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Hi all

Some box development come out de(applis) applications, completely stupid to tell you how if is ridiculous, one of my friend was a joy to show me an app that he had found on the net and that was gratuite(heureusement, je lui aurai fait bouffer,cette appli), it allow to have or to do a level bubble (as if you had a level, but instead, it was your normal phone… what!.And we are to speak of the,(c’est super, hein!…qu’est ce t’en pense…!.) app A, yeah hach’ment well and me V’ part, explaining things, a little deconnantes, I imagined a roofer or a roofing Carpenter, a guy on a rooftop, trying to upgrade a dog sitting, while jactant to his nana, she was at the other end of the wire, hach’ment practice what…, SUPER tone app.

ÜBER POP will be banned today ‘, hui December 15, normally, but I think the VTCs in the base was on ground there, now the law to change, but it has not, so long, they were as ÜBER POP because for me these VTC have no qualifications of taxis, and will never have it but what has done harm to taxis , is this (note that I say this in general) unwillingness to take other means of payment that the liquid, as well as the fact that when someone haler, some do stop, because, also, to 3 times around (I exaggerate not 3 go 2) before arriving, however, that this is UBER POP, or, lesVTCs, the job of taxi is a more than honourableeven if our taxis of the Marrne are far away, the TAXIS throughout the country is public, and I think that some are forgotten.

I see that some are pass at the higher speed, I heard that there had been a nasty terrorist, in Australia

Which was, ultimately, a mental patient, who had been arrested several times by the Australian police quote / by by Matt Siegel and Jane Wardell | Reuters –

Ilya has a trick, but makes me laugh but then, if l’ NATO or otherwise, really wanted to get rid of E I would long but very long,(1 mois environ) that one would speak more, and that it is jokes Islamic networks in Toulouse; between other networks in the North, which supposedly abound for excuse, interventions made, as by chance, on the kids, who have not had the chance (although on request, if it really is, it is a chance) grow in NEUILLY, but in cities, and possibly play with them, promising them mountains and wonders

As MERAH, I presume?, the problem,’ is that under the guise of Islamic networks, it can be certainly and ilyen but you misled not target, we will order of the youth, who had absolutely nothing to do with networks, would be very of péchenard, I presume campaign sarkozy, childhood friend, Manager for the hostage-taking of the school of Neuillty dude, N ° 2 bis, I wouldn’t surprised to see on a list soon I’m thinking, there have, ha ‘ chment left a chance at gus, I don’t know, but instead of a prune in the head, it would have been wise to l – Internet, or to intervene, a psychologist, because he was sick, notice solution to facilitate a prune , is it to be calm, he calmed the Neuilly kindergarten hostage held in May 1993. Érick Schmitt, a depressive, unemployed contractor holds hostage a class of kindergarten, armed with a gun alarm and belted with explosives, for two days. The hostage-taker, who is called « Human Bomb », was killed during the assault of the RAID. There is no casualties among the hostages. Fortunately, SARKO, ensured

it sees the Mayor of Neuilly on television coming out of school a child in arms, notice, it’s better than kouchner with his bag of flour or rice

AHh but I understand, why, an association LOI DE 1901 = lira, and keep with the slot of the taxpayer

For what, ago cops to keep, but the lira, what is! Is this an Embassy, no, a town hall, a PREFECTURE, police station, a building official, NON?THEREFORE not guard, KEUF, imagine put 2 keufs, at the entrance of each association LOI DE 1901, knowing that there are meadows that 1 million associations, sachantqu’ it takes 2 keufs, 2 million keufs, nothing for associations, currently the keufs are: in 2010, there are 105,000 guards of the peace (including grades).

Arrest of a so-called terrorist network, in the tarn, in the southern suburbs of paris etc… ? What is the terrorist, a people, that is soupcconne, so if suspected, someone, which is magrébin, and that supposedly radical, is a terrorist n, in this case, there are about 5 million of the french Muslim confession, and 60 million, which will radicalize

More and more

Ahmed benechelali, in any case, you know, that I appreciate his work « , it there that bouffant crap, that it knows the taste » and not, as some who are older than the grand father.

Museum of immigration, in auguration by Holland, could be in any case, I realize that some have really changed

It may be blank, but in the meantime, it looks to be sincere, some realize, that he was manipulating

Similarly, if late to decisions; it is never too late for good, make

I noticed a thing why so much hard, against the FN, if there was no connivance or conspiracy, and I noticed a trick too, every time, that it is an outlet of decision important, is that common sense, well come FNserait it without the fn, as if, there was that the left and the right which counted, POURQOUOI? Let’s be adults, we are no longer in the courtyard of the school, a bit of lucidity. More that the FN is full of common sense, when I listen to MARINE, FLORIAN MARION, and the mome as ROCHEDY, or the other too, Gaetan Dussaussaye, frankly, I listened, for 20 pins, it Sellotape me, at his age, I was not as mature, jjROUSSEAU, MARXPASCAL, Gee you find or?,(CERTAIN CÖTE) P-T-N MERDREa the ubu


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