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I would like to revisit the famous project « center Park ‘ of ROYBON?, or there was a demonstration of mayors, mainly to show their agreement to the center Park project, which should supposedly generate 468 jobs precisely,
‘.l’ negative opinion of the commission of inquiry, opposition from residents, environmental scandal work which started without any reflection on the environmental consequences, gennre, I do what I want, there or I want. The waterproofing of thirty-one acres and degradation of sixty-two hectares of areas moist. This holiday park, bemoan opponents, represents a threat for many protected species, and will be drinking water equivalent to that of a city of more than seven thousand inhabitants 7000hab (in an area where droughts are not uncommon).
The activists more than valid arguments, being support by experts, had strengthened in July, when the commission of inquiry public « water law » explained,(elle sert à quoi, sinon!)as «under consideration of all comments, both written and oral, public […]» and after auditioning experts, it had been able to only issue, unanimously, « an unfavourable draft notice » «we well reflected on the problems highlighted by the three Commissioners, with whom we had exchanges. It has listened to the remarks, responded to the doubts, it has modified and improved the project, supports Éric Magnie
But according to Jean-Marie Brun, Roybon resident and member of the association PCSCP, « one of the major points noticed during the public enquiry has not at all changed: (76) Seventy-six hectares of wetland will be destroyed or impacted.  »
Here, it is in an economically distressed area, explained during a demonstration late October, Myriam Langan-Denis, spokesman of the Greens of the Isère, the only party that opposes the project, and they decided to finance the water park with eighty million euros. It is public money that was exempted from local tourism and which could have been otherwise use. « The first seven million have already unblocked by the general Council of Isère, always for the sinews of war ‘ ‘ money, but if, at least, it was well used

Okay, let’s talk little, and try to speak well to the seen of the various arguments against the project, what you need to know, and what is irreversible, it is the destruction of environments of protected animals, destruction of the wetland area of 31 hectares on 62 acres, or half, but when same!, arguments, 468 job. AHh! the fact these works are financed by the general Council of Isère, it seems to me, Ah! anyway, it must be as the general Council will be a bit of wheat top, who will take care of the work VINCI, BOUYGUES, to follow it is that the president of the Communauté de communes de BIÈVRES CHAMBARAN, I ask, do this at the case, or it would take money from the taxpayer you never know.
Gentlemen and ladies, the mayors of France, build, yes! but with sub, which belong to you, more, asks you to do a demonstration, yeah, why not! jobs yeah, why not, also, the cause is noble, indeed, that is why, for the what, you has requested to come, but already, chais not for 468 unfortunate jobs on another paper , I read 700 in a week, ca is ra 1000 (you will tell me, 468 jobs, it’s not bad, it is equivalent to bankruptcy or closure, or the loss of 4 a5 SMEs in ISÈRE (, the equivalent of approximately 500 jobs (at this juncture, one suspects, that is does if ra not of CDIs, when well same, will be fous(je le suis)))) ((already, I know), it creates 468 jobs, it is far from being a manufacturing site, with chais not 1500 2000 employees and +), I do not want to say but ‘center Park’ has never enjoyed a super awesome, want to go there;30 rods, I, y go 2 timesyou helped to reform Pellions, Hannon, or to others.
And this is what, this mania of all, wanting to concreting?I know, need to build shit, but still!THAT is either right or left, person has a monopoly of good sense!


AH, aufait Ms. ROYALE is right, I am not often agree with it, but I have to say that, frankly, she’s right, as do a prefectural stop for it, this is a GAG!A, the election of the Mayor, I said to myself, that is what is better for PARIS, a chick who thinks that a colour and her hairdresser or another imbued with his person and on her, especially, that, it makes the âneries(elle a été a bonne école,Delanoé.les pauvres PARIGOS,c’était Charibde ou Scylla,ou la peste,et le choléra)
Open fires prohibited: « absurd », judge Ségolène Royal, who wants to go back on the decision the Minister of ecology Segolene Royal announced Tuesday morning will return on the prohibition of chimney fires in Paris and 434 municipalities in Ile-de-France to January 1, 2015.
You should know that, sincerely, I don’t think, Act, MACRON, happen, whatever, the point, the figaro, huftington, France in the evening, the tribune, the world, europe1, rtl, etc…!all agree to demonstrate that there really is a problem
With this law! INSEE in short ‘ to understand economic growth « .

INSEE – Definitions and methods – growth rate
Definition. The rate of growth of a quantity (GDP, turnover, salary, etc.) measuring its evolution from one period to another (month, quarter, year).
The rate of growth of a quantity (GDP, turnover, salary, etc.) measuring its evolution from one period to another (month, quarter, year). It is widely expressed in percentage.
Thus, the GDP growth rate between the year (n-1) and year n is given by the formula:
((PIBn-PIBn-1) / PIBn-1) * 100

INSEE – Indicator – still gloomy growth prospects
Still gloomy growth prospects. Summary. In the euro zone, GDP will rise by 0.2% in the 3rd and 4th quarter 2014, and 0.3% in the first quarter…

In the euro zone, GDP will rise by 0.2% in the 3rd and 4th quarter 2014, and 0.3% in the first quarter 2015, this evolution masking disparities between the economies in the area. This recovery would be mainly linked to a gradual improvement of the domestic demand


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