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Hi all

DIJON, a person, in Dijon to darken on 10 people around by car, because by chance, there was a similar accident, he y a15 days in Israë(à TEL AVIV), Hello imagination Ah, yeah, Jews and Masons francs have, give the word

JOUE LES TOURS, it is crazy that, how a fact can be a drama., the freelance or, as had the bléré if there a person of the time, it pays!

Who wants the skin of the Minister of the Interior, between (R.FRAISSE) ND of GLANDS, SIVENS, ROYBON, so-called them bombings and another attack that announced release, as the attack, which was to commit on the champs elysees, on 14 July, finally

Tunisia, you are already contaminated, unfortunately, they already have phagocytize, Algeria, I sincerely believe that Tunisia is also (the Franks – masons, of course, francs (MDR), maçon(encore moins) Ahh!)For more info, but you know of ja, for the without grades, those from above, know what awaits you, and your future, but on the other hand, you may not know what they their expected

Analysis of the attack

I realize that falsehood, and fixtures are your tackle policy, and not politicians or future, if some happens to make a name after, that

1 ° /Mohamed MERAH, which apparently according to his lawyer, and, the video, she turned, part of yours, at least, is that I could understand, I would have pus mistaken, but if was the case on one of the conversations tele phonic, if I understood, he wanted to be so, and, apparently, you would have it, the test to its fate, I know not, I presume?

2 ° schizophrenia causes malfunctions that evolve with acute phases and almost asymptomatic phases

I guess this, if that the facts are true, them, it would appear, that the offender (Medhi Nemmouche) stopped for the shooting of the Jewish Museum of Brussels, who apparently loves you not and he is not alone, would be a jihadist, in the pay of the Islamic Group, which means the escapades in the MEDIA(cela,ne m’étonne pas), Ah, in fact, I’d never met people like the Jewsas liars and Liars, I didn’t even know that it existed. So, summary of the facts, if I remember everything:

1 ° attack of Museum submachine gun-> no traces, 4 supposed dead

2 ° « ‘-> no potential Tags

3 ° « ‘-> claim not them, who are proud to claim, and decapitate the amereicains and English

4 ° « ‘-> why is there than Jewish establishments, which are why it n there would be no attacks in various United States embassies, or England, well, I stop there, this could ideas.

I realize, that unfortunately, this cancer has infected the media world by inoculation media (CAMERA-TV-silver), these people are crazy and dangerous, crazy because there are no longer the difference with reality, dangerous because to arrive at their end, (visit a Museum in disrepair, they count on the credulity of the Belgians to rotate their case, « come) COME, see the place and nothing happened, example: the 1St floor of the Museum. . They are capable of invented, wildest disasters such as recently a hypothetical attack on the elysés fields, then from 14 juillet(,ce qui est ARCHIE FAUX,bien sur) denied pae M.r. CAZENEUVE, Minister of the Interior, and why not, this attack would it not fomented by a groupuscule(Et qui pourquoi pas dont MEDHI NEMMOUCHE serait l’hypothétique,menneur,ce qui est ARCHIE FAUX)they are dangerous, because they are able to panic the peoples and populations, I understand, how some arrived, there, or they are, this certainly isn’t by their skills, but by lying, it is easier to walk on the mouth of the other (to denigrate someone, to be able to walk on it,this would not ask them a case of conscience (, did they not) , but how, how do you believed you?, and that it supports you, stink you, mesonge, mounting, shit;What…!

Do care you, you’re dangerous, made something that people around them do something .because that even for their entourage, it is painful, it is on by dint think that to either it be smelly!

/ Scandal rabbis Jews orders for trafficking illegal d …

Zionism, « Lobby . Jew ‘ ‘ and Scandals money in politics

3 ° / AND, as by chance, this is done in DIJON side, a little suite in the ideas, the guy not part of any so-called Islamic Group, renowned for a petty theft, long ago, fortunately, that it was « , man, » the situation no traces on the asphalt, if that’s the thing,(en général il y a sciures+ taches àle sol) sawdust , that it n is not, brief no photos and or no video at the hospital, I don’t know, when it comes to greet the person, which is made agressser is the gesture, that is, the lesser of the thing, you have already try to shout in a car, me Yes, would be that, when my wife balance me the keys to the garage, I do not hear, even with the windows of the car ouvertes(delede moins,je l’entends,mais très très mal) apparently « he reportedly shouted » ALLAHU AKBAR, but «  »on behalf of the children of Palestine », reported the local daily, should be granted your violins, but frankly you not make a caramel (, mounting, as, pagbo and others in the USA) you are not screwed to the DIAPASON, that en, you lie, it is not you, ago 2 weeks about, who had lost prisoners in a coming airports in Turkey, the guys were forced to turn up at the police station, for door close, luckily that is saying ‘ Islamist phoned them to tell them or it was, same ca, you are unable to do so, P-T-N too hard , I note, just as happily as the Director of the gang proof, master you believe frankly that we will believe you,

Merry Christmas anyway!


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