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In fact, I would like to say that there is a great invention, one call, the remote control, Remote Control, or even nudge, or, Stop, cons, that some forget, now and you forget before, if we want more see you, it zapped, it is you, also the so-called Jewish elite you either, which have, all media, TV, Radio Newspapers, and some social networks, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, Yahoo, and others certainly…Messenger… etc (tribute, or caress in the direction of the hair to benjamin netan Yadav, or yahoO), all and all the world knows by now, what you called freedom of EXPRESSION, though France and the former Minister Aurélie FILIPPETTI, could not me against say and if Fortunately it has not granted the lawHADOPI allied himself with the CSA to be able to put censorship, and be the masters of the world in France, at least, it is missed, because in this case, this, again, once, you have shown us, what was and the true face of a Government, dictatorial French poor and full of himself and, although it said on Dini, you condemned, see lynched in public even before it is done and said anything that, more for me and the major part of the, Still , and it has absolutely Nothing wrong order

Be aware that people are fooled anyway, and that, if he should forgive something to someone, certainly not to him, to ask for , but you , have cheated your world, and your close every time , because if you are able to lie for 40 years, so for 40 years, you’ve played, scripted, embellished, product, the actor studio to you all alone… what! , stay more than refined… all with De Niro, cheated… what! people, having raw like me, who said, that you were right certainly to think as you thought and, even if sometimes we wondered, why he or she were completely stupid stuff well obviously, I do not speak of the Member or the Member whoas it is little playmates, and has been wronged by the lies of more and more big, and have 10 to 15 years only Chamber but I think mostly guys, taking to SARKO, desire DRAY, FILLON, JUPPE, kadors JACOB, CAMBADELIS Holland, ROYAL, TAUBIRA, TOURAINE besides the GUEANT, CAZENEUVE, and I forget DEVEDJAN, COPE, WUERTH… I was, as thinking you can vote all laws, that you would like, anyway, they will all be rendered flat, and certainly with referendum, because, frankly past one or two laws to arrange such or such Minister or members, so possibly it can build, and, especially, so it is not pissed off (e) for the opening of 1 or more establishments, or of prisons, it is pitiful patronage

AH in fact, nothing to do but, since it has not been nice, on whether ra private FESTIVAL NA, brief, removal of the JAZZ FESTIVAL in Amiens On sees that, there actually has do with the Mayor of AMIENS,(B. Fouré), 7 months of election, first big decision and it’s already, shit it is not there, or, it ya had the conflict with , the PD G of Titan, Maurice Taylor, this Republican, who allowed to insult the french workers, treating Fenian , know how French it is paid!but as this, soitenfrance, in China or India, y has a thing that does not change

It is expected all pay, Peck (eat)


Adrien theaux, alexis, and kids, I know that the Germans and the Austrians have always had a good ski school, but there they bug us, hirscher and neuruether, P-T-N with, they are good these


AH the way, Bravo to Bastia, the bowl, but also unity, anyway.

Aurélie Filippetti. La Quadrature du net

What does La Quadrature?

The squaring of the Net is one Association for the defence of the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet . It promotes an adaptation of French and European legislation that is faithful to the values that have led to the development of the Internet, including the free movement of knowledge

Tax Google – Wikipedia, voila, how your Government benefactor, wanted, do you, raquer (pay) among other… radar, fines, point permits, for the moment in France, but what Government would be able to use this, the Germany, the Belgium?, after states?

The ‘Google tax’ is the name given to a series of projects of recasting of the digital tax in France, formulated by different actors over time1 : politicians, record labels and publishers including. They are designed as a whole to increase the level of contribution of major groups (especially Google) Internet national taxation, on behalf of funding for the creation of online content

Media – Wikipedia concentration, very, very, very interesting

Media concentration

The media concentrationor media convergenceis a process in which a few individuals or organizations gradually increase their control on the mass media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio…), on thecultural industry (editors, production of films and music) as well as on communication groups (surveys, mobile telephony, internet, etc.). Contemporary research highlighted an increase this concentration in many industries of the media already highly concentrated and dominated by a very small number of companies such as Viacom, CBS Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Groupe Lagardère, Bouygues, Dassault, Bertelsmann (RTL, M6 group), Vivendi.

Elements of definition

The vertical concentration is for a company to control the entire chain of production of a product (the sending of journalists on the ground, often performed either by the news agencies, independent journalists ( » freelancers »)

The horizontal concentration refers to the control of a group on an entire sector of activity (thus, at the time of the acquisition of Socpresse by Dassault, the European Commission demanded the sale of the economic title Financial life so that the group does not exceed 50% of the advertising market in economic and financial titles). Media conglomerates , with many types of media (television, radio, newspapers…) both also formed (Lagardère Group, etc.).

Effects of convergence and fusion are observed at different levels;
•within a same type of media,
•within a same theme of information, or
•between different types of media (such as broadcast, print and online media). These mergers are both carried out spontaneously by integration by a media way strategically organized by large financial groups and press or the media and telecommunications industry or emerging tools (NICT) sometimes.


The issues include those of a homogenisation (sometimes referred to by single thought) and a loss of the pluralism of information (which means bring a range of points of view and that person holds too muchinfluence open or hidden). Close issues are those of the transparency of information, or even independence from the policy, industry, advertising or certain lobbies.

Other issues are the quality of public service information

Historical trends

The phenomenon of concentration in the media, as in the system-wide capitalist through competition and merger is old.

Thus, antitrust laws were passed to the United States to prevent excessive concentrations which would lead to a monopoly or oligopoly (gathering of some press groups which hold enough power to dictate the market price). Thus, film production is dominated by large studios since the beginning of the XXe century, as well as the musical production. It is now controlled by the three majors that represent 80% of the market: Universal, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner 1. According to Le Monde, more than one cd on two is now sold in supermarkets food1 .

Some large industry owners bought a large share of their competitors, as in the telecommunications and broadcasting sector. In the field of the press group Axel Springer AG in Germany federal and the group Hersant in France carried out in the 1960s such concentrations.

In the United States, six conglomerates (Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, News Corp, Bertelsmann, and Comcast) have 90% of the media market. The Australian Rupert Murdoch is also a magnate of the press throughout the world, holding many tabloids and present also in the television sector.

In France, in the same way, a few large groups (Lagardère, Dassault…) share the bulk of the media. The nine major french press groups have a turnover between EUR 2.2 billion and EUR 280 million. In order of decreasing turnover, it is Lagardère Active (Lagardère), Socpresse (Dassault) (Le Figaro), the Group Amaury (Le Parisien), Prisma press, of the Group Le Monde,Emap Media, Bayard Presse,West-France and South West.

Interviewed by Claire Chazal on TF1, François Bayrou denounced and in September 2006 the collusion between certain groups of press and politicians. TF1 is indeed owned by Bouygues, whose boss Martin Bouygues is a close to Nicolas Sarkozy. The words of F. Bayrou placed leaders of the overhang left: criticism of functioning of the mainstream media, guarantors of the economic and social order, there is kills, with the exception of rare voice, such ACRIMED. Such collusion may sometimes give rise to the caviardages and other censures. Thus, the managing editor of La Tribune, Xavier Pietri, redacted of La Tribune of September 4, 2006. It was indeed a photo of Ségolène Royal with the words ‘Royal in head on the economic and the social. Indeed, a poll by theCSA Institute commissioned by La Tribune showed that 54% of respondents trusted the Socialist candidate for what is covered by the economic and social life, compared to only 49% for theUMPcandidate. La Tribune is controlled by the LVMH group led by Bernard Arnault, boss very close to Nicolas Sarkozy, who witnessed his marriage with Cecilia in 1996. Similarly, the patron of the pole press LVMH is Nicolas Bazire, former Director of cabinet ofÉdouard Balladur at Matignon and old friend of Sarkozy2. Similarly, « patrons of left » such as Claude Perdriel or Pierre Bergé control titles corresponding to their ideology: le Nouvel Observateur, Le Monde,… and maintain close relations with left figures, such as Ségolène Royal and Bertrand Delanoë. [not neutral]

Since the audiovisual media have grown in importance, is a tension between more or less contradictory trends; a tendency to the external control (by the State, by a lobby by a financial group…), a trend in the internal regulation or self-regulation3, with legal frameworks or ethical charters and a tendency to free expression including the right cause and caricature4 .

Distribution network

The distribution of national newspapers is, in France, mainly provided by Presstalis and the Lyon news courier. Act Bichet (1947) guarantees any Publisher the opportunity to put his title on sale in all points of sale of the territory. But the economic balance of a press shop is hard to find. Sales volumes are falling, and close to 4 300 points of sale were closed in 2005, their total number falling to 29 2715 .

A parallel evolution: the « diversification » of the media

Related articles: social media and citizen journalism.

Some argue that as the phenomenon of media concentration hides a diversification, or even a profusion of media driven by the emergence ofInternet and other NICT (new information and communication technologies). Thus, the advent of web 2.0 has made possible the appropriation of the Internet users requiring less it skills, prompting the emergence of social media, that empower citizen journalism.

The most optimistic[who?] argue that this development rebalance information by widespread access to information, ideally of all for all, rather than decided by only the information professionals who could exercise a discreet censorship .

However, this point of view that says a certain «democratisation of media »does not mention number of characters in such »citizen journalism « . So, on rare occasions, it feeds the press itself: the blogosphere so functions more as a sounding board for some information rather than as a producer of original information. This ‘citizen journalism’ raises further the problems of verification and authentication information; of information processing (training of journalists and their constant respect news vigilance helps indeed put in context the facts circulated by the dispatches of Agency, or by adding some historical elements, either taking distance policy with regard to facts or assertive unilateral declarations – thus, some political regimes, the Venezuela ofHugo Chávez toIran )often face a hostile news agency covering glosses over some historical facts – in Venezuela, the historical role of theoligarchy and the absence of any agrarian reform; in Iran, the spacing of the moderate Ali Khamenei replaced by the ultra Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the thesis that might seem slightly adventurous that regime change would result in a change in Iranian energy policy – when well even the Iranian nuclear program would have driven under the shah with the help of the United States, historical fact stressing major regional power state continuity).

Finally, while the press is in crisis for several decades, and the emergence of NICT forced him to change his habits, can be considered paradox to speak of a « proliferation of citizen media’ at the same time where the press quality, opinion or not, is in danger. If we can rightly criticize the formation of a « caste » of journalists, as did for example François Ruffin in the small soldiers of journalism), as well as economic censorship sometimes engaged in securities held by major economic groups, it is no less that the information, understanding and analysis, remains a trade full time and money. In this regard, the troubles suffered tracks so-called minor national press, which ensure the diversity of information covering what is not always, is symptomatic of such a crisis of the citizen press. While the main titles in the national press – Le Figaro, Le Monde and Libération – received grants significant State in the title of the « modernization of the press » – What especially helped the World to finance its all new printing presses – the titles most minor such as France-Soir, L ‘ humanité and La Croix had no right to such manna. Also, these titles are mainly based on thesubscription.

The crisis of the press

There today, in the history of the media, for a share of the growing difficulties in the print media sector (France-Soir, Politis, release, Humanity, and even The world are all hexagonal logs having faced recurring cash – the strategy of The world economic and financial problems has also provided one of the main themes for the Face hidden from the world (2003) written by journalists Pierre Péan and Philippe Cohen ), which denounce inter alia a market.1 of editions of the Catholic life (which control including Télérama) by The world – via the La Vie – Le Monde group – as well as projects to launch a free daily – denied at the time by Jean-Marie Colombani, who argued inter alia that « there is no link between the freedom of journalists who can worry about, quite rightly.«, the development of the free press and a policy undertaking – in this case, our subsidiary of print» 6 .

The free press

In addition, it ignores the worrying development of the free press (Metro International, etc.) which is financed exclusively through advertising. The world itself has decided a free daily with the Group Vincent Bolloré (which launched in June 2006 Direct evening, and then « Direct morning ») – well he denounced ferociously, at the launch of the free daily of Metro France, the danger that such so-called serious7press press. Le Canard enchaîné remarked with irony in September 2006 that such free dailies had ceased to be published in the summer 2006, advertising lean times. Thus, the Israeli-Lebanese war was not held in Metro… According to a statement of June 2006 of theWorld Association of newspapers (WAN), 18.6 million copies of free newspapers have been disseminated in Europe in 2005. In Spain, the daily free press represents up to 51% of the market. They appeared in France in 2002: 20 minutes, controlled 50% by the Norwegian group Schibsted and the Group SIPA – West-France (via Sofiouest, 25%, and Spir Communication, 25%), as well as Metro, owned by Metro France , itself a subsidiary of the Swedish group Metro International (group Kinnevik) and TF1 (34%, controlled by Bouygues)8 .

The « blogosphere ».

Finally, this ‘citizen journalism’ is often reduced to a simple blogosphere, which itself receives its information from the daily press. This new media sphere works as well more as a resonance and commented on the daily news rather than actually producing information. The operation of an open publication such asIndymedia summits alter-globalists site is notable (temporary) exception to such a rule: thus, during events, Indymedia is succeeded on several occasions to effectively identify the number of arrests and possible injured, thus functioning as real self-managed news agency. On the other hand, such sites are based almost exclusively on trust, since verifiability criteria are not necessarily those in force in the « serious » press (which, by the case of Jayson Blair at the New York Times in articles of Judith Miller in the same great daily, which argued with force the misleading of the presence ofweapons of mass destruction in Iraq thesisis not always immune to disinformation).

Media regulation

Various means of control or regulation of the media have been implemented, different elon eras and countries.

Anti-trust laws for example were voted to the United States, or more or less complete and applied in some other countries.

Regulatory bodies exist at levels national (framed by national laws) and European (grouped in a platform of European regulatory bodies), which observe the media and analyze concentration phenomena and contribute directly (advice) or indirectly (reports, sleep…) in certain decision-making by the States or courts.

In the United Kingdom,impartiality imposed on news channels has for example been questioned in 20134. According to the House of Lords communications Committee (2013), the public is easily able to differentiate between products content of how impartial or partisan and ‘ it may soon be necessary to revise, or even to abandon altogether the requirements of impartiality to which are currently submitted news channels in the United Kingdom. ‘. Suggest news content by making impartiality and accuracy is a requirement which is imposed since the advent of broadcasting and contained far as well in theOfcombroadcasting Code, the UK regulator of communications, as in the Charter and the agreement of the BBC, specifically applicable to the public service broadcaster. This requirement is in sharp contrast with that relating to the written press, which is authorized to use a deliberately provocative, critical and partisan angle when dealing with policy issues or general interest »9,4 .


The issues include those of a homogenisation (sometimes referred to by single thought ) and a loss of the pluralism of information (which means bring a range of points of view and that person holds too muchinfluence open or hidden). Close issues are those of the transparency of information, or even independence from the policy, industry, advertising or certain lobbies.Other issues are the quality of public service information. The phenomenon of concentration in the media, as in the system-wide capitalist through competition and merger is old.

The festival of jazz of Amiens, it’s over

The festival of jazz of Amiens, it’s over

Published on 05/02/2015

Picard mail

There will be no 34th edition of the festival of jazz and other music. Main financier of the event which had profoundly reorganized its formula since 2011, Amiens Métropole decided to no longer subsidize. «Still a venue festive and cheerful, place of exchanges and meetings which disappears, say the organizers. The latest edition of the festival of jazz of Amiens was held in September 2014


Saleux in shock after the closure of Sapsa Bedding

The mattress Sapsa Bedding (ex-Pirelli), Saleux factory installed, has just closed its doors. In total, 143 people will be dismissed soon.

Lines drawn, all don’t really have the heart to smile this Tuesday, February 3 old school, rue Jean-Dr. Catelas, where they expect to meet in groups of 20 to 30, with representatives of Pôle Emploi. A few days ago the sky fell them on the head.

Sapsa Bedding, factory mattress in which they work for decades for the most part, will be wound up on 11 February. Without shouting, almost in anonymity, the matelassier closed its doors after 70 years of presence (under different names) in the commune.  » Seven years ago, it was difficult , » does not hide a 54 years old forklift driver, who has 30 years of House. Near him, a fellow confirms:  » suspected for some time. » 44 years old, he spent 23 years on the site saleusien and lift eyes to heaven when asked what the future.

Despite the trouble and pain felt, the now « ex-Sapsa Bedding » does warn not less their dignity to the image of Jean-Guy, 25 years of box. Transport Manager, it evokes with nostalgia the past glory of the factory which employed 300 people four years ago (1000 in the years 1970 if one may believe Jean-Marie, a ‘old’ of Saleux crossed in the Bacchus bar-tobacco).  » Factory was a real factory of bedding. « Here, produced in polyester, latex and even Springs mattresses when we close the Sealy American « , recalls Jean-Guy.

Sense of mess

A versatile plant capable of adapting to the market, as well high of than low-end range. And with many strings to his bow since it manufactured also with box springs or mattress covers. All assets that have long made the difference against competitors (Dunlopillo, Epeda, etc.). The European market leader on the latex with a (innovative) production block in continuously, the plant was even approached to a juicy contract with United Arab Emirates on the high-end.

Then why this sense of mess that hovers in the sky saleusien? « Is there because of the bad economy but not only, attempts to explain Jean-Guy. Our partnership with Cauval(number one bedding french)did not have the expected effects. And above all, it was blocked by the Treasury. The liabilities of the company was too large. « Fourteen million euros to date according to our information, which would explain why the two prospective purchasers (Tempur, then the South African Steinhoff) threw the sponge.

In the village, we look for answers and many wonder how the plant could go into debt to this level in as little time. It is a problem of poor management, considers an employee. Why have kept the seat which is in the midst of the Opera district in Paris and that costs a fortune? And why not have reacted sooner?»

Despite the difficulties, it has always kept a glimmer of hope because there is a true know-how here and good machines, « said Sebastian, young assistant-logistics. People have always been mobilized. The transition period will be difficult now. Find a job, it’s complicated it today. »

Rest to know what will become the industrial wasteland. Machines will be sold at auction by the liquidator? Questions without answers today. In the front line in this folder, Mayor Ernest Candela already assured that taxes would not increase despite the loss of profits relating to the closure of the site. Marked, the municipality will strive to heal its wounds knowing that one is living a hundred employees. The shops are worried too, aware that they will probably be impacted.

I’m thinking about the percentage of SDFs, seen elsewhere on this curve in this linkdetailed analysis of American unemployment (1) 0764 – Olivier Berruyer

Then I makes me realize that poverty, which moved to start of course with black cities, DETROIT, which, despite the fact that she was hyper populated to a millions of people moment1.5, but it was time for the ford T, which saw the light of day in 1908, however now DETROIT is no longer the same, even if between MOTOWN and cars was what to do , not at the same time, as if the ford T has started its production in 1908, motown TAMIArecord began in 1959, and small small detroit DETROIT is empty, it is true that Americans in general, were not pampered to them by events, 29 August 2005 KATRINA Hurricane this crisis to began in 2006avec the crash of real estate loans , crisis of sub-prime mortgage l fall 2008, MADOFF, 12 December 2008, and recently the riots of Ferguson,(st louis), cities a majority black, the cops in new york are turning their backs to their Mayor during the funeral of 2 police officers killed in NEW YORK BLASIO BILL is no longer recognized, as someone, who can placated the spirits, but instead to air a policy of racism and fear which the cops (police) do not have desires to be the scapegoats goat, understandably, because for the most part, already, if your colleague is Chinese and the other is black you don’t have choice requires work, therefore, somewhere, racism is relatively badly in point well, one wonders, when even if all this, aside from Katarina, but the rest was not orchestrated, let’s say the events are relatively close together, finally, I could be wrong?

« It is where our America? »

Barack Obama has finally to begin his re-election campaign on the ground. In Ohio, a State key in order to remain at the White House. The president must defend its balance sheet in the economic crisis.

Helen Schewe is a very dignified Lady. It is as if. As if it should never have been there. In the waiting room of a pharmacy of the association Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in Cincinnati. As if she was passing, that life, his life, could finally resume a normal course. To watch TV, gardening, do crossword puzzles, perhaps. This is what it should have aged 69. Slowly, up to the end. « But God had other projects. »

Sixth in the « Top Ten » of the poorest cities

Yes, God is shown without thanks. And the life of Helen rocked. Helen, the daughter of a blue-collar, a dad who was working in the chain of painting at General Motors, and who has finished co-Chairman of the Union of workers of the automotive industry of Ohio. A true daughter of the American dream, which was nearly ending up on the street. « Three years ago, my husband fell ill. It was still of working age. It was necessary to choose: keep the House or pay for medical insurance. « It has sold, of course, over small, and today, voilà me, at Saint-Vincent de Paul, to ask for help. » The economic crisis that devours America since 2008 no end to victims in Cincinnati.

George Clooney made a quick stay. His father, journalist Nick Clooney, lives there still. The very Republican John Boehner, Chairman of the House of representatives, and Rob Portman, tipped to become the potential vice-president of Mitt Romney, is elected domicile. Cincinnati, located on the right bank of the Ohio, therefore, it also has, his VIP. Long, it has even prided itself for being a great pioneer. First Jewish Hospital, first skyscraper in reinforced concrete, first paid, first baseball team line railway… Churchill considered « the most beautiful city in the Interior of America ». Today, the beautiful postcard image is no longer that of papier-mâché. Now ranked sixth in the « Top Ten » of the poorest cities in the United States, the bordering city of the State of Kentucky has just release a new and sinister medal that places to the third rank of another national leaderboard.

Now, 40% of the children of the city live below the poverty line. « There is an explosion of poverty, says Josh Spring, Director of the charity Homeless Coalition, and which translates by more and more people in the street. » Novelty, it is that it is only of drugs or bums, ‘classical’ categories, but exists among ordinary people and even entire families homeless. » To Mark Curnutte, reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, the city is hardened. « It is a medium-sized agglomeration, where people have always demonstrated a kind of a little naive kindness. Today, with the crisis, Cincinnati perfectly symbolizes the tensions found at national level, between the rich and the poor, between whites and blacks and so on. « Result, people have more fear and close to each other. »

The poor are pushed back, away from the gaze of the people

So there was a before and an after. Psychotherapist in retirement, Ron Urdell, who refuses to leave the African American neighborhood where they are now two whites to live there again, recalled with evident nostalgia. « We had a real public service but now everything, it is finished. Policies that have that word there mouth: economic crisis! But they do not know what they are talking, they are virtual. You must live here to see specifically what that means. » For him, capitalism is in the trap. « Mitt Romney keep talking about the return of the Great America, but she never existed, this great American? » For Gary it is no doubt, the Great America, he has known it. He was 15 years old in the 1970s when it had started in professional life as an employee in the room service of the Hilton hotel in Cincinnati. The building of the palace is impressive with its art deco black and white marble staircase. At any time, is expected to see down the gangsters Al Capone and Meyer Lansky. A five other stars, then yet another, drugs, the poor are pushed back, away from the eyes of people who have money.

Today, two luxury brands came to set up (is there ever one) and a major American Bank has generated a few jobs. So much for the varnish surface. « In fact, it is almost a kind of social cleansing that is taking place, continues Josh Spring. » What now wants the municipality, it is attracting a younger demographic and who no longer wants to live in the suburbs, because the price of gasoline. » This is not Gary that say the opposite. Today, it comes by bus from West Hills, suburbs of the middle class, the price of a gallon of gasoline has increased by almost 75 percent since the election of Obama. He still works at the heart of this magic square, in one of the four upscale hotels. But the disaster is passed by there. Last December, he is thanked as pretty much everyone in the grand hotel where he always is room service. At age 56, he found out. There, as Helen septuagenarian, the same reflex: it is addressed to the Church not far from his home. It is their social assistance service that will save him, too, put it back on foot before the ouster, before Street. The season is back. The hotel has rehired. Two hundred and fifty dollars per month for 35 hours per week for a position of doorman. A rent of $ 340. « You call that a life? » « I do not understand, I did everything as it was, I’ve never stopped working, it is where our America? »

In Cincinnati, 200% of homeless and more

Well, the drama is there. With this generation of baby boomers of the 1950s and 1960s who played the game of the great American dream, which bled to send their children to University. These same children who were so hard to find a job since 2008. If we still believe in Josh Spring, there would be 15 years an increase of 200% homeless, in Cincinnati. It is same 42% among children, according to figures from the Ministry of Education. « We are on the frontline since the beginning of the crisis, » confirms Liz Carter, executive Director of Saint-Vincent de Paul. It is a tidal wave for the middle class. If this continues, it will disappear. »

Precisely, this morning, Helen Schewe awaits wisely on his chair. Helen has the number 22. « Saint-Vincent, it is far from where I live, but this pharmacy has saved me life, because it is the only way to get insulin including my husband needs. » And to be very small, to forget or to forget that she finds herself in a position of begging. Liz Carter confirms. « In middle-class neighborhoods, we live very badly this sudden precariousness and people therefore tend to isolate themselves, to withdraw. » Before the magnitude of the phenomenon, Saint-Vincent is adapted by putting in place a new structure, composed of volunteers who go directly to the people. « We want them to understand that it should not be ashamed of, that it is better to call for help, before being expelled. »

The ouster, precisely, Jlynas Haney and his five boys could not avoid it. And it is there, this Thursday, big and Nice, with an overwhelming kindness. Monday, the owner came in the kind of slum occupied (it has yet a work of computer scientist) and the put out. The case lasted only a few hours, barely. There has been an uncle who wanted to welcome him, but the operation failed. Then, she also thought about the Church. This will be St. Joseph, with a House that is home to the families for a maximum of 90 days. What is return. Four of his boys come into the room. Shy then emboldened, they talk about what they will do great. They have full head of projects. They show their designs, drawn in pencil, and damn good superhero. There are teddy bears on a shelf. The four kids seize. One comforting the other dresses, one whispers, the other rocks. The mother look, dumbfounded, worried, helpless. The largest is 15 years, the youngest is 10 years old. Their life has stopped

‘Swing state’, operating instructions

The Ohio is one of the four swing states major in the race for the White House. These States are historically neither Democrat nor Republican. Two of them are must-haves: Florida and Ohio. Not an American president arrived in the supreme function without have carried Ohio, 12 million people, the blue-collar territory, by excellence. In 2004, Democrat John Kerry had not won against George W. Bush and this was accentuated as much his defeat. In 1992, then for his re-election in 1996 Bill Clinton had ploughed this State successfully. His wife Hillary had hardly done differently during his campaign of the primaries in 2008 against the young candidate Obama to end up falling behind by 10 points. The latter, who eventually won the Democratic nomination, had in turn dominated the Republican McCain in Ohio. For there re-engage the electorate for the 2012 presidential election, he did open more than 40 campaign through statewide offices. The outgoing president has just completed a bus tour of two days in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He focused this pre-campaign on job creation in the region sharply affected by the economic crisis. It is in this context that he harshly attacked his rival Mitt Romney, who avails himself yet from a past of businessman. « The experience of Governor Romney has been owning companies referred to as pioneers in outsourcing of jobs. My experience is to have saved the U.S. automotive industry. » The average of recent polls in Ohio gives 2.5 points ahead of Obama on Romney in Ohio. Battery in the margin of error. In other words, the two men are elbow to elbow. K.L


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