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HSBC, the hypocrisy of Governments

You will have understood: SwissLeaks, is the name given to the transmission of data stolen by Falciani orchestrated by the France destined for the newspaper Le Monde. Will be on the fact that some of the accounts mentioned belonged to people known declaring their money, but nevertheless given grazing by the press (which is the public interest except voyeurism?).

Therefore, why not publish the entire list? It is distressing to note that criminals benefit from anonymity and protection which the ‘dirty’ rich, guilty of no fault, cannot claim. Please read the excellent article by Me Thomas in the Agefi on 11 February ‘it discouraging triumph of self-appointed vigilantes. It will not comment the fact the french magistrate Eric de Montgolfier continuing proclaim that « names were removed from the listings of HSBC. Not be asked not more why have waited over 6 years to disclose these names in the press.

To read the newspapers, and watch foreign television reports, I discovered that the Swiss banking world is little known. The reflected image shows a deep lack of understanding.

The idea that Swiss banks are intended only for the fortunate is far from reality. Tout-le-monde Mr may, with a few thousand francs, open an account in Switzerland and they are much more numerous than these famous ‘very rich ‘. Certainly, the Bank has made available tools customers to avoid the different fiscs, but what difference with multinational companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Apple or other aggressively « Optimizing » their income taxes? That does not excuse these banking practices, course.

Most of the EU countries levy no tax on capital, and those who collect this tax can be counted on the fingers of the hand and in proportions such as the taxation of fraudsters of HSBC customers would not change much next to abysmal debt they have. I can only recommend to listen Jean-Charles Simon about this case HSBC and losses for the french State.

While media is offended that HSBC hosted accounts of unsavory people, is it useful to recall that some Governments received some of these same people, under the promise of lucrative contracts for the construction of nuclear power plants or weapons sales? The sale of 24 gusting to Egypt, potentially at the Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or India, is the example of this hypocrisy on the part of a Government of « do what I say, not as I do ‘… Yes, the Bank should avoid to open these accounts, but it is always smarter after.

Informed HSBC that between 2007 and 2014 the number of accounts fell by 30 ‘412 10’ 313 and that assets are passed 118.4 billion to $ 68 billion. Where are these accounts and these assets go? To other banks, certainly, and are invested in less visible activities may be, but I doubt that they have remained in Switzerland.

Far less publicized: public aid paid to these media ready to scream to the scandals on the banks and amounts in billions of euros annually. There is clearly a conflict of interest. I nevertheless understand that under the pretext of making the world a more just, you reach to justify a flight, and that there is nothing of mercantile.

Finally, the naive to imagine that HSBC is the only practicing this type of transaction is distressing. In fact, how will a certain French Bank and his ten years of dealings with Iran among others? Politicians and the press should disclose the amounts and different stakeholders…

According to journalist Michaël Darmon, Marine Le Pen would have been invited to dinner of the CRIF

Published theFebruary 23, 2015 by Paul pendulum

The lira crisis: Gilles-William Goldnadel pleaded to invite Marine Le Pen at the dinner of the Crif. Roger Cukierman himself opposite., both best

-Michael Darmon (@DarmonMichael) February 23, 2015

#Crif Marine Le Pen was to go to the dinner @FrDesouche @herstalle @Herissident @JrmCortier @jylgallou @tvlofficiel pic.twitter.com/4uJwTCQSua

-نVinnland (@eurovinnland) February 23, 2015

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Sarkozy telephoned shareholder Rothschild : ‘ If you take Plenel, it will take revenge on… author of the attacks of Copenhagen, has finally appeared in the media. …. According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel the European Central Bank is… Giscard: «the Greece should come out of… « .YOU WANT TO TALK TO CA!

ME, I love plenel, MEDIAPART, which is treated by liars, because he says, precisely the truth, I really like, even more, that it is a little breton, I like a lot.
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Il faut lire l’excellent article de Me Tripet dans l’Agefi du 11 février «Le désolant triomphe des justiciers autoproclamés».



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