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I wanted to make a small tribute to this man , which, for me, to including a maximum , thing, so-called humanity , today, I listened a presenter, who wondered how,RIAOLA , how could, have a super good players extarit

Like IBRA, POGBA etc… and so on, is listening, just talk, it do not take the head, it not, is played simple… can !this guy sitting me, because for a guy like that, does not have a big head , it’s rare, it was disconcerting humility and sincerity, frankly sitting, and at one point, he went out the trick (, if I am there, and if I do this, thanks my players, and apparently they make,) who kills, it seems immeasurable stupid , but P-T-N, it is true, it is worse, or, better, depends where, viewed that a daron, obviously this is not for what he said, I noticed that, it is thought, itself, we felt that it was not the flan, and that what he was saying, he actually thought, that is why I wanted to pay tributethats all, c’est con, but thats all!

I was thinking, is just being stupid, but the background is there, I think begin to understand why, BEN ARFA NASRI BENZEMA (and especially NASRI girlfriend, who, like me, and others, has been wronged) and let’s not forget ZIZOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU! are heading for Spain, or elsewhere, that they could go, but at the level football, Spain, rest, when even the SPORTSMEN’s paradise in general, Tennis, bike, Football, and Hand ball, (even if they are at our level, for the moment, though, the quarter-final of 2012 was hot for us)IT’s A BAD JOKE, BUT A JOKE (warning, just kidding) so , I resumed, after, my bullshit, the get us,we, French racists, nazis, fascists, arrange many, the so-called, another ROTHSCHILD Jewish elites , which enabled clear to us and the whole worlds posing as victims (this, that they were always able to do), but above all which was amplifying the rumor, like what the French was racist, nazi, fascist. Thing, that they knew full well that it was false, and ARCHIE FAUX, and which mostly allowed them to extend the debt of the France, and therefore us into debt, by voting to the right or to the left, knowing that they had Jews on both sides and the masons franc also and so that it is one or the other Anyway, it changed nothing, we were shit, and it is beautiful the case , among others since we know, which is the controller of the ECB, Draghi, goldmann & sach, can be!

What makes me laugh, this is, e j do not, know that a win in the Doubs, but they earn, or they lose, assume that they win, like, SARKO, a crazy difference 30%, or even, without this difference, anyway, not believing them more, I would be in doubt, because I assume shenanigans & co, you know whenIt has lied, steal, cheat it is not far away, and if the FN loses (, these are, deputies, regional advisers,the Councillors, and the delgates of Municipal Council ), it is frankly not serious at all, will that make a break in the system, what, I mean this is not the France in bottom which voted well!Yeah, but, when it, be it, AI, AÏ 9A will make you all funny, you’ll see!, you believe, when not even past (think will would be this, that 30 « If you can, AH, hope makes live but anyway, with all the strikes, there had; and that you paste, no, but it will not, ill zette!)

· members,

· Regional Councillors (elected in the Department),

· Councillors,

· and some delegates of the municipal councils

La Loge 1436 m (Gîte d ‘ étape) – map and information on…To the, fact, BRAVO, what did Guy, of TABARLYs(Rapport,il parlait pas,il faisait), they are rare, but there are, just talking about it some time.

The guard lodge | Ski Resorts official website in…

30 January 2013, the Executive Board is composed of
•Mario Draghi Drapeau de l’Italie Italy – president
•Vítor Constâncio Drapeau du Portugal Portugal – Vice President
•Peter Praet Drapeau de la Belgique Belgium
•Benoît Coeuré Drapeau de la France France
•Sabine Lautenschläger Drapeau de l’Allemagne Germany 15
•Yves Mersch Drapeau du Luxembourg Luxembourg

Mario Draghi (born September 3, 1947 in Rome) is an economist, banker and former senior Italian official.Vice President for Goldman Sachs Europe between 2002 and 2005 , then Governor of the Bank of Italy between 2006 and 2011, he is president of the European Central Bank (ECB) since 1St November 2011.

Since the creation of the ECB, the chairs (also called governors) were:

Wim Duisenberg Jean-Claude Trichet Mario Draghi
•Robert Zoellick former president of the World Bank
•Lloyd C. Blankfein current CEO
•John h. Bryan former CEO of Sara Lee Corporation
•Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of the Canada
•Alan Cohen American businessman
•Gary d. Cohn President and Director of Goldman Sachs,
•Stephen Friedman former Director of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, under George w. Bush
•William w. George Professor at Harvard,
•James a. Johnson Member of the Committee of the Bilderberg Group
•Marc Mezvinsky spouse of Chelsea Clinton
•Lakshmi N. Mittal Chairman ofArcelorMittal,
•Dambisa Moyo employed by the World Bank
•Gregory Palm
•Henry Paulsons former Secretary of the Treasury of the United States under George w. Bush
•John F.W. Rogers
•Fabrice Toure , executive director (en) within Goldman Sachs International, the London subsidiary.
•Robert Rubin former Secretary of Treasury of United States Clinton
•James J. Schiro
•Esta Stecher
•David A. Viniar
•John S. Weinberg
•Antigone Loudi adis

Skype spying on you, what are the alternatives?

Like you, we use Skype on a daily basis, we also used Msn, Google Chat or even Facebook chat to communicate with our friends and our relations. All these solutions are very practical, reliable and easy to use. But the big problem: your conversations are all recorded and made available at the request of Governments. It

Big Brother: Holland or Sarkozy, same fight

If Sarkozy was the first COP of France, Holland is his Big Brother. The Government of Holland, who is campaigning for individual freedom and well being of the French people, adopted in December 2013 the military planning law which allows the collection in real time of any type of electronic exchange: email, skype, access

Create an email account anonymous encrypted

You will find in the article ‘your emails are read by the administrations’ why an anonymous email is essential. We browsed the net looking for claimants who really provide a very good level of privacy, there is very little! Never use: Hotmail Yahoo Gmail Wanadoo Voila… and all those

Your emails are read by the administration!

You have thought before the others, you do not use your address for your private communication, but rather Gmail Orange.fr, because it is a U.S.-based online service, far from the France it is false! Whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or all the major Email services with a French presence – what

PayPal is your enemy!

You have found the solution to discreetly pay your purchases online: it is Paypal, how American that the administration does not have access, which is now accepted almost everywhere. This is false: Paypal has a very long list of exclusions in its terms and conditions allowing it to transmit all your information to the administration. 4. our

Do not use your iPhone, it is dangerous

This recent article from Forbes reveal information that may reveal your iPhone! During an investigation into a traffic of drugs, the police analysed all data of a suspect’s iPhone: history of calls, photos, videos, sms, internet history, 8 different passwords to a variety of services, and also 659

On 21 November the United Nations General Assembly approved a motion presented by the Russia that condemns Nazism in all its forms.

Only 115 countries voted in favour, three representatives, those of the United States, the Canada and the Ukraine voted against the condemnation of Nazism. 55 delegates who abstained including all those of the Member States of the EU.It must therefore step is was surprised, why, UKRAINE

Is part Lollipop, moreover, with the military support of usa

The USA offered no assistance to the Ukraine in the form…but vests pares balls

Ukraine: here are the neo-nazis in the European Union, and neoliberal austerity by Dmitriy Kolesnik on liva.com.ua

Thursday, September 25, 2014, by authors to read , popularity: 7%

Ukraine |

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We present to readers a special report on the situation in Ukraine. It consists in a lucid and detailed review on the origin, the advance and the threat of several neo-Nazi groups.

Ukraine, November 2013. President Ianoukovitch pushes back the signing of the free trade agreement with the European Union, because of its austerity requirements and measurements of the IMF, and the next day the Ukraine experienced difficulties with the pro – EU, protests which, after a gradual escalation led to the coup and civil war.

But who played the leading role in these events? Who was able to enter the Ukrainian Government after the coup? And why many Ukrainian citizens have decided to support the armed rebellion against the new Government?

Despite all attempts to hide the Ukrainian far-right and fascist groups, they can not be ignored or disguised, even in the mainstream media, you will find reports on the uprising of the nazis-ultras, neo-fascist and pro-Government, battalions bands of extreme-right in the modern Ukraine. The record is too famous and too large for we are able to close their eyes to their role. The truth is that, without these virulent neo-Nazi groups, the February coup, nor the current war in the southeast of the Ukraine would not take place.

Some analysts consider the neo-nazis Ukrainian as mere instruments of the oligarchs Ukrainians, while other analysts are more concerned about and claim that neo-nazis want to conquer all the power and realize their dream of a white « United » Europe, junction with their buddies from « the international West Brown.

In February, the BBC service has highlighted the essential ideas of activists who acted as shock troops of the EuroMaidan. The right sector spokesman (the coalition of neo-Nazi parties and groups of ultras football of the extreme-right in Kiev during the EuroMaidan) have openly declared their affinity with the Nazis, saying that they wanted something « similar to what it was at the time of Hitler » [1]. A few months later, we found the same people, fighters in the southeast of the Ukraine against minors and the rebels of the Donbass.

The Telegraph reports the views of Veterans pro-Kiev, sent in the Donbass:

« The use of paramilitary volunteers from Kiev to stifle the »people’s Republic »in Donetsk and Lugansk supported by the Russia and proclaimed in the East of Ukraine since March, must run a shudder in the back of Europe. The battalions newly trained as Donbass, Dnieper and Azov, composed of thousands of men, are officially under the command of the Ministry of the Interior, but their funding is murky, insufficient training and their alarming ideology. Men of Azov have the rod (Fang Wolf) Nazi symbol on their flag, and members of the battalion advocated white supremacy and are openly anti-Semitic. « Personally, I am a Nazi, » says « Ghost », a lawyer for 23 years wearing camouflage and armed with a Kalashnikov at a parade. « Ghost » said that it is Russian, but that he opposed Moscow’s support for « terrorists » in his homeland: « I offered as a volunteer and everything I asked for was a firearm and defend my country ». When asked about his Nazi sympathies, he said: « after the first world war, the Germany was a total disaster and Hitler it was rebuilt: he built houses and roads, telephone lines and created jobs. » I agree with everything what he did ». [2]

The battalion Azov heir to the German nazis.

In reality, these people are fighting to defend the interests of the Ukrainian oligarchs and those of European multinationals in Ukraine.

For many years, different types of extreme-right groups have sprung up, created and funded as instruments functional to achieve certain political objectives or economic. They have been used to quell protests, opposition or even against commercial competitors. The current leader of the neo-nazis understood it very well, and he took advantage of the rivalry between the oligarchs to grow in number, form and promote its groups and parties.

There are twenty years, while the Ukrainian conflict was international in scope, the Ukrainian community in the United States and Canada, who are from the tradition of former Nazi collaborators during World War II, rushed in Ukraine and began to organize their network (with Western aid and funds), indoctrinate children with nationalist and fascist ideas.

The Marxist organization, Borotba has already predicted a few years ago:

« In 2012, when the first fraction of the far-right, the Svoboda party entered Parliament, supported by a number of oligarchic groups, including some close to President Yanukovych Borotba was the first and the only political force which said that, with the development of the socio-economic crisis, the oligarchy would ideologies and organizations of the extreme right in his service. » It was at this time that we published the report, « the Ukrainian oligarchy preparing a rampant fascist coup. »

The coup proved be not ‘crawling’, but ‘explosive’, to the cries of « who does not jump is with Moscow. » We predicted with accuracy the movements of politicians and oligarchs for whom radical nationalists would act as a force of impact. It should be noted that while, our warnings were ignored, many irresponsible have denied the possibility of a Ukrainian nationalist breakthrough on the political scene »[3].

Now, the results are before our eyes: young masked men armed with sticks, batons and banners of old Ukrainian collaborators of the nazis, the fierce crowd who sings in the streets: « Ukraine above all (echo of the old slogan Deutschland über alles).» The demonstrators which designate how enemies « the Communists », the « pro-Russian », « traitors » agents, such so that nobody is sure, because anyone could be marked as « suspected enemy ».

Who could stop this crowd of thugs? Certainly not the police because given the order not to intervene, in addition, many police officers are themselves former neo-Nazi members, saw that recently they have been incorporated into the police as ‘the Patriots pure and reliable’.

The extreme of the Ukrainian nationalist extremists, neo-nazis, ago just a year earlier, were all relatively marginal. As soon as the issue of a free trade agreement with its austerity measures has become essential, these forces have become suddenly the masters of the roads, exceeding even the limits set by their sponsor. It turns out that August 17, 2014, right sector issued an ultimatum to the Ukrainian President, threatening an army who would walk on Kiev [4], if asked to « clean up », not some, but all police forces were not met.

This time the neo-fascists in the right sector [5] want to all power, more jobs in the police and with impunity. You can understand and follow what they say on their social network VKontaktesecteur, which has nearly half a million followers [6], and taking into account the fact that the battalions of the extreme right are armed and equipped (against the rebels of the Donbass).

A report by the East politics on the Azov battalion formed by these neo-Nazi activists who are fighting for the « European choice »:

«Blue-yellow Ukrainian flags were hoisted on the administrative building of the city of Mariupol fire and military checkpoints around the city. But in a sports school, near a huge metallurgical factory, another symbol stands out: the symbol Nazi of the rod that was widely used in the Third Reich, and was adopted by neo-Nazi groups. »

And Oleh Odnorozhenko, Commander Assistant battalion Azov sets the Ukrainian war as the conflict of a « people with a European identity in its struggle with the Soviets ». But the ‘European identity’ which aspire Odnorozhenko is far from European and American liberalism. The Azov battalion, whose emblem is the occult symbol « Black Sun », used by the Nazi SS was founded by Andriy Biletsky, leader of the neo-Nazi groups of the Bureau of the National Assembly and that of the Patriots of the Ukraine.

According to Odnorozhenko, the political platform of the battalion is based on the natsiokratiya, a system of Government designed by Ukrainian of the 1930s and 1940s, nationalists who fought Soviet forces and are guilty of atrocities such as the murder of thousands of Jews and Poles [7].

German TV showed the fighting in Donbass, Ukrainian Nazi against the workers and the rebels:

« The film aired on the ZDF television channel showed volunteer soldiers with swastikas and the runes used by the body of elite SS Adolph Hitler. This has been shown by NBC News and a video journalist for the Norwegian broadcaster last week also. »

TheInternational Business Times wrote,  » Ukrainian soldiers consider themselves members of the battalion Azov, a military force of volunteers with nationalist tendencies.  » « They refuse however to be regarded as a fascist ideology [8].

The same Western media, just a year before, reported the threat of the extreme right in Ukraine (and across Europe). However, this time, they have voluntarily closed their eyes to the bands of neo-nazis and the entry into the State apparatus after the victory of the Maidan, politicians of the extreme right and xenophobia: with the Ministers of education, agriculture, ecology, the Secretaries to national defence and security, and finally, the Attorney general – all members of the party of the extreme right Svoboda (not to mention the regional administrations) [9].

It should be noted that the Governor recently appointed of the Kherson region (South of the Ukraine) Yuriy Odarchenko, Member of the « moderate » party of Batkyvschina (« homeland »), has publicly glorified Hitler as a « liberator » [10].

This is not the first time that the right-wing forces are used in political games. Perhaps you remember a few « pro-democracy movement » as the Taliban, jihadist groups or the paramilitary far-right in Latin America. Only a magic wand can transform these fanatics of the extreme right in « fighters for democracy ».

However, right-wing forces know very well (the least their leaders) that it is impossible to climb to power without large sums of money, without the help of the media and the « lawyers of the devil » to calm Western public opinion.

To this end, have been mobilized and funded various ‘experts’ and various NGOs, in order to swallow the neo-nazis and religious and nationalist extremists.

Of course, the Western public, for not being in anxiety prefer a vision through pink glasses. And on any criticism expressed, is discredited, those who criticize and dare to resist are ‘agent of Putin’. Any criticism is marked as « Putin’s propaganda ».

This is not the first time: all the atrocities committed by Hitler before 1939, were at the time dismissed as « Soviet propaganda », as well as the atrocities committed by Franco, Pinochet, the Afghan jihadists during 1980-1990… The list is too long. We could not imagine even that at the beginning of the 21st century, grinding old, classic neo-Nazis, artificially revitalized, return, supported and fardés by the media in the modern Ukraine.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the capitalist restoration in Eastern Europe, all these countries have experienced the artificial promotion of nationalist organizations who prepared the ground slowly (in the media, schools and official institutions) for the revival of the pro-Nazi movements of the past.

Thus, we have seen the resurgence of the revanchists, the attempt to rewrite the history of the second world war and the denial of all the atrocities committed by the Nazi and collaborationist movements. Foundations and NGOs, sponsored by the United States, who have donated large sums of money in programs of support for the nationalists and even the pro-Nazis, played the main role.

As Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently acknowledged, the United States paid, Ukraine alone about 5 billion [11] for the « promotion of democracy » or, as it is said in an interview with George Soros: ‘well, I created a foundation in Ukraine even before the Ukraine become independent of the Russia. And the Foundation operates since then and has played an important role in the ongoing events» [12].

In recent years, we have seen a number of programmes education in schools and holiday camps where children were slowly but surely indoctrinated with extreme nationalist ideas, instilling in them to give priority to ethnic origin; contempt against the representatives of other nations or ethnic groups and, above all, against the left, Communists, the anti-fascists who were finally presented as « enemies », « traitors », « bastards of impure blood », « parasites », etc… The symbols of the victory of the second world war have been constantly targeted and discredited by the media.

Meanwhile, extreme-right groups have been trained, organized and equipped. First of all, they were used for the business and to intimidate competitors in raids. Then they became the core of the protest against the former Government of Yanukovych – protest that was triggered by certain NGOs, when the former Government has delayed the signing of the free trade agreement with the EU and has refused to adopt austerity measures demanded by the IMF. And then the extreme right-wing groups could easily impose the ultra-nationalist agenda…

The Ukraine today is a multi-ethnic country, with a large number of ethnic minorities. The raids of the extreme-right paramilitary groups in various cities led protests of mass on the outskirts of the country, where various groups and parties of opposition have been quickly ousted. Opposition to the Government, however, is not United: there are those who use minority nationalism as a form of defense against the prevailing nationalism of the nation; There are left-wing forces that defend themselves against attacks by the extreme right; There are officials and officers of the army of the former Government; There are industrial workers whose resistance is driven against the risk of closure of their enterprises and the rhetoric of the small working anti-classe nationalist bourgeoisie.

A major source of strength is a kind of « regional patriotism ». Citizens in different regions (Donbass East, Transcarpathia in the West, Odessa in the South) now want to separate because the central Government has not adopted a multicultural policy and seeks to impose the mono-ethnic concept and to centralize the Government so that the country can be more easily plundered by multinational corporations and Western companies.

To this end, a large number of people have been indoctrinated by the media and by the institutions and by NGOs with extreme right-wing ideas. We understand that these ideas of privileges based on ethnic origin can easily have taken on many young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods because this improves self-esteem (of course, at the expense of others).

The nationalist propaganda has contributed to the process of dehumanization of workers who were often portrayed as some sort of « slaves » or « servants » who deserve their unfortunate fates. The main role in this process is played by the middle class: a number of journalists, professors and artists have long ostracized workers and their activities. By creating in the public consciousness, the image of the worker as an illiterate, a brute, a dirty alcoholic; a person who does not have the ‘roots of the nation sacred’ concern, etc.. At the same time, we see the glorification of Nazi collaborators, who are constantly presented as « saviours of the nation ».

Thus, the class of nationalism and ethnic dimensions intersect again.

As Peter Lee wrote: « the leader, at least for many Ukrainians to fascist ideas, was Stepan Bandera. The Organization, the OUN – B group. This state of affairs persists in the successor of the OUN – B today, Pravý Sektor [right sector] in its fascist trappings, in his worship of the head, as well as in its paramilitary branch. The second most powerful Fascist group, Svoboda, seems more currently operate a strategic reconditioning, in order to obtain greater electoral success. It hides its fascist history. So, unfortunately for the apologists for the regime existing in Kiev, the correct description of these two groups is not « nationalist » or « ultranationalist »; It is « fascist » and… Inevitably, the Ukrainian Government has used fascist nationalism and its heroes, in order to establish the identity of the post-Soviet Ukraine» [13].

In times of deep economic crisis, when the « middle class » or the petty bourgeoisie is faced with the prospect of a loss actual or potential of its relatively high status, and therefore wants to protect its positions, often there turns toward totalitarianism that is (sometimes unknowingly) considered guaranteed the stability of its status. There is a tendency, common to several layers of « middle class », to promote a stable system of « caste » kind. A totalitarian state that relies on a strict ideology of obligation of indoctrination to the institutions, it provides jobs, a certain sense of stability and helps to get rid of potential competitors. The system of exclusion is usually based on the racist nationalism because it effectively reduces the number of rivals and potential privileged.

As recognized Ukrainian sociologists, the nationalists of the extreme right of the EuroMaidan were about 25% [14]. The others were mostly nationalists, who have not only tolerated the neo-nazis, but allowed them to impose ideas of the far right (as most determined fighters) and then gladly accepting their role.

« An analysis of the nature of the Maidan must take into account the relative importance of these forces, but also the relationship of the movement between them and the general public. What is perhaps most shocking is not the presence of the extreme right or even their number, but the fact that (with few exceptions), they are widely accepted in the legitimate framework of the Maidan. Opinions differ as to the value of their contribution, but the vast majority of the Maidanisti does not draw a clear line between them and the ultra-right… »

The leadership of extreme right groups resulted in the adoption of their programme by moderate politicians of right and traditional.

« If the ruling class is suddenly moved to the right, it is not only that she used elements of the extreme right as assault troops. Slogans that were previously limited to the extreme right Banderiste are now used in the press and media, even by politicians as Poroshenko. Markets the day of May 8 (victory over fascism), conferences and other events are attacked by right-wing elements, including those who were part of the State apparatus. Oligarchs such as Tymoshenko leaders publicly thanked the authors of the Odessa massacre. At the same time, the media do not take account that right admitted burning down the building. « [15]

Having adopted the agenda and the slogans of the extreme right, the traditional political class is expressed not only in the repetition of the takeover by Poroshenko of the slogans of the Banderiste movement, but also by the fact that the Prime Minister refers to opponents as « sub-human » [16] or Ivan Stoiko Batkivshina (Patria) Parliamentary made racist statements:  » our war is against the Mongoloid race  » [17].

That is why the arguments that comment on the lack of support enjoyed by the far-right in Ukraine, seem to be, at least, unrealistic: has) they are mainly based on the recent results of the presidential election and did not consider the difference between parliamentary and presidential elections. (b) they ignore the fact of the adoption of the agenda of the extreme right by traditional politicians; (c) these arguments reflect, as standard, only Svoboda and right sector while ignoring the result of Lyashko (8%) at the head of the Radical Party who participated in fighting in the southeast of the Ukraine with the battalion Azov, formed mainly by members of the right sector – in particular the Socialist National Assembly and the Patriots of Ukraine [18]; d) they ignore recent surveys in future parliamentary elections that show how the party Radical de Lyashko can win with 20-23% of the vote [19]. (c) they ignore the fact that although small but armed and equipped, it was granted impunity for their crimes, these neo-Nazi groups can impose their domination by force.

As Amnesty International has even recognized :

« In the broader context of a deterioration of the situation of security in the eastern part, Amnesty International has recently presented its concerns to the Ukrainian authorities on a particular Member who imprisons and mistreats – in effect – and practice abductions of people throughout the region. It is Oleg Lyashko, he is the leader of the Radical Party, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and former candidate for the Presidency. He traveled in the company of young men wearing uniforms military, armed, and muscular, with the omnipresent camera to record their exploits. His site is flaunt its macabre aspect – Oleg Lyashko is shown trying to enter public and private places?, always accompanied by armed men and later trying to remove individuals or forcing them to obey him.

Oleg Lyashko, should be a legislator, but he took the Act of their hands. ‘Glory to the Ukraine, died in the occupants’ is his battle cry [Banderisti old slogan]…; Amnesty International considers that the actions of Oleg Lyashko and his associates are in flagrant violation of international legal rules which clearly establish that only competent authorities may stop or detain individuals. However, to date, Oleg Lyashko enjoys complete impunity. « [20]

We should also pay attention to the fact that the neo-nazis (who dream of a ‘white United Europe’) are introduced, the election in the electoral lists of the traditional political parties, such as Batkivshina (motherland), the party of the Prime Minister and the President of Parliament. On the list there the battalions of extreme-right leaders and activists of extremist nationalist organizations. Most likely the next Ukrainian Parliament will be almost completely right and pro-European. This will be a puppet of the United States and the European Union, while the Nazis will be responsible for ensuring the paramilitary crackdown on citizens protesting against social cuts and the rise in prices, as they have done so far. [21]

Given that officials of the European Union, North American and neo-Nazi, paramilitary groups are ganged against the peoples of Europe and other countries, the resistance against them must be also United. The case of the Ukraine should serve as a warning to other countries: when the capitalists will need to impose austerity measures and cuts against the peoples, they can appeal to neo-nazis in service to crush any resistance.

Kolesnik, Dmitriy

Editor of the journal Web Liva (liva.com.ua)
Ukraine, September 21, 2014

* Translation of anti-imperialist Camp


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[19] http://novosti.kh.ua/%D0%BD%D0%B0-%D0%B2%D0%BD%D0%B5%D0%BE%D1%87%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%BD%D1%8B%D1%85-%D0%BF%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%82%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B8%D1%85-%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B1%D0%BE%D1%80/

[20] http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/Impunity-reigns-for-abductions-ill-treatment-eastern-Ukraine-06-08-2014

[21] http://ukraineantifascistsolidarity.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/kharkov-fascist-thugs-disperse-communist-party-rally-against-price-increases

Ukraine: an embarrassing phone call for the United States (AUDIO)

The broadcast on the YouTube site of a conversation between the Ambassador of the United States in Kiev and US Assistant State Secretary, Victoria Nuland, plunged the United States into some embarrassment towards the Ukrainian as their allied opponents Europeans.

The contents of their Exchange is also in the sense of the accusations of the Russia, which says that Ukrainian struggle since November opponents are manipulated by Washington.

The audio recording was released Tuesday, but it took 48 hours to ensure that it is brought to the knowledge of the greatest number, including by relays on Twitter.

We hear Victoria Nuland and the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, discuss the prospects of a Ukraine political transition and the comparative merits different leaders of the challenge to the composition of a new Government.

Victoria Nuland said that she did not think that Vitali Klitschko, former boxer who leads the liberal party Oudar, should join the Government. It is « I don’t think it’s necessary, I do not think that it is a good idea, » said.

« The EU to go get fucked.

Referring to a strengthening of the unity of opponents, Assistant Secretary of State advocates also for the United Nations are involved in the search for a solution to the Ukrainian crisis. And loose the pass against the European Union.

« Would be nice, I think, contribute to gather, and to bring the United Nations to contribute to this gathering and then you know, that the EU should go get fucked, » she says.

« Absolutely, » replied the Ambassador. « And I think that we must do something to keep this cohesion because you can be sure that if it does not, the Russians will be activated behind the scenes to torpedo », he adds.

The U.S. Department of State, it does not confirm the contents of this Exchange, but it belies not more.

« I did not say that it was not authentic », said the spokesman, Jen Psaki, who stated that Nuland had apologized to Washington European partners.

The State Department spokesman also criticized the Russians for helping to draw attention to this record, retweeted by a Russian Government Adviser.

The conditions of registration are not specified.

In the light of the events described by Nuland and the Ambassador, we can however estimate that their conversation goes back to the last days of January.

« The Americans spread as critics.

Another record was released the same day on the same YouTube account. We hear this time assistant of Catherine Ashton, high representative of the EU for foreign policy and common security, deploring U.S. critics on the little enthusiasm of the Europeans to the idea of imposing sanctions on the Ukraine.

« It is very annoying that Americans are spreading in the EU criticism and say we are too soft, » said Helga Schmid to Jan Tombinski, the representative of the EU in Ukraine.

The simultaneous publication of these two records falls particularly well for Russia, which raised the tone Thursday against what it calls Western interference in Ukraine.

In an interview published by the daily Kommersant Ukraine, Sergey Glazyev, loaded in the Kremlin of the relations between the Russia and the Ukraine, accused the United States of arming the Ukrainian « rebels ».

These disclosures are especially troublesome for the United States that Victoria Nuland was received Thursday by Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, who then flew to Sochi where it should meet Vladimir Poutine on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

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ALERT INFO. Ukraine (Donbass): big defeat of the Ukrainian-American army at Chakhtarsk

Alert INFO. Ukraine (Donbass): big defeat of the Ukrainian-American army at Chakhtarsk, frankly very hard, to avoid of show at kids IMAGES

2014 @.

By Alexandre Sivov

Fourteen people, including at least ten Ukrainian soldiers and American instructors, died on the night of Thursday to Friday in fighting between Ukrainian and separatist forces at Chakhtarsk, in the East of the Ukraine. The American general Randy Allen Key (photo above), who directs operations in the Donbass was seriously injured.

Barack Obama said that l Russia involved in Ukraine while its elements which are on-site. The Ukrainian forces fell into « an ambush » on the path to the location of the crash of the Boeing from the Malaysia Airlines. Very tough pictures.

NOT BEAUTIFUL. Kiev shot down the plane of the MH17 of the Malaysia Airlines flight and accuses

17, 2014

As you know since this late afternoon, near the town of Chakhtarsk, in the Donetsk region, East of the Ukraine, a company Malaysia Airlines aircraft was shot down by a missile. The first to want to clear are the Kiev authorities who rushed to accuse the pro-Russian East of the Ukraine. But evil took them, accused them all…

This time, they have not killed the inhabitants of Donbass, but the French, Dutch, Malaysian and other Americans. Here, it is another pair of handle. This is where leads ‘licence to kill’ granted by the Americans to their Ukrainian allies. These nazillons behave like elephants in a China shop. Poroshenko is going to have to explain…

This Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines has disappeared from the radar at 10,000 meters of altitude, and then crashed. However, the militias of the Donbass do not have missiles that can reach this scope. First lie of Kiev who has. Then, according to our information obtained from real specialists, not those who caress the Western partners of Kiev in the direction of the hair, Kiev has indeed shot this plane, thinking that it was a Russian plane that was supplying weapons to « separatists ».

Other sources a little fanciful indicate that Kiev wanted to beat the plane of Russian president Vladimir Poutine. It is unlikely, and Kiev dare a such thing, no doubt, Russian generals will shave the Ukraine in a time two movements. But what is surprising is that the Ukraine has announced that they are separatists 10 minutes after the announcement of the company. Precipitation which accused them necessarily… The militias of the Donbass have rejected these accusations and indicated that they had found the black box. Suddenly, Kiev tremble…

It’s official, there is in the lot of the dead, 23 Americans and 35 Dutch, 295 passengers that there are no survivors. Pushed by their public opinion, Western leaders can no longer cover Kiev. This is just the beginning. Moreover, we saw the amateurism and the coaster of the Quai d’Orsay, who does not know how many nde French died in this slaughter of Kiev.

This tweet from a Spanish air traffic controller is unequivocal. Donbass militias do not have a radar capable of detecting an aircraft at 10,000 meters, it is still…Kiev.

Board of Directors – Goldman Sachs. Leadership

Lloyd C. Blankfein
Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerM. Michele Burns
Gary D. Cohn
President and Chief Operating OfficerClaes Dahlbäck
Mark Flaherty
William W. George
James A. Johnson
Lakshmi N. Mittal
Adebayo O. Ogunlesi
Lead DirectorPeter Oppenheimer
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Mark E. Tucker
David A. Viniar
Mark O. Winkelman


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Goldman Sachs Group Inc.: Shareholders, executives and description…

The new anticapitalist Party supports the fascist coup in Ukraine

By Alex Lantier
May 6, 2014

The new anticapitalist party (NPA) and its international collaborators of the Secretariat consolidated the Fourth International (USFI) pabliste applauded the coup d’etat of February 22 Kiev that overthrew the president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. They thus support a pro-imperialiste regime in Ukraine that may cause a war with the Russia, while acknowledging that this scheme is run by fascist groups. This is irrefutable evidence of their passage in the camp of the darkest political reaction.

The « Declaration on the Ukraine » refers a veiled to the fact that the regime in Kiev created by the putsch aims to impose social austerity and to stir up the conflict with the Russia and Russian-Ukrainian speakers. Writing that « the mass movement itself has no progressive programme on democratic, national and social issues », she said: « the new ruling parties will continue social attacks with possible internal confrontations, leading to the disintegration of the country. »

On the basis of this analysis, the USFI called his supporters to join the protests: « while the main organized forces are, for the moment, right and far right, we support social and political forces who are trying to build an opposition of left within this movement. In doing so, they refused to stay outside the movement and to identify all of the movement with its component of the extreme right. »

To justify its support for the coup, the USFI employs the same lie that she has poured on the war in Syria led by the CIA and carried out by fighters linked to Al-Qaeda. She claims that a small right-wing movement, supported by imperialism, is a democratic mass uprising.

This lie is even more obvious that the testimonies of the USFI of events in Ukraine directly contradict. In an interview with Weekly the anti-capitalist, entitled « A revolt of mass of Ukrainians for democracy », Zakhar Popovych of the Ukrainian group the left Opposition, which participated in the events of Maidan, claims that they constituted a democratic revolution. The record of Popovych however discrediting this presentation.

He writes: « the first attacks against the Berkut riot police were organized primarily by Pravyi Sektor [right sector] neo-nazis who are even more radical than Svoboda (« freedom », extreme right). » He noted that « people of the Maidan (…) were most of the originating ukrainophones of villages in the West of the Ukraine. »

His analysis of the latest wave of demonstrations before the coup discredited the idea that a revolutionary mass uprising was held in Kiev: « instead of the Maidan attended at a ‘normal’ Party by a few hundred people, has been invaded by thousands of men and women who remained overnight. This mass mobilization has probably saved the Maidan of the ‘cleaning’ which was clearly prepared by the police. »

The assertions that the State of Kiev was a « mass pro-democracy revolt » are absurd lies. Unlike the uprisings against the dictatorships Pro-imperialist in Egypt and Tunisia, which have mobilized millions or tens of millions of workers, the coup has mobilized thousands or tens of thousands of people, organized around nuclei of fascist fighters. There are no strikes and mass mobilizations of workers, the only way progressive whereby the reactionary regime of Yanukovych could have been spilled.

The extreme right-wing forces of the Maidan with which the NPA proposes to work include Svoboda or right sector, which openly glorify the Nazi SS units that participated in the Holocaust.

The support of the pseudo-gauche in a coup d’Etat led by fascists is a warning to the working class. Based in the wealthier middle classes fascinated by violence and convinced that the fascists legitimately express social discontent, they are deeply hostile to the working class and socialism. They are preparing to support authoritarian regimes in Ukraine and internationally.

Ilya Budraitskis, a leader of the Russian socialist movement pabliste (RSM), welcome right sector in an article entitled « protests in Ukraine: A left area is possible? » He wrote: « without the supporters of a ‘national dictatorship’ ultra-right sector right, there would have never was of barricades on Hrushevskogo or occupied transformed into ‘quartier’ Department General of the revolution. » Would simply not there one of the events which have actually prevented the consolidation of a « party of order » and the establishment of a « State of emergency » at the top. »

The glorification by Budraitskis of the fascists as leaders of a revolt at the bottom is a despicable fraud. Ukrainian opposition received the support of the imperialist powers and a section of the Ukrainian oligarchs, to implement an anti-Russian scheme that would impose deep social cuts against the workers.

The Maidan events were organized on the reactionary motto of accession to the European Union (EU). They started in November when Yanukovych, fearing mass protests, has abandoned an association agreement with the EU imposing attacks on pensioners and massive increases in energy prices.

During the protests, dozens of American and European leaders have visited Maidan, calling for a regime change. According to the US Under-Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Victoria Nuland, Washington spent $5 billion since the dissolution of the Soviet Union to finance the Ukrainian opposition.

Rejecting the working-class, Budraitskis articulated point of view reactionary and pessimistic that the victory of the far-right is inevitable. It proposes to establish a ‘left sector’, i.e. a pseudo-gauche version of the pro-nazi right sector working with the extreme-right, as model for the construction of party’s « left » for a full time.

He wrote, « I understand completely how much my reasoning may seem fragile, but I still think that this discussion – about the possibility of a ‘left sector’ and his struggle for hegemony in the protest – is important not only in the Ukrainian context, but also for the future, in which we will face in a manner similar (if not worse) to these same circumstances each time. »

The commentary of Budraitskis that a « Left sector » perspective is important beyond the Ukraine and for the future stresses that the pseudo-gauche Parties apply its arguments to justify working with forces of the far-right around the world. In France, this would justify the involvement of the NPA in demonstrations at the sides of the Front National (FN) neo-fascist, which launches also the demagogic appeals and mounted protests on various social issues.

The construction of a « left sector », writes Budraitskis, « would allow the construction of the radical left forces in the post-revolutionary situation, which will probably be ours in the near future, when finally the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) will put an end to its ignominious existence. « The current request to prohibit the KPU (along with the party of Russian-speaking regions), which the protesters call with more in addition to force over time, is linked not only to the anti-Communist tradition, but equally to the political programme of the KPU, which has linked its fate inextricably with the oligarchic clans and the reactionary pro-Russian lobby. »

The Budraitskis call for the destruction of the KPU after the victory of the protests is chilling. The fall of the KPU plans Budraitskis is not the collapse of a pro-capitalist Stalinist party during a revolutionary offensive of the working class; It is the liquidation of executives and voters of the KPU by pro-Nazi forces supported by the pseudo-gauche. Svoboda comments on this issue are very clear.

In 2010, officials of Svoboda had posted this comment on a forum on the official website of party: « to create a Ukraine really Ukrainian in the cities East and South… we will have to cancel the parliamentarism, prohibit all political parties, nationalize the industry, all the media, ban any import of literature in Ukraine since the Russia,… we need to replace completely the leaders of public service, in education, in the military (especially in the East), physically liquidate all intellectuals of Russian language and all ukrainophobes (quickly, without hassle a trial.) (L’inscription deles de ukrainophobes peut être faite ici par tout membre de Svoboda), execute all members of the anti-ukrainiens political parties. « 

The appeals of the NPA to the collaboration with the fascists and the formal adoption of such positions in a declaration of the USFI report a political step. The escalation of imperialist wars and social crises have upset the political framework in which these bourgeois groups showed a facade of ‘left’, while working with the bourgeois parties to bind the working-class to capitalism. With their approval of a collaboration with fascist groups, the mask has slipped, revealing the hidden below far-right reality.

The evolution of the NPA, founded five years ago to break the symbolic link that kept his predecessor, the Revolutionary Communist League (LCR), with Trotsky and socialism, gives reason to the assessment that was at the time the WSWS.

In 2009, the WSWS wrote : « the real objective of the LCR in liquidating, is in fact to liquidate the political legacy of Trotsky, i.e. emphasis on working-class, revolutionary internationalism full political independence, and opposition indisputable in collaboration with the bourgeois state, bureaucracies Stalinist and Social Democrat and all variants of bourgeois nationalism and bourgeois radicalism. » [His]… the anti-capitalism as ideological guide is, in the European political context and, a fortiori, french, a colossal backwards and to the right step, towards the lowest common denominator. Politically vague this term encompasses all kinds of social discontent, independently of their social base or their orientation. It can be adopted by large sections of the petty bourgeoisie, right as left – it covers everything that stands between anarchism proposed by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in the middle of the nineteenth century and the violent populist protest movement of Pierre Poujade right in the middle of the twentieth century. »

Having regard to the appeals of the NPA to alliances with pro-Nazi groups, we could add that there were elements within the nazi party presented themselves as anti-capitalist.

The NPA has founded its reactionary policy on a subjective and design history summarized by its leader, Alain Krivine, in his essay entitled « The new party anti-capitalist » anti-Marxist.

Calling an organization capable of constructing « United fronts » with feminist groups, environmentalists, unions and the pseudo-gauche, he wrote: « Unlike the LCR, the NPA, however, does not resolve certain questions, leaves them open for future conferences, for example all the strategic debates on the seizure of power, the transitional claims, double power, etc. He doesn’t pretend to be Trotskyist as such, but considers Trotskyism as one of the contributors, among other things, the revolutionary movement. Not wanting to, as we had do Stalinism, a policy by looking in the rearview mirror, the NPA has no position on what was the Soviet Union, Stalinism, etc. The policy is based on an agreement on the analysis of the period, as well as on the tasks ».

The orientation of the NPA to the Ukrainian fascists underlines the reactionary content of these anti-marxistes, and pragmatic perspectives who pass for a tolerant philosophy of unity. In rejecting the USSR, Trotsky struggle for socialism against Stalinism, and all the struggles of classes in the 20th century, the NPA has eliminated all political obstacles to alliances with imperialism and base social petty-bourgeois of the NPA might need. It can now create « United fronts » with not only other forces of the pseudo-gauche and the Stalinists who supported the restoration of capitalism in the USSR, but also with the CIA, Al Qaïda and fascist parties.

Relying on a narrow and ahistorical ‘agreement on the analysis of the period, as well as on the tasks’, the NPA has collaborated with Ukrainian fascism, the EU and Washington, with whom he has agreed to the existence of a crisis in Ukraine and the need to topple Yanukovych.

This alignment reflects support of the NPA to the imperialist plots and reactionary response to the rise of tensions of class and the crisis policy of European capitalism. Everywhere in Europe, the social democratic parties to which the pablistes were moving for decades are collapsing, discredited by austerity policies imposed after the crash of Wall Street in 2008. Greek PASOK, which has imposed the most brutal austerity, rose from the status of great party of « left » Government in Greece to the status of minor party loyalty less than 10 percent of the electorate, working in a coalition Government led by the conservatives.

In France, the NPA was appalled by the collapse of the growing popularity of the Socialist Party (PS) of President François Hollande. He argued Holland in the presidential election of 2012, admitting cynically that he would implement social cuts and neoliberal policies. Now, he carefully observes the rise of the neo-fascist FN of Marine Le Pen, who presents himself as the sole opposition party of France, in relying on popular disillusionment to the NPA and other pseudo-gauche groups, assessing its impact on the future of the postal code.

In the « report on the international situation » submitted by François Sabado last July, the NPA acknowledged that the faith of his party in the sustainability of the ‘left’ bourgeois had been shaken.

He wrote, « in France, the moral and political crisis is huge. The policy of the Socialist Party is massively rejected. We thought that the fate of the Greek PASOK – a total collapse – was a Greek uniqueness and that democracy could falter, but collapse at this point. When we analyse the recent by-elections in France, we cannot exclude this type of collapse for the PS. »

For a party petty bourgeois corrupt as the postal code, the prospect of a collapse of the PS does not open to the possibility of building a revolutionary mass party in the working class, to which it is irretrievably hostile. On the contrary, it brings the threat of a terrifying loss of privileges and prestige enjoyed by the NPA for decades.

The PS has created a political climate that stifled the revolutionary struggles of the working class and guaranteed to executives of the NPA of sinecures in the trade union bureaucracy funded by companies, lucrative University Grants, and access to the media. While the influence of the FN rises within the bourgeoisie, the NPA, through its policy in Ukraine, dabbled the ground to assess how to position themselves against forces that might one day be its new masters.

Any objections the NPA or the SUQI that his principles would avoid any association with the Fascist forces would be a cynical lie. In fact, the USFI boasts of having no principles. As Bertil them Vidět, who is the head of the Danish section of the USFI, wrote, in the book of new parties of the left, « we have no guarantee that an anticapitalist party will not be tempted by the taste of power and abandon the principles, as did the Italian Communist Refoundation Party, which supported the Italian military intervention in Afghanistan and the US bases in Italy.

With this reactionary statement and its support for the Ukrainian fascists, the USFI instructs the bourgeoisie that, in Exchange for a sufficient bribe, she will conduct any political crime, as despicable as is, against the working class. In the revolutionary struggles of the working class who are coming, it will work as an agent of the extreme right of the social reaction.

Very interesting comments, frankly, a few are to be read


August 3, 2014 @ 22:02

The USA as usual there are to put chaos in Palestine are the ones who are behind the racist Zionists of the State of Israel, the barbarity of this State which does not respect the resolutions adopted by the United Nations, they kill women, children, old men under pretext invented the assassination of 3 Jews even though they knew that it is not HAMAS that A MURDERED young, but the opportunity makes the thief they took the opportunity to do ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian people, it is necessary to destroy the tunnels say the Zionists, while the poor suffer the blockade; make their stolen lands and let Palestinians live in peace and stay Mr barbarians in your ghetto you who only tolerate your caste. In Ukraine they fell on a President as we would like to have in France not a larva to boot US.
« We must save the God dollar » dollar toilet paper, dollar global scam which flooded world markets and that is worth more a nail, that is the reason for the American larva that can track following the «martyrs» dead for the paper toilet.

I love



August 2, 2014 @ 17:10


Ukraine/East: insurgents take an armored vehicle of the army

12:31 02/08/2014
DONETSK, 2 August – RIA Novosti

Veterans of self-defense of the Republic of Donetsk (East of the Ukraine) have managed to seize a tank of the National Guard near the border with Russia, where intense fighting continues, announced Saturday at RIA Novosti headquarters of the insurgents.

« The armoured had more fuel, we decided not to destroy, but to take it whole. For these purposes, we continued it in the entire village of Stepanovka with a chainsaw », a participant of the facts recounted.

After running out of fuel, the tank was surrounded and the crew visited. The tank will be used by insurgents, and the crew will be used to carry out an exchange of prisoners, the source said.

Fighting between insurgents and armed forces pro-Kiev continues to the border between the Donetsk region and the Russia as well as in the vicinity of Donetsk.

Ukraine: life under the shells in the Donetsk region

Yesterday, the Ukrainian army attempted to take the city of Yassinovataya (North of Donetsk), but was repulsed by the insurgents.

In addition, the Ukrainian National Guard began an offensive Friday southwest of Donetsk, using 40 armoured vehicles. The pro-Kiev reached to take a crossing point Southeast of Marinka.

In the vicinity of Donetsk « artillery duels » between pro-Kiev and insurgents continue.

The rebellion is also managed to contain the offensive of the army on the towns of Chakhtersk, Torez and province. According to witnesses, there is significant damage to Chakhtersk, the city is almost deserted. The pro-Kiev forces, including an airmobile brigade and battalion of the National Guard Dnepr, failed in their offensive and were partially surrounded.

A strategic height the Kurgan of Saour-Moguila – remains occupied by the insurgents despite the denials by the Ukrainian armed command.

The authorities of Kiev lead a massive military operation to suppress the revolt which broke out in the southeast of the Ukraine following the overthrow of the regime of president Ianoukovitch February 22 since April 15. The army is using armoured vehicles, heavy weapons and aircraft. Hostilities have already made more than a thousand deaths among civilians and caused significant destruction.

Ukrainian president Piotr Poroshenko announced Thursday that the country’s authorities spent every day 70 million hryvnias (about 6 million dollars) as part of operation. The Ukraine being close to bankruptcy, Kiev was forced to apply for financial aid in the United States and the EU, raising taxes, to implement the austerity measures, and to create a special military tax.


August 2, 2014 @ 14:32

« Meanwhile, we do visit tourists a reform nuclear submarine » Le Redoutable « in explaining our technological superiority…
‘ ‘ We are still with our « Maginot line » or our soldiers sang during the war funny: « we’ll hang our clothes on the Siegfried line ‘… we saw that this to given!
What you need to know by seeing these conflicts in Ukraine or Gaza, is that our nuclear weapons and our drones are worthless! The war will unfold in close combat with small arms and anti-tank grenades. Houses by houses, trees by trees or in tunnels as rats!
The civilian population, will be taken hostage… which the authorities what to do…

Subsequently, the 4th World War, as say some visionaries, will be with bows and arrows.


August 2, 2014 @ 12:39

The European Union has lifted restrictions on deliveries of military equipment in the Ukraine:


Meanwhile: Lugansk at the edge of the humanitarian catastrophe:



August 2, 2014 @ 19:48

CA it is clearly a breach of the agreements of the United Nations. Finally, what they remain of these agreements that even Israel has nothing to fuck and piss in the ass of the retired line…



« Other sources a little fanciful indicate that Kiev wanted to beat the plane of Russian president Vladimir Putin ».

(Note: sentence of the Article of Allain Jules!)

??? ❓

I’m not into the secrets of the gods, if so many assumptions are raised, but if it remains logical and in front of all eyewitness accounts than it a referral Spanish sky of this aircraft of Malaysian Airlines, which has well seen 2 hunters of the army of fools of KIEV-USA-NATO deal this civilian aircraft, since it is one and same entitywhy and for what purpose thus want to rule out the possibility that it is the Americans and NATO which have made the shot, the terrorist auxiliaries of Kiev, also crazy twisted, fascist, profiteers mafia and irresponsible as they are do it from Maidan more jurisdiction national policy because of this Putsch of military, although USA and although NATO EU (as anti-European entity and anti peoples of Europe(flattened and accomplice of of us)!

High level of evidence there is crime, but it does not benefit Russia certainly, who does not want to play the game that the United States / NATO and the EU sold him were concocted as a vulgar country, which should fall into their trap and trap tense, but those that are getting impatient that the war, the total does not yet started in Europethe Ukraine being the door of hell for all of Europe, the Russia including!
This door ajar, or more open on the European catastrophe on a large scale, the Russia did not want to rush and to reason, the Russia is not irresponsible, or going to war, nor as daft to destroy its full economic potential, but also geo-strategic international!

But the fools of Washington and Tel Aviv, Brussels is that follow, because it is one and same tripartite entity, with the same masters who are masters of work, including the financial power and not economic because produce nothing, but do that plunder the world as a USURER and BANKSTERS mafia Nazi-Zionist stateless lawless…

All the rest is the puffery of the powder in the eyes of the food to the dogs for which we are all caught up, but nobody forces you to eat this poison there, if you have your discernment abilities and your free will, as well as if you are simply sane without even having to be Sun Tzu or Nicolas Machiavelli to understand the why and how!

Any power, any war still has supremacy reasons, reasons of racketeering, as American General Smedley Butler said: « War is a racket! », profit economic, territorial, financial and neo-colonial means as much control territories assaulted its resources and geo-strategic positions, which is the case of the Ukraine from Russia, verbatim from Europethe total grip on it, on its interests crushed for the benefit of this Judeo-maconnique transatlantic stateless entity and that of their ectoplasm in Palestine, said Israel…

Without us Israel = Nazi-Zionist Fascists in power in the United States and without NATO could survive 24 hours in the Middle East, because imagine that have its abandonment and the crash by economic means to us on the part of the Russia, China and the Brics, in a crash and total bankruptcy, Israel no longer exists, Pschiiiiiiiiiit like a balloon will deflate, Ditto for its auxiliaries and criminal financial Siono – fascists Wahhabis of the Gulfwhich no longer master, nor their partner in the criminal association in which they are first line against any sovereign Arab country, which makes them the shadow to exist in the absolute obscurantism dictatorship and tyranny…

All Arab regimes sold and flattened to us, like a House of cards would collapse and Arab countries at that time and peoples could cover their national, their territorial sovereignty independence and political hand and vivraien there like a Phoenix their true renaissance of their betrayals real obnoxious as their countries and Nations and faith!

There it was true Renaissance, true enlightenment, true progress for these countries, Nations and peoples in freedom not enslavement and shameful slavery of their own peoples and countries!

The only entity who can enjoy the Crime it is us, since these 2 entities are that the United States is not a free country but led by a powerful Zionist Jewish lobby, which holds them all, at all levels of power…

Their economies are already stranded in total bankruptcy, only a large-scale war can save…
The Nazi-Zionist on Gaza and Palestine entity aggression is in close link with what is happening in Ukraine, because they are 2 joint of the same entity operations, make no mistake about!

So I come back to the starting point and do not agree with your analysis on the bottom!

I claim nothing, but in freedom of expression I am expressing my opinion based on analysis of whole and not on a single is taken into account, this fact of the swimming likely of the Malaysian Airlines by us civilian aircraft, fools of Kiev is that their terrorist service fascists, like those of Syria, to Iraq, Libya and elsewhere!

Everything else being mentally retarded for and although Eve history understand who wants and I assume the entirety of my comments, that I have not sucked my thumb but which are the product of a global reflection on all the issues!


And good to you all as well as the Director of the site, which is expressed in the same way as others, giving his vision of things, but that’s worth as much as others, no more nor less…
The next few days and the following month will give us quite a few responses, because this story is not yet finished and I can tell you that business in Germany to the highest level rumble against the mad EU and even against United States policy, the evidence is that their media in the hands of these same media is dropped and that it accuses and balance serious against the EU and the United States who want to crash Europe and its economy, making it dependent on the United States and NATO, there like Cerberus and not advocate anything or anyone…

«Montags Demos» or « Monday demonstrations » in the Germany in more than 100 cities, apart from Berlin, with representatives of civil society, intelligentsia, of the press that is free of the Omertà, even veterans of Foreign Ministers, everything well organized and orchestrated the German, well reported in the media, without that it is biased, the Merkel Government all reviled azimuth shows a big change in climate and the dwarf French or us in Francedoes not big will have much to say in this context of radical change that is taking the Germany, to the economy, that policy has no means of its own independent policy and without us!
Have you not noticed the sudden silence of the big hangover Jewish Nazi – Zionist of the MAE de France Laurent Fabius became silent coup…
I read every day the German press as the official than alternative media, as well as the American…

At home it is outright dictatorship, tyranny and civil war that we talk about and even of a very strong internal war between the Government, the CIA and the Congress…
A putsch and cleaning of the dark forces is not impossible, many Banksters and businessmen at the highest level were recently liquidated one way or another, some even ‘auto-suicides’ at the 4 corners of the planet…

It seems if we stick to this Numerology symbolic and important to Kabbalah attaches capital importance to the number 7, which the Malaysian aircraft is full, as well as 20, where things should happen…? : roll:
I not positioned me, but waiting to see come and go…

I would point out also that the France is in pre-bankruptcy and not have the resources of an independent policy because the France as such is neither independent nor free…
It is for this that without addressing the needs of its people that is booming more and more it is as Republic well dead and buried and returning to dictatorship and tyranny Nazi-Zionist, using national traitors, which probably someday accountability to the people of France that year year eventually to wake up from her nightmare and will rise to at all levelsIt is just a matter of more or less close time and which I think is close to speed wide V, water has overflowed the vase and the bearable and the France vessel sank on all sides and singing as a result!

Tempore cognoscemus – who will live will see


Poroncheko is in its small shoes, especially since the majority of the passengers were Dutch (148), Australians, Americans, Germans, etc so it killed citizens of Western countries who are its allies. I fail to see how these countries will continue to support its massacres of the Russian-speaking, despite the anger of the families of the victims of this tragedy. Thanks to this plane, victims of the fascists in Kiev have a face in the West.
Putin already accused the Ukraine of bear full responsibility for this tragedy and promises to do its utmost to shed light on this tragedy. It is a turning point in the Ukrainian crisis and the end of the adventure of the fascists in Kiev. Although the deaths of Odessa died in the indifference of the media of the West, the victims of this aircraft will have a terrible impact on opinion of the West.


It could, according to other sources, a « fake civil aircraft’, which could explain his ‘silence’, hundreds of Km before its crash, a mystery like the September 11, 2001 Pennsylvania plane. (found by t on on the crash site?) and the aircraft would have
deflected voluntarily its road, it seems should not fly over the territory of Novorossia (see map) and would the Sukhoi 27 he would have accompanied him.


What is already possible to say with certainty.

1. Malaysian ‘Boeing’ was carried out on the territory of the DNI consciously spend part of its conclusions on the territory of the HPT are obviously intentional. Fraud road ‘Boeing’ are identical to well known South Korean ‘Boeing’ provocation, that Americans have in Soviet airspace in 1983, after which he was shot. 2 ‘ Boeing’ only worked with Ukraine – Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk managers, he was there and it was organized by the movement of the northern corridor of the usual route. Russia or the militia could not send it to the zone of conflict. 3 ‘ Boeing’ was accompanied by two planes junta army air (a gap – some sources write on the Su-25, the other on the Su-27) one of them witnesses saw near the site of the crash, ‘Boeing’ on outgoing Debalcevo.

What happened to the 2nd plan is unknown, the observed two parachute near collapse ‘Boeing’ may well belong to the Air force pilots junta. Earlier, there were reports not audited downed Su-25 and AN-26, but no significant evidence of this. Shooters to declarations of officially made. 4 Spanish manager oversees the ‘Boeing’ confirmed the presence of aircraft Ukrainian beside the ‘Boeing’, as well as pull aircraft junta that he said and confirmed Ukrainian soldiers who claimed not to know exactly who gave the order (where and went on the version Kolomoysky and Avakov). In fact, aircraft Ukrainian beside the ‘Boeing’, the Spanish Manager and eyewitness disaster ‘Boeing’ can determine reliably the culprit. 5.

How he was shot ‘Boeing’ before opening the ‘black boxes’ together is unlikely to succeed – at the time militia found 8 out of 12 among the versions in addition to the evidence- The air-to-air missile fire (as mentioned a number of U.S. sources), there is a collision version had ‘Boeing’ with the junta, as well as voice of the Russian version of the media that the aircraft ‘Boeing’ would have mixed with Putin. Just before the end of clarity 3 explosions in the air as the witness observed. 6. as regards the version that aircraft have been slaughtered in the « Buck », show how physics calculations, even if it is fully militia led to a captured operating state « Buk » (current tactical combat power and position are unknown), formed and closed the account in its complex defence and deployed in the area of snow Torezand then ‘Boeing’ would fall on Russian territory.

But when the bombing of Ukrainian ‘letter’ (which is not small in the Donbass), ‘Boeing’ just fell on the territory of the DNI. Overall, he awkwardly worked provocation when a passenger ‘Boeing’ knowingly sent (or Kiev Dnepropetrovsk – more determine) in the area of military conflict, where he went, accompanied by two planes junta, then was destroyed (with a high probability it more than ‘Boeing’ lost an airplane, where actually had parachutes). For more information was launched pump mechanism to accuse militias in the accident, which the junta factory special in the sky DNI. Online began to throw actively false, that the plane was shot down militias that we should introduce new sanctions against the Federation of Russia and NATO troops begin typing. task of provocation is quite clear – to accuse the militias and RF did not reverse the emerging trends in the Donbass.

Since the provocation has been made discussions very clumsy and white flowing everywhere (even on external resources is reasonable to think that the main culprits are sitting in Kiev), the effect of it, in my opinion will be limited. Up, the junta will try to get out of this bad load provocation temporary respite to recover after the disaster in the battles for Izvarino, Lugansk, Krasnodon






The Ukrainian missile could target the aircraft of PutinBy the voice of the Russia. The aircraft of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin could be the target of a missile Ukrainian ground-to-air or a missile fired by a Ukrainian war plane that shot down the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, communicates a Russian source in the Federal Agency of air transport.,.

Putin aircraft crossed the Malaysian Boeing in the sky of Warsaw at an altitude of 10,100 Mr. presidential plane spent 16 pm hour of Moscow and Boeing at 15:44 Moscow time.

According to the source, the contours of the two aircraft could be confused, ben see and the colors were almost identical at a great distance.
Plane crash, Ukraine, Vladimir Poutine, society


Westerners have a targeted Asian, but to achieve this it is very expensive by plane, bypass the Ukraine will be expensive for the airline in the West. and if the Russia denied its airspace, the consequences will be dramatic.


Flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines – the Message occult Christine Lagarde
The prime number 17 was called by the Pythagoreans – opposition, obstruction, bad, and the day the devil triumphed over God.
Malaysia Airlines flight # MH17, a Boeing 777 is shot on 14-7-17 apparently after having been built it 17 years ago. Maybe this speech in the video above, this hidden message was an order given to anyone by it to bring down this plane that perhaps a sacrifice or a false flag to achieve their goals? If you do not understand the connection watch the video first, then you will get it. There were also 295 persons on board. 2 + 9 + 5 = 16 1 + 6 = 7.
Update: on SkyNews earlier, the journalist said the departure of the flight was 11 h 14 (1 + 1 + 1 + 4 = 7) and arrive at 06:10 (6 + 1 = 7)
First flight July 17, 1997
Last Flight July 17, 2014
Age: 17 years
295 people disappeared.
295 = 5 * 59
= 59 17 award-winning Number
17 = 7 first number it stops more and more strange…


I have to recognize, that I had many but many, difficult to recognize and believe it, because I’m very Cartesian, and because, being, in 2014, and in the 21st century, I saw evil people, kill others, free of charge (unless it is, people here, them, makes whatever thing) once, I was still naive, already my rudder ment , and then with Europe, that said, I am trying to perfect my judgment, since it demonstrated to me in this video + top link (I already doubts with the twin towers, the Word trade center bombing, or by chance, none of the 3000 Jews, who worked from in, but who do work that day, it’s crazy, eh, as) (, what chance!)but, what she (C.LAGARDE, IMF) says is targeted, and this, for people who believe they have right of life or death over their own, if indeed it turns out than C;LAGARDE IMF, and others are involved in the crash of the MH 17 aircraft, be some really have interest to this stash, and if need arise in civil, I’d an of…, because, I assume, that there will be several


The shadow

Jul 18, 2014 @ 0:32

Read revelation, you will understand better, everything will be revealed, what is hidden will be revealed, men who have hidden their interests will be revealed.


Jul 18, 2014 @ 0:39

In a comment, I was also considering an occult explanation on the reasons for slaughter of this aircraft by the Ukrainian army. I thought that ca might be a sacrifice to the God Neptune. I see that someone else has thought of that too. So my idea is not so far fetched that much, at least those who understand the side occult and Illuminati.


Know you, the « manifesto of the popular front for the liberation of the Ukraine », approved July 7, 2014, by the social Republic of the Novorossia, picked up by many ‘ blog or site. presentation by a political officer of the Russia

On the blog of Olivier Berruyer (must take the time to read, to understand the reaction of some « protagonist », in international politics).


[Exclusive] The manifest of the popular front for the liberation of the Ukraine

I propose to you today the exclusive translation of a very interesting document, the manifesto of the popular front for the liberation of the Ukraine.

We can discuss the merits, but this seems to me important to read to understand the point of view of Russian speakers. And it has a small Commune 1870 scent…

In the introduction, I resume the presentation of Karine Bechet-Golovko.


As a first step, the popular discontent, organized and structured, gave Maidan. For social rights, against the oligarchs and the power of the corruption that destroyed the State. With the coup d ‘ état in Kiev, the oligarchs took regions, relied on radical armed forces, and certain neo-nazies to ensure their power by force. Another route was not possible: it was necessary to enslave the population through fear. Finally, the radicals are over-represented in the rada and another oligarch took power, thanks to the presidential election, the campaign was orchestrated, prepared and financed from abroad. Maidan has lost, the Ukrainian people is again stripped and pressed. In response, the Southeast rises and takes up arms. « Anti-terrorist » intervention, Kiev has ended, political incompetence or deep commitment, by causing a civil war that allows ethnic cleansing. In this context, Novorossia is revived by local referendum, weapons is booming, civilians die under the blows of the Ukrainian army or are evacuated despite the absence of humanitarian corridor. In this difficult context, the leaders of Novorossia attempt to position itself politically. No, they are not separatists, they want to live in Ukraine but in an another Ukraine. No they are not pro-Russian, they are ethnically Russian, for a free, truly European Ukraine as it was always and not corrupted it, what it is not. The popular Ukrainian Liberation Front Manifesto was adopted.

On 7 July, in Yalta, representatives of different regions of Ukraine, of different political forces, by different organizations in Ukraine, have adopted a manifest who, for the first time, laying the vision political movement of armed resistance.

Usually, the combatants in the Donbass are considered pro-Russian, as against power to Kiev, as if the mere fact of opposing the coup were of them pro-Russian separatists. Usually, they are shown as puppets in the pay of Moscow who pulls the strings in the region to destabilize Ukraine, or even « append » protest territories, to borrow an expression that please to Western media.

However, this manifesto is intended not only to explain the political goals of the approach of the resistance fighters, but also break some images a little too comfortable and too far removed from their reality.

It should be noted that the Russian internet distributes for the moment without real comments. Found same on the website of the echo of Moscow, which is both interesting and surprising. It appears to be an important act for the understanding of the political evolution of the situation in Ukraine, but an act that for now no internet media takes the risk of really analyze. A political turn is taken here, but we don’t know yet what it will lead, nor whether it can come to an end.

With regard to the text itself, I will not translate it, but give the points that seem most important. Here it shows the failure of the revolution of the Maidan, as it resulted in the seizure of power of oligarchs, aided by the arm, extremist groups and fanatics and contract. So it’s back to the beginnings of the dispute: a power that belongs to the people, running on the mode of representation by delegates, through elections and referendums, against corruption, the power of oligarchs, bandits and against the intervention of foreign forces.

The goal is the establishment in Ukraine of a social system (as opposed to neoliberalism currently advocated as a paragon of European values), oriented towards the individual, but also a liberal state that allows to create his business without risk of being attacked by bandits and corrupt officials, a federal or confederal – as State regions will decide themselves. In short, a State that allows the respect of everyone, allowing to reconstruct the social link between all the inhabitants of the Ukraine, which, let us remember, are ethnically very diverse (Russians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Poles, etc.). To restore the living together. Is it idealistic? It is an ideal, as any draft policy.

The eastern population is raised first, is because it is doubly challenged, recalls the manifesto: as others, it is contested on the social and economic (reduction of wages, pensions, price increases and reduction of social aid, breakdown of medicine etc, under the yoke of the IMF or the EU for financial aidwithout which the Ukraine can no longer live). But this population is also attacked in its cultural foundations, with the prohibition of teaching Russian language, films in Russian, etc. This double attack, and basic car against « neoliberal banditry » hidden under European and cultural colors for Russian identity, resulted in the revolt of the Donbass.

But as this revolt has not been heeded, as the will of the new extremist neo-liberal power of Kiev was to prevent any legal challenge by the immediate dismissal of the Constitutional Court, intimidation against members and requests for prohibition of political parties to reduce weapons any dispute, the inhabitants of the region have taken up arms. For them, the use of force is necessary to defend themselves, it is a way to fight to achieve the expected result, the liberation of the Ukraine.

With respect to the support of Moscow, they believe that their fight, mainly, mind Russian elites, who would have preferred to quickly negotiate with Kiev the cessation of hostilities, find a compromise and continue their business. But as the rebellious population does not go down the arm, as a large part of the Russian population supports, the Russian elite are obliged, at least to pretend to support conducted combat and do not completely let go.

In short, overall, we face the Ukrainian revolutionary phase. On the institutional level, the political model is very simplistic, it is an intermediate people ‘s/revolutionary model, based on representatives and assemblies, but to get out of this bloody chaos and build all the institutions which correspond to the will of the inhabitants of the country.

The first Maidan objectively was a failure, none of the applications of the first demonstrators was satisfied, on the contrary. Today, in fact, these first applications are listed by fighters from the East.

I am really curious to see if our elite bienpensantes, our researchers and sociologists, who are so keen to the claims of the first Maidan, will put as much force to support this movement popular there. Because, for them the issue is simple: they are against corruption, the oligarchs, extremism, respect for the other, the fight for living together, or else it depends on who makes these claims?

Karine Bechet-Golovko, RussiePolitics

The manifest

What is the purpose of our struggle?
The construction on the territory of Ukraine of a people’s Republic fair, social, the oligarchs and the corruption of bureaucracy.

Who are our enemies?
The ruling elites liberal-fascist – criminal union of oligarchs, the bureaucrats, the security forces, and of organized crime, serving the interests of foreign States.

Who are our allies?
All people of good will who recognize the ideals of social justice and who are willing to fight for them, not those who have accepted the liberal-fascist state on the territory of the Ukraine, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality.

That is what the social Republic for which we fight?
The social Republic, it is a form of political organization of society, in which:
interests of the people and its development on all fronts (spiritual, intellectual, social, physical) are the goals and objectives of the social of the social Republic.
•all power belongs to the people and is done by elected bodies, its direct representatives.
•each worker-citizen is entitled to medical care, education, retirement and social security at the expense of the State.
•are permitted any initiative, private or collective, being in favour of the people and its development
•is prohibits capitalism Bank loan shark, living at the expense of the interests of loan – money should not be won through servitude for debt, but by the implementation of successful projects
•the ‘ State, acting on behalf of the people and controlled by its representatives, is the largest holder of capital and control all strategic industries
•the private property is allowed, but the wealthy and their investment in the politics and economics are under the control of the company – person has the right to be an oligarch and to rule over the people by the artificial creation of a situation of exclusivity

What are the methods of our struggle?
To achieve the objective (creation on the territory of Ukraine of the social Republic popular), we are ready to apply methods to combat violent or peaceful. We consider that an armed people is only capable of protecting freedom, but violence is only a way forced (of last resort) to achieve a political objective.

What is happening on the territory of the Ukraine?
The territory of the Ukraine, occurs a peoples liberation uprising against liberal-fascist power, which tries using terror and propaganda to strengthen liberal-fascist and criminal capitalism in our country.

What is the Ukraine?
The Ukraine is a territory between the European Union and Russia with (mainly Orthodox) Christian traditions, inhabited by diverse peoples (Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Moldovan, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Jews, Armenians, Greeks, Tatars, Ruthenes, Houtsoules, etc.) and centuries of popular tradition of political autonomy and popular freedom struggle.

What happens to the southeast of Ukraine (Novorossia)?
A popular uprising against the liberal-fascist party to power, established in Kiev with the money and the support of Western patterns in southeastern (Novorossia) occurs. In this rebellion take participation all peoples: Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Hungarians, Romanians and so forth.

Is it a war between the Russians and Ukrainians in the Southeast (Novorossia)?
This isn’t war between the Russians and the Ukrainians, as the Liberal-fascist propaganda, this is an insurrection of oppressed people against the common criminal enemy – the capitalist liberal-fascist party.
Both sides of the front fought Russians and Ukrainians (as well as other peoples).
On the side of the « authorities of Kiev », mercenaries and oppressors duped by propaganda are fighting for the interests of big capital criminal and evil bureaucracy, while on the side of the Southeast (Novorossia), insurgents defend the interests of the people and its future free, fair and democratic.

The interests of the Russians and Ukrainians are they different in the events unfolding in Ukraine?
The Russians and Ukrainians are United by the same socio-political interests – the liberation of the Ukraine of the power of criminal capital, criminal bureaucracy, the force criminal services and organized crime.

Why the revolt in the Southeast (Novorossia) occurs under Russian slogans?
Because the Russian people and Russian-speaking of Ukraine is found in the double oppression socio-economic (just like the live population), but also cultural and political.
Socio-economic oppression, corruption, the regime of illegality, the power of crime, unable to lead a company normally and have a normal life, of starvation wages, to be dependent on the « masters of life » – this is the standard of the existence of each worker citizen of the Ukraine.
Banning of Russian in areas where 90% and more of the population, thinks and speaks in Russian (it is about half of the territory of the Ukraine), the prohibition of teaching of Russian in schools, the prohibition of advertising and Russian cinema, the prohibition to use Russian in the legal field and in administrative practice and many other prohibitions and requirements absurd and segregationist – is a humiliation than the speaking of the Ukraine population by the criminal power liberal-fascist.
This is why the Russians and Russian-speakers have lifted first.
And it is the turn of all the oppressed peoples of the Ukraine!

Why the Russia help the southeast of Ukraine (Novorossia)?
A large part of the Russian elite is afraid of the popular socio-political protest. It would be a pleasure to find an agreement with the power of Kiev and put an end to the war in the Southeast (Novorossia). But the fury of the popular uprising against liberal-fascist oligarcho-bureaucratic capitalism does not. The peoples of the Russia support the just struggle of the southeast of Ukraine (Novorossia). And it obliges all the elite of the Russia (Russian origin, but no opinion) to maintain or to pretend, often against its strategic interests, that it supports the rebellion of the southeast of the Ukraine.

Why the United States and EU help Kyiv plan?
The main objective of the United States, it is the confrontation with Russia, its main geopolitical competitor. The United States must either create an anti-Russian Ukrainian State with bases of NATO to the borders of Russia, or wreak havoc, destabilizing the region.
The EU needs additional markets to sell its goods and the sources of cheap raw materials.

That supports the struggle of the southeast of Ukraine (Novorossia)?
The struggle of the peoples of Ukraine, whose southeastern (Novorossia) is the support base, is supported and developed by the unshakeable will of the peoples of Ukraine to free themselves from the domination of the liberal-fascist ruling elite and progressive awareness of their socio-political interests and the objectives of the fight.

Is the struggle in the Southeast (Novorossia) supports separatism?
No, the territory of the fight is the whole of the territory of the Ukraine. Southeastern (Novorossia) rebels reach to their brothers and sisters in all regions of Ukraine with the call: « stand up against the common enemy. »
We will create a new people power free and socially responsible throughout the territory of the Ukraine and the Novorossia.

What will happen – you it after the victory of the revolution of liberation and the sinking of the liberal-fascist regime?
The formation of a new State on the territory of the Ukraine, in which the power will belong to the people, not in words, but in deeds.
The population of each region will determine the future of its region by means of a referendum (as supreme democracy form) and will choose either to stay within a United State federal (or confederal) or to become independent.

How to build political power after the victory of the revolution of liberation?
Political power will be based on the principle of direct popular representation (democracy) – from the bottom upwards.
The bodies of democracy will form, starting with regional councils and the Supreme Council, the principle of representation of the delegates from the territories; delegates of the workers organizations, professional corporations and unions; delegates from political, religious and community organizations.
The pillar of popular democracy will be local councils.
They delegate representatives in the regional councils.
The supreme body of the representation of the people (Supreme Council) will consist of delegates of the regional councils.
The supreme Council will choose the responsible Government before the people in the person of its representatives.
We recommend eligibility of judges and heads of the structures of the order on the ground forces (locally).

What are the rights of regions following the victory of the revolution of liberation?
Each region will have the right to dispose of its Constitution or other basic document guaranteeing peoples residing in its territory their main political, economic, social, cultural and religious rights.
Each region shall be entitled to choose, in addition to the national languages, regional languages for the cultural, political, legal or administrative development.
Each region will have the right to form its budget on the basis of the taxation of natural or legal persons carrying out activities in its territory.
Each region shall be entitled to have an autonomous activity in international trade.

What will be the responsibilities of the regions following the victory of the revolution of liberation?
Each region will be obliged to pay a portion of its taxes in the joint anti-crisis Fund (for the circumstances of natural disaster or other cataclysms).
Each region will be obliged to pay a portion of its taxes for the General needs of the national State – defence, the expenditure of the common State apparatus, the construction of structures of national importance.
Each region should obey common national principles of mutual relations of labour and capital, civil and political freedoms.
Each region must maintain order and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, under the national legislation.

These are the basic principles and objectives of our struggle.
Every honest citizen and Patriot must accept them and support them.

We count on international solidarity and the support of all those for whom the ideals of equality, democracy and social justice do not translate in words but in facts.

Together – we shall overcome!

Approved by the resistance of the Yalta conference 2014-07-07

Translated by Philippe Deville for http://www.les-crises.fr


Can e ask questions about the motives for the two camps to down an airliner.
1 Russian-speakers of Donbass: the only aircraft that interest them, it is military aircraft of the Ukrainian army. However these aircraft often transport, do not fly at 10,000 meters above sea level. Why then they reach a Malaysian airliner and what profits derive?
2. the Ukrainian army: the only airliner which may be of interest to them, it is a Russian airliner or Russian aircraft simply. For revenge against the Russia or the cause. Especially if it’s plane is the plane of Russian president.
One can conclude logically that the Malaysian aircraft took to the plane of president Poutine which enters the same space almost at the same time. May the Ukrainian army has misjudged the time of passage of the aircraft of the Russian president and took to target another aircraft that had almost at the same time with the same characteristics as the Russian aircraft.
I don’t see any other phones that can push the Ukrainian army to shoot down an airliner, with American and Dutch passengers…

16 votes



Jul 18, 2014 @You can add another more occult explanation. That is what the Malaysian company has in common with the Ukraine: the trident as a logo. The trident is the symbol of the God Neptune. You can then imagine that it is at a different level of a sacrifice to the God Neptune, seeking his intervention to save their plan of the NWO in danger. This is just a hypothesis.

Weird, bis repetita:
The same airline, same-plane (a 777), and a few months apart.

And that was this plane over an area of dogfights?

And more than 1000 km north of a straight line connecting Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur?
If you look at a map, the aircraft had discretion to move above the Turkey or 1000 km to the South, Egypt above, or even Gaza.
Am I beast, it could have been achieved by Gazan rockets!



The State service of aviation of the Ukraine in early July closed the air space for civilian aircraft in the anti-terrorism operation area. It allows only the transit of aircraft making flights higher than the 260th (higher than 7 900 meters) level


In n is not the specialist, far from it, Kiev accuses the pro-Russian d killing this Malaysian aircraft, but mark d a dopey:
-Is it technically possible for the pro-Russian have missiles that can bring down a plane at 10 kms d altitude? This, would it not TV Guide complex as well as powerful radars and the complicated and appropriate logistics? The pro-Russian, have them they? I doubt…

-This area of passage of commercial flights (major junction that saves 200 to 300 kms of flight or 10 min if one takes), n has not been banned flight by Kiev which had the certainty that the pro-Russian could not threaten these flights…And now we are told: they are capable, proof what they did…Who and what to believe?

-Ultimately, s Obama moved to 12 hrs flight d aircraft since him to mingle the Crimean and then l Ukraine. This n is for nothing, right? At the beginning of this crisis, a 3rd force had raised the ‘war’ Crimea and then Ukraine. What has she done this 3rd force? She was shot in the back as the forces of the official order (pro Yushchenko, a corrupt, Yes, but official forces anyway) as well as in the back of the anti-Yushchenko protesters (bullets of the same caliber, thing mentioned by Catherine Ashton and the Norwegian Minister d AE after the Russian secret services who intercepted a telephone conversation between the two above)). This tells you it something?

11 votes



Israel will « pay a high price » after launching a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, said tonight the Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the Palestinian territory.

« The beginning of the Israeli attack against Gaza is a dangerous step, whose consequences are incalculable, » said the Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Fawzi Barhoum in a statement. « Israel will pay a high price (…). » Hamas is ready for the confrontation, « he added.

12 votes



Israel launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip

By the voice of the Russia. Israel launched Thursday evening a ground on the Gaza Strip operation after ten days of raids to the 237 dead, announced the army in a statement.

« After ten days of air, sea and land attacks of Hamas and repeated refusals to calm the situation, the army launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip », said a military statement.
Read more: http://french.ruvr.ru/news/2014_07_18/Israel-lance-une-operation-terrestre-dans-la-bande-de-Gaza-0739/


… and the doubts that I had noticed are finally cleared up!
This famous smoke screen needed to be in place in order to hide the massacre of Gaza (after the world)
And here I learn that the Zionist entity launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, not happy to spread terror by air!
All overlap, so just make the appropriate reconciliations!

16 votes



Jul 17, 2014 @ 23:05

And as done 5 hours that we talk about, you can possibly spend in Gaza…



The president of the Federal Union of the controllers of air traffic, Sergei Kovalev, said that it was prohibited to use the airspace in the Donetsk region because of the fighting.

And it is only now that with passenger planes make the detour… ie the FAA seriously!

I love


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