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I was thinking, like what, was hilarious bad liver, and manipulation of the way of thinking of the people, and I say this, for all countries , you go make you for yourself, watch your TV channels, the number of broadcast, or, the number of newspapers and television, which are targeted to an events, here in this case It is the exhibition of agriculture, but this can be any shows, or events, the naung, sports, etc…! (we can say, that they are putting the pressure to tell you, they even put a LCP booth, at the salon of agriculture, and all this, of course to siphon paths, by inviting tench, which, we have lied for 40 years and who come, make us moral LOL)(some will say, but was still due, or, often, what else is not normal, but frankly,currently, they put the package, no, this is not the BIGART(french joke), or there is a huge passage, and this allows them as A.JUPPE and others, to keep their TV time, it is not beautiful, case), and like that, more often my axles (men)

National Assembly

I heard a guy, a MP UMP DELATTRE François or Francis member of the oise , I crois(comme quoi,partout,il ya deles de mauvais,mais il y a aussi deles de bons), people, who take the time to analyze problems and solutions, this is the reason why,’ he did not vote on the amendment, and apparently it has disliked around him When he spoke, in short it was a of solutions, (common sense… what !), in this case, it was problems french and German, also, on mines of coal, in addition, phosphates finally mine,.. can! there on 2 countries, short, I remember the subject

You see, you use the 49.3, you have spent your act in force, against the opinion of MEPs, so against the opinion of the people, look good, there can be, d others but you I can tell you, from now on, you, and all who were with you, your political career as complete finitto, intake air Craps, arrival of hot air alsobut, having said that one you’ll talk, anyway, you can pass the laws, you want in 2 and a half years, you gerbez, which means, your laws to roll back the France, and you, goodbye

Anyway, it is gone.


Stories of drones, this to me, what does mean, they (the gouvernent(HOLLAND,VALLS,PECHENARD, le directeur de campagne de(SARKO,il est plus là, mais,il est toujours là) and other Masons francs, I presume) I could be wrong, but I doubt it!)small oligarchs, have tried the attacks in Belgium(Jewish Museum), played the rounds, Christmas market at paris(15 éme ,supermarché CASHER ,on stigmatise la population juive,le peuple juif, en passant) (,CHARLIE HEBDO) (ALLAH OUAKBAR, forgotten identity card, cries in a closed car, or, it is physically impossible to hear, case PROUTEAUX not to throw more, the Court is full Post ROSE HSBC(England forgiving(, one wonders, why, AH, it is may be that the patron, the president of HSBC was the Minister of the budget under Cameron , finally, that’s why, among other England forgive) so let’s go back a HSBC SWISSLEAKS touched almost all banks jp Morgan CHASE & Co, the Rothschild Bank, England, Goldman & Sachs takes the same, and we start again, not to mention ISRAEL, also at suffered from HSBC swissleak.Therefore the

Drones flying over PARIS, AFP, Source police info, as play towers and the Christmas market (GAGs), brief, apparently would have there total 2 passes, 1er passage there were drone, the 2nd passage, he would have had 4 drones, so 5 drones to the total, you know, told us that drones were over nuclear power plants, the authorities have tried sought or them saying drones, they have found that two kids who played with, there were drones or saying, who surveyed the Elyse, no news. ?.

I thought a trick, this 40 dipsticks that they turn into Jackasses (pou be polished), it is 1 and a half years see 2 years, it is waterproof, are trying to make us swallow I don’t know what, and under pretext of technologies, they enslave peoples européens(Espagnoles,Français,Italiens,Allemands,Portuguais et autres)

But other than there is no conspiracy theory at all, those are the fools who believe this, sincerely fools do its not there, or believed?


BUT? it is anything, this Act or, this amendment, which must be voted, which requires members to vote according to their Chairman, or, their Secretary, Gee P-T-N, it is beautiful the left, AH, I know, it is the left « VALLSREICH » If, if, si(Descendant de FRANCO,peut étre)

This is the new name, you’ll vote what?OH, chais not left dictaroriale VALLSREICH can be, AH you for peace of households, this EUEUH, it sees, ca them would move

Fortunately as it brothers?And after we have the nerve to treat Le Front national far, GAGs, the national Front is likely to evolve, you, not


I would say to JUPPE, especially because he does not have it brings, because with all batteries pans, he has to ass I’d him, ask me how I get yet to walk, he goes to lie to his students in CANADA, hoping that our cousins have not believed it, in the amphi, by dint of walking, this can drag and can be walked, but need to walk long before it falls

Hit a month after taking office in the case of the apartment of his son Laurent, Alain Juppe is soon becoming more unpopular (according to the barometer TNS Sofres for Figaro Magazine, its side of future changes thus 63% in June and July to 57% in August and then, after a slight rebound to 59% in September, down 40 per cent in October and 37% in November)14. His defence appears rigid, symbolized by the expression that he delivered on 6 July 1995 : ‘I’m right in my boots and I believe in the France. Disagree with his Minister of economy and finance Alain Madelin, he must face his resignation on 26 August 1995. He replaces Jean Arthuis.

This unpopularity is being strengthened with the  » plan Juppé « , social security reform project submitted to the National Assembly on 15 November 1995. It provides an extension of the contribution period from 37.5 to 40 annuities for employees in the public service to align with that of the private sector already reformed in 1993, the establishment of an annual Act of social security objectives of expenditure disease progression and envisaging the establishment of penalties for doctors who exceed this targetthe increase in the costs ofhospital, restrictions on reimbursable drugs and blocking and the taxation of family allowances combined with the dues increase disease for the retired and the unemployed and frost of the salary of officials paid to families with the most deprived children. It raises a broad social movement in the whole of the country. Despite the support provided by the CFDT to Alain Juppe, the strikes of November and December 1995 ‘defence of the social acquis justified his determination: he must give, on 15 December 1995, on the extension to public plans of measures decided in 1993 Édouard Balladur for private sector retirees.

But the Government refuses to return on the reform of social security, a law passed December 30, following to legislating by orders in this matter. Now, the social security budget is voted in the Parliament, the rise of the generalized social contribution (CSG) is determined as a contribution for the repayment of the social debt (CRDS) is created, a quantified objective of increase in Medicare costs is fixed and family benefits are frozen. But political analysts note especially the decline in the Government on what was presented as the bulk of the pension reform, Jean-François Revel accusing including president Jacques Chirac of cowardice for not explaining the reforms during the presidential campaign, thus explaining the magnitude of the movement. In an article on 15 February 1996, considers as well that when, during the presidential campaign, Jacques Chirac spoke of reforms aimed at bridging the social divide, the French understood that they would be drowned in a rain of grants. Reforms aimed at a reduction of public deficits or social deficits, they do not at all understand them’15 .

It increases the tax burden. Is so widely debated within right-wing parties the increase of 10% from theISF16 slices and the removal of his cap17. This amendment has particular consequence that some tax households pay a higher than their18 income tax.

Other events still weaken the popularity of the Government Juppe[citation needed], as the occupation of theSaint-Ambroise Church in Paris by 300 illegal aliens, of African origin, asking their regularization, from 18 March 1996. After having been expelled from the Saint-Ambroise Church, they wander occupation in occupation and eventually occupy theChurch Saint Bernard of the chapel. Ten of them then began a hunger strike that will last two months. It is a restart of movements of immigration, with the constitution of various collectives, such as « papers for all » in 1996, the « Collectif anti-extrusion » in 1998, among others. Finally, the muscular evacuation[citation needed] by the illegal aliens police occupying the Saint-Bernard Church is decided on 23 August 1996. Many of them are sent back to Mali. The hunger strike ends, while one of the occupants died a few months later sequelae thereof[citation needed] .

Continuation of privatizations, and after it comes to bring her back, not even ashamed, not even wrong, no. COMMENTS(trop à dire!!!)NO DIGNITY, ALL ALIKE

The CMA CGM Columbus

Alain Juppé did continue on the other hand movements of privatisations started between 1986 and 1988 and since 1993, with groups metallurgical Pechiney and Usinor-Sacilor in 1995, the Bank French of trade outside (BFCE, sold from OTC to the Credit national to give birth to Natixis), the Company General maritime (CGM, sold also from OTC to the company Charter marine to create the CMA-CGMgroup), General of France insurance (AGF, with implementing scholarship of 51% of the capital, the State retaining only 2%) and the French Rhine navigation company (CFNR, sold over-the-counter to thetechnical coal import Association ATIC) in 1996, and finally the Professional computer company Bull in 1997. These privatizations were reported in 18 months 40 billion french francs.

In addition, in 1996, the Prime Minister wants to sell the Daewoo group the State company Thomson Multimédia, officially « very indebted », against a symbolic franc after its recapitalization by the State, to the tune of 11 billion francs. The reason given is for the french State to respect the Maastrichtcriteria, including the stability and Growth Pact, which then requires a mastery of public accounts. The plan facilitates the qualification of the France for theeuro, the government deficit from 5.5% of GDP in 1995 to 3.0 percent in 1997. It should be noted that Thomson multimedia holds at that time patents and licences of all digital media disk (CD, CD, LaserDisc, DVD, magneto optical, floppy…) which generate royalties around the world with the emergence of digital television. In addition, Thomson remains custodian of the brandNo. 1 in North America: RCA. However, this sale is not applicable, the Group Daewoo then knowing a strong instability.Then, it is nice, the boy, he turns 7 times, its LAN GUE in her mouth, front of JACQUETER of the FN and MARINE

Sanofi: 1700 employees made redundant by mailbox…

Sanofi: fired for 2½ hours late to a training…

Forty former CSD of Sanofi get 1 million d…

Sanofi put in difficulty by his socially retoque…

Sanofi Quetigny: « a (disguised) relocation in… »

You can’t find that, it’s funny, one sees a company with licensees by box voale1700salarie

After, we see licensed for 2-hour delay, after it voit40 CDD, puisPLAN SOCIAL, then relocation, and after, reads

Sanofi could spend more than EUR four million per year to pay for Olivier Brandicourt, its next Director-general. Sanofi could pay its new Director general Olivier Brandicourt over EUR four million per year. The pharmaceutical group has planned a gross annual fixed remuneration of 1.2 million euros, earnings […]

But, frankly, vou NIS you fouteriez a bit of our mouth

EUR four million per year for the remuneration of Olivier Brandicourt, would give Sanofi


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Toulouse: death of a child of 2 years after a tonsils operation, complaint of the family

This 2-year-old, priori boy in good health, died as a result of a banal operation the tonsils to Hôpital Pierre-Paul Riquet, Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).

For 10 days, the family wants to understand how their child could die. Ten days is in demand for responses on the part of the hospital, reported ‘RTL ‘.».

The family decided to file a complaint.

On « RTL », the family lawyer says that hospital staff would have hidden the truth to parents:

« The single will of his parents, is to know the truth and know why the doctors and nurses who were present in the room at the time where this child vomited blood did nothing?… » This single mother with her child was left in the arms, his clothes stained with blood, and he was told ‘everything will be okay’. On has lied them from beginning to end ».

« RTL », counsel for the family indicates that hospital staff would have hidden the truth to parents

One well, suspects that it has hidden the truth to the parent, is to cover the practitioner, or, quite simply, the nurse block, however for intervention, which must be fast 30′ average, I do not think I need. The operation should be benign, frankly there, even, if either saying, he has not had a fault, there has been fault, somewhere, tonsillectomy, it is human intervention, with an electric Britt, there will have no have bleeding, this is not normal, it is not, I want the head of someone, but I did not want, one starts again, kind , like the marmot, who died in a holiday centre (I know, it will tell me that children did not die such, I know, on the other hand, on class 2 stories in the same way, we talk more but, me, I’m tired, I no longer feel like this again, kind, a kid is dead, AH BEN heck then? it could walk) much less well

Style, on file you the mome, so that it is eeclater during the holidays and it makes you between 4 plates, with apologies, en, telling you, it’s the fault with no luck

Or, you soar your kid to a surgeon, it teaches you his death, but it is the fault of anyone,

But, frankly, we will, or!

SwissLeaks: Israel widely affected by the banking scandal

I enjoyed the intervention of Mome MARION, MARION MARECHAL LOGUE, and NON COTILLARD

That said both are superbly well, la, France, I return to la vie en Rose MARION MLP, about intervention for ST FLORENTIN in the yonne, it is quite true, there are fed up being the great phobe of this république(xénophobe,islamophobe…etc.!)but I makes me that it made me like this, we have exacerbated my way of thinking, my way of being short, it made me con.But, as in I think, I am told, that it’s been 40 years, about.More ca goes, and I think thati have nothing to do with them, it’s shit fuckers

These conjure, who have a more than rotten mentality, no, definitely, I have nothing in common

With them, but really nothing

SwissLeaks: Al-Qaida financiers among HSBC clients

Executives knew holding accounts had been charged with terrorism

February 10, 18:54

Main financers (ANSAmed) – PARIS, 10 February – several of Al-Qaida, known collectively as the « chain of gold, » were found among holders of bank accounts at HSBC of Switzerland, said Le Monde Tuesday.

The newspaper CITES documents shared with the International Consortium of investigative journalists. Among the men are a Saudi prince, known in the past to have offered protection to Osama bin Laden and another man from the Saudi royal family, which the woman had sent payments to one of the alleged attackers 9/11. The world reports that other targeted account holders the former Treasurer of an organization accused of money laundering for Al-Qaida and banned from the owner of a factory bombed by the Americans suspected of producing chemical weapons for sale on the black market. The list of the names of the golden chain, the journal reports, was found in Sarajevo in 2002 during a raid on a foundation which was actually a front for the financing of Islamic terrorism. Some of the names later appeared in the media, while the U.S. secret service studied the complex financing of Al-Qaida network and its ‘sheikh ‘.

HSBC, however, has not changed in any way its relations with the people on the list and continued to manage accounts on their behalf.

According to a report of the U.S. Senate 2012, leaders of the Bank and its service to monitor the money paid on the accounts of his clients knew that the individuals had been accused of having links with the terrorist group. (ANSAmed).
Diamond dealers in the lurch as bank Documents shine light on means of Secret

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Photo: Shutterstock
By Ryan Chittum

February 9, 2015, 08:00

Key findings
•HSBC Private Bank (Switzerland) has continued to provide services to customers who had been adversely appointed by the United Nations, in the records of the Court and in the media linked to the trafficking of arms, diamonds of blood and corruption.
•HSBC those served near discredited regimes such as that of former President Egyptian Hosni Mubarak, former Tunisian President Ben Ali and current Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.
•Among clients holding accounts of HSBC Bank in Switzerland for politicians past and present of the Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kenya, Romania, India, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Lebanon, Tunisia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Paraguay, Djibouti, Senegal, Philippines and Algeria.
•The Bank repeatedly reassured clients that he would not disclose details of the accounts to the national authorities, even if experience showed that accounts were not declared to tax authorities in the country of origin of the client. Employees of the Bank also discussed with clients a range of measures that would ultimately clients avoid paying taxes in their country of origin. This included the holding of accounts on behalf of companies offshore to avoid the European Savings Directive, a rule at European level by 2005 to fight against tax evasion through the exchange of banking information.
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Banking giant HSBC shed Cash disorder linked to dictators and arms dealers

New law, new gap, new Business for global banking giant HSBC

Whistleblower? Thief? Hero? Introducing the Source of data that HSBC shook

‘ Standards were significantly lower than today: « HSBC response

Explore the Swiss data leaks

Leaks of Swissis a collaborative investigation that exposes how the Swiss branch of one of the world’s largest banks, HSBC,advantageto do business with scammers and criminals in the world.

Do you have important information on this subject? A question or a comment? Transmit to ICIJ.

Belgium, Center of the world diamond trade, accuses Private Swiss Bank of HSBC fraud; many dealers under investigation around the world

In the spring of 2005, Erez Daleyot, a Belgian-Israeli Tycoon diamond with some bad connections, has made visit to its HSBC Private Bank Swiss Bankers, where soon there up to $38.5 million in accounts linked to shell companies in the British Virgin Islands.

Business was good. $886 million reported in the previous year’s revenues, Daleyot informed its bankers that it planned at the head of this amount in the coming year with $1 billion. He recently obtained a tax ruling of Israel allowing him to pay only 5 per cent to $85 million in income tax. Visit to Geneva to buy a $41.5 million private jet, he urged his bankers to the airport to show, according to the HSBC secret files obtained by the International Consortium of investigative journalists and the French Le Monde newspaper.

Now is Daleyotwould have beenincriminated by the Belgian authorities for laundering money and tax evasion, however he was not charged. And the New York diamond closes Lazare Kaplan International, a former partner, alleges Daleyot participated in a criminal to defraud conspiracy it $135 million by proceeds diamond, largely through its HSBC accounts, who were also at the origin of $20 million in bribes paid to bankers at Antwerp Diamond Bank, according to a civil lawsuit filed by Lazare American federal Tribunal in 2011.

Relationship of Daleyot with HSBC was almost unique for a magnate of the diamond industry. Analysis of the files of the Bank Switzerland shows that he allowed with impatience almost 2 000 diamond professionals, looking for the questionable past associates, criminal investigations and the sad reputation of the diamond in general industry.

Diamond trade and HSBC

The trade in diamonds, including the center of the world is the largest city in Belgium, Antwerp, preserves the remains of the ancient trade ways that make it very sensitive to the activity of the black market. Secret, clannish, it still often runs on cash and a handshake.

‘ Diamonds are a great way to launder money, to hide money, to escape to the taxes and everything else, « said Ian Smillie, co-founder of KP, an effort of the United Nations to end what it calls often from blood or conflict diamonds – diamonds gems used to finance wars. « Half a million died in the Angolan civil war, »Smillie said wars fuelled by blood diamonds. « Tens of thousands have died in Sierra Leone, the Congo and elsewhere. It was a huge humanitarian crisis that has destabilized the immense regions. »

As a store of value compact, stable and transferable, diamonds offer huge benefits for smugglers, tax evaders and money launderers. In many respects, they are better even than money. Easier to carry and conceal, they are in the market for wholesale, almost as liquid and easily sold anywhere. They leave no paper trail and are virtually impossible to trace. They do not go bad, cannot be burned in a fire and are not devalued by inflation.

Yet, without accounts Swiss Bank and various offshore financial operators, money laundering and tax evasion would be much more difficult to remove. The diamond trade is extraordinarily lucrative, is why some banks could look away to get a piece of the business. The files obtained by ICIJ and Le Monde show that bankers at HSBC were absolutely the Court diamond and some of them to avoid taxes by protecting their assets.

Thesecret of HSBC filesICIJ analyzed based on data originally smuggled away by an HSBCemployee-turned-‘Whistleblower’and handed over to the French authorities in 2008. France shared the files with other countries, and they are at the origin of legal implications worldwide. A Belgian Prosecutor accused Switzerland HSBC unit the in November with fraud, money laundering and conspiracy – for most of the clients in the diamond trade – accusing the Bank of « knowingly promoting and encouraging tax evasion, giving privileged customers access to offshore accounts, especially in the Panama and the Virgin Islands [British]. » HSBC said at the time that he « would cooperate as far as possible. »

In a statement to ICIJ, HSBC has written, « We recognize and are accountable to the failures of compliance and control. We took important steps in recent years to implement reforms and out customers who did not meet new HSBC strict standards, including those where we had concerns with respect to compliance with tax rules.  »

The files of the Bank show that HSBC ignored frequent warning signs among its range of clients of diamond trade all actively helping some set up offshore companies to obscure their business relationship. Amid a flurry of investigations, HSBC decided to shutter its group MEDIS, which included clients of diamond, in the middle of 2013, according to testimony to the Belgian authorities by its legal Director, David Garrido. « Historically, MEDIS accounts disproportionately more often were subject to claims by the Swiss authorities with regard to the criminal charges, » he said. « The Bank had lost the confidence of the diamond sector, which represented a risk for the Bank. The decision was taken to separate the whole sector. »

Unsavory connections

With Daleyot, the bank looked past its dubious commercial relations, the most famous of them was apparently Arkadi Gaydamak, a Russian-Israeli businessmanrecognized guiltyin absentia by France for his role in the years 90  » « Asad_p2″arms scandal (some of the charges have been overturned on appeal). » Daleyot also would have been financed by Yakov Arabov, known to hip-hop stars like 50 Cent and the Notorious B.I.G. Jacob the jeweler. Arabov later went to the prison of in 2008 for lying to US federal agents on money-laundering for the Black Mafia family, a Detroit drug ring. Daleyot not answered the request comment ICIJ.

Client HSBC one another, Emmanuel Shallop, had won a mention in a2001 report of the United Nationsto do business with the rebels in the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone. In 2005, bankers HSBC noted that it was « very careful currently because it is under pressure from the Belgian tax authorities investigating on its activities in the field of tax fraud of diamond. HSBC continued to serve him. In 2010, a Belgian Court recognized guilty boat to facilitate the trade in diamonds in Sierra Leone, seizing $59 million in diamonds and real estate and he condemned to six years in prison. « We don’t want to give any comment on this issue, » John Maes, Attorney for the shallop, told ICIJ. « My client is not her name be included in any article for reasons of confidentiality. »

Or take the Fisi Daskal, a German-Belgian Diamond which, in 2005, was about to encounter a problem with the European tax authorities. «Re: ESD [European Savings Directive] client confirms that [he] will take a decision to open a Panamanian Corporation (within 7 days) to resolve this issue, « an HSBC banker noted on the account of Daskal. ». A few months later, HSBC noted that one of his accounts had been blocked, « indirectly touched in a criminal case. » Daskal did not respond to a request for comment.

« [Client] no longer wants calling us to him; « wiretapping continue [s] on the market… a very concrete plans to leave Antwerp in 6 months »

TheEuropean savings directiveis a law that came into force on 1 July of this year. It took members of the EU and other countries to disclose the names of account holders who were residents of the EU and the interest they have earned in their country of origin. Countries with laws on banking secrecy, such as the Switzerland, have been allowed to ignore the fact to disclose the names and interests received in return collect a withholding tax and remit to the nation where the client was a resident.

HSBC files are littered byreferences to imminent ESD launch, with bankers discussing with means for customers to configure trusts or companies in Panama and the British Virgin Islands to shelter their income tax assets.

The ESD has coincided with deep concern in the Belgian community of diamond on a crackdown by the authorities of the country formerly lax. Records of the HSBC noted that Daskal feared that « the climate in Antwerp remains very hostile. No longer wants to call him; wiretapping continue [s] on the market… a very concrete plans to leave Antwerp in 6 months. … « Confirms that the many Diamond Office [s] are in the same State of mind and build similar plans ».

Diamond customers more of HSBC would indeed soon to leave Belgium. Among them were Richard Davidovici, Kenneth Lee Akselrod and Mozes Victor König, who are fugitives wanted by Interpol for various alleged in Russia, including fraud, smuggling and tax evasion crimes.

Disreputable businesses

Then there was Omega diamonds, a diamond important negotiation held belonged in 2006 by Sylvain Goldberg and Robert Liling Ehud Arye Laniado. Omega Belgium left after David Renous, a whistleblower who worked for Omega diamonds from Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo who claims the FBI has prevented two assassination attempts, warned the authorities in 2006 to a money fraud scheme alleged money laundering and tax allowed said Renous Gaydamak launder money from weapons. Tax authorities raided the offices of Omega, seizing $125 million worth of diamonds that Belgium believed that omega had traded illegally. While the company has finally reached an agreement to pay in this case a colony civil $195 million in 2013, without admitting liability, the largest ever involving a Belgian company, it is still a case of ongoing customs in Belgium against Omega for an alleged multi-billion dollar import-fraud scheme. The Belgium said Omega and several other defendants connected to the alleged project owe an amazing €4.6 billion.

« The tax dispute between Omega Diamonds and the Belgian tax administration involved Mr. Laniado, Mr. Goldberg, Omega only diamonds, or Mr. Liling participated in this regard, » said their firm Harbottle & Lewis, in a letter to ICIJ. « The tax regulations see nor constitute any unlawful activity on the part of the Omega Diamonds and is based on international principles of the distribution of the profits. »

Harbottle said Mr. Renous claims have proved unfounded and were made redundant

The HSBC files list Goldberg and Liling as beneficial owners of an account under the name of Nybelgo Inc., a Liberian company cited in a 2000 report of the United Nations for the illegal export possibly related to conflict diamonds. This same report cites Omega Diamonds among Belgian companies that import of diamonds from Liberia. Harbottle denies that omega had any involvement in blood diamonds. (Two other firms, cited in the same report of the UN – Alcorta Trading and Pier Enterprises SA – are also in the HSBC files, although they are not connected to Goldberg or the Liling).

Goldberg and Laniado were also associated in the Ascorp, the monopoly of Angolan diamonds, controlled by Russian-Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, who is aa close friendVladimir Putin (Lev Leviev has several accounts numbered at HSBC). Among the shareholders of Ascorp, ICIJ reported in 2002, was the daughter of the Angolan dictator, Isabel dos Santos, the richest in Africa with almost $4 billion in woman. His mother, Tatiana Cergueevna Koukanova Regan, was related to two numbered accounts at HSBC which contained as much as $4.5 million sometime in 2006/2007. Regan, whose exact role of Auditors is not specified, could not be reached for comment.

Dan Gertler, an Israeli diamond is also in the files anda close friendof the Congolese president Joseph Kabila. He would made its debut big trading of weapons of diamonds in African civil wars during the 1990s in violation of United Nations embargoes. A report of the 2001 United Nations Security Council found « very credible sources » who said a secret agreement that, in Exchange for an agreement giving Gertler, a monopoly on the rights of diamonds in Congo, the Israeli « agreed to organize, through his connections with the Israeli officers the delivery of quantities not disclosed in arms as well as training for the Congolese armed forces. »

Mischon de Reya, a law firm in London that represents Gertler, said in a letter to ICIJ that « our client categorically denies any involvement in alleged diamonds – for arms trades in Congo in the 1990s » and that Gertler « has no knowledge of the companies listed in your letter as having these bank accounts.

« The details of his private affairs are no legitimate public interest. Our client has, however, always paid all taxes due in each province and territory. »

Gertler is listed in the records of HSBC, owner of an account under the name of Concordia Marketing Group Inc., a British Virgin Islands company. Another beneficiary of the account was Daniel Steinmetz of Steinmetz, one of the customers of HSBC-linked diamond family greatest of all (Gertler lawyers said that it is not associated with Daniel Steinmetz). Steinmetz, family members seem to have controlled half of the accounts containing $ 1 billion to the Bank in 2006/2007. An HSBC banker noted with an exclamation point that a dormant account belonged to the Group Daniel Steinmetz and that the Bank expected a lot of new business from him next year. He warned that the account was « part of the DS group! Another banker HSBC also noted that the mother of Daniel was very ill and that the leaders of the Bank would make for Sardinia, where the Steinmetzes lived for four months each year, to visit the family.

Bankers were not wrong to be excited. A numbered account called 25225 KT with Daniel Steinmetz listed as Attorney would have eventually as much as $264 million at HSBC in 2006/2007.

Very lucrative

Brother of Beny Steinmetz offered the prospect of business even more. One of the richest in Israel and an expanded business Gertler, Beny partner trade diamonds from his father in an empire of several industry. He had major commercial interests in African war zones, including Angola, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and in 2008. in Guinea, he made one of the most lucrative of all time.

As Guinean dictator Lansana Conté lay dying, he delivered to Steinmetz half the mineral rights at Simandou, the richest deposit of iron ore on Earth, he snatch the Anglo-Australian giant Rio Tinto. A year later, Steinmetz, who had no experience in iron mines, sold 51% of the rights for $2.5 billion. It was almost pure profit. He paid nothing for the exploration licence – in a country whose entire GDP was only $4.5 billion this year – while investing just $160 million in the project.

, But a Government of New Guinea under reformer Alpha Conde suspected that Steinmetz had paid someone for the license to develop the Simandou after all – and illegally. A survey funded by billionaire George Soros (including Open Society Foundations help fund ICIJ) and assisted by former premier British Tony Blair through his Africa Governance Initiative revealed that Pentler Holdings of Steinmetz had bribed one of the wives of the late dictator, Sania Touré, giving its millions of dollars and a 5% stake in the project in Exchange for his help getting tale to assign rights, according to for The New Yorker.

Touré insisted on a signed contract, later, she testified, and when the word of the documents appeared during the Guinean investigation backed by Soros, which would result in a U.S. probe, Steinmetz Frédéric Cilins agent then went in Florida to pay Touré up $11 million todestroy the contractand change its history. Touré was wearing a wire for the FBI, which has registered Cilins telling him that he was acting under the authority of Steinmetz himself. Cilins who later pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal corruption investigation.

« BSGR and Beny Steinmetz refused systematically hurt in Guinea, » said Theo Crutcher, a spokesman for Steinmetz, adding that « BSGR took the Government of Guinea to ICSID international arbitration [International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes] to defend themselves against the allegations which have been brought against it, » said Theo Crutcher, a spokesman for Steinmetz.

Beny Steinmetz and BSG Resources alleged that the documents were fake and that Cilins was trying to destroy the false. But Steinmetz is now itself a target of a American investigationand probes in several other countries, including Guinea and Switzerland, his last residence. Steinmetz has changed its official of Israel in Geneva in 2012 residence, while the Israeli tax authorities continued an investigation that ultimately determined he evaded $1.1 billion in taxes.

« Beny Steinmetz, resident in Switzerland, payroll taxes in strict accordance with its agreement with the Swiss tax authorities and has always managed its bank accounts in Switzerland in full compliance with the laws and regulations, » said Crutcher.

A Pentler Pacific Ltd. appears in the records of the HSBC. If it is not connected by HSBC to the Steinmetz group, Pentler Pacific is listed with the same address in the British Virgin Islands as Pentler Holdings, the vehicle of Steinmetz, who said that the FBI soudoye Touré.

How the system works

Digging for diamondsBanks such as HSBC, as well as the waterfront industry, are part of an infrastructure for the pillaging of poor countries and the evasion of taxes in the rich countries.

« Overall really significant corruption in the sector of resources does not involve suitcases of money, » said Scott Horton, Professor at Columbia Law School, who has studied Simandou concession for the Government of New Guinea, and was not talking specifically Steinmetz. « It’s millions of dollars being paid on bank accounts. They can be in Geneva, London or New York. They may be held in the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman. Very, very rarely they move money in banks in Guinea or Liberia or Sierra Leone. You cannot remove this corruption on a large scale without involving lawyers, accountants, investment advisors in places like Geneva, London, Amsterdam, New York and Paris. »

And Antwerp.

In September 2005, a diamond of torn by war Central African Republic (car), one of the poorest countries on Earth, pushed his new HSBC banker at the Park Lane hotel in Antwerp. Abdoul-Karim Dan Azoumi « was with the Minister and Central African delegations in the room [or Hall], » took note of his banker, and the two exchanged contact information to talk later.

Papers of Dan-Azoumi was not in good standing with the Bank for an unspecified reason, and the banker said in telephone calls in the next few weeks that it « was not comfortable with the current situation », and that the formation of an offshore company would solve the issue.

, The banker noted that Dan-Azoumi was Muslim and that he had 18 children by four women, two of which he was still married, and he led Badica, a diamond company based in the car. Badica would later be fingered by a Committee of the Security Council of the United Nations for the smuggling of blood diamonds. The US State Department noted reports Badica had financed the Seleka, the Group of Muslim rebels who overthrew the predominantly Christian Central African Government in 2013, triggering a civil war

Hotel Park Lane itself was co-owned by four of the clients of the Bank, including Luscha Baumwald and Louis stranders Josif Grosz. « A member of the family to justice concerns, therefore we expect contact, » HSBC noted on the account of the techniques.

Mozes Victor König, one of the men now wanted by Interpol, was the fourth co-owner of Park Lane. König had as much as $114 million in its accounts from HSBC, which one was called before Trading Consultants Inc., during 2006/2007.

Group had used the hotel investment to launder tens of millions of dirty money. The four would be recognized guilty of fraud in 2012. A criminal court of Antwerp forced to waive the $40 million hotel and another $18 million in cash and handed out sentences ranging from probation to two years in prison.

König, Baumwald, stranders, Azoumi or Grosz could be reached for comment.

König, with Interpol after him, is still on the run.


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