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Definitely the goat, Beeeeehhhhhh has nothing understood, water, wet it, as its truffle de BLASIO, it is the same it is the wailing wall, that it the helped, it’s not true, to be as silly, but you made purposely, I thought that it did meet them that in the BDs, P-T-N, but, no, in life, too, (first between 8 h and 20 htrucks and coaches registered before October 2001 and by July 2016, cars registered before January 1997 – either a car in seven in Paris according to the Town Hall – and before registered two-wheelers 2000)For the bikes, genres you’re runner, your bike date from before 2000, you have it in, bone, you will put on the ear, and, you the fumeras, after, you are verbalized or other kind your park your bus because you had no choice, as this happened to me once, when I was Secretary of this, the bus driver, stopped in a place not dangerous for motorists and bus passengers, people, I accompanied, descended from the bus to go place du tertre in PARIS, and there were 96 persons retired from the box, or I was working, including a good 20 elder, who were relatively slow to their ages and their diseases, cardiac, EH BEN, it didn’t prevent to take a plum Finally, there were 2 buses, (it was still in ff in France 2001, I came just to be elected; 2 plums,! one of the 2 keuf did not want Plum, the other was zealous 2 X 900 FF = 1800ff (1) for each bus, short, conten… what!.)another case, suppose that your old, spin you their caisse, or that you buy it, of course, it dates from many avant1997, it only remains you that a park your car at a porte(delesde lilas,de la chapelle,etc..)e tautre) and take the subway, or, if you happen to get their hands on a velib, in the corner, possible, but I know, if you’re young, it will be, but if you smoke, and, as you do the chug, while drinking a good flick, you have 40 spring well sounded n.o., you’re more at your old Eh ben! forgot, because frankly, I see you ill be doing this way especially if you’re gonna work on the other side of PARIS, and so you need to do everything every morning to go Jiraporn.The anti-pollution plan adopted PARISa Council this is, Yes, couige, quentange, in shelving, Con seil of paris adopted, which wants to plan the Mayor, it is crap, it’s not worth a rabbit pet, your anti pollution plan, you based it on what on the Vélib, you must do it yourself, grow in the garden, must be that she wakes the Lady PARIS, this is not London, if she wanted to have strikes, but frankly, you have not had your lot, because, if you do not have it, you will have, and not a little it will, you are not overstretched, between auto – schools, bikers and some taxi Union.Definitely, this Government is beast, more beast, you die, and say that it took courses.

HSBC, it starts

Macron member of the Bilderberg

Small bourgeois mediocre and complex in his childhood, he puts on account of the failure of its local leftist activism and N. Sarkozy’s election to the Presidency of the Republic have pushed him into the arms of capitalism (there for the least understood that the laundering of tax exile brought to the highest echelons of the State, like Georges POMPIDOUthe first president of the French Republic set up by the Bilderberg (after the ouster of Charles DE GAULLE by the CIA in 1968)


you have earned a position of MPP +, like this, you go past the laws you want, as before,

Sincerely, I made me not, but I realize, even when it took you 13 candidates, and as by chance, you won the election (very big doubt, but without evidence? as for the SE bid victory, so 13 candidates for 1, it is that this proves one thing, that you hide something, baby!) It is known, in part, one wonders what you ave z fear?

Would be very hard, if all the world were paid his tax, AH! in fact, I don’t know what they promised you for the election, but if this is the case, I spokes to you, I would count much on it, knowing that the masons francs, is to lie, as the wheel is to the bike, therefore; If, mayors, the promises of positions, or establishment, or, House, gaffe, this is not a garden, or the niche of the dog shelters, although not as reform PEILLON, plus in the MACRON(encore une belle,carotte peut être!, enfin!) law reformagenda, where have the emmerdes count on you, ask former Mayor of gap on sea René MARRATIER what it thinks, it’s crazy, huh! It’s the fault of person (fault with no luck? what! next time, it may be to you, who is? random!,)

For more info:

The Prosecutor had requested, on 15 October, unusually penalties for non-intentional torts: 4 years in prison including a suspended sentence and € 30,000 fine against René Marratier. 3 years including a suspended sentence and € 50,000 fine against Françoise Babin; 2 years including a suspended sentence and € 50,000 fine against Philippe Babin; 1 year with stay and € 5000 fine against Alain Jacobsoone. However, discussions had highlighted the particular context of the time , and including the ambivalent attitude of the services of the State; but the Prosecutor has not seen there reason to temper its adversarial passion.

Sheep rabid thanks, to them

The sheep are fed up, they shall inform!

I’m thinking, that some calls me and we ‘ call extremists,(parce que je ne suis pas NAZI et on est pas de) their side (WSPU, or the third REICH), and that my and our ideas are diametrically opposed to theirs.

Tax havens

These States, commonly referred to as  » tax havens », are:
• (added August 2013, retired in January 2014),
•Marshall Islands,
•British Virgin Islands or B.V.I (added in August 2013),
• (added August 2013, retired in January 2014),
•Curacao (Netherlands antille)

1. U.S.A (Delaware),

2 Luxembourg,

3 Switzerland,

4 The Cayman Islands,

5 United Kingdom (City of London),

6 Ireland,

7 Bermuda,

8 Singapore,

9 Belgium,

10 and Hong Kong.

Manipulation techniques , these techniques are used, to all Governments, all!and especially to our!This is what they do since(1) month approximately.

1st part

Little reminder for those who do not yet know these techniques, the topic is divided into two parts separate this for practical reasons and to respect the source that lies here. It is not big enough thing to realize that these techniques are much used at present in our daily lives, whether by advertising, the information, but also policies that increasingly demonstrate a very great talent in the Newspeak for the course in the area, visit the page on the Newspeak of the blogManipulation of public opinion and society
Strategies and techniques commonly employed

1 – The strategy of diversion
Primordial element of social control, the diversion strategy is to divert the attention of the public of important issues and changes decided by the political and economic elites through a continual deluge of distractions and insignificant information. The strategy of diversion is also essential to prevent the public to focus on the essential knowledge in the fields of science, economics, psychology, Neurobiology, and cybernetics. « Keep the attention of the distracted public, far from the real social problems, captivated by subjects without real significance. Keep the public busy, busy, busy, no time to think; back to the farm with the other animals. « (excerpt from »Silent weapons for quiet wars »)

2 – Create problems, then offer solutions
This method is also called « problem-reaction-solution ». It first creates a problem, a ‘situation’ planned to elicit a certain reaction of the public, so that it is itself applicant of the measures you want to make him accept. For example: leave to develop urban violence, or organize bloody attacks, so that the public is applicant of security laws at the expense of freedom. Or: create an economic crisis to accept as an evil required the decrease of social rights and the dismantling of public services.

3 – The strategy of the gradient
To accept an unacceptable measure, simply apply it gradually, « gradient », over a period of 10 years. It is in this way that radically new socio-economic conditions were imposed during the years 1980 to 1990. Massive unemployment, precariousness, flexibility, relocations, wages failing to ensure more decent, income as many changes which would have caused a revolution if they had been applied brutalement.c’ is what depends on them, on the nose, courtesy of PERSONNEya not a guy called E.zeimmour, which wanted a civil war, and another, which if called ATILA, non, but non-ATTALIqui said in the commision for growth and activity, there 3 days, it was the law of the STRONGEST, it seems to me that I heard it.

4 – The strategy of the deferred
Another way to accept an unpopular decision is presented as « painful but necessary », by obtaining the agreement of the public in the present for an application in the future. It is always easier to accept a future sacrifice as an immediate sacrifice. Firstly because the effort is not to provide immediately. Then because the public still has a tendency to naively hope that « everything will be better tomorrow » and requested sacrifice can be avoided. Finally, cela allows time for the public to get used to the idea of change and accept it with resignation when the time comes. Recent example: the transition to the Euro and economic and monetary sovereignty loss were accepted by European countries in 1994-95 for an application in 2001. Another example: the multilateral agreements of the FTAA that USA have imposed in 2001 to the countries of the American continent yet reluctant, granting an application deferred to 2005.

5 – Apply to the public as children in infants
Most advertisements aimed at the general public use a speech, arguments, characters, and a tone particularly infantilizing, often close to the debilitating, as if the viewer were a young child or a mentally handicapped. Typical example: the French TV campaign for the changeover to the Euro (« the days euro »). Most attempts to deceive the Viewer, more it will adopt a tone infantilizing. Why? « If it is addressed to a person as if she was 12 years old, then, due to suggestibility, it will be, with a certain probability, a response or a reaction also critical meaningless than a person 12 years. » (see « Silent weapons for quiet wars »)

6 – Appeal to the emotional rather than reflection
Appealing to the emotional is a classic technique to short-circuit rational analysis, and therefore critical of individuals. In addition, emotional register used to open the door access to the unconscious for ideas, desires, fears, impulses, or behavior…

7 – Keep the public in ignorance and stupidity
To ensure that the public is incapable of understanding the technologies and methods for its control and its slavery. « The quality of education given to the lower classes must be of the poorest sort, so that the gap of ignorance that insulates the lower classes of the upper classes is and remains incomprehensible by the lower classes. » (see « Silent weapons for quiet wars »)

8 – Encourage the public to take pleasure in mediocrity
Encourage the public to find ‘cool’ being silly and vulgar, uneducated…

9 – Replace the revolt by guilt
Make believe the individual is solely responsible for his misfortune, because of inadequate intelligence, abilities or efforts. Thus, instead of rebelling against the economic system, the individual is auto-dévalue and makes, resulting in a depressive state of which one of the effects is the inhibition of the action. And without action, no revolution!…

10 – Know better individuals they don’t know themselves
Over the 50 years, the rapid progress of science have dug a growing gap between the knowledge of the public and those owned and used by the ruling elites. Through biology, Neurobiology, and applied psychology, the ‘system’ has an advanced knowledge of the human being, both physically and psychologically. The system came to know better the average individual that it only knows himself. This means that in the majority of cases, the system holds greater control and greater power over individuals and individuals themselves.

Second part

It will also remind you some specific examples…Here is so according to wikipedia and the author of this article the methods used and the possible messages of propaganda:
Fear: a public that is afraid is in a position of passive receptivity, and more readily admits the idea we want to inculcate. For example, Joseph Goebbels exploited the sentence of Theodore Kaufman, « The Germany must perish! », to assert that the Allies are aimed at the extermination of the German people.

Appeal to the authority: the call to the authority is to include major figures to support an idea, an argument, or a course of conduct.

Testimony: testimonials are of the entries, in or out of context, especially cited to support or reject a policy, action, program, or a given personality. Reputation (or role: expert, respected, etc. public figure) of the individual is also operated. The testimony marked with the seal of respectability propaganda message.

Herd effect: this call tries to persuade the audience to adopt an idea by suggesting that an irresistible mass movement is already engaged elsewhere for this idea. As everyone would prefer to be in the camp of the victors in the minority who will be crushed, this technique allows to prepare the audience to follow the propagandist.

Redefinition, revisionism: is to redefine words or to falsify history in a partisan manner.

Obtain disapproval: this technique is to suggest that an idea or action is adopted by an opposing group, so that the audience disagrees with this idea or action without really studying it. Thus, if a group which supports a policy is led to believe that undesirable, subversive, or contemptible people support it also, the members of the group are more likely to change their minds.

Dazzling General and virtuous words: the General cause an intense emotion in the audience. For example, appealing to the love of the homeland, to the desire for peace, freedom, glory, justice, honour, purity, etc., to kill the critical spirit of the audience. Even if these words and these expressions are concepts whose definitions vary depending on the individual, their connotation is always favorable. So, by association, the concepts and programs of the propagandist will be perceived as about as grandiose, good, desirable and virtuous.

Intentional imprecision: it comes to report facts in the face or to quote statistics without giving sources. The intent is to give the speech content of scientific appearance, without allowing to analyze its validity or applicability. These inaccuracies can slip into the legal system, in the form of a soft law, pushing communication to obtain information, influencing public opinion.

Transfer: this technique is used to project the positive qualities or negative of a person, entity, an object or a value (an individual, a group, organization, nation, patriotism, etc.) to a third party, in order to make this second entity more (or less) acceptable. This technique is used, for example, to transfer the blame from one camp to another, during a conflict. It evokes an emotional response that stimulates the target so that it identifies itself with the recognized authority.

Oversimplification: are General used to provide simple answers to problems social, political, economic, or military complex.

Quidam: to gain the trust of his audience, the propagandist uses the level of language and manners (clothing, gestures) of an ordinary person. By projection, the audience is immediately more inclined to accept the positions of the propagandist, since it looks like him.

Stereotype or label: this technique uses the prejudices and stereotypes of the audience to push it to reject the object of the propaganda campaign.

Scapegoat: in casting anathema on an individual or group of individuals, wrongly accused of being responsible for a real (or perceived) problem, the propagandist can avoid talking about the real culprits, and doesn’t have to deepen the problem itself.

Slogans: a slogan is a brief phrase, easy to remember and therefore to recognize, allowing to leave a trace in all minds.

Semantic shift: technique of replacing one term by another to the discharge of any content emotional and empty it of its meaning (euphemism). The semantic slippage can conversely strengthen the expressive power to better move the audience. Examples: « air strike » instead of ‘bombing’, ‘collateral damage’ instead of ‘civilian casualties’, ‘liberalism’ instead of ‘capitalism’, ‘law of the jungle’ instead of ‘liberalism’, ‘solidarity’ instead of ‘tax’, « preventive pedagogy » instead of  » police repression», «preventive humanitarian intervention» instead of »military intervention « .

SwissLeaks: the list of tax evaders of HSBC unveiled by the world

HSBC Bank: the France would have delisted 3,300 tax evaders

The world reveals that nearly 100,000 people held accounts not reported in Switzerland, within the HSBC Bank. Among them, doctors, lawyers, but also well personalities known to the general public.

It is a vast tax evasion around the world revealed by the world Sunday night. 100,000 customers, including 3,000 French, held accounts undeclared in Switzerland, within the bank HSBC. The daily was able to consult listings covering a period between 2006 and 2007, and on which the justice investigation. In total, EUR 180.6 billion reportedly hosted by the Bank, which has not hesitated to best advise its wealthy clients so that they escape the taxman, including creating 20 000 companies based at the Panama or BVI. Among these fraudsters, many of anonymous rich and mafia, celebrities… « This long list hides very different situations, » said Le Monde. Customers would have averaged 60 years, and more than half would be born between 1935 and 1958, according to the daily. Include minors, women homemakers and students, enrolled as beneficiaries. The other articles, include of many traders, company executives, and some liberals. There would be a hundred doctors and about 50 lawyers.

Those who are unveiled here, it is because, they were cowards by their super friends, their brothers and because they want to, like, this, they are provided in pastures, for calm the crowd « THIRSTING » misery, but those are what lures, is what not Mélenchon, of small, even, because the biggest, I you the resrves

If for the majority of us, it’s huge, but alongside of this is tail slab, of cat pee

Next to these anonymous, there are also celebrities. The name of the best-known French appearing in these listings is undoubtedly that of Gad Elmaleh. According to Le Monde, the comedian had a sparsely stocked account, 80,000 euros. It would have regularized his situation since. Jacques Dessange also appears in the listings. The founder of the empire of the hairstyle would have owned an account supplied in the amount of EUR 1.6 million between 2006 and 2007. Also would have regularized it his situation since. In the scammers list unveiled by the world, we note also the jumble of Belgian Christophe Dugarry presence (more), Philippe Lavil singer (he would have regularized his situation) or even of the producer of the movie « LOL » Lisa Azuelos (his Press Secretary says that « everything is good »).

Actor John Malkovich is also part pins, as the champion of motorcycle Italian Valentino Rossi, the Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso, the Australian model it Mc Pherson, or musician Phil Collins. Are also available on these listings Rami Makhlouf, cousin of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, and the King of Jordan, Abdullah II. The latter would have hidden up to EUR 7.9 million.

Video- More than EUR 180 billion passed in secret by accounts of the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC between 2006 and 2007, according to a survey in which participated the world. Several French and international personalities have taken advantage of this massive tax evasion. Besides soros, kranthi

Detractors criticize the role played by Soros through his Quantum Fund Investment Fund, domiciled in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) – a tax haven regularly denounced by the financial action task force on money laundering (FATF), which brings together several Governments

To give you an idea of what couter a boat and a House there, source no. 782 of the newspaper of Saint – barth , that there will be money, Yes, but not taking advantage of the trust of the people, especially, people who give you their trust, it, is inpardonnable, some will tell me, but, how do the pognons without deceived others, a very simple trick, in something, and making work his brain

Some who, I think, and which I do not unveil the name, the one already made, and are on a beach now


Apartment: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room, balcony,

Sea view, swimming pool

1680 € month, excluding charges for water and electricity. Free may 1

Bungalow, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room with corner kitchen, covered terrace,

Garden, swimming pool,

1450 € month, excluding charges for water and electricity. Free 1er June


Toiny: ground views sea – 2000 m2

price: 1,800,000 €

Pointe Milou: Very nice villa completely renovated with exceptional sea view

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room, kitchen, swimming pool,

garage, technical room

price: 2,800,000 €


Gustavia: commercial lease 3 / 6 9

privileged location

land, rentals,

New lease rights… contact us for RV

For sale / For sale

•New ref.08286 plot for building (1100 m2), beautiful current draft

Height of St John view sea & hills 1,300,000 €

• ref.08atl plot for building (1840 m2) beautiful sea 1,700,000 €

Building lot 1840 m 2 within walking distance of beach, great sea view

• ref.08284 right to lease boutique in the heart of Gustavia;

40 m 2 most beautiful floor, moderate rent. To enter! 350,000€

Capture -Ref: 08LAL



Stay and salon opened on terrace

covered, large mezzanine

equipped, swimming pool & terrace deck

Guest room and garage in RC

1,500,000 €


IN small ass Bag

It is perhaps not the richest but that is important, but I think that when you are french, whether you are rich or poor, one must do to share the fact that one must meet expenditures, as his country purchases, otherwise tax has no place being, or toule world pay, or, people pay.

The France has a major problem: it was too rich, and she does not love.

Patrons are profiteers, exploiters, they sow misery, and are responsible for the precariousness of employment. Without them, there would be no social injustice, and all would be much better.

But what to do?

This is where European solidarity is involved and is warm in the heart, and the french have much luck: after Great Britain which had rolled out the red carpet to accommodate the rich François Holland did not, the Belgium is willing to accommodate more french tax exiles (5). According to the Belgian Parliament, these are 20 rich who came to settle in Belgium this year, and the number should explode next year. If one adds the french who are parties in Switzerland since May 6, the problem of the rich should be quickly settled, and the France could quickly become the paradise that she would never cease to be.

Here is the list of the rich with the France has already gotten rid. It is a feat, because the task is difficult: some are encrusted and ticks that live on the back of the company.

The France has a major problem: it has too many riches, and she does not love.

Patrons are profiteers, exploiters, they sow misery, and are responsible for the precariousness of employment. Without them, there would be no social injustice, and all would be much better.

But what to do?

This is where European solidarity is involved and is warm in the heart, and the french have much luck: after Great Britain which had Symposium the red carpet to welcome wealth François Holland did not want, the Belgium is willing to accommodate more than french tax exiles (5). According to the Belgian Parliament, these are 20 wealth who came to settle in Belgium this year, and the number should explode next year. If one Adds the french who are parties in Switzerland since May 6, the problem of wealth should be quickly settled, and the France could quickly become the paradise she presented ever of cease to be.

Here is the list of resources the France has already gotten rid. It is UN exploit, car the task is difficult: some are encrusted and ticks that live on the back of the company.


-Jean Alesi, resides in Switzerland
-Marion Bartoli, resides in Switzerland
-Julien Benneteau, resides in Switzerland
: Arnaud Boetsch, resides in Switzerland
: Arnaud Clement, resident in Switzerland
-Nicolas Escudé, resident in Switzerland
-Guy Forget, resides in Switzerland
: Richard Gasquet, resides in Switzerland
-Mr. Jean-Claude Killy, resides in Switzerland
-Henri Leconte, resides in Switzerland
-Sébastien Loeb, resides in Switzerland
-Paul – Henri Mathieu, resides in Switzerland
-Gaël Monfils, resides in Switzerland
-Christophe Moreau, resides in Switzerland
-Amélie Mauresmo, resides in Geneva en Switzerland
-Stéphane Peterhansel, resides in Switzerland
-Cédric Pioline, resides in Switzerland
-Alain Prost, resides in Switzerland
-Fabrice Santoro, resides in Switzerland
-Florent Serra, resides in Switzerland
-Gilles Simon, resident in Switzerland
-Jo – Wilfried Tsonga, resides in Switzerland
-Vincent Rives, resides in Ireland
-Jean-Philippe Gatien, resides in Delaware in the United States


-Charles Aznavour, resides in Switzerland
-David Hallyday, resides in Switzerland
: Johnny Hallyday, resides in Gstaad in Switzerland
-Patricia Kaas, resides in Switzerland
-Florent Pagny, resides in Patagonia (Argentina)
-Michel Polnareff, resides in the United States
: Laforêt Marie, a Swiss citizen and resident
-Renaud resides in London
-Yannick Noah, resides in the United States (« favourite character of the french…!)



-Daniel Auteuil, resident in Belgium
-Emmanuelle Béart resides in Belgium (the lessons for the «sans papiers in France» donneuse)
-Laetitia Casta, resides in the United Kingdom
-José Garcia, resident in Belgium
-David Habibi, resides in the Canada
-Alain Delon, resident and citizen Switzerland


-Anne Marie Mitterrand (3), resident in Belgium
-Christian Jacq, resides in Switzerland
-Marc Levy, resides in the United Kingdom
-Michel Houellebecq, resides in Spain (in Ireland previously)

The bosses and shareholders

-Jacques Badin (Carrefour) resides in Brussels, Belgium
-Thomas Bata (Bata Shoe brand) resides in Switzerland
-The family Baud (not Jean Baud), (Franprix and Leader Price brands), resident in Switzerland
-Lotfi Bartlett, (president of Air Liberté), resides in Belgium. He fled France car ISF accounted for 93% of revenues
: Claude Berda, (Group AB), resides in Cologny in Switzerland
-Members of the Bich (Bic group) family residing in Switzerland
-Michele Bleustein-Blanchet, one of the heiresses of Publicis, resides in Cologny in Switzerland
-Corinne Bouygues, resides in Geneva, Switzerland
-Pierre Castel, Castel Frères Group CEO (Thonon, crystalline, 33 export, Saint-Yorre, Vichy Celestins) lies near Lake Geneva in Switzerland
-Members of the family Mulliez (Auchan, Decathlon, world carpet, Norauto and Kiabi), resident in Belgium
: Georges Cohen, Sogeti, (computer science and armament), group resides in Switzerland
-Bernard Darty, founder of Darty, resident in Belgium
-Jean-Louis David, founder of the salons hairdressing, resides in Switzerland.
-Members of the Defforey, originally from the crossroads company family, resident in Belgium
-Members of the family Despature, does Paul-Georges Despature, owner of Dalton and Somfy marks, reside in Switzerland and Belgium
-Paul Dubrulle, (co-creator of the Accor Group) and former Senator-Mayor of Fontainebleau, resides in cologny in Switzerland
-The Ducros family members reside in Cologny in Switzerland
: Pierre-François Grimaldi (iBazar), resident in Belgium
-Eric Guerlain, (Group Christian Dior), resides in the United Kingdom
-Daniel Hechter, creator resides in Switzerland
-Philippe Hersant, (Group Hersant press) resides in Belgium
-Philippe Jaffré, (former president dElf)
-Robert Louis-Dreyfus and heirs Louis-Dreyfus (Group Louis-Dreyfus, Olympique de Marseille) reside in Zurich, Switzerland
-Members of the family Mimram, do Jean-Claude Mimram, (Senegalese sugar company…) resident in Gstaad in Switzerland
-Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt and members of the family (owner of the Laurent-Perrier Champagne), resident in Switzerland
-Denis Payre (1), (founder of Business Objects), is resident in Belgium or has started a new company, Kiala, which has hired 100 people
-Members of the family Peugeot (PSA group), resident in Switzerland
: Jean Pigozzi, (heir to the Simca cars), resident in Switzerland
-Michel Reybier, (former CEO of Justin Jenny, Cochonou, Aosta), resident in Switzerland
-Jacques Tajan (2), (former Prime Minister of France commissaire-commissaire-priseur), resident in Belgium
-Members of the family Wertheimer (Chanel), reside in Cologny in Switzerland
-Antoine Zacharias, (former CEO of Vinci), resides in Geneva, Switzerland
-Roger Zannier, (Vixen, Kenzo, Kookai, Oxbow, Z and absorbed), resides in Cologny in Switzerland
-Alain Ducasse, Cook, has traded his French nationality to join Monaco
-Family Primate (Schlumberger Limited)
-Benjamin de Rothschild (Group financier Edmond de Rothschild)
-Family Lescure (Seb, Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, Moulinex, Calor…)
-Family Murray
-Nicolas Puech (Hermes…)
-Family (Lancel) Zorbibe
-Family Lejeune (SEITA…)
-Philippe Jabre (Jabre Capital Partners)
-Family Harari (Negma lab)
-The Taittinger family (4) (Champagne Taittinger)
-Denis Dumont (sign Grand fee)
-Michel Lacoste (Lacoste clothing)
: Nicole Bru-Maata (lab UPSA)
-Alain Dumenil (acanthus development)
-Bruno Moineville (cable networks of France)
-Flaxieu Montfalcon Hugues (Maxiris)
-Christian Picart (Buffalo Grill)
: Thierry Roussel (Group Carat, cfgs, Onassis)
-Paul Dubrule (Accor)
: Maurice and David Giraud (Pierre and holidays)
-Jérôme Witt (Witt watches)
-Dominique Fremont (Mauboussin)

Reproduction permitted with the following mention: © Jean-Patrick Grumberg for http://www.Dreuz.info

(1) Denis Payre decided to return in France (and to pay his taxes) when Sarkozy set up the tax shield. It annulled his decision when he heard François Holland declare that there wealth of the of dislike.

(2) Jacques Tajan:  » the France is aggressive, jealous, towards those who have succeeded. I created 500 jobs in France, left the administration of 225 million euros of taxes and various fees, in addition to 40 million Payroll. I received nothing in return. »

(3) Anne-Marie Mitterrand:  » this French Variant must be changed, because it is dangerous. « The class struggle, the disorder, taxes and texts: all this I fled »

(4) Hugues Taittinger, is ready to return to France when great to have « was obliged to sell shares of our for pay taxes and EWB» itself will be dimmed. When the France will give him the certainty that he « will lose more of what he has won » and that he can give to his family « , away from certainty that it will be ‘ .

(5) a fr Uccle Belgium, the commune of the french school, there are now 6,700 residents English, and about 4000 French families living in Belgium.

Reproduction permitted with the following mention: © Jean-Patrick Grumberg for http://www.Dreuz.info

Here the Puppetmasters: Here 25 politically most influential billionaires in the United States

Tyler Durden’s picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden 2014-09-11 23:29-0400

It has been said, correctly, if only by those who see beyond the paradigm of « left-right » false, that those who strings in US policy and therefore American socio-economics, are not so much American corporations lobbying, but the people behind the companies – i.e. those who have the money… all this. Obviously, no one has more money than the billionaires of America.So who are the real puppetmasters who determine the fate of America?

« For an answer, we turn to the Brookings Institution governance studies Director Darrell West in whose upcoming book »billionaires: reflections on the upper crust « door on the use policy of great wealth, including campaign expenses, activism through nonprofit organizations and foundations, holder of public office, ownership of the media, political thought and leadership behind the scenes influence. Most important, it classifies 25 influential Americans billionaires.

So the brothers Koch, Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, all the way to Marc Andreesen, Donald Trump and Alice Walton, they are here, if readers agree with the ranking or not.

The federal reserve Directors: A study of the Influence of corporations and Bank



Charles & David Koch


Michael Bloomberg


Tom Steyer


Sheldon Adelson


George Soros


Rupert Murdoch


Bill and Melinda Gates


John and Laura Arnold


Penny Pritzker


Warren Buffett


Peter Thiel


Mark Zuckerberg


Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos


Pierre and Pamela Omidyar


Paul Singer


Peter G. Peterson


Marc Andreessen


Donald Trump


Alice Walton


David rockeller

You will not, tell me that amongst these billionaire, none does, appeal to tax havens, I can already see 3

They are all Americans, and almost all republi

Me talk about these guys who think they can make rain or shine

Sheldon Adelson

He was present at the inauguration ceremony of Benjamin Netanyahu in early 2009, including the free daily Israël Hayom deemed favourable to the new Israeli Prime Minister has become the second most-read in the country daily

David Rockefeller

He is honorary president of The Trilateral Commission (founder and Honorary Chairman) and has cofounded Bilderberg Group in 1954 with the prince Bernhard of Netherlands . He is the recipient of the Legion of Merit

Normal, that it is he and other SOROS, I believe, in the island of Curaçao (Dutch antille)

is also president of Council on Foreign Relations,
Langue source

Le conseil de PARISa adopté le plan anti pollution c’est cela,oui, couige ,quentange, dans l’étagére ,le Con seil de paris adopte ,ce qui veut ,le plan de madame le maire ,c’est de la merde,ça vaut pas un pet de lapin ,votre plan anti pollution ,vous l’ avez basé sur quoi sur des vélib ,vous devez la faire vous-même, pousser dans le jardin



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