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I noticed that since all the time, some, (I was thinking about the Jews, who are also from the Middle East, to the East) do that try to oppose Muslim peoples (whether they are Shiite or Sunni, or other… etc.!)which are neighbouring, war against them and the world entirely; in Europe, whether in Germany, in Italy, in France, in Belgium, he has always had this latent anti-Semitism, especially against the Muslims, this anti-Semitism is not due to the Germans, the French, Italians, Belgians, but it is the fact of the Jews, which since always (the Pharaohs, ancient Egypt) were racist, but especially racist (not by the color of their skin(, because when looking at the Egyptians now, they are far from being white, white as the Swedish), but pace that it was ancient Egyptian, and felt superior to others, from, I don’t know what God, under the thumb of I know what Pharaoh, you can believe all you want, but it turns out that the facts are there, the pyramids, the sphinx, this racism, which has always been anchored at home, which, moreover, is not really their fault, but that, of their belief in a hypothetical (front) Pharaoh , and a hypothetical dieu(maintenant,et toujours) , that they have already sacrificed on the cross, they have shared this racism with others, who have not the same way to see things with their , were made of the allies, the problem is that some have prétextés the Crusades, which for them was the cause of this racism, may be true for some, but very, very, far not for the vast majority of them and so much better, I want proof of Joséphine de beauharnais, Empress of all french,(EH,OUAI,MES ESSIEUX, elle était black métissé), but black, while Similarly, Alexandre Dumas father, so son, tirailleurs sénégalais (1850), I want to say is that this deep racism, anti – black, anti – Arab anti x is not french, even if some say, but there is a slave, slave ships, it is true, but, the french were far from being the only between England, who were Kings of the seas , and Spain, which was far from the last, the future United States that made a consumer for their large plantation and the France, which did not have the fleet of England, but who had the ports (the system has proven its strength longer than necessary.) The centuries have finally revealed the limitations and weaknesses of ancient Egypt. He had to wait many centuries to shine again a burst real but different, that the Arab world, in the what, it found its place. This is not, because some Jews and Masons want on turns on the mouth, which like them well, that one must listen to them;On the other hand, they may have some surprises!because who forhan crap, really have interest in is stash, when, it will leave for info

Josephine was indeed born Tascher de la Pagerie, descendant of Pierre Belain of Esnambuc, the Norman Aristocrat who landed on the island of Martinique on behalf of the King of France in the 17th century. In 1623, Baron of Esnambuc ‘people’ the island with part of his crew and a quarantine of slaves. His second, Mr of the Olive, proceed similarly with Guadeloupe.

« A success of Syriza in Greece would serve as a locomotive to the radical left in Europe »

Decryption with philosophy teacher politician, Member of the central Committee of Syriza, Stathis Kouvelakis.

source http://www.lesinrocks.com

Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, and Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza, meeting in Madrid on 15 November 2014 (Juan Medina/Reuters)

On 25 January the Greeks will be called to vote in legislative elections. The coalition of the radical left Syriza Alexis Tsipras-led could win. Decryption with the Professor of philosophy, Member of the central Committee of Syriza, Stathis Kouvelakis.

The coalition of the radical left Syriza exists since 2004, but it has known it in France during its electoral breakthrough in the 2012 European, where she came second following the explosion of traditional bipartisanship. It could now win the legislative end January 2015. How you explain this meteoric rise?

Stathis Kouvelakis- Three factors come into account. The first lies in the violence of the crisis economic and social in Greece, and the turn it has taken following the austeritaire purge which imposed from 2010 through the famous memorandum [agreements signed by the Greek Government with the Troika to achieve end to a self-financing, Editor’s note].

The second factor lies in the fact that the Greece – and now the Spain – are the only countries where this economic and social crisis has turned into political crisis. The old political system which was based on a very stable bipartisanship has collapsed.

The third factor is the popular mobilization. It is no coincidence if the two countries in Europe where the radical left has a flight are the Greece and Spain, i.e. the countries that experienced the strongest popular mobilizations during recent times: in Spain it was the movement of the unworthy, in Greece it was a deeper and more prolonged movement. The bulk of the forces which themselves are released reports of traditional representation turned to the forces of the radical left, while a part of the company, which has remained outside this dynamic, turned to the radical right, i.e. the neo-nazi party dawn Golden.

According to you there is therefore a link between the social movement that manifested itself through occupations of places in Greece and progression in the pitchers of Syriza?

Totally. Some believed that these movements were not only spontaneous but anti-political, they be placed outside and against policy, or if they were in the rejection of the policy as it existed, they were also looking for something else. Also although the experience of Podemos in Spain that Syriza in Greece shows that there is an adequate supply on the side of the radical left, the meeting can be done.

I talked to you about the general framework, but there are also more subjective frames which explain why it is Syriza, and not the Communist Party – which was the main force of the radical left until 2010 – which has been at the centre of this meeting. Syriza has a unitary culture, openness to social movements, it is in line with social developments and new experiences that arise, which is not the case of the Communist Party, which remained outside this dynamic.

The real dynamic around Syriza is tied in a very dense time in spring 2012. It is at this point that Syriza Alexis Tsipras – with a personal dimension and very strong – have been the watchword of a movement of left anti-austerite. It is from this moment that you felt vibrations in a great manner, and that the intentions of vote for Syriza increased sharply.

The success of Syriza is therefore also to the personality of its leader, Alexis Tsipras?

Tsipras had emerged before 2012, in Athens, making a very good score in the municipal elections. It was a first major breakthrough. His young age, his pleasant face, and his capacity to listen – outstanding among political leaders thing – make someone who is considered to be close, attentive, breaking with the image of the politician traditional and at the same time carrying this radicality of new type Syriza was trying to build by agglomerating different cultures, heterogeneous, of the radical left. The face of Alexis Tsipras was the right to embody it. Then he made an effort to appear credible as a statesman. His travels abroad, in places sometimes very hostile to Syriza, aimed to convey to the public the image of someone able to govern the country while representing a party which was still marginal only five years ago.

Between 2012 and today, Syriza made the experience of the practical management of municipalities, regions, at the local level?

From the years 1990-2000 the radical left is placed in a position of refusal of any alliance with the PASOK [centre-left, dominant long, Editor’s note], thats why Syriza and the Communist Party had no region, and very few municipalities until recently. Now there is a significant time lag between the steep bond directed by Syriza at national and European levels, and its local implantation. At the municipal and the regional [which took place on May 25, 2012, the same day as the European elections, Editor’s note], the party was less than in national and European elections. But he nevertheless got a major success, since both regions have switched to Syriza, including the Attica region, in which lives a little less than half of the population of the country [this region represents nearly 30% of voters, Editor’s note].

If Syriza arrives at the head in the legislative elections, must form a majority in the Parliament: will it be possible, and how?

I excluded any real flush of tide for Syriza. Polls place it in 35% of voting intentions, is therefore not far from absolute majority because in the Greek electoral system, the party which tops enjoys a bonus of fifty seats. It is therefore possible and likely that Syriza has an absolute majority. It is true that Syriza has no obvious allies: the Communist party refused any alliance, the small party of centre-left called Dimar (« democratic left »), and which was part of the coalition Government a year ago, has been virtually wiped off the map, its ranks are almost empty, and some of its members could be on the lists of Syriza in the forthcoming elections. It will be therefore actually part of the difficulties, but it must not lose sight that this issue holds a crucial political issue: some hope to moderate the Syriza positions relying on concessions that it will have to do to have alliances. It is an issue that the Greek electorate perceives, and he might as well give Syriza a clear majority so that it can carry out its program without any concessions to form a majority.

What do you think the attitude of the new democracy (right to power) that plays a lot on the fear of the reds and chaos facing the prospect of a victory for Syriza?

It should be understood that after four years of memorandum not only the right but also the centre-left whose only remaining debris are formations extremely authoritarian, partisan iron fist policy. Antonis Samaras, the current head of Government and a member of the new democracy comes from the nationalist wing of the party and his entourage is composed of people from much of the extreme right. It is a hard-right, who plays on deep anti-Communist reflexes that exist in a part of the Greek population. The rhetoric of the Government is therefore a rhetoric of fear: they have no other arguments. This is part of the authoritarian and muscled their policy vision. If Syriza fails the prospect looming for the country will be very reactionary and authoritarian.

What are the priorities of Syriza for the country?

There are four main sites, that I do not class in hierarchical order. The first consists of emergency measures to cope with the most shocking aspects of the disaster of recent years: restoration of electrical power to all homes, meals for all schoolchildren in canteens, recovery worthy of the name health coverage – one third of the population is currently excluded from the health care system!

Second thing: dismantle the nuclei lasts memoranda. This dismantling will mean the restoration of the minimum wage to the level where it was before 2010, collective and social legislation that has been entirely deleted. This will open a field of action for the world of work, and will result in an immediate improvement. To this must be added the abolition of absurd on land that extort the population in recent years. All this is not negotiable.

The third site is the debt, and there there will be a negotiation. There is no prospect of recovery of the country as long as the debt service created this infernal machine put in place by memoranda: bloodthirsty cuts are made in public and social spending to clear budget surpluses in order to repay the debt and end the need for funding. It is impractical: never surpluses will not cover the debt service, whose weight has increased because the GDP collapsed – it now stands at 175% of GDP. Need to find a solution to this. Syriza asks a solution of type which was requested to Germany in 1953, i.e. the largest part of the debt cancellation, and refund the rest from a close of growth. What will happen if the negotiation fails because of the refusal of creditors? No hypothesis cannot be ruled out, except for one, that Syriza compromises were made on its demands for the bulk of the debt cancellation.

The fourth site is to restart the economy, which is destroyed, to face to the massive unemployment of 26% (50% among youth) that knows the Greece. Only public investments can do for the most part. It is very complicated, but needed a recovery oriented towards social and environmental needs away from what is happening at the present time.

For many people the vote which will take place on 25 January will be a continental dimension. The Front of the left in France watching this with great interest, as well as Podemos, who could win the general elections in Spain in 2015. Do you think a progressive shift of Europe might take place if the European radical left formations won national victories?

This is the gamble of Syriza! It is a party deeply internationalist, which develops very close links with the radical left political forces but also with social movements. Social mobilizations, anti-globalization, for 2000 years, are also the origin of its training. But we must start somewhere and then multiply the fronts. In the long term, cannot take on this condition. By then should be taken: the first few weeks and months will be decisive. We are aware that a success of the Syriza experience will serve as a locomotive for the radical left and social movements in Europe, it is our reason for being.

Is the Golden Dawn a threat to the elections? Could make a significant score?

Between the previous elections and the murder of the rapper and militant anti-fascist Pavlos Nnamdi [assassinated by a member of Golden Dawn on 18 September 2013, Editor’s note], the context has changed. The polls gave 15%, sometimes even 17% to the Golden Dawn at the time. This went hand in hand with its propaganda of street – systematic attacks against immigrants, who have spread little by little to political activists. The murder of Pavlos Ajiboye was a turning point. From there, the direction of dawn Golden had faced repression which his local activism has been affected. The presence of street of the party is more discreet than before. Hit of a very strong public illegitimacy, but it is folds on an electoral core that remains relatively stable and very substantial. It is therefore quite a threat for the future, especially if Syriza fails. But the dynamic has broken at this time there by the reaction of self-defence of society but also of the State against this offensive that they had launched in the fall of 2013. Dawn Golden remains an extremely important factor of the equation.

Interview by Mathieu Dejean

When Christian Leclerc, 52 years, decides to switch to politics, he chairs the Committee of environmental defense in Champlan. « He was tenacious and clever enough, » notes Jean-François Castell. But the PS opponent gears: « it was also one that could not contradict. Stubborn and authoritarian. For the burial of the rom, girl I know not what happened. But Christian Leclerc is the kind of man that handles live all his records. « » ‘ Is someone of good « , defended it yesterday (IDU), Mayor of Janvry Christian Schoettl.

I was trying to think, that these rumors unhealthy and certainly derived from brain trépanés, stop a little running, already seen, that the man has portrayed his opponent, JF CASTELL is not the kind apparently humanly to denigrate, to being told by the (IDU) Mayor of Janvry, Christian Schoettl.,that it is someone good,ca me recall a little , history of the keuf, who during 20 piges and rated by his peers, and from one day to the next, it will become the infamous rapist of a Canadian (let’s give it a title, ouhouhou!,the rapist of the century imfame, vas come te voir.ouhouhou!) it is not soon finished is bullshit .ca not surprised with some journos like that and a puppet government, that it is not , but Holland, promised in one of the last intervention ions on the radio, it seems to me that it would do all to remove the brakes, which is needed is someone who take things in and which is above all what is expected of them, which for the moment, is not the case, is someone that says white, when we say white Black, when it is black, and not the contrary, because at the moment, he has had people at the Assembly, but I spokes to you, I méfierais me, and once it is launched, it is launched, this can come when you expect it, it’s been too long that this hard, after all you see, for Macron and doctors, you’re everything fuck up, Valls,’ is the one, that you will lose.

The Government remains firm on the third paying, you want the world, will be the world

Cover Villers St Paul Internet – ADSL, fiber optic…

What I like is that MACRON, VALLS, Holland, promise hundreds of jobs, they are pas kerchiefs to keep the St. PAUL plant, including banks, refuse a loan of 500,000, you’ll tell me that much, but the turnover of box is about 8 million €, it made a lot also, the order book is fullthey make profits and we are going to outline, WOAWH, ca is the fight against unemployment, for AIM, there are 600 jobs pending and judicial relief in sight, and them come, taunt us with their jobs, in the field of transport, AHHhhh, would not the VEOLIA, below, how much, you’re going to give them to MACRON, VALLS, Holland, I spokes curious, is that any assumptions or speculation, of course!, the macron Act will pass with the 49.3, but to in two years, we’ll see!

Norman slaughterhouses AIM in relief in the hope of a…

The guys we promise miles and the hundred, to pass their P-T-N of Act, to give pleasure to clowns who will get rich on our back, what they have always done, moreover and more who have nothing to beat our rants, is what has, how they govern, in 10 or 15 years, some say, as it is said JUPPE When, he left thinking about canada, if I had known it but to change, even, if, I appreciate not his camp, which to me represents all, this I hate humans, deception, sufficiency, self-centeredness and mediocrity I find left also, it said, actually, I think that Mr JUPPE has changed, sincerely, I would have felt it more able to be at the head of the UMP, chais not more, force quiet!
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, car lorsque l’on regarde les égyptiens de maintenant, ils sont loin d’être blanc, blanc comme des suédois) , mais pace qu’il était égyptien antique, et se croyait supérieur aux autres, issu de ,je ne sais quel dieu, sous la coupe de je ne sais quel pharaon, on peut croire tous ce que l’on veut ,mais il s’avère que les faits sont là


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