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This is what I had said about a month ago at the Congress, it are billionaires and others, which are not, but who weigh their weight in voice, in short, what I said a month ago, is that the law of 80%. 20% (REP and DEM confused) was valid, it is even the lawnow, is the law of the 99%.1%car, because I learned about one of the section of the net (I do me, callback over what newspaper) that Jewish billionaire ASHELDON emmerderait, any other billionaires, who would the discourse of B.NETANYAHOU in WASHINGTON, and he weighs all of his money

I watched the video, or MARINE is interviewed by journaleu bruce toussaint, another one, which has been rocked too close to the wall, saw the silly question, that he dares ask pause, I wonder, if his c…e is natural, or if it gives training i loaded, because, frankly, Bogart was to be the first of its class, no need to catch up , is a p’tit genius in his field, MARINE, p e r l e p l u s d o u c e m e n t, p o u r q u ‘ i l c o m p r e n e n, has slowed down u, it, i r has better, it could maybe figure out who it is, a bole No, Friday the 13th it is passed, it even amazes me that has hired it in this TV. Navy, do you worried not me, I am very far from change, for others, I know, but I have Word.Especially, if there are some who feel hurt, do you hurt, because, I assume, that I am the spokesperson for person, thats all.

Attack in Bamako,

Mali: several dead, including a French in an « attack » in Bamako


What typically is a quiet area, and especially the Malian army and terrorists in the region, speakers generally North of MALI, to Timbuktu,(rappellez vous le film TIMBUKTU, vous savez celui,qui a été promu àles césars, il n’a été que promu, mais c’est déjà ça) what I mean by that, the French Army (‘operation serval)(, it tells you, something) is this BOKO HARAM, or, AQIM operate mainly northern Mali, KIDALE, BOUGHESSA, TESSALIT, ARAOUANE, TAOUDENNI, kidade, which was taken over by the rebels, short, hold for info, pull the huffigton post journal (world;.. can!)

« Commander Abdel Aziz Hassan Adam Chadian army. Our desire of fight against the armed groups terrorist and to secure the North of Mali. In this area, the borders are porous between Cameroon, Nigeria

Clashes resumed in may 2014 between the Malian forces and armed groups autonomists. The Malians are defeated in Kidal and driven from the city by the rebels who resumed control of almost all of the region of Kidal and the largest part of the Gao region.

The announcement of a truce between the Nigerian Army and Boko Haram October 17, 2014 showed both the complexity of the conflict in its national and regional dimension.While Boko Haram operated mainly in Nigeria, he also undertook operations focused beyond the borders of the country and established contacts with partners in the region, particularly in Niger and Chad. Regional and international attacks on Mali and Somalia jihadist groups appear to have disrupted the Boko Haram links with these groups.Abdel Aziz Hassan Adam Chadian army commander. Our desire of fight against the armed groups terrorist and to secure the North of Mali. In this area, the borders are porous between Cameroon, Nigeria

The attack in BAMAKO, has been committed, coincidentally, in the same way as the Christmas market, CHARLIE HEBDO, Russia; the murder of NEMTSOV, I believe, the bomb, which broke out at the manifesta tion of homage to NEMTSOV I have a big doubt on this one, and bamako to aim as casually as expats in the attack of charlie hebdo now, they are hoods, as pa random, as in Russia, it would appear that this is in connection with the attack in charlie hebdo, as by chance not claimed, frankly, you’re not finished we take for logs, sorry, but all that newspaper combat fate as nonsense, I do not at all, it stinks, frankly, whether the service secret This does not surprised me, I can me tropmper but, I have a huge doubt the trap, full nose,.

Mali: several dead, including a French in an « attack » in Bamako

The HuffPost with AFP

Publication: 07/03/2015 07 h 32 this Updated: 2 hours ago

INTERNATIONAL – three Europeans, whose a French and a Belgian , and two Malians were shot on the night of Friday to Saturday, March 7, in an attack on a restaurant in Bamako, according to police and hospital source. The attack also made eight wounded, including three Swiss, among them two soldiers and a woman very seriously affected. it could have been two other nationalities, EH BEN, no, it is a french and a Belgian

The Paris Prosecutor’s office opened an investigation as it is customary when a French is a victim of a crime abroad, for « assassination in relation with a terrorist enterprise and terrorist conspiracy ». Who, in your opinion, are the most criminals?

A correspondent of AFP on the spot saw the night of the fire exit on a stretcher the body of the national French killed in the hotel La Terrasse, a hotel floor enjoyed expatriates, in a very lively in the Malian capital street. In a nearby Street, a Malian policeman’s body and that of the guardian of a private home were lying on the ground, while a little further away the body of a Belgian national was also visible. Or spunk shit apart in a place known, and for concerned expats, also

« Cowardly attack » stinking Government hypocrrisie, for (Holland, Valls, Reynders)

If you summers Franc macon, like them, I presume, they will put you a carrot Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta

In Paris, François Holland condemned « with the greatest force the cowardly attack » committed in Bamako, according to a press release. The Presidency indicated that François Holland was going to speak with the Malian president Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta and « offer him the aid of the France ». For his part, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that he is « horrified » by the « abject terrorist attack ».art is, is the way to fuck the world

The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders, has condemned a « cowardly, dastardly » attack. He added that a compatriot was ‘touched’, IDEM, for this parasyte, that he goes crying at davignon at the Trilateral Commission

President @fhollande denounced the cowardly attack perpetrated this night in Mali against a restaurant in Bamako pic.twitter.com/kP68s53lNi

-Elysee (@Elysee) March 7, 2015

That has happened?

Malian police said at least one gunman entered shortly after midnight local time in the restaurant terrace, located in an appreciated the Malian capital district of expatriates, and opened fire, according to police.

Dozens of police cordoned off the area, and the few eyewitnesses to the event refused to testify by ‘fear’. RFI said it conducted the attack according to witnesses:

« Shortly after midnight, local time, a man begins to launch the grenades in a street in the centre of the Malian capital. In the District of the Hippodrome, the ‘Princess’ Street, as she is nicknamed, is home to many bars and restaurants. She is very busy, especially by Westerners, especially on Friday evening.

After throwing several grenades, which some did not explode (it was not made express it), man rushes into the settlement called La Terrasse, he goes upstairs and began to strafe the automatic firearm prior to flee in a vehicle driven by a complice(Tiens, ça me rappelle quelque chose). The two men are hooded.(it also) Shortly after leaving the scene of the attack, they cross a police car and shoot again.

(Hey, I think, that became the body of the COP died in PARIS 11th, you know cliui, who died on the sidewalk abbatue.)Coulibaly had ties with the Malian Islamists, because he was MALIAN

It is for this that you tip your top loader, when he was fastened with these links in the hands, trying to open this door covers fire, the kalach he slung in bandoulierre, in the back, it is because ‘ he was supposedly Jihad MALIAN, and MERAH, NEMMOUCHE…?

Two suspects arrested but not involved

A daily private Bamako, Le Combat, said on his website web(il peut affirmait ce qu’il veut,je suis libre de le croire ou pas) that a man and a woman had opened fire with large-caliber weapons while a third assailant rode the guard at the entrance of the restaurant, but this information could not be verified immediately. Why!

According to this newspaper, witnesses reported seeing the attackers escape in at least two vehicles, a black Mercedes and a BMW.

Two suspects arrested by the Malian police shortly after the attack, neither the identity nor nationality had been identified as a first step, are Malian common criminals but are « not involved » in the attack, police sourceAFP has learned. Malian?

« They had weapons to commit theft, from small hold-ups, but they are not at the heart of recent terrorist acts » in Bamako, told AFP a senior Malian police, stating that they were « not involved » in the attack.

« A terrorist attack »

« It is a terrorist attack, although we expect clarification. « According to a provisional toll, there are four dead: a French, a Belgian and two Malians », said a police officer on the spot told AFP. The balance sheet was then brought to five dead, three European and two Malians. There are very likely « killed French », confirmed the French Presidency.

A source at Hôpital Gabriel Touré in Bamako indicated as a third European (you know, that it is a European, but you’re not fucking know what nationality, it is, he must of missed someone, he worked, he was not homeless, chais not, what is this team’s broken arm, whose nationality could not be immediately established, died at admission in Hotel. )In addition, eight people were injured, according to hospital source.

Embassy of France in Bamako has a message advising « prudence » to all french nationals living in the Malian capital. Mali is the scene of ethnic rivalries and an Islamist insurgency and he tries to find stability and peace since a coup in 2012. Jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda have controlled a large part of the territory for more than nine months until what a French military intervention the hunting part of the region.

Tens of thousands of Tel – Avivis demonstrate against Netanyahu!

Why the France issued 35,000 gold to Germany in 2014

The Bundesbank has repatriated the year past 120 tons of gold sleeping abroad since the cold war. A third in France. A movement which will increase until the year 2020.

This is a true national treasure hidden for half a century abroad, that the Germany is trying to repatriate its territory. In 2014, the Central Bank of the country has succeeded in transferring 120 tons of gold at its headquarters in Frankfurt. 85 tons from New York, 35 tonnes of Paris. And the withdrawal will still go up in power: by 2020, the Buba is planning to transfer 210 stored overseas and 307 tonnes stored in the vaults of the Bank of France.

Reserves of 3,384 tonnes

« In implementing the plan of storage of gold takes place according to the timetable » says Carl – Ludwig Thiele, Member of the Executive Committee of the Central Bank. His goal is to have repatriated the vast majority of the 65% of gold reserves which are always stored out of the country. Reserves amounting to 3,384 tonnes, or about 80% of the country’s exchange reserves. The Germany provides the second gold reserve the most important in the world, behind the United States.

This movement of repatriation began in 2013 a few days before the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Franco-German friendship treaty. The Buba then thanked the Bank of France to have well kept his gold, while justifying his selection by « the lack of possibility of exchange between the two countries ». Without doubt, this was a way to respond to the pressure of the Court of the German accounts and a party Eurosceptics who demanded an accurate audit of German gold.

The fear of the Russians

Hide its gold reserves is a German specificity which dates back to the cold war. At the time, the country decides to store his treasure in the coffers of other central banks in Paris, New York and London, for fear of an attack by Soviet tanks. For security reasons, the RFA had decided, since the 1950s, to hide his gold among its allies in the West. Gradually, this gold which through history, will join the coffers of the Bundesbank, in Frankfurt. Transfer occurring under very high security.

Written by Ch.L.
Court of Auditors: when Sarkozy selling one-fifth of the France gold

In 2004, the Minister of economy asked the Bank of France « more actively manage foreign exchange reserves ». Improper operation.
Court of Auditors: when Sarkozy selling one-fifth of the France gold

In 2004, the Minister of economy asked the Bank of France « more actively manage foreign exchange reserves ». Improper operation.
Gold is now worth 1 310 euros per ounce. © Sipa

By Marc Vignaud

The Bank of France (BDF) definitely has to make progress. After wiping a « severe situation » of the Court of Auditors in 2005, the institution was once again was passed to the scanner by the Sages of the rue Cambon. In their annual report 2012, they recognize progress, but still worry about a too wide territorial network and recommend increased rationalization of activities. The Court notably denounced a decline – rendered unavoidable after the entry of the Bank into the Eurosystem – trompe-l’oeil: according to the Sages, the movement is accompanied by increased recourse to external service providers, or the equivalent of 699 posts full time equivalents.

Beyond its objections, the Court of Auditors focuses on a little-known episode which cost dear to the public power. We are in 2004, Nicolas Sarkozy heads the Ministry of economy. Already at the time, budgets are difficult to buckle and the future president of the Republic is actively seeking to limit the public deficit… November 19, 2004, it announced in a press release to have reached agreement with the Governor of the Bank of France for ‘more active management of the exchange reserves of the State’. It is in fact put an end to the management of good father of foreign exchange reserves, through the sale of 500 to 600 tonnes of gold on the 3 000 tonnes then held by the Bank of France. The yellow metal, which reported no interest, must be replaced by a portfolio in foreign currency intended to improve yields. The state table on an income greater than EUR 200 million per year.

Less lucid than its partners

Except that the operation is anything but a bargain. Between December 2004 and September 2009, the BDF separates a fifth of its stock of thin metal (589 tonnes). And pockets, in aggregate, a jackpot of 4.67 billion. But the course of gold, continues to grow! For three years, he took 94%. In the end, if the program had not been executed, the value of the reserves in gold of the Bank of France would have reached EUR 19.4 billion at end of 2010, when that reinvestment in foreign currencies amounted to only € 9.2 billion!

Amazing when we know that « the pace of implementation of the programme of sale » should depend on the judgment of the Governor of the BDF on its desirability, « especially in the light of the evolution of prices observed in the gold market ». Several countries, engaged in similar programmes, have also chosen to end earlier, such as the Belgium in 2005, Portugal in 2006 and Spain in 2007. Not the France.

Gold reserves:

The HuffPost| By Grégory Raymond

Publication: 29/11/2014

still, a tench, who does not want to make a difference, the LIKKOUD is a supremacist in israel, but happy, part the simple of mind, a guy, who said ca)

ECONOMY – European nationalist parties are conspicuous by their differences, it would seem that the attractiveness of gold is a vector of reconciliation. Sunday, November 30, the Swiss gave their opinion on a popular initiative called ‘Save the gold of the Switzerland’. At 76%, they said ‘no’ to the text. Citizens could decide in part of the strategy of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The vote was on three points: repatriate retained abroad the Switzerland gold, the SNB prohibit all future gold sales and finally, if ‘yes’ won, it would have to hold at least 20% of its assets in physical gold.

This initiative had anyway have little chance of succeeding, but it had the merit of having given ideas to the national Front. Monday, Marine Le Pen sent an open letter to the Government of the Bank of France Christian Noyer, requesting an audit of the national reserve. The President of FN seeks a complete inventory of the quantities of physical gold, while calling « on the basis of the situation that we will discover’ to all kinds of measures.

Helter Skelter, she cites urgent repatriation on french soil of all gold outside the country, or even immediate discontinuation of any program of transfer of gold. « Before even the outbreak of the crisis of 2008 », she writes, « The National Front had anticipated and informed the political institutions of the future worsening of the macroeconomic and geopolitical context ». For Marine Le Pen « the implementation of these measures is decisive for the future of France facing the socio-economic disturbances that may occur ».

And also: Swiss reject texts on gold, the tax package and immigration

A country that time up its currency to gold would limit the inflationary excesses, as well as the loss of its value. It is also useful to recall that the national Front calls out of the France of the euro…

Where and how much gold for the France?

But should we be worried for our current Gold stock? In theory, because 91% 2435 tons of gold from the Bank of France are preserved under the Parisian building, 28 m deep. Located in the eighth basement, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, « the underground » is a spectacular bunker room of 11,000 square meters.

At the current price of gold, the national hoard totalled more than EUR 110 billion. After the United States and the Germany, the France is, elbow to elbow with the Italy, the third holder of gold in the world.

On the other hand, the Switzerland is more exposed. If the SNB to ensure that 70% of its gold is kept in Zürich, the remaining balance is spread between Britain (20%) and Canada (10%). On the other hand, gold represents less than 10% of its assets against over 60% for the France, the Germany or the United States. However, the SNB recalls that the country holds gold reserves the highest per capita, i.e. 4.2 ounces, against 1.2 ounce by French and 0.8 ounce per American.

« The SNB has done a real hype, » launches with echoes Dominique Casaï, founder of the Swiss investment company Uram. He recalled that the share of gold in the international reserves of the Switzerland much declined in recent years. « At the end of the 1990s, the Switzerland had 2.590 tons of gold. » Between 2000 and 2005, the SNB sold 1,300 tonnes, while gold did not exceed $ 400. « It’s a huge shortfall, » are expert, annoys before adding that among major currencies, cover or of the Swiss franc is now extremely low.

Sarkozy had launched a programme of selling gold in 2004

French reserves had been under the spotlight in 2004, when Nicolas Sarkozy, then Finance Minister, had decided to sell more than 580 tons of gold. The goal was to boost the currency for the State portfolio. Executed between 2004 and 2009, this program however was pinned by the Court of Auditors. Reason: in 2007, the financial crisis has caused the price of gold soaring and would have required discontinuation of sales. Except that the sale program was conducted until its completion in 2009. According to the Bank of France, the dollars purchased at low price would have been profitably placed.

You’ll understand, gold reserves have become a real political subject. And the recent so-called mishap of the Germany is not going to lie this assertion… Berlin would have had difficulties with the US Federal Reserve, which stores its reserves since the cold war. Russia Today chain, near the Kremlin, and released a information like what the German representatives would be seen ban visit the coffers of the Fed. There is no more was to rekindle the flame of some conspiracy theorists whose theories have flourished on the Internet. « The Germany, which are stored almost half of its reserves in gold, has good reason to worry, U.S. financial institutions are known to sell which does not really exist, » threatened the site Internet of Russia Today.


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