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Society modern: 5 minutes to discover the sad reality ?EXCELLENT VIDEO

ALBERT E.A.: a contre-autopsie of the Cameroonian player died in Algeria concluded a murder (video France 24)

Scherzooo! we see there any righteousness, the neutrality of the patent liars (UMP) and everyone especially, that of the SARKOZY, and we will still talk about confidence, but, frankly, how do trust you them? how?, like what, now and always, was away from the needs, and it doesn’t have to be at the head of the EPAD, to become rich , above all, when we had twenty years, and that it had not finished his studies, for them it is EURO MILLIONS daily so much the better for them.

AFFECT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. CHARLIE HEBDO: a cartoonist was returned because of a caricature on the… « Judaism »!

AFFECT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. CHARLIE HEBDO: a cartoonist was returned because of a caricature on the… « Judaism »!

Press freedom: Yes , but not for all !

The cartoonist Sine, emblematic figure of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, had quipped in a column published July 2, 2008,the eventual conversion to Judaism of jean sarkozy before his marriage with the daughter of the founder of the Darty stores. For Director Philippe Val, the Director of the publication of the time, it was surely the drop too, and had taken the decision to dismiss him for anti-Semitic remarkss.
« I rarely agree with what Sine tells, already, but it has a discretion to Charlie to express opinions different than mine and this latitude is bordered by a Charter which prohibits inter alia about any racist and anti-Semite in the log  » « , added the Director of publication.

In a statement released in July 2008 in Charlie Hebdo, Philippe Val wrote:
« The words of Sine on Jean Sarkozy and his fiancée, besides they had privacy, peddled the false rumor of his conversion to Judaism. But above all they could be interpreted as being the link between the conversion to Judaism and social success, and it was neither acceptable nidefendabledevantuntribunal. »
« I blame to Jean Sarkozy to convert by opportunism . If he had converted to Islam to marry the daughter of an emir, it was the same. « And a Catholic, such, I never made gift to Catholics », defended in turn Sine.

When it is, conversely, publicly insulting the Muslim religion, of course, this has the air don’t bother anyone. This is the so-called  » freedom of expression to variable geometry . » !

For drawing of the layout of CHARLIE HEBDO it is easy to mock all french Muslims, and the short french, but when it’s funny, then sorry, but, no; it is true that it is hard and unhappy, the loss of someone dear, but you too can feel the spirit of vengeance, I can understand that, but even though they say it is not worth it , because the Muslim french, they have nothing to do of in, moreover, they condemn all, because, apparently, this, would supposedly DAECH which would be at the origin, that is how long, l – asked NATO to rid ourselves, and after, we are told, Oooops, was krompe, and the U.S. or other forces, made an unfortunate parachuting, it is to fuck the shit out of the world , that they rid us, I find this move and CHARLIE HEBDO had used me at best, it is true, that they are parties or transferred SINE, that one sees there, the spirit of provocation, which can lead to a civil war, that them is so-called Jewish elites, would like, it is not E.ZEMMOUR, which suggested , this, but I don’t this provocation on account beyond anger, it has engendered

Because, I suspect, it is relatively easy to use the distress of people as, many know how to do.

UN: When Jerry Rawlings denounced the misuse of this organization in the France to overturn African regimes


TERRORISM: the VATICAN, the next target of the Islamic State (according to the Mossad and the CIA)

How would he aware, has less, that?

After the twin tower, boston, everyone knows that the mossad is not strange, PARIS?can be and certainly others, all secret services know that mossad is involved

Israel, (who is the Prime Minister of Israel) is very often behind the attacks, this is, certainly not to arrange confidence.

The United States (ROCKEFELLER died, but OBAMA, and with him there and the rest?,) and Israeli intelligence agencies have warned the Pope Francis of the Holy see that the Vatican is the next target of the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Islamic State

Universal deceit as a mode of Government: the case of the NOBEL Prize

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Italian debt: French banks play with fire

Facing historically high Italian rates, French banks relieve massively their transalpine sovereign bonds. To risk aggravating the crisis and put a little more in danger… Explanation of a very vicious circle.

Hindmost! While rates Italians beat a new record Wednesday, French banks have embarked on a frantic race to the sale of transalpine obligations. In less than four months, BNP released 20.7% of its portfolio of European debt. The 10 resold billion, 8.3 billion corresponded to Italian debt. Altogether, four major French banks (BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, BPCE and Société Générale) have reduced their exposure to Italian sovereign risk from 41.1 to 22.1 billion euros late October.

«« By reselling these titles to the ECB or to investors such as hedge fund, whose risk profiles are higher, the banks try to avoid the Greek scenario ‘, explains Yves Marçais of Global Equities. Seeing the Italian rates mount skyrocket, they want to avoid that their titles have no more value, and prefer to sell them today a bit cheaper than their purchase price to avoid greater losses tomorrow. A pure logic of market in short: first party, first served!


French banks exacerbate the Italian crisis…

Except that in doing so, French banks make the situation worse. Indeed, these sales have to be on the secondary market (market where obligations to resell and not where they are issued), they are in fine Italian rates that are soaring: secondary obligations to sell cheaper, what raises their rate… the primary market.  » The sale of billions of euros of Italian debt, including that of BNP Paribas, has bumped the rate of the duty to 10 years in the Italy, thus attests one close to European regulatory authorities with the newspaper le Monde. It is gratifying that the banks clean up their balance sheets. But entering a spiral Inferno, difficult to master ».

The results of banks sealed by the Greece

Support to the Greece plan sealed the results of large French banks, causing heavy provisions in the third quarter. BNP Paribas has paid the heaviest price with a provision of EUR 2.2 billion, against 784 million for BPCE and 333 million for the Société Générale. About Crédit Agricole, depreciation of the Greek sovereign securities resulted in an impact of EUR 650 million for the quarter. In all banks have applied a discount of 60% on their Greek titles.

It is to fight against this vicious circle that the french government, Christine Lagarde in mind, had requested a few months ago banks to retain their Greek titles despite rife markets panic. But the french institutions, which no longer bear to see their title rolled stock because they are too exposed to European debt, will not do have twice. Recently already they have paid the price of European solidarity, in voluntarily accepting the discount of 50% on their Greek titles. And this then even German banks did not have the same reluctance to massively offloaded Greek obligations of the month before.

To be justified, the banks argue that with the new regulatory constraints, which require them to raise their own funds, they have little choice. Either they must accept an increase in capital through public funds, scenario that they prefer to avoid like public authorities, they must reduce the size of their balance sheets. And to do this, the best solution is still to sell assets.

…And to endanger

A term however, the risk is not zero for hexagonal banks. Already because the Italian crisis could lead to a liquidity crisis that could to hurt all stakeholders in the banking system. But also because that French banks have a double risk on the Italy: are exposed by their sovereign bonds, but by their networks also on-site. BNP for example holds a significant subsidiary, BNL, which makes the boot its second market after the France. Although the situation is not comparable to that of the Greece – rates flirt with 7%, while they exceeded the 15% this summer in Greece – contribute to the worsening of the Italian situation is therefore an extremely risky bet.

For the time being the french government, which obviously will have to rescue its banks in the case of an Italian failure, does not seem to worry. «Maybe also ended it by the lessons of the past, with including the bankruptcy of the Bank Dexia, which has clearly suffered the Government decisions french to prohibit banks to offload sovereign assets », said Yves Marçais.» Perhaps simply that the situation is not yet sufficiently catastrophic in Italy, for the Government to react. So far, European politicians have in fact proved that they were not past master in the art of anticipation…

By Julie from the brush – published 10/11/2011 / Expansion

The Italian debt, soon an asset rotten but everything goes well

The Italian debt, soon an asset rotten but everything goes well

PhilippeHerlin 15-12-14

Provided by Express.be

The new has gone almost unnoticed while she deserves the headlines: the public debt of the Italy is more than a notch in the speculative category! Standard & Poor’s Agency has degraded it Friday last one notch to BBB-, or the last note to still qualify it as an « investment ». Then skips to the category called literally « non-investment », a speculative product, or rotten if you prefer. Soon a junk bond therefore. It’s still the largest public debt in the eurozone (2168 billion euros), the third in the world by volume (after the United States and the Japan) and also the third in percentage of GDP (133% of GDP, behind the Japan to 243% of GDP and Greece to 174% of GDP). The other countries rated BBB-by S & P are the Azerbaijan, the Bulgaria, the India, the Morocco, the Romania and the Uruguay.

For S & P, this degradation of the Italian note « reflects the recurring weakness of the performance of gross domestic product, both in real and nominal, undermining its ability to deal with its debt. » Growth not set off and the debt cannot continue to increase in the coming years, and to weigh even more on the public accounts. Untenable in the long term. Unemployment has reached a record level in October to 13.2% of the active population (and 44% among youth), the economy seems to stop. The head of the Government Matteo Renzi speaks a lot, made announcements, defends reforms, but for the moment little changed specifically and the European Commission began to get impatient.

The remarkable element is the total indifference with which markets have welcomed the news. The 10-year Italian debt rate decline regularly in the year 2014 and just below 2%. No panic accompanied the degradation of S & P. To illustrate the bond bubble that is rampant in the world, the case of the Italy is one of the most revealing.

The disconnect between market prices and economic reality highs, who today buys lots of Italian 10 year Treasury will soon have a rated asset in speculative-grade category, in these circumstances to accept a payment of 2% year represents only a sacred risk-taking, an aberration even. But investors say that the European Central Bank will intervene to save their day. Moral hazard is greatest: take reckless risks because, anyway, the ECB will do the necessary to avoid bankruptcy. It is true that the Italian debt is « too big to fail », such as the France, Spain, as Europe’s biggest banks, and as a result all these actors are excellent funding conditions. So eventually all goes well, this is the Dolce Vita!

We live rather here a sort of collective hallucination, the Monetary Authority can do everything, just see the evil that they give to Greece, which continues to sink, an Italian debt crisis would obviously be of any magnitude. Can the eurozone survive if its largest public debt is rated as a rotten assets? Here is the question to be asked and the answer is not self-evident.

– Germany, champion of Europe of the debt before the Italy




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