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Our leadersare turkeysthat pass for the Eagles,

And arethe wheel as peacocks… »

Gustave Flaubert

In an interview in the Haaretz daily, in 1995, Moshe Feiglin-vice-president of

Parliament, the Knesset, but especially leader « Manhigut Yehudit-« Jewish Leadership »-,

the largest faction within the central Committee of the Likud party, which is the party of Government, said about his admiration for Nazism:
…..« Hitler was an unparalleled military genius.

Nazism has passed the Germany from a low level to a physical level and ideological fantasy.

The ragged youth have been transformed into a clean and orderly society category and the Germany had an exemplary regime, a proper justice and public order system.

Hitler loved good music.

He could paint.

The nazis were not a gang of thugs. »

It is crazy, eh it happens, now,.

I believe in the death Chakrapani, Wolinski, Cabu and Tignous, because unfortunately, I am faced with the fait accompli,

BUT I convinced ssuis that this is not an attack, because as by hasrard, it takes the same that has Brussels, at the level of the police, I spokes taken for a fool, as was a time MARIE LAFORÊT tanpis worse, but not the + crazy, believed

I realized, some as Jews, which zemmour, and other minions of these people want, a civil war it may come, but not as, some hear, that would be too easy to stigmatize a population, (the Arab population here, undergoing the Israeli yoke for centuries), and accused of evils, what did not err, example :September 11 , it can be seen that eventually, all secret services agrees to accuse the MOSSAD, while we thought all that it was bin LADEN, one also realizes that one of the pilots who returned to collision was driven by one of the guy from the mossad, it is expliqueplus far., as for the BOSTON attack do this, at permit to an actor one-legged to publicizeso much the better, but apart from that, it ya had 3 dead and 264 injured, believed to be all that the Chechen was killed, I don’t know and I do not think, in this case he must explain that was 4 people, military, is photographed before and after the first explosion, on all the links that I offer you photos are above you seek on the photos, 2 military or seals wear a backpack similar to the backpack used for the explosion, for which, I doubt, in boston, has been described as film holliwoodien, even if that there was a little, slightly gore, and killed 3 people, one from the 11th, for me, it is similar, but with 12 dead, said At the beginning, I me disaais I was doing ideas, but, what reassures me, is that I am not the only one, and more of a guy that, I do not know, and not anyone, in short the fact that the Jewish State wants to paste a maximum of attacks on the face of the Arabs, this does not surprise me, knowing full well that the Arabs are for nothingThis makes chandeliers, that they titillate them, even for DAECH helped indirectly by one parachuting American or otherwise, who has gone wrong, is saying, c (silly, huh)!, moderate Arab Republican, them, we played the games

When asked, to protest, waving a Word, a sign, on which there was mark, NOT IN MY NAME

Then, knowing that he had done nothing, why, it would not help them in sirye, it’s true, what…!

Scherzooo this may annoy Israel, it’s true, it seems to me that israel is the traffic of weapons with the Iran but this does not look to us

Who is behind the trafficking in arms between Israel and l…

Raids in Syria: but that comes to Israel in this conflict…,

Former president Italian involved CIA and Mossad in the 9/11 Former Italian president delivers his version of the September 11 involving the CIA and the Mossad

Daniel Lauwers

Job title

Head of Department at laboratory of Police technical and scientific in Brussels

Demographic data

Region of Namur, Belgium. Information services



Assisted by Jews NAZIS, straight come from the 3rd REICH ISRAEL, which is certainly

Behind all ca .as usual,.


THE WORLD TRADE CENTER bombing = 2753 dead, presumed MOSSAD.CIA

ATTACK in BOSTON = 3 dead and 264 injured PRESUMEMOSSAD?CIA,(SEAL,pourtant,c’est pas dans leur habitude)

ATTACK of the 11Ardt of PARIS = 12 dead, I would say alleged MOSSAD

· The worst part of all, it, is that to excuse your cause (which have one), you kill poor people, because no evidence, but I presume that the mossad, Israel is behind CABU and wolinsky, chakrapani, Tignous, but it’s not nuremberg nor theEuropean Court of Human Rights – ECHR Home, who will judge you!

· Everything comes at point, who knows how to wait

· This is where we realise, that certain, have more than that, as

· Arguments, loose power when one is accustomed to nothing fuck, it’s hard eh!

· CA, avoids talking about Act macron, talk about jobs fictifs(1,pour5,et encore) talk about AIM, in relief, of pognons, they will put in the excavations, I presume that veolia will not be the last, I don’t know, I speculates

In fact, it was really like when Holland, because his statement, that he is sincere

Stop your cimagres, no enj’ter over the Court is full, why this video has been removed Charlie Hebdo Holland attack denounced a terrorist act, was there things compronmettantes inside

Charlie Hebdo: « their barbarism has nothing to do with islam », denounces the imam of Drancy, Hey, why, that there been removed, he said some nonsense chalgouny

Either saying attack, Yes, I say the self saying attack, which was carried out in the 11th, as by chance by masked people, hood, it would be pity that someone, a neighbour, or the son to tell it’s dad, seen on TV, so, if it’s dad, I know what I saw, as if by chance, the famous, jihadists would be left in a Black DSthey would have taken a car, leaving the DS at door of PUPPIES, I am thinking how do you know that they fled in another vehicle, the keufs, who searched for porte de pantin, it saw that he had a vehicle abandoned, even dented because they came in a car, agree, that said they would have pus to go on motorcycle , or disperse to feet, how did know, that they took a force vehicle Mmoaui!, was there someone out there with the (door PANTIN) (there is always a business that feels not good, which, they have a means of pressure, how do you take you, otherwise?) (now it uses the fear of the people of the attack, those who make you guzzle, frankly, is that of people, like you, kind cazeneuve, péchenard, guéant, and any clique sarko, guéant, which is no longer in Government, but it is still there, since it knows that finally account the left and the right are one (Israel is always behind!)(, CRIF) decidedly, CAZENEUVE is always in good, blow, you are frankly bad, I thought you were better than that, to House poulaga, be capable of magnifying glasses and so-called jihadists at the airport, which strikes at the door of the office, go to find door close, very very hard, you worked under the orders of which already remind – me, his name, the name of the incapacitated person; It reminds me of the Jewish Museum, it’s crazy, huh!

AAAHHhhh! in fact MOATTI is a bad clown and pitiful, when, he said « of course, that they are Islamists, who want to, be it », we break this question, as a Jew born in Tunis, hilarious, kind: what is the color of cheval blanc of Henri IV, yellow, water, wet it, fire ca Burns, hair that grow, you did what as school AH, frankly, you are pathetic! Prevents the young journalist had the presence of mind to ask him the question, and we saw that all Jewish Tunisian, that is, the McCullough was a p’tit bit destabilized (Moatti, who wrote that the rubbish, including on the book of jean-marie lepen, it is evident, that this asshole, tell you this, it’s because of the Islamists, MOATTI, should if he has a bit of savvy, this is not obvious, join, it seems to me that there is room in the next flight for Tel aviv, or Tunis, this is your choice.

Scherzooo!I understand, better MOATTI, was journalist investigations,

Serge Moati, born Henry Moati Haïm on August 17, 1946 in Tunis5,as DELANAOE, is a journalist and french Jewish Director. He is the father of actor Félix Moati AAHHhh, I just learned that SARKOZY, will make a speech, is reportedly damage, that SARKOZY did not intervene.Here, we see the lie a, pure, political; Jewish State,.

The Jews having not put to exterminate all the Arabs in Palestine,(qui soient disant d’après certains feuges de mauvaise foie,sont leur fréres,je ne veux,surtout pas faire parti de la famille, même en temps que (beaux –quelque chose)), Jews want, whether it’s french, which makes the sale, job, ca not metonne not. In addition, of either saying attacks by secret services, nor change anything, and though he arrived no one has confidence in Israel, quite simply, nobody sensible can trust a Jew, the United States, to realize it, but it will be too late, because we know that Israel is behind, and also, all this mess..Still, one thing, 11, (as by chance no Jews were at his job that day, September 11, all secret services of the world with lambda people, as I know that behind the mossad Mossadet, there it is, is, is Swedish, not, I plaisantec’ is Jewish..) The secret bombing of BOSTON, the seals, and service agents, were there same army is aware, lieutenant colonel ROY POTTERS, which you can’t see the video at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMUcOZAF1RI , you ask, why, ailleurs.pour 11sept2001 = supposedly bin laden, it was either saying the Arabs, 2753 people killed

Boston, on 15 April, 2013 = self saying Muslim cause Chechen, 2 kids accused in twists, including

1tue, the 11th district 07 January 2015 = supposedly Islamist
•Revelation of a component of the scam, the hoax of Boston…

http://www.YouTube.com/ watch Revelation of a component of the scam, the hoax of Boston…… YouTube home

why, the video has been removed?

Attack in Boston: a fake mutilated, played by a soldier?No, it’s not true, GAG!


Eva R-sistons, nickname for Chantal Dupille

chantaldupille.fr thanks to exist?CHANTAL

The attack in Boston: a Hollywood movie – Ajit Pawar Videos

A cry of ANGER: BOSTON:-Hadria River blog


Marathon in Boston: the track ‘deep state’, this is very, very long

AHAUFAIT, I wasn’t not aucourant, but, there is a French,INNOOOsearch engine, however it is french, apparently, it is located in the 9emedeparis, district, or I’ve worn my panties, the avenue Trudaine, rue condorcet, rue victor massé, rue chaptal, rue des martyrs, pigalle, more, cadet, square montholon, therefore the 9th, younger, the grand orient, so I presume that it is Frank macon not him, but the people of the Town Hall, as the 2nd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 17th, 19th, as the Government, seen on a video of anonymous.s’ appellant vitriol

#Suicide: the Lithuania enters the Euro

Q ui has confidence today in the euro in the European Union? Even the countries to which the European dream has been sold no more believe. The Baltic countries fall in the Euro against the will of their people. After the Latvia in 2014, the Lithuania by 2015.

This January 1, 2015, the Lithuania is the 19th country to enter the euro. Time is more to European euphoria but the disenchantment of Europe. The latest EU polls show that joining the euro keep back throughout the euro area.Even the Lithuania is no exception. According to a survey conducted jointly by the American Gallup poll and its local partner Baltijos Tyrimai (‘Baltic surveys’), 49% of Lithuanians disapprove the entry into the Euro while only 26% approve.In detail, only 5% of Lithuanians approve fully the decision to adopt the euro and 21% « tend to approve it. 25% are in total disagreement with this choice and 24% « tend to disagree ». Finally, 22% seem neither approve nor disapprove of the decision.A majority also emerges in the condemnation of the Government’s decision not to hold a referendum on the issue: 57% think that the Government was wrong not to organize one, while 32 percent think it was the right decision.Finally, the figures are even more sliced when Lithuanians are asked whether they have confidence in the benefits of the transition from the national currency (litas) to the euro. 64% are not confident (of which 27% « not at all confident »), 4% are very confident, 23% « rather confident ».The sociological analysis of the results for the ‘no’ to entry into the euro show that the ‘no’ is majority in one-third of the poorest households living on less than €400 per month: this is the case of 63% of its households while they are only 14% to endorse it.It should be noted that in Lithuania, the average salary is about €500 per month and the minimum wage is fixed at €290 per month.Disenchantment dominates since the « Baltic Tigers » were paper tigers, entry into Europe and the mirage of joining the euro one pretext for the adoption of austerity measures among the most drastic of the continent. Tapping a population loss of 700,000 since the fall of the Soviet Union (1/5 th of its population!), undermined by the gangrene of tax evasion and the parallel market, the Lithuania remains a legal tax haven for companies with a rate of tax of 15%. It is double in the same France.Dans time, after record recession of 15% in 2009, it is the Lithuanians that was asked to make sacrifices: drop the salaries of civil servants (between 5 and 50%), degreasing of the workforce of the public service (up to 20% in some departments), a drop of 5 to 10% and a pension decrease average wages by 20% in the private sector.Welcome to the Lithuanians without illusions in the Euro, this second circle of European hell. They have already abandoned all hope their entry in the first. Them to find the strength to join their European brothers struggle to get out of this infernal machine.

Source (s): international PCF solidarity


The end of a myth that it was Al Quaïda with bin LADEN, who organised the attacks of 9/11!

S i you want to have a year-end gift, you’ll have a grace in the American press that reveals, on December 25, 2014, on the basis of the revelations made by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, that the attacks of 9/11 in the United States were planned by the Mossad and BUSH!

The attacks and… The Mossad

2008-09-13 after the attacks of 11

September, many people have arisen

numbers of questions on

the responsibility

potential of intelligence

Israelis in case…

In fact, that the Jews remembered

working in the twin towers in

Washington, were not present when

the unprecedented attack which has cost the

life, it will be remembered more than 3000

people, and which had been factors

the American invasion triggers

Afghanistan and then in Iraq…

At the level of finance, it is sometimes good

to raise the auction…

Thus, there had already been an attempt

to use a terrorist attack under « false ban.

niere »to manipulate markets

International in order to make quick profits. S

the Washington Post, two Elon

Jay Aubrey Elliott and Rolf Dunbier, individuals have

Once arrested in New York for

having planned to blow up the bridge on the river

Kafue in Zambia, the only bridge

catering to the needs of the Zambian’s province


At the same time, Violet Elliott, his wife, Efraim

Ronen, Benjamin Edoui, Yitzhak

Markovitch, and Raphaël Tseriano, were arrested in T

El Aviv by the Israel police

After the Shin Bet, the Isr security service

AEL, and the FBI have discovered the project

to blow up the bridge in Zambia to gri

mper the world price of copper. Jay

Elliott had earlier visited Tel Aviv to engage

explosives experts in order to

skip the Zambian bridge. D maintaining authorities

e agenda in Zambia and the States-

United had been tuyautées about the project.

Although the nationals israelie machination

NS and Americans against the bridge of

railway in Zambia seem to have done the gro

s titles recently, this story

was published in the Washington Post from 9 nove

o 1966.

In 1954, Pinhas Lavon, Israeli Minister of the

War, secretly organized a

terrorist attack on the library of the servic

(e) United States information in the

Cairo, Egypt, mounted so that the and

asuniens makes responsible for the

Egyptian Government of Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In November 1968, King Hussein of Jordan discov

would that Israel was behind the

the commando group Kateb Al Nasr who attacked

U.S. to Embassy

Amman, killing 29 civilians and security officers. Is

Rael hoped that the United States

would bear the responsibility for the attack on the


Acronym for the Mossad

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as the

«Carlos the Hyena,» has

argued that it was the Mossad who had killed the deu

x french police officers and

the Lebanese informant in 1975. The two policemen,

Raymond Dous and Jean Donatini, and

the Lebanese informant Michel Moukharbal, enquêtai

ENT on a terrorist attack

against El Al Airlines at Orly airport. « Carlos ».

‘ said the Mossad tried to

mount a coup to accuse of murder.

In 1986, the Libyan Minister of Information, Quincy

Ed Sharafeddin, stated that the

Mossad agents had carried out attacks ter

ings in Western Europe

against the US objectives, so that the Libya

to be charged. He said that Israel

hoped that the sixth fleet U.S. frapp

(e) the Libya in retaliation.

Israeli intelligence officers, some are

posing as a «»

furniture movers, »have been seen to rejouissan

t of the attacks of 9/11 in the

New Jersey and New York.Some were degu

ISES in Arabic. Attracting

attention to the fact that the Shin Bet don’t cooperate

Plus with the services of the order

Western, as he has done in the plot of 1

966 in Zambia, Bell stated that

Shin Bet agents, equipped with Canadian passports

NS, have carried out transactions

false flag in Gaza in 2002 and Jordan

in 1997. The result of

l ‘ operation in Jordan was the withdrawal of the amba

ssadeur of Canada in Tel Aviv.

The case of 1997, with agents of the Mossad to ISP

Sant pass for Canadians,

was to poison the leader of Hamas Khaled Me

shal in Amman. When the King

Hussein has threatened to retaliate against this incident, I

srael has been forced to provide

the antidote to save Meshal’s life.

In 1991, the Mossad has concealed his fingerprints in ar

Mant and forming the Group

Libyan rebels in Chad who tried to reversed

ER Muammar Gaddafi. The Mossad

had arranged so that Saudi Arabia finances

the operation. It was neither the first

or the last time that the Mossad and the Saudis

cooperated in a risky action

false flag as evidenced by the events

ENTs of 9/11.

In 1997, a top Mossad agent appointed on

ensure the Syria, Yehuda

Gil, has been

found sending false reports of the matraqu

advertising age on the ‘threat ‘.

Syrian. Those-

These were approved by Prime Minister Binyam

in Netanyahu for

Washington and the lobby of Israel operating in the Cape

U.S. Italy. He has also been

discovered that Gil kept money affected by the M

ossad to a Syrian agent in Damascus

long after the Syrian agent found m


Class confidential of the CIA on the MB

beki, seized by militants

Iranians who had pr

is the control of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran

in 1979, and

later published in its entirety, was l

activities of the Mossad through the

world, including strategies « under false banned.

era »and tactics of

blackmailed by US officials. ISSER Harel,

the former head of the Mossad, has

denounced the report by the CIA, comparing it to the works

anti-Semitic e of the 19emee century, «»

The protocols of the elders of Zion. »

Article designed from one of



Former president Italian involved CIA and Mossad in the 9/11 Former Italian president delivers his version of the September 11 involving the CIA and the Mossad

According to him, the intelligence services of the world

integer know that 9-11 is a

coup mounted indoors.

Former Italian president Francesco Cossiga that ava

It revealed the existence of the Operation

Gladio said in the largest newspaper of Italy that the

attacks were directed by the CIA and

the Mossad.

The former president, made the revelations about 9

-11, saying in the most esteemed journal

of Italy that the attacks were directed by C

IA and the Mossad, and that it is a fact

in global intelligence services


Cossiga was elected President of the Italian Senate in July 1983, before becoming President of

countries in 1985 by winning the elections in an electoral landslide.

As a rare man, honest politician, Cossiga has earned the respect of the parties of

the opposition and he ruled the country for seven years, until April 1992.

The tendency to the franchise of Cossiga has upset the political establishment

Italian, and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence, and its role in

the implementation of the

Operation Gladio

, a criminal network of intelligence under the auspices of NATO, which has carried out attacks in

the bomb in Europe in the 1960s, 70, and 80.

The specialty of Gladio was to carry out what they invented, the « operations under.

false flag, »terrorist attacks which were attributed to internal opposition

and geopolitics.

The revelations of Cossiga contributed to an Italian parliamentary investigation

Gladio in 2000, during which was exhumed the

evidence that the attacks weresupervised by the U.S. intelligence apparatus


In March 2001, the agent of Gladio Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated in testimony under

oath, « you’ve had attacks of civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. . The reason

was simple enough:… force the public to turn to the State to ask for greater security. »

The new revelations of Cossiga arepublished last week in the

oldest and most read newspapers of Italy,Corriere della Sera

. Here’s a quick translation:

Ben Laden supposedly has confessed to being the author of the attacks of 11 September against the

two towers in New York, so that all the information the United States services

and Europe… well now know that these disastrous attacks were planned and carried out by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist, world purpose wear the hat to the Arab countries to encourage Western powers to

take part in Iraq… and in Afghanistan.

Cossiga, expressed doubts early on 9-11

in 2001, and it

was quoted in the book by Webster Tarpley, stating that « the brain of the attack was to et .

Re a spirit sophisticated, with sufficient means not only to recruit the

fanatic kamikazes, but also highly people

Specialized. I would add one thing:

It could be achieved without infiltration in the

radar and security staff

air. »

From a former head of State widely respected, has

Cossiga ssertions, according to which the

attacks of 9-11 were a coup mounted by the interie

heart, and that it is in

global intelligence services have very pe

chance to be mentioned by u

the institution of media information, because any co

Ms. of hundreds of other people

seriously, former Government, military, profe

the Armée de l’air, allied to ssionnels

hundreds of professors and intellectuals,

It cannot be ruled out as a cracked

the conspiracy theory.

the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, in the staging of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 200

1.selon a recent article published by the weekly

American Free Press


the revelation that the cousin of Ziad al-Jarrah, a suspected pirate air 11/9, worked in fact since long

MPs as agent of

Mossad, demonstrates that Israel dipped in the terrorist attacks on the floor of the United States.

TheNew York Times

a recently reported that the Lebanese national

Ali al-Jarrah, a supposedly staunch supporter palestini

en, was in fact a spy of great value to Israel during the last two years

RES decades. Al-Jarrah would have acknowledged having carried out secret espionage activities against Palestinian groups and the Lebanese Hezbollah since 1983. « This is not the first time that this family was noted. One

cousins of Mr. Jarrah, Ziad al-Jarrah, was among the 19 hijackers who directed the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, »said the Times.

Its links with one of the main masterminds of terrorist bombings have

Fed speculation about the fact that Israel

recruits people to

claiming Muslims to use as assets


According to the

New York Times

the Israeli connection to the 9/11 may be

traced back to the five « dancing Israelis » who

have been certified

jumping and congratulant with shouts of « joy ».

and derision »when the

Flight 11 and flight 175 crashed into the World T

RadeCenter in New York.

These Israelis have kept in custody at vu

e 71 days

before being released quietly after being s

oupconnes to be of

Mossad agents.

Citing two former CIA agents,


weekly had reported to

the time it had been found that at least two

Israeli detainees

were members of a team of surveillance of the Mos

sad. The weekly


There’s no doubt, but [the order to close the]

investigation] has come to the House

Blanche. It was immediately assumed to district g

opinion of the CIA that the case

would be stifled dramatically, so the Israelie

NS may be involved in

no way in the 9/11.

At least 2970 people, most civilians, have

killed the

morning of September 11.

Former Italian Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga

[this is actually an old

Italian President, ndt] has

addressed the question

suggesting that the events

of 9/11 are nothing else than a frame-up of the

inside by the CIA and

the Mossad:

… all information of the States-U services

NIS and Europe… know well

now that these disastrous attacks were pla

nifies and carried out by the CIA

U.S. and Mossad with the help of the sioni world

Ste, purpose

blame the Arab countries in order to encourage the

s Western to powers

take part in Iraq… and in Afghanistan.

His argument has been further strengthened by the leakage of

reports that

employees of the Israeli telecommunication company

nications Odigo, which

provides instant messaging services (SMS

), received a

warning two hours before attacks contr

e the World towers

Trade and warned Jews not to go to the tra

Vail that day.

Odigo headquarters is located 2 blocks from

the former location

the World Trade towers.

The two explosions of the Boston marathon led from the first day many comments on various websites and discussion forums. A number of Internet users, converted in journalists and investigators, have relayed a lot of ‘information’, which some have contradicted the investigation by the authorities. The maintreammedia, Avid narration emotional and partisan, had also the biggest harm to draw for their audience of the explanatory tracks that are not pure speculation. they were little helped in their task by greedy official investigators of revelations. In the end, the track of the « deep state » remains more than ever open. Back on the first two weeks of a hectic storytelling .

Monday, April 15

On Monday, April 15, at 2: 49 pm [1], while the Boston marathon timer indicates 4 h 09 min 43 s race, a bomb exploded in the crowd of spectators gathered a few meters from the finish line, situated on Boylston Street. Thirteen seconds later, a second explosion took place in the same street, at 190 meters upstream on the race route.

The Boston Globe has filmed the double explosion:

A few minutes later, around 3: 00 pm, an incident is reported to the library John Fitzgerald Kennedy, located about 5 km southeast of the arrival of the marathon, in the Bay of the Old Harbor [2].

The library John F Kennedy to 15 h

In the afternoon, the police will take precautions about the incident, claiming not to know if it is connected to the explosions of the marathon [3].

about 3: 30 p.m. : a police officer says that other explosive devices have been found, which did not explode [4].

Meanwhile, Associated Press (AP) reports the telecommunications network has been cut, in Boston, to avoid the possible detonation distance of new explosive devices. This information will be reversed by AP itself later in the afternoon [5].

15 h 55: a controlled explosion [6] by the police near Copley Square is reported through listening to the [7 police radio frequencies].

Map of Boston and locations of explosions

4: 02 pm: the first review announced by the fact police state of 2 dead and 22 wounded [8].

4:23 pm: library John F. Kennedy announces that the fire is off and that there is no victim [9].

16 h 50: the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, and the head of the Boston Police Department (local police) Edward Davis give a press conference at the Westin Hotel [10].

The Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick (left) and the Chief of police of Boston Edward Davis (right)

Journalist Dan Bidondi, Alex Jones team [11], slips in this press conference – and the following – to ask questions just to the taste of the authorities, asking them especially about information indicating that a bomb (bomb drill) exercise was ongoing at the time of the explosions (see below in this article). At the second conference of press (at 20 h 45), it will go further by asking directly to the Governor whether this attack constitutes a new false flag operation intended to reduce individual liberties [12 United States].

16 h 55: a restricted air zone is imposed over Boston and its surroundings [13].

18 h 12: president Barack Obama speaks to the country [14].

7:30 pm: law enforcement (local police, FBI and ATF [15]) inspect an apartment in Revere, in the suburbs of Boston [16].

20 h 46: press conference, Governor Deval Patrick announced that the FBI seized the investigation, under the direction of special agent Richard DesLauriers [17].

Special agent of the FBI Richard DesLauriers

20 h 53: police announces the death of a third victim [18]. In total, three people died this April 15, 2013: two Americans (Martin Richard, 8 years old, and Krystle Campbell, 29 years) and a Chinese student (Lu Lingzi, 23 years) [19]. Explosions were also injured 264 [20].

Tuesday, 16 April

The FBI and Homeland Security Department issue a Joint Intelligence Bulletin [21] « which, according to Alex Jones, allows to increase the field of suspicion to find »terrorists »[22].

The FBI collects all physical evidence related to the investigation and sends them to Quantico in Virginia [23].

First tracks of (journalistic) inquiry: the ‘ extreme right ‘ and Islamism

Since explosions the day before, the debate rages in the media concerning tracks explored by the FBI investigation: who committed the attack of the Boston marathon?

The night before, the newspaper Le Monde had said that two main runways were tracked by investigators: Islamism and American right-wing extremists as militants anti-impots [24] »(where one is happy to learn that militate against taxes in the United States, it is getting closer the far right » …). Most other french media, as early as Tuesday 16 and while no particular track had yet been announced by investigators, have also reduced the field of possibilities at these two tracks, which added sometimes that of the ‘ imbalance ‘ [25].

The evening of the attack, a Muslim American surfer, fearing the emergence of the Islamist trail, had tweeted the following message:

« Please, be not Muslim. »

In France, Le Monde has made this tweet the title of an article dated April 16, [26], in which the ‘reference everyday’ recalls that the Islamist trail is not the only one and that amalgam between Muslims and Islamists should be avoided.

Lounge, his online journal of obedience ‘ progressive [27] ‘, will display more clearly color with the headline: « hope that the bomber of the Boston marathon is a white American [28 . »]. »

In parallel, other media reported the existence of a novel entitled Heartbreak Hill, where  » extreme right  » is to project to detonate bombs during the Boston marathon [29]…

In France as in the United States, observed therefore efforts of most media to « balance » the suspicion towards these ‘two main tracks’ (which exist at this time only in the imagination of journalists and ‘experts’) and thus avoid too tipping the scales towards Islamism [30].

The Islamists have yet immediately emerged as suspects in Western journalistic consciences because of the ubiquitous ‘ war on terror ‘ of the Atlanticist countries. For the most part, it was even the only explored foreign track. But why ‘ extreme right ‘, or ‘ inside track ‘, took as much from the early days?

Several matches dates have fueled suspicions:

– April 15 was the last day of the period of tax forms in the United States, a « Tax Day » renamed « Protest [31] Day » because protests backed by the Tea Party, a political movement antifederal (in favor of the sovereignty of States) and anti-impots considered extremist and dangerous [32] by some media and politicians love of «democratic» bipartisanship
– April 15, 2013 was also the Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts, commemorating the first battle of the American Revolution. It took place on April 19, 1775 (but is celebrated every third Monday in April). April 19 also remained notorious in American history as the date of the massacre of Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing. Boston explosions indeed took place three days before the twentieth anniversary of the catastrophic siege of Waco, Texas, which ended April 19, 1993 and which resulted in the death of 86 people, including 82 branch Davidians, a religious dissident group from the seventh-day Adventist Church. The seat of residence for the branch Davidians had raised on the grounds of unlawful detention of arms [33]. The Oklahoma City bombing, which resulted in the deaths of 168 people, took place on April 19, 1995. Timothy McVeigh, human investigation appointed him as guilty, admitted having committed this Act in response to the Waco siege [34]. He was a member of the Patriot Movement, which included militants anti-impots, the antifederalistes and [35 ‘apocalyptic’ Christians].

All these elements were thus recalled by the mainstream media as clues of a possible track of ‘ far-right ‘, method allowing to combine political positions very various slot the same negative connotation while linking them to mass murders [36]. No mention is made well heard of the important controversies on the circumstances of the siege of Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing, liability suspected of federal agencies in the death of hundreds of people [37]. On the Oklahoma City bombing and on the very questionable investigation which led to the conviction of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, see in particular the film A Noble Lie (James Lane, 2011) [38].

In so-called « alternative » media Alex Jones [39] and others [40] denounced in advance the possibility that the authorities in charge of the investigation into the explosions of Boston rushed on this track ‘ far-right ‘ to further restrict domestic civil liberties in the country, and in particular the right to carry a gun guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution. This concern was quickly reinforced when investigators claimed to have found black powder (or gunpowder) [41] in the explosives used in Boston.

The presence of gunpowder has indeed revived further [42] a discussion on holding weapons already front scene in the United States, the administration Obama playing with feet and hands to bypass the second amendment and reduce the possibility for Americans to carry a weapon [43]. This desire for the federal Government, which opposed an important part of the population – and especially in the States where the weapon is still legal-, recently increased by the killings of Aurora in July 2012 [44] and especially of Newtown in December 2012 [45].

Attack in the pressure cooker

On Tuesday evening, the FBI declassify a security bulletin containing pictures. They show what investigators pose as the remains of two bombs: a backpack ripped, the remains of pressure cooker, nails and pieces of wire and printed circuits [46].

CNN notes while the use of pressure cooker recalls the methods of Al-Qaida, but still takes care to say that it is also a ‘ recipe ‘ used by ‘ of individuals to extreme right in the United States ‘ [47].

In the media, Al-Qaida airstrip becomes important in the afternoon when it is reported [48] that the « recipe » to make a bomb from a pressure cooker had been given in 2010 by Inspire, the magazine of Al-Qaida . Remember that some spoilsport expressed the possibility that this magazine is written by the CIA itself [49]…

The Internet (counter-) investigation

While the appointed experts and professional journalists speculate from the information provided by the authorities responsible for the investigation, tens of thousands of Internet users engaged in their own research in order to find the perpetrators of the attack.

Forums [50] Reddit and 4chan [51], see inter alia, accumulate in different threads started an impressive photos, videos, Internet links but also questions and answers more or less simply regarding the running of the attack, the response of the authorities and the potential suspects.

Some strange elements emerging shovel – mixes over the online survey and the attention of Internet users. For example:
– A preview man on the roof of a building just above the site of the second explosion feeds long discussions on social networks [52], speculation that will even by some [53 media].
– A victim support Facebook page was created… 8 hours before the attack [54]. Actually this information doesn’t mean much, because a Facebook page unrelated bombing could be created eight hours before and then renamed after the explosions. Internet users have not failed to point out that the same quirk had been identified in the killing of the Sandy Hook to [55 Newtown school].
– An episode of the cartoon Family Guy aired March 17, 2013 has strong similarities with the Boston attack [56].
– One of the victims, whose two legs seem to have been blown out by the first explosion, is quickly suspected to be a player [57]. For the record, a similar controversy had emerged following the very strange interview with the father of a victim of the killing of Newtown [58]. In addition, there is evidence that there are specialised amputee players in the simulation of scenes of war [59]. And for worse, the Chief of police of Boston Edward Davis will commit a pretty slip April 22 evoking the  » actors  » involved in the attack [60] !

Wednesday, April 17

April 17 at noon, the FBI has already received more than 2,000 information (useful or not) on the part of the public [61]. On the Internet, the photos and videos taken by amateurs or journalists before and after the explosions are analysed in their every detail in the hope of finding suspects. These are many, and accusations abound [62].

Of the Navy Seals to the National Guard: the track  » contractors « . »

In some photos, individuals positioned near the site of the first explosion (near the finish line of the marathon) wear clothing, accessories and an attitude suggesting that they could be soldiers in civilian clothes. These men are quickly suspected to be of Navy Seals (special forces of the United States Navy) or members of an « enterprise security and defense » (defense contractors) type Craft International [63]. Their presence is to ask many questions to users, who are wondering therefore if they are involved a any way in explosions.

The mainstream media have chosen them to completely ignore this track « conspiracy » launched on the Internet. A « measure of sanction » also struck April 20 on CBS, whose Twitter account ’60 minutes’ has been hacked, allowing dissemination of [64 photos].

The Infowars.com site will nevertheless put an end to much speculation on 21 April finally relaying the information that these « civil military » would in reality be part of [65 National Guard].

In passing, it is interesting to note that due to budget cuts, the Secretary to the defence Chuck Hagel had to project to dismantle the National Guard [66] teams, but relented the next day of the attack in Boston because of the ‘ emergency ‘ that they have made immediately after the explosions [67].

Media fires and official whim

The afternoon of April 17 is very lively, as well in the media that detective and… diplomatic level.

1:30 pm: media (CNN, the Boston Globe and others) announce the arrest of a suspect [68].

pm: FBI claims a video taken by a store surveillance cameras and showing a man posed his bag back to the ground near the site of the second explosion, but said not to know his identity [69].

To date, the FBI still has not released this video.

14 h 24: the Boston Globe announces that an arrested suspect is en route to the Palace of justice [70]. Media then rush to the courthouse waiting for the announcement of the arrest.

2:33 pm: Boston police says that no suspect has been arrested [71].

15 h 08: the FBI denies also any rumor of arrest [72]. Journalists retract while citing a top source in the investigation [73].

15 h: the courthouse was evacuated [74]. Media announce that the evacuation follows an alert with the bomb [75].

about 16 h 30: courthouse employees return to their offices after  » a one-hour evacuation  » [76].

16 h 25: originally scheduled at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. press conference is cancelled due to the alert the bomb at the palais de justice [77].

19 h 15: a press conference is scheduled for 8 p.m. [78] and then cancelled in turn [79].

The Saudi track

An event took place also this afternoon of 17 April, which was seldom reported by the media: president Barack Obama received the visit of the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud bin Faisal [80]. To understand the potential links of this unexpected visit with the Boston attack, a short back is necessary.

April 15 at 4: 30 p.m., less than two hours after the attack, the New York Post stated that an individual of Saudi nationality was identified as suspect and would be retained in the hospital by the [81] authorities. Note, however, that the police source of the Post seems very unreliable, because it heralds also 12 dead in the explosions of the marathon…

Around 6 p.m. on 15 April, the police denied arresting anyone [82].

At 2:25 in the morning of 16 April, the New York Post , however, confirms and goes further: the apartment of the Saudi, located in Revere in the suburbs of Boston, would have searched by the FBI and the local police [83]. Later in the day on 16, authorities however said consider the Saudi as a witness and not as a suspect [84]. The Washington Post also reminds that there are nearly 1,000 Saudi students in Boston and that the presence of some of them in the marathon is not much surprising [85].

However, on the night of 16 to 17, some more ‘alternative’ media are State of ‘ links ‘ of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi in question, with individuals considered terrorists by Saudi Arabia and the United States. These links, of which the exact content is hardly verifiable, boil down to a same family name – that of the ‘ clan Al-Harbi . Six of the eighty-five terrorists listed by Saudi Arabia as well as five people trapped in the prison of Guantanamo bear this surname [86].

It is in this political-media context that comes the surprise visit of the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia at the White House. The official topic of discussion between Saud bin Faisal and Barack Obama would have been the situation in Syria. But Fox News channel did not fail to notice the strange proximity between this visit and fell later in the day (and announced) information around 9 pm: it is expected that the « suspect » Saudi be extradited early in the week following [87].

Alex Jones (founder of the Infowars.com website) and Glenn Beck (former host of Fox News and founder of the website TheBlaze) rebounded successively on this strange coincidence in the following days.

Information from Fox News about the extradition of Al-Harbi came from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the border police. The ICE responded the next day April 18 by stating that there had been a confusion and that in reality, it was an another Saudi who was detained by the authorities and that he had nothing to do with the bombing of the [88] marathon. Glenn Beck said meanwhile that a (event file) file had been opened before the attack on Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi. The file indicated that the individual was ‘ armed and dangerous ‘, he was subject to access restrictions in the United States and was placed under a status of quasi-terroriste. The Saudi would have happened in August 2012 on American soil with a special authorization. More strange, Beck says that on April 17, the file has been altered, and that Al-Harbi is disassociated from any charge relating to the explosions of Boston [89].

In addition, it will be later reported that First Lady Michelle Obama would have made visit to Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi during his stay at the hospital [90]. Although it is possible to explain this visit because of a passage from Michelle Obama at the bedside of the injured of the marathon, this explanation is weakened when it was discovered also that a ‘Abdulrahman Alharbi »visited White House guests on several occasions since 2009 [91].

According to Alex Jones, the attempt by the authorities to cover the Saudi national despite leakage of certain information in the media explains the prevarications of the official storytelling , and including the multiple reports and then cancelled press conferences in [92 Wednesday, April 17].

In his April 17 on the evening show, political commentator Michael Savage goes in the same direction by asserting that this whole story is staged by the authorities. According to him, the latter cancelled the press conference after the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia in surprise visit to the White House in the afternoon demanded that the suspect be extradited. Savage thinks that Boston police would speak to the suspect and was prevented from doing so by the FBI [93].

According to Janet Napolitano, Director of the Department of Homeland Security, the Saudi was never suspected. On 18 April, she will refuse to answer the questions of MP Jeff Duncan concerning this case [94]. On 23 April, Napolitano will confirm yet that the Saudi had been placed on a watch list after the attack of Boston [95].

Thursday, April 18

During the first three days after the blasts, foreign runway (that it is pursuing Al-Qaida, Saudi Arabia or any other external source in the United States) so was progressively and definitely ruled out by investigators officials and – purely mechanical consequence – by the mainstream [96] media. But the track «domestic» of the ‘ extreme American right ‘ is also abandoned. This day of April 18 will see the establishment of a new narrative connected on a ‘intermediate’ track: the enemy is inside, but of foreign origin…

Two suspects, and only two

about 1025: Barack and Michelle Obama arrive in Boston [97].

14 h 40: the FBI announced that a press conference will take place at 17 h to keep the public informed of the progress of the investigation [98].

17 h 20: photos and video of two suspects proved [99 press conference].

The official video of the FBI:

Authorities asked the public’s help to identify the two men [100]. Special agent Rick DesLauriers specifies that the photos and videos from the FBI are the only ones on which the public must address [101]. Users of 4chan, Reddit and other social networks launch immediately in the analysis of the images of the marathon in an attempt to find the suspects in the crowd.

The Governor of Massachusetts, meanwhile, admitted that he has not seen the video but briefed thereon by the [102 Government officials].

Sunil Tripathi and «Mike Mulugeta»

Following the release of the photos, users point the resemblance between the suspect No. 2 and a certain Sunil Tripathi [103]. The latter is a student of Brown University who mysteriously disappeared March 16, 2013. The first to have noticed a striking resemblance seems to be Kami Mattioli, a young woman who attended the same high school as [104] Tripathi. Users are then the approximation between the disappearance of Sunil Tripathi March 16 and incidents which took place in Hanover, a town located between the University of Tripathi and Boston: explosives there were found by police on 12 and 15 March (and destroyed by controlled explosions) [105].

Sunil Tripathi will be cleared of de facto in the case of the explosions of Boston following the exclusive adoption of the Chechen trail (see below).

It will be found dead April 23 in a river in Providence, Rhode Island [106].

As the suspect No. 1, he held identification provisional from Friday 19 at 1: 00, when listening to the frequency of the police by Internet users will emerge a name: Mike Mulugeta [107].

Very quickly, the Internet amateur investigators will therefore consider that « Mike Mulugeta’ (on which no information comes out) and Sunil Tripathi are the two suspects whose photos were broadcast by the authorities, and this until the latter require the names of Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev (the next morning around 7: 00).

Death on campus

23: 00: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), located in Cambridge in the suburbs of Boston, reports that shots have occurred on campus [108].

2335: the Boston Globe reported that a police officer was wounded in the shootout [109]. His death was announced at 12:13 [110]. It’s Sean Colier, 26 years [111].

Friday, April 19

Not far from the campus of MIT, a few minutes later, two men steal an SUV Mercedes (car of type « sport utility »). They retain the driver for 90 minutes and then extort him $800 to Watertown Square [112] until it manages to escape. The man runs to a station service [113] and calls the police. In the account of the robbery and his escape, the victim said that the two people who have assaulted confessed be the bombers of Boston and killing a police officer [114]. Murder of a police officer by fugitives suspected of committing an attack: as says Thierry Meyssan [115], this apparently free gesture is certainly « [116] Oswald syndrome »…

Death of the suspect n ° 1

0 h 45 approx.: the hounding of SUV ends in a street in Watertown. A shootout occurred between the police and the two men. It evokes 200 to 300 bullets fired, but also grenades and even… an explosive pressure cooker launched by the fugitives on their pursuers [117] !

Photos taken by a resident’s Watertown [118] and a video give an inkling of the violence of the scene:

Police officer Richard Donohue, 33 years old, was wounded during the firefight [119], and ten other members of the forces of order will be treated overnight in hospital [120].

According the version adopted by Wikipedia, the two men actually drove two cars (a Honda Sedan and the stolen SUV). A violent shootout would be committed on Laurel Street between the two fugitives and the forces of order. The suspect No. 1, short of ammunition, would have been apprehended by the police. But the second suspect would be dark on policemen with the SUV and would have struck the suspect n ° 1 [121], dragging a short distance in the street before escaping [122].

Several information however contradict this version. First, the police and the FBI are not in agreement on the mode of transport of the two men: the police said that the men drove two cars [123], while the complaint filed April 21 by the FBI against Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev (later identified by authorities as the suspect n ° 2) says that the two were in the same Mercedes [124]. Then, a witness says that it is the police themselves who would have rolled over the suspect No. 1, not his sidekick [125].

01 h 38: the Boston Globe describes the arrest of one of the suspects,  » handcuffed and interrogated by the FBI in the back of an ambulance » [126].

A testimony and a video broadcast on CNN in the hours that followed seemed to confirm that one of the suspects had been arrested. This video shows a handcuffed man (and fully naked) arrested by Boston police. The witness says that the FBI has then arrived to support the suspect (video in French non-sous-titre):

However, information begins to appear on the Internet: the suspect n ° 1 – that some still call Mike Mulugeta – died [127].

4 h 08: the death of one of the two suspects is confirmed by the Boston Globe [128].

4 h 24: police chief Edward Davis says that the fleeing suspect is considered a  » terrorist  » and is  » came here to kill people  » [129].

« Lockdown »

In the aftermath, a curfew is set up over a very wide area.  » Lockdown  » incorporates the city of Boston [130]. More than a million people are affected, and 9,000 members of the security forces involved in the operation. In Watertown, a perimeter of 20 blocks has been systematically excavated by the special units of the police (SWAT), House by House, in fact subjecting the inhabitants [131] martial law. The lockdown will last until 18: 00.

Throughout the day, the media reported that residents have agreed to remain at home and to see their house searched without any dissatisfaction, and some journalists have even been trying to legally justify martial law, arguing that in this case, it was quite consistent with the [132] Constitution. Site Infowars, for its part, reported that the population did not accept the situation also cheerfully that the media were able to claim [133].

The Chechen Trail: Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev

6 h 30: Associated Press announces before the authorities that the two suspects are from Chechnya and lived at least one year in the United States [134]. The Agency then reveals the identity of the suspect on the run: Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaiev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts [135].

7 h 00: federal authorities announce that the two suspects were brothers [136].

8 h 00: press conference, federal investigators confirmed that the two suspects are Tamerlane (suspect n ° 1) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev (suspect n ° 2), two brothers of Chechen origin of 26 and 19 years [137]. They were identified by investigators and « a member of the family [138]. We learn little after that Jeffrey Bauman, the double-amputee is suspected of being an actor (see above), which would have helped by a decisive evidence to identify [139 suspects].

The trail of the ‘ extreme right ‘ and that Al-Qaeda, referred to in the first two days by the media, are therefore replaced officially by Chechen runway at 8 a.m. this Friday, April 18. In fact, this new direction is equivalent to the runway of radical Islamism; only this one is Arab, but Caucasian… Therefore, the mainstream media will overcome their disappointment [140] do not see accused the ‘ extreme right ‘ and do arise in most any question, supporting fully the thesis according to which Dzhokhar and Timur Tsarnaiev, two young Chechen Muslims, perpetrated the attack in Boston.

Of course, none of these media will speak about the connection between Chechen Islam and the CIA, yet widely documented [141].

Therefore, to collect dissonant voices, to go on non-aligned media. Now that there is a possible identity for the suspect No. 1, it becomes possible to compare it to images of the ‘ naked man », the man arrested in its simplest device during the night. And the finding is striking: the naked man resembles uncannily Timur Tsarnaiev:

‘ The same man?  » If Yes, how is it dead? »

However, Timur Tsarnaiev is announced as having been killed (shot by the police and then crushed by his brother) during the shooting of 0 h 45 with the forces of the order. A photo, taken surreptitiously at the morgue in the morning, emerges at 12.40 on Reddit: it shows a corpse he also strongly resembling the Tamerlane Tsarnaiev [142] and seems to confirm his death.

Two days later, on 21 April, the aunt of the brothers Tsarnaiev, interviewed by Dan Dicks of PressForTruth, would nevertheless be sure 100% that the naked man arrested by the police and questioned by the FBI was his nephew Timur [143]. She said also received threats.

Uncle Ruslan

In the family Tsarnaiev, an uncle of the two brothers, Ruslan Tsarni, played an important media role. His first intervention takes place around noon on 19 April [144]. He talks of his nephews as two ‘ losers ‘ tiring of ‘ hatred ‘ towards those who have managed to integrate. Nevertheless, he recognizes that he has not seen them for years. It is immediately dubbed by the media [145] (curiously, aunt spoilsports will not undergo the same fate).

Too busy to love this Uncle perfectly on the rails of the official version, the media forgot to investigate his case. However, if they had done some research, they would have certainly discovered that Ruslan Tsarni was three or four years [146] son-in-law of a former top official of the CIA, Graham E. Fuller, former head of the Agency in Afghanistan [147], but also that « Uncle Ruslan » has been Advisor for USAID [148] right screen–the emphasis of the CIA [149] – banned in Russia since September 2012 [150] – and worked for ten years in close to Halliburton [151] companies…

On 29 April, the online newspaper Mad Cow Morning News reports that Ruslan Tsarni would have integrated in 1995 the Congress of the international Chechen organizations’, a structure whose registered address was that of Graham. E. Fuller, the former senior CIA official. The newspaper also reported that this organization was sending aid to Islamist terrorists in Chechnya [152].

The arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev

18 h: the Governor of Massachusetts announces the lifting of the curfew [153], that will be used to nothing. Immediately, at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown, a man out of his home, sees blood on his boat in the garden behind his house, and calls [154 police].

About the failure of the police to find themselves the runner’s 19 years, here is the reaction of Pepe Escobar on AsiaTimesOnline:

« How is it that the legions of police, super-armees and intervention teams (NdT: SWAT, equivalent in France of the GIPN), seeking a perimeter of 20 blocks from crime scene in the town of Watertown, were simply unable to locate Dzhokhar hiding in a street located less than two blocks over beyond there where he had abandoned his vehicle? Even a simple search on Google Map contradicts the assertion made by the police. They have not find him for a whole day because the Franklin Street where he was hiding was slightly « outside the perimeter ». A number of residents of Franklin Street even complained of having been searched after the lifting of the curfew and the discovery of Dzhokhar by the owner of the boat, which is now a national hero [155]. »

19 h: the media reports that the fleeing suspect would be cornered by security forces in [156] Watertown. Grand infrared surveillance by helicopter [157], the police guard indeed spotted a man in the boat to a garden, and launched the assault.

19 h 55: fearing that he was  » armed and dangerous « , the police use [158] robot with camera and articulated arm to discreetly lift the tarp covering the boat. Are reported as stun grenades are used to  » distract the suspect  » [159]. A picture will emerge more later showing a man resembling Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev astride on the boat [160], without it actually possible to say if it is trying to enter or exit; always is there no apparent injury.

20 h 31: Media announced that three people were arrested in New Bedford (60 miles south of Boston) in connection with the explosions of the [161 marathon].

At about 20 h 40, on Franklin Street in Watertown, where the suspect is still entrenched in his boat an hour and a half after having been spotted, a violent gunfight breaks out:

20 h 42: the crowd attending the operation applauds [162].

20 h 50: Reddit announces that the suspect is arrested and living [163].

20 h 55: the Boston Globe confirms information [164].

At 8: 58 pm, the police, yet coming only to stop a suspect launches a tweet victorious and forgetful of any precautions of use:

« CAPTURED! The hunt is over. The research is finished. The terror is over. And justice has won. The suspect is arrested. »

A picture will emerge shortly after showing a young man with a bloodied face handcuffed by the police [165], then a video of the passage of an ambulance, from which one can see that the man taken to hospital is seriously wounded [166]. According to police, the detained suspect is in the inability to speak [167]. Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev is would be indeed shot in mouth [168] in a suicide attempt at the time where he was cornered by his attackers and would have severely damaged throat. A problem remains however in this version of the facts: Federal officials claim that Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev had no weapon when the assault gave [169]…

Official version: escaping dozens of police bullets, whose impacts are visible on the boat, the suspect is trying to put an end to his days with a gun he has ever had, and to rate him also…

Following the announcement of the « arrest » of the suspect, Watertown residents out en masse in the street to celebrate the event by singing  » USA, USA! . [170] « and the national anthem:

Conclusion: the track « deep state ».

Suspect No. 1: the FBI

In explosions of Boston, a testimony key carefully ignored by most of the mainstream media reported a possible threat which the authorities allegedly had knowledge before the attack: that of coach of cross-country for the University of Mobile, which claims to have seen « antiexplosive dogs » (bomb sniffing dogs) near the finish line before the explosions, as well as lookouts of the forces of order on the roofs. More intriguing still: after the coach, before the attack, repeated announcements took place destined for the marathon viewers inviting them to not worry, all this as part of a  » training exercise  » [171].

However, note that the famous tweets from the Boston Globe dated 12:53 [172] on 15 April and announcing a controlled explosion do not correspond to the announcement of an exercise but to the neutralization of a third explosive device after the attack. Many users have believed in anticipation of these ads due to misinterpretation of the time displayed on the tweets. It has in fact three hours ahead of the time of Boston; time of tweets is that of the coast West of the United States (Pacific Daylight Time, PDT) – perhaps because Twitter is based in San Francisco? -, and must be read by adding three hours to get the Boston (Eastern Daylight Time, EDT) time and therefore that of the events recounted by the Boston Globe (or even Boston police). To be convinced, just look at the time at which the same Boston Globe Announces [173] bombing, it having been committed at 2:49 pm local time. Internet users probably rushed on this incorrect information because, far from the mainstreammedia, they know as an ‘exercise’ taking place at the same time as an attack is one of the trademarks of the attacks under false flag, as revealed particularly parallel inquiries on September 11, [174], the bombings in Madrid in 2004 [175] and London in 2005 [176].

Whatever it is, the coach was worried before the explosions, thinking of a potential threat. The Chief of police, he said being aware of nothing [177].

On the basis of this testimony and ignoring accusations of conspiracy theories that threaten all who venture out on this track, Ben Swann, Fox 19 chain, asked Tuesday, April 16 in the evening a few questions about the involvement of exact of the FBI in the bombing of Boston, including asking if the Bureau had information before the explosions that could have allowed them to prevent [178]. To those who doubt in principle the possibility of this kind of involvement, the reporter points out for example that the investigation into the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 had revealed links that tighter between the FBI and the perpetrators of the attack, the Office having been up to work directly with an informant infiltrated the terrorist cell responsible for the attack before that it should occur [179]. In the same vein, an article by Russia Today [180] summarized in September 2011 the survey conducted by Mother Jones on the involvement of the FBI in the terrorist attacks in the United States: the Office is actually part of most terrorist operations, the (supposed) purpose to fail. A year ago, the New York Times itself also admitted these conclusions [181]. But this journal is obviously as a conspiracy rag.

About the FBI on enjoy-respect – to see that it was quick to hit back after ‘managing’ the drama of Boston: April 23, to the Canada, the collaboration of the Office with the local police could prevent an attack prepared by « Al-Qaeda » and a train of passengers [182]. The Canadian Government immediately used this damp squib to promote [183 draconian laws].

It should also be noted that at the end of the month of March, the FBI had intervened in the investigation into the disappearance of Sunil Tripathi [184], this student of Brown University whose name had been mentioned by users as possible suspect n ° 2 in the attack in Boston and who was found dead April 23 in a river in Providence, Rhode Island.

In the case of « suspect n ° 1 ‘ authorities, Timur Tsarnaiev, the FBI was able to only watch the porosity of its coverage that the information fell. The Office with the suspect links are exposed for the first time April 19 on Russia Today by Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of Tamerlane and Dzhokhar, who says that his eldest son was monitored by the FBI for several years and that the Office even asked him two years before [185]. She added at the same time that she does not believe in the official version and that her sons are innocent. The same day, the father of the two suspects told him also that his sons were trapped and that he does not believe in guilt [186]. On 19 April, the aunt, meanwhile, requires evidence of the guilt of his nephews [187]. The FBI eventually issue an official Gazette in which it acknowledges that a  » foreign Government  » had contacted him in 2011. for information on Tamerlan Tsarnaiev [188], following which he had questioned the suspect and his family but had found no evidence indicating a any terrorist activity. The Bureau said have asked in vain for additional information on the part of this  » foreign Government « . ».

On 21 April, media announce that the Russian security services have expressed the FBI concerns about Timur Tsarnaiev in November 2012 [189].

It should be remembered that the FBI, in its investigation into the attack in Boston, asked the public’s help to identify the suspects, and this after having circulated photos of Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev…

Suspect No. 2: the CIA

We already mentioned the links of the uncle Ruslan Tsarni with the CIA (see above, paragraph «Uncle Ruslan»). This last is not the only one: Tamerlane Tsarnaiev also was in contact with the Intelligence Agency, and his mother was monitored.

Wednesday, April 24, the Russian media and the Georgian authorities broadcast documents stating that Tamerlane attended during the summer 2012 at a seminar organized by the Jamestown Foundation for new recruits in Georgia [190]. In 2007, this Foundation had been accused by the Russian Government to support instability in the South of Russia [191]. The Jamestown Foundation is strongly suspected of being a CIA [192] screen, and Kurt Nimmo,  » the revelation of the connection of Timur Tsarnaiev to an anti-Russian NGO sponsored by the CIA should be regarded as the missing link in the history of its alleged radicalization in the hands of the Salafist militants [193]. » The radicalization of Timur Tsarnaiev is indeed at the heart of the official storytelling since the drama of Boston. Two examples among others: evocation by Uncle  » mentors  » Ruslan has radicalized his nephew [194] and the « special training » that the two brothers had to receive for making explosives in the style of Afghan, Indian or Pakistani Islamists [195].

On Thursday, April 25, the New York Times announced that Timur Tsarnaiev was on two [196] anti-terrorism watch lists. Excerpt:

« After the CIA said no link with violent extremism in October 2011, it asked the national counter-terrorism Centre, the main agency of counter-terrorism of the country, to add his name to a list of surveillance as a precaution, said a U.S. intelligence official Wednesday. Other agencies, including the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have been alerted. »

Mother of Tamerlane and Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev, too, was on a list of CIA surveillance eighteen months prior to the attacks of Boston [197]. It is now suspected to have radicalized son Timur [198].

These events have a some relationship with the recent influx in Syria of terrorists from the Caucasus [199]? One thing is certain: the track of Caucasian Islamism in the Boston attack is now drawn to big strokes by media.

Since his April 19 arrest, Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev would have found the use of the word. He was able to confirm about all the new storytelling official on radical Islamism enemy of America [200]. He is liable to the death penalty for having used an explosive pressure cooker, regarded as  » weapon of mass destruction  » by the federal authorities [201]. Katherine Russell, the widow of Timur Tsarnaiev, Muslim by conversion, is taken for his part in the turmoil of the [202] demonisation of islam. « Demonization » remains a term quite inadequate to characterize some American media against the girl and her religion offensive. Ann Coulter, « novelist polemicist », after will be requested why police had not completed Dzhokhar Tsarnaiev directly in the boat in a spirit of  » automatic death penalty « , will say so in an interview on Fox News that Katherine Russell « should be in jail for wearing the hijab [203]»…

That draw from all this? Thierry Meyssan, says it is too early to conclude [204]. But we must also remember the reality described by Aymeric Chauprade: terrorism is above all a fait étatique [205]. ‘Deep state’, structure of power resulting from hidden internal struggles, must be regarded as the prime suspect of any attack. It remains that, whatever suspicions that weigh on federal agencies in Boston drama, indices are still a track of survey among others. A track that would involve, as usual, three possibilities: incompetence, laissez-faire or planning.

Are therefore simply to complete the « Democrat » Rahm Emmanuel, Chief of staff to the White House under the first Obama administration, who declared in 2009 [206] :

« You should never spoil a serious crisis. What I mean by that is that it is an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before. »

And to not let ‘Republican’ remains, let slip end to George W. Bush himself, this large recidivist of conspiracy theories:

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Note also that lounge, which will never relinquish really this track, including where the two Chechen brothers will be presumed guilty by the press from April 18, will go until the link between a Blanc-conspirationniste-pro-armes-d’extreme-droite and Timur Tsarnaiev in grading, April 23: « Timur Tsarnaiev was a fan of Alex Jones (http://www.salon.com/2013/04/23/tamerlan_tsarnaev_was_an_alex_jones_fan/ . »)

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