le 22 12 2014 E

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Played for the towers, NO COMMENTS

(Obama: Sony has made « a mistake »), OK, I enjoy not more than that, the North Korea, but apparently, these propos(comme,quoi,ça serait la corée dele de nord,qui aurait fait un piratage???) Sincerely, I enquire me well before accusations, because those words would come from Korea South, we know love, that they have one for the other.North Korea has never yet ceased to deny having anything to do with piracy and has proposed a « joint investigation » refused by Washington.d’, one wonders, why lesUSA, have refused, it proves, for the insant, they can sleep on leurs2 ears, but for the time being.

, As, what, the FN, mistaking the FN yelled at « censorship » after the ouster of Eric Zemmour of itele,For once, I agree with itele, they had reasons) Navy, and, his father for several anneel’ were censored, notice, this surprises me half as Mr Louis Alliot rises the niche, accompanied by Navy, because he knows this as everyone else, knows, that alone, he made grey mine, in short, when, E.ZEMMOUR, the most VANE of the feuges(il retourne sa veste) always the good side, thanks, JACQUES. .on the side of SAFED, then, PARDONNE MOI, MALAIKA, but between you and Mr ALLIOT, I make the difference, like it, or not (AFP), « censorship of #Zemmour by @itele is despicable! », has Tweeted the President of the Front national Marine Le Pen, while Louis Alliot, vice-president of the party, announced cancelled its participation to the morning of Itele January 7. (Better francs enemies, than too complacent friends.
Proverbs French for E.ZEMMOUR


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