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Strike in air transport: disturbances are to be expected

Several airline unions have appealed to the strike from 6 to 9 February to protest the Diard passed the month last to the Assembly and submitted on 16 February to vote for Senators. If it is difficult to predict the extent of the disruption, the atmosphere was calm this morning at Roissy.
Disturbances are expected in french airports from Monday 6 to Thursday, February 9, because of a strike call by several unions air transport who refuse, pilots in mind, Act Diawara ofthe strike in this sector. The mood was nevertheless calm this morning at Roissy during the recording of the first flights of terminals 2E and 2F. The Air Francecompany, whose activity concentrated 50% of traffic from Roissy and Orly airports, said Friday evening that it would ensure 80% of its short and medium-haul flights, and 85% of its longhaul.

Very optimistic forecast, we argued on the side of the unions.  » The movement will be very followed, say how much it is always very complicated but there is the world that will strike », said Sunday Yves Deshayes, president of the national Union of airline pilots (SNPL). It is difficult to predict the extent of the disturbances, even if the conjunction of the claims of both categories of the air staff (drivers, hostesses and stewards, agents in stopover, refuellers, baggage handlers, etc.) is rather unprecedented. To avoid the foot crane in the airport halls, is better follow the recommendations of airport of Paris (ADP), and inquire about the maintenance of its flight with its airline before travelling to the airport.

Unions are opposed to the law of the UMP Deputy of Bouches, Éric Diard, where they see an attempt by the Government to  » restrict the right to strike . Adopted last month Assembly, the text transposes to the aviation sector which had been applied in 2007 to land transport (SNCF and RATP including), by imposing on the part of the strikers an individual reporting 48 h in advance, and on the part of the companies a duty of information with forecasts of traffic 24 hours at least in advance. Despite the guarantee of confidentiality surrounding these individual statements, unions fear a display of striking employees. Bill Diard must be examined on February 15 by the Senate, mainly on the left, then back in joint mixed Committee before a final reading to the Assembly.

MP UMP dalloux, and Timothy, or darlier, I do me Rappel, but hats to these guys, they have frankly, well talk, it was on an amendment, which, apparently, do they liked not at all, and it was on the fact that certain amendments promised jobs, not before 2030, and DALLOUX (Timothy or DARLIER) brief 1 of 2, and also the 2I’m sure, were absolutely not agree on the fact of promise and not assume behind, so they don’t have it, I think, vote this proves to be right, as left, we knew, but there there head in, there are people and therefore, there are also the cons.In short, apart I was thinking about the American billionaires influential in the United States,why, you will say, because those are the first that can intervene when there is a crisis, or a decline in their economy, power purchasing or growth, because, frankly, seen more and more poor people, it started well before , I doubt me but in 2005, in that year, Louisiana, the bahamas, Florida, and other States…!, remember with KATRINA, after it was the crash of real estate (mortgage)2006 periodic auctions 2007 , and to top it all, the son of a plumber from the Queens(quartier juif de NEW YORK) who has found a way to scam small, means big carriers with the pyramid of PONZY, MADOFF ,was arrested and charged by the FBI on 12 December 2008, after, one wonders, why,there is a population becoming increasingly poor growth, In these billionaire, there is a sacred difference of people doing things the fair share amounts to each and some things brought me to think this, so some are not born with a silver in the mouth spoon and those there who have built their fortune on the knowledge of all, and especially that they have acquired with their studies(, those folks have speculated on their own knowledge , and I say , hats down, they are often in the environmentalist or builders, as (TRUMP, BUFFETT, GATES, MURDOCH, OMIDYAR and other…!), others too, are billionaires, because in the family, is or was , ROCKEFFELLER, KOCH and others,)there is a mathematical probability law, which is very often used as , but in other services as, which is true, all the time ,is the famous law of the 80.20 who said in another; that 80% of your emmerdes ,come from 20% of your dating, and if one goes by the 20% of the American policy and individualistic billionaires, are 80% of the emmerdes policies, crisis, decline in the US economy, poverty and debt House, unemployment, delinquency, crime. Although they, either they are all philanthropists, but for me, a philanthropist, is seeking to improve the lot of his fellow men, and sometimes, I ask myself the question, but for GATES, I do ask myself not too issue

For more info:

Zuckenberg is the grandson of David Rockefellerhttp://philosophers-stone.co.uk/wordpress/2012/05/mark-zuckerberg-is-grandson-of-david-rockefeller-real-name-jacob-greenberg/

the financial website Zerohedge has been a.the 25 more great billionaires Americans.

Must see on this Foundation: The world according to Gates , and you’ll see that everything is not rosy on this side… The generosity cache sometimes the largest in the underworld… Must see for those who missed it, reporting on the Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates is originally from  » attic of the apocalypse  » with the company psychopatico-genocidal Monsanto, near the north pole. This bunker is supposed to bring together all the seeds of the biodiversity of the planet, during major disasters on the planet. He is also accused of vaccination campaigns in Africa which would have real purpose depopulation.

In 2000, he founded the Bill and Melinda Gates’s Foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), which aims to bring to the world population of innovations in health and learning

The Gates Foundation has already spent $ 25.26 billion , in particular for 55 million children. He also announced want to bequeath 95% of his fortune to his Foundation.

Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pamela are well-known philanthropists who founded Omidyar Network to increase the scope of the Omidyar Foundation by supporting investments, not only non-profit projects, but also for-profit businesses and public actions they consider as promoting theself-empowerment.

Strike AIR France?, for frozen wages,

I heard, a moron, which apparently is for the peace of households, say that it was a victory for Russia, the MINSK agreement, a win, or it has not honoured, our sales, a victory that has a name, called nt economic blockade, WOAW, P-T-N to win, and like that, I don’t want, they may be wary, but you realize the absurdity

Poverty in the United States: a more disturbing reality

Almost 43.6 million Americans live below the poverty line in the United States. The point on the situation, is 13.625% in 2011, in 2015?

It’s when carrying out an ethnic cleansing, as ferguson, they can get there?(bad joke!)

This article was originally published in August 2011.

Dr. Cornel West, Professor at the University of Princeton, and Tavis Smiley, presenter of radio and television, especially for the public channel PBS, made a high-profile tour of poverty in the United States. The purpose of this « Poverty Tour » was to put spotlight on poverty, great forgotten in their view of president Barack Obama, visiting 16 poor communities in the country.

However this initiative especially powered polemics, there led the way to undermine Obama and support that it gives the African-American community. The fact remains that this national tour (whose images will be made public in November) comes at an opportune time, while the race for the presidential election is on, to reveal a real problem that finally begins to debate.

The State of play

The figures are startling. According to theOECD, the United States is the fourth poorest country in the area before the Mexico, Turkey and Israel, even though they are the third most rich in terms of GDP per capita (45.674 dollars).

The percentage of people living below the poverty line in 2009, by State and Puerto Rico.

In 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that 14.3 percent of the American population (which is estimated to be about 300 million people) lived below the poverty line, an increase of more than 1% since 2008. The most affected populations are Hispanics and African-Americans, with rates of more than 25%.

However this poverty line guarantees an extremely low standard of living because it is for example 21.954 dollars (15.119 euros) per year for a family of four. If we consider those living with twice the poverty line (approximately 44,000 dollars a year for a family of four) and that therefore incur a risk of switch on the other side, the figures rise to 60 million people.

Even more alarming are the data revealed shortly after the end of the « Poverty Tour » by the Foundation Annie e. Casey, that allow to see the impact that had the recession on child poverty, which increased by 18% since 2000 to reach a rate of 20%, or one in five children. Forty – two percent of American children live in families that earn less than 43.512 dollars (29.969 euros) per year for four people. Eight million children had a parent in unemployment in 2010 (knowing that the unemployment rate is 9.1%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), is two times more than in 2007.

The challenges of aid to the poorest

The assistance to the needy is partly provided by the Government, both at the federal, State and local levels. One of the largest federal programs is that food vouchers enabling the poor to have access to food. « This is probably one of the most reactive programs. « It was incorporated in the 2009 economic stimulus plan precisely because it is the prototype of an effective countercyclical program that allows not only to help families in need but also their communities ‘, said Jodie Levin-Epstein, Assistant Director of Center for Law and Public Policy. Indeed, the use of these coupons in local stores for example allows districts as a whole to be stimulated.

But the State is facing a more and more increasing demand linked to insecurity on the rise since an American seven benefits from these food vouchers, with a record over 45 million people reached in May 2011.

In New York, a program of food bank was closed because of budget cuts. © Anita Kirpalani

Or also the consequences it had on the poverty rate, the economic crisis had also a strong impact on government programs as well as on the funding of NGOs specialized in extreme poverty at the local level, who are trying to survive by linking together disparate sources of funding which are dwindling. Budget deficits have pushed the federal Government and the States to cut their services, in particular as regards education and access to health, which are in fact direct correlation of exit from poverty. Concerns rise as the stimulus plan – which was already considered too low – comes to an end.

« What we have seen happen is a real creation of jobs at the bottom of the scale. There is little recognition of the fact that the labour market has changed: wages have stagnated and both parents are struggling now to earn what a parent won in the 1950s and 1960s. This is challenge number one for our nation », said Jodie Levin-Epstein, whose organization is also involved in Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, created originally by foundations for a purpose that is non-partisan in order to instruct candidates for the 2008 presidential election to take into account poverty – an initiative that will be renewed in 2012.

Deeper causes

The main idea that emerges from the current debate is that the poor are the disenfranchised who are not heard by the Government.

Aniket Shah, Member of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International and co-author of the book « Re-Developing America: Global Perspectives on America’s 21st Century Challenges » (University of Pennsylvania Press, October 2012) puts forward a number of more structural causes to explain this.

From an economic point of view, poverty is not just a case of recession. « The United States has one of the highest lowest social expenditure compared to other OECD countries », commented, pointing the finger « constant bleeding of financing federal from [Ronald] Reagan ».

At a time where discussions on the debt are more important – including the proposal for Warren Buffett to increase the taxation of wealthy-, the increase in State revenue is yet a solution envisaged by Aniket Shah: « should be that the income from the State go from 15% to 20%. What we often forget is that the periods where the United States has had the most successful (sending a man to the Moon, Medicare, Medicaid…) are those where the marginal tax rate was the highest. « The United States have a shared but sacrifice and service culture that dissipates over time. »

But Aniket Shah, who was the right arm of Jeffrey Sachs, economist specializing in economic development, also relies on reasons related to the political system of the United States. « It is a system that structurally, ignores the voices of the poor: it is archaic because it provides one of the largest numbers of elections (every two years) while it is not sufficiently complex to allow different voices to be represented, and especially not that of the poor », explains by assigning it to suffrage majority as well as the two-party system that allows the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to gain power.

In the meantime, such structural changes are not the order of the day. On the other hand, Barack Obama should present just after labour day (the first Monday in September) initiatives to increase employment. A plan that will be expected by at least more than one American in seven: the poor in the United States.

Photos: collection of bottles in Battery Park, New York City: © Amaury Laporte

Closure of the Food Bank in the East Village, New York City: © Anita Kirpalani

Now, in the United States 49.7 million people are poor, and 80% of the total population is close to poverty

The figures seem mind-blowing, and would yet those approaching the most of the current reality in the United States. Is it really this American model that some would like to see in Europe with the transatlantic Treaty? Because usually, if we talk about poor, speaking of those without employment, it is forgotten the number of workers whose salaries are obscene and insufficient, those who deprive themselves to be able to work or even heal… And in your countries, where we are poverty?

Si vous vivez aux États-Unis, il y a une bonne chance que vous viviez maintenant dans la pauvreté ou presque. Près de 50 millions d’Américains (49,7 millions) vivent sous le seuil de pauvreté, avec 80% de l’ensemble de la population américaine vivant à un niveau proche de la pauvreté voire en dessous .

Cette statistique sur la pauvreté est peut-être plus surprenante encore que le fait qu’il y ait 50 millions d’Américains vivant sous le seuil de pauvreté, car elle se résume à cela: 80% de la population est confrontée au chômage, à la pauvreté ou la quasi-dépendance à l’aide du gouvernement pour aider à joindre les deux bouts.

En Septembre, l’Associated Press a fournit les données d’enquête qui montre qu’un fossé se creuse de plus en plus entre les riches et les pauvres, ainsi que la réduction des emplois « bien rémunérés » qui limite les possibilités de la «classe ouvrière», pour expliquer le nombre croissant de pauvres aux États-Unis

Mais le nombre de personnes vivant en dessous du seuil de pauvreté ne reflète pas seulement le nombre d’Américains sans emploi. Il faut ajouter à cela, selon une mesure de recensement révisée publiée mercredi, le nombre (3 millions de plus que ce que les chiffres officiels du gouvernement estimaient) de personnes devenues pauvres en raison des frais médicaux non-remboursés et des dépenses liées au travail.

La nouvelle mesure est généralement «considérée comme plus fiable par les sociologues, car elle tient compte des frais de subsistance ainsi que des effets de l’aide du gouvernement, tels que les bons d’alimentation et des crédits d’impôt», selon le rapport de l’Associated Press.

D’autres résultats ont révélé que les coupons alimentaires ont aidé 5 millions de personnes qui vivent à peine au-dessus du seuil de pauvreté. Cela signifie que le taux de pauvreté réel est encore plus élevé, car sans cette aide, le taux de pauvreté passerait de 16% à 17,6%.

Source: countercurrentnews.com

Link found on consciousness of the people

Translation: rabid sheep

Pavlov in Israel: How do the authorities keep the population in a State of stress-psychological

The systematic use of sirens during the conflict in Gaza by the Israeli authorities, analysed here by U.S. journalist Belen Fernandez, produced on the Israeli population a State of permanent psychological stress and psychological environment saturated by fear to impose the reality of an aggression and a war reporting in symmetrical, even though very few rockets have hit buildings Israelis. The shots and the « rain » of Hamas rockets did so 3 civilians in Israel, while the Israeli army has killed nearly 2000 people in Gaza…

One of the greatest feats of Israel was to circumvent the requirement for physical validation of the stimuli inducing fear.

The air-raid warning sirens will sound rather twice than in Israel.
Imagine that your access to information is limited to the Israeli media and Zionist-friendly international media outlets. It is very likely that you will develop the notion life sporadically punctuated by air warning sirens, this is by far the worst fate that can accrue to anyone on the planet.

The fact that the alert siren leads never really nothing, neither in terms of dead and wounded, nor property damage, is irrelevant. Reality dictated by Israel, live with an annoying noise background is much more difficult than, say, live under shelling indiscriminate.

As was already the case of previous attacks against the Gaza Strip, essentially unilateral massacre which is currently taking place was accompanied by a continuous stream of articles and other media productions detailing the suffering without equal of the people of Israel.

A recent article in the Jerusalem Post, for example, begins on the melodramatic mode: « at a time when the entire state of Israel is under fire fed, it is the children who suffer the most, and this applies in particular to those living in the South of the country. Instead of enjoying their summer vacation, they are forced to stay indoors, living of an air raid in the following alert, in constant fear to be affected by rockets.

Regardless of the difference between hearing a siren and feel literally blown into pieces – an honour that can claim the children of the Palestinian territories in a disproportionate manner.

The article announces a two-day excursion for young Israelis, offered by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) towards forests planted by him in the North of the Negev and other sites. The purpose of trip: relieve stress and ensure that children « a wonderful opportunity to meet in a natural environment quiet, to escape the tension and come into contact with Israeli landscapes.

This deserves are reminded that the JNF forests have been installed over the [ruins of] Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948 during the beginning, under the threat of arms, of the State of Israel.

In the interest of cultivating future opportunities of serenity for the chosen people of God, the JNF could consider replacing the people of Gaza by trees.

A fabricated reality

A scripted on YouTube video entitled ‘ life in Israel : 15 seconds of reality – rockets Gaza « claims to give us an idea of what looks like a day type for Israeli mothers blondes. The route is roughly the following: first a plan on an angelic offshoot to the manger with sweet music emanating from the crib mobile. Then before the window, a small sign to another Cherub who plays in the grass with dolls, in the midst of cooing birds. Smile ecstatic, then retreat on a kitchen as in a commercial for Folgers (*). Pressed to the wall while sipping a cup of coffee with happiness. Suddenly the air warning siren will sound and the Cup falls into a thousand pieces, rescue the offspring to the crèche, then horrified when eyes another is struck by a rocket. (Of course this has never actually happened, but it attaches little importance is given to the reality in « the reality in 15 seconds » of Israel).

Another video scripted on the same theme, it downloaded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, entitled: « An unexpected test – 15 seconds for you put to run and save your life », staged hypothetical Israeli schoolchildren from scrutiny while their teacher is peeling an Apple. When the siren goes off, they make hyperventilation and the message that flashed across the screen is ‘this is the reality of Israel today.

The sirens as a central element of the Israeli reality have been recognized around the world, and on 1 August the Tampa Bay Times in Florida reported that « air warning sirens should resound… part of a manifestation of support to Israel » in the District of Downtown Tampa. Fortunately for residents and the city’s infrastructure, no replenishment of the current reality in Gaza had been scheduled.
Nevertheless it is difficult to argue that the institutionalization of the sirens to air alerts in Israel simply reflects the concern of the Government about the safety of its citizens. It seems rather than the transformation of what is primarily a noise pollution in an apocalyptic threat has more to do with the interest of the Government to maintain a level of popular panic easily convertible in overwhelming activities public support military genocidal.

But how long can the State cry ‘ Wolf! ‘? Indefinitely? After all, in the immortal words of George W. Bush: « bernez me once, shame on you.  » Bernez me twice… Shame on me! ».

Maintaining tradition
Technically, the Pavlovian response to the Israelis to the sirens – panic – should now be settled, because audio stimulus is hardly ever followed a change in the personal status to justify said response. Then, why are are people they not immunized against the stimulus?

Of course, some have come to be. But much held firmly to the Pavlovian tradition, although they have probably noticed that the rockets land not anywhere near them.

Indeed, one of the great feats of the Jewish State was to bypass the necessary condition for physical validation of the stimuli inducing fear. For most Israelis, the noises emitted by the sirens and the spectacular and unreasonable Iron Dome missile defense system are used to confirm that the enemy is trying to kill them. Psychological stress resulting is obviously put on the account of this enemy rather than the State itself – the directly responsible entity of the ruckus and, more generally, the reset permanently the conflict with the Palestinians who make charges but who, as a subhuman, denied the luxury of suffer psychologically or physically.

As long as Israeli nervous system will have a disproportionate value and the Palestinian nervous system will have none, the State of Israel will continue to operate an arrangement that could itself be called ‘nervous system ‘.
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Des perturbations sont attendues dans les aéroports français du lundi 6 au jeudi 9 février, en raison d’un appel à la grève lancé par plusieurs syndicats du transport aérien qui refusent, pilotes en tête, la loi Diard d’encadrement de la grève dans ce secteur.


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