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Hi all

Lie openly on-air (I Télé, BFM, and the rest) on the polls, and to all the world, and to the Jewish people in others, it has always been your stuff, hilarious, PRESIDENT Holland a – t it was, a height, not, he did a five-year period of crap,No, it was zero, 0 (day of wrath, the movement ‘Cleared Holland .. .or even marriage for all ) (, it says something to you…!), you’d have a bit of honor, you’d be gone! but it would delay!, of any ways, one day or another, you would be nice, require from e to the fact, no one is fooled , (dictatorship), you see, now, why of the beginning, it y 50, you didn’t hear JEAN MARIE LEPEN , and then his daughter it was the only one who was really sincere, (which, at least (, do we not propose a dictatorship) and I apologize to him, moreover, have disparage all these years, 30 years,P-T-N, if I had known .Right there in enriched on our backs, and as this was not enough, changed the constitution, I can assure you not everything, the left in there again, but,and frankly, you’ve been bad across the Board. Short, you are wrong and if it is indeed a person of REPUBLCAINES, and who knows the meaning of this word is well Navy and Democracy IDEM, is, is, is WOAHH MARINE Chairperson, MARINE President, MARINE President, WOAHHHHHHHH!

Liars, THIEVES, and CUNNING I understand better, now, you want to increase demographically Israel by saying the Jews to return and do their ALIYAH, and especially young people.

Accusing others, Muslim french or others, in Tagant swastikas as you have done, 7 rue popincourt, at the social centre, to fear, I understand why some people think back, it is as they want, but they know that this is not our.Occupied more territories. AAAHHH!is this your policy?So, as I understand it is to dislodge, ones you have not bombed

P-T-N, she awesome., it is like, that you have good désistions, the occupation of the occupied territories

Ah the fact, I thought a trick.

Of all ways, the guys who masturbate, all have the yellow palms,.

I paris that the first thing you look at, are your palms of hands, if they are yellow or not.

It does not surprise me!

But if you want to go to Israel.People, will stop you, whether you come back or not, who cares, is square, it stamps the less it is up to you to choose , you are in France, a free country , but, frankly, you you believe to be so, indispensable as that, without you the planet would not turn France has more than 2,000 years, existence and NAPOLEON BONAPARTE you allowed to be a citizen french full-fledged, from 200 and 20 years approximately and you = the other SARKOZY, we made a kid in the back. SARKOZY, was not all alone, in short the UMP ¾ are Jews, may not be ¾, but more than half, because, remember, in general. The Treaty of Rome in 2004, sometimes abbreviated TECE or TCE), signed in Rome by the heads of State and Government of the Union European on October 29, 2004 ,

He wrong all french on May 29, 2005 (not:15 449 508 (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon), and frankly, you want to trust has it, even the crooks, on more dignity, the other do even not talk

For more info:

They are 544, overwhelmingly men. They are rich and powerful. Pretext, that these people fart in silk, they want, we die! Some are famous, others quite unknown to the general public. But all have one thing in common: they were part in 2007 of the first circle, the very select club of major donors of the UMP, yeah money called money, bullshit called the… !

At least sixty-four major donors of Nicolas Sarkozy and the UMP during the presidential 2007 won over his five-year term, a Legion of honor. While it is intended to reward ‘the merits acquired by citizens apart from any social consideration’, this ‘ promotion first circle « will remain in the annals.

Bonaparte and the Jews

Napoléon Bonaparte met for the first time in his life a Jewry in Italy, on February 9, 1797, in the city of Ancona during the campaign of Italy. The Jews lived in a ghetto confined and loop the night. They wore hats and yellow armbands with the star of David which allowed to identify. Bonaparte ordered to remove the Yellow Hat and the cuff and to substitute the Tricolor Cockade. It is the first symbolic decision of the emperor who subsequently gave more concrete instructions to ensure that the community finally accesses the freedom of worship and movement. Measures that apply subsequently to the Jews of Rome, Venice, Verona and Padua

The young Bonaparte abolished the laws of the Inquisition, and Jews are finally free.

Too cool the feuges!

Of many politicians and citizens complained about the non-integration of the Jews to life national 1806

And french citizens ask their integration, not even ashamed, and it is we, who should be ashamed, no, but I do not believe

I would say to the daughter of WOLINSKI, think about what you say Miss, no amalgams, remain United , do you see not that you made the circus who were fucking shit and since a long time already, you, don’t vote LOGUE, but did she just cum in your remarks, is not in the denigrating , and diverting the cause of your great misfortune on Navy LEPEN, that things will work out, because precisely, opened eyes, and ask yourself the question « why run T-ON the CAUSE of all the MISFORTUNES of the France, on Navy LEPEN?, knowing that it is for absolutely nothing and that in addition, it was one of the first, if not the first to to express the woes that the France was living.Initially, it was to be a civic event, policies could drown in the crowd, she has seen no problem, and coincidentally,it’s crazy, huh ! found all the ugly head of procession BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Holland, MATEO RENZI, SARKOZY, short, all leches pumps, those who were fucking crap, and their presence at the head of procession was indecent people who have trouble walking so much, that stick them to legs, that some are bad liver, as they have always been, and especially as soon as it comes to LEPEN, either myself, I was convinced, because I believed in their sales pitches to tell you, I was pretty beast to trust to the left, and after, to the right, and to distribute leaflets of the MRAP, in 1980/81/82 on the markets in other, square Joan of arc, and I lived, rue de Domrémy (not purposely, in 13 Arndt) when it was not in the metro: national, what me gene inside Miss, is that you’re wrong about everything, or you have been wrong on everything, I can also believe.Because, like, many students, who wanted to remake the world in the years la,1980/81/82.j’ai read what did your father. The death of ci(qui faisait, pardonnez moi l’expression,parti deles de meubles, c’est le genre de mec,qui restera dans les mémoires, je regardais deles de BD comme (CHARLIE BROWN), I remember a newspaper, as, as I had read, but it was well before in the same genre « HARA KIRI, also satirical with Choron.’)As of the millions of people know Mademoiselle that all people in any whole France , of any denomination, of any party, what ‘ be white, black, mulatto, short, all on received a mass kick in their lives, in their childhood, adolescence, their lives simply, because all it we recall someone they loved, even if he was not personally known, we knew it was there, for (laugh us), as 11 others, it says, to me and others, it will be part of the fathers, founders of Charlie hebdo

In drawing MARINE LEPEN in Charlie hebdo, as they have done, this proves the intolerance, including some immature mind demonstrate, and that the mere fact of his presence annoy some who are the first, screaming, no amalgam, as of amalgamated;And it of the first, make, they are mediocre, stinky, let us be a little serious, are going, so you did not dumber than they are

Jews who have been to the power by the UMPet those who make parties and Masons franc began in mind you want to steal the France in the case, or it it would not have,as the Jews did with the occupied territories, with the help of collaborators and kapos despite them often, before the right was in power , but she couldn’t see the danger, it could knock out laws and reforms, moreover, this is what she did with the 205 taxes including the (159eme) 20 to 25 per cent of estates on insurance rights. And, the left, it’s all taken in the face, strikes on strikes, layoffs on dismissal, and all work in the same camps, WOAWHH!How to support, no, but, frankly, in the same party, they take themselves the cabbage.

ENATTENDANT, known as 99.99999998%voteront LOGUE, and frankly, you can repack your 80% of BFM for Holland, who are a GAG


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