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Hi all

I heard that some wakes up about the end of life, but on euthanasia, I noticed that the Government really takes what it fixes it, when is the end of life with euthanasia, let’s me /nous say, that it is forbidden by the Church, is like the Mayor Mahmood (the fault on sea) we will all put him on the face, But, for marriage, for all we say anything, it seems to me, that the Government makes it passed the law, but not for euthanasia, and in addition you want to vote Act macaron that nobody wants, and which are going to enslave one, bit more french, you are nice go, clear in any case, Belgium and Switzerlandthat I envy in belgi, done 8, they have adopted euthanasia, and LAURENT LOUIS can be proud to say that the Belgians, we understood long before all the world, that was the life, before the Swiss, the french and other countries in Europe.

Some believe harming the FN, by attacking in MARINE LEPEN on money, which came from a bank tchecorusse with a loan is 6%, the next, Navy, should you ask them the next time, no interest rate (6% more at all),

Like this makes me think a prhase, a joke, but P-T-N, it is true, sturgeon are not CHAPKA, of Arnaud MONTEBOURG ,(Franchement, elle déchire, Trop, Trop Bonne, Excellente)

Some believe harming the FN, in wanting to make rumours, short, tench

And after, some bad faith, might say but no, there was no conspiracy against LEPEN, sincerely, when, she told me/us, I thought not, or earlier, I did not caution, but, now, I believe, and I am doing more attention because, prevent them since all this time, access to the Presidency, while they wanted them as our happiness and make the good hour of the France; I’m starting to understand, (I know, it took me time,) but I understand quickly, but we must explain to me long

Some believe harming the FN, attacking to FLORIAN PHILIPPOT revealing his private life Closer (elisabeth levi, the crif in the feminine) in other who knows, and a cloth, which always invent stories, juice

Who to believe, when some say that FLORIAN PHILIPPOT is gay, 1 ° it is may be true , I have strictly nothing to fuck 2 ° it is wrong, and it is still a lie, published to sell a little more prints. Moreover, it discredits the FN, if this proves true, like this, it will no longer say that it is a HOMOPHOBIC party, as some the croiaient.So who to believe?

It’s crazy, but I more than made it easier to believe the FN?Chais not, you’d, what!

We have written here. In one of these circles more or less secret where you can find makers of our society’s connivance, it has been decided to halt the ascent of Marine Le Pen.


In Rome, a very large demonstration involving people of all ages – from 15 to 75 years – degenerated into urban guerrilla warfare, Saturday, October 15, due to the infiltration of more than 500 rioters. The ‘outraged’ Italians, who have strongly condemned the violence, plan to continue their mobilization day and night of places symbolizing power in the eternal city.

44% of chomge, in the Italian Youth

13% of unemployment in the population, among people aged 45 to 55 years

Brown hair and smile bright, Paola came to Naples with her husband, precarious worker, and their unemployed, 22-year-old son. She has just celebrated her 49 years and moonlighting as a babysitter. « What we ask, explains, it is not to be assisted, it is working in compliance with the laws and be able to conduct a simple but dignified life. » « We can longer, . takes, this political class who doesn’t think to protect its privileges and forget the people. Here, what you see is the beginning of a revolution! « of course, we will be behind you

Rome will not review the OJ, as in 1960. Examples of Athens-2004 and the London edition completed to convince the Government of Mario Monti. Tokyo, Madrid, Istanbul, Doha and Baku are still vying for the Olympic Games, to be issued by the international Committee on September 7, 2013 Olympic (IOC). Monday night, the U.S. rating agency Moody’s announced have lowered the creditworthiness of Italy by one notch, to « A3″. » La Greece is there to show how games can have a disastrous impact on the public accounts of a country », explained a government source at the Italian Agency Ansa Rome-2020 budget had yet been revised downward, EUR 4.7 billion.  »

Manuel Valls appears in Italy with Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi, « something in him » Sarkozy…

RELAPSE – The president of the Italian Council, under the spotlight in Europe, barely his country out of the gloom.

Evil in his boot. It is a serious setback for Matteo Renzi. For the third time since 2007, the Italy has plunged back into recession. GDP declined by 0.2% in the second quarter of 2014, after a decline of 0.1% in the first. For the popular president of the Italian Council aged 39 years, whose beginnings were highly acclaimed in Europe, the shock is rough. Even if it is in fact difficult to personally assign this relapse, human being in business only since last February.

Certainly, analysts do not expect miracles. But worse than expected results complicate the equation of Matteo Renzi, who hoped a way out of crisis in order to restore as soon as possible the situation of public finances. The Italian debt rises to over 2,000 billion euros, exceeding 135% of GDP, and the deficit threatens the fateful threshold of 3%. Faced with an unemployment rate of 12.3%, the president of the Council is found at the foot of the wall, as it is particularly scrutinized by neighbouring countries.

Holidays are not any rest for Marisol Touraine. The Minister of health will have to face, in late December, a broad movement of ‘wrath’ of liberal doctors, in particular general practitioners. Their unions announce a closure of the firms for the last week of 2014. ‘Exasperation is total’, says Dr. Claude Leicher, president of MG France (French Federation of general practitioners). « I had never seen such a mobilization since the the fall of 2001 », adds Dr. Luc Duquesnel, president of Unof-CRIDDLE000 (Union of liberal general medicine specialists).

Mayor of the blame on sea, agree, it fucked up, however, it is not the only one, it’s too easy to just stick it

Well, it is true that losing one of his relatives, it is hard, it is very hard, I speak knowingly

Not for the same reasons, but the fact is there, I the most frustrated, there will be me, who can revive it through my memories, it’s true, that in these cases, we want to the whole earth, however, though we do, did f’ra not return, it would be, the enterprise is doomed to failure, but If I have one of the culprits is well Mmhouai but others, knowing that the others are seated on their séants, and looking at it, without throwing the p’tit finger, and knowing that it is also, see their mistakes and these just if they does not put her head under the water, I listened to that said the mayor by learning the verdict, he thought than the justice of his country was impartial, he was mistaken, when you see judges, which begin to be judge and party, how do you that justice be impartial GAGs, it is as if, asked the color of the horse heriIV bench

the prefect was aware of made constructions, no, definitely is too easy,

I watched with attention the speech of com, made by mdme lepage,,(j’ai souri), because at any time, she spoke of the victims finally si; 10 seconds, the rest had to be able to, better piled up the Mayor and thereby same occasion defend a little better the Government, which must have trouble walking, both shit should flow it along the legs that it pays this is normal, but they take all due to incompetent, NON.

Flood, who to contact?

If you are faced with a difficulty during a flood, you can get help with:
•vital emergency: contact 15
•Otherwise in the event of flooding of buildings, risk of rupture of pond, highways flooded, animals in danger, other: contact your town hall or the SDIS (to 18) priority if your local authority is not reachable. Le Maire will evaluate the situation and mobilize adequate relief (means municipal, firemen, Prefecture, expert…) particularly in the context of its Plan Communal de backup.
•For the raw estimate: http://www.vigicrues.ecologie.gouv.fr (link is external)

Direction départementale de L’equipement and Agriculture (DDEA)?

Prefecture Vienna

Driver’s licence, vehicle registration, French nationality, residence permit, etc.




Prefecture of the Vienna 7 place Aristide Briand 86021 POITIERS


05 49 55 70 00

Welcome on my -steps .org!

This service, separate from the administration, was specially set up to help you in your steps administrative. What is the approach you want to take, you will find on my – demarches.org the clear answers and solutions most adapted to your requests.

Identity card, driver’s licence, passport, map grey, etc… We inform you on all the procedures and provide you with tips to follow to facilitate obtain these documents official and indispensable.

You don’t know where go you, or what documents provide? MES – demarche.org will give you the keys to facilitate the administration and bring you a great time saver.

MES – demarches.org it’s my quick and easy solution to get information on administrative procedures.









Bernard Niquet



Bernard Fowler

October 2008

July 2011

Bernard Tomasini

Prefect of the Val-de-Marne

July 2011


Yves Dassonville

Prefect of Haute-Vienne


2013 (named January 30)5

Elisabeth Terminal

Director of planning at Paris

Fortunately Elisabeth Borne is Director of the urban planning in PARIS, GAG!, really you made very strong, I have to say


AH in fact, nothing to do, with sailing prof Elisabeth Terminal , OH, PARDON, Ms. of the Director of the urban planning in PARIS. I watched the preview of Ttimbkutu, it has no bad air, I would go see it, if I think.

Woerth not put in issue for the sale of the Compiègne Racecourse, sold values 1hippodrome, 1golf, 1restaurant

Restaurant; it is the restaurant du golf, it does not ask price, as by chance, Woerth acquitted to sold all this nice package, has a civil socieye that I would like to know, in the hope that this is not QATAR, like these people here, redeems us all, all has sold about 2.5 million € worth estimated by real estate experts dles for 8 million to€Unfortunately, some, as the Mayor of the fault (MrMaratier) still believe a impartial justice

As every time Attali = Valls = macron = crap

I heard macron, who said, « I’m part of a movement of dialogues(c’est tout ce que,vous savez faire) and consultations » GAG you were others of like that. !, It is can be no text, but it is in the sense.

But, frankly, do not speak of the France in these terms, because you’d be more there to see, and your Government, because your political career has stopped, the day, or, you accepted the position, it was still possible

To refuse, but frankly after 2017, that, surprise me, be done, yet trust, this surprise me very

Gentlemen, ladies, beware because ‘ there will be, it is already a party, it seems to me, the strike of the carriers, I know some recalls of 1984.

The great strike of 1984 road
In February 1984, a French customs strike followed by a strike of truckers stop part of the hexagon – especially near the borders – during ten days. They were mobilised against the customs formalities at the time of Europe. After the Italian truckers strike then Customs officers, the french road is also put in mid-February. Not less than 2000 trucks (and in Italy) will eventually block the Alpine motorways, especially between Cluses and Mont Blanc. Eventually they even block the rails.In total, 59 french departments will be affected by this movement at the end of the strike, stores and gasoline pumps were empty, lack of supply… by trucks. Factories had also been forced to close, in technical unemployment

What is still this story deleted, station and stops of (viremonble, a search on lnet, the name)

After asked, P – T – N, there are fed up with these strikes, it suits anyone, it seems that some leaders of the SNCF, do express

THE SNCF project to delete nearly three hundred stops for its night trains within twelve months coming is poised to cause a real « thrown shields. Presented last month with a set of measures to improve the safety of travellers (strengthening of police teams and monitoring, safety equipment and the creation of separate compartments for women alone), this project causes the grumbling of the concerned elect.

19/20 France 3 Picardie-10 March 2014 – YouTube

E J thought that the national front, there were lucid people, when, I heard that Mr COLLARD GILBERT, say that israel is not racist State, would have ‘ it the POO in the eye? see?, in several videos shows the contrary, if mr COLLARD wants the regardery in a full on youtube, among women that inseminates it in Exchange for the buffer , which allows you to have valid papers, and rent an apartment, but it is not racism, what is mr collard? chais not, what is?(you me made laugh!)

this video of kemi seba, on you tube, which is entitled, ISRAEL?YOU friend of Africa, how dare you? or, we throw the blood of blacks, because it is supposedly unfit, but you realize, of treason, and of infamy, it is worse than Hitler Ah! It is the all blacks that must particularly appreciate, former president Mr280, e

Member of Parliament?WHICH ALLUDED with South Africa , hats down, Mr, because , this ESTMALHEUREUSEMENT true

This famous ‘ label the french racist, while the JEW has always been racist, if it is a Mr COLLARD lies, Watch the video by Dini: on DIAILYMOTION, and especially what OMAR SY RE guard because on youtube, they are removed, it is « DIEUDONNE, tax gifts, » or seen clearly 3 young cranes razed, say to a black woman who was shopping: « Merge in the Sudan, it is my country, c’est chez moi, here, I was born here or the young woman, Chairperson of the commission of the Interior MIRI REGEV, who said verbatim », the Sudanese are a CANCER in our bodies. Another man on a stage, with its micro said « you want help Africans, go in Africa, you want to give them to eat, give their eating in Africa

Or again, that old man who insults a woman, I think, and said : « you are married with who? with a Negro, yeah, you have married a nigger! and again, this young woman who clearly says  » I am proud of being racist, it is our right to be racist, and you want that we vote on it said that israel is not a racist country, you get out of the mouth of which GAGs!, I would still vote FN because Navy LEPEN French, Catholic, is not racist, like Jean marie also, as you have always dealt with it,now I would vote ever for a Jew, nor for a Freemason (is it not Mr COLLARD and MrMELENCHON!), I would never trust a Jew or to a Franc – maçon(si je sais qu’il l’est), or its businesses, I would think more no Media APF examples, on


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