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The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? | 2012: What’s the… WE ARE ONE

the french general Henri Poncet rises against handling operations of the emotions aroused by the attacks against the satirical journal Charlie Hebdo:Thank you my GENERAL,to not take us for morons thanks to you and hats down Mr, the GENERAL

Place Maiden, a very bad joke for Ukrainians and for Europe, who thought, and who believed that the overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych, was the solution, many Ukrainians, who were taken hostage by the Government of POROSHENKO-, and its fascist (hilter is back), making believe Ukrainians, that is put in EUROPE were the best solution Yes, for your pennies, not to take their defense agenda, or, because, if Europe wanted to defend Ukraine, why Europe has t – she made before, why did you it not done during the events of the MAIDEN place, Europe would not pull their soldats(oui,je dis leur soldats, imaginer que certains se soient dit,pourquoi, on utiliserez pas l’image deles de BERKOUTs )

During the events of Maiden, imagine that your husband, your brother, or your cousin, dine with you, and that you pausiez them at the bend of a dish this issue « was tu, in the BERKOUTS that are saying have attacked the MAIDEN place and that your husband, your brother, your cousin, retorted you, BEN no, it is not possible, I was at X (JOSETTE), or, I was doing a trick X, and in addition, I was not on a mission, and I had no weapon, it is impossible, and your woman, or cousin, you replied but if it is not you, who is?I reported to you in the « the ROTHSCHILD manifesto 1840,6 th, 9 th lines, which is in copy to this link

How to lie, to poor people, who are kind, which has matched, their credulity

But, who laughs, who laughs last.What I want, this is the reversal, did it pare of fascist, and not by the people, which was took him hostage.

EVENT Deshmukh and NANTES

Holland and VALLS, want a 2nd, SIVENS, and a 2nd remi FRAISSE, or possibly a next widow who, these hypocrites of Holland and VALLS will give the legion of honour

Capacity postume(comme mon pére a reçu la médialle nationale dele de mérite,lorsqu’il est décédé)

Protest violence, policieres.commercants whose windows are broken

Tensions mounted a notch shortly before 16:00, when the encagoulés(Pourquoi encagoulés?) protesters threw stones towards the ordre(ils ont l’habitude dans certains de leur exercices,ils le font!) forces, who replied with cannons to eau(comme en Belgique,pour une manif pacifique, le jour,ou il y avait le présentateur de MéTa TV Patrice)(, I believe) in an attempt to disperse them, an AFPphotographer was found.I’m thinking, it’s always the same way to work, like secret between other Israeli Mossad and other services CIA FBI ,and some cops francais it disguises (quit, to forget his fafs (his papers) in the car, in the back seat), it pretends to, once again, this can be BREKOUTs (for MAIDEN), again, this can be police officers (keufs) or keufs who want progress, quit walking on the mouth of another, for example on this video Demonstration the POLICE SE disguised in THUGS and will break windows, will play to a

by Shabyworld

Yoko tobi Giada on people, who are not used to avoid a beating like this, and more portés(P-T—N,le BRUCE LEE nouveau est arrivé,c’est mieux,que le beaujolais) tribute to SENSEI JEAN(les profs de KARATE SHOTOKAN de l’Oise vont piger et vont savoir à qui,je rend cet hommage, et merci à PIERRE G pour les conseils)short, I digress.I was thinking about a trick to a line exactly in the

The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? | 2012: What’s the… 6 THE END ALWAYS JUSTIFIED THE MEANS. ‘ALWAYS’ ! and I thought these entrepreneurs, who thought fuck their neighbors in their walking on the hangover suddenly billion, or million, it says a lot about their mentalité(à ce demander,si il ne serait pas capables de vendre Père et Mère,tous simplement, pour se croire supérieur A qui,A quoi A DIEU,si c’est à lui)It is possible, there are so many crazy people who want to look like him, having said that, I do not know, but when I was younger, in the Cubs to the Catholic Church in the 17th Arrondissement M SURMOUNTING °, I was always told that God is in all of us, finally, this is what I was told, and I sincerely believe that they are not wrong until there Apart, the exception that proves the rule, so I return to our entrepreneurs thirsty power of the BILDERBERG group in another, which are in this link here is the list of the «masters of the world» Bilderberg club – Rue89…(and missing) when I read the line 6 of the manifest, ago, marked that the end justfie, the means and all means,which means, that they utilseront all the means at their disposal, believe you a business, a guy, a sick woman (BETTENCOURT), finally, one between taken which is sated not their objective, you believe, frankly, they go you calculated, I frankly hope you believe not, otherwise you are going to have some surprises

The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? 2012: What’s the…

Said you, well, you the keuf in hooded, when there is a demonstration, hope with all heart and fingers, so it is not the or, there is the shop of your parents, or someone in your family and for that, it is not the showcase of your cousin, or your brother, which flies in the brightnessto avoid

Do bullshit, and fuck yours, done something, get pal, takes the rtt, or holidays in the Islands, AH, BEN, no, I forgot, you know, it’s all five, I believe, the assignment, take the afriqueNON, no, DJIBOUTI, do DJAMENAc’ is more, what it was, no, ST BARTS, is not bad

American hypocrisy revealed in secretly helping Israel develop nuclear weapons »

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bruce Gagnon

Hypocrisy « of Washington’ has been revealed that the United States secretly help Israel build nuclear weapons as it threatens other Nations for not developing nuclear energy, says an analyst.

« The United States continually threat the Iran and Korea’s North on any development of any kind of nuclear power, » Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator for the global network against weapons and nuclear power in space, said in a telephone interview with Press TV Sunday.

He added that however, in the United States « secretly and illegally help Israel develop nuclear weapons. »

A report declassified by the US Department of defence has revealed that the United States has helped Israel to create a hydrogen bomb, which violated international law.

According to the report of 1987, best Israeli nuclear facilities were similar to the Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, who played a key role in the development of US nuclear weapons.

Israelis are « developing the kind of codes that will enable them to hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which processes of fission and fusion of retail at the microscopic and macroscopic levels, « the report says.

The report came while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to address the US Congress the month next to more pressure on Iran to stop its peaceful nuclear programme.

« This latest disclosure that the United States has helped Israel to develop nuclear weapons, it is not a surprise, but finally it is important that these documents have been released under the freedom of Information Act, so that the world can see them», said Gagnon.

« The United States violated U.S. laws and international laws help Israel to develop hundreds of nuclear weapons, » he added.

« In the United States gives Israel billions of dollars each year that are used to extend his army, to become more a regional threat on behalf of us interests, » said the analyst.


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Abiotic oil – the Secret of the BP oil spill

« And as usual, here is the place where you will have the absolute truth on what is happening in the world and today I will draw the curtains on the oil spill BP and what will be remembered as one of the discoveries of the 21st century – i.e. oil abiotic-produced inside the Earth and is not simply rot dinosaurs and old power plants (aka » « fossil). »

The amount of oil that seeps into the Gulf of Mexico, at this moment, emerges a * ocean * oil which is almost as vast as the Gulf itself! This ocean of oil don’t appear because it was a graveyard of giant fish. It was not a jungle prehistoric, high 20 miles and 500 miles wide. This oil is abiotic oil and is produced by geological actions of the earth itself. Abiotic oil is created by intense pressure on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur. The kind of necessary for the creation of oil pressure are natural as we start at a certain depth in the heavy crust and upper mantle. In some respects, oil is the system of natural lubrication of the crust and the upper layers of the mantle because it moves and core of the planet in orbit around.

Best think tanks know for several decades and have kept hush hush to maintain high oil prices and help the oil industry. This was necessary because the oil companies have huge assets and those assets are used in infrastructure, research and development in oil production more than simple. Capitalism requires certain property to a value beyond the cost of the purchase. Now that we have a leak that will not be able to be connected, it is time to prepare and explain what exactly happens with the deep Horizon well and why it is almost impossible to Cap this genie in the bottle.

The underground oceans of oil are under pressure much more than their brethren to the ground and contain much more oil. The depth of the deep Horizon well a mile under the sea, by thumb pressure is 2640 pounds per square inch. The bottom of the ocean in these places is very dense and can contain the underground oceans of oil. Despite this, in the Gulf, a quantity of oil the size of the Exxon Valdez oil naturally seeps into the Gulf each year. This under the oil of the crust is that seeps in all oceans, but the Gulf, because of its size and its geographical position, makes measurable infiltration…

Typical treatments do not work and will not work. Think how much pressure this underground oil must exist with support of the thin crust between it and the ocean! The odds are that Gulf oil underground ocean is between 15 000 and 30 000 psi at all points. Most devices of oil are not made to handle the upper end of this part of the spectrum of the pressure. For blow caps, caps fail and almost nothing can stem the flow of oil now merge an ocean of oil and the Gulf of the Mexico.

Two relief wells now drilling are probably not a good idea, because, unlike a ground well, this cannot ‘divide’ pressure and create three wells with feed manageable 5 000 psi. Indeed, according to the size of this ocean of oil, twenty or thirty relief well could still make the ISP up to 10 000! For the relief well can only create 3 leaks where there was one before. If this is the case, BP seriously needs to fire their current geologists and hire some of the scientists to help neutralize the flow of this ocean of oil Russian abiotic oil. Watch the news and hope that BP actually includes what’s case because the relief well option illustrates some of the senior geologists at BP / do not think that oil is abiotic. If, in August, when relief wells are completed and we have 3 leaks instead of one, you’ll understand why. After reading this you know more than the BP geologists. » POSTED BY SDAI-TECH1

Although this link is not for the faint-hearted, it is not based on fear and expresses clearly what needs to be done with all speeds deliberate, at this defining moment in human history. Humanity is obliged to act and act now because:

« They were literally punched a hole in hell: we need an energy program of replacement fails now, assuming we even survive »


« The suggestion that tankers could result from a few crushed fish processing or biological detritus is surely the most stupid for having been entertained by a large number of people over a long period of time. » Fred Hoyle, 1982

In conclusion, oil is clearly not a fossil fuel as we have learned from our modern science classes. Nor is it created in the way that we have been led to believe. Peak oil is a product of the oil industry and gas whose programmes are result throughout the global landscape with impressive consequence and, in many cases, non-repairable damage.

The 64K question is, « what happens in the world we’ll do about it?  » And soon, before it is too late!

Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (international civic Initiative)


Very sincerely,.
Concerned Citizens of Florida

We the people we_the_people@Fastmail.us

T. Michael Anthony is a financial analyst & financial planner from long range.

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Pastor Stephen Green, former Chairman of HSBC became lord and Minister of Cameron, put in question around SwissLeaks.

Message by John Thu 12 Feb 2015 -.

As a boomerang, the scandal of the tax evasion scheme implemented by the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC swept quickly over the United Kingdom, where the Bank has its roots (Scottish Presbyterianism) and headquartered in London. Less than one hundred days of the parliamentary elections of May 7, the revelations of the SwissLeaks splash Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Case updates the reluctance of the Government to tackle the tax evaders, theme than the opposition Labour (Labour Party) was precisely chosen from among his battle horses.

But this suspicion would be that an argument political among others if it was personified by a man with the amazing course: Anglican, Stephen Green, is passed directly, end of 2010, the Presidency of the HSBC Group, he had held since 2006, to a ministerial post in the coalition Government of Mr Cameron. To access this function of Secretary of State for international trade and investment, answerable to Parliament, Rev. Green was knighted and appointed peer of the Kingdom under the name of baron Green of Hurstpierpoint.

This timeline becomes even more interesting when we know that a few months earlier, in May 2010, the French authorities had transmitted to the British administration of taxes and customs (HMRC) a list, from the HSBC-Switzerland leaks, containing the names of 6 000 clients domiciled in the United Kingdom. […]

As of Monday, David Gauke, Secretary of the Treasury of the Cameron Government had to deal with the onslaught of the opposition MPs. […]

Wednesday, at the Parliament, the opposition has accused David Cameron to be « a premier crooked », urging him to clarify if he had mentioned with Stephen Green HSBC fixtures before naming him Minister.

The emergence of the former banker appears all the more pungent the deacon of the Church of England, whose office at HSBC, on the 41st floor of a tower of Canary Wharf, dominated throughout London, always claimed to reconcile God and money. […] In a book published in 2009, value – reflections on money and morality in an uncertain world, the man, who has served on the Board of Directors of the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, asked business leaders to behave in accordance with not only the law but ethics « in order to restore confidence in the markets ».

Beyond the personality of Mr. Green, the turmoil resulting from the SwissLeaks concern the administration tax itself. Put in possession of the Swiss listings, the HMRC has collected only 135 million pounds (181,95 million euros) of 6 000 customers of HSBC […] The British version of the SwissLeaks did not finish to shake the Kingdom: according to the Guardian, the patron of the IFCS had announced to MEPs in September 2011 opening of thousands of investigations against customers of HSBS-Switzerland. Three and a half years later, only a folder has been the subject of lawsuits.[…]

Case HSBC: Britain continue not fraudsters why?

As you are hidden?

Case HSBC: Britain will not prosecute fraudsters

Published Friday, February 20, 2015

The press

« There are very serious allegations, the allegations of tax evasion, which is illegal, » Finance Minister acknowledged in a speech in London.


But « I don’t think that it would be appropriate for the Chancellor of the Exchequer to lead the prosecution of the individuals or companies », he added.

In the United Kingdom, service tax and customs (HMRC) had received as of 2010 the data on the part of the French authorities on the British having defrauded through HSBC Bank. But the tax authorities throughout settled to recover money that had escaped his vigilance and launched legal proceedings in a single folder.

The absence of political interference in the justice system « is one of the foundations of liberty in this country for many years », defended George Osborne.

« I said when I took my duties I wanted more prosecutions. We have earmarked resources to HMRC as a result and prosecutions have increased fivefold during this legislature, »he said.

The Government of conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is under pressure to explain why he is there not had more prosecutions in this case and why it has recruited as Minister of trade (2011-2013) Stephen Green, former boss of HSBC at the time where the Bank helped clients to evade tax.

The Swiss subsidiary of the British Bank is at the centre of the revelations of Swissleaks, published on 9 February by a consortium of newspapers, on the basis of data stolen in 2007 by the computer scientist Hervé Falciani.

These data revealed that in November 2006 and March 2007, billions of dollars belonging to more than 100 000 customers and 20 000 legal persons have passed on the accounts of the Bank in Switzerland, hidden behind corporations or offshore structures.

HSBC will publish its annual results Monday and its Chairman Douglas Flint must be auditioned by the Parliamentary Committee of Treasury Wednesday, as well as officials of the HMRC.
HSBC corporate corruption

Companies / Banksters February 18, 2015-10:03 AM GMT



When theNegotiumessai of , long history of the HSBC money laundering was written more than two years, one might think that the Banksters would seek to take a lower profile. Forget on this subject, when you are part of a syndicate of crime is you never have to serve a sentence, just that you’re sorry tell. Bloomberg reports, the « HSBC Holdings Plc director general Stuart Gulliver presented » sincere apology « suite fees details how Unity Bank Switzerland helped customers evade taxes. »

The Forbes column, ‘ Corporate Governance is The very Essence Of A Business’ presents only a half at the heart of public relations spin of the infamous Bank for Drug, Inc.

« As part of its response to the revelations, HSBC said: » We recognize that the culture of compliance and standards of due diligence in Swiss private banking of HSBC, as well as the industry in general, were significantly lower than they are today. At the same time, HSBC was executed in a manner more federated that it is today and the decisions are often made at the country level. »

The feature the most terrifying the laborious searches files HSBC is the documentation about the misdeeds committed by managers at different levels throughout the Bank – and the casualness with which it was made. « Code names » for clients of widespread collusion, it is clear there is a complete disregard for the law. »

Arrogance in spades, this is how works the bank number two world. Another example provided by Tom Heneghan, who claims to be an Expert of International intelligence, cited the following.

« Alibaba previously removed from the list on the stock exchange of Hong Kong to deal in fraud with the branch of Hong Kong’s famous bank HSBC.

Alibaba is then simultaneously operating a laundry of money foreign currency ponzi scheme related once more to HSBC. »

More money, greater the risk you have to bites just minor pin and fines that are all part of the pay off-cycle of international banking.

When it comes to invent clandestine methodologies for money laundering, expect the masters of the city of London to perfect the art of double-speak. Statements, the informant HSBC discovered HMRC email, BBC:

« An email that whistleblower at the centre of a tax scandal said HSBC that he sent to HM Revenue and Customs in 2008 was discovered by a French newspaper. »

The tax authority of the United Kingdom has been under fire from MEPs on the Committee of public accounts, who accused officials of the tax authorities do not deal with the issue properly and ignoring Mr Falciani 2008 e-mail. »

It is not surprising that a complaint years gets boost under the carpet. HSBC is too big to fail and protections in all the right places.

Reuters more than accelerators adds to the storm, but the chances that this scandal will suck up all the oxygen to build into an inferno are slim.

« Other countries are already taking steps against HSBC based on data disclosed by Falciani and already obtained by the IRS.  » In November, the Argentina charged the Bank with helping more than 4 000 customers to evade taxes. « HSBC Argentina rejected the accusation, saying: he has complied with the ESA Argentina. »

Hey, the reason to avoid paying taxes is well understood. However, facilitating criminal enterprises under the banner of an institution Bank trustee crossed the line. The guardian provides as follows in files HSBC: Swiss bank money hidden for suspected criminals.

« HSBC also held the assets for bankers accused of looting funds from former Soviet republics, while the crimes alleged by other account holders include corruption in the oil State of Malta company, cocaine smuggled out of the Dominican Republic and the doping of the professional cyclists in Spain.

The Bank Switzerland also held accounts for « politically exposed persons » – defined as political figures or members of their family to an increased risk of involvement in corruption, money-laundering or avoiding international sanctions – with few signs of any additional activities control. »

OK, what is the point to cite several stories of horror, you now the drill including the globalist interdependent financial extortion system needs a mechanism to keep all earnings thresholds and property improperly acquired outstanding. The history of HSBC is a case study of corporatists just what global has wrought on the planet.

Governments will not even investigate credible complaints, adopt necessary structural monitoring and accountability process and certainly will not imprison the kingpins who make flaunt their untouchable status.

Repeat this saga using different circumstances never descends to the level of the solutions approach. Without a universal outcry against the transnational banking model and the creation of the alternative Bank regional and local banks will go that in more large and more autonomous and above national sovereignty.

Which Governments these banking monopolies of the House do not control matters little in the larger finance. HSBC and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan may be the boys of the cabal of Banksters posters, but you will never see their executive faces on a poster of the most sought after.

Last year, hang the bankers published application death suspicious bank 48 .

« With the global financial system in the direction of the major crash in the near future is those people who bends under pressure from what they see ahead or are they being reduced to silence because of what they know?  »

Try to answer this question will have inside information from whistleblowers Falciani scores. Or, more likely, those intending to join the ranks of informants may well be part of the growing list of the dead.

For those who doubt the history of the shadow of created bank debt, watch the video Only Trillionaires – full world of the Rothschild family documentary – puppeteers – on the breaking all the rules you Tube Channel, to subscribe for future updates.

What people have come to understand is that banking is not really to make money. It uses fractional reserve and the current zero interest rates to advance their influence on nations to achieve global governance. They are true outlaws, in Armani suit. HSBC just happens to have longer experience than most global thievery
10-02-2015 – scandal SwissLeaks – Lord Green, Chairman of HSBC between 2006 and 2010, Minister David Cameronun, anglican priest at the heart of the SwissLeaks scandal

scandal SwissLeaks – HSBC
According to investigators,.
Tax fraud of EUR 180.6 billion would have passed, in Geneva, by the HSBC accounts more 100 000 customers and 20 000 offshore s society, very precisely between November 9, 2006 and March 31, 2007
A period corresponding to the digitized stolen at HSBC PB by Hervé Falciani, former employee of the Bank.
The underside of a vast tax evasion system accepted, and even encouraged, by the global HSBC, second banking group British institution, through its Swiss HSBC Private Bank subsidiary.

Lord Green, an anglican priest at the heart of the SwissLeaks scandal

HSBC Chairman between 2006 and 2010, he was knighted by the Queen and became Minister of David Cameron. Stephen Green is at the centre of the scandal SwissLeaks.

Few weeks ago it was: the LuxLeaks
Billions of taxes voluntarily, evaporated (which will still have to pay those billions that are not returned (taxes).)
funny social concertation! … LuxLeaks

Lord Green, an anglican priest at the heart of the SwissLeaks scandal

HSBC Chairman between 2006 and 2010, he was knighted by the Queen and became Minister of David Cameron. Stephen Green is at the centre of the SwissLeaks scandal.

via: http://www.Movieline.com
From our correspondent in London,
Voice is soft, every sentence is punctuated with a slight smile, but the sermons of the ascetic pastor to the skinny silhouette are scathing. The deacon of the Church of England intends to reconcile God and Mamon, the divinity of the money. In the eyes of this champion of ethics, the financial crisis offers an opportunity to regain the Evangelical virtues, to change attitudes, to share revenues. The simplicity of the son of lawyer born in Brighton does not exclude the projections of a sharp mind trained at Oxford University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Before entering professional life, the young graduate spent a year as a volunteer in a shelter for alcoholics in the East end of London. Later, as president of the largest British Bank, has paid a significant part of his salary to charities. Lacking more to Lord Green as a stained glass window and a Halo. Only here: Lord Green was like an eagle with two heads, that he never showed at the same time.
« I do not answer questions about the business of HSBC »

Add this video to my blog
HSBC Chairman between 2006 and 2010, he was knighted by the Queen and became Minister of David Cameron. Stephen Green is at the centre of the SwissLeaks scandal.

« I do not answer questions about the business of HSBC »
Public persona is today at the heart of the scandal SwissLeaks, disclosure of the secret files, dating from the period 2005 to 2007, which highlight the existence of a system of tax evasion, encouraged by the Swiss subsidiary of the British institution HSBC. HSBC Chairman between 2006 and 2010, he has served on the Board of Directors of HSBC Private Bank (see our letter of the City)which has helped thousands of wealthy individuals to conceal huge sums of money. More than 7 000 her Majesty’s subjects would thus defrauded the British tax authorities with the active complicity of the Bank to the octagonal logo of red and white.
« In principle, I do not answer questions on Affairs of HSBC, past as present », replied the person concerned to a journalist of the flagship show of the BBC, Panorama, broadcast on the evening of February 9, about this scandal ceasing to pay the political and financial Chronicle.
Indeed, a year after his departure from HSBC, Stephen Green was elevated to the dignity of peer of the Kingdom to enable him to become Secretary of State for international trade and investment of the coalition Government led by David Cameron. He left his post in 2013 to devote himself entirely to his religious vocation. The case is now the Prime Minister on the defensive while the Labour opposition has made the fight against tax evaders one of its leading horses of battle of the elections of May 7.
Careless Gigantism race!
Lord Green embodies excellence by the HSBC culture where he spent twenty-six years. Director general in 2003 and then president in 2006, he continued the frantic race to the Gigantism dear to his predecessor, the legendary John Bond. Its slogan « a local bank presents worldwide » slap such a challenge in the City as on Wall Street. Behind the craving of acquisitions (Midland, Republic National Bank, CCF, banque Hervet, the Mexican Bital or American Household) draws a simple goal: become the world number one.
Thanks to its size, its equity to fade the rivals and its Chinese roots, this institution founded in Hong Kong in 1865 by one of these Scottish « taipang » dear to the writer James Clavell has escaped the crisis in the « subprime » of 2008. But under the antiphon to the expansion ramp cacophony. Indeed, the huge liner struggled to move. Stewardship does not follow. The tradition of discipline, of teamwork, loyalty to the brand and the slow career progression is beaten undermined by the culture of bitterness to the gain. Too curious risk controllers are marginalized or even dismissed.
Headquarters prefers to ignore what is happening in its fully autonomous baronies – United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg… – whose profitability feeds profits and by ricochet the Executive bonuses. It is in these subsidiaries that broke the sensational scandals that have dealt a heavy blow to the reputation of the brand.
The money laundering by Mexican cartels of the drug in violation of sanctions us against the Iran passing through Sufis of the market exchange in London and the encouragement of tax evasion from Geneva, there is overflow.

Revelationson oneinternational systemfromtax fraud.

Their revelation is likely to embarrass celebrities, french comedian Gad Elmaleh in the King of Morocco Mohamed VI passing by the American actor John Malkovich, but above all undermine the international banking community.

«SwissLeaks»: revelations about an international system of tax evasion

« The world » has had access to the 100 000 customer of the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC Bank data. They reveal the extent of a system of tax fraud encouraged by the Bank. French and foreign personalities are involved.

via: http://www.nytimes.com

The numbers give Vertigo. The World publishes the first part of an survey both spectacular and unprecedented. Result of investigations outside the norm among Paris, Washington, Brussels and Geneva, she ofsailing the underside of a broad system oftax evasion accepted, and even encouraged, by the British institution HSBC, second global banking group, through its Swiss subsidiary HSBC Private Bank.
Le Monde, which investigate the HSBC case since its origin, came early 2014 in possession of World Bank data, covering the period 2005-2007 and establishing a huge fraud at the international level. We shared these data with 60 international media , coordinated by the ICIJ, consortium of investigative journalists.
Their revelation is likely to embarrass many personalities, french comedian Gad Elmaleh in the King of Morocco Mohamed VI passing by the American actor John Malkovich, but especially to undermine the international banking community.
According to investigators, 180.6 billion euros would have passed, in Geneva, by HSBC accounts more 100 000 customers and 20 000 offshore s society, very precisely between November 9, 2006 and March 31, 2007. A period corresponding to the digitized archives stolen at HSBC PB by Hervé Falciani, former employee of the Bank.
Indeed, at the end of the year 2008, this french computer scientist had provided the french tax officials the data stolen from his employer. Before these facts in January 2009, French justice investigation since on a tiny part of  » listings Falciani « , i.e. any 3 000 hex nationals
suspected of concealing their money at HSBC PB, and with the complicity of the Bank – as such implementation review as a person moral for ‘ doorstep banking and financial illicit ‘ and « money laundering tax evasion ».
Read also: «SwissLeaks»: the vertiginous investigation file against HSBC
More than 5.7 billion euros reportedly hidden by HSBC PB in tax havens on behalf of its clients only based in french…
Bercy has seized 62 cases only justice (whose one of the heirs of Nina Ricci, whose trial must open in a few days in Paris), having most hex taxpayers ‘unmasked’ by listings Falciani , it is true, in the meantime regularized their tax situation.

January 28, 2014, under the title
« Lists HSBC: the saga of an explosive investigation into tax evasion »,
Le Monde published a first series of articles revealing the underside of the French judicial investigation. But it lacked the global aspect…
A few days later, someone came to the home of the newspaper, boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, Paris. This source, which we protect the anonymity, we handed over a USB drive containing all of the files established starting « data Falciani », in the greatest secrecy, beginning in 2009, by tax services french,.
sometimes despite the reluctance of the power policy.
That you find on these listings – transmitted by Bercy to several foreign Governments – and which we reveal names when they are of public interest? Weapons or narcotics traffickers, financiers of terrorist organisations, politicians, the stars of showbiz, icons of the sport or the captains ofindustry… Eager, in their vast majority, to hide their money in Switzerland. And do this, of course, very often, like the french customers, in the most perfect illegality. The disparity of the profiles of account holders is quite striking. Eager to launder their undeclared fees french surgeons are alongside Belgian Diamond, protagonists of the Elf scandal or many Jewish families whose assets had been safe in Switzerland, at the time of the rise of Nazism in Europe…
The offshore structures screen
Many of them have illegally canvassed in France by accounts of the bank managers. All have been encouraged by the Executive Committee of HSBC PB to better conceal their money behind the screen of offshore structures, usually based in Panama or in the British Virgin Islands, and this in order to avoid some European taxes, including the tax ESD, established in 2005. Investigators now have material evidence to prove that these different offences.

Learn more about http://www.lemonde.fr/economie/article/2015/02/08/swissleaks-revelations-sur-un-systeme-international-de-fraude-fiscale_4572319_3234.html#kHV8YhFrZZ0SostY.99

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AR Gerard Karageorgis in lighting on 19 February 2015 at 08:00

HSBC: «donors of bin Laden among customers»

CategoriesAfter the attacks of September 11, 2001, investigators have identified a network of financing of terrorism entitled « the golden chain », composed of a score of major donors to Al-Qaida written wikileaks. Thirteen years later, unveiled as part of operation SwissLeaks listings reveal that some of these people have placed their money at HSBC in Switzerland.

«HSBC knew that some of its prestigious clients could finance terrorism?  » « In most cases, Yes: the Bank had only to read the newspapers ‘,highlights the SonntagsZeitung, in a translated article by Le Temps wrote big browser of le Monde.

When journalists of the World have laid hands on the listings of HSBC Bank, they decided, in the spring of 2014, to share these documents with international media thanks to theICIJ – acronym ofInternational Consortium of Investigative Journalists (Consortium international for investigative journalism) – a consortium of investigative journalists sis in the United States. In the utmost discretion, 154 journalists from 47 countries working for 55 media, have been mobilized to ensure the most comprehensive treatment of such information.

Sunday, February 8 at 22 hours, Paris time, all unveiled the results of their investigations. In addition to our survey (to read in our SwissLeaks section), here are some of the information revealed by our colleagues on the personalities involved and the methods of the Bank.
•Ben Laden donors among customers

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, investigators have identified a network of financing of terrorism entitled « the golden chain », consisting of some 20 major donors to Al-Qaida. Thirteen years later, unveiled as part of operation SwissLeaks listings reveal that some of these people have placed their money at HSBC in Switzerland. «HSBC knew that some of its prestigious clients could finance terrorism?  » « In most cases, Yes: the Bank only had to read newspapers », says it SonntagsZeitung, in a translated article by time.
•The president of HSBC at the time of the facts became Minister in Britain

British Stephen Green, Chairman of HSBC at the time of the listings, then became Minister of trade and investment of the Cameron Government. Interviewed by the BBC, he refused to answer: ‘ in principle, I do not comment on past or present HSBC Business « , he explained.
•David Bowie, John Malkovich, Tina Turner: the responses of involved stars

Listings reveal names of arms dealers, politicians, business leaders, as well as stars of showbiz. The ICIJ interviewed several, to understand their involvement in this system. American actor John Malkovich said not to be aware of the account in Geneva that bears his name. British actress Joan Collins gave the same answer. David Bowie and Tina Turner have answered that they were resident in Switzerland.
•Suitcases of cash to Geneva

The Guardian says that the Bank allowed its customers to leave the Bank with bags of cash, without their question. The British newspaper, including cites the case of Richard Caring, a fashion magnate, owner of the prestigious Ivy restaurant in London. A day of 2005 it would have removed 5 million Swiss francs in cash, 4.76 million euro, of the Bank of Geneva.
•The small tricks of paranoid clientss

The newspaper time discovered in some memos of the details on the way in which the most paranoid clients organized their contacts with the Bank. A Spanish customer sheet contains for example these details in capital letters: « To note that it is a CLIENT very very paranoid, and IL NE VEUX PAS ME DONNER its coordinates, it is only him who we CONTACT (sic). » A Belgian financier made about him called by names of footballers as ‘Zidane’ and ‘ desire to know the… price of caviar, i.e. the total of its assets ‘. A Parisian lawyer has even been up to title his account « paranoid 69.
•Women in the home, most frequent ‘ occupation’ in the listings

In the listings, the profession of each client is populated. There is one that comes up very often in this box: « homemaker ». Seven thousand three hundred people are listed under this title, says the ICIJ, making it the most common ‘occupation’ of the Bank’s customers. If these people actually include women in the home, this is not the case of all.

There are particular, Mary Wells Lawrence, 86, founder of Wells Rich Green advertising agency, to the origin of the famous slogan ‘I love NY’, with the heart instead of the word « love ». The Saudi princess Lolowah Al-Faisal Al-Saud also appears as « homemaker », she is Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Effat University, the first University for women in Saudi Arabia!


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