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Spycables: Revelations about the outrageous actions of the Mossad and MI6, the CIA

Published by wikistrike.com on February 27, 2015, 09:48 am

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Since Monday, Al Jazeera and The Guardian published documents that would come from the South African intelligence agency, in which are detailed the actions of several secret service as Mossad, MI6 or the CIA.

Are we at the dawn of a scandal of great magnitude on bottom of espionage, even more resounding than those of Wikileaks, after the revelations of Al-Jazeera baptized « Spycables »? Although it is too early to judge their geopolitical impact, content of documents, published since Monday by the Qatari news channel and the British newspaper The Guardian, nevertheless proves to be extremely sensitive about the opaque actions of the secret service British, Israeli and American.

These documents classified as « defence secrecy » would come from the SSA, the Agency South Africa information and contain notes and detailed conversations that the latter was able to maintain between 2006 and 2014, with his counterparts from the Mossad, MI6 and the CIA.

The authenticity of these information and especially the origin of the leaks are still a mystery, but the case begins to make loud noise in South Africa where the Government has decided to open an investigation . Focus on the main revelations.

The links between South Africa and the Iran

Among the multitude of topics referred to by the disclosed documents, the Iran-South Africa relations occupy a place of choice. We learn that the Iranians allegedly tried to approach the South African Government, in order to circumvent the sanctions and embargo inflicted to them by the Western powers. ‘Cables-spies’ claim that Iranian officials have met Thabo Mbeki (President of the Republic of South Africa from 1999 to 2008) on two occasions in 2005, to get help for their nuclear program. As reported African News24 colleagues, documents are thus refers to a meeting between Thabo Mbeki and an Iranian delegation, led by a certain « Mr Rowhani » (which could be the current Iranian president Hassan Rohani), during which the Iran asked technological and logistical support to its interlocutors.

Other notes reveal also how British MI6 and other intelligence services, including those of the Americans, have exerted pressure on South Africa to prevent sale in Iran of equipment to produce nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles. The United States reportedly also forced South Africa to spy on the Iranian activities observed in its territory. While refusing to consider Iran as a threat, the South African secret services would have obeyed, drawing up a detailed list of the many covers -including the import of Persian carpet trade – used by Iranian nationals identified as intelligence agents.

When the CIA sought to contact Hamas

Another revelation and not least, this surprising maneuver of the CIA, which allegedly tried in the summer 2012 to return in contact with Hamas, classified on the list of terrorist organizations in the United States since 1997. In order to contact the « Islamic resistance movement » Palestinian, which controls the Gaza Strip, the CIA would have sought the help of South Africa. An agent of the Central Intelligence Agency would have met a South African intelligence officer for the U.S. intentions, namely dialogue with Hamas or recruit agents in the Gaza enclave. The choice of a South African middleman is anything but harmless when you know the links maintained by the country and the Palestinian organizations, Hamas and Fatah, since the end of apartheid.

The two officers would meet in East Jerusalem, « in the middle of violent clashes between Hamas and Israeli forces ». According to a note dated 29 June and sent to Pretoria, the CIA agent was ready to everything to fit within Hamas and wanted if possible help from the SSA. The South African spy also stated that if adventure the SSA was able to establish this link, it might benefit.

Asked about these manoeuvres by the Guardian, a spokesman for the CIA simply stated that the Agency supported  » «  » effort by the U.S. Government to fight against international terrorism through the collection, analysis and dissemination of information » . And the person concerned to add that these activities were carried out « in accordance with the constitution ». Finally, still on the subject between the United States and Palestinians, a note of November 2012 learned us that U.S. president Barack Obama had « threatened » Mahmoud Abbas by phone (without however clarified the nature of the threats), while the Palestinian Authority was about to get observer status at the UN.

Netanyahu disavowed by the Mossad in 2012 on Iranian nuclear

Remember, the scene marked the audience of the General Assembly of the United Nations. September 27, 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu had stated, schema to support (pictured below), that the Iran was about to develop atomic weapons. « Israeli Prime Minister had so assured that from the summer 2013, »at the latest », Tehran would need that from » a few months or even a few weeks « before » raise ‘ sufficient enriched uranium to manufacture a nuclear weapon « . While drawing a symbolic « red line » on the drawing of a bomb, representing the various steps relating to the development of Iran’s nuclear programme, Benjamin Netanyahu had justified its intervention based on data from the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA). However, according to the revelations of Al-Jazeera and the Guardian, these statements were far from reality, the Prime Minister having even contradicted on the subject by its own secret services.

Less than a month after this intervention to the United Nations, the Mossad would have indeed concluded in a report, received by the South African secret services on 22 October 2012, that the Iranians did « not necessary activity » to produce such a bomb and that therefore the country appeared « not to be ready to enrich uranium to a level sufficient ». A show of dissent for the least surprising that betrays, according to our colleagues of the Guardian, the « gap » that exists between ‘the rhetoric of Israeli politicians’ and the information available to the intelligence services of the country. The publication of the secret report is more involved in a heated context marked by the visit to the United States, March 3 next, Benjamin Netanyahu who must deliver a speech, mostly centered on the Iran, before the U.S. Congress. It is rumored, between the walls of the White House that this visit would be little taste for Barack Obama .

Under all these revelations that call others, it is obvious that the disclosed information are likely to undermine further the prism of international relations, and why not in the future redistribute the cards of geopolitics.

Palestine condemned 218 million dollars for attacks in Israel

The butcher in GAZA, has the chutzpah to ask of $ 218 million for attacks in Israel circa 2001 and 2004, or, what institution, that it dates precisely, palestine can tell him exactly, or when it has used bombs a phosphates, it recognizes to have used during the conflict, when it bombed the school nursery the first, against the UN agreement,

And, dare, and ah, the pellet to 218 million dollars, but in case, for the 2000 dead in GAZA, is not $ 218 million, it is the whole fortune of the Rothschilds and rockellers, zuickerberg together, no, this guy, which should be at LAHAIE, has the chutzpah to ask them of prosperity, but I’m even more surprised that it’s secret sevice , desavou, one, with the conflict in GAZA, he became buddies, there things, that even with its money, aipac, cannot repair, especially, when certain link weighs several billion dollars and Moreover, it is true, that the feuges had a good reputation, but it has strengthened it.

Mark Rochon, a New York jury ordered Monday, the Palestinian Authority and the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine to pay the sum of 218 million dollars in damages and interest for attacks committed in Israel towards 2001 and 2004, teaches us the site for 20 minutes.

« This is not a good thing to hold the Government responsible for when some people do crazy and terrible things », said Rochon at the hearing.

The Palestinian Authority has already announced its intention to appeal. ‘ The charges against us have no basis. In addition, the New York Court ignores the previous judgments by other American courts (…) « We will appeal and we know we will win « , the Authority said in a statement at its headquarters in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

The attackers reportedly killed  » for their own reasons « , according to Mark Rochon, regretting  » exaggerated evidence » of the complainants, made » at the expense of the Palestinian Authority « on the basis of evidence gathered by Israeli intelligence agencies.

« This decision is above all a moral victory for the State of Israel and to the victims of terrorism », said the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, who surely failed to mention 2000 Palestinian victims killed in the operation of ethnic cleansing of this summer in Gaza.

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Spycables: Révélations sur les agissements scandaleux du Mossad, du MI6, et de la CIA


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