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Here, the future , that some, we reserve, if some want to afford to submit environmental laws, which lead most our agriculture and our other campaigns let hunters and farmers looked after our campaigns better than they, who live all year know the campaign, frankly.!

Black Hat, Red Hat, Green Hat, white hat with green peas, blue striped bonnet, white, red, can any color, a great poet said regardless of the vial, labelled as drunkenness, Alfred de MUSSET (, I think, no time to search!)the.do it since the dawn of time or walk on a plot, because, you walk on to be so-called flowers benefactors (Curtis, ZAMALL, and other…)DATURA. !), you could say anything

Instantly, then Hat white, black, red, who cares!

The texts on the environment. Local communities

http://www.collectivites-locales.gouv.fr/ texts on environment

The environment code. Legifrance

http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/ affichCode.do

496 amendments of voted on the MACRON so by the NATIONAL Assembly by deputies and senators, as for NON to the Treaty of Lisbon or SARKOZY has deceived all french on May 29, 2005 (not:15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe (also called Rome II Treaty or Treaty of Rome of 2004 )(sometimes abbreviated TECE or TCE), signed in Rome by the heads of State and Government of the European Union on 29 October 2004, should enter into force on the 1St November 2006, provided it has been ratified by each of the 25 States signatories,

Holland and Valls want to do the same thing as SARKO, told them that we want not as, the European status of railway, such as the eco-tax, and now; it is the macron law, and in addition, they have been warned that it wanted, it did work, if they want, it will not change the data of the problem.

Act macron, this law is removed nothing to anyone except to lawyers?GAGs

Act Macron: ‘this text has no economic efficiency…


How the Macron law threatens justice (and why lawyers take to the streets) Publication: 2014-12-09 14:20 this updated: 2014-12-09 2: 21 pm this Act Macron: don’t sacrifice on the altar of l lawyers…

http://www.Marianne.NET/ Loi-Macron-ne-sacrifions-pas-les-avocats-sur-l-autel-de-…

Our professional secret sold to allow the estimated 200,000 in-house lawyers (so-called ‘New lawyers employees of enterprise’, or NASE, P-T-N what abbreviation! I do the f’ spokes, is them already), lawyers are not trained to cela – and, for the vast majority, did in asking not so much – to become

It is a mobilization for the least original! For the first time in their history, lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and other professions of law covered by the pane of Act Macron regulated professions have manifested in the streets of Paris.

Some talk of DICTATORSHIP, it is the case, if it passes with the 49.3, some do will not, PRETEND Claire Simonin , become a fan, or concerned persons

Lawyer at the bar of Paris

I expressed twice in my life.

Once on May 1, 2002, when the event anti Pen after the first round of the presidential elections, because I was worried for the future of my country. Fooled, I’d much rather and 100,000 times, see MARINE LE PEN to power, that a band of Jews, or free-masons, who did nothing brought to power, if only emmerdes, shenanigans and wars (GAZA, Syria) DAECH, BOKO HARAM, it does, reminds you nothing!

The second in 2012, against closure of GAD Lampaul who developed the carpet 900 employees in a village of 2100 inhabitants while the slaughterhouse with a production tool brand new was one of the highest performing in Britain. I’m so not a fierce of the banner, and not rather than French in defense of my personal interests. Yet I myself tomorrow, after 13 years of bar, and for the first time under my dress of counsel, alongside colleagues who wished to join the collective created the week last with three colleagues. Justice is already well ill, it is a sad fact. It comes with the law Macron the definitively to the carpet, completing to kill justice of proximity and small artisans-lawyers, to allow, in an area that still resisted the creation of groups and omnipotent, to capital which will be enteredinsurance companies and big banks. Our professional secret sold to allow the estimated 200,000 in-house lawyers (so-called ‘New lawyers employees of enterprise’, or NASE), who are not trained for that – and for the vast majority, demanded so much – to become lawyers; our independence questioned, since these staff lawyers of company will be subject to the relationship of subordination to their employer ;the territorial, mesh which ensures the presence of lawyers in any point of the territory, deleted, this is the spectacle of devastation that would provide our justice if the Macron Act were adopted in terms of the current Bill. But this is a bushy law, « tote » say some, which deals with all of the guides-speakers, the opening of stores on Sunday, highways, and some professions of law, including those of lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and clerks of the commercial courts. In this context, the voice of lawyers is lost in the mass, stigmatized as those privileged few who seek to defend their withdrawal. There is nothing. If there are privileged in our profession, it is precisely the big firms, members of the bar said business, one that supports the Macron Act because it will allow him to forge still closer ties with major groups that are its clients, while independence is one of the pillars of our profession.

Well written, Madam, if it did, that I share not all your opinion on the LOGUE, that said, well written, well spoke, and all court!

To further complicate things, the legal profession is divided. (, it’s better to reign)
• While all the bars of France rallied to claim that texts on the profession of lawyer are extracts of the Macron Act and subject to the arbitration of the Ministry of Justice, our Ministry, the order of lawyers in Paris, traditionally close to the bar of business, took a stand against the mobilization of December 10, and supports the creation of the NASE . Absence of General Assembly of the Parisian lawyers, he does them was not permitted to individually inform their position, and that of their order, which represents half of the lawyers of France, blurs the speech of the National Bar Council, representative institution of all lawyers in France, hostile to the project.This is the reason why, with Parisian colleagues, we wanted to create a collective non-politicized, non-unionized, to show that the Parisian lawyers are not in ranks tight behind their President and their order, and they worry, as their colleagues from province of justice at a discount which would give birth Act Macron if it was adopted. Small lawyers cannot survive in large groups strike force would disappear the first, only survive the biggest dedicated to their business clientele. Ordinary citizens would be more that recourse to the NASE,so a defence of nase,(excuse me, but it was too easy) from their insurance company, which of course privilégieraient the interests of their employer rather than those of their customers. This movement, initiated by four young brothers

I remind you, that you have passed some sort of Pact with the VICHY Government that it was the french that the UGIF Jews , did implement (taken in the BS encyclopedia)and that it is in the Jewish ruling circles, the creation of the UGIF which has been the subject of lengthy discussions between proponents of the resignation collective (René Mayer(, David Olmer) and in cooperation with Vichy (Raymond Raoul Lambert), for fear of risking the direct control of the Germans. The Lambert trend prevails finally on December 30, 1941.Wobbly organization, the UGIF is divided into two sections, North and South. When the southern zone will be invaded in November 1942, the UGIF will lose much of its external resources (particularly the United States).

But the experts of the RSHA noted that the France is left behind… in the ‘Final Solution’ by other countries. And so after each convoy of Drancy, the Nazi claim new victims. The raids continue, more discreet and nationalities. The most targeted are firstly stateless persons, Germans, Austrians, Czechs, poles and Russians. In August – September, it is the turn of Romanians, Bulgarian, Yugoslav, Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourg, and in November of the Greeks…

Jews recently arrived of the Reich, Austria, the protectorate and the Poland and « stateless persons » of all origins, some 12,500 people were interned in the camps of Rivesaltes, Noah, Récébedou, Vernet, miles near Marseille, Nexon en Limousin…

On 7 October 1940 Decree repeals The Crémieux Decree and deprived the Jews of Algeria of French nationality.

Never forget who makes them, have made the most of evil, this is not us, it is them, ON do their needs nothing, IL we must all, life at least otherwise, they would not have to start their family ACTEUELLES (Example:  » Abraham Drucker was physician-in-Chief a Drancy during the German occupation. ») It was significant to the nazis assistance since he had to work to distinguish Jews from others. He thus allowed the arrest of many Jews who were sent to the death camps. The Drucker family bank accounts were seized after the liberation and Abraham Drucker was forced to testify and to designate the ss with whom he collaborated. » (F & D No. 109 15 to 30 April 2001) here’s a little ‘further investigation’ with this article cleaner Henri de Fersan (drawn from his blog):


The trial in absentia of the Officer SS Aloïs Brunner, probably died, was the occasion for the shopkeepers of the memory of utter on the darkest hours of their history.

They want that one speaks of Drancy? And well, talk of Drancy… Talk about those Jews who collaborated with the nazis. The camp at Drancy was largely self-managed by the Jews. Opened in 1941, it served as a basic transfer as part of the final Solution (deportation of the Jews in Poland following the publication by Theodore Kaufman of a book demanding the genocide of Germans). On 67,000 Jews who are flown, only 8,500 were French. This camp had seven leaders: Asken, Max Missyouneedyou, Montel François, Georges Kohn, (Robert Félix Blum), ca merappelle someone,, Georges Schmidt, Oscar Reich and Emmanuel Langberg. On 24 October 1942, a Jewish police internal is created, nicknamed the ‘Gestapolak’ because of her Ashkenazi recruitment. Are talking about Abraham Drucker (father of Michel), surgeon who assisted Brunner in his roundup of the Jews of the former free zone. Talk about Jankel Jouffa, father of Yves Jouffa of the League of the rights of man, who participated in this ‘police’ as head of stairs..

Talk of the UGIF who put in his pocket the 750 million stolen from the Jews and who probably sleep in crates of CRIF , what made that with repairs, it is the girl who will pay the money stolen by the Jews to the Jews, as he paid, in lieu of the Jews, billion compensation demanded by the Germans to the Israelites following the attacks against the Wehrmacht.

Drancy in 1944, was again transformed into a concentration camp. Unlike closely there were parked all those whose system gaulchevique wanted to get rid. It was no longer a KL but a Gulag, which explains why Drancy I enjoys a nickel-plated memory and Drancy II « does not exist »… The proof of this denial of memory: photos of Drancy I illustrating the history books have been taken… in August 1944 Drancy II!

We will give them, memory. Talk about this thirteen-year-old girl, daughter of alleged « collaborators » who was raped in front of his parents by a bunch of garbage to cuff FTP (pleonasm). Talk about Red Cross packages looted by FTP (Communist habit, the Arbeitstatistik was such in Buchenwald). Talk about the torture of prisoners (and prisoners) including René Château gives a pale idea in his book the Age of Cain. Two-digit, two digits only: French executed by the Germans from 1940 to 1944: 29.775. French executed by the gaulcheviques in six months: 97.000…

The duty of memory, why not. But all memory! The time has come for the powerful to repentance. In the contrary case, we will be obliged to note that, for them, equality does not exist…

On June 2, 1941, an Act enacts the « second status of the Jews’, aggravating the October 3, 1940: is considered as a Jew, one who belongs to the Jewish religion or there was June 25, 1940, and which is derived from two grandparents of Jewish race. The second status ends to eliminate the Jews of any economic activity… At the same time, new professions are prohibited to the israelites: advertising, banking, finance and real estate. A numerus clausus is established for dentists, doctors, lawyers…

This Act prohibits more Jews political mandates participation in the large body of State, judicial and throughout the public service. this proves that despite all that, you haven’t been more intelligent than the other

It is frankly not worth to feel superior, a people supposedly elected, would otherwise react because frankly, it’s small, petty, pitiful.

Admits, however the 33000 naked dream in France from the Nazi camps, number very in ferieurdes 2 5000 00 from early April 1945 concentrarionnaires, this trentainne mile, miraculously

Saved came from a score of large camps and of fifteen hundred (1500) commandos scattered in all the great REICH (Source the release and repatriation of the deportees)

The release and repatriation of deported * s

Jewish victims of the Holocaust – YouTube property, Hold, go see the CRIF, there are chances that they are aware whether any, or is your money and other, also knowing

That 1 Euro was worth 6.55957francs, not to mention the fact that the franc, especially the euro, caught a slap between 2004 and 2005how much us the APPRECIATION of the EURO?-2.2%,,qu’il either the bottom, CRIF, that less on whether already in israel, why not?

750 million stolen from the Jews and who sleep probably into the coffers of the lira,

Arrested on November 28, the Burundi journalist, Hassan Ravukuki, likely to life in prison. His arrest has aroused a wave of indignation worldwide in a country where freedom of the press is in berne.

« I am not a terrorist, I’ve never been and I’ll ever be. I am journalist »said journalist Burundians Hassan Ruvakuki, corresponding service Swahili of the RFI. Indeed, for several months, the Burundian journalist is accused of ‘ terrorism ‘ and risk to life in prison. The facts attributed to him goes back to a few months ago when the latter attended the work of launching ‘ a Burundian rebellion in Western Tanzania.

Hassan Ruvakuki was arrested on November 28, 2011 by Burundian intelligence in the company of many officers. According to the newspaper the Express, 22 of his co-defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment or 15 years in prison and the correspondent of Rfi received, since the month of June 2012, of a life sentence.

However, Hassan Ruvakuki constantly protested his innocence and said that as a journalist he attended the constitution of this new rebellion in the West of Tanzania. An argument formally rejected by the country’s authorities who accuse him of « collect information to conduct an assault » in the words of the Prosecutor Emmanuel Nyandwi, at the last hearing of the Court of appeal of Gitega, in the centre of Burundi, this Thursday, November 08. After after pleadings which have duration over 5 hours of clock, the Prosecutor announced finally that the verdict will be known at the date of January 08, 2013.

The trial of the journalist is very followed by Western diplomats present on Burundian soil. The case is seen by some as a way for the Executive to intervene in the Affairs of justice. Yet, according to lexpress, the prosecution admits that some evidence against his co-defendants are manufactured.

It should be noted that since 2010 election boycott by the opposition, the country lives to the rhythm of new violence that have raised fears of a resumption of a new conflict. However, the hunt for journalists is far from stop. Hassan Ruvakuki is not the only one on the list. The arrest of the journalist Thierry Ndayishimiye and his colleague Jean-Claude Kavumbagu testifies to a delicate situation for many journalists living in that country.

The ingratitude of some Burundian journalists…

Journalist arrested in Burundi: explanations of…

http://www.RFI.fr/ 20130616-Africa-burundi

Burundi: journalists in danger – Terrafemina

http://www.terrafemina.com/ societe/…/19586-burundi-journalistes-en-danger.html

Burundi: Appearance of 2 journalists in the Bubanza TGI…


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