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Hi all
The least mature built, will be destroyed, any reform, or, made laws will be defeat, why, because simply, I do think not a single moment, is Europe, qu « hoped to De Gaulle, that; it is that I was hoping that we all, a slave Europe, a cowardly Europe, a Europe that flees from adversity, hoped a Europe which assumes not the slightest task , it would be that to intervene and interfere in the Affairs of countries
Instead of looking at the navel
I realize that this are Muslim, the French, the Europeans, have all had the same thing, it was all
Fact by the self have priced some kindness, which ultimately was that deceit, cheating, deception and dishonesty gain .appat, and search powers, all what we like what!What saddens me
The most is to see to see that some people, who have the power, and are sincere, but who are blinded by what is presented
And that they do not doubt a moment, than that on offer, not only it is an of, but in addition, they may have beaaucoup more
If this is the wealth and power of that much interest to them, they can have it 10, 100, 1000, 100 000 times more than what you offer
Take 1 or 2 minutes or +, if you feel it better, as well, and think, which upset some, is not that the vote RBM 2017 presidential, but it is especially the fact, as one stops to make repayments to the European Bank, EH!Yeah this is ca, suppose, but whether LOGUE, Dini & SORAL, or, even more strong SARKO, well on, it will never do, they are to fuck, although he would prefer SARKO, me finally BEN, what…Everyone knows that the debt of the France to student to 2000 billion d ‘ €

Two young of Lunel (Hérault), Karim and Hamza, aged 28 years and 19 years, were killed in fighting
I saw a person, in the journal, I believe, FR3 I say preview because I have seen that the lower part of the body of this person, who was interviewed by the journalists, and this person specified although the mosque of LUNEL was not at all, mixed, and not encouraged in any way, the fact that young people leave to do Jihad. In October, four young lunellois were killed in combat in Syria, recalls the Midi Libre. Now the Mayor is exceeded, it would be at least, knowing that 2 youth of + from his city, died by making Jihad, and indeed, the Muslims of Lunel community, and that of France should act, would, even if the faithful know,Remind in all mosques, the Jihad is not theirs (well, that most do not feel concerned, islam, which is learned by the Koran and the Imams, is a much more moderate islam) (Finally, I do not know how to say, but it’s a bit in the direction)
Ziad Abu Ein, Minister without portfolio responsible for issues related to colonization, was evacuated by ambulance after being injured in the village of Tharanga Aya. He died when his transport to the nearby town of Ramallah.Although the conflict is finished (for now), because obviously, some just waiting for it to resume. I know that some time, anger, rage, hatred, make good Bedfellows, that said, it’s easy to say from one side, as on the other, when on the ‘ has not experienced, it’s true!, that said, I know something unstoppable and irreversible, whatever we do, it is death, I don’t know anyone personally who in returned, unfortunately, those who died « for us » Finally, I think .mes uncles and others are dead why, so we can live better, finally, I believe, otherwise it’s useless what, a restore the demographics in some countries Mmmouaih..!China! to change the gyroscopic Earth effect, when it runs too fast Mmmouaih.NON? I think not. If it s are beaten, it is for us, finally, I do not want to moralize, but in this case, they are dead, why? for nothing, for MACACHE, NADA, Jason; it’s that, it’s not like that
There will be, unless indeed we want not peace, I know that there are, followers of chaos, but they are in the minority and the common sense would suggest that we stop because in France, one was b immediately the above,
It didn’t really last 100 years since this was interspersed with trêves(, mais 137ans,exactement)
The solution to facilitate, it made the Israelis with GAZA; it serves what, the mistakes of the past?

I’ve heard in the media, that the State go renegotiate or redeem, Yes, Yes, redeem the contracts, some 152 Socialist deputies wrote to Manuel Valls to demand the redemption of the concession of highways, according to a letter unveiled by the echoes Wednesday 10 December. « The application of the eco-tax then the toll of transit trucks having been abandoned, it is time to act through the repurchase of motorway concessions contracts concluded in 2006 with six historical societies», write the Socialist elected officials

It seems to me that the State to until December 31 to prevent, he redeems.What does gene, tremendously, it is than some who were to the power, would have pus to negotiate the contract, and that it will be, or need to push the Government to do something, it is crazy that, I mean that, if he had not had, Eotaxe, various strikes, taxi, railway workers, guys from the SNCM, physicians, bailiffs, notaries, patrons, demonstrations, a little hot ND of the GLANDS, SIVENS, ROYBON, we would have had nothing, if we didn’t move, is it normal, NON, this is one reason why I would vote Navy because I want and we want, a sovereign State, and there would be + tunes, why, because! referendum, that’s why.I’m thinking the State wants to redeem the motorways and sells airports, like a trick, that me gene, I hope that with the tunes of the motorways, you can improve, local researchers (CNRS, universities, because it is misery, you did Marvel me, they break), moreover, I think of something, get life insuranceWhen people died? the other day, finally, last year at the same times, it seems to me, there were heaps and heaps of people, who were décédés(Genres:SDF) sans qu’ils ne se demandent,mais,les comptes en banques.) ?


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