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Hi all

· I realize that the one is fromRight left,of the old continent, or addition Atlantic United StatesAmericas North, or South America, most importantly, whetherfor or against PEGIDA, some people begin to be pausing issues, on people, that is to say human, but who have no respect for humanity (and thank, also with sincerity, all the people who have read to me whether they are for or against what I think ),United States Bulgaria, Romania, Australia, Netherlands, Algeria, France, Tunisia, Swiss, Belgium, Côte d’Ivoire, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Germany; and Peru . Europe,this old continent, as some would like, Free Masons Europeans allying with the masons Franc States USA among others, as they could afford it and the bribed, wouldn’t it that to make a gruyere, giving, the exploitation of oil from shale gas in others, even, if it is prohibited since 2011, you think, that is don’t you step seen happen with your Spurs roller and your stetson on the face , because the States United, and the Qatar(là,c’est le chèche), rely on, but will have to pass to the electric, or hybrid vehicles , someday, or, l « another, farewell petroleum, petro $, will have to rethink the American economy, and especially U.S. automobile economy

· Like, why, you would not move, some complain of the listens to breastof the European Parliament, what is normal to spy on those friends, no…!It seems to me. That interception would be used today for purposes of economic espionage and competitive intelligence for the benefit of Anglo-Saxon enterprises plays of business European by the system…

That, some are are allowed to do, by diverting the meaning of a picture, (which was a joke to the basis for the cover page, as seen SORAL, on the cover of one of his books (book) page, we see, in a suit of the werhmart, I know that, sure, doubt you, but it is true, that you believe me) , or not, who cares the dice are thrown but look who benefits from crime, it and all! ) A photo, her hairdresser that said, everything is good to demolish a former, now leader of PEDIGA partie(,qui monte et apparemment,qui fait peur), using it as a scapegoat and wanting at the same time he attributed all of the values defended this crazy to hilter, it knows if it y hitler lovers They lies to the LIKUD, so in the KNESSET in ISRAEL you will tell me how, but how a guy who always fucked up from the mouth of hitler, a good part of his life quit writing a satyr, a book (a book), and including the publication of the audio version of a satire on Hitler book, it’s back, German Timur Vermes (2012), can from one day to the next, find themselves wanting to look like him, knowing that this M.Bachman, I do not know and so much the better, because otherwise would be (would be) able to find links, has a characteristic dislike of a guy who really has the opposite thoughts, Questions…?

As said, SORAL, thinker and philosopher French, speaking of those people infected and Liars, they are passed bills and people of common sense for villains and morons and assholes for Einsteins, and DD ROUSSEAUs, or newtons, GAGs, when I see the level of culture and intelectuellede some Minister, P-T-N, it is fear.

Here are the words, and confitmee by Ms. OERTEL by M.BACMANN

Knowing that in addition, apologize to people who themselves are estimated deceived by him, which really, prove that this is absolutely not the guy, (man) that, we depict,so moral of this story; if it must have a yen: it is nothing easier than to divert a photo


« Yes, I leave the direction » of the movement, said Mr. Bachmann to the popular daily Bild, information confirmed by the spokesman of Pegida, Kathrin Oertel. « I sincerely apologise to all citizens who could feel offended by my publications (on Facebook) », says Mr. Bachmann, in a statement broadcast on the Pegida page, the ‘European Patriots against the Islamization of the West’ movement

The authenticity of the photo found on Facebook and made public by several newspapers had been confirmed by Ms. Oertel, which initially described it as a « joke ». Asked by Bild, hostile to immigrants and Pegida, anti-islam movement leader who organizes in Dresden (East) of events on Mondays since 20 October, explained having made this shot « the hairdresser » at the release of the audio version of a satirical book on Hitler, it’s back, the German Timur Vermes (2012), the liars and Liars, behold, what are some journalists (journos, clowns!)paid to tell bullshit, quit breaking the life of a (Guy) man.

For that you realize, how much, EUROPEANS were members during 7,8,9,1015ans

I know, what you will say MARINE, also is member of Parliament, European, but they understood, moreover, videos ilya, attesting at least his presence, all the monde(surtout à l’UMP,àle PS non plus,on a rien a envié.) does notso no. how.

Video: MEPs paid EUR 306 for 5…

Turkish Prime Minister compared Netanyahu to the terrorists of Paris

And, frankly, isn’t ‘ has no tortd

The war of words continues between Turkey and Israel. Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu likened his Israeli counterpart to the terrorists who committed the attacks in Paris.He referred to the bombing of the IDF, last summer, on the Gaza Strip. « Netanyahu is at the head of a Government that has killed children, playing on the beaches of Gaza, which destroyed thousands of homes. A Government which has seized all opportunities to kill Palestinians, as if it was something normal, which attacked a ship of humanitarian assistance in the internationales.Netanyahu waters has committed crimes against humanity, just like the terrorists who perpetrated the massacre of Paris.  » Words that occur after those held Monday by the Turkish president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan had claimed to have difficulty understanding how the head of the Israeli Government had dared to participate in the Republican market in Paris. Benjamin Netanyahu denounced shameful remarks.

The FNCR gives appointment to employees of transport January 28 to protest outside the Ministry of transportation

In the context of strikes by drivers for wage increases, the FNCR and his national Union for the transport of goods deem « or even provocative irresponsible attitude of the bosses of trucking organizations, requires and requires from now the unity of the trade unions of employees. The FNCR application has its activists and members to participate in all local, regional movements along with all employees unions. » Recall that dams will be implemented tomorrow night at the invitation of the trade unions (CGT, FO, CFTC, CFE – CGC) and CFDT. In addition, the FNCR appealed to the general mobilization of all trucking employees for Wednesday 28 January at the Department of transportation, 246 boulevard St Germain in Paris in the 7th arrondissement « so that it may intervene immediately to take the necessary measures of regulation and protection of french goods transport market to ensure sustainability of jobs in the industry. » – FG

Doctors strike: manifestation of practitioners in Lyon…

Doctors strike: MG France requesting the intervention of…

Doctors strike: MG France requesting the intervention of François Holland and Manuel Valls

Wednesday, the main Union of general practitioners, MG France, called the intervention of president François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the Minister of health refusing for the moment to deal with the rehabilitation of their fees.

« We send today a letter to Manuel Valls to ask its arbitration, since Marisol Touraine says it cannot go further in the area of financial resources », announced Claude Leicher, MG France president to the press. « And we call on the president of the Republic, because there is a value of the Republic which is now at stake is access to the care of the population, » he added. Multiplying calls for the strike for several weeks, the Union is concerned about the future of general medicine, facing a fall in its workforce, and « excluded » the tariff adjustments which have benefited the specialists in 2007.

It thus seeks a basic consultation at 25 euros, identical to that of specialists, against 23 currently.

But in a letter this week to the Union, Health Minister recalled that the remuneration of doctors depended on conventional negotiation between professionals and health insurance, and announced the launch of a discussion on the subject ‘immediately after’ the holding of the elections, « planned in the fall of 2015″.» Insufficient guarantees, according to Claude Leicher, denouncing a « new year » from the point of view of remuneration. « The occupation will not be do », he said, giving voice to three doctors who have begun to increase their rates on a personal basis. Among them, Pascal Dureau, generalist in Vénissieux (Rhône), Bill consultation per day at 25 euros since late December – which is however rejected by health insurance. « I do it in third party paying because I will not take my patients hostage, » he said. If MG France can legally call all of the doctors to do the same, it will display « total solidarity » with physicians who follow the movement and risk conventional sanctions, said Claude Leicher.Maintenant the call to the administrative strike (boycott of vital map, especially) and the closure of firms on 5 February, the president of MG France however welcomed the opening week next working groups on the contentious issues of the project health care Act, as the third paying generalized. The text of Minister Marisol Touraine should switch to commission « the week of March 2 » and here « early April », said Wednesday the President of the commission for Social Affairs of the Assembly, Catherine Lemorton (PS).The conclusions of the working groups, expected late March, can be taken into account by the Government, assured the Parliament. Tuesday, two other unions, the CRIDDLE000 and the SML, had called to continue the administrative strike, considering other actions for the coming weeks

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The truckers strike: kilometers of plugs near Rouen

Seine-Maritime road lead an operation snail Aux Vaches, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray roundabout, near Rouen. The strike is carried out on the initiative of a trade unions CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC.

Dozens of trucks are conducting an operation snail at the level of the roundabout of cows, in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, out of Industrial Zone of Sotteville-lès-Rouen. Truckers trying to exit traffic light-duty vehicles but the operation turns out to be difficult. Count between 1:30 and 2: caps between exit 22 and the roundabout of cows for light vehicles.

« Several kilometres of traffic jams » are formed according to the CGT Nicolas Larose delegate, whose Union is part of the organizations have called for the strike. At issue: the remuneration of the road, which will be negotiated from Tuesday 20th to Thursday, December 22. « Only one of the four coefficients in force to calculate our remuneration is above the minimum wage », railed the trade unionist. An increase of €100 per month is sought at the national level.

The operation « will not stop » so that the negotiations will not have taken the right path, according to steward. Congestion should therefore not be completed within the next few hours.

· Doctors strike: it will last longer than expected…

http://www.mondialnews.com/ 2014/12/…/greve-des-medecins-elle-va-durer-plus-que-prevu The Federation of doctors of France announced that strike practitioners and specialists liberal extend in 2015.

The strike by surgeons and physicians on Vimeo


Putin forced the CEO of Rusal, Oleg Deripaska to open a cement plant

Or, how gerber, a billionaire, when one is, Prime Minister, we understand, why the Russians like it, and it is the only one in the world, this surprise, that Americans think the same of OBAMA? and especially Blacks, who have returned, it far, Malcolm X, they saw, and, I complained about, it is not finished,… !

· VIDEO. Strike of doctors: the pill is bitter

http://www.francetvinfo.fr/…/video-greve-des-medecins-la-pilule-est-amere_782993.html Practitioners have been on strike since the beginning of the holidays. They denounce the generalization of the third paying under Bill of health…

Strike for carriers to Possession

Since this Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 14 h, all of the 180 employees of the SDV meeting companies, meds, Soretrans and Reunitrans, are on strike. Meeting in trade unions, they are claiming the payment of their allowances daily diseases. A meeting was held between Union representatives and management, on the afternoon of Thursday, October 22. Stewards there made a proposal which, at the moment, is still awaiting its response. A second meeting was held at this very moment.

Nearly 80% of the employees of the 4 transport undertakings affected by the strike (SDV meeting, meds, Soretrans, and Reunitrans) gathered outside the headquarters of company SDV meeting at the Ravine to Marquet (to the Possession), since this Wednesday, October 21, 2009.
Companies that employ us never pay our sickness allowances. They systematically expect social security in charge », explains Jean-Marc Blancard, Secretary of the Committee of SDV meeting business and member of the delegation for the negotiations. « But social security pays only 50% of wages, and only after a waiting period of three days. Employees lose a lot, »continues the steward CGTR.
Meeting this Thursday, October 22, the inter-trade union suggested to the direction that it overrides the social security fund to advance the daily allowances to employees. « We simply demand the application of the code of labour in the event of absence for illness or accident », said Jean-Marc Blancard.
Article D1226-1 of the labour code imposes, during the first thirty days of its judgment of work, that the sick employee or worker collect 90% of gross pay that he would have received if he had continued to work. Then two-thirds of that same compensation for 30 days. Furthermore, as of the third day, social security pays 50% of the gross salary of the employee arrested.
Currently, « employees who fall ill prefer to take their work stoppage on their paid leave », continuous Jean-Marc Blancard.Ce folder is under discussion for the last annual negotiation, which was held between management and 180 employees, in June 2009. The direction was to respond to claims on October 8. Lack of have obtained it employees decided to enforce their right otherwise.
The report force decided by the General Assembly, this Wednesday, October 21 at 1 p.m., following a final, futile meeting between the two parties. «  » Given the current situation, it is important to remain prudent. » That’s what they said », railed the Secretary of the Comité d’Entreprise de SDV meeting.
The undertakings concerned belong all to the Bolloré group.
A meeting was held at the moment between the trade unions and management. Imaz Press meeting will publish the conclusions of this meeting as well as management’s response as soon as possible.

Strike of doctors: the movement « will last.




The strike against the health bill could « last » beyond December 31 because the Government is « deaf » to the demands of doctors, said Friday the president of the Federation of doctors of France (FMF), Jean-Paul Hamon.
« This strike normally stops on 31 December. But we know it’s going to last, we know that it will be forced to endure. It is in front of a Department that is particularly deaf », said Jean-Paul Hamon on RTL.
The Government « claims to want to renegotiate » but during the negotiations that took place « last week on has emerged us the same text as in July, without modification by a comma », he denounced. Jean-Paul Hamon, which the Union brings together specialists and generalists, acknowledged that the strike did not influx to emergencies, as Health Minister Marisol Touraine pointed out Wednesday.
« Marisol Touraine has some luck and patients also », »there are actually fewer patients at this time, there is no epidemic, there are very few diseases ». But, he said, « should not think Marisol Touraine that she has escaped to a health catastrophe », it « will happen with the implementation of this Act », the health bill, he added.
« We demand always be withdrawn », because Ms. Touraine « wants drown us in paperwork with a third party paying generalized » and « put us under the thumb of the regional health agencies » (ARS) who « will be able to conventionner doctors at their leisure ».

Strike carriers of patients to the CHU de Dijon

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Service of transportation of Dijon CHU Agents were on strike Tuesday. At the heart of their concerns, the recognition of the arduous nature of their work, but also the staff who should be reduced.

Officials of the Service of transportation of the CHU were on strike. Among them, 30 stretcher parties who demonstrated in middle of the day to denounce, among other things, the proposed abolition of posts and to demand greater recognition of their status.

« Patient transport is a sector of work overload » then the human resources tend rather to diminish, according to the Trade Union CGT of the hospital, which also requested more than average equipment. The issue will be discussed in Committee January 29.

The truckers strike: the Western idling before the negotiations

Truckers block roads, petroleum deposits, procurement and industrial sites, power plants to demand wage increases. They will meet employers Tuesday.
•Truckers launch Sunday evening an extendable strike

Heavy vehicles blocked, devices saturated and industrial zones of access: the truckers strike « gaining momentum » according to the unions, who continue to put pressure on employers Monday, January 19, on the eve of negotiations that lie ahead « very strained ».

The employers wanted to see, as in poker. There I think that it’s going to cost him dear, »welcomed the patron of the CGT transport, Jérôme Vérité, judging the current mobilization »impressive ».

According to him, the movement is constantly « to grow », particularly in the region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, where the strikers « are trying to multiply the sticking points ».

Monday afternoon, it is the West of the country that led the fronde, with major disruption in Bordeaux, Nantes, Rennes and especially Caen, the ‘record’ with almost « 600 trucks » blocked, according to Jérôme Vérité.

Around the Norman settlement, heavy were stopped in both directions of the device, light vehicles could circulate on a queue to idle.

5% of salary claimed increase

From 2013, there been no increase in conventional, will be the shot anyway! « , warned Jean-Louis Delaunay (CGT), who participated in the operation snail. »

Road himself for 30 years, the trade unionist said that he won today « 1,741 euro net, including seniority and is 2% above the convention… ».

The movement of discontent was launched by a CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC trade unions in December, after a last session of compulsory annual negotiation (NAO) found to be unsuccessful. Unions and employers met Tuesday in Paris to relaunch discussions. Without great hope to reach a compromise.

Negotiations « are very tense », said Patrice Clos, the head of FO transport, which calls for a wage adjustment of 5% for all employees. Employers should submit Tuesday a proposal improved 1% to 2% of increase according to the coefficients », explained Nicolas Paulissen, delegate general of the National Federation of road transport (FNTR).

The UR, that represents the TPE and SMEs, puts forward the proposals already made in December: « upgrading of 1.9% on the wages of bottom of grille, 1.3% on all other coefficients, 2% on travel expenses ». But the strikers announced the color: they will continue their strike « at least until Tuesday ».

Ring road « saturated » in Rennes

At Rennes, in the morning, the ring road was « saturated », as well as all its access, according to the regional road information Centre. Christophe Provost (CGT), one of the organizers of the filter dam, expressed « dissatisfaction » of the profession. « To get a drinking salary, to do 220 hours per month, we cannot go on like this, » he said.

Near Nantes, all access to the industrial area of Carquefou were blocked by strikers fifty, according to Thierry Mayer (CGT). « Person doesn’t fit, nobody comes out, » according to him.

In the Paris region, truckers have targeted the port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine), the first in Ile-de-France. Each year, 20 million tons of goods pass on this platform, « where almost all the oil in the Ile-de-France region is distributed », according to Pascal Goument (CFTC-GND).

« In the quiet »

In the southern part of the country, many were also organized, as in Corbas wholesale market, in the suburbs of Lyon. South of Bordeaux, more than 100 trucks were blocked along the A63 near the industrial zone of Cestas (postal sorting, warehouses and logistics bases). Motorists, only allowed to pass, suffered big delays until the ring road.

Carriers take it well, some come join us and drink coffee with us. Motorists also, who have the air of understanding, and for some we say of not ‘step release’ « , assured in the morning Marc Rosa, the CGT transport Gironde.

Marseille, three operations snails have slowed traffic Highway Monday morning in the direction of the city. At the height of the action, Bison Futé noted 14 km from caps on the A51 between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.

The East is less mobilized. In Lorraine, road 20 between 6 h and 10 h BM Lorraine and BM chemistry entries, blocked two businesses located near Metz.

This happened in the quiet, uneventful. « We have distributed leaflets, our demands are clear: an immediate increase of wages and purchasing power », said a CGT delegate Abderrahim El Kasri.

Many truckers are paying!, they can change job for a better job more handsomely paid we are still in the Republic.
Personally when my job fits me most I change job and employer (on average I stay 6 years maximum in a box).
It is true that when I was young many of my class is still my mouth and treated me fayot’s when I worked my course and today I have the pleasure of meeting them in the shops slaving away in the modern slave…

I answer I alert topinet topinette posted on January 19, 2015 at 10:34 pm

BRAVO the road! Protect your livelihoods.

I answer I alert Karine karine posted January 19, 2015 at 7:21 pm

Today the unions of employees have nothing to envy to the MEDEF is kif kif bourriquot. Employees that are just their puppies.

They are not working so that employees have good conditions in companies but for them nothing for them (the renovated of appt and the EC its cost…)

I answer I alert Émile Pouget posted January 19, 2015, at 3.05 p.m.

Bah! And the « Union Nazionale » then? I thought that the interests of all « french » were inextricably confused. Employees and patrons, hand in hand. Us could have lied?

I answer I alert JC Schmit has posted 19 January 2015 at 12:44

It is so easy to talk about what one does not know!
do not drive? well this will be the Bulgarian and Romanian that will make our job, as already too often.
The other day, it’s a Bulgarian truck that approvisionnais the Lidll of the corner.
A little work 12 to 14 hours per day for the smic, and when all goes well 80% of the paid hours!
ask before to criticize!

I answer I alert Karine karine posted January 19, 2015 at 7:06 pm

To lie in this comment!
12 h paid at the SMIC rate you kidding us. Firstly if you do the hours of night, you can not do more than 10 h duty except to abuse the chronotachy
It knows the method with radio driver).
Then beyond 35 h of the 36 to 39 hours increased by 25% and from 40 plus 50%
Then drivers benefit from increase in salary for the hours of night which for these same hours compensatory rest is granted.
In addition to the comfortable business expenses: 1 lunch or evening + €13 to compensate for the fact that he cannot eat at home (net of tax)
In addition, duty time, and rest periods are very supervised by legislation and so what you say about 12 h and 14 h it is false.

Road is the only profession where the net wage is greater than the net taxable (one can see salaries net to €2500 and for this taxable net to €1500 prof fees) is almost as much imposed as a smicar which has a less than 1500 euro net salary. And therefore gets all the same help APL, CAF, scholarships for children. And a road can retire at age 55 (leave end of activity).

I answer I alert Dominique Ginesta posted January 21, 2015 at 4:58 pm

Karine Karine, quickly give me the name of the company that pays its drivers as well, that I pass it to my husband who is a truck driver! He wins €1300 net, has no benefit for his meal (which I am preparing him), starts his work at 8.30 pm and ends at 7: 00 in the morning! In addition, there no right to APL because with my retirement from €900 is exceeded the ceiling. You délirez my word!

I answer I alert Karine karine posted January 22, 2015 at 8:08 pm

With a range of 8:30 pm to 7:00, your husband touches business expenses
« unique nights meal allowance ». So I’m not raving

Income home €2200 without dependent children if you rent Yes you have may be not right to the LPA which is not the case when there are children. But perhaps are you owner?

I answer I alert Karine karine posted January 22, 2015, at 8.30 pm

In addition, work from 8:30 to 7:00 this is a range from 10:30 so may be 8 hours of time of service by 5 days a week done per month on average 174 hours including 151.62 hours
22.33 hours increased by 25%
on these 8 hours there at least 7 hours of working time of night 151.62 night per month increased (20% of the hourly rate group 7 * 151.67 + 5% * 151.67 of compensatory rest time night or just over 7 hours of compensatory time night acquired each month)
In addition, business expenses

And you say that your husband is €1300 net?

Strike Monday at Brink’s conveyors

Call for the strike Monday in the conveyors of the Brink ‘Stwo unions of the Fund carrier Brink’s France call employees to an indefinite strike starting Monday to demand an increase in wages and denounce their working conditions, learned Sunday.

The National Federation of truck drivers (FNCR) and (non-representative) UNSA require « an increase of 150 euros gross for all employees », they explain in a statement. They denounce ‘arrogance of boss who cares that executives and shareholders’.

The first two unions (CFDT and CGT) of Brink’s in France does not take part in the movement, that should be more followed in the Southwest and Western Grand, notably in Britain, according to the FNCR. The strikers intend to weigh on the current mandatory annual negotiations with management, which must meet in January at the requests of the staff representatives.

Of the «pseudo-negociations», according to the FNCR, who judge ‘reasonable’ torequire such wage adjustment. « Because if they had listened, asked 300 euros with regard to what we have not had for fifteen years », explains to AFP its central delegate, Jean-Luc Saquer.

In 2000, a massive strike of cash had led to wage increases and the creation of a risk premium. This last ‘ has not been adjusted since « , complains Laurent Leclerc, of the UNSA. Without it, resumed, employees are ‘ a tiny bit above the minimum wage, while we risk our skin every day».

According to the two unions, base salaries have increased an average of 0.82% per year over the past three years and participation has decreased by 40% in 2014. The French subsidiary of the American company Brink’s, which employs 5,500 people in France, according to its website, is one of the two heavyweights of the transport of funds, with Loomis.

News of the day: private transporters strike: the… Southwest

Carriers – narrowly averted strike – DAKARACTU.COM senegal

Béjaïa’s port: hauliers strikeALGERIA

Djazairess: Lifting of the picket line of carriers

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Afribone.com: carrier strike: A real… MALI

http://www.afribone.com/ spip.php


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