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Than this Jew, American Masonic franc stilla pleonasm,(suis_je bête, franc maçonnerie,et USA, c’est la même chose) thoughsome Americans, like the cops and othersthat I have not forgotten, but whose name escapes me), begin to see more clearly in their semblance of policies (Republicans, Democrats, or ultimately the goal is to enslave populations (American in other Mexican, Cuban and for Cubans, (this big lies, of either bid opening of Cuban borders Gags!, it’ll talk, I laugh), in order to have and make only a part )), an entity and to ally itself with a European country, England for example the former colon, (which has been database independence will do the trick) I presume, but I think not be far from the truth., short, spend, I spoke of a country,USA, I had the chance to know and to live for a time Court, living with all that this entails , until the trash, I vidais into a dumpster, 2 times a week short, America or you got the job, a little money, that it takes you, with taxes, taxes and exorbitant rents, if you’re in good health and more and you got the chance to be more in addition to SDFs (Acceleration of real estate at the expense of the uninsured investment projects, normal.. can!)It was which before, I do me rappel more! , AAHHhh!, Bush (Republicans, I believe) and, now, AH, yeah, Obama (Democrats, I believe), more and more dead cities, or under the influence, of unemployment, crime, DETROIT is made, it is dead, is the case to say and Detroit declared bankruptcy « Motor City » trailed a debt accumulated 18.5 billion $U(BEN,ou est ce que ce pognon est partie?c’est dingue), eh, appu, pleasures!OHLALALA, jamie, know you or is the Patil of detroit? Jewel stripped of industry, the city of Detroit… but, other cities are on the same track, because at the crime level, they can do the buzzs as the 10 most dangerous cities in the USA ; Here is the annual ranking, 2014 based on population statistics and the FBI crime statistics, which class the town Saint-Louis as the most dangerous city in America. The top 10 most dangerous cities are as follows: 1. St. 1. St. Louis, 2. Camden, NJ 3 Detroit, MI 4. Flint, MI 5. Oakland, CA 6. Richmond, CA 7. Cleveland, OH 8. Compton, CA 9. Gary, IN Gary, 10. Birmingham, AL – SOURCE: http://www.newsfeed.time.comDonc or very, very little, (Phonetiqement, as this is that it is said, I think Sochiaul Security), see not almost any social security, I’m talking about, well SE CU RI TE SO cial some Americans, such as, the cops in NEW YORK (or American cops), have returned in protest, when B.DE BLASIO made his speech to pay tribute to the police, killed the U.S. officers are turning their backs to Bill de Blasio what tribute, and these keufs took superb reactions, that is, or realizes of the mature and natural fraternitte Ricans (uh, Americans) New York: thousands of police pay tribute to a… Thousands of police were concerned from all United States pay tribute to two of their colleague, a Hispanic, the other Vietnamese, or Korean, in short, I know more.It is these cops, showed turning back, that they turned their backs on racism, the suprematist, bullshit , because if it is indeed a profession, or racism, has no place to exist, it is there, because I see poorly 2 Cops on patrol, one white and one black, blatant example, found in a car, is make the arrest of a white or a black, who finds the way to open fire on the policeman, black or white, that will make the white policeman or black, as any police officer white or black, it will try to stop it, and ripostera

But if the rogue white or black is unwilling to comply, white or black policeman opens fire, and will therefore, this that any police officer would have done all this to demonstrate, as the profession’s (keuf) COP, police officer, is really the last profession, or must be racism, et if it ago murder, because it is like, that, that I call the fact, or the white COP got out of his vehicle, pulling directly without pausing any questions, this is what is seen on the video, which goes on the web, and that this is not sanctioned, or transferring purely and simply, Mayor B. DEBLASIO didn’t instead of being Mayor, even from a small town , this requires skills of justices, that it did not, the skills of righteousness that it is very far from having, this demonstrates the intellectual level he has, kind, QI of a bedside table. And, a guy like that is ¨Maire, it is a farce , I wonder, frankly, how t.-it made for being Mayor of NEW YORK, sometimes, I wonder, how also incompetent people can be President, first Sinstre, Mayor, AHBEN, I know, they are, they are, Franc masons, as said a large and rotund man COLUCHE, I have the impression that the cons of next year already arrived;

When I told you, that is, a dictatorship, for more than 15 days, the Government took strikes on strikes, and Valls passes, still the MACRON Rira well Act, who laughs last. There beautiful, tell him, him repeat that we want not is piss in a violin; that said, I do me inqui summer not too, since in 2 and half, he and the other will no longer, and this act; as others, such as the masked on the soi so-called equal opportunities law No. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005 for equal of…, trick es simple, as in the states, t’as fric, you in fate, you in did not you you creve anaphabetes, genre, tu bayonet, but in addition you con bayonet, or saying, there are some things that have changed on the part of a bricklayer Franc, I assume, since an of his good friend is that alain bauer, former, grand master of the grand orient, while in , a Freemason, tells me, that some things have changed in the MACRON Act, I laugh, you would take thief hand in the bag, he would find the way to tell that it is not his hand, therefore, mef

AH?BUT, I understand better why,Masons francs, like and prefer Voltaire to jjRousseau, me I favorite jj, R, VOLTAIRE philosophical, party leader his name remains attached to its fight against religious fanaticism, was, in the 18th century, when even! he called « the infamous », for tolerance, in this time, it would be hot and freedom of thought You can be an atheist, without enslaving the other GAG! To throughout his life, Voltaire attended large and woos monarchs, without hiding his disdain for the people, Voltaire love the comfort, the pleasures of the table and conversation, that it considers, with the theatre, as one of the most successful life in society. It is really no surprise me ! Conscious of his physical ease, , ca me reminder, somehe acquired a considerable in speculative operations fortune , NON , was no need for MADOFF to speculate, and Ponzi did not exist, AH, he had already found the trick of the pyrammide, these speculations prefigure major stock market speculation in Louis XVI and the sale of his works, allowing him to settle in 1759 at the Château de Ferney and to live there on a big footholding table and door open.Considered by the French Revolution – with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, his enemy brother, I summarizes voltaire, philosopher, feniant, loving good cheer, it is a little reductive, eh, you also found, promised, next time I would try to be more courteous with the profiteers.

Cellars. not, I prefer JJ.Rousseau, already, because he wrote the constution, finally, the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen in 1789 is that already the country, who wanted we given lessons, is not Israel, it seems to me, and humanly, and also philosophically, it is true as good JJRest, after, each tastes, but me thats jjR, he continued reflection on the functioning of a democratic society based on the social contract (1762) in which the sovereign people organizes the collective life

Discourse on the arts and the sciences (

Discourse on the origin and basis of inequality among men

It’s crazy, that he was born on 28 June 1712 and I was born June 28, 1962, or 250 years before me, it’s crazy!not made fast, either, definitely!

Spinoza, Locke, Bayle and I.Newton, isaac Newton, the Apple

In its name and its translation into french, the movement of the lights is a cultural, philosophical, literary, and intellectual movement that emerged in the second half of the XVIIe century, with philosophers such as Spinoza, Locke, Bayle and Newton, before expanding throughout Europe, especially in France, at the XVIIIe century. By extension, they gave to this period the name of enlightenment.

Rousseau also offers, with Emile, education or (1762), a reflection on the education, that he says have to rely on the preservation of the natural child qualities and sure rather practical know-how than bookish knowledge.

Emile or education 1 is a Treaty of education on « the art of forming men »(pas deles de tarlouzes,façon de parler) Jean-Jacques Rousseau published in 1762. It remains, today, one of the most read and most popular on the subject, to point to the Japan, the authority of the child’s development requires all teachers of nursery schools reading of Emile. It is interesting to note that some passages are not without analogy with some of the letters to my son Mme of Epinay, published four years earlier

I thought to, a trick, would be pretty darn nice, if Israel stopped flying over and enter Lebanese airspace, because, frankly, after awhile, it inflates!, I’ve seen ca on a video the net .on

The strike by drivers suspended temporarily, failure of the negotiations

« Trade unions of truckers strike called Tuesday evening to »lift the dams this night », pending a General Assembly Wednesday morning, which aims to follow a ‘failure’ wage talks with employers. »It called for the lifting of roadblocks to this night », said Jérôme truth (CGT) on behalf of the trade unions (CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC), the origin of many blockages and filter dams since Sunday evening.A general meeting will be held « tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to decide the suites » to give to the social movement, he said.The CFDT transport, which has « slammed the door » negotiations Tuesday, will also consult its members Wednesday at midday. In a release entitled « 8 hours of negotiations for a misery! », the first Union of the profession was « prepared to hear real loyal and serious proposals », finding « insufficient » those defended by employers.Confusion remained Tuesday evening, the CGT suggesting that negotiations could resume late in the evening, information which was not confirmed by employers.Earlier negotiations had yet been suspended « on an admission of failure », in the words of the National Federation of road transport (FNTR), the main employers Chamber of industry.Regretting « l? failure of the negotiations », the Government has responded through Alain Vidalies, Secretary of State for transport calling for « a resumption of discussions between partners to reach a wage agreement ».Far from the Union claims (5% increase for all), employers proposed an increase of 2% for salaries the lowest of the collective agreement, and 1% for executives and supervisors. » »These amounts represent 2 to 4 times the inflation calculated for l? year 2014″, argues employers in a press release, which also mentions a « failure » of the negotiations. « Companies are not able to give 5% of upgradings. Unfortunately, this economic assessment is not shared and we very deeply regret, »adds Nicolas Paulissen, delegate general of the FNTR.For Patrice Clos (FO), the increase proposed by the employers is equivalent to « bring coefficient down to a penny above the Smic » hourly gross, fixed at 9.61 euros in 2015.En 2014, one of the four coefficients in force in road transport – one of the most qualified employees – exceeded the minimum wage (9.53 euros gross per hour). – dam up at Rennes – fieldthe vast majority of the blockages had been lifted before even the appeal of the inter-trade union association.Caen, high place of protest Monday, the trade unionists who have blocked up to several hundred heavy weight had decided to lift their dams for « security reasons ».Some foreign drivers, irritated by the situation, had tried to force passage, according to the CFTC.The dam also gave in the port Édouard-Herriot, South of Lyon, after the intervention of the police. Thirty road then moved towards the ring road is the town to conduct an operation snail.Other targets of the strikers, the port of Rouen and the platform of Dourges (Pas-de-Calais), near Hénin-Beaumont, also regained a normal activity.At Rennes, the last dam on the ring road was lifted around 6 pm, according to Christophe Provost (CGT). « We start again tomorrow (Wednesday) morning », he said, without giving details on the modalities of action.Before the end of the negotiations, the CGT called for ‘amplify the mobilisation, because it starts to weigh into the head of the employers’. « This is not the time to let go, to the contrary », had told Jérôme Vérité, the Secretary general of the CGT Transports.Seul Bordeaux appeared to have responded to the call.In the North of the city, the industrial area of Bruges is stationary since dawn. Blocking should be maintained until the conclusion of negotiations in Paris, warned Marc Rosa, responsible for the CGT transport of Gironde.If it does not, we will toughen the movement and set up a second point of blocking », all in now overnight that already in place, warned.

I just want to, say, a trick, I had a friend, it about 10 years ago, yeah 10 years, he worked for a large transport company (red trucks, shooting) he told me well earned his life by €2250 / month, but with hours sup.They (his wife, childcare, a trick like that and him) had 2 kids, ages 9 and 13, now the kids need me, he told me that he had, every month,(àle moins une fois) start the 02 month finally 09, to resume the 11 in the day and finish the month almost normally cad nights 3 days, is better than 8, when you want to see push your kids, when you see them growing up, there were months, this is repoduiser but the 15th until the 23rd of any month for example, which meant that it was his tour, but sometimes it was called to remove one or more packages, and that for top 7 daysthen, I believe that move, his days on the road, and work 35 h, not possible, even annualized it would take the equivalent of 1 month and more, and even, if it’s a big box, there are no drivers, in a finger snap, there, but are rare, need to know the customers, i.e., when they open or close, notNo, is not given, when, we see that they make the world go round, when a factory, waiting for a piece, that the maintenance service is on the foot of guerre(eh ouai,c’est dele de vécu)

ECB – In politics, this is called a squawk. On the stock market, this is called an insider. Or at least a disclosure of confidential information. A small sentence, dropped by François Holland during his vows to businesses, indeed bumped the journalists present and the European authorities.

The french president said Monday that the European Central Bank would « Thursday deciding to buy sovereign debt », then her vows to the actors of the company and the job.

« The European Central Bank will take Thursday decision to buy sovereign debt, what will give significant liquidity to the European economy and (…) » can create a favourable to growth movement », said the head of State.

Open secret, but…

Certainly, for specialists, the announcement Thursday of a massive takeover of public debt by the European Central Bank (ECB) is a case. She has been the subject of speculation for months and appears to be the last bulwark against deflation and the last resort to reset the prices and the economy.

On 15 January, the surprise announcement of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to no longer maintain the Swiss franc against the euro had been tumbling down the stock market. This decision would not be unrelated to the next announcement from the ECB. Forex.comanalyst Kathleen Brooks, one of the reasons for which the SNB took these decisions is that « the SNB has close links with the ECB and this could be a sign that the SNB think – or knows – that the ECB will embark on buy-backs of assets next week and well above what is expected by the market ».

In an interview to release 15 January, Benoit Coeuré, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, already strongly implied that the Central Bank actionneraient this new lever: « the Board of Governors will meet to decide on 22 January. We will take into account American and British experiments to determine the amount of bonds to buy ». But without quite saying…

… Holland did not announce it

Already, several voices against this François Holland announces that goes against the independence of the ECB.

Interviewed by Reuters, an adviser to the head of State tried to defuse any controversy, explaining shortly after his speech François Holland met « the independence of the ECB and that he had merely to evoke a hypothesis »

A blunder inconsequential markets

However, the gaffe of the president seems no direct effect on the markets. The decision on the part of the ECB being since several days expected and almost endorsed, it is already registered in the course. After the declaration of Holland, the euro-dollar parity jumped as the CAC 40 which hardly reacted after the little phrase of the president.

This would have been completely different if he had announced the amounts that invest the ECB. We advance a figure of 500 billion euros, but this remains conditional.

Silence embarrassed the ECB where knowledge has taken statements from François Holland. Invited to respond by The HuffPost, the ECB does not wish to comment on the remarks of french president and merely announce a press conference for Thursday. No official word should not intervene here.

Kezako quantitative easing?

This famous quantitative easing (QE, or quantitative easing) is a plan of redemption of public debt. In other words, the ECB would redeem the first bonds issued by the countries of the euro area. Reminder, an obligation is issued by a country which is committed to its borrowers to repay at the end of a certain period (1, 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years…). In the meantime, interests are paid each year to the borrower. Of course, the Germany being more solid that the Greece, it take less risk to the investor with respect to the repayment of its debt at maturity. And can therefore afford to offer a much lower interest rate.

What will the ECB’s share repurchase program serve? Simply put, this is equivalent to create money without physically operate the ticket Board, since it is only accounting entries. More money for the country to invest more, pay more to banks which themselves will lend more to businesses and individuals and do so restart the growth machine.

If this says ‘unconventional’ leverage has not been used before, it is taking a risk of inflation: it is well known there are currency in circulation, greater the risk of inflation. But as today, inflation is almost nil, or even negative, the ECB can afford this sprain to his philosophy without so far deviate from its original mission, who, remember, keep inflation below 2%.

Another desired consequence: the increase of currency in circulation is mechanically down the course of the euro, which becomes so competitive for exports, which allows to improve trade and hence GDP. The decline in recent weeks of the euro against the dollar reflected the first rumors concerning the programme of quantitative easing to come.

A technique already proven elsewhere…

With several years of delay, the ECB follows the policy undertaken by the American Federal Reserve (Fed). After declining little by little its key rates to boost the economy and have reached a level close to 0, the Fed launched QE programmes by the end of 2008 to boost growth. Between late 2010 and mid-2011, $ 600 billion were thus created by the Fed.

The Bank of the Japan used this weapon as early as March 2001 without great results. As the Bank of England, it has followed suit by the Fed in March 2009, buying back in 6 months 165 billion pounds of assets to financial institutions, and then 200 billion end of 2010.

The problem in Europe is a little different. Because unlike England, the United States or the Japan, which bought assets of their own country, the ECB will have the choice among all countries of the euro area. The Greece will also benefit from this program, a few days a new election at high risk? The ECB, which will endorse the principle of a QE Thursday certainly wait to implement. History to dangling aid, via EQ, to the new Greek Government agrees not to challenge its debt reduction plan and its presence in the euro.

Greece: « the danger is the contagion across the eurozone »
Nikdoceco: The Stability Pact is now shaken by the financial crisis. Having regard to the growth prospects of countries in the euro zone, can we reasonably believe a return to budgetary discipline in the medium term?

I believe that in any case the stability and Growth Pact has trouble to is replace the previous aggravations of public deficit in 2003-2004, after the bursting of the Internet bubble. This shows that this Pact is pretty badly put together, the rules have really strong economic justification. Limit the public debt to 60% of GDP, I do not know the economic justification. It relies on theits regarding the potential growth of member countries sous-mortgage. Gold this growth is anything but stable.

So the revision of the Pact of stability and growth a few years ago was an admission of weakness of this institutional rule. I believe that it would be a mistake in the current economic context you want to, under the guise of an obsolete institutional rule (the stability and Growth Pact) or PSC, reduce too quickly the budget deficits while there is a single-engine growth lit in the eurozone.

Halupczok: Is what we are ready to pay for the Greek budgetary mistakes?

Unfortunately, there is no choice. It is clear that it should not do without putting conditions to this helps financial. But leave Greece or another Member of the euro zone country make default on its debt, it is not to render service to oneself. Today we see very well the mistrust of the markets towards the construction of monetary union and the euro is the unit of account of all business German, French, Italian, etc.
So the danger is the contagion of the problems of a peripheral country across the euro area. We should not repeat, for a very small problem, because the Greece is less than 3% of GDP in the euro area, the mistakes that the U.S. Government has been letting a bank fail. In this case, Lehman Brothers .

James: What are the means at the disposal of the ECB to overcome the crisis of the public deficit?

There are many, and the ECB has already taken many measures to help not only the Greece butSpain, Portugal and all other countries that have funding difficulties. There are three main instruments: rates lower, which allows all the World to finance the debt cheaper than before the crisis. then, there are the temporary relaxation of the criteria of repo to assets with the ECB, whose sovereign debt.

Therefore, at least until the end of the year, and despite the lowering of its credit rating, the Greek debt can still be taken in pension with the ECB. And finally, the ECB helps also to lessen current funding problems by purchasing account own 60 billion of covered bank bonds, which directly helps the Greece, as Greek banks are one of the main creditors of the Greek State and Greek banks issue since 2008 covered bond that can be purchased by all markets Europeans.

The ECB could do more to help if it prolonged both the lowering of the eligibility criteria and its programme of purchases of covered bonds.

Jeff: Is the debt situation ofEuropeand Greece in particular, down worse than the USA or Japan ?

It depends on what criteria you look. In terms of public deficit, the situation in the eurozone is « less worse » than the United States. In terms of public debt, it is much less than that of the Japan. But the problem is perhaps not there, it’s the ability of these three major currency areas to fund itself. The Japan is exclusively financed by domestic savings – 94 per cent of Japanese government debt is financed by domestic savings. The United States benefit from their status as world currency area and take advantage of the savings of China and oil -exporting countries to finance itself.

For example, China has bought up to 100 billion dollars of U.S. treasuries last year. The eurozone has no external funding problem.

David Student UoL: Do you sincerely that the States will power pay their debts without very high inflation, it seems really impossible or very dangerous social damage, that – doyou think ?

The question is: will the States one day pay their debt? Nothing is require as long as the markets are functioning. As long as they can roller this debt, i.e. take perpetually new credits from the financial markets. Today, the capacity of States to generate of inflation to clear their debts is extremely limited, and the ECB fight against inflation above 2%.

Marcel kebir: France might have a risk of default for its debt, such as the Greece?

In the immediate future, no. It is clear: no G7 country has a risk of default in the immediate future on its debt. This may not be the case in 15 or 20 years. The situation of the Greece, the Portugal or the Spain is today not all the same as that of the France, because the Greece has a shortfall of savings, which is four to five times more pronounced than that of the France. Therefore, it is not at all the same urgency. Then, as long as interest rates are low, there are no big problems for the States to fund itself cheaply, so to reduce the debt burden that the clock is ticking.

Halupczok: How can we put pressure on the Greece and the Portugal while other countries, including the France, do not respect the rules of the euro?

I believe above all that we should review the rules, which have no proven economic sense. Should be to give the smart rules. But it is not enough as long as Europe policy not been done.

Florent: Accused States of laxity budget but is not more deeply how developed the EMU posing problem (prohibition of budgetary solidarity, prohibition of debt monetization, etc.)? Is this not the Treaty of Maastricht which is involved even more than the Treaty of Amsterdam which put in place the PSC?

There are many common sense in your question. It is the incompleteness of the European construction which is in question. The euro zone itself lacking savings deficit, a crisis of debt to one of its member countries should never have to take place in another institutional organization of the euro area. I refer you to my study on fiscal federalism.

David Student UoL: Do you, like Christian de Saint Etienne, the end of the eurozone is really very likely?

First of all, I believe that in the current state of European integration, it is true that the euro area does not seem to have a lot offuture. Now that is the genius of the founding fathers of the euro area, is to seek political union by the Mint. And well today, we see that these are the deficiencies of political union which interfere with monetary union. So progressneeds to be, and not back as proposed by Saint-Etienne. While the US dollar was born to facilitate trade between non-Federated States, today nobody does doubt unity policy of the United States of America.

Jean louis: for the time being, the German ten-year rate was unaffected by a phenomenon of contagion in being pulled upward by the difficulties of its partners; could this happen in the near future?

As long as central banks massively inject liquidity in markets, growth prospects are extremely low for the whole of the G7 and the inflation threat, that European banks have latitude to buy sovereign debt, there is little reason for long-term interest rates without risk, so German long-term interest ratesdate back.

Thibault: Hello, do you think that speculation on the fall in the euro is justified? If so, is it to find the balance that existed previously with 1 euro = 1 dollar?

I’m not sure at all that the course of balance of the euro is parity with the dollar. At its introduction the euro was rather listed around $ 1.15. I do not think that parity is a natural rate under current conditions. Now, I’m not sure whether the euro suffers exclusively from the eurozone debt crisis. We had a bunch of bad economic news lately, also on the side of the United States – I thinkemployment in particular – which are favorable to the dollar.

David Student UoL: fiscal federalism appears a clear objective and yet no European policy is talking about, why?

It would be a political revolution. Fiscal federalism would allow the « Ferrari » euro to no longer be driving like a CV 2, this would be source of many jobs and growth. The problem is that this political system cannot be implemented quickly. (There are at least two prerequisites: 1) harmonize the rate within the euro zone. There is a gap very for example the tax rate in Slovakia is 17% of GDP, compared to 32% in Finland. 2) ask the political principle of equality of conditions of life of all the citizens of monetary union in all countries.
This wants to say that there is a revolution political organizing that takes lot of time and done maybe fear. But I think that it is the only way to have a viable and effective monetary zone and economic source of well-being and social.
Fiscal federalism is a revolution political benefits for the European population are immense and that would cost annually as two points of GDP in the euro area. When the comparison with what was paid to help banks and revive the economy, the game may be worth the effort, especially for future generations.

Adrien de Davenport and Sebastien Dumoulin

Presidential election in Greece: Syriza scares at the…

The euro crisis and the role played by SYRIZA

By Christoph Dreier
June 9, 2012

The European Union (EU) and its common currency crisis has highlighted the need for an independent movement of the working class to oppose the EU and the capitalist system it defends. The experiences these past two years in Greece, Italy, Spain, the Portugal and Ireland where workers have repeatedly held protests and strikes to mass against the austerity measures show the falsity of statements according to which a high pressure of down can change the policy of the EU and the ruling European elites.

Political austerity including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the french president, Nicolas Sarkozy, are spearheading, depleted from large segments of the population in Greece and other heavily indebted countries of southern Europe, while increasing the debt and banking crisis. Greece, mired in recession for the fifth consecutive year, has seen its debt of US $ 250 billion in 2008 to more than $ 350 billion currently.

Proposals of US president Barack Obama and the newly elected french president, François Holland, amend the European austerity policy by increasing the size of the banking bailouts offer nothing to the working class. The mechanisms that are presented at the meetings increasingly desperate between the major European powers include all requirements in favour of more budget cuts and new attacks on the social rights of workers.

The crisis revealed the big day the bankruptcy of the financial elites who govern Europe and the failure of the capitalist system. The only social force capable of providing a progressive response to the euro crisis is the working class. Based on a struggle for the establishment of labour power, the overthrow of capitalism and the development of socialism everywhere in Europe and internationally the industrial and social working class force must be mobilized in an international fight against the European Union and its bourgeois Governments constituting it.

Bourgeois ‘left’ small forces that seek to subordinate workers to one or the other side of the ruling class are a major obstacle to the development of a mass movement of the working class which is independent. Currently, the main representative of these forces in Europe is the Coalition of the radical left (SYRIZA) in Greece and its leader, Alexis Tsipras.

According to opinion polls, SYRIZA could emerge elections on 17 June as the strongest party and Tsipras could become the Prime Minister, given that voters are looking for an alternative to the previous government parties imposed austerity measures dictated by the EU. SYRIZA progresses in the polls due to his speech decided against the loan agreements that the Greece has negotiated with the EU, the Central Bank European and international monetary fund, and its willingness to freeze the austerity measures.

SYRIZA is not a revolutionary party. This is a bourgeois small party whose policy is hostile to the independent political mobilization of the working class.

SYRIZA seeks to contain anger against social attacks while now the struggles of workers under the domination of the trade union bureaucracy that works closely with previous Greek Governments who perpetrated the devastating attacks against the workers. This organization operates as an instrument of subordination of the working class to the ruling class Greek, European institutions and capitalism.

When he talks about to the international media, as opposed to the Greek electorate, Tsipras clearly understand that his party, once in power, would be necessary to satisfy the financial markets. SYRIZA hopes to implement a programme combining the bailouts of the banks and firms key measures of austerity against the working class.

Tsipras said, repeatedly, that SYRIZA sought above all to stay within the EU; that it will accept not only structural ‘reforms’ – which have already drastically reduced wages and eliminated tens of thousands of jobs – but that it will also honour the debts of the country and that the EU has used the past two years as a lever to impose austerity measures.

In an interview with the magazine Der Spiegel, Tsipras called Holland’s ‘source of hope’ and supported the proposals of the french president to make print more money by the European Central Bank and introduce European bonds. He has been repeatedly praised the Obama policy by calling on European leaders to make them adopt a policy along the lines of the New Deal implemented by Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

Such ridiculous comparisons only serve to nourish illusions regarding the possibility of resolving the Greek crisis rafistolant the policy of the EU. Obama has perpetrated brutal attacks on jobs and wages in the United States and rejected any policy reform to alleviate the suffering resulting from budget cuts and mass unemployment. The enormous decay of American capitalism is reflected in the absence of any faction of social reform within American political establishment . Greek capitalism lacks resources to implement the policy of reforms of a bygone era.

In the context of the worsening capitalist crisis, fierce class struggles are the order of the day – during which the small bourgeois parties such as SYRIZA will face the working class not as an ally but as a fierce enemy.

Tsipras himself acknowledged that SYRIZA was involved in secret talks with senior officials to prepare emergency measures in the case of an exclusion of the Greece of the euro zone but he refuses to say what these measures are. Last week, he met with the command of the Greek army claimed in the strengthening of the armed forces.

The main danger is that parties such as SYRIZA and social strata they represent within the wealthy middle class, State and trade union bureaucracy, désorganiseront and quit the struggles of the working class against the increasing danger of economic collapse and dictatorship.

This underlines the need for a systematic political struggle against these pseudo-gauches tendencies. The workers will be unable to move forward without a political struggle based on an independent Socialist program against them.

The working class is faced with the task of building a new revolutionary party in Greece and everywhere in Europe, uniting the working class in a fight against the European institutions and for the Socialist United States of Europe. This party is the international Committee of the fourth international.


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