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Fed audit, why opposed t – on, if hardement an audit of the fed, an idea emitted by full of Americans another man, jesse;; alex jones… etc…!

This morning, on media I heard something, which made me warm to the heart, but which intrigued me I heard that some Americans settled in France, so much the better, but what intrigues me, but these people there do not have fear, arrive on a continent, on which they could be achieved early senility, because it happens on the so-called ‘old continent’, in France, it’s true that when, on the former first found JM.AYRAULT, it’s scary, and it has no desire to stay there, I thoughts. You know, when even that despite morons, who lead us  »you’ re WELCOME  »

The Baker of the provocative

This morning, on media I heard a thing, that there was a Baker making cakes down, representing gods, of the prominent parties, if it can relieve to gender in cakes, why, if he thinks that represent his cock into cake, it can help him, finally, that proves that, it not fly very high, you see, immediately, to have to matter. !!!!!!and say, that sometimes, those are people, like this, that we represented in departmental and regional councils, and town halls, it is fear!, it was which TV, which the accompanied, FR3, it amazes me, not even

TELEVISION Denouncing the treatment of catastrophic of the shooting « Charlie Hebdo » on 7 January in the national « 12/13 », edition several unions had called a strike for Monday midday…

Strike at France 3: direction, « who wants to hide the problem » has maintained the national newspaper

The strike at France 3, what strike? Shocked by the coverage (or lack of) conducted by the national edition of 12/13 the day of the attack in Charlie Hebdo, several unions had called all employees in drafting national France 3 to strike, inviting them to « cease work on Monday, January 26 from 11 h 45 for a duration of 59 minutes. In « hustling » on 12/13, so they wanted to express « their outrage and their anger at this editorial failure which ridiculed the drafting, » according to a statement published by several unions (SNJ, CFDT and CGT). But surprise, there was indeed a national newspaper at midday on the public channel.

« Branch extended sauce with trays and direct, and using stories that were already ready.  » She wanted to hide the problem by airing a normal newspaper», says Serge Cimino, journalist at France 3 and member of the SNJ, contacted by 20 Minutes. « It would have preferred that there is nothing to the antenna, » he continues, while ensuring that the mobilization was important in national writing.

The results of the internal expected inquiry

Employees mobilized Monday asked once again the direction to give them ‘a document drop-down the wire of the day on 7 January’ drafting, ‘the black box of the editorial crash’, to find out what had happened during the two hours that preceded the newscast. A document that they have not obtained. « I understand the disappointment and frustration of journalists. Nobody is satisfied with this edition of January 7. But I’m not ready to appear in public the responsibilities of any particular person, reacted Pascal Golomer, the Director of the national editor of France 3, contacted by 20 Minutes. Lessons are to shoot and with debriefs have been made. This isn’t displaying responsibilities on a document that will improve things. Should take measures so that the editions are better armed in this type of situations. »

When the journalist Samuel Etienne took the antenna for the national edition of the 12/13 Wednesday, January 7, 2015, the shooting had already occurred at the premises of Charlie Hebdo, but JT has devoted to this attack as a topic for a minute just and one direct by phone, from the reports as the opening balances or even swimming in winter. Meanwhile, France 2 was about to make a special edition and Itele was already in ‘breaking news’ on the spot. Result: France Télévisions has replaced the Chief Editor of the national edition of the 12/13, Regis Poullain, for its « lack of reactivity ». « I do me please not the sanction of the Chief Editor. It may be the only one to be punished, it’s unfair, »reacts Serge Cimino. Emphasizing a ‘real issue editorial’, he says: ‘ branch has nothing understood the deep crisis in the national drafting.»

The rapprochement with France 2 filigree

Steward insists particularly on the thorny issue of the reconciliation of France 2 and France 3, which should come to fruition this year. The rivalry between two editors has been revived in recent weeks. France 2 would have crushed France 3 when it took cover Charlie Hebdo. « Days that followed January 7, all means are found requisitioned by France 2 for special coverage. « Sharing and merging, it’s going to be for the benefit of a large chain », railed Serge Cimino. Pascal Golomer defends this project: « the fear that a privileged antenna is not founded. We want to build a common drafting to produce different contents for the two chains, who keep all their editions. » He acknowledges however that « France 2, which assured 11 h direct needed more resources than France 3 for 25 minutes of journal », in overtaking: « It is being service by service a debrief to see where coordination has not been effective enough. »

Serge Cimino jittery not: « our General Assembly Monday has been very successful. There were many people, 70 to 80 people. There has been a decision taken unanimously to support on a number of subjects that hurt as the tutelage of France 2 ». Before prevent: « this movement is running. Management wants to hide conflicts but it is there and it is deep. The next movement will not make 59 minutes and management will be forced to fold. »


I realize that the last universal exposition, dates from l900 to PARIS ‘, but 1992 was in SEVILLE, Shangaien 2010, which moreover are certainly very interesting, if one has the means to break free and go to MILAN in 2015, Shanghai, SEVILLE, and I noticed that he never had as much pub for the exhibition, it may be, that the TV put booths to lure the barge , at end, chais not, it may be, as, at the salon of agriculture, finally, I have never seen so many pub, anyway.

CocaCola, which is not good for your health, I noticed also that often firms, factories, enterprises, want their market monopoly, which is normal to want, however, at any price, not agree ca, not at any price, because it is often without, give the choice to consumers and other firms competing, I noticed it at some large companies American GOOGLE , FACEBOOK (Pbs with MESSENGER) COCACOLA (Fanta) knowing that those working in the same branch, will be brought to worked sets a day, but, unfortunately their selfishness and their poor liver will do the rest, in the meantime, read this;

The Coca-Cola danger



Sunday, January 20, 2013


There is little time a story of Olivia Mokiejewski is spent on France 2 for processing of ingredients in Coca-Cola. What is striking in this story it is the silence of the firm as soon as she learns that the questions are for a documentary. Employees of the company received then instructed to no longer answering questions… Have things to hide?

I therefore decided to focus more closely on Coca-Cola…

A beautiful story…Invented

The official version of their own history, (a doctor by chance finding the formula of coca-cola in seeking a drug), is far from reality to believe William Reymond author of the book « Coca-Cola: the prohibited investigation. The drink comes from a french beverage, « Vin Mariani », popular and imported into the United States at the time. The inventor of coca-cola would have begun by imitating the recipe and following a decree banning alcohol consumption in Atlanta, would have mixed (legal at the time) cocaine with caffeine to reproduce the « bullwhip effect » of the « Vin Mariani. We are therefore very far from the Nice doctor who created a drink originally supposed be a drug and therefore good for health…

A dangerous drink

The brand sells 1.7 billion drinks per day in more than 200 countries in the world! In 2010 the Coca-Cola Group made a turnover of more than EUR 26.5 billion, an increase of 45% compared to 2006. This gigantic firm known worldwide is far from being perfect. We look primarily to the mythical trademark drink and the effects it has on the human body.
•A rate excessive sugar:

A can of Coca-Cola (33 cl) contains 35 g of sugar equivalent to 7 pieces of sugar!A 2-litre Coca-Cola bottle contains 212g of sugar equivalent to 42.5 lumps of sugar! Classic Coca-Cola contains, as we see it, a huge amount of sucrose. Too high-dose sugar can have harmful effects on health and cause cavities, diabetes, obesity (from who one out of two adults is overweight and one in six is obese in the world. More than 20 million french are overweight or obese in 2009, according to a survey by INSERM. A large study in the United States on 43 000 adults and 4 000 adolescents demonstrated that drinking one or more soft drinks per day, increased by 27% the likelihood of becoming obese. In addition, 62 percent of adults who drink at least one soda per day are overweight or obese).
•A morbid acidity:

Phosphoric acid is a hidden acidifier as E338. It is present in sodas and colas in particular. A can of cola of 33cl is 44 to 62 mg and his counterpart lightened between 27 and 39 mg. Phosphoric acid which gives this sour taste to the Coca-Cola presents risks for health. Indeed, high levels of phosphoric acid promote kidney stones and kidney function. U.S. researchers conducted a study on 500 people who kidney failure had been diagnosed. Comparing them with a control group and by collecting information on eating habits, more specifically on the consumption of beverages, they noticed that from two glasses of Coca-Cola per day, the risk of renal failure were multiplied by two, the health reporter, Isabelle Eustache. She said that this was also the case with the «Light» Coca-Cola and that no association could be established for other soft drinks, which use for most citric acid. Phosphoric acid is also known to slow digestion, promote bone diseases such as osteoporosis and curb the uptake of calcium by the bones.
•The problem of caffeine:

The caffeine contained in a can (33 cl) ranged from 33 (classic Coca-Cola) and 42 mg (Coca-Cola Light). The dose which begins to feel the adverse effects of caffeine per day is 200mg. Combined with your coffee of the day, there is thus a risk to absorb a toxic dose of caffeine that spirit of adverse side effects and problems:

-Cardiovascular (hypertension, tachycardia) may, in cases, extreme cause one death sudden


-Respiratory (brochodilatation)


-Behavioural Neuro (anxiety, irritability, tremor etc.)
•A carcinogenic dye:

The CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) recently told the Daily Mail that Coca-Cola and Pepsi use a caramel to colour their drinks, which is carcinogenic. Indeed, two chemical substances would cause cancers: MI-2 and MI-4. The spokesman for the organization said that: « Unlike toffee prepared at home, melting sugar in a pan, the artificial version of color »coca »is the result of the chemical reaction produced by the sugar association, ammonia and sulphites high temperature. This process would be to create these two toxic substances which, according to studies conducted on rodents, cause of « cancers of the lung, liver, thyroid and leukemia. Experts say that this type of caramel could cause thousands of cancers. The American Institute of toxicological prevention would have confirmed that these two substances would be carcinogenic in animals and therefore potentially in humans. This new has not pleased everyone: Coca-Cola responded by stating that « our drinks are completely safe » and adds that ‘extrapolations of IPS cells for human health and cancer are totally unfounded. The State of California also forced the firm to strongly reduce the presence of the dye in cans sold in the State under penalty of there be forbidden for consumption.

And yet the public authorities do not really broadcast specific prevention messages and shall not require the company to indicate the risks of consuming their drink.
•An environmental threat:

Coca-Cola uses 10 000 litres of water per second. The 290 billion liters, only 114 billion are used for the production of beverages, a little less than 40% of removals. The 176 billion remaining litres are used during the manufacturing process for rinsing, heating, or air conditioning. In other words, to make one litre of drink, the company uses on average 2.5 litres of water. To find all this water, need, of course, to groundwater pumping in the installation of plants that release toxic and waste water waste, not to mention used pesticides that pollute the environment.

How Coca-Cola comes out when even and why does not change :

Thanks to a very good marketing strategy which leads its consumers to consider the « Coca-Cola as a happiness factory », their sales continue to grow. First of all, their history revised for we suggest that Coca is good for our health (derivative of a drug): also has never said or heard that Coca helps to cure stomach ache? Then, various advertisements at the same time long, magical, suggesting that there is a magical world filled with creatures who work to provide us with our small bottles. They sell us the dream and they sell it to us well.

Their marketing strategy yet shock if one leans on it. In Africa, after having operated water supplies and reduced the population to go look elsewhere, the company decides to distribute them bottles of Coca, for free, as a volunteer and benefactor and makes us forget that it is they who were thirsty. The consumer must always having coca on hand, must always see the coca and think coca because when there thirst, he will turn to the coca and coca will increase its sales…Thus, in Abidjan, Coca-Cola is present everywhere: coffee at the glacier via the vendor (company providing even the trolley in the colours of coca-cola…). In Mexico, Coca-Cola offers merchants to large and beautiful transparent refrigerators to condition that only the company’s products of Coca-Cola is being exposed. So, when customers come to buy, they will buy cold drinks, or only those stored in refrigerators will be and they will buy bottles of the Coca-Cola company! It is these techniques that Coca-Cola manages still to increase sales and eliminate competition locally!

If Coca-Cola Enterprises continues to use these yet harmful ingredients, this recipe has been proven and that the authorities are hardly likely to claim a change (health scandal in India and the State of California), then why kill the goose laying golden eggs?

Because indeed, Coca-Cola Enterprises, one of the main brand of soda bottlers indicates aim throughout fiscal 2011 EPS (earnings per share) at the top of the range between $ 2.20 and $ 2.24. Revenues are expected in increase of approximately 5%. For 2012, the management indicates target growth of bpa between 10 and 12% (at constant perimeter and Exchange). Sales are anticipated an increase of 5 to 9% while the cash free flows are expected to about 550 M$.

« For the two years 2011 and 2012, our growth prospects are level or above our long term goals… », said John F. Brock, CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises. « While we continue to face challenges due to sustained macro-economic weakness, we believe that our strategies and our portfolio of successful brands will continue to create value for consumers, for customers and, ultimately, for our shareholders. » Coca-Cola Enterprises announced anticipate for 2013 growth of 10% of its earnings per share, while the 2012 bpa is expected at the top of the range of $ 2.20 to 2.24. 2012 sales are expected growing single-digit, 1-5%, then the progression of the 2013 activity is expected closer to 5%. The Board of Directors of the company has approved a new programme of share buybacks of $ 1.5 billion, including at least 500 M$ next year.

If this article has not convinced you to stop consuming soft drinks types cola here is a summary which might make you change your mind:

-Sodas are unnecessary nutritionally.

-This is the only water sweetened with additives.

-They increase the risk of becoming obese, diabetic, to develop cavities.

-They can cause osteoporosis and slow the growth of bones.

-These drinks are dangerous to the kidneys (kidney calculations), the liver and the pancreas.

-They are hampering the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

-By the high concentration of caffeine they promote dehydration and the leakage of minerals by the diuretic effect (which will add all the undesirable side effects from an overdose of caffeine: cardiac problem…).

-The dye used in some sodas is probably carcinogenic to humans.

-These companies exploit the resources in waters of poor people depriving them of the right to provide drinking water, drastically reducing the level of groundwater, polluting the basements with their waste.

-It currently takes 2.5 litres of water to produce 1 L of Coca-Cola.

… Then change the drink (water, tea, fruit juices)

Some tips, which I think is true, and useful

Coca cola (harmful to health) – usthb bio-forum – home

Study of the Institut Pasteur study practical and surprising


In many States of the USA Rail patrols load two trims (~ 7.5 litres) of Coca Cola in their racks to clean the blood on the road after an accident.

If you put a bone in a container with Coca Cola, the os will dissolve within 2 days.

To clean the toilet: pour a can of Coca Cola and let ‘sit’, then flush with water.

Coca Cola citric acid removes stains on dishes.

To remove the chrome bumper rust stains cars rub the bumper with a piece of aluminum foil soggy with Coca Cola.

To clean objects consumed by loss of liquid from car batteries, pour a can of Coca Cola on the corrosion.

To remove spots of fat of clothing pour a can of Coca-Cola into the washing machine with the stained cloth and add the detergent.

The Coca-Cola will help remove fat stains.

Coca Cola even helps clean the windshield of the car.

For our information:

The active ingredient of Coca Cola is phosphoric acid.

Its PH is 2.8 and dissolve a nail in about 4 days.

Phosphoric acid in addition to steals calcium from bones and is the main cause of increase of osteoporosis.

We are one
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Ce matin ,sur les médias j’ai entendu un truc ,qui m’a fait chaud au cœur ,mais ,qui m’a intrigué j’ai entendu que certains américains s’installaient en France, tant mieux ,mais ce qui m’intrigue ,mais ,ces gens là n’ont pas peur ,d’arriver sur un continent ,sur lequel, ils pourraient être atteint d’une sénilité précoce ,parce qu’il arrive sur le dit ‘vieux continent ‘



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