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I wanted, say my support, my leg, my keys ROLLLLLLLANNNNDDD, DDDUMMMAAASSS Vault

Who is quite right, when he says that VALLS is under the infuence of his wife, and this is normal, it is a human reaction that this influence interferes with rotten politics (, that he cannot get to him!)It leads, but P-T-N, it is normal, not only.It is under its influence, but in addition it is a bad influence, simply because it is doing eat little by little, and it is happening next to politics, what it envisageait.qui be just as rotten. Fortunately, as ROLAND DUMAS, has a brain and his works better than some members PS as Courenevas, or something like that, I hope that it is not, one of their mates, Eastern those there, it is other thing CHERKIS, fish, GOMES he is a tench, a big one

HIDALGO, after, have wanted to build his pyramid, ride his bus, close PARIS(vous savez comme à londre), put the tax on the device, after pretending, or, its cinema in PARIS, it is now done in Copenhagen,

Face reality One of the evils of our time, is the refusal and the prohibition to look reality in the face and especially to describe! It’s the politically Correct that prevents it! It conditions the description and therefore the perception of reality! « When it is » Non -compliantIdeologiquement », the reality is obscured, truncated, manipulated by the mediaAnne Hidalgo | »THE LUMIĒRE », the Blog frank and Mason of the Express Hidalgo and NKM compete to attract the FreemasonsFreemasons are dredged by Hidalgo by NKM!

Thierry Meyssan: Chemical weapons in Syria, a story by the Western secret services

Attack Boston – set-up FBI / CIA / FSB – secret service (izvestia)

Exhibits – Merah the incredible failure of the Secrets (HD) Services

After the two medals of bronze of Adrien Theaux (downhill) and Alexis Pinturault (giant), Jean-Baptiste Grange has offered a third Medal, the gold.

The Habs finished in the final before the Germans Fritz Dopfer (+ 0 ‘ 35  ») and Felix Neureuther (+ 0 ‘ 55  »). Favorite race, Marcel Hirsher, frankly bothered by the weather, is it out of the track during the second round, yeah, yeah, told it, (we take the excuse of the weather conditions,This is Yes! )It was that theplotter.)un_peu bad faith, there was no reason, a t, qu does is perturb not ) my little sister would have done closing the eyes side tricolor, Alexis Pinturault is him also went to fault, punishing his lack of consistency on the test this season. Twenty-third after the first one, Julien Lizeroux finished it ranked 22nd, after a disappointing day.I knew it was good, BEN yeah… what!you are at the bottom, you made one, perf (perfomance) we won, it’s like that, it says, in short the Austrian school, Swiss German, lichencteiniene?, Italian, amrecaines, and the other Slovenian, Croatian have interest in marner.JB, SUPER, for the perf, Alexis, Adrien, Julien (idem) means a little less talk of kosteslics and brother Ben, so much the better,

Rampage of Jewish graves: many precedents in Alsace

Obviously, I strongly condemn this kind of attitude, on the other hand, I’d be dead of laughter (LOL), found evidence, well found the ID of a so-called terrorist, if, if, on the arriére(quand, on se change,faut faire gaffe,a rien laisser tomber) seat an identification card, and a (shoe) pump by Earth, when, they are mounted danla voiture.NO COMMENTS

Leak of terrorists to Charlie Hebdo: a journey impossible, click on the link, because photos go very wrong (made, copy paste of the series of numbers and letters to have article, once,)

Attack against Charlie Hebdo: these conspiracy theories which…

15 Jan. 2015… « Just hours after the assassination attempt against Charlie Hebdo on 7 January, the… thanks to their map ‘ identity found by investigators in the car »,… in Charlie Hebdoand the, impossible to reverse.

Terrorists of Charlie Hebdo leak: a journey impossible INFO PANAMZA. The official version on the attack of Charlie Hebdo was contradicted by a new video showing the departure of the attackers.They was only them, who think this, US persons millions

The 18.01.2015 at 9:37 pm

Where have they gone?

That is the question that arises, via social networks and forums, many knowledgeable people from Paris or users of the Google Maps application.

The attack occurred at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo is a major element of polling: how the two terrorists found themselves across the boulevard Richard-Lenoir in leaving the Allée Verte which adjoins the building of the weekly?

According to most traditional media – which turns without a fuss the police version, the tandem would have taken right before branching off left (possibly taking the rue de Chemin Vert in wrong direction) to meet the even side of the boulevard.

An infographic of the daily 20-minute site illustrates this story.

At its January 7 press conference, François Molins, Prosecutor of the Republic, preferred, meanwhile, be vague on the exact route taken by terrorists. And two days later, during his new charge following the outcome of the hostage, Molins evacuated this thorny indicating have no need to revisit the details of the leak of Charlie Hebdo .

Problem: Tuesday January 13, the Reuters News Agency released a new video which directly contradicts this version. We discover the duo riddling bullets a police car in the Allée Verte before to rush to the left or at cross-purposes from the boulevard.

How then could they continue in the direction of the crossing with the boulevard Voltaire (or San Sebastian Street) without causing the slightest accident with many cars rolling against them in this hour of peak (around noon)?


Difficult also to imagine that the two fugitives, having understood be in wrong direction, take the risk of iron before the police riddled with bullets and still parked car – with its armed occupants – at the intersection of the Allée Verte and the boulevard.

Another riddle: how the tandem could then meet across the boulevard but, this time, in the sense of traffic as if they came from the place of the Bastille? It is impossible that after achieving the feat back the odd side of Richard-Lenoir at cross-purposes, they have repeated the feat of the even side to return their Citroen 3 (in a good way) and find themselves faced with the number 62, scene of execution of police officer Ahmed Merabet.

About this murder in cold blood with the video – published « stupidly » by a user of Facebook (referred to as « Jordi Mir ») – struck the spirits, it also noted that new images, retrieved by Panamza, had been put online a week later (Wednesday, January 14) in a curious indifference.

Unlike the video of Reuters, immediately relayed (fully or partially) by the national media, these images – relating to the police reaction around execution of Hussain – were neither broadcast nor commented.

Panamza invites you to discover this sequence (at nearly ten seconds) concomitant with the video for « Jordi Mir ». Notice to the image specialists: an analysis of the scenes is welcome in comments section.

Warning: another copy of these images is circulating with a narration of the facts wrong and misleading, and even – knowingly misleading.


Additional info : the Charlie Hebdo of PANAMZA folder

When Charlie Hebdo laments to be treated « racist » (20.11.13)

Islam, jihad and sex: Charlie Hebdo is sinking into the ridiculous (05.05.14)

Charlie Hebdo soon bankrupt? Its successful fire remains not elucidated (05.11.14)

Attack against Charlie Hebdo : condolences, prudence and vigilance (07.01.15)

Attack against Charlie Hebdo: the mystery of the day (07.01.15 )

Did you like the passport of September 11? You’ll love the ID from January 7! (08.01.15 )

12 dead in Charlie Hebdo: Haziza accused Panamza (08.01.15 )

Mossad behind the assassination attempt against Charlie Hebdo? A major American media self-censorship after suggesting a ‘vengeance’ of Israel against France (08.01.15 )

Why had the Government it withdrawn a police parked in front of Charlie Hebdo car? (09.01.15 )

The France threatened by Al Qaeda? The info was « revealed » by a propagandist appearing (10.01.15 )

Monitoring of the Kaye brothers had ceased in July (10.01.15 )

NOT (10.01.15 )

Elected Bas-Rhin, Philippe Bies made a parallel between the desecration of the Jewish cemetery in Sarre-Union and the score of the national Front in the city. The FN rebels the FN quite reason to rebel against this tench, who exactly, who are authors, ca does not surprise me to leche pump and therefore wants to climb to the battlements, to express its capabilities of d temperature, Yes if he wants to show J.BIGOT (President of the Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg) what, it is capable certainly not, walking in the face of the other, as it does, and if I understand correctly, it is like that, only it saitfait

The desecration continues in the general indifference

• 8 February 2015: desecration of the Church of Montluel

The door of the tabernacle was fractured, the ciborium and consecrated were stolen. Probably for a black mass. There was at the same time as Montluel desecration in the churches of Ambronay, Neuville-les-Dames and Vonnas: in the 3 cases, only ciboria emptied of their contents were stolen.

Le Salon Beige

This is who will respond to moronic trolls (pleonasm) who criticize Qasmi + to discuss Satanism : If them believe not, others on the other hand very seriously dedicated.

• 07 February 2015: desecration at the cemetery of Sevran

Dismay won Sevran yesterday following the discovery of damage to the cemetery, in the city center. The plates of some twenty tombs were thrown in containers then burned, the Tricolor ripped, and the glass of a veteran grave vandalized.

Le Parisien

It should be noted that these desecrations have not generated the usual indignation of the high authorities of the cant, because it is true that such acts are commonplace, and for many years [link ].

The Indignation.org site lists these acts always particularly revealing about the State of our « civilization » since 2005… news, alas.

Could that deplore the lack of staff allocated to secure the places of worship in France [link ].
Finally… not all places of worship, obviously:  » anti-Muslim acts multiply since the attack of Charlie Hebdo « .

Steering gear, it’s a matter of priorities .

For Nicolas Sarkozy, the desecrations are not all the same severity priorities .

It seems that a small malignant, make toy, with places of Catholic and Islamic cults (black masses, and degradation of mosques), that some people of the UMP would be aware I presume it is a noise, because it would be a pity, that it is of real attacks by examples, it is an example, although in some lodges and the UMP, I presume that It is a farce, for it is a war of RELIGION, but to a war of RELIGION need it that Freemasonry is a religion, I see from here, some will say, even of the wars of religion and sincerely, I quite agree, with them and this but, if I don’t know an example; so if?THE Freemasons threw the first stone, should be sincerely, he is wary of the response.

would, pity that in France and around the world, because me, I’m an atheist, but I do leave it not tell, but, if I were believers for a desecrated Church, would any one genre, Switzerland country lodges but frankly, you don’t believe that believers, and those, who like me, are for freedom to believe or not to believe , and that in this society which leaves us no choice but to defend ourselves against people who supposedly want freedom, but who want to actually enslave us, therefore, will contend, and this strong surprise me they watching you arms crossed, as they would not all alone, I you recall, that unfortunately rockefeller, soros, the Congress of the United Americas States Rothschild a thing you forget, is that the peoples of europe are not the poor Jewish people that if you handle the Jews, your people for nearly 300 years surroundings, know gentlemen ladies, that every man is entitled to his freedom and this is absolutely not what, you offer us

Grand Orient de France GODF, rue Cadet, Paris 16, rue Cadet 75009 Paris.
Grande Loge de France,8 Puteaux – rue 17e arrondissement of Paris

Great Loge Féminine de France 6 Bd General 92110 clichy
Order initiation and traditional Art Royal 4 rue Jules Vanzuppe 94200 Ivry sur seineCLIPSAS
French Federation of le Droit Humain 9 rue Pinel – 75013 Paris. CLIPSAS, MF
Grande Loge independent and sovereign of United Rites 83, RUE du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010
Great women’s Lodge of Memphis – Mizraim 57 rue d’Amsterdam, 75008
Grand Orient of Luxembourg

Mixed Grand Lodge of France

Grand Lodge Alpina Switzerland

Swiss Federation of human rights

Grand Orient of Switzerland

Great women’s Lodge of Switzerland

Mixed Grand Lodge of Switzerland

Grand symbolic lodge Swiss

You do not have per the something, to the states, not what you did during 300 years approximately in the (USA) United States of America to israel, in France, it seems to me, Yes. !!

If you think that this is not true, you can get a copy by copying this link below and you will find it, you’ll see for yourself, I haven’t wrote this text and that, seen the information on there, I’ve was able to write it, like you, I stumbled on it.

The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840?

http://www1.nmrothschild.com/NAVs/introf.htm? IF

1. the law is FORCE disguised, right of use. (Law, codes, regulations)

2. policy freedom is an idea, not a fact and is only an illusion and distraction.

3. use ‘Liberalism’ control through « GRADUALISM » through ‘education ‘. (OBE)

4. Governments must be destroyed by either external (war) or internal (liberalism and corruption).

5. we get control over all savings of the Government to control the money supply.


7. FORCE & could = right, there is no moral or ethical code absolute. (No biblical law)

8. we have the right to rebuild all existing INSTITUTIONS.

9. we will become the supreme Lords on all people.

10. the power of money must remain hidden and SECRET, until we are in a position of power that no one can stop our PLAN. (Fractional reserve banking / debt paper money-based)

11. we use alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, gambling, all the VICES and CORRUPTION legal to destroy the youth of all NATIONS.

12. we have the property rights seize any and all, by all means necessary to put all people under our control. (Merger of the Admiralty/Maritime law and equity, abolishin of the common law, corruption and the registration of title / land.)

13. we will use the terms « freedom, equality and brotherhood’ which will put in place a »new ARISTOCRACY « . (French revolution)

14. the qualifications required for this ‘ARISTOCRACY’ will be wealth, which we will.

15. wars will be initiated, funded and directed so that we control BOTH SIDES, placing all additional parts in our debt. (American revolution through Desert Storm, Afghanistan and WW III?)

16. the candidates for public office will be selected, trained and groomed, subservient and docile.

17. we will control all major INFORMATION and media points .

18. engineered financial PANICS and depressions controlled will result in our « new world order ».

Meyer Amschel Rothschild also said at the end of the 18th century; « GIVE ME CONTROL OF THE NATIONS CURRENCY AND I DO NOT, LIKE WHO MAKES THE LAWS. »

THE ROTHSCHILD family controls most of the central banks of EUROPE, the United States federal reserve system and is bankers for the vast wealth of the Vatican. They control the mineral resources (see Rio Tinto) on five continents, an empire of wineries, breweries and the distillation of alcoholic beverages, with links to drug smuggling great & money-laundering Cartels through the control of the company of the East Indies & ROTHSCHILD banks private in most major countries. See their official website at:


A short list of the most powerful and dangerous people and families in the world.

1. the family Rothschild (Bauer, actually) of Europe, bankers of the Crown of Great Britain, the

The Crown Temple, the Vatican, in most developed countries, and North America (see link above).

2. the Rockefeller family of New York, Arkansas, W. Virginia, Argentina and the Australia.

Banking, energy, oil, real estate, shipping and intelligence agencies.

3. the family of Edgar Bronfman of Canada and the u. s. (Seagram spirits distillation, film

Studios, media)

4 Michael Eisner, insider bumps media (ABC Co. )Disney, TV, film, manufacturing and distributing).

5 Bill Gates (Microsoft Co.)Magna cum Laude graduate of the Rockefeller of the business school.

6 George W. Bush (the President of United States of America) Skull and Bones, traitor of the first order.

7. the Queen Elizabeth II (family Windsor of Great Britain), German and Greek usurpers of the British Crown.

East India Co.

8 Alan Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, fractional reserve banking officer

stooge for the cartel of money)

9. the Prime Minister of Israel (implemented by the Rothschild at the end of the war!

10 George Soros (Rothchild, raider currency (t) and speculator, extraordinary looter)

11. the Secretary of the Treasury, AKA Governor of the IMF, Rockefeller & Rothchild agent.

12. the Bush family from Texas and Maine, the 3rd Reich, Adolph Hitler, financial

Insiders of the NWO, drugs, oil, money-laundering, officials of the puppet masters. Founder of the

Carlisle group bin Laden family.

13 and finally and especially the Jesuits and the general of the Jesuits in the Vatican (the modern Roman Empire).

I do not know that I have missed some significant, others, which will lead probably to complaints from several quarters, but remember, God knows who they are and ultimately, they will respond to him and only him.

Why, some are concerned they both because than the people of any country, and especially European countries , because , people, can choose their camps, the NATION, why, talk – t – now of proportional in France at least, knowing that for years the FN among others, requested by knowing that all way, the proportionnal voting, will not pass, because of any ways, the change is near

We see well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.(Antoine Saint-Exupéry FRANCE)

This that some forget as the master of conference at science – po, as, this Mr LIEGEY, it is the determination is a chapter, that some were due, forget, they have can be everything played, on the determination of wanting to take « the bastille », the determination to die for a cause, the determination of crossed the Mediterranean Sea, and arrived at LAMPEDUSA, the determination of not wanting to die , as the Ukrainian soldiers, that is pushing combat on pain of being shot, the determination to changed political regime.The Determination… what!

Donetsk bombed Kiev ‘orders massive fire’ held by the militia E. Ukraine

Published time: 18 January 2015 09:55
Published: 19 January 2015 20:34

Read more: Donetsk bombed Kiev ‘orders massive fire’ held by the militia E. Ukraine

A photograph shows buildings destroyed by bombing in the East of the Ukrainian city of Donetsk on 18 January 2015 (AFP Photo / Aleksander Gayuk)

Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on areas controlled by militia Sunday morning after an order for Kiev, said a presidential adviser. Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic accused Kiev of trying to relaunch the war.

The order to launch the offensive was issued originally at approximately 06:00, according to Yury Biryukov, Assistant of Chairman Petro Poroshenko.

« Today, we will show how well we are into teeth » he wrote on his Facebook Page, a mode of transportation favored by many Ukrainian officials information.

In a later post, he said: « they are now striking a point. » UUU… » in a reference to Tochka-U («tochka» means ‘dot’ in Russian), a tactical ballistic missile, one of the most powerful weapons Ukraine so far deployed against rebel forces.

« That was not a point but the suspension points. Strong ramps, » , he added.

Reports from the ground confirmed a sharp escalation of clashes across the front line, with heavy artillery fire particularly reported to Gorlovka.

« Inhabitants of Donetsk said they have not heard these intensive bombardments since the summer » Valentin Motuzenko, a military official in the self-proclaimed Republic of the Donetsk people, told the news agency Interfax.

« Military Ukrainians use all kinds of weapons, Grad multiple rocket launchers, mortars… » Motuzenko said.

A source at the site told RT that a group of observers from the OSCE demanded that the Ukrainian army stops the bombing. The source added that there is a danger that the group can come himself under artillery fire.

A photo shows a building destroyed by a bombing in Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, 18 January 2015 (AFP Photo / Aleksander Gayuk)

Learn more: the OSCE identifies deadly Donbass rocket bus direction

Aleksandr Zakharchenko, who was elected in November, the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Republic of the Donetsk people, has accused Kiev of using the cease-fire to regroup their troops and pushed their armaments and now trying to revive the war all over the place.

« It is clear that Kiev is trying to get revenge on the serious military defeat, it took the militia’s last, year » said. « Kiev always ignored our many suggestions to remove heavy of the disengagement line weapons. »

« For the moment, we are aware of five civilians killed » said the administration of Donetsk, adding that the bombing of the city by the Ukrainian forces is still ongoing.

Several residential buildings, a shop and a bus station were severely damaged by gunfire in the city, reported RIA Novosti.

Putilovsky bridge, which is located near the airport of Donetsk, has also been destroyed in the bombing, Roman Kosarev of RT reported from the scene.

Путиловский мост #ДНРpic.twitter.com/7jyrAu8meA

-Lida Vasilevskaya (@Vasilevskaya_RT) January 18, 2015

There were also reports of attacks on the town of Makeevka and several neighbouring villages.

The militia said that at least one shell hit a residential area in central Donetsk rather than on the outskirts of the city.

Two people died and 16 others received injureies after a Ukrainian shell exploded at the bus in the town of Gorlovka station, said the press service of the Donetsk Republic.

Several buildings in the city has also suffered direct hits in the course of the bombing, including four schools and a kindergarten, said the press service.

Witnesses have said that Kiev used aviation during the assault, with combat aircraft Sukhoi Su-24 jets seen in the air above Gorlovka.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the people’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR) called on the international community to respond to the worsening of the situation in the southeast of the Ukraine and « do everything possible to stop the massacres go unpunished in the heart of Europe. »

«The people’s Republic of Donetsk has attacked again treacherous and large scale of the Ukraine» aimed at the destruction of the infrastructure, Aleksandr Kofman, DPR Minister of Foreign Affairs and the population of the Republic s, said in a statement.

The actions of the forces in the region of Donetsk « bears all the characteristics of serious war crimes, » Kofman Kiev said.

Moscow is seriously concerned by the by the renewal of shelling residential areas of the Eastern of the Ukrainian city of Donetsk by the forces of Kiev, Russian President’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said

Ukrainian city of Donetsk on 18 January 2015 (AFP Photo / Aleksander Gayuk)

The actions of the Ukrainian army in no way promote the settlement of the conflict between Kiev and the eastern regions, he said.

« Of course, the position of the Russian side will be expressed. Of course, there is serious concern on the resumption of full-scale war in Donetsk, including bombardment of residential areas inhabited. And, of course, such a situation is not conducive to the fulfilment of agreements on Minsk [of September 5] and the new search for a peaceful solution, » Peskov told the station radio Govorit Moskva.

Climbing occurs after several days of violent clashes in the ruins of Airport International of Donetsk, a constant fight scene during the months a fragile ceasefire between the troops of Kiev and the forces of the local militia.

The militia, who have accused the Ukrainian army to launch incessant attacks on Donetsk at the airport, reported taking the location of this week. Kiev has rejected this report.

The Ukrainian Security and defense Council confirmed the resumption of hostilities and Kiev, which aimed to return to the airport.

Kiev launched its days reprisals after President Poroshenko ordered a new wave of mobilization in the country’s armed forces. The Government plans to organize at least three marketing years of conscription more 2015 to support its military operations in the East.

The escalation of violence comes after a controversial incident at the checkpoint near the town of Medzhibozh, where 12 passengers were killed Tuesday in Kiev. Kiev blamed the death on the militia, saying: he was hit by a Grad rocket. Forces DNR denied the accusations and said that the bus was targeted by the Ukrainian troops themselves – in a tragic incident either as a provocation by steps – and said the damage visible in the picture of the bus is compatible with a less powerful weapon, perhaps an anti-personnel mine.

An observer for the OSCE team studied explosion craters near the checkpoint and confirmed the direction, they came. The permanent representative of Russia to the OSCE, Andrey Kelin said the short meaning along the disengagement line that separates areas controlled by militias and Kiev, which makes it difficult to determine who fired the rockets. The observers did not identify the type of rocket used
Langue source

Un des maux de notre époque, c’est le refus et l’interdiction de regarder la réalité en face et surtout de la décrire!


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