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It’s crazy, when talking about insurance,(enfin pas,ANANASSURANCE,ils viennent de commencer,se serait ubuesque de leur,demander,de participer à quoique ce soit) (, this is not DIEUDO, AH the fact passes the Hello to our SORALNATIONAL) it has more people, when compared with what they have earned and how they do to tilt the tray of the balance of the social economy side, or it weighs heaviest on the other side, could put several buffaloes, if the place were not lacking, it would not move their a yota plateau or, when it was realised that such or such, paid a lifetime of toil to harvest peanuts, or, the equivalent of a trunk of Church/month, especially at this time, but shit is not alms, calls for simply our due, me, e j see simply, it is that I paid for X years, and now that I need it, y more tunes, is how now, because, better for you, than you ‘ find a way, because if I am using, it’ll get all funny? I spokes to some I méfierais me to take it to the fun, because who laughs, laughs, the last.

Throughout your professional life, you contribute to your retirement.KEEP the links, which may be helpful
See how to read the statement of career of your pension fund

Statement of career CNAV, CRAM, CARSAT

Statement of career ARRCO

Statement of career AGIRC-ARRCO

Statement of career IRCANTEC


Statement of career CNRACL
Public function

Statement of career RSI ORGANIC AVA

Statement of career CIPAV

Other useful documents
Your individual situation statement

Your payroll sheet

Your points summary retreat

Your individual situation statement brings together, in one document, all transcripts of career, different pension funds with which you have assessed. Allows you to view on a single document all of your vested retirement, all schemes combined.

Your payroll specifications addressed each month by your employer details it amount of pension contributions deducted from your pay.

Your statement of supplementary pension points summarizes the number of points ARRCO, AGIRC or IRCANTEC acquired during the previous year. It also summarizes the total of your retirement points acquired with your current employer. The additional points should be sent to you each year.

Great lesson in maturity football ball, Germany, England, UK, or Germany, I do not know which as had the idea, but brilliant idea,.

I have heard that VALLs and certainly under pressure from Al-Shehri the senile, desperately wants to build the airport, but I realize has a death more later (R.FRAISSE), that Mr Valls has really, really nothing understood, let’s talk little speak well, Valls is first loss, therefore, under the orders of PRESIDENT « Holland », president Holland was elected by whom?, by the people, the people it is that? It is we? if the people said to him, that he does not want the 2nd airport, and 1er is sufficient, even refurbished, 2nd airport will not be built, if he really wants to, it can try, however, it will be against the opinion of the people, and, against the advice of experts(qui sont loin d’être deles de rigolos Exemle: Les associations France Nature Environnement ), Bretagne Vivante – SEPNB, the Regional Coordination of the LPO Pays de la Loire, FNE country of the Loire, water and rivers of Brittany and SOS Loire-living – Dru France e upon naturalists, many species have been ignored or forgotten during the inventory of fauna and flora in the bocage of Notre-Dame-des-Landes will disappear.

S. 2 . The aim of all political association is the conservation of the natural and imprescriptible human rights. These rights are liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression.

S. 3 . The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual can exercise authority emanating expressly.

Article 12 . The guarantee of the rights of man and of the citizen requires public force: this force is therefore established for the benefit of all, and not for the specific purpose of those to whom it is entrusted.

S. 16 . Any company in which the guarantee of rights is not ensured, nor the separation of powers determined, has no Constitution

Sovereignty is the power to order and compel without be ordered or forced.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport opponents expressed ‘ready’ today to face United, with possible intervention of the forces of the order on the planned site for the project, in the aftermath of the appeal by supporters of the future upcoming Nantes Terminal dislodge them. « We are more than ever resolved, in unity, defend the land, residents, farmers, » said Julien Durand, president of the Acipa, main association of opponents, at a joint press briefing of the various organizations hostile to the project.

This press, organized on the site of the infrastructure project, was the first organized by opponents after the record event from 20 to 60,000 people, which erupted Saturday in Nantes. « If the police come, cannot not now say what we will do, if they want to go into force, will need to consider that we feel attacked, » warned Julien Durand. « The mobilization will be set up in all France ». « We are ready in case of intervention », he said, while all the associations anti-aeroport the representatives of anti-capitalist activists installed on the management deferred area « zadistes » (estimated at 150 to 200 on the area), stood symbolically by the arms.

The « zadistes » mocked the name of « Black blocks » used by the Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls to designate some radical militants, estimated at 1,000 by the prefecture, which generated clashes and destruction at the Saturday rally, claiming instead the appellation of « Black rednecks ». « Our determination has absolutely not changed », explained a « Camille », the generic name of « zadistes ». « If they want to come and expel the zone, we wish them well of courage », added a Camille.

After the call to the PS president of the region of the countries of the Loire Jacques Auxiette Wednesday to president François Holland so he ordered the expulsion of the Zad, « If an new attempt to dump in the area, we will continue hard resistance on the ground, all, in the respect of our values », explained Geneviève Coiffard for Attac. « We won’t be the initiators of violence, although willing to face it ». Representatives for the most part denounced « manipulation », about the violent excesses of the event. « We condemn the violence organised and permissible (…) to discredit », said Julien Durand divergences of the event. The ACOA president Sylvain Kessy denounced « manipulation on the part of the State ».

« The operation of manipulation and endangerment really, I would say, the safety of the 50,000 protesters, no one is fooled! », for his part said Vincent Delabouglisse for opposing the « Buddy » collective farmers. « We know that, beyond your own judgment, you are under the orders of the shareholders of your respective editors and political pressures, » said Julien Durand, at the opening of the conference, to the twenty or so media representatives who had made the trip. on me adit forward! !!

Mobilization Saturday, February 22 in Nantes venue at 1 p.m. before the prefecture!

Article L213-2 The environment code
Consolidated to December 18, 2014 version

Amended by law n ° 2006-1772 of 30 December 2006 – article 88 (V) JORF December 31, 2006, in force, April 27, 2007

The national agency of water and aquatic environments is a public institution of the State administrative nature. There mission is to conduct and support at the national level of actions to foster management overall, sustainable and balanced of the resource water, aquatic ecosystems, fisheries and fish farming heritage.

Has these purposes, he participated in the knowledge, protection and monitoring of water and aquatic as well as fauna and flora, and contributes to the prevention of floods.

It is supporting the services of the State, water agencies and offices of the water in the implementation of their policies.

It ensures the implementation and technical coordination of an information system for the collection, conservation and dissemination of data on water, aquatic environments, their uses and distribution of water and sanitation utilities. Local authorities or their groupings are associated with their application to the constitution of this information system.

The office guarantees a financial solidarity between the basins, notably in relation to those departments and overseas territories as well as New Caledonia. He leads or supports research and study programmes that are common to all basins or are of general interest, in particular in the form of financial assistance to public or private persons.

He conducts and supports national actions for communication and training.

Common sense and logic, would like that: If no authority is recognized, that the more legitme prevails (landowners) In the sociological sense legitimacy is a tacit agreement subjective and consensual focus according to ethical criteria and merit the existential merits of a human action. Authority – Wikipedia

The legitimacy is therefore different from the legality : some problems of fairness can be effectively treated in the strict framework of the law.Conversely, the law may in some cases include unfair side effects (problem of legal security).

Sovereignty is the power to order and compel without be ordered or forced.

I glimpsed in the news, that the road, go to strike, EH BEN!It promises

Info road strike on 18 and 19 December 2014: blocking of…

Info road strike on 18 and 19 December 2014: blocking of roads

Fiji December 13, 2014 Info road strike on 18 and 19 December 2014: blocking of roads 2014-12 – 17 T 13:25:46 + 00:00 Practical info 38 Comments

Road strike on Thursday, December 18 and Friday, December 19, 2014 on the eve of the holiday. Traffic disruption with blocking roads and warehouses blocked in island of France following the call of the CFDT road.

A great lesson in maturity, Match de Foot ball, Germany, UK, or England, Germany, I do not know which as had the idea, but it is brilliant!

I suspected that some had no lyrics, but what makes me laugh what Putin is well aware that the agreement to give the 2 boats, and respect it lyrics doesn’t come or Navy LEPEN, nor of the French people, I want for the fact, and not for evidence, as the evidence it is Putin who has already, it is the story of a french , who wrote a Putin, that was praise Putin him – even, (a letter, which I read the contents, and that I found random blog) is not me, but it could have been, what I mean is that he knows where wind, comes, and one day, either, on rigolera!you know know them better than me, but I would not, I found opposite ex KGB, (when, do you not), it is quickly (the famous shot of umbrella, in the annal of the KGB) you believe frankly that it will will piss off with a guy like me, with the french people knowing, that is the last war, they helped us (with 20 million Russians dead(, other) and we on play the fuckers, not respecting our lyrics, this is or, we’re glad to be french Catholics or french musulmant, and not Jewish or Frank Mason and a video, more who represent MARINE, interviewed by Russian students, moreover, there was one who was french and who followed these studies out there, it is true as she says in her video

That image, that is, US media (CSA, other) balance is far from being good, it’s true with what has happened in Ukraine, asked, however, with this P-T-N of group fascit?e


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