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Hi all

I was thinking while doing, a return back in time, 2 or 3 days ago, the France was his note lowered by FITCH RATING an agency rating of AA + to AA; because it did not manage, it must be that MACRON and FIR were bad, MACRON has just arrived, but FIR(I do not think it is so bad that much, but it took France, in a bad state, MOSCOVICI, BAROIN) so, GAG!, it is we who are paying, it is they who manage, but it is our fault if, if, if, because the curve of unemployment still was down, light, maisen decline, it is in ‘ realized that this was the custard, is a good time already, it was nice, try to curve backwards, ca if such ra brief January 13, the rating agency, had already declined us our note from AAA to AA + which means simply, AAA, it passed AA + and then AA, we so lost 1, there is apparently nothing to see, but everything is fitted perfectly but now,as I presume , that the France management is made in this genre, (Genre: carrot, but not in the same place, and stick, ca is known,1 ° / as, we didn’t want the ecotax, 2 ° /as, it casts doubt on the reform peillion,3 ° /as, one does not build the airport, 2nd4 ° /as we do not want to build SIVENS) ,5 ° /as, does not act on liability, 6 ° /as we do not want judicial relief of the SNCM, 7 ° /as does not act with Macron and 8 ° /as not enough it would appear, yes I said, it would appear because I have no official figure, it would appear, as if by chance thatOctober is deadliest month at road level, it is possible but it isn’t the 1St time that happens, it’s crazy ca that has more than a below heard Ms. par (League against road VIOLENCE) what she said in an interview with AUTO PLUS (for the President of the League against road Violence,  » the Government does not attacked the real causes of deaths on the road. « ), AHBon, that they are the true causes, I do not know! ) I thought a trick, funny, ANAÏS par (vinci) and PATRICE par (google), they have not wanted to resume the family association yet taff, sousCHIRAC, SARKO, Holland now, there was evidence, unless they have nothing to do with, I doubt! , after this interlude, short which means, as the State did not extracted us 800 million (those of the ecotax), we’ll have to find them (otherwise) with new radars, examples, which to take, but also taking back, finally, I presume but I think Mr F.PECHENARDami of childhood of SATRKOZY seems to me and interministerial road safety delegate of Mr VALLS will be more capable than me , to talk in. I’ll let you judge .. is .au what is this taf that approximates somewhat intelligent service, it is well eh, it slams as well without the torture that falsely criticized MARINE LEPEN -Olivier Buquen near Brice!, Brice Shotfirers, want it me recall someone P-T-N fortunately that i t is a smart, people it is always interesting to work his mates, but not enslaving other

I heard on the 3, FR3, which took a super good idea to spread the story of a guy who had all the bikes in working order, a nail factory,I thought I heard , I say, I thought I heard that there were more than 300 bikes if, this is the case, or everything is in working order; would it not make nails for barracks? style KATRINA; in the USA or other Alaska hut researchers; in Japan (our selection of accommodation of fortuneTsunami) in India it is certain must be iron, not too expensive, it is on also this isn’t a nail factory that will save the economy French, and even working the Sunday (is cepas Mr MACRON)

Iron coils can be used to make thousands of nails to go into the wood, ABS, on NANOTEXTURE, it is necessary

The brackets, the doors and other amounts, there are induction furnaces to formerly ARCELOR, is certainly not the labor, which is missing, need us iron in the rough, you can shape, iron or other.

Finally, Fortunately there are people who are intellgent and who will get out us of this shit inter-ministerial economic intelligence delegate
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,(je ne pense pas qu’il soit si mauvais que ça , mais il a pris la France ,dans un mauvais état, MOSCOVICI ,BAROIN) donc, GAG!,c’est nous qui payons ,c’est eux ,qui gèrent ,mais c’est de notre faute Si, Si , Si,car la courbe du chômage a toujours était en baisse,légére ,maisen baisse, on s’en’est rendu compte que, c’était du flan


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