers of populations. The Palestinians should therefore find the persons responsible for settlements: Israeli leaders. « Judge them would involve a political question, and I suspect that the Attorney won’t do, explains Sabel. But you never know.  » The precedents of the ICC Recalling the Advisory opinion of 2004 of the ICC (which determined that the security of Israel in the West Bank barrier was illegal), many Israelis are worried of a possible prosecution before the ICC. Yet if the previous can provide guidance, the Court has shown that it takes its tasks seriously and that it is not seeking to enter a forced criticism of Israel.In March 2012, she has refused to consider more than 400 complaints on alleged Israeli crimes, explaining that Palestine is not a State and that the Court has no legal basis is. In November 2014, after a preliminary examination of the assault of Israel of 2010 on the Mavi Marmara destined for Gaza which resulted in the death of nine Turkish citizens, Bensouda said that despite the ‘reasonable’ indications that Israeli troops had committed a war crime, the incident was not of sufficient gravity to justify further action by the ICC.This does not mean that Israel should minimize the Palestinian threat to Israel before the ICC. Even if it is a complex procedure which could take years, updates in charges and ultimately convictions against Israelis are not impossible.And even if the charges does lead to nothing more than preliminary investigations, the Palestinians will certainly use that for future propaganda. Israel is already very unpopular in many parts of the world and would prefer to avoid more bad headlines. However, worry excessively may not be necessary. Need to handle complaints at the ICC will be a migraine unwanted, but with which Israel could well live.

The head of the United Nations accepts the application for membership of the Palestinians to the ICC

For Washington, the Palestinians are not eligible to the ICC because they do not form a sovereign State

Sovereignty (from the latin medieval superanus which derives from the latin classic superus ‘higher’; and the Greek concept Basileus) means the exclusive right to exercise political authority (legislative, judicial, and/or executive) over a geographical area or a group of people living in the community. The concept emerged with that State, in the middle ages (Thanks wiki) the sovereign is therefore initially an identified person (the representative of the State, the King) then stands out more in addition to his person to become a theoretical concept independent and timeless.Sovereignty is in State principle, but today there is a concept of sovereignty that stands out more in addition to the States.

United States that a Confederate State , aileurs, it is not as, what is the Appelescertains as Mr OBAMA should have more tact and review their history, from the USA, that means U SA (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, finally, it seems to me) because MÔSSIEU, is very far from being the master of the world.

the army of the Confederate States of America (ACSA: often abbreviated CSA: Confederate States Army)

Its nationals may be considered as sociologically with dual citizenship and a dual loyalty, which falls or goes to the federation, which falls or goes to the Member State, or the State1. On the legal level, however, only the citizenship of the federal State is taken into account by public international law.

Confederate American States were a self-proclaimed independent State , and it is people like this who want to give lessons; born the secession of the southern States of the United States with the United States themselves, then nicknamed the Union. This State existed from 1861 to 1865 in the South of North America before being reinstated following the end of the war of Secession.leur territory included most of the South of the United States of the time. Because of the war between the ECA and the Union, there was never definitive delimitation of the northern frontier of this confederation, but the southern boundary of the territory was the Mexico


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