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Hi all

EHhOUAI… lack of Bowl, BFM, because I listened and fortunately, because to create rumors, y in a, are not the last, this CLOWN of BOURDIN, with SA, bad bad faith PUANTE and I listened by chance (I say coincidentally because I did not know that she chain, I was listened by taking my coffee from eating, so I got stop on BFM at 1.15 p.m. and)that is, I heard a young presenter told purely and simply lies, I doubt although it does not come from it, even if she wanted to be frothing a bit in as heard that MARINE LEPEN was for torture (it is obvious as the so-called Marine lepen, if you hear the TicTac of a bomb (, I prefer to know, or it is located, and if it is the only way to save lives, chais not, there are issues so obvious, that it is pathetic bullshit), but only in +, it would have found normal torturing about everyone,(bien sûr et la marmotte plie le chocolat dans l’ALU) and it is all just so ML took no pleasure in saying this , even in course, as it is false (P-T-N, it must be strong, that one), that is, one sees that they are rotten, but really because as this, you’ll realize for yourself, this is called :direct Bourdin Marine lepen 10/12(Extract Bn : you condemn them this torture, these practices of torture ML : no, but me I do not condemn Bn : because I saw that the Republican saying, but wait, wait, it is through torture can be that nous(il parlait deles de américains) got results against terrorism) , you convicts or not ML : I think on, that is subject, it is quite easy to come on a TV tray, say ulala, what is bad, y a actually of, those are very complicated situations that I would just say (cut by Bn ) Bn : torture can be used ML : Yes, Yes, YesSometimes it was used in the story, we will remember this debate.How to lay the truth has its sauce, definitely, you journos, you can’t live professionally, I hear the lie and the fabrication because some politicars feel cornered and non cocksuckers though!, simply to prevent MARINE LEPEN to do what it must do, is that you have something to reproach you, a trick that she must not know, or, because she says out loud what you think any bottom and that is precisely why who did, I would vote MARINE LEPEN presidential, say that it could happen to anyone passing in Bourdin, you are not free from the lies, or the rumor among them I knew pertinently that MARINE would, this morning which makes me laughis J.J. BOURDIN who makes a fool wanting absolutely hang Navy, seeing that she was always sincere, then you are tells you, why not torture, kind of question to the cons, we pose, when we know more what to say, and after that you attack on Russia, but it is of a poor, you are small, but then all small , but more, you f’ ground Le, more, there will be world to vote against you, against the lie against the fabrication, theft, latrompreie.etc…! 3 of QI, and again, it is much, me, that was a time, it was integrated and objective, I am well done have, I’m really still too naive, believe that people, like raffarin, sárköz, bourdin, valls, macron, Holland, desire, dray, work for the good of the people, Gags, Bah! I’m glad never to have made policy;I agree that before, I had hard time believing something, AH AH, has asked huh… crust conspiracy against Navy LEPEN?but now

With all the bad hereditary liver?and, all the facts, lies, merah, nemmouche, boko haram, DAECH, the famous July 14, who were following liberation, an attack had, this produce, BEN, if there is any bombs, onsaura, or, go, isn’t this july, it is because people like you, that the France bar in testicle

It’s still a failure without tassels for Melle JJ, lying in direct, a this clown is bad, its bad liver characterized human, as I say, the DD Lady!What, I posted comments under the video, and I think it to be erased

Alain Weill

Date of birth: 06/04/1961
Place of birth:Strasbourg (67) – France
Country of residence:France
Major companies:NextRadioTV SA

From the union of a surgeon father and a mother doctor, Alain Weill avoids medical career to focus on trade. He studied at the higher Institute of business, HEC working and gets his MBA.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, he creates his audiovisual consulting firm, WRMC, in 1984. Following a spontaneous application, he was recruited by the fledgling radio NRJ in 1985 to develop the network. He will be Director of 1985 and 1989 and will greatly assist NRJ to expand. It is Jean-Paul Baudecroux which the mark at the time. Throughout his career, this man will help him through the ranks.

Then, he held the post of Director general of Quarare (Sodexho group) from 1989 to 1990. In 1990, he became the Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion (CLT) Branch Secretary. He returned to the media, once again by Jean-Paul Baudecroux. It thus approximates RTL from 1990, before taking the reins in 1992’s the Maxximum radio which will become M 40. In 1992, he became a Director and general manager of radio group NRJ Group (NRJ, Chérie FM, nostalgia, laughter and songs…), then Chief Executive Officer of NRJ Board in 1995 and finally vice-president of the NRJ Group Executive Board in 1997 (and right arm of Jean-Paul Baudecroux). Alain Weill became known financial environments or his management skills are deemed. In 1998, he became president of the independent Union of private radio stations (SIRRP) boards.

In 2000, Alain Weill left NRJ and his mentor. He has not chosen this departure. In 2000, the NRJ group is interested in the acquisition of the RMC radio station. The latter has a hearing in free fall but with a brand image always strong. NRJ intends to acquire radio. But regulations prohibited at the time to a single group to hold more than 150 million potential listeners. NRJ cannot acquire CTMR.

New buyers are so sought after. Investment was very interested, the background Alpha, but this last wish a manager. Alpha asks Alain Weill. He hesitated between a clear career in a group such as NRJ or develop its own radio. He eventually choose this second option. Alpha then holds 65% 83.3% held by Pierre Fabre, and Alain Weill 35%. Monaco will retain the balance. NRJ shareholders do not appreciate this departure and the title fall sharply during the same day.

In 2000, Alain Weill created Nextradio (of which he became President of the Executive Board).

Alain Weill radically modifies the theme of the radio. RMC abandoned GP and became specialized in information, debate and sports. A few years later, the bet is won. RMC appears strong growth and the hearing is to go. Man blows, it will also get exclusive rerun rights during the football and rugby world cups.

Its success in RMC gives him a reputation as a buyer of companies. It thus acquires the BFM radio then in receivership in 2002 and dismissed a very large part of the staff by refocusing the activity on the economy. Do you mean what, one very spacious , do you mean that 840,000 this is what might suggest the evolution of the declared cause of dismissal. In 1994, 58% of 840,000 at the door were consecutive to a judicial liquidation, reorganization of the enterprise or other economic reasons. I understand better why Baron EASeilliére

May 9, 2005, the CSA retains the candidacy of his project of continuous news channel BFM TV economic development in the context of the call for nominations launched December 14, 2004, relating to the licensing of TNT. The chain is officially launched on 28 November 2005, at 6 pm.

NextRadio becomes NextRadioTV mounted with the support of the Baron Ernest-Antoine Seillière. Alain Weill is CEO and shareholder in 36% of this group holding two (RMC and BFM) radio stations and a television channel (BFM TV).

Alain Weill is once again pointed out by buying a group unhappy, the Group Tests. The latter owns brands like 01 Informatique, Micro Hebdo, and the site 01net.com

In 2008, he bought the daily economic newspaper « La Tribune » to the businessman Bernard Arnault.

It is in 2008 also that Alain Weill with Michel Moulin (former PSG sporting Adviser and Director general Hersant group) launched a sports daily, the ’10 sport’, to compete with the team.

« I’m a real liberal on the economic front as well as on that of ideas. »

About BFM TV: « to succeed as difficult competitions, it must have less doubts and more arguments than others.»


Alain Weill is forcing to launch its chain of sports information

2011 – The presidents of NextRadioTV and NRJ Group, Jean-Paul Baudecroux, combine to realize their project of new free channel on TNT. Two bosses sent a letter in this sense to the CSA, which prefers to temper.

The rostrum in the backup procedure

2011 – Last may, Alain Weill handed over the reins and 80% of the capital of the economic journal its Executive Director, Valérie Decamp. Support to the latter to find a dozen million euros to ensure sustainability of the title. Obviously without the success expected. This week, La Tribune comes to be given the backup procedure she had requested.
BFM Radio becomes BFM Business

2010 NextRadioTV boss wants to transform radio group in him giving a new dimension by the image. The economic radio will change its name to BFM Business benefit. The new entity seeks balance as soon as next year.

Alain Weill and Jean-Paul Baudecroux make common cause in the TNT

2010 – The patron of NextRadioTV and his counterpart of the NRJ Group, Jean-Paul Baudecroux, want to create new channels in DVB-t. Their goal? « Rebalance the audiovisual landscape », which it considers unfair.
It, is not the rumors, it is true,

« alain weill », is that the peace, which is French

Example:  » Abraham Drucker was physician-in-Chief a Drancy during the German occupation. . He was significant to the nazis assistance as he had to work to distinguish Jews from others. He thus allowed the arrest of many Jews who were sent to the death camps. The bank accounts of the Drucker family were seized after the liberation and Abraham Drucker was forced to testify and to designate the ss with whom he collaborated. « » (F & D No. 109 15-April 30, 2001) here’s a little ‘further investigation’ with this article cleaner Henri de Fersan (drawn from his blog):


The trial in absentia of the Officer SS Aloïs Brunner, probably died, was the occasion for the shopkeepers of the memory of utter on the darkest hours of their history.

They want that one speaks of Drancy? And well, talk of Drancy… Talk about those Jews who collaborated with the nazis. The camp at Drancy was largely self-managed by the Jews. Opened in 1941, it served as a basic transfer as part of the final Solution (deportation of the Jews in Poland following the publication by Theodore Kaufman of a book demanding the genocide of Germans). 67,000 Jews who are flown, only 8,500 were French. This camp had seven leaders: Asken, Max Blanor, Montel François, Georges Kohn, Robert Félix Blum, Georges Schmidt, Oscar Reich and Emmanuel Langberg. On 24 October 1942, a Jewish police internal is created, nicknamed the ‘Gestapolak’ because of her Ashkenazi recruitment. Are talking about Abraham Drucker (father of Michel), surgeon who assisted Brunner in his roundup of the Jews of the former free zone. Talk about Jankel Jouffa, father of Yves Jouffa of the League of the rights of man, who participated in this ‘police’ as head of stairs..

Talk of the UGIF who put in his pocket the 750 million stolen from the Jews and who sleep probably into the coffers of the lira, what made that with repairs, it is the girl who will pay the money stolen by the Jews to the Jews, as he paid, in lieu of the Jews, billion compensation demanded by the Germans to the Israelites following the attacks against the Wehrmacht.

Drancy in 1944, was again transformed into a concentration camp. Unlike closely there were parked all those whose system gaulchevique wanted to get rid. It was no longer a KL but a Gulag, which explains why Drancy I enjoys a nickel-plated memory and Drancy II « does not exist »… The proof of this denial of memory: photos of Drancy I illustrating the history books have been taken… in August 1944 Drancy II!

We will give them, memory. Talk about this thirteen-year-old girl, daughter of alleged « collaborators » who was raped in front of his parents by a bunch of garbage to cuff FTP (pleonasm). Talk about Red Cross packages looted by FTP (Communist habit, the Arbeitstatistik was such in Buchenwald). Talk about the torture of prisoners (and prisoners) including René Château gives a pale idea in his book the Age of Cain. Two-digit, two digits only: French executed by the Germans from 1940 to 1944: 29.775. French executed by the gaulcheviques in six months: 97.000…

The duty of memory, why not. But all memory! The time has come for the powerful to repentance. In the contrary case, we will be obliged to note that, for them, equality does not exist…

Little by little, the tuners of Europe chareau, breaks the hangover, jean-claude Juncker announced he recover his resignation to the head of State Thursday morning at the end of a Council Government, the France, who no longer recognizes its leaders, Europe, making such!But wait « it’s not over », it has only just begun

AH, there are not nice, there are nasty, cro we reap what you sow

LUXEMBOURG. Jean-Claude Juncker resigns – 10 July…, what I like, what you find the way to tell

Mr juncker Prime Minister must take its responsibilities not because it is dishonest or incompetent (but, of course) « , it is not dishonest or incompetent, it reveals not the existence of this file, and so these cards, + 300 000 sheets it’s fuck of a hangover from the world, to say, that it is not malhonnnete and not incompeyent »

Revealed in 2012, the case reveals the existence of 300,000 individual sheets of citizens and politicians, result of operations of espionage during the cold war. Logically, it ended the cold war, more, he finds a way of not mentioned an account that contains only 150 million €, it is a gag! Prime Minister of Luxembourg for 18 years and Dean of European leaders,

Recognition of the State of Palestine – http:// www .france… It was so much


Act Macron: ‘regression’ for Martine Aubry

I’m thinking, this is still a beautiful scam this Macron law, after, we will be told but not, cen’ is not a dictatorship what, then!,1 ° /it would not the ecotax, has been more than 7 months before what is completely tretires,2 ° /on wanted articles SNCF, it took, presqueun month to remove reform,3 ° /it would not act peillion it is ate it anyway,4 °/on did not this cutting of crap at the Department level,5 °/on did not farm of cows miles, there was still 6 °/on did not lo, passed by najat vallaud Bartolo /7° does not 2 th AETOPORT , 8 °/on won’t SIVENS9 ° /does not ROYBON10° /on unwilling dela Macronde, do not exit sub DECO, or HEC, to understand, that we are

laramase, taff, deposit balance level.

the small dishes in the large to accommodate, the famous law MACRON

in MDR, is the 1St time in 30 pins, that I see it, 1er Minister acconpagnant, the Minister of the economy do a speeches to explain from A to Z, its law and it is also « conference press, bef,Valls, Macron, le FOLL, Taubira , all this pretty p’tit world for presnter, this law; OUAIHhhh!

More a speech is long, the less things to say?FOR 30

How can t – on trust, has a guy, who was stack PRO-PALESTIENIEN and face ULTRA ZIONIST – Israeli now you can step, even if itself saying it changed, usually is

second nature, a guy supposedly left, people, left,

The other day, I listened to the CEO of SUPER U, this man is businessman, I do not lure me, but, I have to direqu’ he had an analysis very interesante, because, even if at times, that the bother of throwing, he tried at least to throw in as less as possible, it is fe licitait(salut MOI,c’est serge et moi,SERGE aussi,on s’fait une bouffe!)power times

Of do step enjeter of the tou, in addition, he had me look sincere, (I know, the air is not the song), and a very style Franchouillard, (the story to the stars poerter to pieces, and the fish, c (is what j – understood


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