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Hello all;

«I saw a message from the president, who said that appararemmment was not finished, here is the message, La France has not completed with threats, warns François Holland»

I have seen and listened to, today, jean, TIROLE, Nobel Prize in economics 2014, one feels immediately at the guy, the epitome, the weight of culture and knowledge, short, the guy, who did not need to make tons, as some, frankly, this guy there told me surpis, both by his humility, when he tries to give some solutions to a guy , who was like me a bit lost

This is the kind of guy TIROLE, you sit, you listen to it

The fact, that the right-wing Government with this liar and cunning Jew, pleonasm, SARKOZY (and those incapable of valls and left Holland), CHAMPATI, CHAPO, for the words of a guy that, jaime, celig


Currently: September 20, 2014, shortly after the announcement of candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy to the Presidency of the UMP, Frédéric Péchenard becomes his campaign manager. After his victory, Frédéric Péchenard becomes Director-general of the UMP.donc, right, we are agree!:

Early September 2013, he joined Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, UMP candidate (so right toujoursde) for the municipal election of 2014 in Paris. He is in fourth position on the list of outgoing Mayor UMP 17e district, Brigitte Kuster. March 30, 2014, he was elected Councillor of Paris. Idem

In May 1993, it is number 2 and Deputy Jean-Marc Bloch to « gang proof », another name for the Brigade of research and intervention of the Prefecture of police of Paris. At the Neuilly kindergarten hostage, he reunites with his childhood friend Nicolas Sarkozy7, who was then Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine

In a book written in 2007, he returned to his friendship with the former president of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy (C) is replaced in his duties the May 30, 2012 by Claude Baland, age 62, Reeve’s career, who has been Director of the administration of the police, between 2001 and 2004. This change follows to a proposal by the new Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls(left, the family, pipe hair) is replaced in his duties the May 30, 2012 by Claude Baland, age 62, Reeve’s career, who has been Director of the administration of the police, between 2001 and 2004. The change was made following a proposal by the new Minister of the Interior Manuel VallsIl becomes delegate interministerial road safety. Leaving these functions, he was appointed by a decree of 4 December 2013 inspector general in special service within the General Inspectorate of administration leaving these functions, he was appointed by Decree of 4 December 2013 general inspector in extraordinary service within the General Inspectorate of the administration.And left , we appreciate the loyalty, thats valls, who said to take, it is SARKO, or CRIF, cares, it es tun 2.

There was at least a trick, he will never have the truth, me, I can talk about them, I highly doubt!

The truth is the difference between them and me

Some, such as valls, Holland follows, is permertte to not invite Navy LEPEN, in the famous meeting, supposedly Republican, that had to hide. Things, that they would forget to say the big East (yesterday) hilarious would like, I can see them both in short panties « , you are able to my girlfriend, like, you’re a bad, na, you come to my birthday, na, Tu is ras not invited, na! But, frankly, AH Yest, EH! you more are in kindergarten, OH! wake up – you

I have the impression of having 2 kids, in front of me, who feel cornered, because they have made a very big mistake, frankly, I was expecting not to it, it is that we see people who are either saying Republican (right in their boots… what!) and are self saying mature and you want to, it lets you manage the FranceGags

GENTLEMEN, ladies, especially do not trust what you see on your screen, recall, simply you BOSTON 3 dead, 264 wounded,(et aussi de PARIS) anyway, because what one sees, may be misleading on national and private channels, because now this no longer means nothing, except, the dead Chakrapani, Wolinski, Cabu and Tignous, and them is so-called teroristes

It could take them, living, AHH I forgot not living, they auraeni been able to swing such or such a

But you’re crazy, AH?Yeah, I forgot!

And ultimately, was not there hostage in this case, because apparently they were, the only, the 2 brothers, finally, they thought, but it’s crazy, « as by chance, there was, a guy hidden in a carton, fortunately, it was there!like that, it could filled out keufs

Coincidentally, within 2 days, it took what may happen in 10 years, or even more, as by chance, it’s crazy, huh, and it may be, NIF, as the head of State.

Definitely this Government did not, was elected under a lucky star at the beginning, the ecotax, strike by taxi, strike in firmieres or wise women… until the day before yesterday, strike doctors, marissolet macron , valls, Holland will have marked history as the worst leader in the history of all the republics, and it’s crazy, it’s crazy…CA happens, after the strikes, and act macron, which nobody wants, after the crisis of employment, balance, redundancies deposits that have occurred this year, and the year of front, repeated strikes,

AH there is, the assault was given to brother Kaye, are dead, as well as chucks, the girl, gone, it is not news.And again, you are going to say, it does, BEN, no, NO COMMENT, free kosher service, Eh, yeah!

I realize that not content with him have not invited to the meeting of crisis, terrorist attacks, some morons with the IQ of a bedside table, do all their possible that MARINE LEPEN does either not invite to the Republican market, if there is, a repiblucaine, who fights for freedom, it is she, we can not say the same of all the worldIf they won’t let it, can rest assured, I will not come, for coluche, the company not us, that she can rest assured, one does not want especially people, who want to subjugate, control, while they can’t do it, , (person has the right to talk to someone and make decisions, we are not in israel)(, nor to Qatar, onest with us, I believe not, now, onva decide for me, if I’m going to piss or not, but frankly, you believe you, or, but, it does not!)

You sell our goods, our history, you want to change our custom, as well as the face of the France that you did on a corner of the table, or a piece of table I don’t believe you, more poor gensqui are dead, Yes, because I have no choice.but, which reassures me, that I am not alone in being in this case

And now we know why, some people want the power in 2017, it is not macron, if I’m wrong, who said he wanted young billionaires, he ascended too quickly the mome, gonna make it all funny, when it goes down. effectively, that it is known for the tunes, and nothing but this and the markets that sarkozy had with qatar,.That we, you had were still nothing to fuck, it knows, that it is behind all ca .and as Rothschild france2000 billion debt of€.


France – The Golden exile of Nicolas Sarkozy in Doha, the Qatar

Nicolas Sarkozy talks about Sport in the Qatar – YouTube

Nicolas Sarkozy in a conference in Qatar, the first as…

How the Qatar has « volunteered » Nicolas Sarkozy – Marianne

RFI – Nicolas Sarkozy to Qatar, a gas giant

Ziad Amiri: « Sarkozy was purchased of all… ».

The France and the Qatar: « black », non-delivery collaboration…

I won’t do all the pages, because there are

In fact, for the demonstration of force in the 77, (OBAMA has come share the distress of the french people, as in boston)

Moreover, this is the reason why, a major part of the countries of the globe , (you are good, see the best (GIPN, GIGN, firefighters, EMS, pilot of CHOPPER, approach (SIMPLE KEUF, you got way to work, is not the same as an américain(cow boy), or, a Peruvian keuf, or other, and P-T-N, you have merit, the hammer and the anvil, it’s okay, 5 minutes ) come to us /vous see, and take lessons, such as training of Israeli pilots trained for the vold’ attack)), that is, how,our know-how,part and goes to wealthy people, who have a chick pitch, instead of the brain, have, money is good, but it is not everything.

Beginning of training Iraqi pilots on F – 16! : avia news

IsraelValley, it tells us nothing, News: in Israel, F15 pilot training…

http://www.israelvalley.com/ …/en-israel-formation-des-pilotes-de-f15-et-f16-avec-u.

Pilot training. Air Algeria accused of contracting of… that there it es t just a story of big money, all, you

tell me, yeah, it’s true…!


Flight school aircraft and helicopter in France

Helicopter flying course

Flight school – Hege-Service-helicopter…

FYI : thecase Sarkozy-Gaddafi is an international political-financial affair triggered by the publication by the newspaper Media shareonline on 12 March and April 28, 2012, two documents suggesting the existence of a payment of EUR 50 million for the purpose of financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 on the part of the Libyan regime. The amount of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 was EUR 20 million.

An agreement on the amount and methods of payment» reportedly was prepared in 2005 and validated Zia Amiri, who had introduced in Libya in 2005 related to the Minister of the Interior, including Claude Guéant and Nicolas Sarkozy himself. Bashir Saleh, then at the head of the Libyan African Portfolio (LAP), financial investment fund of the Libyan regime, would have been responsible for overseeing payments. ziad Amiri would also secretly advised Claude Guéant until the eve of the war in Libya.

The disclosure of these documents highlighted the case of Bashir Saleh, Treasurer of Gaddafi, wanted by Interpol, living protected on french territory since the fall of the regime, and taking flight in may 2012.
A barbouze was present at the time of the lynching of Gaddafi by the rebels. In Western diplomatic circles present in the Libyan capital, the most widespread informal theory is that, if foreign services are actually involved, « then it is almost certainly the French ». And add: « the fact that Paris wished to eliminate colonel Kadhafi is an open secret. » The reasoning is well known: at the first sign of NATO support to the revolution, largely at the instigation of the Government of Nicolas Sarkozy, Gaddafi has threatened to reveal the details of his links with the former president of the Republic, starting with millions of dollars paid to finance his campaign in 2007. « Sarkozy had every reason to silence the rais more quickly », we have repeated Saturday, September 29, the European diplomatic sources in Tripoli. A thesis reinforced by revelations obtained by the Corriere della Sera four days ago in Benghazi.

There, Rami El-Obeidi, former head of relations with foreign intelligence agencies on behalf of the national Council of transition until mid-2011, revealed us how NATO had been able to locate the hiding place of Gaddafi after the liberation of Tripoli by the revolutionaries between 20 and August 23, 2011. « At the time, it was thought had fled into the wilderness, in the direction of the southern border of the Libya », says Obeidi. But in reality, he took refuge in his stronghold of Sirte with his son, Mutassim, who headed the last troops still in condition to fight. Obeidi added: « then the rais tried to communicate, through his satellite phone Iridium, with some of his followers who had found refuge with Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. Among them, there were including his disciple for the television propaganda, Youssef Shakir. » And it is precisely the head of Syrian State which passed french satellite of Gaddafi to the secret services phone number. » The reason? « In Exchange, Assad would have obtained from Paris the promise to limit international pressure on the Syria to stop the repression against the people in revolt. ‘ Locate the satellite phone and its owner would have then been a breeze for the NATO experts. If this thesis should be confirmed, we could infer that this was the first step towards the tragic end of the dictator, a few weeks later.

It’s true, it’s dirty, denunciation, however, is not to put him the mantle of charity, but he made for his people

Not for him!Hard, eh!

. « The industry of aviation in the Middle East is already a global leader and Dubai is the.

hub. .

The ECFT centre serves more than 200clients of aviation and form more than 11000 pilots and technicians

per year on a series of models of Airbus, BellHelicopter, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream and Hawker Beechcraft.

The USA and the France is preparing to attack the Syria, AAAH, I understand better, which means that it will still be full of poor people in boats, to satisfy the interests of a few all the world knew, but do also openly, though.

Nothing to do, but today, I’ve heard, the patron saint of a jewellery, Pauline LANGLAIS(je crois,je ne suis pas sûr,ou quelquechose d’apprchant) short, GEMMYO jewelry, which is a jewellery of French on the INTERNET (SITE jewelry custom-made – jewellery and jewellery online Gemmyo… ?)Why, I am doing this ad for a site, which frankly is not necessary, simply because it is the first time I see a French glassanarchy , with knowledge to french and not Syrian(why Syrian, apparently, the sirye has very good stonemason, that is why) and that this joiellerie is not like any other and it plays in the same courtthat BOUCHERON, CARTIER etc…!before she played enCFA, now, she plays in D1.


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