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Bonjou at all

I noticed that in the world, especially in France, exactly from that some french like me and others of real French… what!, because one knows « all that the habit does not the monk, therefore, that certain french realized from the Jewish – Masonic scam, it turns out, as by chance, that it is at this time T, that full thing full events arrived, the bombing of the Jewish Museum, nehmmouche, case Fillon Jouyet, bad GAG of Sarkozy with JUPPE, JUPPE verbal linchage, cyber attack the UMP, OH!SHIT, then, Secretary, Sarkozy’s Election Vote, before LEMAIRE 60%, 30%, 30% gap, P-T-N, ca, it is what we call, a slap, short, CHARLIE HEBDO,assassination of our designers Tignous, Cabu, Chakrapani, Wolinski and all the other victims, the MANIFESTATION, the brothers Kaye, the kosher supermarket has Leon Chua (super HYPERCASHER market) to the 20janv,markets Denoël attacksorry to not give dates, but, frankly, the timeline is not far away, this is to tell you all, sincerely, it makes much,5supermarket, there is much

attack charlie hebdo (info) or (hoax) kosher store… he shouted ALLAHU AKBAR, and a COP hears, so that the windows of (the white van) vehicles are closed, too loud!, I have a friend, who told me that Chung was handcuffed, but, I agree, I always had a doubt, now, I have more, even

buddy told me, they did a carton, on the Church, how call t – on that, that one has the AK47 in shoulder, at the rear, even, if the issuer of the video, has a problem, I would be supportive of this person and all those who will attest on their honour, what they l ‘ have seen.

I would like to say that these remarks are very far from devoid of common sense

Attack in Charlie Hebdo: disturbing images (A who… )He picks up a pump (shoe) on the ground, found the identity card of a so-called terrorist, as September 11, we found an identity card, everything is picnicking, from among picnicking, y has more than one heap of Earth before either, and, coincidentally, found a catre of identity, she is all alone there, she awaits.MMMmmmouai not blood,.

A few oddities about the bombing of the market of…

ATTACK KARACHI: Know the truth

Do not forget OH no, are you not forget

Microcredit – Wikipedia, what, PLANETFINANCES, of ATTALI

Microfinance is the supply of financial services to the poorest, excluded from the banking system, to enable them to develop a revenue generating activity and access to education and health.

http://www.OECD.org/ fr/economie/39669342.pdf


the Nobel Peace Prize awarded jointly to the Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus and the Bank he founded, Grameen Bank . done, PLANETFINANCES, of ATTALI.

The new scale 2015 2014 income tax

January 2015

The new schedule of 2015 2014 income tax depends on both slices the haircut and the ceiling of the family income taxation. These computing elements are fixed by the finance law for 2015 which was adopted by the Parliament.
•Scale 2015
•Tax brackets 2015
•Discount 2015
•Ceiling of the family quotient
•The consequences
◦First instalment
◦Reduction of the first threshold
•Who earns how much
◦Reform of the scale

Scale 2015

The 2015 2014 income tax schedule is supposed to take account of inflation. But in this period of price stagnation, tax brackets 2015 defined by finance 2015 Act have been increased by 0.5%.

The Government has also decided to delete the first tax bracket and lowering the threshold of the second current instalment. Which yields the following scale :

Tax brackets 2015
•Up to 9 690: 0%
•9 691 26 764: 14.00%
•of 26 765-71 754: 30.00%
•71 755 151 956: 41.00%
•beyond 151 956: 45%

you do not see a trick, that me is obvious to me, but to you, that, should do you such,(je sais,certains, vont,me dire,OUI, MAIS CA, TOUJOURS ETE COMME CA,) AH, BEN, it may be time to change, because more, earns less, you pay, it’s not what I call logic

To calculate the amount of tax 2015, should therefore apply each rate to each slice and combine the sums thus obtained. You can also use the tax simulation tools available on the web.

Discount 2015

Recall that after an increase of 9% in 2013, 2014 Finance Act has increased the tax discount from € 480 to € 508. This 5% increase has benefited low-income households: approximately 7 million taxpayers, the gross tax not exceeding 1016 euros.

For 2015, the Government introduces a new boost and introduced a novelty with a « spousal » haircut. The expected discount is:
•1 €135 for a single person;
•1 €870 for a couple with or without children.

But its application mode is changed: see Application of the discount

The advice from Eric Roig, founding Director of law – finance .net,

The shameful suggestion of Jacques Attali about Gaza…

He was born with his twin Bernard Attali in Algiers Algeria Jewish family Jewish economy

http://www.OECD.org/ fr/economie/39669342.pdf


Microcredit – Wikipedia

Microfinance is the supply of financial services to the poorest, excluded from the banking system, to enable them to develop a revenue generating activity and access to education and health.

the Nobel Peace Prize awarded jointly to Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus and the Bank he founded, Grameen Bank.

Manuel Valls, ties with Israel and the Jews of France placed at the forefront of the Republic

in politics, Retrospective / by Pierre-Alain Depauw / on 9 April 2014 at 14 h 33 min.

To understand the new Prime Minister, it is useful to know some of its real priorities. Let us review a few specific facts.

1St November 2010, Manuel Valls co-signed a forum entitled  » the Israel boycott is a weapon unworthy  » published by the newspaper Le Monde.

June 17, 2011, at a Jewish community centre in Strasbourg, Manuel Valls said: « by my wife, I am eternal bound to the Jewish community and Israel.  » When even! ».

September 25, 2011, Europe1, Manuel Valls opposes the recognition of Palestine by the United Nations which could  » steer Israel « , he said.

March 18, 2012, Manuel Valls attend in the company of Jean-François Copé and Claude Gueant, the first Congress of Jewish communities in France. In his speech, Manuel Valls talks about the family of his wife who fled Moldavia, as well as of the ‘ attachment to the land « of Israel, » spiritual home for Jews from around the world « . ».

April 3, 2012, at the Maison de la Mutualité, Manuel Valls signed the  » Covenant of the friends of Israel ».

May 22, 2012, at the dinner of the CRIF-PACA, Minister Manuel Valls welcomes  » symbiosis between the Republic and the french Judaism  » and denounced  » the anti-Zionism of facade . ».

July 22, 2012, during the inauguration of the Avenue of the righteous in Strasbourg, Manuel Valls is committed to ‘ fight the anti-Zionism, this anti-Zionism aimed at denying Israel ‘ and proclaims be  » proud to be part of a Government that wants to build a friendship with Israel . » ».

September 23, 2012, on the occasion of the Jewish new year, and then that there is a controversy over religious symbols be tolerated or not, Manuel Valls said that  » the Jews of France can wear with pride their Kippah . ».

September 27, 2012, the leaders of the Simon Wisenthal Centre welcome how Manuel Valls provides ‘ defence of the French Jewish community . ».

In October 2012, Manuel Valls gave an interview to Jewish Information.He said: ‘ La France has an undeniable Jewish part ‘. ».

November 28, 2012, Gala Radio J support, first radio of the Jewish community in France, Manuel Valls – which is  » guest of honour  » – gave a speech before 400 guests. The speech is 13 minutes. It pays tribute to the few imams present in the room (including Hassen Chalghoumi) and is guilty of a slip of the tongue that causes the hilarity of the room as « rabbis » and not « imams ». But what you will remember this speech, is that Manuel Valls declared himself  » absolutely committed to Israel . ».

January 31, 2013, Manuel Valls participates in dinner of the CRIF Rhône-Alpes in the salons of the Casino de Charbonnières. During his speech, Manuel Valls said that  » France without the Jewish French would not France . »».

June 28, 2013, during a stay in New York, Manuel Valls will greet « privately » the leadership of theAmerican Jewish Committee (AJC).

August 23, 2013, during the summer of the PS in La Rochelle University, Manuel Valls takes vindictive remarks against « extreme right », quoting opponents of the Act Taubira, FN, Alain Soral and comedian Dieudonné.

September 21, 2013, during an official visit in Aveyron for the inauguration of the new parc des sports in Millau, Manuel Valls can be photographed surrounded by young people in position quenelle.

February 27, 2014, Manuel Valls was the guest of honour at the dinner of the CRIF Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées. Dinner under high police protection which was Roger Cukierman, national president of the CRIF. In the speech that he delivered this day, Manuel Valls said:  » La France has an undeniable Jewish part. Without the Jewish French, this country that we love, the France, would quite the France. ‘ ‘ Manuel Valls said: « (,) here, in this land of France, Judaism has found deep roots. ». Jewish and French: one does not go without the other. And the CRIF (…) is one of the strong symbols. « » Finally, Manuel Valls addresses his obsessions: ‘ If I called to a burst of the Republicans against the tour’s hatred of Dieudonné M’bala Bala me, is because I felt like the President of the Republic, that something fundamental was playing; that are attacked to the essential principles of our Republic. It was therefore necessary to put a stop to this mechanical reviving old stinking hints: hatred of Jews, Freemasons, homosexuals,…» .

March 19, 2014, on the basis of a « demonstration against anti-Semitism » at the Trocadero, Manuel Valls made a speech in which he said:  » the Jews in France are more than ever the French at the forefront of the Republic « . He adds:  » Jews of France, without you, the France is no longer the France! .»

April 1, 2014, the World Jewish Congress met the day before in Paris since ‘ new Prime Minister Manuel Valls praised « in an unusual press release published by the Jerusalem Post. Among the participants at this meeting to World Jewish Congress Paris: David de Rothschild, Roger Cukierman (president of the CRIF) and Jacques Attali.

On April 4, 2014, The Jerusalem Post published an enthusiastic article about Manuel Valls,  » atypical french Premier who fights anti-Semitism».

On April 7, 2014, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (agency community press founded in New York in 1917) devotes the site Manuel Valls and the ‘solidarity’ expressed by the new french Premier to Israel and the Jewish community. When questioned by the media, Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, said the Jewish French  » are lucky to have a leadership that is perfectly aware of the needs of the community . »».

Piketty, a phenomenon in Japan where his discourse on inequality is fly

At the top of sales in bookstores tokyoites, « Capital in the 21st century », imposing work of the french Economist Thomas Piketty, excites an exceptional curiosity at the Japan where inequalities are increasing dangerously.
With its 760 pages and priced at 5,940 yen (45 euros), this pad of a mugged which Japanese experts greet « scholarship despite the youth » is even a topic of discussion at the Japanese Parliament , at the same time as the theme of several books extension.

Him, it is an ECONOMIST, NON , like this Economist Nick, for ATTALI, with its PLANET FINANCE which, under the guise of working for poverty, work for israel, known aptly to save the French economy for now, the global economy, once, as there is one (1) which take place properly, others will no longer have that has follow, because the choice is simple, free, or being chained, should go to, I do Sachdeva, but I know that jobs of the future, with new energy and the 11 km² of coastline there, frankly what to do, and tier mondisé France, as some want to make

Thomas Piketty, Thomas Philippon, Hélène Rey, Xavier Gabaix, and others, sincerely the French and world youth is capable and not inbus from it, even though I speak for one of them, I think that others are too, because when we refused the Légion d’honneur, it is estimated, not earn somewhere, even, if, on the contrary, we deserve and more early twice aIt’s this kind of arrogance, that drowns us, and sincerely, I believe more sharpened than their elders and purposes

« Introduction to Piketty for Japanese » Nonuo Ikeda thus claims to make « understanding the main points in 60 minutes ». Released December 25, it is already the 5th draw almost as much as his rival « Initiation to Piketty », by Mieko Takenobu (7th Edition).
Everyone seems interested in Piketty to seen live answer Friday to Internet users in a special program of the popular site Nico Nico video.
It must be said that the million copies of ‘Capital in the 21st century’ sold worldwide, more than 130,000 were in Japan in less than two months.

-A keypad in the garden of Abe-

Mr. Piketty spent four days in the archipelago where he was received as an American star. Between a conference at the prestigious University of Tokyo (Todai) and an autograph session at Maruzen (Tokyo immense library), the brilliant French, who recently refused the Légion d’honneur, has continued to fuel the Chronicle.
It is that Mr. Piketty, harassed by questions about the « abenomics », has finished nolens volens by criticizing economic and fiscal Premier Shinzo Abe’s policy.
« As much as I can judge, the increase in VAT reached last year at the Japan was not a success in terms of growth and I am not sure that is the right direction to follow », he said.
Mr. Abe does not ignore the popularity of Mr. Piketty and the Asahi Shimbun even as it titillerait a bit. But instead of countering the theses of the Economist that he summarized his advisers, he strives to look for commonalities.
« Even Mr. Piketty does not deny the importance of economic growth. « What is important is the way in which the fruits of a growing firm are redistributed », insisted the head of Government Thursday during a debate in the lower House budget Committee.

-An analysis that the Japanese were waiting-

It prevents, main opposition formation, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the press on the same side of centre-left are given some to heart joy.
After a page complete in December, the Asahi Shimbun has yet devoted half a page to nobelisable Piketty Tuesday and several other items just before.
As the leaders of the DPJ, they are proud to have met the man in person Friday.
They were especially pleased that the French may abound in the direction of the president of the party, Katsuya Okada, for whom « the Japan is no longer the 100 millions of middle-class society ».
« Indeed, the share of income of rich increases, certainly not at the level of the United States but more than in Europe, and it is not worth the wait that it is worse to begin to bother », stressed Mr. Piketty Saturday.
« It is precisely because approximates the Japan United States the book of Piketty interested both here », analyzes Yukifumi Takeuchi, Professor at the Centre of Asian studies of a University of Gifu.
« Not to mention that the Japanese respect admiringly french scholars, it is a good populariser whose discourse very human and rather easy to understand challenges », says this sociologist.
In a Japan dominated by the Conservative Party of Mr. Abe who hammers that « abenomics are the only way » by relying on the support of the population, albeit obtained by default at the legislative elections of December, many welcomed the book of Thomas Piketty arrives in counter-point to wake up asleep on inequality and poverty debate.

Thomas Piketty: « concerned the return of inequalities in the United States.

Hey, one wonders, why,

It’s not ATTALI, I heard tell, it is a balance of power

Health care Act: the patient’s body no longer belongs to himself but to the State

Author: the right in advance . Publisher: Walt | Tuesday, 03 Feb. 2015 – 11 h 31

Benjamin Giami, Deputy Mayor UMP of Aulnay-sous-Bois and Dr. Pierre Fouquet, both members of ‘The right of advance’ current, severely judge Bill carried by Marisol Touraine.

Passed in the State, Act health carried by Marisol Touraine permanently change the report of health with the French.

There where before the State had that right to assessment, it enshrines an enforceable right illusory health making unavoidable the State management of the risk and the consequences of the disease. Health becoming a sovereign function of the State, three consequences will emerge: the subjugation of health professionals the financier via the direct payment General (GPT), the threat of breach of medical confidentiality of insured persons and the acceleration of the privatization of the care system.

Enforceable against the health law will require patient care defined by regional health agencies (ARS) course. There will be neither the possibility of choosing her practitioner, nor his place of hospitalization (public or private).

A law that threatens the confidentiality

If he wants to be reimbursed, the patient will have to accept that its medical and administrative data (social) are integrated in the universal folder National Medical sharing (DPM). DMP searchable only by the physician to whom he gives his agreement, but across the chain of care until the administrative employees of the ARS and insurers naturally involved in the development of this database that is actually threatening the permanence of medical confidentiality.

Where the doctor already agrees to the waiver in advance of the charge for the 14 million insured persons in France (soul, CMU, ACS), the law proposes to generalize its practice by extending it to 400 mutuals of the territory: this cash advance will benefit payers institutional, namely social security and complementary, in Exchange for administrative constraints impossible to assume for the doctor. She definitively undermine the independence of liberal doctors – that honour yet 99% of the territorial coverage of care – for the benefit of forced centralization, economy of scale streamlined by establishing networks of care insurance limiting term mobility of the patient.

An innovate crawling the SECU

In conjunction with the announced death of liberal medicine denounced by the French Union for a free medicine, the generalization of the direct payment will make invisible the sliding of the compulsory part of the social security (part AMO: 70% of the care) to the supplementary part (part AMC: 30% of care). The complementary part happen progressively from 30% to 50%, 60%… in favour of a rampant rebate of social security (70%, then 50%, 40%) making it impossible to pay the rest to load by the patient who cotiserait only for social security. The patient will therefore pay twice for care: once for social security, and a second time for the complementary health. These last being made mandatory for employees, always more expensive and capped by law guarantees LEROUX of 2014 that appropriately limit reimbursement of additional health given to the patient.

Thus the apparent social need for free care will just be a smoke screen intended to operate a financial transaction of a solidarity-based system to a system insurance, access differentiated care, classically known as « medicine multi-speed. » It is the result of a long romance between the PS and the Mutualité française consecrated October 20, 2012 by François Holland and Marisol Touraine speech on the 40th anniversary of the Mutualité française

« Every doctor will be dictating its way to treat via regional health agencies.

While the rest dependent per patient in France is the lesser of the OECD and the cheaper the consultation/GDP per capita in the world (0.07% in France compared with 0.2% in Europe), the health law will allow the additional health to carry out a hostile takeover across the professions which cannot exist initially because of State subsidies. Degressive subsidies proposed by the national objective of expenditure of health insurance (ONDAM) imposing term closure of generalist firms of proximity and the purchase of larger structures have become deficit (home health, clinical by complementary health) and the major french distribution groups!

Thus each physician will be dictating its way to treat via the ARS and under condition of mutual reimbursement on the basis of the resources of each. There are more individualized medicine and patient – become a client – will become a balance sheet line treated by protocols of care written in advance. Eventually, there will be more medical expertise to treat, or to denounce the future health scandals, because the essence of health law is the body of the individual no longer belongs to himself but to the State.

Noting, that since 40 years, our society has not stopped to sink, losing its identity and French identity, in this case, but this is valid for all countries, respect for the other, freedom, (freedom of one, stops or the other starts), led our country, and our country, the France and thought they were seniorWhile in fact, they did the work, the more mediocre, which may exist, of course, I am referring to the franc Masons when they were in Government under NAPOLEON III, I believe, these people were free, free to make their obedience, free to be free to exercise, finally, free Government… what! What makes me laugh these that those folks talking about freedom of EXPRESSION has a show in the USA, CNN, FOX NEWS, and the CSA in France DIEUDONNE, SORAL KEMI, SEBA, and others, and of liberty equality FRATERNITY (for them, Yes! for us, they have nothing to fuck, with either them saying, union Européenne (MDR), what they want these our tunes) (, our money, our money, our money,) say, now since 40 pins (, and it still is crap,) they are the Government, they want to enslave us, yes I did say enslave with their tax, tax, csg, rds… etc, during this time, there are people, who bossent, which rise, who works them. Moreover, sarkozy, devedjean, bertrand, aren’t genees to pass the law of 2005, as the Treaty of rome, a work of Trickster, kind, on the passingpolar night, or, pedant holidays, and she is beautiful case!

I’m atheist for different reasons, but P-T-N, we can say what we want, I never felt as free as in Catholicism, (at school), if I wanted to believe, you can’t find that, I’ll put do so, long ago already!, but P-T-N never, same, if ca dislike to some, it is true, that whenI was a kid, I acknowledge, have I followed my secondary studies during 5 ans(j’ai redoublé ma seconde) in Catholic priest, I know not even how much they were, Jesuit, I believe, I me reminder, simply of a Surge (supervisor) who, whenever they returned to court, it stood in a row and it was the turn of 3 or 4 rows , and, we heard, and believed me, it was intended, « I want to see no hand of Fatma, David Cross and Crucifix, you store me it under your tee shirt and quickly, if I see one, it is 3 h (and 3 h glue), when you live in PARIS, that go, your parents, can resume you Saturday, me go it, but believed me for other provinces, it meant staying the whole weekend (and stay 2 weeks, that delight people) while, told you to put away your cross, crucifix, and hand of fatma, eh Ben you did, I’m an atheist, not practicing Catholic, and certainly not Freemason
Langue source

, l’ attentat de le Musé JUIF ,nehmmouche, Affaire Fillon Jouyet,Mauvais GAG de Sarkozy avec JUPPE,linchage verbale de JUPPE,


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