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Like, what, even life insurance, is no more, invest in stone or in shelters values

(C in the air, October 15, 2014, via DiscoTonio)

A more alert, it will warn you… When Natacha Valla, the former Director of the Goldman Sachseconomic research, recognizes that money placed on life insurance contracts is evaporated… long and need to take losses, in one way or another [click on the image to go directly to 59 min 41].

What is this law of crap, we want to make our kids completely dumb, when, they have the chance to follow study, EELV wants to enact a law of crap on cannabis, they want to be saying, legalized cannabis, although obviously, it is the pretext to make so-called savings and combating drug trafficking , and the Pope has wings too, after what will the kif, that will be come the riff, vallaud muheebinho must know and after it will nurture, of pavos of datura, Sin se, place beets frankly on their €20 000 / month

To tell bullshit, already was head of the Government, are not helped, in general, is the head the better, but in general only. It is not that I am against, but there is a difference between FEM a joint from time to time, and pick up its package, to the pharmacy, all the weeks or otherwise, and lie making us swallow snakes, you dude, what, double 0, the shytrall, the Lebanese, red, or yellow, the COC, the hero, remain behind your desktopthere no need you out.

There is a trick that makes me laugh in France and certainly elsewhere too, but attention not by all « CHAVEZ » at least, it is the memory that I have, is that when some people are powers, because the people have voted for them and have believed in them and the fact that they went to change things, them, no, they fill the Pocket , and while others burst and work for their cum, kind, VALLS, SARKO, FILLON, JUPPE, 40 years of lies in FRANCE, RAJOY, (law on abortion) lies, ZAPATERO, Spain, MERKEL, THOMAS de MAIZIÈRE, Schäuble Wanka, Grohe Müller Friedrich in Germany,Matteo Renzi Maria, Elena Boschi, Paolo Gentiloni Roberta Pinotti in Italy PORTUGAL CAVACO Silva Maria Luis, to Hello at Café chez TONTON, A +, ALBUQUERQUE Antonio PIRES de LIMA, Pedro MOTA SOARES, in Belgium Kris Peeters, Jan ham, Alexander De Croo, Hervé Jamar, Van Overtveldt, Steven Vandeput, and its JUPPE, SARKO, it affords to come to events and to tell the same lies, agricultural show, in addition, knowing that, in addition, the Britons of the CROS, remember

His come, when he released one of his colleague, approxivemativent(ATTENTION,ce n’est pas dele de textuel), « what is the con, which made me, this planning, I am forced to see a marine Catre, whose I fucks with 2 asshole around me », SUPER, which had elected it did?, it was not, a dwarf of jardin.je thought to untruc the other day, about 2 months ago, he had released his 2 buddies, the godfather of his son, BRICE.H and Liu now, cest his former Government, its GRAND POTE fillon and GUAINO, economic spy, however, it can serve, if it finds the way to lower the tipp, is GUAINO that deals with (Agency for the dissemination of technological information) the ADIT, it seems to me, it is not he who wrote, much speeches in 2007, on the other

Refer to line 17 of the rothschild manifest,

The line 16 for the Cazeneuze, and other Bertrand, holllande, Royal

The support13 to VALLSet SARKO

The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? | 2012: What’s the… to translate into the language of SENCO

15 – the. wars will be initiated, funded and directed so that we control BOTH SIDES (left and right) (, Republicans, and Democrats)((c’est valable pour les guerre,mais pour les républiques,et pour les états unis d’Amérique blanc de préférences ))

left and right) (, Republicans, and Democrats), it’s me, that it added to it, but for understanding, a little better, because when I read me, I am not very clear

I’m thinking, they want to train Imams in Koranic school in France 2nd seat of world CATHOLICISM after ROME, but, it is an aberration, it’s like, I was going to Morocco, or in Tunisia, opened a Catholic school there, you go me say, Catholic schools, he already had, I answer that it is true , but, there is one but, in Algeria, in Tunisia, there is more had from the 2 century (in Tunisia, secure, (in Algeria, I know what the masons franc, want to do, they want Islamized France, in order to, transfer Islam, as, they are in Algeria, the proof being, recent elections in Algeria with BOUTEFLIKA)) ,(votant, en fauteuil roulant)e century IV, Africa saw the birth of Augustine of Hippo(now Annaba, Algeria) father of the Church whose thought would have a decisive influence on Christianity in the middle ages and the modern era1.

the Muslim religion, to suplante the Christian religion in the 7th century, in order to have the power to take and choose

Great Fallsand company Montana memories

2:07 pm MST January 12, 2015

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Webb Brown joins the Council National Association of Manufacturers

The National Association of Manufacturers announced that Webb Brown, president and CEO of the Council of the Montana manufacturers, was elected to the Board of Directors of the NAM.

Founded in 1895, the NAM, guided by its Board of Directors, is an industrial trade association in the United States with over 14 000 members.

Montana manufacturers Council is the association’s statewide for manufacturers and their supporters. It is a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce of Montana.

MIA Macael awarded in Spain

Marble Institute of America President Tony Malisani of Malisani, Inc., Great Falls, accepted the ‘Institution’ award at the 28th edition of the Macael in Macael, Spain. This award was one of the nine prizes awarded by the Asociación de Empresarios del Marmol of Andalucía, the association natural stone in the region of Almería, the Spain.

The Marble Institute of America has 1 700 members that are found in 56 countries around the world.

The event attracted 500 participants from several countries.

D.A. Davidson & Co. expands banking investment in Denver

D.A. Davidson & Co., an investment full-service banking company based in Great Falls, hired two industry veterans, Steven Gilbertson and Tim Sznewajs, for the Denver Office investment banking firm services launch. As Director General, Gilbertson will focus on the energy industry and Sznewajs will specialize in the engineering and construction sector. While D.A. Davidson is currently represented by other divisions in Denver, two recruits represent presence of investment bank first business.

« We are proud to consolidate our presence in the economic environment growing in Colorado, » said Monte Giese, co-head of investment banking. « Both of these people are strong additions to our practical investment banking and represent the values of our platform. »

Gilbertson, has recently been an Executive in Oppenheimer & Co. investment banking team energy, fill over 100 transactions with a total value of more than $25 billion. These transactions ranged from capital raises for master of societies, sponsorship and mergers-acquisitions and restructuring Advisory for exploration and production companies. Gilbertson has over 18 years of experience in investment, corporate development banking and engineering. Gilbertson graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of science in chemical engineering and Columbia Business School with a Master of Business Administration in finance.

Sznewajs recently served as co-head and senior director for CGI Capital Advisors. During his nine years at the IMF, he works exclusively with industry companies originating and leading to many transactions of industry infrastructure engineering & construction, high profile. Before joining the IMF, Sznewajs held various positions in the industry and the investment banking services, including transactional experience which began at Goldman, Sachs & Co., that it has advised on more than $8 billion in commitments side buy and sell as a member of the law firm mergers and acquisitions. Sznewajs is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and received an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, earning a mention very well of these two institutions.
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C’est quoi ,cette loi de merde ,on veut rendre nos gosses complètement cons ,quand ,ils ont la chance de suivre des étude ,que EELV veut faire voter une loi de merde sur le cannabis, il veulent soit disant ,légalisé le cannabis, bien évidemment ,c’est sous le prétexte de faire soit disant des économies et de lutter contre le trafic de drogue


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