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Hello all, my ladies gentlemen

This morning, a strange thing happened, by opening the flaps from the top, short my shutters, it was 10:40, but I was awake, well before, I know that you get out, but if I say, when, even, I saw 2 blacks, at the bottom of the street, at a crossing, I am so go see them to ask what they were doing exactly and because I wanted to know what was going on in my neighborhood, and in my Street and more electronics and transmissions (, because I saw them with cables of telephones) me have always attracted, even though I’ve always been zero in these areas and on the part of that (France TELECOM, ORANGE, SFR, FREE), he came, the only answer; I had, on the part of the youngest was, they came from Mount red 77, it is the seine and marne, normal,… What!, one is in the 60, for you to give a vein, it’s like, I lived in the VALLEY to, and that I should go work at VENICE Beach short, I am so go home, and me v’ the process call 118712 to it, put me in connection with France TELECOM MONTROUGE, but the guy on that, I came to 118… etc! got sent to the shop, ORANGE, I was a little girl, on the phone, who told me what could not inform me (I knew it, obvious), so I phoned my seller to access there, I had a super cool dude told me that nothing was planned as work and on this so I phoned to the police, asking them if they were aware of what that thing as events that had to pass on my streetone told me, and as it was on Beauvais, I was asked to contact the police national, something I’ve done the NPP on the costs of 16h09mm

I had a understanding person who asked me to explain the facts, something that I did.

I suspect that some things do not interfere, the truth bothers, and that it would fun to some, I am a terrorist

Like this could dirty me, even more than I am, like they were made on TF1et BFM with the KAYE brothers, even though I did not at all appreciate what these so-called terrorist did, you know, it may be true, because I have a doubt, and a big (you will tell me, but on the SUV, I would answer you) that there are lots of people willing to swear on the bible that they have seen the American soldier, cut the leg, and yet!, but sorry, me before, I had a p’tit doubt, and now ‘ is more than a doubt,I believe more , each does he wants,we are still in a free country it did not prevent the dead 3 civilians , and 264 injured, the dead do I remind you of 2753 victims at the world trade center, Yes, there are attacks, that’s enough, there is the cons for them, to have other idiots who believe they have the power of life and death over others, but with all the lies, inconsistencies from Affairs MERAH NEHMMOUCHEet KAYE, COULIBALY,how BELIEVING a JEW?HOW TO BELIEVE A SARKOZY, WHICH AMENDS THE CONSTITUTION, BEHIND OUR BACKS?How believe one guy, which, despite the fact that the French say no 54, 68%, finds the way in ROME to the European CONSTITUTION adopted by the head of State of the 25 countries members 29/10/05, if there are some who are couldn’t care less not me sorry, it will never be my voice, but I like even less the lie and fabrication particularly When the protagonists are not there anymore, because they is easy to gerber on people, once they are no longer there, say that before, I defended all breeds, but frankly, it is one that has disappointed me well, it is the Jews, JUDAH, is not one that sold JESUS, I would have had doubtful me, well before, finally, all of this can you seem crazy, and paranoid, too, I think so, but if it was paranoid, the plate of the truck BHN164 L or NL 77, would be an invention on my part, just like blacks 2, photos, I realize truth gene enormously account


Both were dressed in a yellow construction vest, sleeveless, the youngest was standing near the pit, there 20 years, and, the oldest, 30 years about was of manipulated telephone cords, the oldest, who was in the pit of work, put kinds of small white on the short rows clamped timesAnyway, I could recognize them if there should be, and pure Bowl, I had my phone on me, and responsible, for once, which is crazy, is that when I take on me, and it is often discharged, in short, what allowed me to take pictures of them and their truck to carry cot on which, I remember well the name inscribed on the carrycot , but on that above we saw well that name had been removed, photos are a bit far, but there are even well faces, and you will see the name of the top basket







CA DOES NOT SURPRISED?That was half Mr ELKABBACH did ORAN in Algeria of Jewish families, on 29 September 1937

The french referendum on the Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe took place on May 29, 2005. To the question ‘Do you approve the bill authorizing the ratification of the Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe?’, ‘no’ collects 54.68% of the votes cast the ‘Treaty establishing a constitution for Europe’ was adopted by the heads of State and Government of the 25 countries members of the European Union on 19 June 2004, at the European Council in Brussels and formally signed in Rome on 29 October

« You know that tonight, for me, I feel Charlie Chung », wrote Dieudonne, diverting the slogan of support to Charlie Hebdo, « I am Charlie », associating it on behalf of the jihadist Fasiledes Coulibaly, author of the taking of hostages during which four Jews were killed in Paris Fridayi it is unfortunately, pity for these 4 people ,that said rehash that 4 Jews will not come back, it would have been 4 Catholics, or 4 Muslims, the result would have been such, but the big difference is that one would not talk much, you criticize Muslims because one day charlie hebdo, made a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad, and titled in another one there, Sharia hedbo, which adorn me much more overcautious than charlie – coulibaly, what me gene, is that as in general, you cannot suffer the Muslims (GAZA), while being addressed to islam, that, you absolutely don’t mind.

On the other hand, it bothers you that Dini can the callee as, he feels charlie Chua, because this man has killed the Jews, which is more that unfair, all charlie hebbdo, that they were and that they will stay, it will remain the ANAR duck, which was start all students.

and how many Palestinians you have killed 67 Israelis against Palestinian 2200morts

you realize the enormity which account you have fallen either 32.83 dead Palestinian for made Israeli 1death 2200/67=32.835820…etc.!and in addition, you want him to wear the hat

but I dream, say that during 30 pins, I was confident that you were good, but what con, I was

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to know, that I expect at any time, to have connection problems, it may sound paranoid, but I doubt it, because the presence of guys, this morning, has made me a little wary, there would be at least

A country can refuse to pay its debt – Eva blog, R…

Trade agreement EU-United States: companies could make their law

Negotiations on a Treaty of free trade between Europeans and Americans in part relate to the arbitration procedure. This mechanism of resolving conflicts between States and companies is often to the advantage of the latter. In Brussels, the critics are multiplying.

Stéphane Alonso
NRC Handelsblad

Imagine that it is neither the politicians nor the judges who decide to EUR million taxpayers, but three lawyers. Behind closed doors and without public scrutiny worthy of the name. Without any intervention of a magistrate, Ecuador was sentenced last year for breach of contract, to pay 1.7 billion dollars (1.3 billion euros) to an American oil company. This type of decisions, dozens of times a year, are possible under treaties of investment between countries. They allow companies to resolve disputes through arbitration, apart from the usual judicial procedures.

The European Union now plans to engage, through this kind of supranational arbitration – in a Treaty of free trade with the United States. Negotiations in this sense resumed on November 11, after an initial phase in June. Hundreds of problems hindering trade are discussed, but it is especially the arbitration which raises concerns in Brussels.

Power to camera

« We take our food sovereignty, » said Monique Goyens, Director of the European Office of consumers (BEUC). « It is unacceptable that companies have this kind of power behind closed doors, » says the Labour MEP British David Martin. « We need that arises the question whether it is necessary », said his Liberal colleague Marietje Schaake (of the D66 party).

A senior European official close to negotiations acknowledges that arbitration is the order of the day this week, but ensures that « nothing is yet decided ». The European Commission is concerned about the rumors: the debacle of ACTA, international treaty designed to combat online piracy, is still fresh in the memory. The European Parliament has rejected the year after the signing of a petition by concerned citizens for the respect of the right to privacy.

The investor-State dispute settlement, the term used for an arbitration in the context of an investment treaty, does not date from yesterday: it was designed for investments in countries at risk, as insurance against the revolutions and expropriations.

The Netherlands are critical of the system link, because they concluded from many investment treaties (98). All companies in the world can rely on creating a mailbox in the Netherlands. From 1993 to 2012, more than 500 cases have been treated with arbitration between companies and States, most of them these past ten years. In 2012 alone, there were 60.

Critics are multiplying because fines are only increasing. Political scientist Cecilia Olivet – who works for the Transnational Institute, left – oriented think tank conducted research on this mechanism. It considers that the arbitration has become a means of exerting pressure on States who wish to strengthen their legislation, urging them to be waived or compel them to compensation.

An intimidating mechanism

Thus, last year, when the Germany decided after the disaster of Fukushima stop using nuclear energy, the Swedish company Vattenfall relied on a bilateral investment treaty to claim 700 million euros. The Australia must be justified before a Court of arbitration for the strengthening of its legislation on tobacco.

« This mechanism is daunting and can stifle attempts to protect consumers, » said Monique Goyens of BEUC. The rules in the field of environment and health, said, are often the result of new scientific evidence, new knowledge. Does every time to compensate the companies for this? BEUC demanded the month last delete arbitration of the negotiations between the EU and the United States.

Elsewhere in the world, countries are more likely to oppose this mechanism: last month, South Africa cancelled three investment treaties which it was a party, with the Netherlands, the Germany and the Switzerland. The Australia intends to repeal certain treaties.

Why Europe does not mention? « Without the safeguards afforded by this mechanism, unable to attract the investors », said a spokesman for the European Commission. « This mechanism has proven effective. Is still not removed red lights because there are fewer accidents ».

Code of conduct

In a recent note, the Commission acknowledges that the mechanism may be used in the wrong way: lawyers often work for both States and companies, it is a world of specialists where everyone knew. Also calls on in Brussels for a « code of conduct pushed’. Lawyers should report « proactively » potential conflicts of interest and sessions dervraient become public. Cecilia Olivet doubts whether this is sufficient. « A code of conduct only makes sense only if it is binding, with fines and penalties. » And still need the United States to agree. »

The MEP Marietje Schaake is not against the arbitration itself. But in this case, she doubted its usefulness: the EU and the United States are not banana republics, they are equipped with the best legal systems of the world and are already mutually, without arbitration, first commercial partners.

When questioned in this regard, the employers ‘ organization VNO – NCW said that Brussels has little choice. At the end of the month are also beginning negotiations for a trade agreement with China – where investments are less safe. Remove the mechanism in a treaty, and not in the other, might offend the Chinese.

– Germany, champion of Europe of the debt before the Italy

Slaughterhouses AIM placed in receivership, close…

AIM, relief judiciary, or t – on?

Slaughterhouses AIM placed in receivership, nearly 600 jobs threatened
Learn more about http://www.lemonde.fr/entreprises/article/2015/01/06/les-abattoirs-aim-places-en-redressement-judiciaire-pres-de-600-emplois-menaces_4550108_1656994.html#Jz93IlHW6h4OGzWV.99

Not surprisingly, the commercial court of Coutances delivered Tuesday, January 6, the placing in receivership of slaughterhouses AIM with a six-month observation period. Many employees, on 591 in the company had made the trip and were demonstrating Tuesday morning before the tribunal to the call of the CGT, CFDT and CFE – CGC unions. Representatives of the establishment of Antrain in l’Ile-et-Vilaine which employs 179 employees, joined to those of the headquarters of Sainte-Cécile which brings together, him, the bulk of 373 employees of the channel.

The announcement of a fix of payment of salaries on the eve of Christmas, revealing the lack of cash, had the effect of a cold shower for the employees of AIM. Supplement shall be paid by the AGS insurance supplement to wages, as soon as the legal redress. Meanwhile, the general Council of la Mancha donated a 500 euros to the Normans whose salaries were less than 2200 euros per month. His counterpart of l’Ile-et-Vilaine, opting for an advance on wages.

Spanish and German competition

But employees are worried. They fear a scenario similar to that of the GAD breton abattoir which closed one of its two establishments and greatly reduced numbers in the second finally ceded the Intermarché group. Overall the number of employees of GAD is increased from 1700 mid-2013 to 530 today.

Read also: AIM, the fear of a « Norman Gad » slaughterhouses

The key question now is whether if the buyers are ready to pick up the glove and under what conditions. Local authorities who have supported at end of arm AIM since mid-2013 watching intently the folder. Indeed, the active intervention of the Government and in particular Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior and former MP PS channel, has led to the creation of a mixed economy (SEM) company who bought in 2013, the real estate assets of AIM for an amount of EUR 8 million.

If Spanish and German competition with low-cost wages, the pressure on retail prices and the Russian embargo have been mentioned to explain the fall of AIM, the management of the company is also questioned. Employees demonstrators, asked Tuesday, the departure of Director Stéphane Gouhier.

The origins of the Greek debt – to make live the PCF!

Interview with Eric Toussaint (president of the CADTM)

South, then, today, to the North, the indebtedness of States, Governments is a pretext and a formidable weapon to justify and impose ‘reforms’ in favour of capitalism, banks private financial investments funds. It is shock, to measures of social regression therapy unprecedented that the Troika – the international monetary fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank-, with the approval of Governments-, wants to submit the people of different countries.

The debt of the States is – it not, for a large part, the result of neoliberal policies conducted since 30 years by Governments of right and ‘left’, with tax gifts to employers, financial groups and the large fortunes? Recent swelling of public debts have nothing to do with the billions of euros from public budgets for ‘saving’ private banks? Powered budgets, basically, by the income from work! Borrowings successive, contracted talk States, rates of outrageous interest, those – banks, funds financial-accumulating tax gifts, are assorted, in Greece and elsewhere, drastic, skinning of public goods austerity plans. As the debt – repayment of interest-service, it became, in many States, one of the first posts public spending! The circle vicious, cynical and deadly debt is so curly

The Greek Committee against debt highlights the importance and dynamics: « by opening and en.

auditioning books of public debt, the movement of the citizen audit dares the unthinkable: it penetrates into the forbidden zone, in the Holy of Holies of the capitalist system, where, by definition, is not tolerated no intruders. Thus understood, the audit of the debt claim and especially its early implementation through the creation of committees, as popular instances where evidence of illegitimacy would be met and debated, would constitute a formidable tool of « re-democratization.


Greece: A symbol of illegitimate debt. Globalization

Obvious elements of illegitimacy of the debt

First there is the debt incurred by the regime of the colonels, it increased fourfold between 1967 and 1974. Obviously, it meets the qualification of debt odious |1|

To continue, there is the scandal of the 2004 Olympic Games. According to Dave Zirin, when the Government announced with pride in 1997 to Greek citizens that the Greece would have the honour of welcoming seven years later Olympic Games, authorities in Athens and the international Olympic Committee foresaw an expenditure of $ 1.3 billion. A few years later, the cost had increased four-fold and amounted to $ 5.3 billion. Just after these games, the official cost had reached $ |2| 14.2 billion. Today, according to different sources, the actual cost would exceed $ 20 billion.

Many contracts signed between the Greek authorities and large foreign private companies make scandal for several years in Greece. These contracts involved an increase in debt. Cite several examples which have hit the headlines in Greece:

several contracts with the transnational German Siemens, accused – both by German justice Greek-to have paid commissions and other bribes to staff political, military and administrative Greek for an amount approaching EUR 1 billion. The main leader of the firm Siemens-HellasV |3| which acknowledged having « financed » the two major parties Greek, fled in 2010 in Germany and the German justice rejected the request for extradition submitted by the Greece. These scandals include the sale by Siemens and Associates International, the Patriot anti-missile system (1999, 10 million euros in bribes), the digitalization of the call centres from OTE – body Greek Telecommunications (EUR 100 million bribes), « C4I » bought on the occasion of the 2004 Olympics security system and who has never worked, the sale of equipment to the Greek railways (SEK)telecommunications system Hermes in the Greek army, very expensive equipment sold to Greek hospitals.

the scandal of the German submarines (produced by HDW which has been absorbed by Thyssen) for a total value of 5 billion euros, submarine which had early failure look enormously… left (!) and be equipped with a faulty electronic equipment. A judicial inquiry into possible responsibilities (bribery) of the former Ministers of defence is underway.

It is normal to assume that debts incurred to achieve these contracts are minted of illegitimacy, or even illegal. They must be cancelled.

Next to cases which have just been mentioned, it is necessary to understand the recent evolution of Greek debt.



The origins of the Greek debt – to make live the PCF!


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