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Hi all

VALLS can come as many times acconpagne, a guy from the Government, and as many times as he wants, it won’t stop me thinking,(tous le bien que je pense de lui,) how to the reverse of richelieu, he has manage, not manage, set of sparadra, Qazi thing like that, if macron happens to understand me, illiterate EHOUAI without teethIt will stick to the skin

It must be fashionable at the moment, Holland, VALLS is after

Town Hall of HAYANGE

I realize that some elected n ‘ have nothing drawn, but P-T-N really Nothing, when you look well, this is just, as Navy, the quarrel of elasticated, she still reason, was shitting!(I laugh) .l ‘ one like the other, thought that their mouths, race results, all the 2 have earned the right play, one, who will perhaps not elected, Mayor in the next election, and the other, who won 1 year of inegibilte, but shit, chais not, I’m not Mayor, but, when there are 2 camps, already, it’s not good, I manage to satisfy the 2 ,(Je sais, c’es t pas facile, tiens ça me rappelle quelqu’un. facile à dire,mais,on n’est pas tous seuls) the vote, it is, but it does not solve all. Chais not, but the CGT should know. And instead of making the provocative, is not in challenging people, we advance, when, looking well, cannot say that there was fraud, in this case, it is bad faith, this surprises me not some journos, having 3, oh no 2 of QI and again, chuis wide. Short, AH to the fact, the UMP and PS guys, sweep and décrottez at your doorstep, and let us wash our dirty laundry, we know, or dry, without that it is stained by your shit.

Frankly, I laugh, because for a gap of approximately 1; € 500go, and still chuis wide, when I see what is alleged to the Mayor, this is a farce, AHh, normal, it is FN

Eight candidates of union of the left could make a cross on the reimbursement by the State of someEUR 500 000 PS

Cost of campaigns of Sarkozy and Holland in 2012: 11, 000 UMP

Headsup: the penalty of 363.615 euros which had been imposed by the Constitutional Council for exceeding costs of campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy and the UMP had decided to take over. UMP

‘Cost of mouth’ Hidalgo for the PS

« NKM mouth costs » have never been UMP

First of all, what we talking about? Employment by the UMP of the term candidate « costs of mouth » owes nothing to chance: it is this expression that referred to one of the many financial scandals that have dotted the mandate of Jacques Chirac in Paris. The Town Hall had set for 2.1 million euros of « cost of mouth » of the Chirac couple.

This is what I call parasites the FRM(pour frais de mandat» (IFRM), quite legally, traceable, and declared, that exists also for parliamentarians.) It’s a premium intended to cover expenses (clothing, etc.) related to the mandat.a was decided in 2002 by the Council of Paris and applies to all mayors of the borough and the Mayor of the capital. This allowance, which has been reduced by 20% in 2009, is now 1993 euros per month, as explained In 2010 Bertrand Delanoë La Tribune.

For those, who still have doubts about the fact, that the Curtis mef or other, or teuch, makes them sick, sick psychologically.I was thinking, there’s nothing more easy to do than to alienate, or sleep the brain of a people, examples, so he opens not too, when a law is not cool for him, but have a Government, that allow it to smoking, hence, the legalization of the beu, as in OKLAHOMA, that I prefer for my descendants , and the young french, it is a precisely the contraire(vous savez, j’me dit toujours, sers toi deles de erreurs deles de autres) I was trying to think, that in the states, some cities in OKLAHOMA among others, have a legalize the beu itself saying to these painkillers virtues, (pain) this is true for some incurable diseases, but the problem, that this drug, because it has become a drugwho cares as well the sclerosis that ankle sprain

Let them read this, it is a bit long, but it’s worth!all guys and girls that has a moment of their

Life have been more or less facing a Mensen, it will find a p’tit bit in these words: that is why

That me, some of you could write these lines, that said hats down for the person that the

has written.

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Prévenir les modérateurs en cas d’abus

I raise this forum. Please forgive me the « ortograf misteaks »!

Having consumed cannabis, then outside and coke in my 18 years, I continued to smoke cannabis during a certain period. I became schizophrenic without realising me. My judgment has become impaired, my conversations and my erratic speech, my ideas mingled to the dreams and the unreal, I psychotais on a nothing like on my pumps or a little snot scratched my nose on my finger, I was talking so strangely, I masturbated in the toilet of my homies discreetly when I came home, and once on the bed of the parents of a friend (to hold ejaculation before the evening picnic(, but the problem is that he made account and he has forgiven me difficult) and in the worst of situations, very badly, I was talking to my mother, I insultais my father in my head, I fought with him and with my brother… When I left step in a box, I would spend my evenings to smoke cannabis and listening to German electro (T.RAUMSCHMIERE) as well as to discussed on msn. I had fun at found images degeantes found while surfing on the Web that I insérais in the small square of msn, like that of an alien who takes the world between his fingers. Thus, I expressed my thoughts of the moment with a small sentence or even a quote.

In addition to all this, I was running away the reality, namely the studies, it is like that I lost 3 years at Assas. Normal I had completely broken with 3 tazs blood by having music 4 times per week after (the Follow me, instead of my baptism of my first rail of coke) overnight. I therefore spent at the table under taz… I mix all drugs at night. I had therefore become a super Gogols. And completely schizo.

However, the tazs helped run me a few tears in the locos of the corpo (an Association) of assas with a girl I knew not telling him my little story of the week. I therefore stopped outside. But not cannabis. My State to think being completely in the dark, sometimes violent with my family, schizo day, the smoked any shit night got some few hardened.

One day, a girl who added me on msn by finding my e@mail on the forum from Hell of Lolita Pille, a book which drunk me at the end of 30 pages, is become my girlfriend from the net at night between 2 spliffs and for me most pleasure my favorite playground. She is quickly without lying falling for me. I was however in doubt when I was talking with her to know where it came from, and if she wanted me well or struggling. I psychotais on it.

My madness extended thinking about a friend of HEC of Russian origin capita close to home, having experienced violent disputes in my youth of the college (due to a girl of course) made me bears an affection for him bizarre. Having cut my reports with him, seeing that rarely, I had still one thought regular for him and I wore an affection for him uncontrolled, that would be too hard to explain. I am yet brought me to believe that he was surrounded by Russian and more huge mafia, that a conspiracy stood against me. I alertais my parents, my friends who took me to the game, without really believing.

In addition to the Russian m George conspiracy, I considered that it was HEC and Polytechnique campus as well as the military presence which I traced by internet, as if they are each in their own way an affection for me, controlling the music I had on my PC from my room. I asked to leave alone in the small foot ashore of Cannes for 2 weeks while the courts were not completed. My parents agreed to my surprise.

I left so a morning quickly unplugging my external hard drive filled with music downloaded carefully during the night for my greatest pleasure, because I know that this sound (essentially of electro composed specially for me at HEC) was going to be the message that was intended for me. I had 2 huge bags. Quite a small arsenal to connect and capture Russian mafiosi I thought installed bottom. Arrived on the spot, I called my Russian friend to his great surprise to tell him that I was in cannes.

I took the opportunity to reconnect with a fantasy of the college, a girl I was in love. In the phone call, I revealed my identity and I wanted to play. « guess who I am? « Good but then I wholesale its electro in my ears pick up on msn. »

I took later quickly contact the robeux of la croisette for the teshi. I therefore came to the beach skinny dipping smashed, and I had a rest for sunbathing with my player. I was listening to some music and loop mode ‘ slow' »to better appreciate the distortions.

I continued to extend my thoughts on msn.
An afternoon still in cannes, after having smoked, a crisis as ever I have similar is unfolded: I believed that the Russian mafia had spotted me and irradièrent me radiation. I was bent position fetuses after having pushed the bed to hide me. I alertais Polytechnique on msn by writing « radiation put1 xxxxxxx » but nothing. I thought I was irradiated c’est dingue non? Upon my return to Paris, I was talking to my mother for the first day.

In short, I had also become completely paranoid. And most of the cops I could cross the day in the street at any time being « sarmiento_paulo ». The drug became my religion, and above all, it was a way of life. However, I ended up getting forcibly hospitalize. One evening when I was bashed, I an umpteenth insulted my mother, she broke so far there and drew a proper to my case psychiatry service. A shrink came home do me the talking, it therefore diagnosed my madness, accompanied by policeman who kindly asked me to join the ambulance the same evening, I took the time to conceal my Swiss army knife away from the gaze of the police officer, a large Black. In the ambulance, I was sending text messages to my buddies from the style « I have embedded it is too bad », and this is where I have received a text message « don’t worry everything will be okay ».

Arrived at a hospital, accompanied by my parents who were more saying nothing, I walked in circles, I asked the present psychologists (« you need something? I can get useful? ») A black of a twenty year lay dying in a room crying and in being tied hand and foot. And then there is the drama. I am asked to drink this famous liquid, and as they were many around me, I cracked brothel. I myself am collapsed, the head stunned by poison. I was carried in a stretcher to another psychiatric hospital (Henri-Ey) with the boobies.

The first days, medocs knocking out my mind made me think like a zombie, half asleep. Walking through the corridors I stopped on a big black, who looked at me through the door of his room « window ». Face to face with him, I put to him sang « I believe I can fly », R Kelly, like that, suddenly, then again « If I could turn back the Hands of Time ». A mutual compassion stream was then traded to these moments.

The visit of the YSP in my house made me afraid. Being in hot cell with some patients diagnosed as the most crazy, it had a right of released only on the floor. I have girlfriend with 2 women, one ugly and a beautiful and good, both between 25-30 years. I then started at gribonne few insignificant drawings during my free time, the ugly explaining me that these drawings were first hieroglyphics drawn by an earlier incarnation « of me ». The blur still resides from these few days in high detention.

Then psychiatrists moved me in ‘normal’, with all the other detention. No longer under the influence of anything, I went out with a girl there down, cute and a little shy… There was a park, so I could smoke (of cigarettes this time) and discuss with the crazies as in a summer camp. Being private from the outside, but fed with correct meals (except breakfast mediocre at 0800) one could believe in a luxury prison.

I have read « 1984 » by George Orwell, given as a gift by a friend polytechnician of the outside, which made me irredeemably thought I was experiencing at the time. Short medocs the morning that I was often the first in the queue and the time spent without the influence of the drug made me come back down to Earth without realising.

I made good friends there, although a bit ‘ all crazy. The parties of chess were my favorite pastime. I could also keep my logbook entitled « experience * ». Moreover, the drug travelling through those who had the out of allowed, so this was my girlfriend at the hospital who me tenda teshi someday. I had at that time there a certain disgust for these small pebbles which had can be circulated from hand to hand and were so dirty. I refused roll and in smoking.

The dialogue with my shrink at the office, not good enough so I try me the typing (what could have been a fantasy) has finally managed to get me outsmart my mind asking me if I felt « threaten ». Before that, I just had a crisis of tear with a good friend of the hospital, between 2 fags, on a discussion to which I do not especially want to comment (I have already said not bad?). After my release at the end of a month and a half, a close relationship with my mother is introduced, I am again « nice ».

The medocs visited me for 3 months really steep, frozen look, the hands quaking, and me who had a physics of athlete, I had become very thin. I do me in realized only after the exit. My survival instinct drove me to resume studies. last 1 year. I hear me excellently well with my mother and other members of the family. My mother is very relieved. I picked up a completely normal physics, but I got slightly a bit of weight… I have belly what.

I got that one drug prescribed: the risperdal. In injection, first to 50mg every 2 weeks, then 37.5, then 25mg, and finally I tablet. Risperdal? An anti psychotic?

I took the course today and everything is for the better. I started in the studies of computer science because I love it. I had my first year with 13.2 of average, I’m third in the class, and I received the congratulations.

I go out with a 25-year-old American who studied international law and she is in love with me. She returned to make a thesis a year older in France and to be with me. I work in alternation so I earn money. I have a small quiet life even though in my head many things still bother me. I know by experience the dangers of cannabis and I know the effects it produces in me and in my head. Finally, I am silent, very little talkative, I work in my head to find a sentence to say to someone that I know little. I feel it as a disability, to have little conversation. Looks not like that huh? I do not like drug, but drugs like me.

I hope that my speech has provided a clarification to physicians and other psychologists as an example of one case like any other, and I hope that other schizos or former schizos have to recognize.

Wise you can contact me on electronicbomber@hotmail.com

And above all, do not hesitate!

P.S: I’m living you’re dead

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It is necessary that I speak, it is stronger than me. I heard on a video, a reporter who asked a question at Florian philippot and and that stated things not larger ones, than others, short a time journalist said at FLORIAN, is not often, it is very rare that an elected official, or, that an elected IEA 100% votes, and this doesn’t bother you arrived 4th, behind MARIONMARECHAL , obviously FLORIAN replied that it does bother him, nothing, and that they did neither one nor the other, it is unhealthy spirit, that spirit of competition, they had, but it wasn’t the goal look, due less not in this case there and that he was very happy for MARION

To return to the question posed to FLORIAN, on the fact that there is 100% of the vote for the chosen, MRAINE NWPA in this case (I said in my p’tite head, that i l there were still, which was not at all intelligent others)

They are in still had, for whom the word unit, wanted to say something.

Smoking cannabis makes you take risks at work

For the heads of entrrprise, and especially prevention

Smoking cannabis at his place of work may justify a dismissal. However, the employer must comply with certain obligations.

The use of cannabis in the workplace, serious misconduct…

Smoking a joint at work: an innocuous Act? Work…

Several works including observe an association between schizophrenia and an early use of cannabis. Statistically more often found problems of such patients with a significant consumption of cannabis early adolescence

Cannabis and Schizophrenia: the link is confirmed

Once again confirms the link between cannabis and schizophrenia. Cannabis use increases the risk of becoming schizophrenic.

That refrain the frail or at risk due to family history for example!
•Cannabis facilitates the toggle to schizophrenia
•The fragility of teenagers to justify prevention campaigns

It is not the first study showing an increased risk of schizophrenia among cannabis users.

But with a more significant decline, this risk proves to be higher than that it had been able to believe it. Moreover, knowing that cannabis is more toxic than tobacco, due to more intense inhalation of the smoker of seal and the highest concentration of toxic substances, this supposedly « soft » drug is much less harmless as it seems.

Cannabis is now the most commonly used illicit drug among young people, prevention must not relax. And it goes through the opening of dialogue between parents and children, and as soon as possible, before that the teens are confronted.

Cannabis facilitates the toggle to schizophrenia

Cannot always assert that cannabis causes schizophrenia. On the other hand, it precipitates the fragile subjects to this mental illness.

During an analysis, whose results were published in the famous « Lancet » in 2007, more than 30 studies have been reviewed. The risk of developing schizophrenia disorders was increased by 40% in young smokers from joints compared with those who had never smoked.

But this risk rises proportionally with the intensity of consumption. Thus, regular smokers (more than 100 seals per year,) is about more than 2 per week 50-200% increase their risk of suffering from mental illness (psychotic symptoms, hallucinations, thinking abnormal).

Still other studies have confirmed this link since. Include publication in Psychiatry Research in January 2014 of an epidemiological study showing that the use of cannabis among young people was associated with an earlier appearance of the first signs of schizophrenia.


January 5, 2010

Psychotic disorders


This disorder refers to a serious disease caused by a dysfunction of the brain that can be treated. A person psychotic loses touch with reality. Disease change its way to behave, his beliefs or his perceptions. This condition can be very upsetting and stressful. If it is not treated effectively, psychosis may disrupt profoundly the life of the person who has and his entourage.

Psychosis affects 3% of the population and can strike anyone, man or woman. Among men, the disease occurs often a few years earlier than women. Psychotic symptoms usually appear between the ages of 16 and 30. It should be noted that the risk of psychosis is higher among people who have relatives suffering from a mental illness.

I got a great relief by reading the articles on the website http://www.maladiesmentales.org as well as the writing on this site.The community of this site helped me a lot…


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