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Visit F.HOLLANDE batch is good, but it is need to do so, others like the logue, it’s been 30 years, that there are is not 2 years of election, however; If it’s done honestly, so much the better, I say finally, a moment of lucidity, that, in no way, will change my way of thinking, nor vote Navy presidential, and Moreover, on one side, you will see us, and on the other, you made vote a law that we bonded, there is something that escapes me

It is a race to the members, why not, I find it pretty funny that there are 200,000 adherent to the right? M280et 60000 for the left? , (figures given by BFM, I look more as before, by the way) or a diff erence of 140 0 00, say that makes much, finally, it is funny, is about?

I thought the surveys done on internet

But, that is what they are bad, the number of survey can, this influence surfers, which can be seen on the net, is is distressing to bullshit, heartbreaking. other surveys conducted by IPSOS, and, INSEE, and yet it depends on subjects, but in general, it’s reliable, and, not déconnant.On the other hand, all other titles of usefulness public supposedly said that some affect grants, which the état(BEN OUI,de qui d »autre et de qui l’état touche-t’il,ces subventions???,P-T—N)

I have heard, that there was an attack on a doctor, sincerely, it fucks me the balls, saying that these people, as firefighters elsewhere, come to assist us, and, are received a stoned and/or receipts

In guet apens.Suppose an intervention of firefighters or the SAMU, or, d ‘ a doctor, one of them intervenes

A firefighter, for example in a tower truck, on the 7th, cited « so-called sensitive  »(pour qui?) and firefighters intervene on an individual, achievement of a cardiac arrest, they has come down, put it in the truck, and, unfortunately, there are complications on the person, we urgently need bring it to hosto, at the time of start, there was a cinder block, environ15 kg

Which falls from 15 th floor, and who finished his fall on the windshield of the vehicle well obviously, truck drivers, firefighters, who were in the vehicle (truck) find themselves unable to drive, because there is one who is injured following the fall of the cinder block, and therefore the vehicle, stopped a kid, who was with his mates take a look in the truck , and realizes that it is her mother, who is in the truck, but, unfortunately, the van came to rest is therefore cannot start, brought her mother to the emergency room, and it died shortly after, as if it was on time, arrived at the emergency, she would have had a simple warning, here is the price of his bullshit, this is an example, but it can happen to any

Which, even if it is an example, the keuf, who is disfigured by a cinder block, are good!


Balance Socialist for the cantonal, rapid assessments = strikes, Gee!SUPER balance sheet contained decreases in State aid due in other to deformation of the France, map,

And mayors forgotten Aveyron not recognized their common in natural disasters, how it is done – it 1 ° /, , there is evidence of claims, shown, almost ‘ loop on FR3, BFM, I TELE, LC1

, 2 ° / they find all the seconds of evidence and the fact of lost a close,3 ° /this region is particularly furnished of river or stream water, not less 10 courses exist, it is to fuck the shit out of the world and does not recognize them,is a Gags, and after requested you, why people exasperated by your bullshit Act as in MORLAIX, RENNES (ND of GLANDS) EH BEN in these cases, you are not finished but, they should not be surprised, moreover, they are assured these people there, could scratch a bit plus.n’ is not that AXA, GAN

· NOC insurance…26 466 M€

· Predica (Credit group farm)…18 800 M€

· Allianz …………………………………..17 600 M€

· Generali insurance…13 400 M€

· BNP Paribas insurance…13 000 M€

· Assurances du Crédit mutual…7 446 M€

· Aviva …………………………………….6 300 M€

· La world…4 809 M€

· Swiss group Life France…4 777 M€

· Natixis…………………………………3 095 M€

· Survenir ……………………………….2 186 M€

· SMABTP ……………………………….2 054 M€1

Notice of General anger against Matteo Renzi

The president of the Italian Council saw its first general strike. But this is not his only concern. Italy. Notice of General anger against Matteo Renzi

Dirty day for Matteo Renzi, forced to cash out this Friday, December 12, the first general strike of his reign. The reasons for anger: the « Jobs Act » that he comes from approval in the Parliament and the Finance Act.The first « because it does not work, takes away rights to those who have, without giving to those who do not have », as deals it Suzanna Camusso, the Secretary General of the CGIL, the most important Italian Trade Union with its 4.5 million members.The second because it « discharge on municipalities and regions care to reduce 10 billion euros the social services offered to the citizens’

Italy: general strike against Matteo RenziThe Express
General strike in Italy against the reform of the labour marketThe world


It is still attali, valls, macron, or earlier ATTALI = lira = VALLS = MACRON

Attali gave its advice, which he could keep MTERRAND, SARKOZYet now Holland, valls macron, we are about to move forward

Yet, definitely, they are everywhere, or almost he was born with his twin Bernard Attali to Algiers in Algeria Jewish family .

Macron Bill wants to anticipate the reform the PLU

Bill Macron, which has yet to be submitted to the Council of State, plans to implement the transfer of the local Plan d’Urbanisme (PLU) intercommunal level from  » 30 June 2016 « , whereas it was intended in the Act Alur in 2017. Until then, this planning document used to establish the rules for construction locally was issued by mayors. After the reform, they will have on the other hand a right of veto.

What start me, it is this done + 1 year, they say, that the majority of the french want not worked on Sunday, or at least every Sunday, a 1 ° / because some unions are against,2 ° /that it would touch to our customs / and our religion, which is part you want, or not of our customs, even if it is an atheist , and that it is not in the direction of progress, and I would say even the contrary,3 ° /we will not actually fucked growth, I seraisd’ agreement if it would 10,15,20ans if we had an industry more (increase the industry of the sea, is a lot to take from this side, our sub soil are interesting, without making a huge Gruyère)but then, it will increase on 6 months, 1 year, 1 year and a half, two years, MAX and after, AHh, found other things, yeah!

I see that SARKO /ATTALI has spawned 205 taxes and reforms, and that Holland/ATTALI/VALLS/MACRON, there are 156 reform, taxes, I see also that some Bill, which should see the light of day in 2017, will emerge in 2015, it’s crazy, you feel certain presses to pass some laws, quickly, quickly, quickly!
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,( chiffres donné par BFM, que je ne regarde plus comme avant,d’ailleurs)soit une diff érence de 140 0 00,disons que ça fait beaucoup, enfin, c’est drôle, est tout ????????????


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