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Putin isn’t certe an Angel, but, in any case, I know, that he does not like fascism, and ask all this is Ukrainian soldiers who made themselves, stop, because ‘ he did not want to draw on their (the Ukrainian people) like stop and shoot them according to a recent law (1 month, approximately) I believe that this is ca

Wind group, or assembled people against the nuisance of wind turbines, many people, is rise, and rise their shields, because under the famous pretext of well know the Deputy Prefect, and / or, the Chairman of Board foods of X, (passing, it will takes a dkpande of 100 to 200 €000) and the pretext puan and purely venal, yeah, but it is eco-friendly , is the only word in « ique » they know, photovoltaic it ‘ique’, it also puts between order 5 boards and 5 turbines, I preferred order 5 wind, either 1 turbine the price of a wind turbine offshor varies from 2 to 4 million euros per installed MW, I in take, 5x3millions = 15 million €, if I’m not greedy, go 10%,soit1.5million€, BEN… what! I serves me , M2 of solar panel cost is on average €1000., not interesting,Roger, you’re nice, you say at p’tite Lady, I take him his terrain(,puisqu’on a fait les essais depuis,plus d’un an) pour40 000, oo € and generous chuis, go 45 €000,00 it is good, because we did the tests, and that you’ve done for me , but, after I can have, you take me to the throat NON, but frankly gentlemen ladies, no. how, too much to say. !!!

The sting of the wind: the looting of France. – synthesis – Polemia Ruinous for the nation, but extremely useful in number of interest specific, disastrous for the trade balance, destroyer of our landscapes, not even likely to reduce CO2 emissions, generally built only on the falsehoods, sterilizer of any genuine progress, the massive development of wind energy in France is a scandal of anthology. By Jean Germain, Senator (PS) of Indre-et-Loire and Vice-Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee .

What is this bullshit, that is saying it must give fesser, decidedly, bruxelle, know more what to do to piss us off, you worry, you will not make us, Le, long, is that, I ask you, if you piss right

The trawler Bugaled breizh , underwater, or, not, GaG, I told GAG, bad, but GAG, because it knows who are the perpetrators,(pourquoi,vous allez me dire,les 2 sous marins étaient qui ont peut être percutés le chalut,et pris les filins (–traces découvertes) in the area, and apparently the 2 submarines, allegedly suffered damage, which was repaired, as soon as the accident at took place) , is may be 1 zazard, but in 40 years of the zazards there was in, who believe they were supposedly more, but so, unfortunately, it is proven, you were aware, beware because, when is is ra in broad daylight, it if ra too late, it is known that at least 2 submarines are involved, what hurts, gentlemen ladies, the Dutch (es) , and the royal navy, it is that a maritime accident, it happens, and especially at sea, sailors do not contradict, but, that is P-T-N years, closing his mouth and that is fear of confessed a crime, which has been perpetrates all shots, known by whom, because in 10 years, does me said not that you haven’t had time if each returns the BBfor a history of big money, insurance or otherwise, but that said if that’s it, you was not surprising we hear from very Afar, critics, I hope, sincerely, that counsel for the civil party, who rejected the appeal for non-place order in 2014, does live this and even otherwise, the plight of this family.

What is hilarious, but frankly is it pissing, it is more than a year, (I don’t remember), but long, what are their (Holland, valls) require clear, because they represent us, and not only, those are really stupid and stubborn, and Moreover, I do not know where these stinky ideas come from if it’s Brussels, Valls or ‘ Holland for the latter, it would surprise me!(with the IQ of a goat, it is more hard one feels that these ideas come from brains sick, schizoparnoiapschomaconnique, if these gentlemen/ladies or ladies quite simply, in short, I know most think destroy the France by exploiting the French, as they have done for 40 years, they are gourrent, however, laughs, who laughs last.)Then, feeling increasingly cornered, (okay, I wrote it well) I realize, that,No, only abrutir our kids with cannabis and other , not have enough

Not , bombarded and kill Muslims (GAZA),humiliated Muslims (NOT IN MY NAME) and recently(218 million for crimes having been committed between 2001 and 2006, I think, I’m not on,)deceived the whole world(with EI and BOKO HARAM among others)they want again that Muslims take the cabbage with the french, for the history of the veil, which is not a, knowing that the France is confessions Catholics since + could, but knowing that the French, like that of Belgium government , except the King, may be is FRANC MACON, the fact that Muslims and Catholics tap on the gules arrange their history like this, they will rid of Muslims vouchers for, and cathos, idem, she is not beautiful case, 2 for the price of one, and like this also, we can always say that the wars they want, long, déjà(Rappelez vous les mots de Eric ZEMMOUR,je ne m’en rappelle plus textuellement, mais c’est un peu,comme cela  »,c’est une guerre civile larvée »,Valls et BRUXELLE, (BRUXELLE))as she sees it, will be the left, BOUUUUHHHH, BOUBOU, BOUBOU, SNIFFF, shit…FULL the PIF, I’d be the Greece and Portugal, and the other, I would do the same, there is a proverb that says, I do not know if it is french, but, regardless, he said,better be alone sometimes, than poorly accompanied

Gentlemen ladies, the masons francs, I am sure that among you there are sincere people and excellent in your field, lie, is their bottom of trade and this is what they do unfortunately, even and especially to you, I am sure, there are people, who express because has lied, you work in a Bank, because you were computer scientist, or, engineer, graduates of a high school, in short, you representiez an interest., but it’s all know just one thing, if this shit, it is you, whatever you do, it will be your fault, on the other hand, if everything runs smoothly, it is thanks to them,


The Rothschild Manifesto – circa 1840? | 2012: What’s the… to translate into the language of SENCO

1. the law is FORCE disguised right of use. (Law, codes, regulations)

2. policy freedom is an idea, not a fact and is only an illusion and distraction.

3. use ‘Liberalism’ control through « GRADUALISM » through ‘education ‘. (OBE)

4. Governments must be destroyed by either external (war) or internal (liberalism and corruption).

Sincerely, your small meanness manigance, beasts, and evil, were quite last, you know full well that lying to the population, through deputies, as you did, and as you and certainly your close also EH yeah, gentlemen ladies, it is a disease, the MYTHOMANIA (excessive lying is commonly seen in patients with mental disorders. Individuals with antisocial personality disorder., therefore, avail of MEPs, who have seen in your game, because using the 459.3, you know full well, that if you did this, this, meant than ¾, see, all except 2, or 3),(je crois que vous étiez 3) were against you, that is, quevous summers

far from representing the France.

AH, seeing, that he (Valls) is grilled, archie, he wants, paste us the leche pump first, I said, I said CAZENEUVE, who undergoes a makeover, (I know, I know, it is bad, but, it was necessary that I find a rhyme.)Charts : street of la roquette, death of Rémi fraisse SIVENS, not suspended, nothing, nada, macache Jason, normal, should be frank Mason, as the child of the Congolese diplomat (rape), it also, I think, demonstrations in Rennes, violent (thugs, Mmhhhouai…!) events in July 2014pour GAZA


I’m thinking Benjamin Netanyahou beautiful will be make its exaggerated politeness to the Republicans and everything

In particular, those of Queens, almost all… what! that nothing will change sooner or later, the Iran will have nuclear bomb, and more there will be, all so that it does not, has it faster, it will have it, which makes me laugh, is that it goes into defenders of the rights of Jews, then that is because of him, if Israel no longer find his place in this world, what he did before and currently what it has caused it is the opposite, it will report, but, unfortunately it’s done, I honestly think that some are going to bite the fingers, and it would be a shame if more no country, except the usa, does their trust, and that the embargo, which put him on some countries, return to him in full hangover

Based in the United Kingdom HSBC Bank agrees Switzerland subsidiary Help Clients Dodge Taxes


Moscow, HSBC Bank (Sputnik)–based in the United Kingdom admitted that its Swiss subsidiary has helped clients dodge taxes and conceal millions of assets.

« We recognize and are accountable for compliance and control failures, » HSBC said in a statement in response to documents obtained by the International Consortium of investigative by the French Le Monde newspaper journalists.

Documents published Sunday contain data from more than 100 000 customers of the Bank from anywhere in the world which has stored the money in its Swiss subsidiary. Records show that HSBC has informed some of its customers on how to hide accounts reported and provided services to international criminals.

Documents revealing data on accounts with more $120 billion in assets are regarded as the largest leak in banking history.The data was stolen by a computer expert who worked for the Office of Geneva from HSBC in 2007 and in 2010, authorities French who obtained the file share with the international Revenue Service.

In response to the revelations, HSBC said that the number of accounts in its bank Switzerland rose from 30 412 in 2007 to 10 343 in 2014, as the bank cooperates with the authorities to investigate tax evasion. However, HSBC said that although she tries to help the investigation, providing client data to foreign authorities is a criminal offence under Swiss law.

« Major regulatory reform is underway in many jurisdictions to ensure… that in the future, a person wishing to »hide »the assets of the tax administration will be unable to do. » HSBC welcomes and fully supports these reforms, « HSBC said in a statement.

HSBC is the second largest bank in the world and is headquartered in London. It has an international network of 6 200 offices in 74 countries, around 52 million customers to its service.

New British law could see bankers prosecuted for aiding tax evasion

To face the France for the use in the United Kingdom a leak files HSBC to pursue financial advisors

The headquarters of HSBC in Canary Wharf, London.Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 01:14

The British Government is close to an agreement with the French authorities enabling him to use leak previously Bank Switzerland files to prosecute bankers and financial advisers, according to the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Tens of thousands of pages of data from the arm of private bank in Zurich of HSBC by a whistleblower in London in April 2009 by France, but its use has been restricted to hunting for unpaid taxes.

However, Mr Osborne told the House of Commons the « terrible » agreement, signed by the last Labour Government was being renegotiated to ensure that the information could be forwarded to the office of fraud serious and other prosecutors.

The conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition should include a new offence of complicity in fraud and aggressive tax avoidance in the budget next month – end in the current Parliament.Meanwhile, President of HSBC Douglas Flint and frames superiors and HM Revenue & Customs will appear before Westminster influential Treasury Select Committee tomorrow that it investigates the conduct of the Swiss Bank arm.

Up to 100 000 clients received advice from the Bank. Some 3 000 British names were given by « Whistleblower » Hervé Falciani authorities after that he stole the information in 2008.


Since then, more than 1 000 of British names have been investigated by HM Revenue and Customs, leading to the payment of £150 million in taxes – if critics questioned the decision not to prosecute only one person in the Court.

The course of clashes HSBC dominated in the Commons between Mr Osborne and the Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, with Mr balls was widely regarded as having come off second best in the districts.

Meanwhile, HSBC continued yesterday when the Bank listed UK reported profits before tax of $18.7 billion last year, or 17% of Bhaskar $22,6 for 2013 and below expectations significantly.

Senior HSBC came under pressure from shareholders, politicians and business leaders to derogate from some of their multi-million pound bonuses, in response to the recent allegations that the Bank helped clients evade taxes, according to the Financial Times.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Stuart Gulliver complained that banks are now in « higher than the military, church or public service standards ».

« Can I know that everyone of 257 000 people I can’t clearly.  » If you want to ask the question could it ever happen again – this is not reasonable, « said Mr Gulliver, who has in the past been banker’s best paid in the world. »

Mr Gulliver, retains its offshore income and capital gains of the UK tax net because it is domiciled tax in Hong Kong, even if his position is based in London.

However, the Bank said: « since either succumb to the UK from Hong Kong in 2003, Mr Gulliver has paid full UK tax on all his earnings in the world, less a credit for the tax paid in addition to Hong Kong (where he is also tax resident) on this part of the same pay doubly taxed.  »CEO HSBC mounted a Panamanian company in 2007 to store the company bonuses because the Bank computer system was so precarious that the executives were able to know how many others had bonus.

« Absolutely nothing of what Stuart has done is nothing more than legal, transparent and compliant. » Their tax affairs have always been transparent for me and the Board and there is no story here, said the President of the Bank, Douglas Flint.

Blood diamonds

ICIJ analysis showed that almost 2 000 HSBC customers who appear in files are associated with the diamond industry. Among them is Longboat Emmanuel, who was subsequently found guilty of traffic in blood diamonds.

Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are terms used for the precious stones exploited in war zones that are then sold to finance other war. Diamonds mined during the recent civil wars in Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and other nations received the label.

« Diamonds have a long history of being linked to the conflict and violence, » said Michael Gibb of the international Global Witness human rights group. « The ease with which diamonds can be converted into tools of war, when not coming not responsibly, is amazing.  »

The documents show that HSBC was aware that Mr. longboat was investigated by the Belgian authorities at a time where he helped him. « We have opened a company to Dubai-based account. … The client is very careful because it is under pressure from the Belgian tax authorities, who are investigating his activities in the field of tax fraud of diamond. »

Counsel for Mr. longboat told ICIJ, « we point [SIC] not want to give any comment on this matter. My client does not want his name in any article for reasons of confidentiality. »

Other HSBC account holders may be linked to diamonds of Omega, which in 2013, was sentenced to a fine of $195 million for tax evasion in Belgium. The company has agreed to pay the fine but did not admit liability. The Belgian authorities alleged that Omega shifted profits in Dubai by exchanging falsely precious diamonds from mines in the Congo and Angola.

During the period of these alleged transactions, two directors of the company, Ehud Arye Laniado and Sylvain Goldberg , each had the HSBC accounts. A third Director of Omega, The Robert Liling, appears in the files as the owner of several accounts.

Mr. Liling could not be reached for comment. A spokesman for MrLaniado and Mr. Goldberg said that was prosecuted for tax offences. « Omega Diamonds-the Belgian tax administration tax dispute was settled out-of-court civil. »

Links for Al Qaeda?

Links of clients of HSBC and Al Qaeda were raised publicly in July 2012 U.S. Senate report, which cites an alleged list internal Al Qaeda financial benefactors.

The Senate report, said the list emerged after a Bosnian search of the offices of the Benevolence International Foundation , a non-profit, based in Saudi Arabia as the United States Ministry of finance has designated as a terrorist organization.

Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, referred to as the handwritten list of 20 names of the « golden chain ».

As soon as the names on the list of the golden chain were made public in the news in the spring of 2003, the Senate Subcommittee said that HSBC should be « on notice » and aware these powerful turnovers were high risk clients.

Although the meaning of the list of the golden chain has since been challenged, the ICIJ found what appears to be three names of gold chain with HSBC accounts Switzerland which existed after that date.

Interpol list

Persons on the list of the Most Wanted of Interpol, the international police agency, such as traders in diamonds Mozes Victor König and Kenneth Lee Akselrod, are among the HSBC account holders – and therefore, Elias Murr , who is president of the Council of Interpol for a more secure world Foundation, an organization to fight against terrorism and organised crime. Murr, who was a prominent businessman before entering politics, was Minister of the Interior of the Lebanon in 2004 during an HSBC account which was property through a company called Callorford Investments Limited. In 2006-2007, the account would contain $42 million.

A spokesman for Murr, richness of his client and his family is widely known, and his family held accounts in Switzerland since before his birth. The account was not linked to its political role. « It is not illegal and it is not suspected that a Lebanese national opens and maintains the accounts anywhere. »

Super rich and celebrities in tax dodge storm HSBC: file leak spark claims that the Bank star used to hide cash
•The accounts show virtual celebrity that wealthy clients
•100 000 reviews documents, including 9 000 in Britain have been disclosed
•David Bowie, Joan Collins and Elle Macpherson amongst the appointed
•It is not illegal to hold an account Switzerland – only be used to avoid tax
•There is no suggestion that there is nothing illegal involved celebrities

10 February 2015

Hollywood stars, legends of music and prominent businessmen have been revealed yesterday held secret with HSBC Swiss accounts – as the Bank has been accused of helping the super-rich to avoid paying taxes.

Leakage of the files of the Bank showed a virtual celebrity that thousands of wealthy clients who held secret accounts, including singers David Bowie, Tina Turner and Phil Collins and the actress Joan Collins.

The files led to accusations arm of HSBC Private Bank had aggressively marketed Swiss accounts to wealthy clients, allowing some hide millions of pounds in accounts undeclared ‘black’ and avoid paying taxes in their country of origin.

Scroll down for video

Leak: Thousands of customers of HSBC were released, Elle Macpherson (right), whose lawyers said that it « took into account the UK tax on the basis of full disclosure in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom ». David Bowie (left with wife Iman), who has also been appointed, said that he is inclined in Switzerland because he lived there

Details: Account Details fled with arm of Swiss banking of HSBC named Joan Collins and Christian Slater

The records of the Bank – containing further particulars of 100 000 customers worldwide, including 8 844 in the United Kingdom – were stolen in 2007 by Hervé Falciani, an expert in computer science working for the Bank in Geneva. Falciani, 43, believes them as an « informant » because he knew tax evaders were using the Bank. He fled to France and gave Records to the authorities.

Panorama programme last night on BBC1 explained that the largest bank of Great Britain had among its wealthy customers helped cheat the country of millions of pounds in tax.

It is not illegal to have a Swiss bank account, but it is illegal to use a secret account to hide assets to avoid paying taxes. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by the celebrities named as deposit accounts.

The revelations have prompted a major political row yesterday after it emerged that the President of the Bank at the time, Stephen Green, now Lord Green, was later appointed Minister in the Government of David Cameron.

Singers Bowie, Turner and Phil Collins and formula 1 star Fernando Alonso said that they Bank in Switzerland, because they lived there. There is no indication one any of them have been involved in illegal tax practices.

Accounting of the actress Joan Collins said that it was cooperating fully with a 2011 HM Revenue & Customs check that finds that it should not any additional tax.

Others named included actor Christian Slater and footballer Diego Forlan.Ils did not respond to requests for comment.

Scandal: Switzerland HSBC Bank, pictured in Geneva, has allowed its customers to remove bricks of cash, allows customers to conceal black ‘black accounts’ and gave accounts to the criminals and corrupt businessmen

Tax claims HSBC: CPS carefully reviews the

Lawyers for Top Model Elle Macpherson, another celebrity on the list, said: « Mrs Macpherson is an Australian citizen who took into account the UK tax on the basis of full disclosure in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom ».

HSBC, which is headquartered in London, said its Swiss branch was not fully integrated into HSBC after its purchase in 1999, allowing ‘significantly lower’ standards of compliance and due diligence. He said he took « significant steps » to enhance security and reform.

In a day of dramatic developments:
•Mutually accused politicians and HMRC to refrain from acting on the alleged tax fraud linked to the accounts.
•Required labour issues face Lord Green on his knowledge of the alleged misconduct at the Bank, while he was president.
•Shadow Ministers called on the Government to say what checks were performed prior to the appointment of Lord Green as Minister of trade.
•The Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent and his wife were linked to an « inactive » account They deny that the money was always held in the account.
•Magnate Richard Caring visited a branch of Geneva from the Bank in 2005 and withdrew £2.25 million in cash; a transaction unmarked upwards by HSBC.
•A friend of Prince Charles, who was a guest at the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton was revealed to have invested millions.

HSBC has admitted that some account holders had taken advantage of the rules of banking secrecy to hold undeclared accounts, but she had « fundamentally changed », said its systems.

Visitors would have « bricks » of cash pulled out of accounts in Switzerland, a tax haven, effectively allowing them to take the money in their country of origin without declaring it to the tax authorities.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (photographed together last year) were among those named as holding secret Swiss accounts. The account has been « inactive » and they deny that money was still being held in the account

Officials at HMRC were kept the data leaked in 2010 following an investigation in France and looked about 1 000 cases, recover £135 million in tax, interest and penalties.

But the Chairman of the Committee of public accounts, Labour MP Margaret Hodge, questioned the thoroughness of the investigation by HMRC.

She said: « I don’t think that the tax authorities have been strong enough, quite authoritarian, hard enough. »

It raises also questions on knowledge of Lord Green of the scandal, saying: ‘Either he did not know and he was asleep at the wheel, or he knew and then he has therefore participated in questionable tax practices.’

Lord Green declined to comment, telling the Guardian: « As a matter of principle, I will not comment on the Affairs of HSBC, past or present. »

Tax inspector old Richard Brooks told Panorama: « I think that they [HSBC] were a service tax avoidance and tax evasion. » I think that’s what they offered.

« They knew well that people came to them to dodge their tax obligations.
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Poutine n’est certe pas un ange, mais ,en tout les cas ,je sais ce, qu’il n’aime pas le FACISME ,et demandez à tous c’est soldats ukrainiens qui se sont fait, arrêter ,parcqu’il ne voulaient pas tirer sur leur semblable ( la population ukrainienne)arrêter et fusiller selon une récente loi (1 mois ,environ) je crois que c’est ça


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